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1 Buckle up! Fatalities CraSHES LOCAL HIGHWAYS to date office of highway safety LOCAL HIGHWAYS to date Kobe feels healthy for his 19th season with LA Lakers B1 Yesterday was the 5th year anniversary of the deadly earthquake/ tsunami that claimed the lives of 34 local residents. This is a look back at what it was like that day. Pictured is the Development Bank of American Samoa (far right) and the TAOA building (back left), both almost completely immersed underwater. Just last week, DBAS officially opened its new office building located in the same spot, while TAOA continues to operate out of its renovated buildings. [photo: Evalani s] C Y M K Lawmakers call for healthy debate on office allowance 2 Daily Circulation 7,000 PAGO PAGO, AMERICAN SAMOA Tuesday, September 30, 2014 $1.00 C Y M K A TCF visitor reports jailers are harassing visitors and inmates: media report blamed by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu, Samoa News Reporter A woman who visited her family member in jail says she felt threatened by a correction officer who questioned her, asking her if she was the one who reported to Samoa News the release of inmate Fualaau Tuua. The woman contacted Samoa News yesterday, complaining that Samoa News should have named the source of the information regarding the release of Fualaau from jail, because it appears the correction officers are hunting that person down, and they are accusing the wrong people. Fualaau was released from jail on two separate occasions to attend the signing of their family business contract with the Federal Aviation Administration for landscaping. This made other female inmates angry and they complained to Samoa News about favoritism being played out at the jail. Last week, Warden Fo ifua Fo ifua told Samoa News that Tuua made the request the prior week to attend this very important business transaction with her parents, who are Samoa citizens, and the business license is under the inmate s name. (Continued on page 14) Talosaga ma loimata le tina mo se isi avanoa o lona to alua tusia Ausage Fausia Na talosaga ma loimata se tina i luma o le fa amasinoga maualuga i le vaiaso na te a nei, mo se isi avanoa e tuu i lona to alua e fa aauau ai pea le latou mafutaga fa aleaiga ma le la fanau, aemaise ai o le taumafai lea e saili ni isi polokalame e fesoasoani ai i le fa afitauli o lo o feagai ma ia, o le tagofia lea o fualaau fa asaina. O le aso Faraile na te a nei na fa atulaga e le fa amasinoga maualuga, e tu u atu ai lana fa asalaga fa asaga i le susuga a Punefuolemotu Tuaolo, ina ua ta usala o ia e le fa amasinoga i le moliaga mamafa o lona umia fa asolitulafono o vaega o le pauta fa asaina o le aisa, faapea ai ma lona umia fa asolitulafono o se a upega mata utia, i lalo o se maliliega sa sainia e le ua molia ma le malo ma talia fo i e le fa amasinoga. Ae talu ai o ni isi o fa amaumauga o lo o naunau ali i fa amasino e fia silasila ma faitau i ai, o le mafua aga lea ua toe tolopo ai le lauina o le fa asalaga a Tuaolo seia aulia le aso 31 Oketopa 2014, ma o lo o fa aauau pea ona tatala o ia i tua i lona aiga e fa atali ai le aso lea ua fa atulaga e toe tula i ai i luma o (Faaauau itulau 14) Lolo takes a novel approach to teacher shortage problem by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu that s the purpose of this meeting. We need Samoa News Reporter your help and until we find the teachers to fill Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has reached that slot, then you will return to your old job. out to American Samoa Government employees Lolo said the one thing he cannot accept is with teaching backgrounds to help with the that this is an ongoing problem with the DOE. problem faced by the Department of Education s shortage of teachers. plate to overcome our problems, we cannot Time has changed so we have to step to the This is temporary, until DOE solidifies the continue to allow our children to suffer because contracts for the teachers from Samoa, then you someone is not doing their job. will return to your respective Departments. Lolo did not mince words when he told The governor met with these ASG employees the AS-DOE how disappointed he was with yesterday at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium, the status of some of Samoana High School s where he asked them to please help the DOE. buildings. Don t expect budget and HR to Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, DOE follow up on your stuff, it takes you to come Director Vaitinasa Salu Hunkin-Finau and up there and follow up on your stuff. This is Department of Human Resources Director the biggest concern I have, because I cannot go Sonny Thompson and Deputy HR Director before the people saying, Sorry we don t have Esenieaso Liu accompanied Lolo. the teachers. A majority of those who attended the meeting So step up to the plate and put people into are those who are involved in the governor s the classrooms. Post Graduate Apprenticeship Program. He said BACKGROUND it s been a month since the DOE school year has Samoa News should point out the governor s begun, and he was informed that there are classrooms without teachers and this has been bothtion and status of some of Samoana High School disappointment with AS-DOE with the condiering him since last week. I know that DOE is buildings is curious in that he transferred all used to this, but this should not happen, he said. public school repair &maintenance functions That s why I called this meeting. I m asking and staff to the Department of Public Works for your assistance and tomorrow, by 8a.m., I in Maintenance duties were divided into want all the classrooms to be filled with teachers (Continued on page 15) Lt. Governor Lemanu P. Mauga was one of the special guests on Saturday during the Memorial Remembrance Service hosted by Rotary Club of Pago Pago and Hawaiian Airlines for the victim s immediate family members at the Tsunami Memorial Family Picnic Shelter at the Pala Lagoon park area in Tafuna. The public was invited to join the annual memorial service, where people are invited to give testimony to their lost family and friends in the disaster. Human and Social Services Department also supported the service as part of the National Recovery and Wellness Healing for September [courtesy photo]

2 Page 2 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Lawmakers call for healthy debate on office allowance bill stand may help voters decide election (ANSWERs on page 14) STRANGE BUT TRUE By Samantha Weaver It was British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who made the following sage observation: A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Play-Doh was originally marketed as a wallpaper cleaner. It wasn t until kids started using it as modeling material that the company saw its potential in the toy market. Those who study such things say that when bears, squirrels and other mammals hibernate, the flow of oxygen to their brains can drop by as much as 98 percent. You ve surely heard of the long-distance buses known as Greyhounds, but you might not be aware of the company s humble origins. In 1914, a car dealer named Carl Eric Wickman ran a car dealership in Minnesota. When business was slow, he used one of the unsold cars to offer rides between the towns of Alice and Hibbing to miners going to work. The idea was so profitable that Wickman opened long-distance routes within two years. He painted the vehicles gray in order to hide the road dust, prompting a hotel owner along one route to comment that the cars looked like greyhound dogs. Wickman liked the idea so much he started using the slogan Ride the Greyhounds, and the rest is business history. In 1955, just a few weeks before he was killed in a car crash, actor James Dean made a commercial aimed at teenagers. The subject? Auto safety. In the ad he says, Drive safely. The life you save may be mine. If you re like the average American, you drink only one-sixth as much wine as the average French citizen. Thought for the Day I m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart. E.E. Cummings by Samoa News staff Two lawmakers have called for the Senate bill to hike the office allowance for Fono members to be brought to the House floor for review and debate, so that everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinions. The bill, which increases Fono member s office allowances by $10,000 annually across the board, was passed three weeks ago by the Senate but is still pending in the House Budget and Appropriations Committee. Reps. Toeaina Faufano Autele and Pulele iite Liamatua Tufele made the request to move the bill to a floor debate during Friday s House session, following a statement by Rep. Atualevao Gafatasi Afalava who suggested that the House issue an official response to make clear to the public that the bill to increase office allowance for lawmakers originated from the Senate and not from the House. Afalava pointed to a recent media report about a group pushing voters to vote no on the veto override referendum, because among their concerns is the move in the Fono to hike their office allowance. He says such concerns come during an election year and suggested the House release an official reply to correct the record, and publicly state that the allowance bill originated from the Senate, not the House. He says another concern by the group opposing the veto override is that senators are not elected into office, and this does not sound good to him. Rep. Toeaina Faufano Autele said, We need a healthy debate on the office allowance bill, and called for the measure to be presented to the floor for review and debate. He says a decision should be made on the measure, despite any concerns that this is an election year for House members. He also said their vote on the office allowance may play a role in whether each faipule will be re-elected. Puleleiite questioned when the allowance bill will be presented to the floor for debate, so that all lawmakers can provide their views and opinions. He also said that some senators are asking about the status of this measure. House Vice Speaker Talia Fa afetai Iaulualo, who led last Friday s session, says the House leadership will try to put this measure on the House calendar next week. He also said that the House couldn t stop people from voicing their opinions on the veto override or any other issue because that is an individual s right in a democratic society. He reminded lawmakers that there would always be opposition to any issue. As for the veto override referendum, he said the House gave its endorsement and a government committee is very active in terms of a public awareness program. He suggested that House members assist the committee in explaining the override issue to their constituents and also when the committees visit villages. He says the committee has not yet visited Manu a, but he and Toeaina are prepared to provide any assistance to them. BACKGROUND Last week a discussion in the Senate also highlighted the public s outcry about the office allowance raise for the Fono and the governor s and lt. governor s proposed raises. Samoa News reported some of the senators comments about the issues in its Saturday front-page story in Samoan. Translated by Samoa News staff, the story reports that during the Senate discussion, Senator Magalei Logovi i responding to the Senate President s comment that senators must not think that the reason why the Fono Is raising the salaries of the governor and lt. governor is because of the Fono s own increase in expense allowances, said he understands that, but he wanted the people to know that they, the senators, are doing their job i lei ai afu matou literally they do not eat sweat they are doing their work. Other senators were noted as saying that the public should not be dishing out such harsh criticism about the fathers of the country (tama o le atunu u). While one senator (not identified in the story) said, the opinions of the people are like le pola e motu i tua and senators shouldn t worry about it. The literal translation of the phrase is to liken such opinions to the torn blinds at the back of the house. It s applied to a person or things not worthy of attention.

3 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Page 3 Fono employee, former Leone Representative Vaiausia Yandall, who remained seated in the Representative s chambers, when Manu a Rep Fetu Fetui Jr called down to the Director of Public Works, Faleosina Voigt to officially inform her that there will be no hearing. Fono employees and lawmakers pointed out to Samoa News that House Rules and Regulations are clear that when the Fono is in session or when they hold hearings, the public is not allowed in chambers. [photo: AF] TAOA s hot meal program not popular, says director Evidenced by big decline in number of participants by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu, Samoa News Reporter Due to the decrease in the number of elderly citizens who are attending the TAOA s hot meal program, Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA) Director Ale Tifimalae said they have added an additional day for the meals to be distributed at the sites. The meals will be served three times a week instead of twice a week. He told Samoa News that when TAOA was giving out monthly food vouchers a total of 2,800 senior citizens participated, but when this program kicked off, the numbers decreased to just over 1,000 and there was a time where only 700 people attended the sites. He told Samoa News the sole purpose of the new hot meal program is to have the elderly population fellowship, congregate and communicate among themselves. That s why the food is not allowed to be taken home, rather the elderly folks are to enjoy their meals over games and fellowship. Ale also stated that while the program is for anyone over 60 years of age, it is mainly for the unfortunate. He said that is why they terminated handing out food vouchers because the main purpose of this program is for the senior citizens to come together and have fun. The TAOA director said that s also why the grantors stopped the issuance of food vouchers because the older citizens were not fellowshipping. Instead, they would just pick up their vouchers and go their own way, not spending time together, which is the intention of the program. Ale said each center has games such as checkers, bingo, playing cards and dominos. The Director said the department is well aware that a lot of the elderly are not happy with this new change as they would rather have the food vouchers. However, he said since this program started they have made multiple adjustments to try and meet the needs of the elderly citizens. During the House regular session, Rep Toeina Faufano Autele asked House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale if the Fono can seek the governor s assistance regarding the problem at TAOA. He pointed out that complaints about the food vouchers being transformed into hot food plates is not sitting well with the elderly population, and the numbers of those attending to consume these hot meals has decreased. $500 REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF A PASSPORT THAT WAS LOST BETWEEN THE TAFUNA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, ILIILI AND SADIE S BY THE SEA. CALL , OR IMPORTANT NOTICE The Fagaima Family will hold a meeting on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. at Avalogo s resident, across from Island Image in Tafuna. All clans of the Fagaima Family are invited to attend the meeting, for very important matters will be discussed. Please contact Kaio Ah Hing at or Talofa Video KOREAN, FILIPINO, MEXICAN DRAMA SERIES NOW FOR RENT NEW ARRIVALS TRANSFORMERS CHEF LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINA PARANORMAL DIARIES Pavaiai Nuuuli Fagatogo Va aiga Fou Mo A Taeao! A New Vision for A Brighter Tomorrow! Sui Tauva mo Uosigitone PROTECT OUR FISHING INDUSTRY POB 4856, Pago Pago, AS tel:(684) Landline and Facsimile Cell: (684) Website: We must do everything to support and protect our Fishing Industry. From the fishing Fleet to the can neries, government local and federal must support these important sources of employment to maintain local go vernments tax base, keep the dollars flowing within the local economy and most importantly ensure our families are provided for in the foreseeable future. While it is important to ensure our workforce labor rates are compli ant with federal labor standards. It is just as important to ensure that the sources of employment from our fishing i ndustry are protected to ensure longterm employment for our people. Please vote for MELEAGI SUITONU-CHAPMAN for Delegate to Congress in Washington, D.C., Thank You! Paid for by the supporters of Meleagi for Congress

4 Page 4 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Letters from FEMA and Faleomavaega remember the local tsunami disaster Compiled by Samoa News staff FEMA and Congressman Faleomavaega, yesterday September 29 separately sent messages officially commemorating the five year anniversary of the 2009 tsunami when American Samoa was hit by the most powerful earthquake of 2009 which struck below the ocean about 140 miles southwest of Pago Pago, American Samoa, and 125 miles south of Samoa. It is both appropriate and bittersweet that we remember our 32 fellow citizens on American Samoa who lost their lives to the powerful Tsunami that washed ashore following a devastating offshore earthquake on September 29, 2009, said FEMA Region IX Acting Administrator Karen Armes. But it is also appropriate that we acknowledge the resilience and determination of the people and the government of American Samoa who have worked tirelessly, in partnership with FEMA, to both recover and mitigate future risks thus making the territory safer today than it has ever been. Real gains have been made in creating a robust and resilient Tsunami Early Warning System, while tremendous strides to improve the Island s infrastructure and power system are now part of the positive legacy of that tragic day. The congressman in his message stated, As we pause to remember the lives lost and the families impacted, we cannot express enough gratitude to those who gave of their time and resources in support of our people and especially for those who were most in need. He continued, We are well on our way on the road to recovery. Schools have been rebuilt and villages restored with the help of FEMA assistance totaling approximately $160 million to date and over $25 million in National Emergency Grant (NEG) funds from the U.S. Department of Labor to assist clean-up and recovery efforts in American Samoa. I thank our federal and local government leaders, village leaders, our friends around the world, and all who have played a role in helping American Samoa rebuild. Most of all I thank our people for their continued resilience and unity which has helped us to emerge from this tragedy, Faleomavaega concluded. (Sources: Media releases from FEMA Region IX Office and the Office of Congressman Faleomavaega in Washington, DC.) Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights. dba Samoa News is published Monday through Saturday, except for some local and federal holidays. Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News, Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa Telephone at (684) Fax at (684) advertisements to the newsroom at Normal business hours are Mon. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above. by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent SSV ROBERT C. SEAMANS DEPARTS TERRITORY The Sailing School Vessel (SSV) Robert C. Seamans sailed away this past Sunday afternoon from the Malaloa Marina, where it had been docked for over six weeks. Dubbed the most sophisticated oceanographic research/sailing vessel ever built in the United States, the Seamans, while here, offered the community a chance to experience the nautical and marine sciences involved in running a sailing school vessel by hosting numerous open houses, tours, and even a boat ride for members of the public since they arrived on August 11. The vessel is purpose-built for deep ocean science and education and includes a wet/dry laboratory, a library, and computer lab. The crew is comprised mostly of women. In an initial interview with Samoa News, Capt. Pamela Coughlin, the head honcho on the vessel, explained that the Seamans is part of the Sea Education Association, a non-profit organization that has been sailing the oceans for over 40 years, since She said they are not a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), although it was NOAA that invited them to come here. According to Coughlin, they were here to better understand this region of the Pacific and they plan to return next year. The next stop for the Seamans is Samoa, where they will be conducting community outreach and educational programs for the residents there, specifically the students of the National University of Samoa (NUS). With the Seamans gone, the next ocean visitors who will be departing the territory next Friday, October 10 are the Hokule a and Hikianalia and its crew members. Both the SSV Robert C. Seamans and the Polynesian Voyaging Society s Hokule a and Hikianalia are hosted locally by the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. FIRE AT THE CANNERIES CALLED MINOR INCIDENT Two weeks ago, fire trucks from the Tafuna substation and the main station in Fagatogo, along with police units and EMS vans rushed to the Atu u canneries in response to a reported fire. Motorists told Samoa News that the drivers of the fire trucks were calling out to them to pull over and make way for them to pass as they rushed to the scene. The fire was extinguished and an all clear was issued less than an hour after emergency responders arrived at the scene. When contacted for comments that day, no one from the Dept. of Public Safety or the Fire Dept. was able to provide any details. However, Samoa News understands that the fire started after an employee from a local company was welding and sparks from that landed on dry paint chips that later caught fire. A source at the Fire Dept. said the incident was a minor one. STILL NO YOUTH APPLICANTS FOR NMSAS ADVISORY COUNCIL Today is the deadline to apply for one of the three primary seats on the advisory council for NOAA s National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa (NMSAS). The three seats are for Manu a/community-at-large, Aunu u/community-at-large, and the youth. As of yesterday, NMSAS s Joseph Paulin said several submissions have been received for the Aunu u and Manu a seats, but he has yet to receive an application from the youth. Paulin said he has been contacted by potential youth applicants but if no submissions are received by today s deadline, he may need to re-post the opening during the next recruitment period, which is November 15 - December 31. The seat for the youth representative is open to anyone years old. The council ensures public participation in sanctuary management and provides advice to the sanctuary superintendent. The members of our advisory council represent an extremely important element of our community, said Gene Brighouse, sanctuary superintendent. Their input, experience, and expertise assist the sanctuary in making informed and timely decisions on how to best manage our wildlife and habitats. (Continued on page 14)

5 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Page 5 by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu Samoa News Reporter WIFE OF DECEASED HAS NOT FORGIVEN The wife of a man who died in Afono last year as result of a fight, told the court that it is very hard for her to find forgiveness in her heart for Eric Naiuli, as it was his actions that took her husband away. Naiuli, who pleaded guilty to negligent homicide, admitted that he struck the victim, who had intervened to stop a fight during a drinking session. During sentencing, the defendant s family chief testified, and told the court that there were two traditional forgiveness ceremonies conducted by their family, the first time when it was only Naiuli s parents and secondly when he returned from a trip, and both ifoga were accepted. Defense attorney Marcellus Talaimalo Uiagalelei requested the court s leniency in this matter. The defendant apologized for his actions and asked the court to please give him a second chance to reunite with his family. He also apologized to the victim s family and his family. The government called onto the stand the deceased s wife, who said in tears that losing her husband has affected her family tremendously. She told the court that when the incident happened with her husband, he was the only one working and providing for their family. She said since the incident, she has not seen the defendant s face, however now that she s seen him again in the court room, hatred has risen again, and it s very hard for her to forgive him for what he did. Although I have to forgive, now is not the time and even if I forgive him, how can I forget? This incident is unforgettable. Asst. Attorney General Tiffany Oldfield asked the court to sentence the defendant to 20 years in jail, with the condition that he s placed on probation for five years, and upon release he s to return to his home country, Samoa. The probation office did not have an opportunity to speak with the deceased s family until the day Naiuli was scheduled to be sentenced, and Chief Justice Michael Kruse therefore continued this matter until his probation officers have a chance to speak with the family. It was also uncovered that there was no bill from the hospital, and this is one of the documents needed for sentencing in reference to the restitution to be paid by the defendant. This matter has been postponed until later this month. According to the government s case, the defendant was in a drinking session when a fight broke out. The victim, who intervened to stop the fight, was struck on the head. The victim was transported to the hospital where he later died. james BARLOW SEN- TENCING POSTPONED James Barlow who was convicted of 16 of the 19 criminal counts against him in connection with sexually related activity and traffic citations following a bench trial presided over by Chief Justice Michael Kruse, Chief Associate Judge Logoai Pereira and Associate Judge Fa amausili Pomele, was scheduled to be sentenced. Kruse pointed out to Barlow who was present in the court house that his attorney wanted to hold a phone conference on his matter and then rescheduled. This matter came before the court on Mar. 16, 2012, where Barlow was charged with 19 criminal counts in connection with sexual activities which allegedly occurred Oct , The majority of these charges allege sex-related offenses against three juvenile boys with initials L.B, T.L and T.T. Barlow was an instructor at ASCC when the incident occurred and was immediately terminated when criminal charges were filed. The defendant was charged with two counts of sodomy, deviate sexual assault with an incapacitated person, two counts of deviate sexual assault with a child, two counts of sexual abuse first degree, three charges of furnishing pornographic materials to a minor, three counts of aiding a child to possess or consume alcohol, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, a DUI charge, careless driving and non possession of a driver s license (which was settled prior to trial.). Emily Ilaoa smiles for Samoa News and for Coast Weeks as she holds little Michael, who isn t sure if he wants to smile or not. Almost 2 years old, Michael was having a blast on a water slide set up at Utulei Beach on Saturday, Sept. 27, during Family Beach Day, which was the final day for the territory s annual Coast Weeks celebration. In addition to water slides, there was a bouncy house for the little ones, as well as music and dancing, along with canoe races, fautasi rides, swimming lessons and a seafood contest all to celebrate the joys and wonders of our resplendent coasts. Michael s father, Nate Ilaoa told Samoa News, He loved the water slide; she had to drag him off when it was time to go home. [photo: tlh] In loving memory of our beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister & Aunty Lemasaniai Emosi Sunrise:August 20, 1940 Sunset:September 11, 2014 FUNERAL PROGRAM Friday Oct 3, 2014 at 9:00am Calvary Temple, Assembly of God THERE WILL BE NO FA ASAMOA Filipi 1:21 Aua o lo u ola ua ia Keriso lea, a o lo u oti o lo u manuia lea.

6 Page 6 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Several studies fault warming in much of 2013 s wild weather An unidentified man holding what appears to be a gun, parades a handcuffed hostage wearing what appears to be an explosive vest, on the 13th floor balcony of the Saint Peter Hotel, in Brasilia, Brazil, Monday, Sept. 29, Firefighters and police have cordoned off the area and about 300 guests and other employees left the hotel, some reportedly told to leave by the same man carrying out the attack. Police didn t confirm whether there were actually explosives in the garment. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres) NEWS IN BRIEF S. Korean ship runs aground, Man frees hostage held everyone aboard is rescued for hours at Brazil hotel SEOUL, South Korea (AP) A South SAO PAULO (AP) A Brazilian hotel was Korean cruise ship ran aground off the southwestern coast Tuesday but all of the 109 people after a man took hostage an employee who was evacuated in the capital of Brasilia on Monday aboard the vessel have been rescued, coast held for hours before he was safely released to guard officers said. The incident came as South police. Firefighters and police cordoned off the Korea is still struggling to deal with the aftermath of April s ferry disaster that left more than left the hotel some reportedly told to leave area and about 300 guests and other employees 300 people dead or missing. by the man who took the employee hostage. The 171-ton ship was carrying 104 tourists Live television images on Monday showed and five crew members on Tuesday morning the man with what appeared to be a gun, when it struck a rock in the water off the southwestern Jeolla province, coast guard officers room on the 13th floor of the Saint Peter Hotel. parading the hostage out onto the balcony of a said on condition of anonymity citing department rules. The all 109 people have been res- wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest. The hostage was handcuffed for hours and cued by fishing boats, they said. Seven hours afterward, the man and hostage Local TV footage showed small fishing were seen raising their arms in the air, handcuffed one to the other in what appeared to be boats approaching the partly submerged cruise ship while people were on deck. a sign of surrender, and the hotel employee was The officers said the cause of the incident no longer wearing the vest. Globo News channel wasn t immediately known. said the man turned himself over to police. Big smile in Denver bank Authorities identified the man as Jac Souza robbery suspect mug shot de Santos, from the northern state of Tocantins DENVER (AP) The mug shot of a man and had been staying at the hotel since Saturday. captured after trying to flee a bank robbery in Bill Gates ranked richest Denver shows him flashing a broad, toothy grin. American by Forbes The photo was taken after 45-year-old NEW YORK (AP) Microsoft co-founder Michael Whitington s Sept. 23 arrest. Police Bill Gates topped Forbes latest list of the 400 say he robbed a bank on Denver s 16th Street richest Americans for the 21st straight year. pedestrian mall and then tried to get away on a The list, released on Monday, was largely light-rail train. Officers stopped the train a few unchanged for 2014 and showed the rich getting blocks away and arrested him. richer. The combined wealth of those on the list He has been charged with one count of robbery and is being held in jail. Court records stronger U.S. stock market. Gates net worth rose 13 percent to $2.29 trillion, helped by a don t list an attorney. He was due to appear in totaled $81 billion, up $9 billion from court for the first time on Tuesday. Investor Warren Buffett, the head of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., remained in second place Police Suspect flees and returns to shoot at cops at $67 billion. Oracle Corp. co-founder Larry LORMAN, Miss. (AP) A man who Ellison also kept his No. 3 spot with $50 billion. crashed his car trying to evade police in Mississippi sped off in and wrecked a police car owners of Koch Industries Inc., stay tied for Brothers Charles and David Koch, co- then returned to the site in a third vehicle to fourth with $42 billion each. shoot at deputies. There were 27 new members of the list, WLBT-TV reports that Jefferson County including WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum in Sheriff s deputies later captured Peter Robinson the 62nd spot. Facebook announced plans to using search dogs. None of the shots hit anyone. buy the mobile messaging app for $19 billion in The TV station quoted Sheriff Peter Walker February. The biggest gainer is Facebook CEO as saying that Robinson is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, felony taking a grew $15 billion since last year to $34 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, No. 11, whose net worth motor vehicle and possessing drugs with intent The net worth of America s wealthiest to distribute following Saturday s episode. people has risen in the years since the financial Walker said deputies found marijuana, about crisis, widening the gap between the exceptionally well-to-do and the rest of the country. The $2,000, knives and pills in Robinson s car. It wasn t clear whether Robinson had an attorney. average net worth of a Forbes 400 member is A call and from The Associated Press to $5.7 billion, up from $5 billion last year. the sheriff s office were not returned Sunday. (Continued on page 8) WASHINGTON (AP) Scientists looking at 16 cases of wild weather around the world last year see the fingerprints of man-made global warming on more than half of them. Researchers found that climate change increased the odds of nine extremes: Heat waves in Australia, Europe, China, Japan and Korea, intense rain in parts of the United States and India, and severe droughts in California and New Zealand. The California drought, though, comes with an asterisk. Scientists couldn t find a global warming link to an early South Dakota blizzard, freak storms in Germany and the Pyrenees, heavy rain in Colorado, southern and central Europe, and a cold British spring. Organized by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, researchers on Monday published 22 studies on 2013 climate extremes in a special edition of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. It s not ever a single factor that is responsible for the extremes that we see, said NOAA National Climatic Data Center director Tom Karl said. Natural variability is always part of any extreme climate event. For years, scientists said they could not attribute single weather events like a drought, heat wave or storm to manmade global warming. But with better computer models and new research, in some cases scientists can see how the odds of events increase or not because of climate change. Other researchers question the usefulness and accuracy of focusing on single extreme events. The editors of the 108-page compilation of studies wrote that people and animals tend to be more affected by extreme weather than changes in averages, so they pay attention to it. The public often connects extreme events to climate change, sometimes wrongly, so scientific analysis like this can help inform the public s understanding of our changing environment. The report seeks to find how much and how man-made warming has influenced the weather, said NOAA research meteorologist Martin Hoerling, an editor of the report. The influence on Australia s hottest year in more than a century is glaring, the report s editors said. It s almost impossible to explain Australia s hot 2013 without climate change, said Peter Stott of the United Kingdom s meteorology office, another report editor. The most complicated issue is the California drought, the only extreme that has continued into this year. Three teams studied that state s record drought in different ways. Two teams couldn t find a link to global warming and water and air temperatures, but the third from Stanford University looked at high pressure patterns in the air and found a connection. A high pressure system parks over the northern Pacific during California s winters, which is normally when it gets rain. Higher atmospheric pressure usually means less storms and rain. The pressure was so strong last year that study lead author Daniel Swain called it a ridiculously resilient ridge. The Stanford team ran computer models with and without man-made warming from the burning of coal, oil and gas. The warming from greenhouse gases showed that the rainblocking ridge of high pressure was more than three times more likely with man-made factors than without, Swain said. There s definitely a climate change signal, Swain said. Earlier peer-reviewed studies looking at atmospheric patterns have also connected California s drought to climate change. However, the editors of the journal s special edition said that with the studies in Monday s report that couldn t find a man-made signal in California and the indirect nature of the Swain report, it is unclear whether a global warming connection can be pinned on California s drought. Hoerling said there were still questions about the Swain study. Other scientists said Swain s study was convincing. The report as a whole is a reflection that more and more future climate extremes around the globe will be attributed to human-caused climate change, said University of Arizona climate scientist Jonathan Overpeck, who wasn t part of the research. In two extreme events the British cold spring and the September northern Colorado rains the report found global warming actually decreased their likelihoods and yet they happened.

7 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Page 7 THANK YOU It is with a humble heart that we express our sincerest gratitude and big faafetai to everyone who s upported us through words of encouragement, gifts, and prayers during the passing of our beloved Jeffrey Ueligitone Leapala Pearson Viena. No words could ever express how much we appreciate you. May God continue to bless you all, and your families, abundantly. Faafetai tele lava, Duke and Evalani Pearson Viena Monsignor Viane Etuale Rev. Father Kelemete Pua auli Rev. Mulitaisala and Monica Leiataua (CCJS Burien Youth & Sunday School) Atonio and Fa aafu Maui Father Vaiula Iulio Father Eneliko Auva a Father Faitau Lemautu Deacon John Pereira Deacon Alefosio Uelese Deacon Jerome Laupapa The Divine Mercy Society Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago The International Choir of St. Joseph the Worker, Fagatogo Rev. Elder Moyer & the Viena family Rev. Ulalei and Mai Tausaga & children HTC Tuaolo and Fiapa ipa i & family HC Pulu Ae & family Utaifeau and Patricia Kalasa Va amua Henry & Margaret Sesepasara & family HC Te o Puia i Tufele and children Aumua Amata and family Lealaifuaneva and Juliana Reid Anna Pearson Siafaga Pearson and family Jack Pearson and children Rita & Missy Pinkerton Lucky & Fa afetai Yandall and children Leutu Soliai and children Unasa Leroy & Frances Ledoux Edward Manuma Jr. and family Gloria & Losoloso I aulualo and children Sophie & Po ofea Fetuao and children Ronald & Latitu Rose and children Bernard Scanlan and family Robert and Michelle Pearson & family Dan and Elaine Guthrie Joe and Jeannie Arcinega Tony and Timmi Pearson and children John and Leah Maxson and children Maria Dickey and children Mike & Saumolia Pearson and children The Soifua family Kevi & Marisol Pearson Manaia Pearson and children John & Teresa Pearson and children John Jr. and Moli Pearson and children Albert and Wendy Pearson & children Victor and Brandy Pearson & children Jason, Sandra & Karamia Haskell Evie Pearson & Anthony Ferreira (Koorale) Cindy & Billy Vaouli and children Andy & Charlene Pearson and children The Siliga family (Albert and family & Uvale) The Lago Vaivao family (Maevaga, Ulutolu, Tolupauna, Ao, Leaga, Faa afu, Fa amao) Children of Lela & Ta amu Elisara (Taliloa, Lupe, Fale, Farah, Naoupu, Eliu, Nimo, Daniel) Children of Fiapapalagi & Tupua Misa (Sa, Agnes, and Pafuti) Benjamin Suraru & Jasmine Fa amaile & children Renee Usle and children Chico and Sonja Pouesi and children Leonard John Sonoma Ricky Fiso Joe and Salamasina Brown Tafatafa & Aveaomalo Tausaga and family Debbie & Ali i Suhren Ruta Afo & children Louise Reid Azarvand Walter and Lola Reid The Payes family - Judy & Simi The Atofau family (Janet, Hope, Cindy, Monica, Jason, Clement, Fa atua, Nolan) Gordon & Atalina Coffin and children Sharron Rancourt & children Mali & Lily (Mali s Hair Designs) Esther Prescott (KSBS FM) Nua Mageo & Fitifiti Asuega The Sele family & grandchildren (Aunty Vena, Sherry, Crim, Decima, Annie) Seneuefa Pritt and children Duke, Adelina, and DJ Aiava Children of Faleali i & Tafu Tausaga Aveaomalo Tausaga & children Mose & Taufu a Maiava and family Eo & Loimata Mokoma and children Oni (Tini Lam Yuen - Going Home Funeral Services) F.aga alu & Fred (LBJ Morgue) Poloma Pualau Mr. Fa atoafe Catering Services Kamuta Moochie Ugapo Special Thanks to: Ae Designz Debbie Suhren of Collins Travel Emelio and Blue Fruean and children

8 Page 8 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Crew makes 1,126-pound bowl of Hawaii rice dish HONOLULU (AP) A group is claiming a world record for a popular Hawaii dish, after putting together a massive bowl of rice, hamburger, eggs and gravy. Chef Hideaki Miyoshi of Tokkuri Tei restaurant and volunteers at Sunday s Fifth Annual Rice Festival assembled a bowl of loco moco that weighed 1,126 pounds. Loco moco was invented in the late 1940s in Hilo. There are varieties, but the basic dish consists of hot white rice, a hamburger patty, an over-easy fried egg and brown gravy. Guinness World Records said the dish would have to weigh at least 1,100 pounds for consideration. Miyoshi and his crew used more than 600 pounds of rice, 200 pounds of ground beef, 300 scrambled eggs and 200 pounds of gravy. They used donated rice and borrowed kitchen space at Ward Centers. The festival holds the Guinness World Record for making a 286-pound Spam musubi in 2011, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported. The big loco moco took 3½ hours to prepare and then was donated to charity to feed the homeless, organizer Lincoln Jacobe said. Some loco-moco purists were critical of the use of scrambled eggs instead of over-easy eggs. If you order at a restaurant, they ask you how you want your egg, Cesar Panocillo said. So I guess it s a preference. Some people might like it scrambled. The event also featured a Spam-musubi eating contest. Randy Javelosa beat four-time champion Ron Lee by eating seven of the canned meat, dried seaweed and rice snack in two minutes. I just tried to scarf it down and keep it down, said Javelosa, whose prize was a year s worth of free rice. I ll be back next year, Lee vowed. In this Sunday, Sept 28, 2014 photo, Yutaro Kondo, right, reaches over to put a beef patty on a layer of beef patties on top of a layer of rice on the giant Loco Moco in Honolulu, Hawaii. In an attempt to set the Guiness World Record for the world s largest loco moco, chef Hideaki Santa Miyoshi of Tokkuri-Tei used 600 lbs. of rice 300 lbs. of beef, 200 lbs. of gravy and 300 eggs put together in a huge bowl during the 5th Annual Rice Festival on Auahi St. in the Ward Centers area to honor Hawaii s beloved grain and bring family and friends together with food, entertainment and activities. (AP Photo/Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Bruce Asato) C Y M K NEWS IN BRIEF Continued from page 6 Authorities say 8 killed in Peru quake LIMA, Peru (AP) A shallow, 4.9-magnitude earthquake killed at least eight people whose crudely constructed homes collapsed in a remote Andean village near Cuzco, a Peruvian civil defense official said Sunday. The moderate quake struck Saturday night at a depth of just 5 miles (8 kilometers) and affected the village of Misca, as well as the nearby communities of Cusibamba Bajo, Cajay, Canopato, Mollejcato, Muyoc and Toray in the province of Paruro in Cuzco region. Peruvian Civil Defense released a statement saying that 45 adobe-and-stone houses collapsed and 70 more homes were cracked and left uninhabitable by the earthquake. Peru s government declared a 90-day state of emergency in the area. President Ollanta Humala said the state of emergency would help rebuild Misca, a village of 160 Quechua inhabitants located 370 miles (595 kilometers) southeast of Lima that was at the epicenter of the quake. The population has lost everything, said Humala after visiting the village. Dallas hospital monitoring patient for the Ebola virus DALLAS (AP) A patient in a Dallas hospital is showing signs of the Ebola virus and is being kept in strict isolation with test results pending, hospital officials said Monday. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas said in a statement Monday that the patient s symptoms and recent travel indicated a case of Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa and infected a handful of Americans who have traveled to that region. Preliminary test results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are expected to come back Tuesday. Hospital spokeswoman Candace White would not answer any questions about the patient or where the patient had visited. The National Institutes of Health recently admitted an American doctor exposed to the virus while volunteering in Sierra Leone. Four other patients have been treated at hospitals in Georgia and Nebraska. faa reports 2 weeks to reopen Chicago-area control center CHICAGO (AP) The Federal Aviation Administration says it will take about two weeks to fully reopen a Chicago-area control center where an act of sabotage brought the city s two international airports to a halt last week. The FAA said Sunday it hopes to return the facility to full service by Oct. 13. Authorities say a contract employee started a fire Friday at regional control center in suburban Aurora and then attempted to commit suicide. More than 2,000 flights were canceled that day at O Hare and Midway international airports, disrupting travel nationwide. About 300 flights were canceled Monday at O Hare. There were none at Midway, but delays were about 40 minutes. The FAA said crews are working to install replacement equipment. Aurora s air traffic controllers are at other FAA offices in the Midwest. (Continued on page 12) C Y M K

9 C Y M K tusia Ausage Fausia E le gata ua poloaina e le alii kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga le Fa atonusili o le Matagaluega o Aoga a le malo (DOE), ina ia vave fa atumu avanoa faiaoga o lo o mana omia latou te a oa oina fanau aoga, ae sa ia fa atonuina fo i tagata faigaluega a le Ofisa o Aoga e mumusu e toe fo i i le galuega fa a faiaoga, ina ia saili ni isi galuega e o i ai ae tuu le avanoa i alo ma fanau a le atunuu ua i ai le tomai fa a faiaoga, latou te fa atumuina ai le avanoa ma a oa o fanau aoga. Ia o o atu taeao (taeao nei) ua uma ona fa atumu avanoa e 32 mo potu aoga e le o i ai ni faiaoga o i ai, e le tatau ona tuu lafoa i faapea fanau e aunoa ma ni faiaoga e aoaoina i latou, o le saunoaga lea a Lolo sa tu uina atu i le Fa atonu o aoga ia Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau, i se feiloaiga sa faia ananafi i le Fale Laumei, e tau saili ai se auala e foia ai le fa afitauli o le le lava o faiaoga o lo o tula i mai i le Ofisa o Aaoga. O le taeao ananafi na valaau ai e le alii kovana ma le lutena kovana ia Lemanu Peleti Mauga se fonotaga fa apitoa ma le Matagaluega o Aoga, mo le tau sailia o se auala e foia ai le fa afitauli o le le lava o faiaoga i totonu o potu aoga. Sa valaaulia ai fo i i le feiloaiga lenei fanau aoga ua i u mai i Iunivesite i fafo ma fa ailoga maualuluga, ma o lo o galulue i latou i ni isi o Matagaluega a le malo, o a latou tomai fo i ma agava a e latalata i matata fa a faiaoga e pei ona taua e Lolo. Na taua e le ali i kovana i le feiloaiga ananafi e fa apea, o le aso o le maliu o le ali i senatoa ia Faumuina Tagisiaali i na fa atoa ia iloaina ai le fa afitauli e fa atatau i le le lava o faiaoga i totonu o potu aoga, ina ua talanoa atu le Ta ita ifono o le Komiti o Aoga a le Fono Faitulafono, ma fa ailoa atu ia te ia le fa afitauli o lo o i ai. O le silia i le fa vaiaso talu ona a e aoga ao lea fa atoa ou iloa le fa afitauli lenei, o se mea e o o mai ai lava i le taeao nei e le o filemu ai lava lo u mafaufau, ma ou te iloa fo i, o le mea lava lenei ua masani ai le Ofisa o Aoga o le teena o faiaoga e tusi talosaga atu, ma mafua ai ona tula i mai le fa afitauli, o le saunoaga lea a le alii kovana. Na fa atonu e le alii kovana le Fa atonusili o le Matagaluega o Tagata Faigaluega a le malo, faapea ai ma le Fa atonusili o Aoga, ina ia amata galulue loa e fa agasolo le faatumuina o pepa mo konekarate e faiaoga fou latou te fa atumu avanoa faigaluega o lo o manaomia, ae amata amata ona filifili alo ma fanau a le atunuu e i ai le agava a i galuega fa a faiaoga, e o i tua e aoao (Faaauau itulau 15) samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Page 9 Fa atonu Kovana le DOE vave fa atumu avanoa Le Lali faiaoga o lo o mana omia Lali Se tasi o ali i sa ia fesiligia le alii kovana, i le feiloaiga sa faia ananafi i le Fale Laumei, e tau sailia ai ni auala e foia ai le fa afitauli o lo o tula i mai i le Ofisa o Aoga, o le le lava lea o faiaoga mo fanau aoga. [ata: AF] C Y M K Le taimi na fesiligia ai e se tasi o tamaitai le alii kovana, e tusa ai o le galuega lea ua latou sauni e fa atino, o le avea lea ma faiaoga i totonu o potu aoga mo se taimi le tumau. [ata: AF] OPEN HOUSE WHERE:Faga itua High School WHEN:October 1, 2014 Registration 2:00pm Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Refreshments & Transportations Provided We re looking forward to seeing you there Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions FAAU UGA A LE AOGA A.P.T.C. E to a 128 i latou sa aotauina i le aoga o matata eseese a Ausetalia ma le Pasefika, le APTC na maua tusipasi ma tipiloma i le faauuga na faataunuuina i le hall a tupulaga EFKS i Mulinuu i le taeao analeila. O le Komesina Maualuga o le malo Ausetalia i Samoa, le susuga Sue Langford na saunoa i le saunoaga autu o le aso ma na ia faaalia, o le aoga lenei o matata eseese ua faavaeina e le malo Ausetalia i Samoa i se faiga faapaaga ma atunuu o le Pasefika, o se polokalama a lona malo e uunaia ai le faaleleia o tamaoaiga o atunuu o le Pasefika e ala i le aoaoina o tomai ma matata eseese mo o latou tagata ina ia maua ai ni galuega lelei e soifua ma tausi ai o latou aiga. Fai mai a ia, ua silia nei ma le ono afe tagata mai atunuu e 14 o le Pasefika ua aotauina ai ma o le silia ma le 1,600 o lea aofaiga na aotauina i Samoa nei. O le 2007 na amata faamatuu atu ai faailoga e le APTC ia faailoga tau aoaoga e amanaia i Ausetalia ma isi atunuu i fafo ma e oo mai i le taimi nei, ua silia ma le 5,600 tagata mai le itulagi o le Pasefika ua maua ia faailoga. Mai lea fuainumera, o le to a 723 o tagatanuu o Samoa. Na faaalia e Langford, o le 95.4% o tagata ua faauu mai i le APTC, ua maua galuega ma e tusa ai ma se suesuega sa faatautaia, o le 89% o pulega o ofisa, kamupani ma faalapotopotoga e faigaluega ai i latou, ua lipotia mai le faaleleia atili o le tomai o ia tagata i le faatinoina o a latou galuega. SAUNI FAAALIGA MUSIKA JAZZ I SAMOA E LUA Sa i Amerika Samoa lata mai nei le tamaitai o Peta Siulepa lea o lo o ia tuufaatasia le Faaaliga o Musika Jazz ma Faafiafiaga Tau Atisi, e mataitu ia faili ma tagata pepese i le teritori lea o le a faafiafia i le aso 31 o Oketopa seia oo i le aso 2 o Novema i Amerika Samoa ae lei see mai i Samoa nei mo ni faafiafiaga i le aso 7 e oo i le aso 9 o Novema. O lea faaaliga ua faaigoaina o le Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival ua fuafua e faafiafia ai faili ma tagata pepese i Samoa e lua faapea foi le tagata musika Samoa mai Niu Sila ma Ausetalia. O nofoaga o le a faataunuuina ai ia faafiafiaga e aofia ai le Y-Not Bar i Matautu, Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Home Café, Sails Restaurant & Bar faapea pa i le Marina i Matautu-tai. Na faaalia e Peta, ua faamautu le auai mai o se tasi o faili mai Aukilani ua faaigoaina o le Black Sand Diva, o se faili mai Ueligitone o le Kabasa, ma le alii o Max Stowers ma lana faili lea e aofia ai le tamaitai ili pu o Edwina Thorne. E tolu faili mai Amerika Samoa o le a auai mai e aofia ai se tasi o faili fou e ese foi a latou musika mai le tele o faili Samoa o lo o i ai nei. O lea faili ua faaigoaina o le Banned from Samoa. TOE SUIA TUUTUUGA A LE IRB Ua faailoa mai e le taitaifono o le Iuni lakapi a Samoa, le afioga i le alii palemia, le susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi e faapea, o le tulaga i fesuiaiga o tulafono e pei ona toe i ai le faasaoga poo le teuteuga lona lua ua faalauiloa faalauaitele mai e le Fono Faatonu o le Lakapi o le Lalolagi, le IRB, ua atili ai ona faafaigata mo tama taaalo a Samoa ma isi atunuu o le Pasefika o lo o fia taaalo mo o latou atunuu ona faia a latou filifiliga. O le teuteuga fou o lea tulafono, e ono toatele nisi o tama Samoa o fia taalo mo le Manu Samoa i le Olimipeka o le tausaga 2016 o le a (Faaauau itulau 15)

10 Page 10 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Le Tina ia Petimani Ta avao ma nisi o sui o le Au-Uso Fealofani a le Ekalesia Metotisi i Malaeloa ina ua ma ea le latou Tausala aua ia ta apenapenaga o le vaitaimi o taulaga a le Ekalesia. [Ata: THA] tusia Ausage Fausia SAUNI FONO FESILIGIA KOMITI FA AFOE LBJ O le vaiaso nei lea ua fa atulaga e faia ai iloiloga a le Komiti o le Soifua Maloloina a maota e lua o le Fono Faitulafono, mo le fesiligiaina o ni isi o mataupu o lo o alia e mai i le Falema i o le LBJ i Fagaalu, lea sa fa aalia ai ni isi o atugaluga a senatoa ma faipule i le vaiaso na te a nei. O le aso Faraile nei lea ua faamoemoe e faia ai le iloiloga a le senate, ae o le vaiaso fou lea ua faatulaga i ai le iloiloga a le maota o sui. O le mataupu lenei na laga i luma o le fono i le vaiaso na te a nei, ina ua fesiligia le faaiuga a le Komiti Fa afoe e fa aitiitia i le $5 le tupe e siaki ai le foma i, pe le aafia ai tulaga o tupe maua a le falema i. E le gata i lea, sa fesiligia fo i le fa aiuga a le Komiti Fa afoe lea ua faia, e fa aopoopo ai le ta i $1,000 i a latou tupe o fa amanuiaga mo totino o le Komiti, ae o lea tulaga e le o fa atagaina i lalo o le tulafono. Na taua e le afioga i le alii senatoa ia Mauga Tasi Asuega ananafi, o ia fo i lea o le taitaifono o le komiti a le Senate, o le taua o le iloiloga lea o le a faia i le vaiaso nei, o le a malamalama ai afioga i senatoa i mataupu o lo o nenefu ai o latou finagalo, ae o se avanoa fo i lea e fautuaina ai le Komiti Fa afoe i ni mea e ao ona toe fa asa o. FESILIGIA TUPE FESOASOANI MO FAIGA FAIVA O le fiu o le Asosi o Faiga Faiva a le atunu u e fa atali so latou matupalapala mai le Matagaluega o le Puipuiga o le Gataifale ma le Vaomatua (DMWR), aemaise ai o se avanoa e feiloa i atu sui o le Asosi i le Fa atonusili o le Matagaluega, mo le fa atalatalanoaina o mataupu e fa atatau i fesoasoani e agava a i ai le Asosi, na tula i ai loa le afioga i le ali i faipule ia Va amua Henry Sesepasara, o ia fo i lea o se sui o le Asosi, ma ia talosagaina le Fofoga Fetalai mo se iloiloga e faia a le maota o sui, tauala atu i le Komiti o le Fa agaioiga o le malo, sei tali ai fesili o lo o fia malamalama i ai le Asosi. O le taua tele o le mataupu e pei ona saunoa le afioga a Faimealelei Anthony Fu a Allen, o ia fo i lea o le taitai komiti, na ia fa atulaga ai loa le iloiloga mo le mataupu lenei i le itula e 11:00 i le aso Tofi o le vaiaso nei. Ae na saunoa Va amua e fa apea, e le gata sa i ai le vaega tupe na pasia atu e le Fono e $150,000 i totonu o le Paketi a le Matagaluega o le DMWR mo le tausaga tupe lenei 2014, ae i ai fo i le isi $150,000 ua maea ona pasia e le fono mo le paketi o le tausaga tupe fou 2015, e fesoasoani ai i le fa aleleia o tulaga tau faiga faiva i le atunuu. Na taua e Va amua i luma o le maota e faapea, o le a uma lava le tausaga tupe lenei ae lei maua lava se tulaga i le faaaogaina o le tupe lenei, ae poo a foi atina e o lo o manatu le matagaluega e faaaoga i ai le tupe. O le itu na taua e le alii faipule o lo o faanoanoa ai, ua faatele ona ia taumafai e saili sona avanoa e feiloai ai ma le tamaitai faatonu e uiga i le mataupu lenei, ae lei maua lava se avanoa, ma e foliga mai ua ova le le mafaufau o le tamaitai fa atonu, i lona le amanaia o sona taumafai atu. Saunoa le sui fofoga fetalai sa ia taitaia le tauaofiaga a le maota o sui ananafi, e taua tele le mataupu e pei ona saunoa i ai le alii faipule, atonu e mafai ai foi ona faafofoga le maota i le tulaga o lo o i ai lenei tupe pe afai ae taunuu le iloiloga. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec Vaega: 78 Fa atalofa atu i le mamalu o le atunu u, o lea fo i ua o tatou va aia le susulu matagofie mai o le la, e fa ailoa mai ai le matagofie o galuega mamana a le Silisili Ese, e ao ai ona o tatou fa apea ifo, Le Ali i e, o Oe o le Mataisau o mea uma lava, o le vi iga matou te fa afo i atu i Lau Afio i aso uma o lo matou ola, Amene. O le vaega lona fitusefuluvalu lenei o la tatou tala fa asolo Lupe o le Filifili, ae ia manuia le alo faiva o le atunu u i feau ma galuega o lenei aso. Na muta mai la tatou tala ina ua alu pea le pasi e aga i i tua, o lea la ua tu nei, ae se i fai se fa amalositino a le au pasese. O le taimi lea, o lo o nofo lava le toeaina o Paulo e le gaioi, na tu a e nei i luga Samuelu ma savali ane i si ona tama, Paulo, e i ai se mea e te mana o ai, o e fia inu, na lue ane i ai le ulu o le toeaina ioe, o lea na a apa ai loa Samuelu i totonu o le pusa ma avane i luga le fagu vai na utu mai i le paipa a Salamasina ma lona to alua. Fai mai, e le o matu loimata o le toeaina o Paulo, ona o lo o fa asolosolo pea ona mafaufauga i lona tuafafine o Salamasina. Ma o lo o ia manatua pea a la tala na fai ma lona tuafafine ina ua momoe Sila, Eseta, Samuelu ma Larry i le po. O le fautuaga na tu u ane e lona tuafafine i a te ia e moni ma fa amaoni, ona o le tulaga o lo o i ai nei lona atali i o Samuelu. O Salamasina fo i na faia le tonu e sili pe a alu atu Samuelu latou te nonofo, atonu e sui ai lona olaga, ma maua ai sona lumana i manuia e tausi ai la ua. O le isi itu na manatu i ai Sala, ia aua ai ne i toe sala la ua i luma o le nu u, ona o le fa amisa o Samuelu, ae tainane fo i, o le la va ma lona uso matua o Petelo. O le isi lea itu na manatu ai loa le toeaina e sili pe a fai le tonu lea ua fai ane ai lona tuafafine i a te ia. Ae o le mea ua tupu, e le i talanoa i le lo omatua o Eseta, o le mea tonu lava lea o lo o fai ma fa alavelave i le mafaufau o le toeaina i lea taimi. A o alu pea le pasi, na fa ate ia le pasese i le vala au a le lo omatua o Eseta, Poni, malo le fa auli, malo fo i le tauata i, va ai pi oga, e alu alu lemu ai le pasi, ua e iloa fo i, na o ie mea ia e fai, nei te i se lo omatua ua tupu ai se fa alavelave. Ua alu le tali e a le pasese, ma tilotilo ane i a Eseta, ae e pei lava e fai i le tua o le pato, na toe alu atu ma le isi fa aupuga a le lo omatua, Poni, manatua fo i e i ai lava le taimi e fa atu fa afuase i ai le pasi, ia o le na lava ua e iloa le tualga le na. Ua toe alu fo i le tali e, a le pasese, ae o le taimi lea, o lo o fa asolosolo lava mafaufauga o le toeaina o Paulo. O ona manatu ma ona mafaufauga i mea o le aiga, o lana fanau, o fea o le a i u i ai le Fa amasinoga lea o lo o loma nei, a o ai o le a fai ma ulutala i le Fa amasinoga, o nei mea uma, ua avea ma avega mamafa i le toeaina. Ae o upu moni lava, e fa apea lava mea e tutupu i o tatou olaga, ona avea lea ma fa atupu ma i, ae o mea e mafai ona fai, e ala lea i le fetufa ai o aiga, o le talatalanoa ma fa ailoa manatu o le tasi i le isi, e fa amama ai le avega, a o lea ua matua i mamafa lava i le mafaufau o le Paulo i lea taimi, e foliga mai ua na o ia o lo o soifua mai. E le i umi lava, ae fa alogoina loa le vala au, Poni, se i fa atu le pasi fa amolemole, se i o atu le pasese e savalivali ma manava sina ea fou. Ua ata Poni ma afe loa i tua le pasi, aua ua iloa lelei lava e le ave pasi le uiga o le vala au lea, ae o lo o fia iloa e Poni po o ai le leo lea na vala au ane. Aua o le uiga moni lava, ua fia lagi pese malie a le pasese i lea taimi. E faia pea.


12 Page 12 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 New tremors raise concern on Mount Ontake in Japan Menahem Asher Silva Vargas, a 37 year old lawyer, smiles as he shows off his collection of Harry Potter memorabilia, after being awarded the Guinness World Record title for the largest collection, in Mexico City, Monday, Sept. 29, Silva s 14 year old collection consists of more than 3000 individual items, including figurines, trading cards, wands, clothing, and accessories. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell) NEWS IN BRIEF Mexican s Harry Potter hoard is world s biggest MEXICO CITY (AP) A Mexico City man is in Hogwarts heaven after his collection of Harry Potter memorabilia was named the world s largest. Menahem Asher Silva Vargas has spent nearly 15 years hoarding all things related to British author J.K. Rowling s young-adult wizard-fantasy series, which spawned eight blockbuster films. His collection fills two rooms and counts everything from magic wands and toy figurines to Gryffindor scarves and replica Quidditch brooms. Guinness World Records officially recognized it Monday as the world No. 1, at 3,097 pieces. The old mark was 807. Silva Vargas said he began with no intent to amass a huge collection. But soon it was like being under a spell. He laughingly called his obsession both a blessing and a curse: My salary, my bonuses... it all ended up here. Oregon cops: Suspect drove fast and had strong smell LEBANON, Ore. (AP) Officers in western Oregon say a suspect they tried to collar at a traffic stop drove too fast for pursuing officers, but eventually he was just too fragrant. The Albany Democrat-Herald reports that the driver gave officers in Linn County the slip in a high-speed chase before dawn Sunday, doing better than 100 mph in a red Honda Prelude whose hood flew off. But Lebanon police later saw the car parked and launched a search by foot. That s when officers caught a strong scent of cologne in the darkness and soon found their suspect hiding in shrubbery. Thirty-five-year-old Charles V. Agosto was jailed on charges including probation violation and trying to elude officers. Officers said he told them he regretted using the cologne. There was no immediate indication he had a lawyer. Man dies crossing street to Del. funeral home DOVER, Del. (AP) Police in Delaware say a man has died after he was struck by a car while attempting to cross a street to get to a funeral home. Police say 51-year-old Bruce Johnson of Goldsboro, Maryland, was hit by a Jeep on Friday evening while trying to get to the Bennie Smith Funeral Home in Dover. Police say he was taken to the Bayhealth Medical Center where he died of his injuries. Police say Johnson was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. Authorities say there will be no charges filed against the driver and that alcohol was not a factor. Continued from page 8 a NY fire captain charged with molesting boys in LA LOS ANGELES (AP) Los Angeles prosecutors have charged a New York City fire captain with molesting two boys in Hollywood. The district attorney s office said Monday that Wilbert Riera was charged with six felony counts of lewd acts on a child under 14. The crimes allegedly occurred earlier this month. The 51-year-old Riera was arrested Friday at a Staten Island firehouse and will be extradited from New York. Prosecutors say he faces life in prison if convicted of the charges. A fire department spokesman says the 21-year-year veteran assigned to the emergency medical service has been suspended without pay for a month. It wasn t immediately known if he had a lawyer. Secret Service arrests man near Ethiopian Embassy WASHINGTON (AP) The U.S. Secret Service has arrested a man who officers believe fired a gun near the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington. U.S. Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said in an ed statement that when Secret Service officers investigated a report of shots fired around 12:15 p.m. Monday, they detained a man believed to be the shooter. His name was not released. The Secret Service says there were no reported injuries. The embassy is on International Drive in northwest Washington. There was no immediate answer at a main embassy telephone number Monday afternoon veterans line up for free marijuana COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) A marijuana giveaway for veterans attracted about 1,000 people to a Colorado hotel. The Grow 4 Vets giveaway in Colorado Springs aimed to bring cannabis-based treatments to veterans with service-related conditions as an alternative to pain medications. The Gazette reports that veterans were given a bag of items that included cannabis oil, an edible chocolate bar and seeds to grow plants. Marijuana activists have tried unsuccessfully to have post-traumatic stress disorder added to the Colorado list of medical conditions that qualify for joining the medical marijuana registry. Now that pot is legal for all adults over 21, organizers are free to give away marijuana. Not all who received the bags were veterans. A $20 dollar donation from nonveterans was encouraged. A similar event was held last weekend in Denver. (Continued on page 13) KISO, Japan (AP) Increased seismic activity raised concern Tuesday about the possibility of another eruption at a Japanese volcano where 36 people were killed, forcing rescuers to suspend plans to try to recover at least two dozen bodies still near the summit. Volcanic tremors rose to a level not seen since Saturday evening, hours after Mount Ontake s initial large eruption, said Shoji Saito of the Japan Meteorological Agency. The tremor levels were oscillating up and down. At this point, anything can happen, Saito said, though he stopped short of predicting another large eruption. About 80 to 100 relatives and friends of those who never returned from the summit were waiting for news in a municipal hall in the nearby central Japanese town of Kiso. Rescuers found five more bodies on Monday, bringing the death toll to 36. They have managed to airlift only 12 bodies off the mountain since the start of the eruption on Saturday because of dangerous conditions. There were believed to be at least 250 people on the mountain, a popular hiking destination, when it erupted. How the victims died remains unclear, though experts say it was probably from suffocating ash, falling rocks, toxic gases or some combination of them. Some of the bodies had severe contusions. Survivors told Japanese media that they were pelted by rocks from the eruption. Yuji Tsuno, a veteran mountain photographer, was near the summit. After taking pictures of the initial explosion as ash and debris rained down, he quickly took refuge in a nearby hut, he told the TBS TV network. About 20 minutes later, when the smoke partially subsided, Tsuno rushed out and began his descent. It was a gamble, but he believed it was his only chance, he said. I almost thought it was the end of my life, he said in the interview. On his way down, he spotted a man heading up. I told him to go down with me, but he said he had to check on his child up there. I couldn t stop him, Tsuno said. The eruption caught seismologists by surprise. Although somewhat increased seismic activity had been recorded for about two weeks, there were no indications of a major eruption, said Satoshi Deguchi, a Japan Meteorological Agency official in Nagano prefecture. Typical signs, such as increased seismic rattling or underground structural movement, were not detected. The eruption was the first fatal one in modern times at the 3,067-meter (10,062-foot) mountain, located about 210 kilometers (130 miles) west of Tokyo. An eruption occurred in 1979, but no one died. Dense white plumes of gases and ash are spewed out from the summit crater of Mount Ontake, central Japan, Monday afternoon, Sept. 29, Japanese soldiers managed to bring down eight more bodies by helicopter from the ash-blanketed peak of a still-erupting volcano on Monday, before toxic gases and ash forced them to suspend the recovery effort in the early afternoon. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)

13 NEWS IN BRIEF Continued from page 12 Clooney, wife make newlywed appearance in Venice VENICE (AP) Wedding bands glinted under the Venetian sun on the hands of George Clooney and his new bride, Amal Alamuddin, as the heartthrob actor and the human rights lawyer emerged Sunday from the luxury hotel where they were married a day earlier. The groom, in a smart light gray suit, sported a simple ring on his left hand. His wife, in a flouncy white short dress with pastel-colored appliques resembling flower blossoms, wore a thin band studded with what appeared to be roundish diamonds. The newlyweds shaded their eyes from the afternoon sunlight with dark glasses. They hopped into a waiting water taxi and, with Clooney putting his arm around her frequently, made their way down the Grand Canal to another waterside hotel where many of their guests were staying.. Testimony resuming in officer s trial DETROIT (AP) A controversial witness is returning to testify in the trial of a Detroit police officer charged in the death of a 7-year-old girl. Mertilla Jones is the grandmother of Aiyana Stanley- Jones. The trial of Joseph Weekley was halted last week after Jones sobbed and yelled, You killed my grandbaby. Defense attorney Steve Fishman says Jones acted like a fool and spoiled Weekley s right to a fair trial. Weekley is charged with involuntary manslaughter. He insists he accidentally pulled the trigger during a raid when Jones grabbed his gun, but she denies any interference. Jones is expected to be in the witness chair again Tuesday, a day after Wayne County Judge Cynthia Gray Hathaway denied a request for a mistrial. Australia won t send Ebola docs to West Africa CANBERRA (AP) Australia on Monday ruled out sending doctors to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak there because of logistical problems in repatriating any Australian who became infected with the deadly virus. Medecins Sans Frontieres, also known as Doctors Without Borders, as well as the Australian opposition party have called on the government to send a medical team to assist in a worsening doctor shortage in West Africa where the worstever outbreak of Ebola has killed more than 3,000 people. But Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Australian Health and Defense Departments had both advised that Australia could not safely evacuate Australian health workers back home. The Australian government is not about to risk the health of Australian workers in the absence of credible evacuation plans that could bring our people back to Australia, Bishop told reporters. Pilot and teen boy ID d as victims of NY plane crash LANCASTER, N.Y. (AP) Authorities have identified the pilot and child who were killed in a collision involving two small planes at an event to introduce children to aviation in western New York. Officials tell The Buffalo News that 78-year-old Anthony Mercurio and 14-year-old James Metz died in the Saturday morning collision about 6 miles from Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport. The FAA says the midair crash involved a Cessna 172 and a SeaRey amateur-built aircraft. The SeaRey was piloted by 59-year-old Kevin D Angelo, of Orchard Park, and landed safely in a field in Alden. His 9-year-old passenger was not identified. The Experimental Aircraft Association told the newspaper that both planes were flying as part of an event called the Young Eagles rally. Job Title: SENIORE NGINEER Department/Division: Public Works/Civil Highway Type of Position: Full Time/Permanent Appointment Teachers shut down 2 colo. high schools GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) Hundreds of suburban Denver high school students missed school again Monday as teachers shut down two high schools by calling in sick amid a controversy over proposed changes to an Advanced Placement history class and changes to their pay. Classes were canceled at Golden and Jefferson high schools after 81 percent and 70 percent of teachers called in sick respectively. Some students who had the day off hit the street to protest against a proposal from the board s new conservative majority to review the history course to make sure it promotes patriotism and doesn t condone social disorder. At Jefferson High School in Edgewater, about 30 students marched to busy Wadsworth Boulevard and protested in front of the school holding signs such as We have a right to know history. At Golden High School, English teacher Tammie Peters told The Denver Post that teachers are sick of the board majority actions. samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Page 13 Hiker trapped in canyon in Zion National Park dies SALT LAKE CITY (AP) A 34-year-old Southern California man was found dead over the weekend in Zion National Park after rising floodwaters trapped him in a narrow canyon that is home to one of the park s best-known hiking trails. Douglas Yoshi Vo s body was found Sunday afternoon in the Narrows, a popular hike that entails walking in shallow water through a winding canyon with steep walls, National Park Service spokesman David Eaker said. Vo, of Westminster, California, and his friend began hiking early Saturday when rains came and the river began rising rapidly, forcing them to take refuge on high ground. They ended up on opposite sides of the raging river and could not talk to one another because of the noise of the water, Eaker said. The two waited until the afternoon, hoping the water level would lower and allow them to hike out. AMERICAN SAMOA GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES PAGO PAGO, AMERICAN SAMOA EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Toll from Guinea- Bissau mine blast rises to 22 BISAAU, Guinea-Bissau (AP) Two more people who were wounded when a minibus struck a land mine in Guinea- Bissau have died, a doctor said Monday, raising the death toll in the accident to 22. The bus was travelling in the country s north on Friday when it was completely destroyed by the mine. The blast was so strong most victims were unrecognizable to their relatives. Alberto Malo, a doctor at the hospital where several victims were brought, confirmed Monday that two more people succumbed to their wounds. The mine appears to date to the country s fight for independence from Portugal. The blast has raised questions in Guinea- Bissau, which had declared itself free of all known land mines after demining operations. Since independence in 1974, Guinea-Bissau has been roiled by coups and instability and no president has ever finished his term. It is now trying to get back on course, and held a peaceful election in May. Posting Date: September 3, 2014 Serial No.: Closing Date: October 14, 2014 Posting Type: Employment Opportunity/ Open to the Public Note: This is exempted from the freeze as per the Governor s General Memorandum. Announcement No.: Pay Range: GS 16 $25,012 - $55,172 General Description: The incumbent of this position is responsible for managing highly visible and sensitive projects and for supervising subordinate engineering staff performing several projects. The individual will supervise and coordinate professional civil or structural engi neering work in the field and office and to perform related work as required. The incumbent reports directly to the Deputy Treasurer and/or the Treasurer and is responsible for t he daily management and administration of the Government Financial System. Manage strategy and process to ensure the seamless integration of all the financial modules in order to provide sound and accurate financial information for the government. Maintain the integrity of systems financial data essential for decision making at the top level with the Governor and Legislature and throughout the middle management of government with the department heads. Key Duties and Responsibilities: Plans, assigns, trains, instructs, assists, supervises, and evaluates the work of professional an d technical staff Prepares technical and engineering correspondence and reports Provides technical expertise on matters pertaining to policies, procedures, practices, standards and departmental position on pending discretionary actions to public and private agencies and individuals Recommends selection and fee negotiations to provide competent, cost effective consultants Plans, organizes, directs and controls resources assigned to best accomplish the assigned functio ns within budget and at maximum effectiveness Enforces the appropriate Departmental Policies and Directors Letters of Instructions Prepares engineering documents including structural drawings, contract proposals, material lists, reinforcements and structural specifications for a wide variety of earthwork projects and structures Reviews and checks structural designs, calculations, contractors shop drawings, and engineering d rawings for construction, repair, and maintenance projects Selects and uses computer software to develop engineering and mathematical analysis of design pro blems in hydraulics and hydrology, drainage and control facilities, solid waste disposal operations, highway design, traffic control, water distribution and rehabilitation studies, air and water quality design standard determinations Reviews proposed projects to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements Directs field crews engaged in a variety of engineering construction, maintenance, and repair act ivities on service contracts and projects Examines and checks building plans and specifications for compliance with various codes and regul ations to assure good structural practices and to determine errors in design or construction Establishes design requirements/standards for permit applications and assures proper structural e ngineering practices Provides guidance to technical or junior staff on code compliance matters Acts as a liaison between the construction industry and other governmental offices Supervise and evaluate the work performance of technical staff Provides responsive, high quality service to department employees, representatives of outside age ncies and members of the public by providing accurate, complete and up-to-date information, in a courteous, efficient and timely manner All other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Knowledge Skill and Ability Modern civil engineering theories, procedures and methods to solve a wide range of engineering pr oblems Identify and define technical and administrative problems, identify and evaluate alternative solu tions and select and implement the best alternative Skills and abilities to serve as a group supervisor or project leader in planning, review propose d project to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements Ability to prepare and check engineering design, detail estimates, plans and specifications Academic and Experience Requirements: Applicant must have a Master Degree in related field from an accredited college/university plus 5 ye ars of work related experience; 3 years of Supervisory capacity OR Bachelor Degree plus 6 years; 4 years of Supervisory capacity. Years of progressively r esponsible working experience may be substituted for portion of the academic requirement. Salary will be adjusted according to experience. Complete information concerning this vacancy may be obtained from the Personnel Division of the Depa rtment of Human Resources, or please contact the Recruitment unit at /

14 Page 14 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 TCF visitor reports Continued from page 1 The Company Origin Energy American Samoa, Inc is the supplier and distributor of LPGas in American Samoa, has been doing business in the territory for over 20 years and is also an equal opportunity employer. The Position Origin Energy American Samoa, Inc is seeking a highly motivated and professional individual for the role of DELIVERY DRIVER based in American Samoa. Job purpose To perform delivery duties for the distribution of our products to our customers across the island and to perform other general duties. In The High Court of American Samoa TRIAL DIVISION Probate No IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF THERESA MAE SCANLAN ANDRADE Deceased NOTICE FOR HEARING ON PETITION FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF AN ADMINISTRATOR AND FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION TO: ALL INTERESTED PARTIES NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ANGELA LANGKILDE has petitioned to be appointed as the Administrator of the Estate of the late THERESA MAE SCANLAN ANDRADE and for Letters of Administration. The hearing on her petition has been set to be heard on October 16, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. at the High Court of American Samoa located in Fagatogo, American Samoa, at which time and place all persons interested in the estate of THERESA MAE SCANLAN ANDRADE, deceased, may appear and contest the same, if they so choose. DATED: September 10, 2014 Published 9/16, 9/23, 9/30 Employment Opportunity Duties Drive delivery trucks Assist with delivery operations Assist with servicing & maintenance of delivery vehicles Assist in general terminal operational duties Follow all HSE policies & procedures Clerk of Courts Qualifications Must have successfully completed High School Must have excellent communication skills (bilingual Samoan & English) Must have at least 2 years previous work experience in the position/role Must possess basic computer skills (basic knowledge in Microsoft Word & Excel) Must hold valid ID & driver s license (private & commercial) Preferably with a good driving record Must be in good health & capable of lifting 70lbs Agrees to random drug & alcohol testing Compensation Package We offer excellent wages based on experience We also offer 401K, paid holidays, insurance package & many other benefits. All interested persons qualified for the above position can apply in person at our Tafuna Office between the hours of 08:00am to 4:00pm. Deadline for applicants is Oct/02/ ORIGIN ENERGY AMERICAN SAMOA, INC. P. O. BOX 159 PAGO PAGO AS He also pointed out that as long as there is a police escort, the inmate can be released, but only in certain cases. The furious woman told Samoa News yesterday that she will be filing an official complaint against this particular correction officer who cornered her at the Tafuna Correctional Facility. This officer approached me and asked me if I was the one who called Samoa News about the release of Fualaau from jail. Is this how you approach people, who are visiting their families, who are inmates, really? she asked. I felt threatened, and the worst part is, this officer is accusing the wrong person, this will not end here, she told Samoa News. The woman said she s really saddened as to how the police are handling the situation by approaching people who are coming in to visit their family members. They are being unprofessional and they can be liable for such drastic actions by accusing me, she stated. The woman also told Samoa News that her family member who is in jail, told her that there was a surprise raid conducted by the Correction officers, where their personal items were damaged, as the officers opened bags of chips, ripped their pillow cases and poured out their detergents. In the meantime, a criminal investigation has been launched into the release of the female inmate twice this month, and this has been confirmed by Commissioner of Public Safety, William Bill Haleck who said this should not have happened. The Investigation, being conducted by the Criminal Investigation Division, is nearly completed, and if it s determined that the law was violated, DPS will not hesitate to prosecute this matter, according to the Commissioner. Talosaga ma loimata Mai itulau 1 le fa amasinoga. E to alua molimau na valaau e le itu a Tuaolo e molimau mo ia, ina ia mafai ona maua e alii faamasino ni isi o fa amatalaga e fesoasoani ai e tau fa amama se fa asalaga mo ia, ma o ia molimau e aofia ai lona faletua atoa ai ma lona aunty. Na taua e le aunty i le fa amasinoga e fa apea, ina ua mae a le fa alavelave na taofia ai e leoleo le ua molia, sa ia vaaia ai se suiga i le olaga o lona nephew, ma maua ai fo i ma le avanoa na te fautuaina ai o ia i ala e tatau ona ui ma savali i ai. Na taua e le aunty e fa apea, ao lei tulai mai le fa alavelave lenei, sa fiafia lava le ua molia e alu e tafao i ana uo ma eva solo, peita i o le taimi nei, ua nofo o ia i le fale e tausi le la fanau ae alu lona to alua e faigaluega. E tele itu lelei na fa ailoa e le aunty i le faamasinoga e ono avea ma itu e faamama ai se faasalaga mo le ua molia. Na taua e le to alua a le ua molia i le fa amasinoga e faapea, o Punefuolemotu o se tama alofa ia te ia ma lana fanau, ae ua i ai foi suiga ua ia vaaia i le taimi nei talu ona tulai mai le faalavelave e pei ona ta usala ai o ia e le fa amasinoga. Na talosaga le tina mo se isi avanoa mo lona to alua, atoa ai ma lana talosaga, e i ai polokalame o lo o avanoa i le Matagaluega o Tautua ma Auaunaga Lautele o lo o faigaluega ai, atonu e fesoasoani ia polokalame mo lona to alua, e fesoasoani ai i le fa afitauli o lo o aafia ai o ia. Na ia talosagaina fo i se isi avanoa mo lona toalua, ona o lo o i ai se aafiaga i lona soifua maloloina e manaomia ai le i ai pea o ia i le fale. Na fesili le loia a le malo ia Tiffany Oldfield i le molimau pe faigaluega lona to alua, na tali le tina e leai. Na toe fesili le loia pe sa ia iloa le faafitauli i fualaau faasaina na aafia ai lona toalua, ae na tali le molimau, sa fa alogo ai ae lei vaai ai lava. Na faatoese le ua molia i le faamasinoga e tusa ai o lana solitulafono, ma ia talosagaina ai se isi avanoa mo ia. Sa ia faatoese foi i lona aiga aemaise lona toalua ma lana fanau, e tusa ai o le solitulafono sa ia faia ua ta uleagaina ai i latou. O le faalavelave e pei ona tausala ai Punefuolemotu na tula i mai i le 2012, ina maua e leoleo ni vaega o le pauta oona o le aisa mai le ua molia, lea e tusa lona tau ma le $10,000 pe a faatau atu i tagata. COMMUNITY BRIEFS Continued from page 4 Candidates are selected based on their expertise and experience in relation to the seat for which they are applying, community and professional affiliations, and views regarding the protection and management of marine resources. Applicants who are chosen as members should expect to serve a three-year term. The advisory council was established to ensure continuous public participation in the management of the sanctuary. The council s 17 voting members and eight non-voting members serve on a volunteer basis, represent a variety of local user groups, the general public, and territorial and federal governmental jurisdictions. An application kit and further information can be obtained by contacting Joseph Paulin via at gov> by phone at or by mail at National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, PO Box 4318, Pago Pago, AS Application kits can also be downloaded from the sanctuary s website at

15 samoa news, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Page 15 Some of the ASG employees who attended a meeting called by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to sit in as teachers for the next two-three weeks, until new DOE teachers arrive from Samoa. [photo: JL] Teacher shortage Continued from page 1 six districts, to ensure expedited responses when requests are received. The transfer to DPW also included DOE funds earmarked for maintenance. DPW has since hired 6 individuals, given them new vehicles and salaries of around $40k. In 2013, responding to Samoa News questions, the governor s executive assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira said it s Lolo s wish that DOE concentrate solely on educating students with teachers focusing on classroom teaching instead of having to worry about the conditions of public school facilities. Iulogologo said school maintenance is divided in about six districts with a supervisor, who is responsible along with the district team to response expeditiously to any calls from public schools throughout the territory. The idea is to have a technical team of certified plumbers, electricians and other personnel available to be dispatched immediately to any request from each district, he said over a telephone interview, at the time. He said that under the setup of this network with DPW, the maintenance crew will also continue to visit school campuses every day to ensure there are no other problems, which will be later identified as worst. Preventive measures are the idea, to make sure a small problem does not get worse, or any issue does not become a problem later, he said, adding that DPW has set out specific work duties and responsibilities for the maintenance crew. This year, in September, Samoana High School converted their gymnasium into classrooms, after one of its older buildings had water damage from roof leaks and was found to be un-usable. The school delayed its official opening day, until the temporary classrooms were completed. It s unknown if the building will be repaired and renovated or a new one is in the works. Fa atonu Kovana le DOE Mai itulau 9 fanau mo le lua i le tolu vaiaso, e fa atali ai le taimi e mae a ai gaioiga mo le fa amautuina o faiaoga tumau. Na fa atonu e Lolo faiaoga uma ua tofia e galulue i totonu o le Ofisa o Aoga ae o lo o i ai le agava a fa a faiaoga, ina ia toe fo i e galulue i totonu o potu aoga, o le mafua aga tonu lea na ala ai ona fa a faigaluega i latou e le DOE. A i ai le tagata o outou e musu e toe fo i e galue i totonu o le potu aoga, su e se isi galuega e te alu i ai, ae ave le avanoa i fanau a le atunuu lea ua fo i mai ma fa ailoga e galulue ai e a oa o fanau aoga, o le saunoaga tu u sa o lea a Lolo ia i latou uma sa auai i lea feiloaiga. Na fa afetaia e le alii kovana alii ma tamaitai na faatasi atu ananafi, i lo latou naunau e tali atu i manaoga a le malo, aemaise ai o le naunau e fesoasoani e aoao fanau aoga. Na fa ailoa e Lolo e fa apea, o le galuega fa a faiaoga lea o le a tofia i latou e galulue ai, e le o ni galuega tumau, ae o se avanoa lelei fo i lea e mafai ai ona fa a masani i latou i le olaga faigaluega i totonu o le malo. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia TALA MAI SAMOA Mai itulau 9 le agavaa ai. Na faailoa e le alii palemia i luga o pepa o faamatalaga e faapea, e le o i ai se amiotonu faaletulafono i lea teuteuga ma e leo i ai foi se tulaga o le a uunaia ai atunuu lakapi e lagolagoina lea taaloga talu ai lava lea faaiuga ua toe aumai. O le taatiaga muamua o le tulafono sa i ai, e moomia ai tama sa taaalo muamua mo se isi atunuu ae ua fua sui i lona atunuu ona taalo i se vae se tasi o le taamilosaga taitoafitu faavaomalo a le IRB, ona agavaa ai lea e taalo mo le au taitoafitu a lona atunuu i le Olemipeka faapea le au taitoa 15 a lona atunuu. Peitai, ua toe faailoa mai nei e le IRB le toe teuteuina o le tulafono ma ua tatau nei ona atoa vae e fa o le taamilosaga taitoafitu a le IRB e taaalo ai tama o lo o fia sui atunuu e taaalo ai e le gata mo le Olemipeka, ae faapea foi le ipu o le lalolagi. SAINI E SAMOA LE MALIEGA FAAVAOMALO Ua maea sainia nei e le malo Samoa ma le Faletupe o le Lalolagi se maliega faavaomalo, lea ua mafai ai ona maua se faamanuiaga tau seleni mo Samoa e $7.5 miliona tala Amerika po o le tusa lea ma le $17 miliona tala Samoa. O lea maliega na sainia ao i ai le taitai o le malo, le susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi, i le fonotaga a taitai o malo aufaatasi o le lalolagi na faatautaia i Niu Ioka i mataupu lava tau fesuiaiga o le tau. O lea seleni o le a mafai ona fesoasoani i le malo i le faamalosia o fesoasoani tautupe mo le manuia lautele ma lagolagoina ai taumafaiga mo le atinaeina o le tamaoaiga o Samoa. Faailoa foi i lalo o lenei maliega o le a fesoasoani tele lenei seleni i le faatinoina o galuega e pei ona autasi i ai mole tali atu i aafiaga mai fesuiaiga o le tau, e pei ona i ai i le Taiala Samoa, le Samoa Pathway, mai iugafono o le fonotele faavaomalo sa talimalo ai le atunuu. GHC Reid & Company Ltd. Tafuna Industrial Park P.O. Box 1269, Pago Pago, American Samoa Tel # ; Fax # EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER Marketing and Sales Manager Job Purpose: Accomplishes business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans; implementing sales plans; managing staff. Marketing and Sales Manager Job Duties: Accomplishes marketing and sales human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, trai ning, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; communicating job expectations; planni ng, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures. Achieves marketing and sales operational objectives by contributing marketing and sales information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, prod uctivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; completing audits; identifying trends; determining s ystem improvements; implementing change. Meets marketing and sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing an annual budg et; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions. Determines annual and gross-profit plans by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas; projecti ng expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products; analyzing trends and results; establishing pricing strategies; recommending selling prices; monitoring costs, competition, supply, and demand. Accomplishes marketing and sales objectives by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating ad vertising, merchandising, and trade promotion programs; developing field sales action plans. Identifies marketing opportunities by identifying consumer requirements; defining market, competitor s share, and competitor s strengths and weaknesses; forecasting projected business; establishing targeted market share. Improves product marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on m arket opportunities; improving product packaging; coordinating new product development. Sustains rapport with key accounts by making periodic visits; exploring specific needs; anticipating new opportunities. Provides information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends. Protects organization s value by keeping information confidential. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publicatio ns; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations. Accomplishes marketing and organization mission by completing related results as needed. Skills: Financial Planning and Strategy, Marketing Concepts, Positioning, People Management, Territory Mana gement, Sales Planning, Competitive Analysis, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Client Relationship s, Creative Services Qualifications: A university degree in marketing or business studies is preferred; or a minimum of seven years of re lated experience or training in sales and marketing; or the equivalent combination of formal education and experience. Problemsolving and analytical skills to interpret sales and performance and market trend information. Prov en ability to motivate and lead the sales team. Experience in developing marketing and sales strategies. Excellent oral and w ritten communication skills, plus a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite is required. A valid local driver s license is mandatory. Salary Package: Closing Date: October 13, 2014 Commensurate with experience Applicants may pick up applications and/or drop off their resumes at the GHC Reid office in Tafuna, or

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