PSC Trade Instructor Gr-ii - Tool And Die Making - Technical Education Examination Previous Year Question Paper

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1 PSC Trade Instructor Gr-ii - Tool And Die Making - Technical Education Examination Previous Year Question Paper Exam Name: Trade Instructor Gr-ii - Tool And Die Making - Technical Education Date of Test : Question Paper Code: 043/2015 Medium of Questions: English

2 48t2015 MdxisuE : r00 Esrts Tib : I hou ud 15 binui s 1. The lru ol a point sding in. pl.rc in suh s qsy th.i tle sub of iis hom 2 fx d point3 i: r mtutsot i. crtled : (A) Ellip* (B) Parabolr (c) H}? rholq (D) Cycloid 2. r abic D te. b qud io i (A) Utes (C) 10o Litre. (q (B) 16 { Eardsn.biliiy indietct that: (A) UDifor ha.dne* thotshdt tl..ectior (B) It qn h. s.sily naldened (C) ir.uecient (D) Its h$des i. noe 5. Dio esting i.! : (A) D.manetrt noul& io slich Doltln E.tal i. pouted (B) Molt6n bei.l i. Doured idto a Fwlvils Dould (C) Molt6n nci.l i. Dowd idto *!d nould (D) Atl tle abe 5. S arn ss nanlfaciueil by : (A) Spi!!i!g (q Ca.lils 7. Cold shut is r d &ci tound it r (D) Rolung (B) cindinc tp,rol

3 3. 1lE ]b!i trltnertfor ihpovins aachinabilily i. I (A) Sph bdbing (B) (c) Norbauritrg O) rk'dedng 9. Wlicb 0!6 oi th buowirs i! t ih!. dn!.n.ionrl ftlr? : (A) ft.p ziud (c) cycloid (D) cd (B) Rhonbu! 10. Il tl. radii of two.pherc8 e h lh. rado r:2 th ir rclumo rill b. in the r.ti6 : (4 r:2 (B) rr (c) 13 (D) l:16 rr. ltr bdsth of of..quad i! r0.o.!h.n rb oea E : (A) (B) 10.{.6 (c) 50.q.d (D) Noe ofthe atow rr. which of.he loltqirg i!. uii 6r b.suren Dt of osle? (A) Derre (c) sood (B) Mioqte (D) AI rle,h6"e rr. The volw i! : (c) 0 la. qigb sped.t el : (A) ofan autohobile (C) whel of.utodobilg r5. In nomalizirs Mli.s n done i! : )r (D) J' (B) {ianftsrgiu (D) cql ils tool (B) Oil 43/2016

4 ? 16, Bres b an oltoy of: (A) Copp. and Zinc (c) Nictel snd copper r7. Whic}i3'tosthad.!i!gleatire Eed? 16. Stdrl $ 6ta.l i. ab aloy of; (B) Tntg8ietr ald chreniun (A) ircn, NicLel $d ChreniM (O V.Mdjub ed Nore ofih. sboe rt, Cuitins.ped i! el.t (A) Condiirm olthe naclib (D Cuttrna tool Mabltal (C) Suf e 6!ish EqliEd (D) All th atm!0. TLo Eelting DoirC oflm if! ia (A) t53!. C (c) 0r0.c (B)?2C'C (D) 1130'C,r. is : (A) Podlit 6nit C 6.niit (C) Ausienite (B) P6!tit6 (D) Noe ofthe abov'!t. Tle of, tbin si el.het cd he dea.ufd hv: (A) Si sl Ruls (B)!4iqremat t (C) OuiBide Calip!! (D) Mea.unqMachin lglitot6 IP.t OJ

5 2t- On a nei.jc Vernier Cslipe. r nain *atc divieion ia Oi nn. eale divi6jos ab divided inlo,5 ilivisions on the venier. tt lea6t mur id i (A) 0.05 nh (B) OO2Dm (C) nn (D) O.Olmn,4. On a plainiry ; (A) ttul a.cipuar* (c) or sorl ecipreltes (B) Th worl piece s (D) Atl rhe aboe 26. Usua\y cutii^g 0uid is not u.ed ror n&nining grey casr lbn becau* : (A) It is a Ery.oft msial (O PFs.Gofc menri.e (D) To (B) preserco oln e $aphfte 26, Guide w,y.oflatlebedssre haden6d br i (A) Pack cdrbunzing (C) FllD ha.derirg 27. In heat treatesnt quenching i. done: (A) ToFde hddnesg (O To hardn*. (B) To idterndl stees 18. In a sinsld start i}read lead i! equal ro j!\) Pilch G) EolIrhdpftch (c) Doubl.hepiich (D) NoEoarbe abm 29. Thc nlnbtr off.r on a dnvrrs ecar dd dir\pn sed are lo snd 60 respecrivsk. tf lhc rpn orrhe dnqng gparis In0lhen rpb otdirv n eoar,s. (A) 200 (B) jo x 60 (c) 50 (D) /20r5

6 30. The $ed in a Eediun loudry is : (A) Dlust lu.nace (c) B.sner canverter 81, Irhich bachining pred5 i. noe {B) open hcdlth (D) cupola (B) MilliDg 8t. In dc weldiry he tidsforner i. led to : (A) (C) ol volt5ge (B) R du wlloge (D) None ofth abore 39. In sa3 cuilinf th iame ued ia : 6) r,pg (B) N'rual G.s {C) Oxraceqldne (D) CNC 8a. Durelumin io ar alloy of : (A) A.ludiniud & Tin lbr AluD'n'm, Copp.r, M,4d4 & Ma3nciidm (C) Aluniniu & Nictel (D) & choniun 86. Mancue& i. edsid Ed,. idpuitv i! si el becaus : (A) It outefds tne hlufrn d..t of lulphu (B) R.dw oxy8en ontert (C) IEDreE iemilc atrsngth (D) Att tle dov 36, A steel is said to te c6ld wol} d shen : (A) (B) Worted deni4 PoiDt (C) Wo*ed b lor ccrydlallizahon tenpolature (D) Wott d belon mon lompe.,fub t?, cotting Auid r&d tu st el b : 4?,2015 IPT.oI

7 88. The circula. 6cale of a dicrc meier is.n ihc I (C) Tl'inble (D) Abov6 tduial lirc lr. Msd of r Eat ri.l ofspecific cevitr t-6.nd eolu r cubic m.rer i! j ( )?6ls (B)?60ks (C) 7600te,0. I EiNn i6 qusl to: (D) Nono of rhe and,ll. VeEi! Cdlip6. i! used to beasure l (A) Irtemal dis noion (B) Extehar dioensiotr (C) B.tb dier..l.dd idreb.l (D) None ofine Aauacj' of Eea.urins i..t'unelt is El6t6d ro : (A) correctnesd of aeasurebenr (B) n6p.atability (C) BotL lbd Fpeakbitity (D) s o. epeliability 4s, Tte intornational.tanddld unit lor measuren nr of tine.r &m nsion is l (A) Micrcn (B) Meter (c) The bat rir16 ued fd..u repltterc: (A) Gr.nite or Cadt ired (c) Onlycaot C dtime..r (D ODlycraaite (D) Non ofibe above 46. TLe tele.opic cluee is usd to neasurt (A) Intemsr DiD.bion (C) (B) Exr.m,t din nsio (D) All rh. rboe!6. Semitieity of a DeaBnring inshuneni is I (A) Abilrty to deteci onal tritrerelce in nedgultu quanwy (B) R a<lability ol dieension (C) R.p ltabilty (D) Cor.e.rn.s of EeasuFbent 4N2076

8 47. To checl of pe6le of, l (A) B.r.h ic) Prcfil pbjectr (B) Scpw pitch sausr (D) Angle bd,18. Which on of lho lolotila io not,n anale n.a3u!3 (A) B*t prctractor (B) coebinatior s{u!e (C) Sine ba. (D) Arsle isn 49. A univeaal.urface sanse i. $ d ror, (B) Ch4king shaightnes (D) Lyoul wolk and in.p*id 50. Pai of a n a.uling device cdrying drc *dlc is call d ; (A) EouBins (B) Fnne (D) Di8l (C) bdex 51. TIE speidc.iion of a s4r bar i3 : {A) lt8 loial lenslh (C) Dianet fofrcie! 52. Tol6ran is.pecg d: (A) To obbin d*ireil6t (C) sinpli$ itupe.iio! 53. l*ler gluge i. wd to chel : (A) Rldiu! (C) Pir.h of (B) Di6t b tw*! 6nl r6 oftne h&r (D) l2ryih ol rouer (D) Acomnodate worknan inper&lrion (B) rcugh.e.g (D) Tlictm* of 64. Intentional betw*. nriina part b to g6t : (A) Acurecy (c) C.dreduction (B) Dqibd 6t (D) Nonc 55, In thitd dcle pbj ction nont vi.w is : (A) Abore x-y line (C) Alse or telow X.Yline 66. In ori[oetaphic prcj*tion tbe psj ctob m : (A) Parlllel to IIP (C) Perpendicular td the plane (B) B low X-Y Une (D) Nore olthe abore (B) Partllel ro\'p (D) Inclinad!o!!e plane I 4:t/2015 lp.t.oj

9 57. Tn pornr C2.3) E In tfie: 66. ln i!on t!i. prcjection ihe tb* axes ol : (A)PanUelr.manother (B)Muiualype.p dicutar (c) lrclireil to one anoller (D) Non. 60. Ienetric vi w ola dircle kep! in tho veriical p6ition will be I (A) ci$b (B) Ellip* (ct (D) Aly one oarhe abore (A) is peeni (B) Ca on is in lho Bmphite ro.n {c) ir pe.ert in the cede ir fcb (D C.rhon is pre&nr a6 ANt dr! (A) A efi ling (C) 6nishing pres (B) C* hrrdding ptr.. (D) Corrui.r pllre 61, WLic! one ol the fouowins i. noi a parr of tle die ser? (A) Ouide pi! (B) Coi.l (D) Shippe. plte (C) Sh,n-h 0& rllc fuction of a pilot is io i e'( The operation hr rhich a sn. i ii et thrcusl rh pan of i!! le.sth and rne cuc parr is h.nt i! (A) Stirtitrg ic) cu.ti.s (B) Latuing (D) Noi.bilg 66. WhicL on of th folnins i. u&d for producins bhnl.? (A) PieEirs rel (C) Conbinrtion tool (B) Btant iac toot (D) Conpoqrd a3/:t0t5

10 66, h blabline cloame $ psvided o. I (A) Puncn (C) Die orpdc! G) Dis (D) Nom ofth abok 67. Which o.e is nor bend elenelt? G8. ln a blanking op.6tion the sire of dro work is S ard C tho punch s* is siven (A) s+rc (c) s-4c (B) s+4c (D) s-2c 60. The ledale part of a Dorld {hicl fomd the ext rbal 6hape Doulding ir caled : (A) c{n (l) core (D) spru (c) cleia 70. which ore of the louo*irg is an sxamp! of ih rmopl..ti.? (A) &kerite (B) Polyml r (D) Ph nol forbaldelyde (C) PvC?1, A ch.lrel or ori6e onndting ihe Mn6r to the inptuior i! crled : (A) Cat (B) C.viry (c) sde ore (D) Ielt?2- gnrin!4e of nat ri.l sitb ; (A) of eateri.l teodenrw (B) ldea* ionp.ratuf (C) Indsa* in w.ll thiclnee (D) s*le! inj ction presur?3. The ted PAIISON is a$diar.d Fiih : (A) Cohpr*sion nouldins (C) ExtrusioD (B) Blow bouldirc (D) Injeciio. ronlding?4. A tbin 6lh forn d on ile parauc 3u{ac. duriry noulding i6 crll d : ia) tdd (B) Fil6n6nt (D) shot (C) FbsL ll 43/2015 tp.t_oj

11 76. *'hich is not a die.astina alloyl {A),{diniun allor (c) anc,roy 75, aale tle oilil man out: (A) Sprue slre (c) Degate (B) cop! falloy (r)) Ntancanee alloy (B) l's! sate (D) Tab srl?7. For ejecting snal cylindricdl noulding which sjdciion iechnique is nore prefendd: (A) sleev jdction (c) Air ejection 78. lvhich sp*incdtion oflrthe is.ot.sdn nded by ISI? (A) Manmum 3aing d! r b d (B) b tw en ntr6s (C) MdinM weisht or,ork io be held (D) weislt of laih.?0. Which i6 not tru tor a nagn.tic cnu.k? (A) U*d io hold iasil. wor l {D) U&d wled otring log is l s {C) Ued lvhen nai nst Enovsl i. l s (D) U*il for Copper atul Aluminium 80. A forning tel il used fo. tape. lurning *h n : (A) L4i[olt per id lesd (B) Lnsth of worl bore 's (O Ansle oltaper i.les (D) Angl ofiaper is bore (B) Bldde ejection (D) valve eje.tiod 31, wllat tu the first Naiional Pa k in Indio? (A) Natioral ParL (c) National?a k (B) Iodi.acandhi National Pa.k (D) (bazhinnca Nationrl Pa.t a2. In *hich ye,r we b ga. to el bmh Environn.nt Day? (A) 1960 (B) r9?0 (c) 19?3 (D) 1983 l mt5 t2

12 88. $terc is the tu3t lepitdl st ited for bitd? (A) (C) Ba4alore 34. lvho t Lnow. $ Fathe. of B,diet? (A) AdrE Sairh (C) ADa.tty. Sen 86, lvho i! tha fodder ofto.r? (B) Bilkraie 60, In which Nob l Pnre (Comnenolativc P.ire) irlrcduced for EsmmiG? (A) 1963 (B) 1960 (c) 1973 (D) ?. In which year 6ft1 snart phone (A) r9ao (c) r00o 88. Which b 6stR yorf c{oryin I in'l (A) Cnlior Rlrbm Gralid (C) Mard Cwalior RrroE (B) 1995 (B).tanlnedpu BayoE 89. nany hebb s el cterl to th. Lk 8abh. frco Union T nitories? (A) 13 (B) 20 (c) l8 (D) 15 00, Wlo ws. the K.abte who tutuiioftd ae oppo.iiiotr l ader with Cabinet R.trt? ar, Who *.. the tust ResidentofRlsttabtaihi Bhrvan' (A) IddMo.tagu (C) L.illrtu 0r. W! i! ibo.ppuimate tine otare ldur in Pa irba? (B) LodMinto (D) Mount B.ttotr 6) 10.mAM. (B) r1.ooa.m. (c) 12No! (D) 2.00 P.M. 13 il8/2016 lp,t.o,l

13 03.!!'h. i. lssdated w h rh sork of JD I. lsh m olplanase to?hiliode: ( )?anakad Slihab Thansal (gt C.It. MonanDed Xora (O) Mohanned Abdnl RhiDan Shnhib (D) MDidu Moulavi 94 wnich b.h3 Party which cont.r i! etecrion siib tbd s,ne el ction synbol fo.n ( ) cpr (M) (D) C?r (c) BJP (D) r\c 95. rvh'ch isrhe 68. rr&dshrp In th. yorld? (A) Tubilia (C) M.v' Rayal *ema (B) Tairdic (D) INs t<ulhali 96, In wbich day MotlEls D.y? (D) Mar lob 9?, The prers or Estins ot.! if! obj*t i. [nnn,s: (A) Orida.ion (C) Loni.,tion (B) Reshng (D) Catvadilatiotr 98. Wh.l is ih. b adnis of Eslino? (A) E rer ol Raw M ar (C) laterofdiedfis! (B) EatdofRaq ffuft. 99. Whct i! 'Sanbdrtu 2 (A) (lonpleat inlom,tior abour citizeft in online (B) Codplort abort IBD orudelts in online (C) Cobplort infohaiion dout St ra enplores in {D) C.npleat ilfomaton rbout siudeli5 in online 100. Whicf i! the UdkEity started by Prdic Mad$ Mohan Malaviy!? (A) A!.r[aboduinve6ity (B) Bam.e qindu (c) Sd Sankam Universitr, (D) Sree Venliddwan Univ r.fty 1Cl90r5