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2 INTRODUCTION This manual provides an index of Bell System Prllctices covering Customer Products Equipment and Apparatus in Convenient Form. For items not contained in this index refer to the Master Alphabetical Index, Section ClOO-OOO-OOI or to the Master Numerical Index, Section o and the Appropriate Division Numerieal Index. ISSUE 6, DECEMBER 1978

3 eell SYStEM PRACTICES AT&TCo Standa,d SlCTION Inul 6, OlcI..,b., 191. ALPHABETIC-NUMERIC INDEX STATION, KEY, PBX, AND PRIVATE SERVICE SYSTEMS 1. GENERAL \.01 'fhis seelion provides an alpha-numerie index of seetions required for the installation and maintenance of eustomer product equipment and apparatus This seetion is reissued to update the alpha numerie index This index combines the fealures of both a1phabetie and numerie indexes. Sections can be located by referring first to the eommon nomenclature or ordering nomendature. then referriog to a major indention for the type of information such as Identification, Installation, Maintenanee, Referenee. Serviee, etl, and then to the alphabetical or numerical listing Many of the section numbers in this index are preceded by a two letter symbol sueb as SA. This symbol indicates that the seetion is eontsined in a serviee manual in addition to the standard BSP files. Here is a list of the symbols and the service manual to whkh they refer. SA_Station Serviee Manual I SB-Station Serviee Manual II SC-Statton Speeialties Serviee Manual I SO-Station Speeialties Service Manual n CA-Coin Service Manual I CB-Coin Service ManUJoI II la-interconnect Servitt I lb_lnterronnert Serviee Manual II KA-Key Service MJonual I KB-Key Service Manual II KC_Key Service Manual III PA-Dial PBX Service Manual NOTICE ","0\ foe un Ot di"dusuu oul,ide lh~ IIell Sy.l~m uccpt under written ag_menl in U.S.A. Pogl I

4 SfCTION AC-TU'f lu$.rl ""'TH 211) ~70-. AND TYPf HAND TfW'HONf SIT) Service Telephone Ba"" AcaSS CIRCUIT (SO.6fl.IS-Ol!, STATION-Sft SlA'1ON AceeS CI~CUlT ( $.011 ACCESS UNf otcult (SD-SEOOG..()1), NX_Sft PBX AceeS UN( C~CUI' (S0-5EOOG-Ol) AtaSS LJHl! SN...,NG CIlCUIT, AUTOVON_SH AU,OYON ACCESS UNf SHA~IMG C1~0.II' ACCESS UNES (AUTOVONI '" Ge""ral DMcripl;Qn AcasS UNES, autovtln_sfi! AUlOVON ACCESS UNES ACCESS I'OIN15 B~ildinlf Olldir.atro Plant Buried Plant Olldiuted Plant Poie-Moontro Dedicated Plant St...nd Ml>tlntro Dedicated Plnnl Wall.Ml>tlnted ljedicnted Planl ACl)~Sff AUTOMATIC CAU DlST~IIIUTING SYSTEM AD-TY'E (US«) WITH 270-, 226.-, 2220, AND 2221> T'l'Pf HANO TfUI'ttOHI: SET) Serv;ce Telephone Ball. ADAI'TEIl; DlAJ._SEE DIAl. ADAl'TYI ADAI'TEIlS Iden/mellti"" Bridll:in~. 3-Way Kit of Parts D-lliOlJ7'l Kit of Parts 146B B 152A 1~-Type,~, 151A "" 259A. B "",,.,,,,",~, Conncctinl( BI"". Mslnrensnce Tcrm;mJl;nrr TOQI. 66 Type...DDfND...Nr CONSClU:!N«ri"lirm DIMENSION- PBX Privato Branch Exchange...OORlSs...8LE D...rA SAGl/atJlC (...Sl!~.) Genu.1 DeICription Po 1 SAs0z oo KM61 2O(I KA0\61_2O(I.-102 KA KA'!Gl ld).i G3-12HOO KA461 ld).i02 KA~ I KA KA46J.i,()Hoo J DDlIUS"'_ D"'TA S"'Gf/atJlC le-.! ldent.ificali/m MalnUJtance ()per.tio" Sito Control Circuit (SO 1Gl'A6-01) Station Switching Circuit ADHESlVf QI, GeM 1 B...D./UNCl' DLtJ.S (S[)..IG246-0lj C<>,,~tion. 2810Al TOUCH-A MATle- Adjunct Dial mobul TOUCH A MATIe- Adjunct Di.I "'"TOUCH A MATlCO Adjunct Dial 810BIM TOUCH_A_MATICO Adjunct Dial ldent.irlcat.iol1 ""'" TOUCH A MATICO Adjunct Dial 2lI70B1M TOUCH A MATlCO Adjunct Dial """TOUCH A.MATlCO Adjunct Dial 81OB1M TOUCH A MA TICO Adjunct Di.1 Ins!aJi"lion ""'" Q6 (8() 51IJ.-l '7roo149 SC501.1~-201 SC5l! SC l!ll1 SC501 1~-202. SC501 1~-201 SC SC SC TOUCH-A MATICO Adjunct Di.l SG'lOI-I B1M TOUCH A MATlCO Adjunct Dial SC501 1~ 202 """ TOUCH.A.MATICO Adjunct Dial SC501.1~ RlM rouch-a MATlC Adjunct Dial SC501 1~-202 Maintr"a~ 2810A1 TOUCH-A-MATICO Adjunct Di.l SC501.1Sl BIM TOUCH A MATlCO Adjunct OJ.1 SC l'm """TOUClI-A-MATICO Adjunct mal SC501 1~ al1 810BIM TOUCH-A MATIC Adjunct Di.I SC l'm Op<Jral/on,."" touch A MATICO Adjunct Dial SC50I 1Sl BIM TOUCH.A-MATIC" Adjunct Di.1 SC50I.l~ l'm """ TOUCH.A.MATlCO' Adjunct Dial 810RIM 5C:i01-1~.201 TOUCH-A-MATICO Adjunct Dial SC "'DMINlSn""ION O"'T'" SYSTEM (f"'ds}; FO.a_SEE FOlIa ADMINlSTl:ATION 0""'" SYSTEM If'''DS~...DMlNIST...nVl D"'T'" SYSTEM (F DS); FOIIa~SEE FOlIa... DMlNlS'~ TIVli D"'T'" SYSTfM (FADS)

5 ISS 6, SECTION AD' (US-«> 23A COUPUlI) c.._ 1(k"IH"""lioIt 11tSUHa_ /llai"u... Proteoti... Con.-tine Arrange_a' AJ".UM AND ~ CClNffteI«:t STST~ OAStt-5H QASH Al.UM "'ND c:o-ano COM'IIIENa snums AlAAM...NO 1MSIGlNC't TUHSfR ClIQJlTS Operation T~~~ 161B Private Btlnch Exchange AVolM AND TIlAI\ISI'IEIl ClIQJlT Circuit Tes~ 'I56A Private Braat.ll bcha"ltll isl A Prinw Btaodl &cdla"ltll ~~ /llai,,"'_ Tau 307 Switd!i... o,-.u- T_ 53)-Type PBX ~ Rqoor1iIoIf Srate.. A1AlM otajrts roe (;CtoInHUOUS Tl'$T 01' sr...llon UNU; OAStl-SH ~ AJ".UM e-ojits foil COfmHUOUS TE'ST 01' SfATlOH UNfS...L... 0RamS; c...stl_s& ALA... a.cults ~~ Cil"Ctlit T...u 75U Private BtaKb Eschanp AlAaM, TU.HSI'U. AND TRARK ItfGISTIEIl ClIQJl'TS 15O-667M-O'1 0,-._ T_ 757A Printe Bra.,~ &cell... ~~ /IIetJ>od 01 T1xi", No. 3 On:k-t TIa...t No. 6A Ordu Tlarm 'lola Private Bra""h Esc:hange 702A Bra...,h Excha"P 71lA Pri.ate Branch E>:chanp 740A Pri.ate Hranch ~;xchanll" 740AX Private IItanch ~:Xchanp 7408 Private Branch &cchanl'! 1<tOC Privau Brand, Exchanp 7.clE Private 8n.lKh Euhanp 75llA Pri...u 8nlw:h ~ Opfratillfl T.t 758C Switclli.. Syste.. (>ol Tau!A Aa_tic Catl Diluibutilll S_ 3A Aatolllatic Call Diluiblllillll S,..lo:'" SA Automatic: Call l>i.tributin. SYlItem 700(; (Manual Switchboard and Dial &quipmtntl Pri.ate IIranch Exchangt 'lola Private SI'1".ch Escha... 70IB Privau flni...,h Exdo""ll" 70IPK Pri...u 8ranc:h F.X(h~ ii)2a Prinu Branoch P.X(lwIct Ml MI I~l C7f>-D >Q]O.!IO ~ M:Hl2O-310 & & & M6-«J " $46-4Ot ,." oll..(102..t,(lt ~-o15-5ll1 """"'" ALARMS {Goon., Opuatiooo T-. (ConI) 710C ()Iuual Switdlboanl liftd Dial &:Iui t) Private Bnnch 71IA "'... Printe Bnzd, Exdoa 7118 Printe BrmdI E.uu..a 740A p,;.,ate Bn6ch R~lIlII'I 140AX Private Brandl Kltha..,., 1«lB Private B...,h Exrh... 1«)(; Private Bra",," Exch.n~ 740 Pri te Branch Exchan~ 150A Private Branch Exchange 7MA Privati Branch Exchanl'! 7511A P.ivatoJ Braftch Klchallll' 758MB Svritchinl System 158S Private Braac:h Exc:ba.nll;e 8UA Private Bruch Exc... 1S8C S)'SWlI AU.lMS AND PIG CXlUNT 0llQJIT Opuaticon T.u 800A Printe 8nJw:h KxdI""i't AJ,.UMS Af«l I'OWO 'AaJJa RANSRIt """"' o,..n.u..n T...tII TWA Private Branc" Exchan(p AL...MS ANO.IGt5TElS Ope.atkm Te.~ 757A Priv.te Branch Exch'l\ie AlCOVE; DllflCTOIT_5H _ICTOllT ~ AtBT-.G unlm '" e-raj o-riptioa /II«l>od 01 OJ-alioa e-. '" GeMraJ ~ipliol> ~..II TNti hriodk jj";'u:ilntt:fj...tnnng SnTlM: G1tOUf'_SE! GCOU' "'LIEIlTING SnTtM AM; 1N00000ll,.,41A,_SEE -.ouaol. 1S42A, AM type...".. ~~ o-riptioa "... '''l1rauotl tsi-tnlt' 276-Typa m Typa SIS,Type 317A [,utlllalim..." )pa 271.1)1'1 317A SU..(llIJ.5I)I...,... S42-0IO..:;Cll... 54& M :i 10(11).50(1 Ml047O-5Ol1 MI0424-5ll "/ 100 SAMI ZI&-IOI $A501 Z21HOO SAMI-22I60101 SAMI 22I60101 SAMI-22I60100 SAMI-22I60100 SA I SA5111-ZI&-I00 SA A$OI.226-1oo stj Z215-I05 r...,

6 SECTION AMI1.lRUS (Gon.) Mainten",nce 311A 1( rdenlirie.afjon IA Speakorphone System IAI Speakecphnne System Telephone Set C<>mponents «,"neelions IdeMifie.ation InsWlalinn Mainlenance Customer.Owned Endnsur'fl Al'fCHOII: lli!iyi~sa: DRM ANOtOII ANCHOIt: ftas11c_sef ftasoc ANCHOll ANCHOIIS MACHINE IOU General ANCMORS WAIl SCREW General ANGU: SCREWS General ANHOUNaMINT 5ET Conn"diona KS.I!i765Ll, L2 Idenlifie",tion KS.16165LJ, L2 Ina~i1",lion KS-1676SLI, L2 Maintena~ KS 1616OLI, 1.2 M"thod of Conn«li"ll MillCf!llanolOUI Equipment 2A Aulomatie Call OiAtcibuting Syatem O""Nl.lion KS-I6765I.I, L2 "'N"IOUNaMlNT synfllls " Conr>«liona AnnounOl'm"nt S<:t KS I676O, Ll nc Telephone Answering Set 2-Trpt IdentifiMtion Vsinll AnnoulKemenl Set KS Ll oc Telephone An.wecinll Sel 2-1'ypt InsWla/ion Using AnnounOl'ment Set 1(S.1676S. Ll or Telephone An.wooring Set 2-Type Line-Up Mainlenance Uling Announ""ment Set KS-I676fi, LI oc Telephone Answecing Set 2-Type O""ra!ing I'rot:edu~ Dual Channel Servi"" Single Charmel Service Operation U.illlt" Announ""ment Set K , L1 or Telephone Answering Set 2-1')'1"1 " Conneclion. rdentification ''''. MlI l ) )-100 & Q-12O-13.'l 505\( 211)-000 5[16\( 211)-100 S05[( 210-:!OO 505\( S05\(-210-:!OO 51( Q-l ~ ~ ~ \( Hl-loo ( "'NHOt./NCEIIlENT SYST~S lgoft') 9A (Cont) Installation!.ine-Up Mainlen.~ Oper.tilll/ Procedures Du",1 Channel Servi"" Silljt:le Chlnnel Service ANHOUHaMlHT TRUNK OICOIT (S G1) Operation Testr 3A Automatic cln Diltribuling 5yatem AN"IOUNCEMENT nunlc OICOIT (SD-61ot3-lll) Operalion Tes/ 758C Privlte Brlnch e.chlnge AHNUNOATOIl ORC\JIT Operation T""tr 520-Type PBX Emergenc;" Repocting SYltem ANSWER AN"IOUHaMfNT OICUlT IS~971-Gl): DfiAl'HI-SI!f DRAl'Bl ANSWO: ANNOUHCfMEHT CIltCUIT (S0-6!971-G1) ANSWERING ON INTfRCOM, H"NOS-FllH_SEE HANDS-REE AMSWERING ON INTUCOM ANSWElING SOVla: SEClIIETAIlAL_SEE SEClIIET"'RlAL "'NSWEIIHG $ElVIa AMSWElIHG SElVICl; TEtEI'MOHE_SEf TElEPHONE ANSWERING SfltVla ANSWERING SET: TEI.Il'HONI_SH TW'1tOH1 AHSWElING 5ET ANSWlRlNG SY!TlM; TEI.B'HONl-SH TElB'HOHE "'NSWERING SYSTEM...'...TMlNT DOOIt...NSWElIHf) Conn«tions 2754-Type Telephone Set IdentifiMtion 2755A, AM Telephone Set InstaJJ",tion 2755A, AM Telephone Set MeinlenefIU 2755 Type Telephone Sel Operstion 275.5A, AM Telephone Sel A..."RAWS Method of Mdilll/ Teal Connet/ion....""...YUS AHD MATEllAtS; TEtnHONlE~sa TaEPHONE Al'l'A.l:AYUS AHD MATERIAlS "...A...WS ATTENDANT MODUlAR STATION 700-Tl'l'E Conn«/ionl 756A Prinu Branch Exohnge Al'l'A...TOS...NKS IdentirH:ltion A...ARAWS lox Identification I05-Type 113-Type II(-Type 5l4-615-mD 514-6I5-mD 5]( 615 ~ 51( SDS SI) JOO 5IX.12-$0--4oo &l1-1l0-100 KA ( l0 46S-12t.!IO

7 ISS 6, SfCTIOtt "".U.UUS loll le-ol Jdeltlir.alioa (Coal} II5-Type l18-tjpe fuujiiliklll,"'" lis-t)rpfc 1I4'Type lis-type Il&-'t) pe A,.,...ATUS CA8IHET 124-1'tATll Jtknlifi<:aljon Eq~ip"'c"t Cabinet "",,,,UTUS CA.IIHfT 14S4V.TIl J,untir.c..UOlt Equip""'''t Cabinol...,.,...TUS HEAaING. Sf'tIOI, SIGHt: T8JII'ttOHI-sa TI\S"ItONI...,.,...rus H» _did HlAUoIG. """'. ~...,.,AU.rus FOI HOISI ux:.atjohs HaadRt 1C8-Typo)...,.,...rus~ Idnlil"laliotl J"..wl.. tioij s... m, IA2 K"'l' 1'~lepho"e SYIU.",. "0 IA2 Key T~lepltone SyJ;u.",. "" IA2 Kt)I Telepl>ooe Syau.m..,.,...TUS MOUNTINGS NoKGiD T~~ s.t IMltlif>a1iOfl flfst.l11.1lio. -~...,., JI~Il~ ""'...rus Sl.lOf _I LtJ1),it..tilll( '-'.-.,.,...UUS...,. Oon_io"" '"Co.tamer Owned E...IOllura He C.llomer-OwDed Er>c'-ra flk"urlc.lllklll..- '"Cut-r-Ow_ ~ra He ~.ow...d EadoIura 14.1'ypoo I...Wllllion '"CullOmer-OwMJd EMI""... He eultam.r-owned Rncl""" Type H-Type Mai"tM..nnt '"Cu.lto_-Owfttd EocIoou_ t6:j.121 1I G-2lIO 46$ Q :l-12l.1l$ KA(63 HO loo KA46:l-I40-loo SASOI 21I_I02 KA G-l KB5I&-21s-.420 KllSl& ~ Ir.-IOI 504-Zl ~1r.-IOl & )..201 r.q4 211) rus UNIT!C-') -- JI~,,~"'1I<lC,.- (Coal) He ~..., '"C<tltOltler-OwlWd Ead"""... ne eultomer-qoln.,d E..d"""... "'''''''''''TUS: S8KTlON OJ-StI saktlot\i Of...,.,...tUS...,.,...lATUS, STATlOH_SH ST""1Ot\I.,.,...TUS.uu. IDINTIACATION tqulf'mint Method of Coltllfdi"" Ill~lw.-. Equipment 2A Au_.tic C.lJI _00_ Dilln_tiJl& SyoaU:Ia -, Drop.lad mou Winne Allachlllt'll'"...RANG--., (:(ljt~-sti~ An...HGlMtNT, "lctuiii'ttonp ~JHO_SH I'Kl'lIIU'MOHI' COHNEClIMO nangement "'S5OOATIIO ",. TUS: FOU~OAtION AHP-sa fouho..tiot\ ",.,A.ATUS AS50ClAlIP aahlls CIt_i...tid 7'1NUb#1t1 s."""" ASSOOATtO ~/IIIHf Coa...-uo.. IdeJllilbtiM JasUllalioit T_ llooa Prinu. Bruoh ExdlallP ASSOClAl10 RTTINGS; DUCTS AHO_Sft DUCTS AHO "SSOClAlBI,,,",teOS...nACKIlWO; Q.lAI.t.Ha-StI QlAIAHCI AnACKMIMT AnAOIMtH'S; UU_SH TItfE AnAOlMINTS AlTtHPANT AHO srallon louw'mlht«ihim 'i6ia Privlte Bra.cb EKhu.. 76IB Pri...y BraKh Exckaap IdeltliflOlioIt 'l!i1a Pti_ 8raadI Exdsup 76IB P,;...te flnacl, EKll... JuuJl..1ioIt 7fiIA Pri...le IhDdI En.up 71iIB f'tinte 8randI Elcchallp M~thod 01 Optnliolt 50A c..ltomer P~;_ Srllem PrivIUI Branch Io:uhlnge 1618 Pri'll.e Bruch Euhlnlll SOl... Prlvlt. Branoh Exchlni<! ~A Branch Euhl"re SltA P.lvIW Bnneh E""luonp B : ).11)1 ~-211).201 ~1-41r , MJ 7Z:2-Zl0 561-"7'( SSl-7Z: m ,,, MlI-20I M3-21Z-3llO... '

8 SKT10N ATTENDANT AND STATIOI\I EQUIPMENT WlTH D!II:ECT T.UNK TfltMlNATION Me/hod of ()perarjon 770A Private Branoh Exchange AlTB«lANT AHD STATION EClUII'MENT_$WlT04m loop MeU100 of Opera/wn 710,1, Pri.ate Branch Eaohanlt" MI ATT&fDAHT CENTRAl 0Fl'1CE T.UNKS C;,..,,,it Tho'to' Rtlay Jack and Lamp 100c (Manual Switthboal'd) Private Branoh E.ehanlO'! MI Operalwn Test. 552,1, Pri.-te IIranoh Exchange 5520 Private Branch Exchange 605,1, Private Branch Exchange ATTENDANT COMMON ClIlCUITS Operation Toesto' 710,1, Private Branch Exchange AnENDANT cotlsolf ConMClwns Jdenlification To.ul/alion 1,1, Telephone Anowering System 473-6Q ATTENDANT cotlsolf (ISSA6f.ll31); AUTOVON_Sft AUTOVON ATTENDANT cotlsolf (ISSA6E-03L) ATTtNDAHT CONJ.OUEO DIAL COHfaENCE TTtIJNl( OROJIT ($.t4o$ul-41) Operation and Transmission Testo' 7~7A Private Branch Exchanll'! AntHDANT DSS!'OSITION MethOO nf Connecting PBX to (,h>&o-connecting Terminal Hou$Il and F~.. Cabl ,1, Private Branch Exchange "'TTEND"'NT EQUII'M9IT Method of Operation 1- and 2-Type or 21., 41_, and 51 Type Telephone Con",l... with Switched Loop Operation Stel>'"By Step Privale Branch E.cha'W' 1-, :>.-, 21-, 4J.. or 51 Typo Telephone Consol... with Direct Trunk Termination Stel>'"By Step Privati! Branch Exchange MeUlOO of OperJ!tion 'lola Private Branch Jlchange Mo-Ul'I Private Branch Exohansw ~; Privale Branch Exchange ,1, Private Branch Exchal\lle 10IB Private Bra""h ExchanKe 7401<': Private Branch Exchange...TTEI«lANT UN! OIlCUlT (50-6S971-l11) ()peralwn Tests 3,1, AulOmalic Call Distributing Syslem AntNDAHT ~, loop, AND CONTROUBl OROJrT (SD ) :101 54(1.101 :101 (; &11 ATTEND"'NT UNK, loop, AND CONTJIOUD (e-.) Operation T""ts InCQming Call Identification and Tnank Group Busy Circuit,"" 167,1, Private Bronch Exchange "'TTENDANT LOOI' OKUlT (SD-65'13-Oll AND!'OSITION ORClJIT ls0-65ti"-oi) Op'ratiott TC$to U,inK Ja~k Moonling (f:1)..6()613-30) Step-By-Step Pri.ale Branch Exchange ATTENDANT loop ClROJIT (S0-6St30-01j ()peralion T..,l$ Step By-Sttp Private B.sneh Exchange ATTENDANT MODULA. STATION 1OG--TTI'lE; A"...IUS_Sa: AI'I'.uATlJS ATTENDANT MODUI.AII SIATION 1OG--TTI'lE ATTENDANT SERVIa (CAS); CtNT...UZED_SE( CEN'...UZED ATTENDANT SBlVla lcasl ATTENDANT SE.VICE; antraljzrl~5ee CEN...UZED AmNOAHT $DVJQ! "'TTEND"'NT TBf~HOHE cotlsol.t (I'OSlTIOH NO. 1 DI.ECT '.UNK TUMINATION) Methoo Qf ContH!<'ling PBX l<> Croas-Connecling Terminal House snd Feed.. CablC$ 757,1, Privste Branch E.change ATTENDANT TEllflfONI! CONSOlf ji_3 $WlT04ED lool' THMINAllONj MethOO nf Conn""ling to Croas-Conn""ling Terminal Hou.. and Feeder Cable. 757,1, Private Branch ExehsnJ(e ATnNDANT nlel'tfone!'osition Meth<>d of Q:>nntocling 10- or ll Type Telephone Con""le $A Automatic Call Distributing System 12 Or 14_Type AppaT1ltu. Unit 3,1, Automalie Csn Diltribut;ng Syslem Operalion T""ts SA Automatic Call Distributing System Op'ratiQn Testo' Using TC$1 &/ (SD-M>983 {jj, J53/3JAGI 2,1, Automatic Call Distrib\ltiog System...JTENDAtH TRUNK (50-6S8U-OI) Operation T""I$ 70UI Private Brsneh Exchsnll'! ATTtND...Nl T.UNK (S0-6S9.-.o1) Operaliott Teats 3,1, Automatic Call Distributing Syatem ATTENDANT TIUNIC C!IQ)IT (SD Operation T~.ts 700c Prioate Branch Exchange 71llA P.;vste Branch Exchange M0-571) ~ & & &11

9 ISS 6, SECTION ATTfNllAMT ~ c:.a,ilt C_S7n-011 tc-l OJ;eBtlolt TGU fcolti) 1018 Prinle Bra.>ril ~ 702A PriYaw Bnndl~ 7'llE Pri.ale B...k Euhance ATTfNllANT ~ c:.a,ilt ( Oper,,;on T...,. Step By-SUp Pri.ate Branch Exchuge ATTfMDAH1' l~s Cintl;l Tau Jadt am Lamp 100C (Yu.Q1 S.,jldlbo&td) PrinwBn..clo~ Operat... Tal6 7SfiA Pri.ate IInno:h En"",. AfTEHDANT :l-w111 COf**C701S 1~:I-Ol AHD ~-l)11 Opera/Ion 7nu 7ll2A rri.ate B.llJICh E><thallllt ATTINOAH1' :1-_ CONNKfOlS ['50 UUJ.(II AND ~Il OJ;eBLioor T-. 1Q2A Printe Bnlldo Eu... AlTBClAoNl'. CAll.-. AIel swrfchihg 'MTM ItOTAlY llial; CONS(ll.l-Sft CONSOLE AlTlNOANT. CAll. AHSWII:. AND SWITCtWfG WT1ll ItOTAIT DIAL AmHUAlOlS Proc«J",... for C/eatt;nK and 7'tNlmenl A'--f _ YI5I,W. SlGNAl.fiG Key TtiephoM Unit c.._... Itknlirltat...,." AUTOMATIC "'. CAll 0lS7111UT1NG synlm Conn/lttlon Trame U""Ile Rtto,de. 38 ~ripfion Teat Set CKS-21~ NATlS) Tntr", U... Il«order 38 JqW/Woa Tell ~ (KS-21~ NATlS) Traff"oc: Uaage a-der 3H 1I"/nu,.",," T~ ~ (KS-21050:\ NATlS) OperafiM T...u TtIlnk Idontifieation Control Circuit J503131W 7ntUlg Trafr", U... ~. 38 T_ Tell Set (KS-21ll65 NATlS, Tl-oubh Lor:ati,. Tram. Usap R«order 36. s Cintli! r..ts In""lIal;on " Ois!ribtt/illtl Frame CPOM Cc>a1l«1K- Dislribtt/JoD F_ Admi"iotratio. Oau S)"fWII (FADS) &>1-182-:;01 (l KRSlIl-3II1-tOI K~I t01.76-IOO-Ul4.' '76-1 (1).1Of 4'76-1(1) ' AIITOfAATIC CAll Df$ldlmNG SYSTlM le-o) 2A (Coat) Gt.-.J o..eripf... IMnlifielfioll S.iulti". CabillfU InsU1l1l11on ~-O~ Administration DIIta System (FADS) S.iUhi'4f Cabineu Mdltod 0/ Cc>an«fi"" Atletlda.nt Telep/>ollt p.,.;tiooi Ill- or Jl.Type T.pftotM IJ. "'""'" or I.-'I)pe Apparala Ullit Crown :u>d Plrwff Cabltol Mi...llaneous Equip",~nt Announcoment Set A.u [dentineation Equipm.nt Al,lXiliary 1_,. TNnk U.IU AUKiliary 'malt Unit IlottKulr Uait 20-Cy0:1e Hold Unit MdlJod of Q>"'" to 1)i,lribut'lIIl Fram. Il(l<lK alld F~er Cables a..i. Cabinet First Supple",entary Cabi"'t SKond Supplementary Cabinet 'I'raoIsf... Cabi_ Sull""ri_ PoiIit/ol L..amp Cabinet Super-n.ot Toiep/>oH Poeitioll Jldllod 01 Pro>-idl1!K Se...i.. Option (TNn... Pot;ti"n Uniu, Niltht Connertions, and R"l!ilttrs) Operalioll T II Alarlas PADS Rqistera Yon- Ad...illialnti-e Data S)'Item (FADS) Suptn'i$or To\epl>oH Positin>l Trafroc: Ikgi.tort O~tiM T..", Uti", T",I Set: (SD~4JJ, J5313JAG) A"",dant Toleph"ne P",",ti"n Auf.Omatit Selection and Auiliary T!'1,onk Ci~it (rot Out.lrd Snvica F... Attendant POIiticJo, SD-t6'l9ll-OII A""iliary Tru Cimoit (for Out~ s..-n.. r... Switd'board '" Cantral Omee) l_mi'4f Tr"nlt eimoit [.ink, COnt...ller. Ind Cite Cirt\lit Nighl Se",i... Trunk Circuit "".F~ Adlai.ittntion [}au S)"ftela (FADS) T-...tI 1~.1 nme 01 14U111/alinlJ t81-= Jll-ZI (1).1( Jll ZIll lm-210 d6-21$-210.1fi-21&-210 f76-21&-210 4' ~ fi.-Zl5-211l ~ f7'&.zlj.z 'f&.10I).106 4'f&.220-ZI0 '''' 7

10 section AUTOMATIC CALI. DlSUllUnNG SYSTEM (C.n.) " A=pUII<:f! Cabling and CrosIJ o,nnects Dislribufion ~'(lru Adm;ni.tration DaU Syst<lm (FADS) General o..""r;plwn Idenlificauon 'nslallation Fo«< Administr.tion D.UI. System (FA OS) Methoo of O""rafion Centralized Attendant Se..i"" Consoles Melhod of O""r:'llon (large 28 ACD AflCmUnt Applic'lionj Consolet. McthOO of Providing Cabinet Crown Str'wing and c.bli"ll Servi"" Options MclhOO. of O".,ration (Sm tCD Al!end.nt Application) Telel,hQne Sets Miscellaneous &joipmenl Conneclions O".,ralion Tests To" FOra! Administration Data SY!ltem (FADS, Tesu and Inspecllon al Time of Insullafion Trouble Locating Information " Con"..,lion. 128 Telephou Con""le Disfribmion.'0"'" Adminiotration Data System (FADS) (kneraj De:;eripfion Installation Foree Administration Data System (FADS) Method of Conn""fing 10 Of 1l.1)',", Telephone ('",n""le Attendant Telephone Po<lition 12 Of [4'1)'1'" Appa...tus Unit Altendanl Telephone p",,]tion O""r.tion Tests Alarm. Alarms Annooncemenl Trunk Circuit (SD ()1 ) AUenti.nt Line Cir<:u;t (SO..05m..()l) Telephone PMition Attendant Trunk (So ; A".!Iiat)' In<:oming Trunk Cir<:\lit (SD 1EO'10..()1) Auxili.r)' Trunk Ci=it ( 'l2 01) Ul(; '70 :al ' 'ffi..1(ll}.106 0\ ,](1\ 476-2' ' l1-ros :J03...l G 476-:m-41O Mhl :132-& :J ,501 AUTOMATIC CAll Dln.IIUTING SYSTEM lc.nll 3.0. {Cont) OperUion T",~ monl) Od.yed Anower Announcement Circuit (S }.l)1) FADS Registe.. Finder Cir<:"its (8 Wire SI) and Sf}.65971M11) Fa"", Administraliv. Oal. System (FADS) In<:oming Trunk Group POll Count Totali...r (So..&598I-01) In<:oming TT"nh (SD..0596I-01.nd SO I) Load Balanoing.nd Ov.rno", Common ConLrol Ci""uit (SD 5E022-OI) Niltht Serviee Trunk ( ) Overflow Control Circuit (SO 5EO'<G-OI) Overflow Trunk Cir<:uit ISI)~ 032-0I) SelectoMl 8plil G,1.e Finder Cir<:nit (SD-5Dl3S..()I) Split G.te Group Cir<:uit (S0..5E05O-{11) Supervili()r Telephone Po.ition 'Irarfic Register. Transfer Trunk ( (1-01) Tran.rer Trunk (SJ) I) Ope,otion T"l$ from Selecwr IA""I. Di.1 Hand Test Sel Trunb ROUlry, Cut-In, ond &Ieue T",,~ V.iog /li.1 Hand Tnt Set SeleclOrs Tefl. Foree Dab SyQt.em (FADS) <A Mainlenanee Method of O""ralion AUTOMATIC CAti DfSTiIIlUTOlIS lacd) 2-Type AdjustmMUl Req~/NlmenUl Trouble ilnoo',i, KS-I2068, L,7 Recorder Reproouoer Trunk Identifl""tion Announcement Ampmier..,.,,. Adj~.tmen~ Reqoirements Trouble Ano/y.I. KS.l2068. L7 Recorder Reproducer 1'Tunk Jdentifieation Ann... n""m.nt Amplifiers AUTOMATIC DIALU Cc>n"""t;on ,'; & '337.1; \ 'J :;o :;ol 4' : ~ Pag_ 8

11 ISS 6, SECTION "6~ AUlOMA'1C (e-tl o",li«tiom (e-,} KS-I9594 Swilt:hboud &Dd )1,_11_, Kty Equj~.t Telop/loM Stu wit), Rotarr l>i... Telephone Seu with TOlJCIl-1'Q~~ Di..I, o..""ripti<>n KS-19m Imwlflion ><S-,... Jlaillt<ma_ ><S-... OpontiM ><S-,... RAPIOIAI. Au.-..tic Oi.l... -1dIIInurlUliolJ Illsull,u(>II M..inten.nno KS-168oI4 TELARAPlD AUtllmali. l>ialtr COII...t... l.beriptiolj l",ujl.tioto llai,,~, G_' AUTOMAtIC DtU AUTOMA'IC NUMIR 1DEH'lFICAllOH (AHI1 CltCUIT ($0.11$05"1) Operstion THt.f ANI AI,rm..nd :Y~> A Pri~..te Dr.neh EJu:lL&nce IIOIA Prinu Bnnc.... "'... BIU Pri~ Bruch 1'rou1lIor (...afilllf IIIfONlUlliolJ 1Jai-W Tat Set JW4HAJ ma Pri..u Bn""h Excha"i" 901A Prl"u BTanch F...hnjlf! 812A PrI u Bran.h E~.h~ V~rific.ti,)n ProctdurtS ANI Alarm &Dd M-..~ ~Il_"" 'T1OA Print_ Br... Ex.IwI,. IIOIA Prin'" Bn.clI... "'... 81U Pri~..u lin... AUlOMAOC IOBfl1fICA'toN (50-1UOHlI) Gent'.., /)ucripti"" Info,m.tillll Pri"te Rranch F.uhnl(e AU'OMAtIC NU_t lofn'il'ica'ton 0tCUt, 150-1_7-41) Con"""... ~7A Pri...t. Bra'ldl Ex.IIa_ S0612-1~ ~IOO : SCSI2-U5-IOO 51%-1I0-1llO 51% OllO-Il5-IOI "'... "'..., 981..( ]&.210 AUlOMATIC _ ldlnllrcatiom lc-t) ~llai.--. Proctdura 157A Pri...'" BnuIdl Exc~ Idcafir_1iM Pri...'" Brandl~ l",raj/.tiolj Pri...", 8t'allC. EJu:~ Maillf.llallC' Step-lly-Step Pri...u B,..".h E hanll" M.n",,1 V.,irk..lion Step-By-Step Pri... BrLlIch... Manual Vuitic:llion P'roofdura 1S7A Pri...'" Brandl Exclwvc OporatOoot 1'NtI Swp-By-&ep Pri...'" 8nDclI A Pri...u IlnndI EJcdlana:. 1hHl1llor Louring ProMIura SUp-By-Sltp Pri~au ar...h E hanll" Troubl. Ltratillj{ Prrxedures U,inll Trot Sfl J$88:jJJ (Sf).Jf:I){iIU)J) In(} T.kltoll;;r ChdIIo5cnj» Model 22lT (T'T!» 45.f ~ 45.fA) Step-By-Skp Pri~.te Branda -... Prwm",.. U... 1'rvvbM laauii/i T..t 5tl (SD-IHJ5f...DJ, J~) ami 116C T.., R«cj~r 757A Privau Bnlld> E:xc~ 1'rvvbht laarillj{ Pr«td"ru lj';'!6?'ht Stt (SD-lf:I){iIU)l, JSB853J).nd T~kliY;>ni. Ost:iIIOMf>pe Mod~1 221T (Typs 4$3) 151A Privato> Bnne. EJlchallie Verifieal*, Step-By-Step Pri..te Brudl "'... V.,..;r tioa 1'n:adura Swp-By-&.p Pri~..te Brand' TR3>O_... ""- V~r;rl(:lfiolJ ProNd,,_ lj"li/i Set J588W (SD-l~J) 151A Private EJI.han~ AU'OMAOC sakfton ANO AU)(UAU TI~ Clt<:VtT (foil OUlWAaD iioylcle '.em Anlf«lANT I"OSITIOM SD-667<JO..01) OporarJolI Trots U';'W Tal 511 (SIJ.66S8UJJ. J53WAG) 2A A.._tic: Call DiWibutial Sp_ AUlOflUlTIC Coo.,. IRW«tINT IJ~'~ bkjjlifiellti08 f...uljaliotl M1A Pr;vate a.anch Euhartll" AUlOMATte,tuNIC lfvel ClRCUtTS PBX..nd Key Telephone Application. Cannecti,)mI fd.",jfjearkm liuu/laliofl DO<...,......,......,......, IA6-33!-IOO ''''.

12 SECTION UtOMATIC,...1{ L1VIl OIlQIlJ5 (e-.) I'BX.1Id Kry Telep1><>l>e Applieatioaa (ConI) o,-..!ion (Coor) DCL...UTOYOH ACa5S UN 5HUlNG atcurt o-ri"'" Li_p T_I"II" D Switdti"C S)'tltem...UTOVOH ACCnS l.'oils 18iri~ U_p M"itrlt-tUolt<'e BIZ-' Printe Branch Ruhanle...UTOYOM... TTlKO..."" CON5OI.I IlSS,t,I>f-O:JI.).lIelltOO of Op..ralion 812A Private Bruch{c "'UTOVON 0f'l10tt liitrrbod of ~rarion 770A l'rival<'- Hraarh ~:nh.nlfl! AUTOVON 51.VIa 400 D1:1lESSIO!'i' Priv.te 1I...h E,,,,- AUlUUAltY e...-n. JSN49C CH_ioas IMnlir...tiu Ilt$Ulblioll TN. BOOA...UUJA,lY fo\.lipm&it c... Id..uir lioa la,,,ii"lioa Prin.. ~ ~:UMnp l!ola Private ar...h ~;xchaap l105a Privat~ ar."h Ktthujle...UXKl...Y...coMING nunk OKUn ( ) O""ralion Testa 3A A~tomati. C.U Oiltriooting Sy.tern...uxlUAn INCOMING n~ OKUlr (SO~J) Conll«'lio... ItHnlir.../ion Inal.lllfalioll '~1A Private Bra""" [xcha_ AUIlU...Y IHCOMING TlU,. Ut«T5 14t'11tod 01 C>nMCCi"ll" "_1"'-.F.quipnl!lll :u. A~tooutio Call Dill.ihuling!!yote. AUIllU.Ul' uhe OKUT (SO.45~11"'" Teu 701 A Prival~ Bra-eb &clia.,., ;0111 Privale Bruch &XC"". 1~ Privlle Br...h r...,hanp... UIlIUAJY ~TlON CIlIaIIT 1~' (A&M) OPfralion T""u 157A I'rh"at. Branch ~:.thugi! AUIlIUA.Y ~TIO+I CIlIOJIT foi: UMOH TItUNI{ ANSWEIllHG (50-66'/10-01) Opr.alion Tt'at'l 7:il)A Priv.te Br.nth KuhnI('! IA463-m-loo...,... MI-T70-:l(II MI !>-210!tM).ll!&-OOl 54Q.188-Sl,li MO-li!8-SOI So1>I-lli6-SOl AUlUUAn ro5ition CIlIOJlT (SO_ ) (f«)fulug-ln -, CootJ«tioJll 'M/tlirtal'... luullauoll ThlA Private an..h Exdoa.ap AUUJ.UY ~TION 0lICUIJ ~74(111 {~...-n c... ltknlirtalfiolt lu'a/lar"", 151A Private BraAdI EnhallC" "'UU1AJ1Y POWO supl'\.y (5O-5I<lJ9-01) Conn«lWml Idt'nfm"ation In"alla/ion Por In/triace Trunk Cirtuit (SI>-OO9'2I5.(11) ~'or R«o:lnkd Tele..loont Diel.ltion Trunk AUlU.IAlIY... _AU {",""'irocal",,, K3oI6301l3. U. t.8 K~7U. 12, L3, U 'M/t'ir...'... lis-l630il9, Lit L19...Jdooolil"lQUM CO_ ttknlirjaliofl KS-I6301. U Ks-&29L13, LH, LiS. L23 liar... IdMltifinlion KS I630112, 1.5, U; ReJ..y Ide/t/mealion KS-lliSOll,15. L KS.2/J6U AUXltlAtY TIE TIl\JHK CllCUIT (_76S-l111 Operal""" T-. 757A Private Rranol> Enhan~ AUXRUon ntjnic atcurt (foli: OUTWAIO 5UYICt ROM SWlTOfIOIoftl TO CBlTlAI <>mal ~ Teats UaiQlt T_ SH (~I_ J5JJ3JAG) fa Au_tic (An Oiw-ibu,i..... AUlU.IAlIY ntjnic OKUIT (SD-659n-OI, (.lprrali<wt T.ta 3A AlllOmllic Call IMt.rihutine Sralern AUlllUAn TIN'" CMCUlT (w.6707s-oi) Circuil T...I.I 15llA P,ivate Ilranoh Exohanga 158<: Pri le IIranoh F..thanNe...UXlJAn TlUNK arcuits (50-66"1>-01 FOIl! ANO M!.lAD S!GNAl.-Hi) OPfra'ion T""l. 1~1 A Pri.&Ie BrallCh E.ohanlll S51-ZJ4-!l1 413_ SA46$-IIIHoo SAQ.-II(l.-loo SA~U(l.-loo 5A463-II( SA~63-Ill).loo SA~II(l.-loo!lA463-ll().100 S,\463-I16-loo ' (11 'D 10

13 ISS 6, SfCTION,fIUX&I,fIn IIIUNIt UftIT M«bod of C",,_ri..,. M~lb_ Io:qui()mftlt 2A Automalir Call OiItribaU"l S)..te!II Dtt«ripfroa U,IlO Sl&Vl SUrtlll ~jpt.iolj Sf,flllON_ 11k"ljr~r.ion 1nHIll/Illion Station Wire and A"""",iated Apparatu. Sf00 OlIva: OeImptj,)" Mlli"u_ (lpooi'llurm ""'...~ T~ Stat... --Coin Itk,,<if>QUt. A_mblJ', E0.et368-5O, C I eo-, S<1'ftft, 1) K3-!>796I.I, L.2, l.3. L1, l.8, 1.9 1t1A '"' IMA (1010) I56A (MOl "" '"' '"' "" E. f' I68A (MO) m, "... IT.!C(MOI 113A, B,." "" 181A "" ISSAI, ),2, m IS4BI 185AI " 'Mal,.!ion A_"'bI,., v.~ C I e.-., Scnm. [ K$-<>796LJ. L.2, I.l, 1.1. L8, 1.9,~, ''''' I5&A (MO) I56A (}l0) "" '"' I65A 1680, '"' E, F 169A (MD) 17IA Inc (MD) I13A, B "" 4'/ ~11I2 CASQ6.IOll-l01 KA46S.I3l).IOO "1.46, KA463-I311-tOO KA463-I30-IOO KA463 I-'O-IOO KA46:).J3(l.100 KA4G3-I:!I).JOO KA46'l I3G-IOO KA4~I3G-lOO KA463-I311-IOO KAQ-130-I00 KA463-I3Q..IOO KA46S.13I).100 KA6-13Oo IOO KA JG-I00 KA46.\-I3l).1I10 KAf63.I-'O-IOO KA46:J.l»IOO KA4~1:JCl.lOO KA G-I 00 KA463 I:J(l.I00 KA463 13G-IOO KA463,I I<A KA463-13G-100 KA46H3G-100 KA4&J.I30-IOO KA463-13O-100 I<A4&J.I»IOO KA46.\-I»IOO i:a4fi3.-i»-i00 KA46$--I1JG-IOO KA'6:i-I1JG-lOO I<A463-I»-loo KA463-I3(l.loo I<A463-13l).100 KM6.H:JO 10ll KA O 1(1(1 KA <A163-13(l.100 I<A I<A463-I:JG.loo I(A463-I:JCl.loo...OCIOA.1l5 (e-tl InsWt.""" fe-f) m, '"",.,. '''' 183A1, At. BI ,"".u " lank COHI"'03; SEtKTOIt_RE SEdCI'OI: lank CONUCTS ~*' Clunj"lt Hfqui,..."",,,u.nd "",",,- &_n1 oilale.1i1 Silver liiwratitln JJe,-iu uti CubolJialiofl AMOd.Ited "'; and 198-Type Swikbf,s IAf«5 W1TM 1101Ul SIlfCIOU..- li-tnje...- \!1.'I)-pe "'"po...nk'- "'Ssoa""Etl_SH...SsoaATfD BANKS lase HUTY: {de"lificlllion In~U/llllio" M.i",.._ i: TeJ.~ AlII_ri"" Set I.Uf;; fis\.u,11'tg_sh I'tSIlI.AIW'O law USI; TBB'MONl_SIf T~ law IASlC Al'CI ~Atr e PI' Pri.llce Branch ExdIa"ll" UTfIIIT fftous Rea;UllItCf!JI_~nu eua\olllu ~Aluipa'lttlt IAnUl,,fIUXlU...n SIGNAt. NIGHT...I...M,fiNO fur AV.IM; GENUATOIt._RI GENEIIATO., ITUT, AUXlllAn _Al, NlGtll AtA.M NO FUSE...LAUl,'''"; lquif'mlnf_su lotjipmeni...1 ~~ G...,. B IIUS; IUUDS Al'CI_SH IOllYS AHO ~ 18.1; IOOl_SH 1001 leu MLJotG ~TIOH TV.HSMrTTR 11"11"'_ ""-1,,_ 158C Swi"'h,,,, Sysu.. - IIHOB,; D1UcrOltl_SH DlUClOItT IlHDlNG!'OS1 CAr B C, " G H (1rI) KAQ-IJO-IOll KAt6J.IJO-IOll KAIA-IJO-IOll KA<f63..13I).10ll KA46I-11JG-100 KA<f63..1JD.10ll KAQ.IJO-IOll KA463-I3Q.IOll KAt63-I:lO-IOll 11(;9..$ ,... (~II..l101 C&-3l1-l101 Oli9-.3II-iOI Qi9.4l1-l101 0&' ~1(.1l4 10ll SB46(I.Il(l.IOll Stl-l60-II(l.IOll SIl46O-Il (l.] 00 SSl6(l.ll(l.IOll S8t6(l.Il(l.IOll S846G-UG-tOO ~llg-ioo 'a.. 11

14 SfClION 46().()()().006 _ lost cunell Dncriplion..,...FOUU.Na /IIONlTOi D.,.u;pI*, 7~ Switcbillll Sr-tem Jjai"u_ I'rotwIUIft 7So8C Switdline SyUe.. Itlefltotl or OpH.UrIIII r..8c Swikhi"l SysletII MT: WIAI'l'lfQ_SU~ lit IlAHltS;.."...M-SU.."...lUS ~. aocx -..a: IlIlOI' $U DItOf' _ ~- -.oat; CXlNt((:l1NG-SU COMe:TING.~ acoal; MAfltlll_$U MATIUJ[ aoa: acoal; U,",," ~-$UU T!1'I CClNt*CTING.00: 1l0Wft ~rt; UGHT...D_Wl UGHT AHD IlOWII UNIT logy.t Dt«ripdOll U~, logy.t: CUSHlOH_SlE custflon BODY ~, IODY IoEI.T: 'ANIC-SU F...u:1C aooy ~, aooy leu; llath(i_sle LUTHBt BODY.u IOJAOli_W1 IUSlNESS Ol'FICl rota A.I)IrIINSTUTtVE 0""'" SYSTEM llofaos) IOlT; 'OGGI.l-SU loggu loll '0'''" EWtrit CtO<IlIdi"l alld Wiriflg Ittqwlrtmtflu M..,,.-...,... IdN,muriotl K8-I9'4l5.- KS-l9«Z,~ I II-Type H,,, l,..ujlation...,,.,. K8-ll/3.ICI KS-I90Wl... Mainuullte K8-I9206 KS-I93.tO KS.I&'U2 KS-2063(I Indoor-Outdoor Itknrine.rion lnoullalion Maim~n"... KS_16M KS-I!H:t5 UniwtruJ II "a.. 12 BOOTH (e-.) O,n_ ean...rtioa 01 KS-/4fIlLt (It/D) Calli". A-.nb{r 1)tpe UI W K CB50S-40I IOI MI-MJ1).lOO I~lma/.ioa K8-I46l1 CIl5Oll-tOI.IOO Ml-5lil).:100 K8-I9$9D (Airliflht II.r>d n"'l CJl508..«I2-IOO J(S.%l7l6 ("'irli«hl IIIl """""'",.. CIl5Cl8-4llI IOD CBSlJ8.4Clt.IOD """""'",.. MI-5lil).IOO.""...,...- IDSUJ~/.ioa K8-I4611 K8-195lllI (Amiclll II ud IIA) K8-2171& (Airlilbt III)...,.. 1Jjainl_ K8-U611 CIlSO&-4OI IOO K8-196llll (Airlia:ht II ud 111\) CB5lJ8..«J2..1OD K (Airlipt 11I1.,.,,, "",...,.....,.. SlIIllllm:O.101 Outdoor Diamooul KIoIll l/knlj(jrlllim... ItIlllllll"lioIl Mainutllllla "."...,.,.. IOOTH...NO SHEll' Cltllning IOOTH_5EE AlSO PUIlK TtI.V'MONE _INO a1t; WOOD-SEE WOOD _INO BIT lox TUMlNA!; WAIl_Wl WAU lox TEIMlNAl lox, ""''''''''TUS_SH Al'l'AVolUS lox IItAaU: (X)llNlI_Slf (X)IIMp N...aET...cxn: HOtISf-Wl IQISf; MOUNTlHG_Wl MOUNTING ~n...cxet; SIGH-SEE SIGN IUCXET Cll5OIl-lOG-lOO -~ M..."v.~ i. Ttltp/t(Jt>t Sru 1I."u,., f'lwiboiltoot ~j", K~ SA501 lzo.ioo... Tt~Sru CllSOtJ.!lIt-IOO t&j..zi5-iod 50$-11) "" Q..ns..lOD cmoi-zlm IOD '17A 4Q.%l, _"loll -~ ~lll)o.iod o-ri"oo Mai"U_ 50$ C 08J-1fiO.IOO at fllotlohgf II rti'iate_wl..,...te CRS08-2l)2.100 IUHCM 1X0lAHGE UAH04 VlOlAHGl; _.ton_sit f'iiv"1"i _all IOll UAHCH lxcmahgi C!lSO&-l!04 loo.idging COMfECIOti & "", and Bhd w,ri!llc 46Z $ BlUDU; TOGGLE two ClIM8-lm IOO GtM,aI Ql!O.1'2l).1l ( IItIDU,. IING_Sl!f ling "IOU CB.'J(l8.2(M IOO lltwng INfOtMATlON TIlANSMllTEll ('In S(l6..M loo o.xriplion Method (Jf O~,.'ion 1S8C Sw;\l:b1n/l: SYlt.m Ml-$l-IOO HUSH TIl'S, FEfOD_SH 'ROO NUS" C~loo CH!J OO ~

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20 ~ _ antux co (uu.hgtil foil ~ I ~U, No. ~ er-bar JldltotI 01 ~ralio<! /pj.«i Lt.>op TH.i...u..n) =,.,~ =- T"'-'" JI.u-I 01 OJ-a~ (S.,ilC#Hd ~ THaiaatioolJ T..~Sel Mftbod or ~lio<! (Find ~ TH",i,<t) I Type TelephoDl: CoIlJOIt TdepII_ Co...,1e amtid CO (AftANGID foil _ """01..."'-""'.,.,~ Telephone ConlOle 9"-type,.- Telephone Con""le M.lhod or Operlli"n (S",lrchtJd l-oop Termi""oon/ Telephone CoMoIe,.- JldltotI or ()peratioor (Find Loop T...I...tiolJ),.- TeIep!>o... Corteole.-Telephoae ConeoJe IJIcrllod of Operarion (S.,itclltld laop Tcrml""lilHl) I-Type Telephone Cl>nlOle.,.,~ Telephone ConlOle QNTltX CO (.t.jnl.t.hge1i foil PHA" III annul 1"0. ~ Crosabar M.u-I or Operalio<! (Fi.«I ~ THltlituliH) I-Type TeIe~ eo.-le.,.,~ Telq>boDe ConIole JldltotI of ()peraoo.. Loop Termitutioor) I-Type Telephone Couole (S.,ilCMI.,.,~ Tel"""",," eo...a. antftji COHSOU COHTtOl. CA.llNfT J.:quipment Troul>k toe.rion """"'"~ No.1 (2--W;re! Io:lectronic S... il.chin~ System No, 2 (2--WireJ Electronic S.,i\Ching System eft (usthg 10000A IU) """"'"" MI).67~821 ~76411 ~76411 CfT (USING 102A IU) (e-i) I/klllirlQllMua IltaWllllJolI JI:aiJtUUIII» o"..raljoll v... ConHlOtiq A..."C"...I w_ STSTUiI ""- Bell MIl Uth.U Ge.-.J DNulpl... ldatlir...iioll Dilll Slatl"" A-.mbly. F.D-6924$-OI. C...p 1 Recei"'1Ill Su.tiOl\ Indicator, J9!I'23'l' Slation BQuipment lnatall.lion Bell sn<j Llghlll Station Equipment M"inten"".. Bell &lid LighU Station EQuipnlut ~ " aasp': CAal_S81 CAllE <law CUAHEII; VAOJUM_Sll! VAOJUM ClU.N(I: C1UUHCl An.CHMIHT Drop alld Blod< Win... ~ Dtop Wi.. au.u.hcb AND S8'AlAnoHS "mill Pl...t GoM,", CIo...n.",. and Separation. Rfteunce Joint U. Pol"" Ccne...l Pnc&otiona ~-, Deacription Flrtin/( Inapectw,n T...,I,.. G.ff., ~~ Saf...ard. Bet_ or Worli.. (..,.. Stralld or f'oie.sor.pported EQII'_I "-,... Uastepped.... ~..'" 0. J.l"tly U.ed... ~a_ ljilscripcjclft aw, ADHfSllIt_5H AD+USIVI W, ClM', IlUJl\-Sft NAM CU' CU" HAHGU-Sfll H",NGU OJI' aw, SUl'l'OltT_SlI SUf1'OltT ai, QI', WlU_SH WIRE C1M' QOOl, SWlTCHIOARD_SlE SWlTctnlO...D Q~ ClOS/HG ANO Al.UM QICUIT (st4s"ui), MGHT-Sll!.-..HT QOSIHO AND ALAIIM OKUIT (~5"UII 1~108 48(l.210.1oo ).210.:000 S!W60.)OO.lll SIDU 730-IOI QO.I3J..(IID &:l!ll-1s4..(loo fi2l).134-ll1il 620-2U; I.7w.1l1 '... II

B.N. Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences, Manasag angotri, University of Mysore, Mysore.

B.N. Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences, Manasag angotri, University of Mysore, Mysore. 1 COURSE CURRICULUM & REGULATIONS GOVERNING MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) DEGREE COURSE W.E.F 2011 R E GU L A TION S 1. C o ur s e Tit le T he c ou r s e s ha ll b e ca l l ed Ma st e r o f Bu

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The Dozenal Society of America

The Dozenal Society of America The Dozenal Society of America Multiplication Tables of Various Bases by Michael Thomas De Vlieger Ever wonder what multiplication tables might look like in alternative bases? The dsa Updated 6 February

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Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature

Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide Andrew Nixon February 2002 Campus Sustainability Assessment Review Project Telephone: (616) 387-5626

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Compact POS System. User Manual

Compact POS System. User Manual BEETLE /ipos Compact POS System User Manual Edition October 2005 Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds Pentium is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation MS-DOS, Wind ows 95, Wind ows

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Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal

Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal Praxisbericht aus der Entwicklung von Hochauftriebsystemen für Verkehrsflugzeuge KnowTech Stuttgart, 24.-25.10.2012 Thomas

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Zebra. Programming for Page Mode Printing. Programer's Guide. Part #980352-001 Rev.E

Zebra. Programming for Page Mode Printing. Programer's Guide. Part #980352-001 Rev.E Zebra Programming for Page Mode Printing Programer's Guide Part #980352-001 Rev.E FOREWORD This man ual pro vides pro gram ming in for ma tion for print ers fea tur ing Ze bra s EPL2 Pro - gramming and

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Ottoman Contributions to Science and Technology: Some Examples from Medicine, Astronomy and Geography

Ottoman Contributions to Science and Technology: Some Examples from Medicine, Astronomy and Geography Ottoman Contributions to Science and Technology: Some Examples from Medicine, Astronomy and Geography Salim AYDÜZ, PhD a a Senior Researcher at the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC)

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Advanced SOA and data integration. Michael Herr SENACOR Technologies

Advanced SOA and data integration. Michael Herr SENACOR Technologies Advanced SOA and data integration ichael Herr SENACOR Technologies Agenda Introduction: Advanced SOA Enterprise Architecture and SOA imensions of SOA Technical implementation of SOA Including Including

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MULTILINK 8 IN PUTS 8 OUTPUTS INTERFACE/PERIPHERAL ML-8 MULTILINK 8 IN PUTS 8 OUTPUTS INTERFACE/PERIPHERAL ML-8 In stal la tion and user man ual Soft ware Ver. 1.02 Man ual N 18926 Rev. A The information in this manual replaces any previously published information.

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Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Audiology in the Emergency Department in Differential Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Vertigo

Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Audiology in the Emergency Department in Differential Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Vertigo ORİJİNAL ARAŞTIRMA Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Audiology in the Emergency Department in Differential Diagnosis of Peripheral and Central Vertigo Engin ÖZAKIN, MD, Msc, a Figen COŞKUN, MD, Assoc.Prof.,

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Nuevas S o l uc i o n es d e C o m un i c ac i o n es: M ax i m i z ar l a P r o d uc t i vi d ad Enrique Alonso Territory Market Manager eal onso@ c isc o.c om 1 Agenda Sistema d e C o mu nic ac io nes

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THE FERRAR PAPERS 1590-1790. in Magdalene College Cambridge. Introductioflinding List. Dr David Ransome

THE FERRAR PAPERS 1590-1790. in Magdalene College Cambridge. Introductioflinding List. Dr David Ransome THE FERRAR PAPERS 1590-1790 in Magdalene College Cambridge Introductioflinding List by Dr David Ransome Published by Microform Academic Publishers East Ardsley, Wakefield West Yorkshire WF3 2AT United

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New technologies for your growing b usiness from L ink sys p c o. c o m ) L C h a c o u M a g Andrej Petreski (a etresk@ isc inksy s nnel Ac nt na er - Adria tic s 21.- 23.0 5. 20 0 7. I n t r a L o g

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K Country Names and Two-Letter Codes K

K Country Names and Two-Letter Codes K PCT Applicant s Guide International Phase Annex K Page 1 K K Annex K includes a list of short names and two-letter codes accepted for use in indicating States, other entities and intergovernmental organizations

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ÍNDICE DOCUMENTO (anexo impresso ou sítio da internet) A HPSM_SolutionBrief.pdf B C Service

ÍNDICE DOCUMENTO (anexo impresso ou sítio da internet) A HPSM_SolutionBrief.pdf B C Service ÍNDICE DOCUMENTO (anexo impresso ou sítio da internet) A HPSM_SolutionBrief.pdf B C Service Catalogs.pdf D Request Management overview.pdf E Incident Management

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Molecular Genetics and Metabolism

Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Molecular Genetics and Metabolism 96 (2009) 44 49 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Molecular Genetics and Metabolism journal homepage: Citrin defciency, a perplexing

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ARE CONSTITUTIONS LEGITIMATE?* Andrei MARMOR PROBLEMA Anua rio de Fi lo so fía y Teo ría del De re cho 1 ARE CONSTITUTIONS LEGITIMATE?* Andrei MARMOR Re su men: Aun que la idea del cons ti tu cio na lis mo ha sido ex ten sa men te di fun di da y

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5000 Communications Platform (CP)

5000 Communications Platform (CP) MITEL 5000 Communications Platform (CP) Title space availble here. Title space availble here. Title space availble here. Title space availble here. Title space availble here. (Frutiger 57Cn 16pt) Administrator

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User's Guide Wing FTP Server Help. 2013 Wing FTP Server

User's Guide Wing FTP Server Help. 2013 Wing FTP Server User's Guide Wing FTP Server Help 2 Wing FTP Server Help Table of Contents Foreword Part I Wing FTP Server 0 5 1 Overview... 5 2 Editions... 6 3 Requirements... 7 4 Purchase... 7 Part II Quick Start 10

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SCO TT G LEA SO N D EM O Z G EB R E- SCO TT G LEA SO N D EM O Z G EB R E- EG Z IA B H ER e d it o r s N ) LICA TIO N S A N D M ETH O D S t DVD N CLUDED C o n t e n Ls Pr e fa c e x v G l o b a l N a v i g a t i o n Sa t e llit e S y s t e

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G Redes I P de N u ev a en er a c i o n ( I P N G N ) Habilitando la tr ans ic ion h ac ia los N u e v os s e r v ic ios p e r s onaliz ados y de V alor anadido Junio 2 0 0 7 Walter Sanchez C i sco Sy

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{Merik.Meriste, Tonis.Kelder, Jyri.Helekivi}

{Merik.Meriste, Tonis.Kelder, Jyri.Helekivi} Domain- S p c if ic L ang u ag A g nt s Mrik Mrist 1, T õ n is K l d r 1, J ü ri H l kiv i 1, L o Mo tu s 2 1 Univrsity of Tartu, Estonia {Mrik.Mrist, Tonis.Kldr, Jyri.Hlkivi}@ut. 2 Tal l inn Tc h nic

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BLADE 12th Generation. Rafał Olszewski. Łukasz Matras

BLADE 12th Generation. Rafał Olszewski. Łukasz Matras BLADE 12th Generation Rafał Olszewski Łukasz Matras Jugowice, 15-11-2012 Gl o b a l M a r k e t i n g Dell PowerEdge M-Series Blade Server Portfolio M-Series Blades couple powerful computing capabilities

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Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes for Schedule C and C-EZ

Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes for Schedule C and C-EZ Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes for Schedule C and C-EZ (From 2005 IRS Instructions for Schedule C) Select the category that best describes your primary business activity (for example,

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Powerful PowerPoint for Educators: Using Visual Basic for Applications to Make PowerPoint Interactive

Powerful PowerPoint for Educators: Using Visual Basic for Applications to Make PowerPoint Interactive Powerful PowerPoint for Educators: Using Visual Basic for Applications to Make PowerPoint Interactive David M. Marcovitz LIBRARIES UNLIMITED Pow er ful PowerPoint for Ed u ca tors Us ing Vi sual Ba sic

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MITEL. Axxess. Inter-Tel. Converged Communications Platform. Administrator Guide

MITEL. Axxess. Inter-Tel. Converged Communications Platform. Administrator Guide MITEL Inter-Tel Axxess Converged Communications Platform Administrator Guide Voice Mail Administrator Features You can use the voice mail administrator mailbox to program the following voice mail features.

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Virtualization takes a giant leap Jan-W i l l e m L am m e r s - V M w ar e 1 9 / 2 0 m e i 2 0 0 9 2 0 0 9 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. C i s c o C o n f i d e n

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