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1 Cisc Backup as a Service with Cmmvault Simpana Business Decisin Maker Presentatin

2 Agenda BaaS An Overview BaaS pwered by Cisc UCS & CmmVault Use Cases BaaS ffering Cnsideratins fr CSPs Effective psitining f BaaS t end custmers Additinal Reference

3 What is Backup as a Service (BaaS)? BaaS prvides a set f capabilities beynd Online Backup & Sftware as a Service (SaaS) BaaS ffering features include- 1. Cnsultative apprach t determine custmer missin critical data and infrmatin management requirements 2. Tailred slutin & service cntracts based n custmer requirements & SLAs 3. Managed Services including implementatin, management & mnitring with backup, recvery & business cntinuity

4 IT Pririties - Backup & Data Management Security, Backup & Data management Tp3 Pririties f IT Surce ESG 2015 IT Spending intentins survey

5 Industry Market Size Backup & Recvery as a Service Aggregate market fr Backup & Recvery as a Service is targeted t grw frm $673M in 2015 t $1.02B in 2018 Surce IDC Article Examining Cmmvault s FY16 key initiatives

6 Why yur custmers want BaaS? Effective prtectin f Data which is grwing at explsive rate in increasingly cmplex IT envirnment Reduce Csts (CapEx & OpEx) Enhance SLAs t meet RPO & RTO requirements Imprve Security, DR & Business Cntinuity Faster Implementatin Measure & charge back internal BUs n actual usage Out task backup s that they can fcus n cre Business/IT functins

7 BaaS Pwered by Cisc UCS & CmmVault Simpana Lcal Backup Onsite Backup Data Recver in Clud Strage agnstic implementatin & reduced strage csts Multi-tenant & Multi-hypervisr supprt Self-service prtal capabilities Applicatin aware replicatin Autmatin & Wrkflws Highly secure implementatin CSP Cisc Clud 3 Cmprehensive Use Cases 1. In Clud BaaS 2. Remte BaaS Lcal & Remte retentin 3. Remte BaaS Agent nly Remte retentin

8 CVD Use Case1: In-Clud BaaS (CVD Baas with UCS & CmmVault)

9 CVD Use Case2: Remte BaaS (Lcal & Remte Retentin) (CVD with UCS & CmmVault)

10 CVD Use Case3: Remte BaaS (Agent Only Remte Retentin) (CVD BaaS with UCS & CmmVault)

11 BaaS - Service Offering - Cnsideratins Type f Service CSP Sell Price (USD) ++ Key Attributes Public Clud Backup $ $.25 per GB/Mnth Hsted Backup $ $.55 per GB/Mnth Managed Backup $ $1.5 per GB/Mnth ++ - Typical Grss Prfit Margin - 25 t 55%+ Basic Backup (File Only) Limited Optins - Number f Cpies - Retentin - Limited / N Reprting 100% End User Managed - Prvisining - Cnfiguratin - Restres Basic Backup (File & Basic Apps) Limited Optins - Number f Cpies - Retentin - Basic Reprting The lwer end f the price range is mre End User Managed vs Prvider Managed Enterprise Backup (File & Enterprise Apps + DR) Mre Optins - Number f Cpies - Retentin - Better Reprting Typically Prvider Managed but ften with elements f End User Self Service (especially fr Reprting) A newer versin f the traditinal ITO mdel

12 Price Vs Service Vs Value

13 Business Drivers & Technical Challenges (that Cisc & CmmVault addresses fr yur custmers with BaaS) Business Next Generatin Data Center initiatives including Datacenter Transfrmatin, Migratin, Cnslidatin and s frth Clud, Mbile/end-pint & Virtualizatin initiatives Escalating Staffing, Server, Data Center & Strage hardware csts Mergers & Acquisitins Change f Leadership (i.e. CIO/VP f Infrastructure Technical Stability and scalability f current Data Prtectin and Infrmatin Management slutins Standardizatin f multiple existing slutin t CmmVault A single Data Prtectin & Infrmatin Management slutin Technlgy refresh initiatives Majr Data Lss r issues with recvery f data Challenges with cmplexity, ease (lack) f Technical Administratin and management f the current slutin

14 Persna Based Psitining f BaaS [t end-custmers] CIO/VP IT Dir/Manager IT Administratr Jurney t the Clud with strng executin Ability t meet SLAs Industry leading and feature rich slutin IT refresh initiatives Stable/ Scalable slutin Easy t learn, manage & administer Pay as yu g/opex Mdel Mitigate Staffing Challenges Enhanced Autmatin Reduce TCO f Slutin Fcus n Cre business Fcus n missin critical business peratins Eliminate Cmplexity Ability t fcus n IT activities critical fr business and visibility with Sr. Leadership

15 CVD fr BaaS with Cisc UCS & CmmVault Simpana = + Innvative and Cisc tested/certified UCS platfrm & CmmVault Simpana Accelerate Time t market & revenue Increase prductivity & mitigate implementatin risks Reduce hardware & sftware csts Gain edge in a highly cmpetitive industry Enhance prfitability!


17 CVD envirnment

18 CVD fr BaaS Technlgy elements Netwrk Cisc ASR 9000, Cisc Nexus 7009, 7004, Sup2E, F2E, Sup2, F2- Series, Cisc Nexus 5548, Cisc Nexus Fabric Extender 2248TPE Services ASA 5585-X, Citrix NetScalar, VPX Lad Balancer Cmpute UCS 3160, C240 & B200 M3 Virtualizatin Micrsft Hyper-V, RHEL OpenStack, VMWare ESXi, Cisc Clud Services Ruter Data Mgmt CmmVault Simpana

19 Cisc UCS 3000 fr BaaS

20 Cmmn C-Series Deplyment Envirnments Data Centers Clud Cmputing Virtualizatin/VDI, ERP, Databases, Crprate Apps, Web/App Servers Departmental Servers Virtualized Multi-tenant shared infra: Xaas - SaaS, IaaS, PaaS What ur custmers are saying: Within mnths, we achieved nearly a 25 percent reductin in perating csts, because ur envirnment simply perfrms mre efficiently. AudienceView s turnkey ticketing applicatin runs entirely n 70 C460 and C210 servers. Branch ffices Messaging, Sharepint, Crp Apps, Web/ App servers File, Print, DHCP, Branch Apps, Appliances

21 C-Series in Actin Histry f wrld-recrd benchmarks C-series slutins

22 Wrld s Only Stateless Rack Servers Unify management f blade & rack servers Stateless cmputing using service prfiles Innvatins maximize hardware investment

23 Unified Management Extending Benefits f UCS Manager t Rack Servers Unified Management A Single Unified System Fr Blade and Rack Servers UCS Manager A majr market transfrmatin in unified server management Benefits f UCS Manager and Service Prfiles brught t rack ptimized servers C-Series Rack Optimized Servers UCS Service Prfile Service Prfile: HR_App1 VNIC1 Unified Device Management MAC: 08:00:69:02:01:2E HR_WEB_VLAN (ID=50) Netwrk Plicy VNIC2 MAC: 08:00:69:02:01:2F HR_DB_VLAN (ID=210) HBAStrage 1 and 2 Plicy WWN: WWN: VSAN Server ID: 12Plicy Bt Order: SAN BIOS Settings: Turb On HyperThreading On B-Series Blade Servers New Nexus Fabric Extender tplgy reduces cst, increases scale f rack server cnnectivity within Unified Cmputing Add capacity withut cmplexity

24 UCS C-Series: Perfrmance and Innvatin Benefits integrated with UCS Wrld s nly stateless rack servers Unified cmputing Stateless cmputing mdel Netwrk/strage/server plicies centrally defined & deplyed Centralize management f blades & rack servers Apply same server prfiles blade r rack servers Centralized firmware deplyment Reduce prt csts by cnslidating uplink data & management traffic Benefits as a Standalne Server Entry Pint t Unified Cmputing Lwer initial price pint than blades 3 rd generatin platfrms Industry-leading Adapter FEX and VM FEX technlgy Perfrmance and innvatin Multiple Wrld Recrd Perfrmance Benchmarks Integrated platfrm management- n hst agents required

25 TCO Savings Example Cisc C240 + UCS Advantage vs. HP DL380e + Traditinal Switching Ttal Cst f Ownership Cmparisn Ttal Savings/Expense: Cisc UCS Infrastructure $4,500,000 $4,000,000 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0 New Cmpetitive Envirnment Cisc UCS Envirnment $1,200,000 $1,000,000 $800,000 $600,000 $400,000 $200,000 $0 Capital Cst Capital Cst Operating Cst Operating Cst

26 CmmVault Overview

27 CmmVault Cmpany Overview ~$608 MM Millin ending FY15 $1B Target in 3+ yrs. - rganic grwth & executin 31% EBIT CAGR fr the prir 7 years 21,000 custmers glbally 1,936 emplyees glbally 96% Custmer Supprt Satisfactin Rate USD 0.5 Billin Cash/investments and zer debt Zer acquisitins: 100% rganic grwth NASDAQ: CVLT ~$3.2 Billin Market Cap New Crprate HQ Nv 2014

28 #1 in Data Management Leader in 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant fr Enterprise Backup/Recvery Sftware (4 th Time in a rw) Leader in Frrester Wave: Enterprise Backup and Recvery Sftware, Q Micrsft Server Partner f the year 2014 #1 DCIG 2013 Virtual Server Backup Buyer s Guide This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part f a larger research nte and shuld be evaluated in the cntext f the entire reprt. The Gartner reprt is available upn request frm CmmVault. The Magic Quadrant is cpyrighted by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permissin. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representatin f a marketplace at and fr a specific time perid. It depicts Gartner s analysis f hw certain vendrs measure against criteria fr that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner des nt endrse any vendr, prduct r service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and des nt advise technlgy users t select nly thse vendrs placed in the Leaders quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended slely as a research tl, and is nt meant t be a specific guide t actin. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express r implied, with respect t this research, including any warranties f merchantability r fitness fr a particular purpse.

29 Leader in SP/Clud Infrastructure Glbal Reach 200+ Clud/SP Partners Investment CSG & Service Prvider Prgram Clud Integratins T create Value t Clud/Service Prviders *CmmVault supprts mre than 20 f the leading clud strage platfrms and devices mre than any ther majr leading backup and recvery sftware vendr. BOL link: 29

30 SOLUTIONS TO HELP YOU GET MORE VALUE FROM YOUR DATA Scale (Vlume, Variety, Velcity, Value) Snapsht Recvery IT Ops Analytics Test/Dev Ops DR Autmatin Wrkflw Autmatin Native Access File & Lg Analytics Backup & Recvery Data Classificatin Mbile Share & Sync Mbile Access Active Archive Recrds Retentin Infrmatin Gvernance Legal ediscvery Secure (Prtectin, Recvery, Clud, Management) Unique Data Management Architecture Use (Active Archive, Retentin, ed, Cmpliance)

31 UNIQUE DATA MANAGEMENT ARCHITECTURE: SIMPLICITY & EFFICIENCY One Virtual Repsitry t aid in access, use, and eliminate the issue f Cpy Data Prtect Access Cmply Share One Virtual Repsitry Business Value Single index lets yu knw where & what yur data is at unprecedented detail Industry leading management capability prvides a Single pane f glass Single Index VM and Mbile Management Clud Orchestratin Orchestrate Prvisin Mnitr Operate Retire Retain Physical Virtual Mbile Private Hybrid Public SaaS Data Lcatin

32 CSP Offerings pwered by CmmVault Stackable Revenue Streams frm a Single Simpana Sftware Platfrm with Shared Infrastructure Service Line Extensins Built-in fr a Cmplete Data Management Prtfli