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1 Taxi and Hire Car Knwledge Handbk KNOWING YOUR WAY AROUND MELBOURNE Study Guide fr the Gegraphic Assessment

2 The purpses handbk: Taxi Services f preparing Cmmissin fr taking (TSC) ne has r prepared mre mdules the Taxi f the and Knwledge Hire Car Knwledge test. There Handbk are five sectins fr the Intrductin in this Driver General Behaviur Understanding fr Drivers There Knwing Yur Way Arund Melburne Wheelchair is als Driving a Hire Car. Theretical Accessible the Wheelchair Taxi (WAT) Accessible Endrsement: Taxi (WAT) Handbk fr the purpses f preparing fr taking the Practical assessment. (cmputer based) Published 80 Melburne Taxi Cllins Services by Street VIC Taxi Cmmissin Services Cmmissin Cpyright This publicatin cpyright Authrised Act by Taxi Services Cmmissin, N part may 80 be Cllins reprduced Street, by Melburne any prcess VIC except in accrdance with the prvisins f the Disclaimer this The infrmatin handbk. TSC infrmatin may taxi update and/r presented this hire handbk in car this drivers and frm the will time ther need t Knwledge t time. knw Please t handbks pass visit relevant is f mdules a general f the fr nature the Knwledge nly. mst It up is test, t a summary date and versin des f nt the f replace applicants the using need this t cnsult handbk relevant are respnsible laws r any fr cnditins their wn that preparatin. may apply The t yur Taxi Services accreditatin. Cmmissin Driver accreditatin Yu guarantee r make any representatins that users f this handbk will be able t btain driver accreditatin. des nt 1983,Transprt infrmatin can view n laws (Taxi-Cabs) driver relevant accreditatin, Regulatins t the Knwledge please 2005, visit Rad test, including Safety Rad the Rules Transprt 2009, (Cmpliance and ther Acts and r Miscellaneus) Regulatins at Act Fr mre Cmmnwealth legislatin, including the Disability Discriminatin Act 1992, available at

3 1. 2. WHAT KNOWING 2.1 Freeways, YOU THE NEED ROADS tll TO rads PASS IN and MELBOURNE THE highways GEOGRAPHIC... ASSESSMENT CONTENTS Off-ramps Majr and n minr freeways rads and tllways Suburbs Driving in f and Melburne ut f the... CBD Bus Hk lanes turns in... the CBD Majr Taxi ranks transprt in the terminals CBD and train statins KNOWING Airprt Abbreviatins THE taxi PLACES ranks fr... PASSENGERS different types MAY f rads WANT TO GO Turist Sprting attractins venues and key buildings Hrse Racing Theatres Public Cinemas gardens Shpping Universities Melburne centres... landmarks and precincts SAMPLE KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS... 20

4 1. WHAT YOU NEED TO PASS THE GEOGRAPHIC ASSESSMENT The yu assessment t be read able t: n the gegraphy f Melburne requires Melburne knw Central and lcate using places, maps rads and rutes arund uter metrplitan Melburne s Business District suburbs, areas (CBD) including and the the inner and suburbs majr alng rads these acrss rads Melburne and the places knw buildings, the arund directin Melburne yu need t travel t get t cinemas, and htels key shpping landmarks, main sprting centres, turist facilities, hspitals, attractins, theatres, universities Yu knw Melburne. when and where majr events are held in prepare street applicatin will directry fr need this t and/r assessment. study maps a gd Yu f nline the shuld Melburne mapping use a current area t Melburne. Yu will als need learn t places, spend rads time navigating and rutes yur arund arund inner Melburne. This shuld include the CBD and way Yur aim and shuld uter metrplitan be t develp areas. a very detailed the knwledge chapter what yu f are the f expected Melburne handbk t prvides and knw. key destinatins. yu with details This f 1

5 2. KNOWING THE ROADS IN MELBOURNE There that 2.1 cnnect are are part a number f the Melburne f freeways, rad tll netwrk, rads and which highways Freeways, tll rads and map belw. Melburne t varius destinatins see the highways 2

6 Sme names, f fr Burwd the example: highways in Melburne have alternative Dandenng-Frankstn Dcklands Highway Valley (Trak Highway Rad, (Stud Mnbulk Rad, Rad) Street, Eastern Highway (Francis Rad) Street, Whitehall Hume Ftscray Rad) Marndah Mrduc Highway (Sydney (Alexandra Rad) Parade) Nepean Pint (Whitehrse Plenty Highway (McMahns Rad) Rad) Nepean Highway Rad) (St Kilda Rad, Brightn Rad, Valley Highway (Albert Street, Plenty Princes Rad, Highway East West (Dandenng (Geelng Rad, Ballarat Westernprt Rad). Smithfield Highway Highway Rad, (Ballarat (Dandenng-Hastings Racecurse Rad) Rad) Drive tllways, each which f n they and Melburne s cnnect. exits study and maps the freeways suburbs f these. and with Nte Off-ramps tllways. freeways destinatins. Yu and are Exits will tllways used need are by different with drivers t knw particular t fr which exit inbund suburbs freeways exits and cnnect r and utbund twards away the traffic. CBD. Inbund Outbund means means yu yu are are The driver frm in the the CBD. picture belw is travelling inbund travelling the ff-ramp. Williamstwn, West Gate They Yarraville Freeway, wuld take r passing Sptswd. this ramp the Williamstwn if ging Rad n 2.2 Off-ramps n freeways and tllways 3

7 The Freeway. fr the map ther Yu belw freeways will shws need and all t the knw tllways exits these n arund as the well West Melburne. as Gate the exits The Melburne rad netwrk has a number f majr 2.3 Majr Burwd Street and minr rads Calder Dcklands Hume Highway Keilr Mrningtn Highway Nepean Freeway Nrth Rad Princess Peninsula Freeway Punt M80 Riversdale Ring Rad/Hddle Highway Street There Tullamarine Freeway CityLink are Western Freeway. and tw EastLink. tllways in the Melburne rad netwrk rads. Sme f these include: Bell Sme have different majr Queens rads names, cntinue fr example: away frm the CBD but Ctham Trak Dynn Rad Parade Rad cntinues cntinues n n n as as as Barkly Burwd Whitehrse High Street. Street Highway Rad Study sure yu these can and find ther them majr n a map. rads. Make There rad are fur majr freeway tunnels in the Melburne Dmain netwrk. These tunnels are: (CityLink) Tunnel Cnnects Mnash Freeway t Burnley the (westbund) West Gate Freeway (CityLink) Tunnel Cnnects West Gate Freeway t Melba the (eastbund) Mnash Freeway (EastLink) Mullum Tunnel Cnnects Eastern Freeway EastLink (inbund) with the Tunnel (EastLink) Mullum Cnnects with EastLink the (utbund) Eastern Freeway 4

8 Yu will need t knw the fllwing abut Melburne s 2.4 Suburbs alng rder majr f suburbs frm Melburne s CBD f rads. Melburne Fr CBD example, n Punt if Rad yu yu are driving will pass suth the fllwing frm the Richmnd Cremrne Suth Yarra The Prahran Windsr Fr St Kilda CBD, suburbs lcated at the end f majr rads. Punt example, heading suth frm Melburne The Rad the suburb is St Kilda. that is lcated at the end f suburbs. Fr directin yu will need t travel t get t yu Hw example, will need t t get travel frm west. Ftscray t Sunshine Fr the example, t spell Melburne s yu may be asked suburbs. need first fur letters f the verbally Seddn. t Yu type The t knw that this is sedd r SEDD. yu Fr suburb a street t address. travel when a custmer gives crner knw example, that f Lygn this if is a St in custmer and Carltn. Elgin says St, Take yu need me t t the Use Melburne s the CBD a map and t suburbs, hw memrise t spell their the them rder names crrectly. frm f suburbs: The suburbs in rder: One-way Sme streets streets in in the Melburne CBD 2.5 Driving Lnsdale the Melburne and Street ut (west CBD are ne-way streets. f t east) the CBD Little Flinders Burke Cllins Lane Street (east t (east west) t west) These include: Little Street east-west numbers streets, in Melburne numbers increase CBD On nrth-suth Spring streets, Street. numbers increase as as yu yu travel away frm Flinders Street. travel 5

9 This map shws the street numbers in the CBD. Rads Nrth leading Sydney ut Rad f (twards central Melburne Cburg) Suth St High Gerges Rad (twards Prestn) Nepean Street Highway (twards (twards Thrnbury) Highett) East Beach St Rad Brightn) Eastern Kilda Rad (twards St Kilda) High Street Freeway (twards Kew) Nunawading) West Dncaster Victria Rad Dncaster) Ftscray Street Rad (twards (twards Hawthrn) Ftscray) Nrth East Dynn Westgate Rad (twards Ftscray) Heidelberg Freeway Rad (twards (twards Ivanhe) Williamstwn) Nrth Suth West East Mt Alexander Rad (twards Essendn) Suth West Dandenng Caulfield) Rad/Princes Highway (twards Geelng Rad (twards Altna) On there the left-hand side f sme Melburne CBD streets, are lanes painted in red. These are bus lanes. 2.6 Bus lanes in the CBD 6

10 This map shws the Melburne CBD bus lanes. Sme nly Here during are bus the lanes mrning times perate that r Melburne afternn 24 hurs a peak CBD day. times. bus Others lanes perate perate: Queen Lane Friday, Lnsdale and Street Lnsdale (suth Street bund) perates between Mnday Flinders and 4.30pm t 6.30pm. t Friday, Exhibitin Street streets (east bund) perates between Mnday Spencer t Lnsdale and 7am Spring 4pm Street streets t 6.30pm. (west perates bund) Mnday between t Spencer Friday, Spring t Street 9.30am. (nrth and suth bund) between When Lnsdale hurs. Street and Victria Parade perates 24 drive entering a a bus bus lane lane is fr perating, up t 100 drivers metres are when allwed they t are r leaving the rad. A will intersectins signs hk turn is right hand turn frm left lane. Yu 2.7 need need t at these t make in intersectins Suth hk Melburne turns that at shw sme and yu the majr CBD. where There yu will are Hk make a turns hk turn. 7

11 This map shws the CBD intersectins with hk turns. The are: majr 2.8 Majr Melburne transprt terminals and arund Melburne transprt terminals and train statins Avaln Statin ship Airprt Airprt (Tullamarine) Suthern V/Line terminal reginal Pier, Crss Prt railway Statin Melburne netwrk, - terminus Ferry and f interstate and the state's cruise Railway statins rail and services. interstate the Als Melburne bus has services. Airprt, CBD V/Line are: reginal Flinders Suthern Flagstaff Melburne Street Crss Parliament Statin Statin. Central Statin Statin 8

12 This map shws the railway statins in the CBD. Majr Melburne Suthern Melburne taxi Crss Airprt ranks Statin (Tullamarine) are lcated at: 2.9 Taxi ranks in the CBD Safe city Crwn Flinders Casin Flinders Street Statin. Street) taxi ranks Street are currently Statin (crner lcated f at: Swanstn Safe 8 King Street passengers 200 Queen Street (mega rank). fr and passengers. city taxi waiting ranks They prvide fr may a taxi be a and staffed safer fr envirnment by taxi a drivers security fr waiting fficer, additinal are mnitred by security cameras, and have Fr and up t date lighting infrmatin and clear n signage. perating hurs see the. City safe f taxi Melburne rank lcatins website: 9

13 This map shws the taxi ranks in the Melburne CBD. Taxi n ranks at Melburne Airprt (Tullamarine) are lcated 2.10 frm Arrival the Drive shuld fr all passengers. be applied t any fare leaving Airprt Melburne taxi Airprt ranks The airprt. airprt fee des nt apply taxi t ranks. fares ending at the 10

14 On abbreviatins 2.11 Examples street signs and maps yu will find that different Abbreviatins fr different types Rad type f abbreviatins (shrtened versin used are: f the wrd) are used. rads Alley ALY Abbreviatin Avenue AVE r ALLY Bulevard BVD AV Circuit Crescent CRES CTT Curt CT r CR Clse Drive DR CL Esplanade Freeway ESP Grve FWY Highway HWY GR Parade Place PDE Plaza Rad PLZA Square SQ RD Street Terrace TCE ST Tllway TLWY 11

15 As arund buildings, shpping a taxi Melburne. driver htels, it entertainment is The essential lcatin that and f yu majr sprting knw attractins, yur facilities, way precincts and centres, public hspitals, gardens universities, will be destinatins landmarks fr and yur key passengers. majr events Yu are will held als in Melburne. need t knw when where 3. KNOWING THE PLACES PASSENGERS MAY WANT TO GO 3.1 Turist attractins and key buildings Arts Australian fr Cntemprary Centre Centre 100 St Kilda Rad, Melburne Art Australian (ACCA) Centre 111 Sturt Street, Suthbank fr Image Chinese the (ACMI) Mving Museum Federatin Street, 22 Chen Melburne Place, Square, Melburne Flinders Eureka Federatin Skydeck Square 7 Crner Riverside Swanstn Quay, Street Suthbank Flinders Street Flinders Street and Statin clcks) (under the Crner Flinders Swanstn Street Street and Immigratin Museum Luna Melburne Park Lwer Flinders Esplanade, Street, Melburne Aquarium St Kilda King Street, Melburne GPO Melburne Burke Street, Maritime Museum Museum 2A Clarendn Street, Melburne Hall Twn 11 Nichlsn Street, Carltn Melburne Melburne Swanstn Street, Natinal Victria Gallery Z f Ellitt Avenue, Parkville Rialt Ryal Twer (NGV) St Cllins Kilda Rad, Melburne Building Sciencewrks Exhibitin State 92 Nichlsn Bker Street, Street, Sptswd Carltn Victria Werribee Library Z f 328 K Rad, Swanstn Werribee Street, Suth Melburne 12

16 The Melburne: Duble fllwing are sme f the majr htels in Hiltn Htel Tree by 3.2 Htels (frmerly Grand Hyatt Citigate) Cllins Flinders Street, Street, Melburne Melburne Hiltn Htel Grand 2 Melburne Cnventin Centre Place, Chancellr Langham 131 Suthgate Avenue, Lnsdale Suthbank Centre, Street, 1 Suthgate Melburne Intercntinental Mantra Russell Cllins Russell Street, Marritt Crner Exhibitin and Melburne Rydges Melburne streets, 186 Exhibitin Melburne Street, Melburne Lnsdale Sfitel The Windsr Cllins Spring Street, Victria 215 Melburne Little Cllins Street, Melburne Westin 205 Cllins Street, Melburne 3.3 Sprting venues AAMI Etihad Park Stadium Olympic Melburne 740 Burke Bulevard, Street, Hisense Arena Dcklands and Olympic Melburne Parks, Melburne Olympic Bulevard, Grund knwn as (MCG) the Cricket G als Bruntn Avenue, Richmnd, Rd Laver Arena alternatively Yarra Batman Park, East described Melburne as in Olympic Avenue Bulevard and 13

17 The majr Melburne Flemingtn hrse races held in Melburne are: 3.4 Hrse Nvember Cup Racecurse (als called n the The first Cup ) Tuesday held at in Racing Caulfield Cx Cup held at Caulfield Racecurse in Octber. Plate held at Mnee Valley Racecurse in 3.5 Theatres Athenaeum Theatre Australian Centre Ballet Kavanagh Cllins Street, Street, Melburne Cmedy Theatre 240 Exhibitin Street, Suthbank Frum Theatre 154 Flinders Street, Hamer Her Theatre Majesty's Hall St Exhibitin Kilda Rad, Street, Melburne Malthuse Theatre 113 Sturt Street, Suthbank Melburne Playhuse Princess Theatre St Spring Kilda Rad, Regent State Theatre 191 Cllins Street, Studi Theatre 100 St Kilda Rad, Melburne Carltn Fitzry Gardens Carltn Wellingtn Street, Parade, Carltn Flagstaff Gardens Melburne William Street, Melburne East Queen Gardens Ryal Victria Gardens Btanic St Birdwd Kilda Rad, Avenue, Melburne Treasury Gardens 2 18 Spring Street, Melburne East Melburne 3.6 Public gardens 14

18 3.7 Cinemas Astr Hyts Central Theatre Melburne 1 Level Chapel 3, 211 Street, La Trbe St Kilda IMAX Melburne Melburne Street, Museum Jam Factry Rathdwne 500 Chapel Street, Carltn Kin Cinemas 45 Cllins Street, Melburne Suth Yarra Mnlight Cinema Nva Cinema Ryal Avenue, 380 Lygn Btanic Melburne Street, Gardens, Carltn Birdwd Rftp Sun Theatre Cinema Curtin Melburne 8 Ballarat Huse, Street, 252 Yarraville Swanstn Street, Airprt Brandn West Luis Street, Airprt West 3.8 Chadstne Park Crner Ferntree Springvale Gully Rad, Rad Wheelers and Hill Shpping centres Eastland Ringwd Dandenng Marndah Rad, Highway, Chadstne The Highpint Glen 235 Waverley Springvale Rsamnd Rad, Rad, Glen Knx City Maribyrnng Nrthland 425 Suth 2 50 Burwd Murray Highway, Prestn Wantirna The Pinewd Pines Centreway, Reynlds Rad, Munt Dncaster Waverley East Suthland Stud Park 1239 Cheltenham Stud Rad, Nepean Rwville Highway, Dncaster Westfield Funtain Gate Dncaster Princes Highway, Rad, Dncaster Narre Warren 15

19 3.9 Hspitals Alfred Austin Hspital Cmmercial Studley Rad, Rad, Heidelberg Melburne Fawkner Hspital Heidelberg Private Repatriatin 275 Mreland Rad, Cburg Hspital Nrthern Hspital 300 West 185 Waterdale Cper Street, Rad, Epping Heidelberg Ryal Hspital Ryal Children's Hspital Melburne Flemingtn Grattan Street, Rad, Parkville Parkville Ryal Hspital Sunshine Wmen s Flemingtn Furlng Rad, Rad, St Parkville Western Hspital 99 Grdn Street, Ftscray Albans Deakin La University 221 Burwd Highway, Burwd 3.10 University Trbe Melburne Universities Crner Drive, City Plenty campus 360 campus Bundra Rad and Kingsbury Franklin Cllins Street Street, campus Melburne 215 Franklin Street, Melburne University Parkville Burnley 500 Grattan Suthbank Yarra campus Bulevard, Street, Richmnd Parkville 234 Hawthrn 442 St Kilda campus Werribee Auburn campus Rad, Hawthrn Suthbank Mnash 250 Princes Highway, Werribee University Berwick 100 Caulfield 900 Clyde campus East Dandenng campus Rad, Rad Berwick Claytn Wellingtn Caulfield Parkville 381 Peninsula Ryal campus Parade, Rad, Claytn McMahns campus Rad, Frankstn Parkville 16

20 Ryal Institute Technlgy (RMIT) Melburne f Melburne 124 Brunswick 25 La Trbe campus Bundra Dawsn campus Street, Street, Brunswick Melburne Victria University Plenty 300 Flinders Rad, Street, campus Bundra City 225 King Queen Street, campus campus Melburne Melburne 256, Street, Ftscray Crner 283, Melburne f 295 Nichlsn and 300 and campus Queen Ftscray streets, Ballarat Ftscray Rad, Park Ftscray campus Buckley Meltn Rees St McKechnie Rad, campus Sunshine Albans Street, Meltn St Suth 460 Werribee Ballarat campus Rad, Sunshine Albans Hppers Lane, Werribee Birrarung Batman Marr 3.11 Melburne landmarks and This a Avenue, park n Melburne the nrth bank f the Yarra River next precincts t displayed festivals. Federatin here. Square. The park Public hsts artwrks number and f sculptures events and are At can (MCG). the walk end directly f the t park the there Melburne is a bridge Cricket where Grund peple Chinatwn Little streets, Burke Melburne Street between Swanstn and Exhibitin In Vietnamese, are Chinese this area there Malaysian are a and number Japanese f Chinese, restaurants. Thai, peple als shps and businesses selling Asian prducts. There Place) is t New lcated the Year area. in Festival this The area. Chinese February Museum attracts (22 Chen lts f The 17

21 The Crwn 8 Whiteman cmplex Entertainment Street, cntains Suthbank a Cmplex and entertainment bars, cinemas, an indr casin, amusement htels, restaurants, park plus cafes It is well knwn theatre fr the and fireball tw shw nightclubs. that happens after a live dark Federatin n the Square twers next t the Yarra River. Crner Swanstn Street and Flinders Street This restaurants, multicultural sprting events. cafes precinct festivals, and cntains markets, bars. The museums, film square screenings hsts galleries, and Greek Lnsdale Melburne precinct This area Street cntains between a number Swanstn f Greek and restaurants. Exhibitin streets, are als shps selling items imprted frm Greece. There Visit Melburne main guided these attractins. landmarks t becme Cnsider and familiar precincts taking with a in yur knwledge tur f Melburne f different t areas. imprve their Lygn Street, Carltn precinct In speciality this area there are many Italian restaurants, cafes, Queen delicatessens and cake shps. Crner Elizabeth Victria Market Street and Victria Street, Melburne Als sells gurmet night fruit knwn fds, and as vegetables Vic csmetics, Market as clthing r well Queen as and lcal Vic, suvenirs. and this imprted market during market summer. with fd, music and artist stalls runs A 18

22 Melburne times f the hsts year. a number f majr events at different 3.12 Majr events Here Event are details f Lcatin sme majr events: AFL Final Grand Melburne Grund (MCG) Cricket Time Usually Saturday f the the in last year September first Saturday r Australian Octber in Open Natinal Centre Park at Tennis Melburne January Australian Internatinal Air Shw Avaln Airprt February-March (every tw years) Event Australian Grand Lcatin Time f the year Caulfield Prix Albert Park March Cricket matches test Cup Caulfield Melburne Grund (MCG) Racecurse Cricket Octber Bxing Day and Melburne thrugh summer the Arts mnths Melburne Festival Multiple lcatins Octber Cup Melburne Flemingtn Racecurse First Nvember Tuesday in Flwer Garden and Shw Carltn Gardens March Melburne Internatinal Cmedy Multiple lcatins March-April Festival Melburne Internatinal Film Festival Frum Melburne Theatre, July-August Ryal Melburne Shw Ryal Shwgrunds Asct Melburne Vale in End September early f Octber int Visit up-t-date Melburne: the Turism with latest Victria events website in t keep 19

23 1. [Identify Which A. the f the fur fllwing crrect respnses] highways frm part f the Melburne netwrk? B. C. Mrduc Highway D. Nepean Gulburn Dandenng Highway Valley Valley Highway Highway 2. E. Western Highway [Identify Name majr rad shwn in range n the map. the crrect respnse] A. B. C. Heidelberg Sydney Hume Rad Rad Rad SAMPLE KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS 1. Answers: A, B, D, E 2. Answer: C 20

24 3. [Identify What A. is the the crrect name respnse] f the EastLink tunnel that runs frm Ringwd twards Nunawading? B. C. Mullum Burnley Melba Tunnel. Tunnel. Mullum Tunnel. 4. Yu are driving tward the central business district (CBD) n Victria Street. In [Write what A. the rder suburb wuld names yu pass int their fllwing crrect lcatins suburbs? B. Kew. East Melburne. n the map] C. Abbtsfrd. 3. Answer: A 4. Answer: B, C, A [Identify 5. Frm the A. the list three belw crrect select respnses] nly the suburbs lcated nrth f the central business district (CBD)? B. C. Cburg. D. Newprt. E. Burwd. Thmastwn. Mill Park. 5. Answers: A, C, D 21

25 6. [Identify In which A. the directin crrect respnse] can yu drive in Little Burke Street? B. C. West In East bth t t West directins. East nly. 7. Which f the fllwing statements is crrect abut the intersectin f La Trbe St and Russell St? [Identify A. B. the crrect respnse] C. Hk turns apply when turning right frm Russell La Trbe St r St int int Russell La Russell Trbe St in St, either headed directin. in in either directin. 6. Answer: A [Identify 8. Where A passenger shuld the crrect yu shws take respnse] yu them? this picture and asks yu t g there. A. B. C. Australian Arts Centre. Centre fr the Cntemprary Mving Image. Art. 7. Answer: A 8. Answer: B 22

26 9. [Identify Which A. the f the tw fllwing crrect respnses] theatres can be fund in Exhibitin Street in the central business district (CBD)? B. C. Princess Theatre. D. Her Majesty's Theatre. E. Regent State Cmedy Theatre. Theatre. 10. What A passenger asks t be taken t Highpint Shpping Centre. [Identify suburb A. the crrect wuld yu respnse] take them t? B. C. Airprt Maribyrnng. Ftscray. West. 9. Answers: B, D 10. Answer: C 23

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No Unsafe Lift. Workbook N Unsafe Lift Wrkbk Cver and Sectin Break image prvided curtesy f Arj Canada Inc. Table Of Cntents Purpse f this wrkbk... 2 Hw t use this wrkbk...3 SECTION ONE A Brief Review f the Literature...5 SECTION

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The Capacity Development Results Framework. A strategic and results-oriented approach to learning for capacity development

The Capacity Development Results Framework. A strategic and results-oriented approach to learning for capacity development The Capacity Develpment Results Framewrk A strategic and results-riented apprach t learning fr capacity develpment The Capacity Develpment Results Framewrk A strategic and results-riented apprach t learning

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Not in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies for the Cully Neighborhood

Not in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies for the Cully Neighborhood Nt in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies fr the Cully Neighbrhd Prepared fr Living Cully: A Cully Ecdistrict June 2013 Nt in Cully: Anti-Displacement Strategies fr the Cully Neighbrhd June 2013 Acknwledgements

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Most Significant Change

Most Significant Change Click4it Wiki - Tlkit Mst Significant Change Step by Step Step 1: Starting and raising interest A. It may help t use ne f the fllwing metaphrs t explain the MSC: Newspaper: Newspapers are structured int

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MEASURING AND/OR ESTIMATING SOCIAL VALUE CREATION: Insights Into Eight Integrated Cost Approaches MEASURING AND/OR ESTIMATING SOCIAL VALUE CREATION: Insights Int Eight Integrated Cst Appraches Prepared fr Bill & Melinda Gates Fundatin Impact Planning and Imprvement Prepared by Melinda T. Tuan P.O.

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How to Convert your Paper into a Presentation

How to Convert your Paper into a Presentation Hw t Cnvert yur Paper int a Presentatin During yur cllege career, yu may be asked t present yur academic wrk in the classrm, at cnferences, r at special events. Tw types f talks are cmmn in academia: presentatins

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The Synchronization of Periodic Routing Messages

The Synchronization of Periodic Routing Messages The Synchrnizatin f Peridic Ruting Messages Sally Flyd and Van Jacbsn, Lawrence Berkeley Labratry, One Cycltrn Rad, Berkeley CA 9470, flyd@eelblgv, van@eelblgv T appear in the April 994 IEEE/ACM Transactins

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Social Media Use by Governments

Social Media Use by Governments Please cite this paper as: Mickleit, A. (2014), Scial Media Use by Gvernments: A Plicy Primer t Discuss Trends, Identify Plicy Opprtunities and Guide Decisin Makers, OECD Wrking Papers n Public Gvernance,

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