Dear media guest! We hope you will have a good experience, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback! Welcome! Regards

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1 Dear media guest! Welcome to the most spectacular sports event of the year - The World Championship in Ski Flying. We have been looking forward to receiving you, and have worked hard with plans and preparations, to make your work here as efficient and inspiring as possible. It is with great expectations we let the best ski flyers from all over the ski world compete in our state of the art and top modern Ski Flying hill, the biggest ever built. We also hope that our efforts with new and improved facilities will offer members of the media great opportunities for both work and relaxation, and will make your days in Vikersund a success! We hope you will have a good experience, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback! Welcome! Regards Tore Fossen Chief of Media 3

2 Contents Dear media guest! 3 Accreditation 6 Media accreditation offices and pick up 6 Media accreditation access 7 Photo bib 7 Photographers (P) 7 Online media (J) 8 Media map 9 Accomodataion, transportation and Parking 10 Media-shuttle Accommodation 11 Program, day by day 12 Media service 14 MMC Main media centre 14 Media Cafeteria 14 VPC Venue Photo Centre 14 Photo bibs 14 Photo briefing Important information! 14 Opening hours 15 Internet Access 15 Press Conferences 15 Editorial services 15 NRK Host Broadcaster Contact info 16 FIS Media Contacts 16 LOC Media contacts 16 Organisation Map and Committee 17 The press team Daylight 20 Facts about Vikersund, Modum og Buskerud 21 Vikersund 21 Modum Kommune 21 Buskerud County 22 About Vikersundbakken 22 Technical data of the Vikersund Skyflying Hill 23 Recent changes to Vikersund Hoppsenter History of Vikersund Hill records 24 FIS representatives and Technical Delegates 25 World Records and World Champions 26 The history of World Records 26 Individual World Champions 27 National records Sponsors 28 FIS International Ski Flying Competition Rules

3 Accreditation Media accreditation access The accreditation concept is the same as during the Trial World Championships, and organized closer to the Olympic Games accreditation concept. The coloured field in the middle of the accreditation card will clearly show which main group each accredited individual belongs to and which areas they can access. Yellow - Press (journalists/photographers) Orange Host Broadcaster and Radio/TV right-holders White Volunteers and staff of Vikersund 2012, FIS Family, FIS Study Green Suppliers and contractors Blue Sports (teams), SRS and FIS staff, FIS Study (limited) The accreditation card is valid for the venue in Vikersund, and for the medal ceremony at the Bank Square (Vikersund centre). A chip on the accreditation card verifies the access privileges of the card holder. The access might be controlled by using PDAs to read the chip when a person want to enter an area. s (J) Photographers (P) Host Broadcaster Right Holders MMC x x x x Media Cafeteria x x x x Venue Photo Center Mixed Zone x x x x Photo Zones Media Zone top area x x x x x x Media accreditation offices and pick up The Media accreditation offices and pick up is located at the club house of Vikersund Sports Club in Vikersund, Idrettsveien 1. Directions: From Drammen and Hønefoss, follow rv25 to Vikersund S. Follow rv285 over the bridge and then first exit to the left. GPS: N E Opening hours Accreditation Office Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Photo bib A photo bib must be worn by photographers. It can be picked up at the Press Accreditation Office together with the accreditation. Photographers (P) The photographers accreditation allows only still pictures, and no rights to record live pictures. This means no use of moving images on any Internet sites. For this reason, no video, moving images or a series of single pictures or images that resemble video or moving pictures from inside the venue at the FIS Ski Flying Championships will be permitted. Media may feature still pictures on their Internet sites provided such pictures are not animated by any effect or rotated in such a way as to be sequential. When picking up your accreditation card, please bring an ID. A FIS waiver must be signed by all press accredited. 6 7

4 Online media (J) Online media (Non right holders) WITH approved camera stickers Can only do live camera interviews with the athletes from a dedicated area for this purpose at the end of the written press mix zone. No coverage of the sports competitions. Coverage of the international press conferences in the MMC is allowed. All live cameras must have a web/camera sticker to be allowed into the dedicated areas/mix zone. No access with live camera equipment to the photo zones. The web cam sticker can be picked up at the Press Accreditation Office together with the accreditation. Online media WITHOUT approved cameras Filming without camerastickers will lead to immediate expulsion from the arena. s representing online media, without accredited camera, will have access as ordinary print journalists. 1 AccreDiTATion office 1A sub AccreDiTATion 2A Tv studio nrk 2B Tv studio ArD 3 prize ceremony sunday 4 exit-gate 5 mixed zone 6 venue photo center/media cafeteria 7ABcD TrAnsporT hub 8 main media center 9 commentators 10 Big screen 11 JuDges Tower/hs225 12A coaches AreA 12B main coaches AreA 13 press photo + eng 14 unilateral 15 TeAm zone 16 unilateral 17 vip The wing 12B vip The wing a C 15 7D MedIa Map 10 1 accreditation office at VIkerSund Sport club S house 3 km from the Venue vip The FlighT 8 MaIn MedIa centre 7B MedIaparkerIng Media parking P-E Spectator tent ShoppIng area vip The view A 2 B AB vip The landing IBc tv-compound Authorized Camera 001 WalkWay to VIkerSund WalkWay to BuSeS to oslo, kongsberg, hønefoss and drammen P-F 1a entrance 7A BuSeS to carparks In ÅMot, geithus and VIkerSund athletes&team area A-F ticketing zones a-f SpectatorS/SponSorS/gueStS tent WalkWay press/tv/ibc/radio lift athletes SpectatorS area road utorisert kamera 50x40mm.indd :09:21 SponSorS and guests area press area tv/radio/ibc area emergency road WalkWay kiosk toilets 8 Design: AlexAnDrA BrAuchle

5 Accomodation, transportation and parking Departures from Vikersundbakken From Vikersundbakken Rica Park Hotel First Hotel Ambassadeur BW Hotel Globus There are a limited number of parking spaces dedicated the media. These will be allocated based on applications received. Parking permits will be handed out along side the accreditation. Media-shuttle A free media shuttle service from hotels in Drammen will be provided for those who have booked in advance. Changes in the bus schedule can occur, and will be posted in the Main Media Centre. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Departures from Drammen Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday First Hotel Ambassadeur BW Hotel Globus Rica Park Hotel Arrives at Vikersundbakken Jumping starts Accommodation Gyro Conference if the official partner for accommodation during the World Championship Members of the media who have not yet found accommodation should contact Gyro at: 10 11

6 Program - day by day Wednesday, February 22nd 13:00 Test jumping 3 rounds Thursday, February 23rd 15:30 Official training, 1st round 16:45 Official training, 2nd round 18:00 Qualification 20:00 Opening ceremony at the Bank square in Vikersund Friday, February 24th 15:30 Trial round 16:30 Individual competition, 1st round 17:30 Individual competition, 2nd round Saturday, February 25th 15:00 Trial round 16:00 Individual competition, 3rd round 18:00 Flower ceremony at the outrun 20:00 Medal ceremony at the Bank square in Vikersund Sunday, February 26th 12:30 Trial round 14:00 Team competition, 1st round 14:45 Team competition, 2nd round 16:00 Medal ceremony and closing ceremony at Vikersund Jumping Center 12

7 Media service Opening hours MMC - Main media centre MMC The main media centre is located in Vikersund arena, at the end of the HS 117 hill. The MMC contains working space for journalists, a help desk, results service, newspapers, refreshments and service-minded staff. The international press conferences will be held here. Welcome to an informal gathering of the media in the MMC Friday, February 24th 20:30 p.m. Media Cafereria Media Cafeteria is in the basement of the Ski Flying hall. Hot and cold meals will be available here all days. A meal pass which includes all meals in a day is available for 100 NOK (ca 13 EUR), or you can purchase a meal pass for all the days (Thursday Sunday) for 350 NOK (ca. 45 EUR). We accept Norwegian currency, Visa and Mastercard. VPC - Venue Photo Centre Besides having access to the MMC, all accredited photographers may also use the Venue Photo Centre. The working area is dedicated to the photographers without access for accredited journalists. The VPC is located upstairs from the Media Cafeteria. Photo bibs Accredited photographers are required to wear a photo bib in order to take photos from the photo zones. The photo bibs are handed out at the Press Accreditation Office. Please return the photo bib at the help desk in the MMC before leaving the venue. Photo briefing - Important information! There will be a photo briefing on Wednesday 22 February at 11.00, and Thursday 23 February at Meeting place: The Venue Photo Centre. Opening hours Accreditation Office Opening hours MMC & VPC Opening hours Media Cafereria Monday Closed Closed Tuesday Closed Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Closed Internet Access Wireless Internet will be freely available in the MMC, the IBC and the VPC. Login info will be available in the MMC, IBC and VPC. Press Conferences Press Conferences will be held at the MMC Friday 24/2 at 18.00, Saturday 25/2 at and Sunday 26/2 at Other press conferences will be posted in the MMC, as and if they are scheduled. Editorial services During the SFWC our editorial team will publish editorial news, images and video on and Please feel free to use the texts and video, but please quote as the source. NRK Host Broadcaster The Norwegian public service broadcaster Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has been appointed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to serve as Host Broadcaster for the FIS Ski Flying World Championships in Vikersund In total 13 organisations representing right holding TV and/or radio will have an on-site operation during the championships. The HB activities are distinguished from those of NRK in its capacity as the national rights holding broadcaster

8 Organisation Map and Committee PRESIDENT Håvard Orsteen Vice President Halvor A. Hartz Secretary General Tone K. Kristiansen Chief of Competition Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl Chief of Press and Media Tore Fossen Chief of Culture and Ceremonies Jarle Grøterud 23 cameras in total will be deployed in the Host Broadcaster production. Host Broadcaster personnel will also manage and support broadcasters unilateral coverage supplementing the International Broadcast Center (IBC) and compound space for several rights holders, 16 commentary positions, 14 Mixed Zone dedicated positions, 3 studio platforms have been planned and designed by the NRK Host Broadcaster for right holding broadcaster. Contact info FIS Media Contacts Communication Manager: Riikka Rakic, Communication Coordinator Ski jumping: Horst Nilgen MODUM KOMMUNE FIS The international Ski Federation NSF The Norwegian Ski Federation VIF Vikersund Sports Club Flying Team Vikersund AS Norwegian Ski Federation Terje Lund Chief of arena production Thormod R Hansen Chief of Medicine Åke Andresen Chief of Economy Dag Drolsum Chief of Venue Bent Asbjørnhus Chief of Public Service Kjell Roger Larsen Chief of MarketING Morten Valstad Hosts for the SFWC 2012 FIS is the owner and rightholder of the World Championship, and has given the SFWC 2012 to the NSF NSF declares Modum Kommune and VIF the hosts of SFWC 2012 VIF manages events through their company Flying Team Vikersund AS LOC Media Contacts Chief of media: Tore Fossen, phone Assisting chief of media: Geir Holen, phone President of local organising committee: Håvard Orsteen, phone Vice president of local organising committee: Halvor Hartz, phone Secretary general of the local organising committee: Tone K. Kristiansen, phone Head of contruction Vikersund Hoppsenter: Bjørn Espen Hovde, phone Head of board Vikersund Hoppsenter: Per Willy Holseter, phone Chief of competition: Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl, phone Note: Norwegian country code is Advisory Board Skiflyvning Vikersund AS Ownership of Arena LOC Local Organisation Committee Flying Team Vikersund gives responsibility of the 2012 SFWC to their daughter company Skiflying Vikersund AS Skiflying Vikersund AS organize work and volunteers through the organisational committee. Vikersund Ski jumping Center Foundation is the owner of the arena in Vikersund. This Foundation was founded by Vikersund Sports Club, Modum Kommune and Buskerud County Kommune. Vikersund Sports Club Modum kommune Stiftelsen Vikersund Hoppsenter Buskerud County 16 17

9 The press and media team Tore Fossen Chief of Press Geir Holen Assistent Chief of Press Svein Olav Tovsrud Main Media Center manager Bjørn Andre Gundhus Marianne Breivik Aage Bergerud Radio/TV service Håvard H. Fjeldhein Radio/TV service Sondre Garaas Radio/TV service Håvard Holen Radio/TV service Per Gunnar Valstad Radio/TV service Lone Brochman Christian Dahl Nielsen Hilde Merete Hartz Per Kristian Hermansen Emilie Krogh Johanessen Gry Finsrud Head of digital media Eivind Kopland Managing editor Tom Andre Fossen Webmaster Hilde Crone Leinebø Inger Nedberg Anne Kullebund Simone Peist Marius Seierstad Pia Korsgård Head of press accreditation Kristine Bråthen Press accreditation Atle Berge Marte Stensrud Ingvild S. Strandbråten Jan-Erik Søfteland Inger Lise Uhlen Line Bjerknes Press accreditation Helle Nilsen Press accreditation Henning Dybendal Press accreditation Stein D. Moen Head of Radio/TV Rainer Arnold Radio/TV service Camilla Crone Leinebø Harald B. Borchgreivink Communications Hilde Søraas Grønhovd Communications Cindy Bjølgerud Translater English Martina Nikolaisen Translater German 18 19

10 Facts about Vikersund, Modum and Buskerud Vikersund Vikersund is the center of administration in modum municipality, in the county of Buskerud. Population: (correct as of january 2011) Geography: Located in the southermost end of the southwestern arm of Tyrifjorden. Tyrifjorden is the source of Drammenselva, a river which starts at Vikerfossen. Modum Kommune Area: 517 km² Joakim Killingberg Social Media Oda Rygh Social Media Nadia Tokerud Social Media Ole Marius Fossen Fotosjef Mona Lindseth Fotoservice Population: ca Industry: agriculture and forestry, industry and health. The largest employers are (the municipal administration aside) Hæhre Entrepreneur, and the mental health institution Modum Bad. The largest industrial business is Elko. Geography: The municipality is bordered in the north by Krødsherad and Ringerike, in the east by Hole and Lier, in the south by Øvre Eiker and in the west by Sigdal. Knut Seierstad Head of Design Alexandra Brauchle Design History: The rock carvings in Geithus are the first signs of human habitation of the municipality. They date back ca 6000 years. Through the 17-, 18- og 19hundreds Modum gradually became an industrial municipality. Blaafarveværket was a large mining operation with ca employees around the year Modum also had a considerable paper-industry. The municipality has several waterfalls, which has allowed for hydroelectric development. Today Modum produces about 1% of the total electricity of Norway. Known attractions: Vikersundbakken, Blaafarveværket, Krøderbanen. Daylight Date Sunrise Sunset :40:13 17:28: :37:20 17:30: :34:27 17:33: :31:32 17:36: :28:37 17:38:43 20

11 Buskerud County Area: ,76 km² (12th largest) Population: km² ( largest population). Geography: Borders on Akershus, Oslo, Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Telemark and Vestfold. Named after the farm Buskerud (Norse: Biskupsruð, «Bishops clearing») in Modum. About Vikersundbakken Vikersund Hoppsenter consists of 6 hills, K-5, K-15, K-25, K-45, K-105 and finally the K-195 or The Vikersund Hill Vikersundbakken, Norways only Ski Flying hill. A new K-65 is being planned. Technical data of the Vikersund Skyflying Hill K point 195 meters Hill size 225 meters Top of hill to end of hill 570 meters Length inrun 134 meters Angle of inrun 36 degrees Length from edge of the jump to the fall-line 272 meters Steepest angle of landing slope 38 degrees Angle of K poin 35 degrees Angle HS degrees Angle at 250 meters 24 degrees Angle at jump 11 degrees Vertical difference in altitude from edge of the jump to K-point 100,68 meters Vertical altitide from fall-line to edge of jump 135 meter Widt of landing slope at HS meters Speed at egde of jump ca. 102 km/h. Totalt difference in altutude between top and end of the hill 200,27 m Speed at landing ca km/h Recent changes to Vikersund Hoppsenter Here is an overview of changes and expansions made to the arena the past few years: Expansions Permanent commentator booths and booth for arena speaker - new lift for the Ski Flying and large hill - The wing, a VIP-suite. Can be used as a cafe at other times. - a warming cabin for the athletes - ca square meters more space for the developed transport system - expanded roads in the arena - new mixed zone - new building containing operation room, TV center, conference rooms and wardrobes - five meters extension of the Ski Flying hill - considerable expansion of the service area at the top of the hill square meters VIP lounge with a 450 square meters balcony on the top of the Ski Flying café - the outrun on the Ski Flying hill is cut by 19 meters to enlarge the area for the spectators Expansions Ski Flying hill expanded to once again be the world s largest - New judges tower - New athlete village - Road to the top of the hill 22 23

12 Expansions New large hill (HS 117) square meters hall for serving and guests during skiflyging square meters cafeteria - chilled tracks in the inrun, guaranteeing perfect tracks - larger spectator-area - permanent press-center - new road to the arena Expansions First Ski Flying hill with permanent floodlights - improved water supply for snow production - modern GPS-controlled snow-preparation machine bought History of Vikersund Hill records The first hill record was 85 metres and was made in 1936 by the Kongsberg jumper Hilmar Myhra. There have been three world records made in the Vikersund Hill. The famous Bjørn Wirkola in 1966(146m), followed the year after by the Austrian Reinhold Bachler who increased it to 154 meters. The standing world record of 246,5 meters was made by Johan Remen Evensen (Norway) during the trial WC in The Continental Cup in 2004 marked the first time female athletes were allowed to jump in the Vikersund Hill. Anette Sagen here made the hill record of 174,5 meter. This is the longest standing jump made by a woman in Norway, but not a world record, as Daniela Iraschko (aut) jumped 200 meters in Kulm FIS representatives and Technical Delegates Race Director: Walter Hofer, FIS Assistant Race Director: Miran Tepes, FIS Equipment Control: Jouko Toermaenen, FIN Technical Support: Sepp Gratzer, FIS Media and Information Service: Horst Nilgen, FIS Medical Supervisor: Inggard Lereim, NOR Technical Delegate: Gabriel Gross, SLO TD Assistant: Franck Salvi, FRA Chief Distance Measurer: Börje Staffas, SWE Judges: Sigbjörn Normann, NOR Hermann Kothleitner, AUT Jean-Claude Gaillar, FRA Berndt Hess, GER Sandro Dalle Ave, ITA Tadeusz Szostak, POL Chief of Competition: Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl Assistant Chief of Competition: Ole Bremseth Norwegian Ski Federation: Terje Lund Ahead of the team competition in the World Cup 14/ the official hill record was 214,5. (M. Uhrmann, GER, 12/01/2007). In the same competition Martin Koch (AUT) jumped 220,5 metres, but fell. Unofficial record was 219m (Roland Müller, AUT, continental cup 6/3 2004). During a world cup competition 14th march 2009 Martin Koch first improved the official hill record to 216,5m, before Harry Olli (FIN) jumped 219 meters. In the final jump of the competition Gregor Schlierenzauer reached 224 meters, but fell. After the last expansion of the hill Andreas Vilberg jumped 220,5 meter during test jumping 10/ During the trial WC in 2011 Johan Remen Evensen made a world record jump of 243 meters in the test rounds the 11/2, before improving it to 246,5 meters during qualifications the same day

13 World Records and World Champions Individual world champions: History of World Records Current world records: Men: 246,5 meters, by Johan Remen Evensen (NOR) in Vikersund, Norway 11/ Women: 200 meters, by Daniela Iraschko (AUT) in Kulm, Austria 29/ National records: The first recorded skijump was made by the Norwegian-Danish officer Olaf Rye in Eidsberg in The jump was 15 alen (Ells, or 9,5 meters) It is unknown if this jump was during a competition or a show. The first female skijumper was 16 year old Ingrid Olsdatter Vestby, who jumped in a competition in Nordbybakken in Trysil, January Her score is unknown. Since 1936 all world records have been made in one of the five modern Ski Flying hills: Planica (Slovenia), Oberstdorf (Germany), Bad Mitterndorf (Austria), Vikersund (Norway) and Harrachov (Czech Republic). From 1987 to 2005 all world records for men were made in Planica. Individual world champions: Mitterndorf 26 27

14 National records: FIS International Ski Flying Competition Rules The Organisation of Ski Flying Competitions The FIS Council shall authorise the hosting of all sanctioned Ski Flying competitions. The owners of all Ski Flying hills must agree not to use the facility without FIS consent and sanctioning. Entries Competitors in Ski Flying competitions can be entered only by their own National Ski Association. The national association has full responsibility for competitors actions. Forejumpers The organiser is responsible for the arrangement of twelve qualified forejumpers on each day. These jumpers may not be part of the official competition. All of them must be capable to start from the starting point established by the Jury for the competition round. All forejumpers have to be at least 18 years old. The Number of Days and Jumps Ski Flying events will take place during four days. If any of the rounds have to be cancelled and repeated, no more than four competition flights per day and jumper are allowed. Sponsors Ski Flying World Cup The WCJ rules will be applied without restriction regarding participation right, starting order for training, qualification and competition as well as the carrying out as such. Ski Flying World Championship (SFWC) On the first day of the event the official training and the qualification round takes place. The second and third day are competition days for the individual event and consist of a trial jump and two competition rounds each. The total score as the sum of all collective point scores of the competition rounds are counted for the World Championship. The fourth day will be conducted as a team event

15 Each nation may enter up to six competitors, all of who may jump in the training session. At the qualification round, only the maximum number of four athletes per nation is allowed to be entered. The qualification round reduces the number of participants to 40 for the first competition round. The starting order for training, qualification, trial and competition rounds as well as the modus as such is the same as for individual competitions at OWG and WSC with the following modification for the second competition day of the individual event: at the trial and competition rounds only the best 30 of the previous day are allowed to take part. If only one competition round is held on a competition day due to unfavourable conditions or if the competition is postponed and if the regulation according to art is kept, the number of competition rounds which were carried out counts for the result. As a consequence the result of the World Ski Flying Championships can consist of only one competition round. Scoring valuation of the Ski Flying At Ski Flying events the K-point distance as calculation point equals 120 distance points and the meter value is 1,2 points/m. 30