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1 POSITION DESCRIPTION POSITION TITLE: CLINICAL NURSE MANAGER DEPARTMENT: THEATRE SERVICES SERVICE: SURGICAL SERVICES REPORTS TO: NURSE MANAGER - SURGICAL APPROVED: Nurse Manager Date Director of Nursing Date ACCEPTED: Employee Date ROLE SUMMARY This position works principally within the department or service specified above, however all employees at Whanganui District Health Board may be required to undertake duties in other areas of the organisation which promote the efficient and effective operation of Whanganui District Health Board and which reasonably fall within the general parameters of this position PURPOSE OF THE POSITION This position is based within Theatre Services (pre-assessment, day of surgery admission, endoscopy, minor procedure, theatre, PACU and sterile supply department) providing high quality and safe care to patients undergoing elective and acute procedures and surgery at Whanganui Hospital. The CNM will provide clinical leadership supporting best evidenced practice and patient /whānau centred care whilst operationally managing the service and ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the multidisciplinary team. The CNM is the key point of contact for the multidisciplinary team in relation to the planning and coordination of theatre services and will provide visible leadership on a daily basis. The role combines generic management functions with clinical day-to-day leadership. This role will have key responsibility for nursing professional development ensuring safe and competent practice. DIRECT REPORTS Clinical nurse coordinators (6) Registered nurses Anaesthetic technicians Enrolled nurses 1

2 DELEGATED AUTHORITIES Coordinator sterile supply department Sterile service technicians Theatre service assistants Administration staff Financial As per delegations policy Prepares capex proposal for sign off by nurse manager Timesheets approved and variances explained Responsible for managing departments within budget Staff Day to day management of theatre services team listed above. Performance management of staff. Facilitates recruitment process with approval and final sign off by nurse manager. Performance agreements/career plans made with staff members supported by Nurse Managers as required. ORGANISATIONAL VALUES Working within and role modeling the values of the Whanganui District Health Board is an expectation of the role and will form part of performance monitoring. The Whanganui District Health Board Our Vision: Our Mission: Better health and independence To improve health and independence through a responsive and integrated health system Our Values: Co-operation: Working collaboratively and positively with others Social Equity: Valuing people, respecting diversity, and responsiveness in reducing disparities in health Adaptability: Being flexible and able to respond to change and new circumstances, or initiate change Development: Growing and learning, empowering people and communities to achieve goals Integrity: Acting honestly and openly, following ethical principles, serving the public interest Responsibility: Having concern for the consequences of our actions, prioritising and allocating resources in the best interest of the community Respect: Respecting all people, the rule of law, institutions of democracy and the Treaty of Waitangi.

3 FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS Key Contacts (internal): Nature or purpose of contact: Nurse Manager Operational and professional management Clinical Nurse Coordinator Feedback and advice on nursing and clinical quality standards Provide ongoing support and mentoring Specialty team and resource management Clinical coordinator sterile Directing, monitoring and evaluating SSD service provision supply department Feedback and discussion on clinical quality standards and daily running of department according to industry standards Overseeing equipment maintenance requirements and prepares capex proposal for sign off by nurse manager Provide ongoing support and mentoring Clinical Nurse Managers other Maintains professional relationships services Sharing resources and planning regarding nursing quality initiatives Registered Nurses / Enrolled Nurses / Health Care Assistants / Theatre Service Directing, monitoring and evaluating nursing care that is provided by Registered Nurses / Enrolled Nurses / Health Care Assistants and nursing students Assistants / Nursing students Directing, monitoring and evaluating services that are provided by theatre service assistants Feedback and advice on nursing and clinical quality standards Provide ongoing support and mentoring Nurse Educator Collaboration in the development of clinical education sessions for the District Health Board Identifying clinical learning needs for the provision of education in practice environment Assistance with Professional Development and Education Programme education UCOL student placements Nurse Manager Bed & Resource Works with managers to enable patient flow and allocation of staff when required After Hours Duty Nurse Managers Director of Nursing Professional responsibility / accountability Delivery of strategy and advice on clinical related issues Associate Director of Nursing Professional Development & Recognition Programme Nursing Entry to Practice Programme Guidance and advice for clinical related issues The multi disciplinary health Referral to Specialist care care team Clinical advice Centre for Patient Safety and Advisory for Staff and Operational Management Service Quality Team Other health care services Referral of patients Corporate Services Support with day to day management role Business Manager In collaboration with Nurse Manager to provide operational management Key Contacts (external): Nature or purpose of contact: Patients/clients and families/whanau To develop effective relationships in providing management of nursing care External agencies Referral of patients to other health and care protection service providers 3

4 REGISTRATION/SCOPE OF PRACTICE You must be able to demonstrate that you are registered with the Nursing Council of New Zealand and that your scope of practice enables you to undertake the duties of this position 4

5 Key Accountabilities (Key areas of focus) Legislation/Professional Practice Practices and meets requirements as a registered nurse according to: New Zealand Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act Nursing Council of New Zealand Legislative and ethical requirements of the WDHB Clinical nurse manager To manage the systems, processes and resources that enable staff to meet the needs of the patient/consumer / tangata whaiora in an efficient and effective manner. Management of people, systems and resources within a defined care area to ensure that service delivery is of a high standard. May include budget holding accountabilities. Responsible for one or more defined care areas. A care area is defined as a ward, unit or team. To provide clinical leadership for the multidisciplinary team To provide professional leadership to the nursing/midwifery team, developing the nursing/midwifery services and monitoring quality, including standards of practice and service standards Contributes to the achievement of strategic direction for defined care area/s Management of staff KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATO RS Key Performance Indicators (How it will be measured) Nursing Council requirements Current PDRP portfolio (proficient has one year to complete post appointment) includes: Twenty hours education relevant to practice with three pieces reflective practice forms part of the WDHB Performance Agreement process Evidence of 450 clinical hours over three years Competency assessment every three years with self and manager with examples provided forms part of the WDHB Performance Review process (PDRP portfolio) Acts as a leader and role model demonstrating safe, honest, ethical practice Utilises WDHB policy and procedures as required Delegated portfolio/s as discussed and agreed with clinical nurse manager. Have a clear understanding of the expectations of service delivery within the department Attends relevant meetings Actively manages financial and other resources as per delegations policy Equipment maintenance and replacement plan in place Understanding and utilisation of Trendcare to measure patient acuity to determine staffing requirements Efficient, accurate data input for Trendcare collected in a timely manner Evidence of working collaboratively with others to provide effective, safe, seamless patient care. Dishcarge planning meets organisational requirements Understands MoH targets and ensures service delivery achieves targets Demonstrates performance as a role model in a senior leadership nursing role 360 feedback demonstrates a clinical leadership role model Ensure staff meet legal, professional and organisational standards 5

6 Key Accountabilities (Key areas of focus) Quality and Safety of Service Maintenance of high standards of nursing care Quality assurance Quality control Consumer co-design KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATO RS Key Performance Indicators (How it will be measured) Clear targets and standards for performance and behaviours are set, ensuring processes are in place to support individuals in achieving these standards as per organisational requirements Human resource management is proactive, constructive and meets organisational policies All staff to attend WDHB orientation, mandatory training and to complete orientation booklet and education specific to clinical area Supports resource and lead nurses to attend appropriate education to enhance knowledge and skills Recruitment of staff in accordance with WDHB recruitment framework in discussion and final sign off from Nurse Manager Ensures that yearly performance reviews and performance agreements for all staff members are completed within six weeks due date utilising feedback from relevant senior staff Each area of responsibility is staffed appropriately, matching acuity and supporting staff, on a shift by shift basis Rosters are completed as per the MECA requirements and to effectively meet staff and service needs are met Staff are supported to meet the compulsory education yearly as stipulated by the Nursing Council New Zealand Liaises with Nurse Educator regarding staff learning and credentialing needs Provides support to staff to undertake the PDRP Programme and maintenance of PDRP portfolios by ensuring 50% of nursing staff on the programme Demonstrates support, assessment and leadership to the nurses on the Nurse Entry to Practice Programme CNM identifies staff to consider for succession planning and this discussed further with Nurse Manager/DON Participates in clinical audit as per schedule Quality improvements/change initiative completed at least yearly and reported into database Risks and incidents reported to Manager as per WDHB policy/procedure Involvement with Root Cause Analysis(RCA)/Critical System Analysis(CSA) as requested Patient experience questionnaire completed and entered into a database Attends staff monthly meeting 6

7 Key Accountabilities (Key areas of focus) Education Education and support to staff Health and Safety in Employment Comply with all safe work procedures, policies and instructions Report all incidents hazards and injuries to supervisors in a timely manner Actively participate in the ongoing development of safe workplace practices in Whanganui District Health Board KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATO RS Key Performance Indicators (How it will be measured) Leads, supports and facilitates changes to nursing practice based on: 1. Quality improvement activity reports. Customer feedback 3. Contractual/legislative changes 4. Relevant research 5. Treatment changes This will be reported monthly to manager and evidenced in yearly performance reviews Facilitates clinical debriefs with staff to promote critical thinking and reflective practice Evidence that consumers are actively involved in complaint resolution and solutions regarding perceived care deficits Planning and policy development processes engages consumers. Develop staff for leave and succession planning purposes Appropriately identifies and uses critical incidents/issues as opportunities for staff development Provides education to the staff as required. Completed the WDHB Health and Safety Orientation Course and updates Attendance at workplace safety meetings (indicated by minutes) Active involvement in support for staff on rehabilitation programs Timely, full and accurate completion of accident and hazard forms if and when required. 7

8 IDEAL PERSON PROFILE QUALIFICATIONS, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Essential Registered Comprehensive Nurse or Registered General Nurse Minimum five years experience as a Registered Nurse A relevant Post Graduate Qualification, Masters desired Advanced nursing leadership experience. Sound understanding of the legislation that underpins nursing practice in New Zealand. Quality Improvement knowledge. Ability to work in a complex changing environment and able to juggle multiple competing priorities. Ability to work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team. Commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi Highly Desirable Professional networks locally, regionally or nationally Expert level on WDHB PDRP Programme (or working towards) PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES Under the Human Rights Act 1993, discrimination based on disability is unlawful. Whanganui District Health Board will make all reasonable efforts to provide a safe and healthy work place for all, including persons with disability. Every effort has been made to outline requirements clearly. If a potential applicant has uncertainties about their ability to fulfil these physical requirements, enquiry should be made whether it would be possible to accommodate a particular issue by obtaining advice from the Occupational Health Unit or the Infection Control Team. Note: Physical attributes in italics do not apply to Healthcare Assistants Must be able to function in rapidly changing and demanding conditions when required Hearing and speech sufficient to communicate clearly with patients and co-workers, monitor patient status and equipment, recognise impending emergencies relating to patients and equipment and hear emergency alarm Ability to wear face masks and rubber gloves for protection against infectious disease. Absence of a health condition which could increase appointee's susceptibility if exposed to infections more frequently than usual Skin condition should allow frequent contact with water, soap/disinfectant soap, chemicals and latex rubber Skin should not be fissured, scaly, cracked on hands, forearms, face or neck The appointee must not have infection or colonisation with MRSA The appointee must not have a health condition that will put others at risk Manual dexterity sufficient to operate a variety of specialised equipment used within wards/departments at Wanganui Hospital as required, including syringes and intravenous pumps together with safe administration of drugs and use of clerical items including personal computers A high degree of physical capacity is required as the work is physically demanding, involving standing, walking, sitting, stretching, twisting bending and lifting/moving weights up to and above 15 kilograms frequently. (Stature extremes may increase hazard of shared activities) A high degree of mental concentration is required Ability to move about and undertake necessary duties (sometimes in restricted spaces) in wards / departments / community settings within Whanganui District Health Board Visual ability sufficient to read, write/record, operate equipment, safely administer medications, monitor equipment and patient status enabling accurate performance of essential job duties Successful interviewees will need to know their Hepatitis B status and have available recent documented MRSA clearance 8

9 BEHAVIOURAL COMPETENCIES Whanganui District Health Board has a Competency Framework that describes the behavioural competency levels required for each role within the organisation. One = high level of competency required to perform this role five = low level of competency required. Competency Communication Responsibility / Accountability Initiative Customer Responsiveness Teamwork and Cooperation Cultural Awareness Leadership Organisational Awareness Salary Range: Hours of Work: Description Communication conveys an understanding of the context of the situation/circumstances. Presents information clearly and succinctly in a language and style appropriate to the audience. Takes full responsibility for initiating (where appropriate), implementing and completing a task/action. Readily admits to mistakes and acts to correct problems. Publicly accepts responsibility for outcomes. Analyses own performance for answers to poor outcomes. Acts quickly and decisively in a crisis. Creates opportunities or minimises potential problems in the short term by a unique extra effort, eg, implementation of a training programme. Anticipates current and future customer needs by seeking information about the underlying needs of the client, beyond those initially expressed. Regularly introduces work practices designed to improve service quality Invites all members of a group to contribute to a process. Understanding and appreciative of different and opposing perspectives on an issue. Actively promotes a friendly climate, good morale and co-operation within the team. Accepts responsibility for the effectiveness of the team. Has an understanding of the Articles and Principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi / the Treaty of Waitangi. Is aware of the Maori Model of Health Te Whare Tapa Wha. Attempts to pronounce Maori words correctly. Is aware of Kaupapa/Tikanga Maori. Demonstrates some understanding of health gains. Level Required Sets a good example by providing a clear sense of purpose. Actively seeks to improve others skills and talents through coaching, training opportunities and feedback. Uses strategies to promote team morale, quality service etc, e.g., team projects, multi-skilling. Understands and uses structural and political relationships within WDHB in terms of hierarchy, influence, policies and procedures etc. Understands the reasons for ongoing organisational behaviour and decision making in terms of WDHB s relationship with external organisations OTHER CONDITIONS The salary for this position will be within the range of $90,866 to $96,9 per annum Permanent 40 hours per week Monday to Friday. May be required to be flexible in regards to working hours and times