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1 Th intrnational stdnts gid "Sttling in" and living in rn ISSO Intrnational Stdnts & Scholars Offic Srvic ccil Intrnational

2 Wo of Wlcom Th ostanding qality of its dgr programs, its intrnational otlook, its qit xcptional sitation in th lps, its varid and vry activ stdnt lif, all ths ar factors which hav mad th Univrsité d rn a mch soght-aftr dstination for mor than nin thosand intrnational stdnts who com hr vry yar. nd now w hop that it is yor trn to ndrtak sch an nriching xprinc in anothr contry than yor own, ithr by taking part in on of or larg nmbr of wll stablishd xchang programs or by nroling individally in on of th dgr corss off by on of th svral instittions of highr dcation which mak p th Univrsité d rn. This gid has bn concivd and prodcd vry mch with yo in mind, to facilitat yor arrival and hlp yo to sttl in. Yo will find hr lots of information for hlping yo with th ncssary practical stps yo nd to tak: rgistration, obtaining a visa, finding accommodation, insranc, tc., bt also a lot of sfl tips to mak yor daily lif hr asir and mor njoyabl: sports and lisr activitis, stdnt associations, cltral possibilitis, tc. nd plas rmmbr that th Intrnational Stdnts and Sholars Offic (ISSO) at th Univrsité d rn ar hr to hlp yo not jst whn yo first arriv, bt throghot th yar of yor stay in rn. las do not hsitat to call on or hlp! Yan ailly, irctor of Th Intrnational Rlations ivision of Univrsité d rn SOMMIR st part: "Sttling in" prsonalizd wlcom to Univrsité d rn for nwly-arrivd intrnational stdnts Yor dfinitiv rgistration at th nivrsity 4 ccommodation Visa and rsidnc prmits 8 anking and mony 9 ood ways of saving mony 0 Halth and insranc nd part: Living in rn Stdying in rn 4 rnch as a orign Langag 6 ating! 7 Moving arond! 8 Kping in toch Kping in toch with "Th Nws" inding a job "Ot and at" in rn 4 Sporting activitis 6 tting involvd in commnity lif 7 ltr shock! 9 lossary of rnch acronyms 9 Th maps of th campss 0 id pblishd by Univrsité d rn L ôl d rchrch t d nsignmnt spérir (RS) Univrsité d rn st composé d l Univrsité Josph orir, l Univrsité Stndhal, l Univrsité irr-mndès-ranc, l Univrsité d Savoi, rn IN t Scincs o rn. rodcd by: Th Intrnational Rlations ivision of Univrsité d rn / raphic sign: rtro pon / Univrsité d rn nglish translation: Robrt Howll riffiths hoto cits: Univrsité d rn / Utopik photo, Univrsité d rn / lxis hzièr, Tom Moor / lickr, rn commnication, Univrsité d Savoi, Univrsité Stndhal / érangèr Haëgy, rn Institt of Tchnology / lxis hzièr Sptmbr 0 or mor information: ontact:

3 RSONLIZ WLOM OR NWLY- RRIV INTRNTIONL STUNTS Th Intrnational Stdnts and Scholars Offic (ISSO) of Univrsité d rn has as its main aim facilitating th arrival in rn - and thn hlping with th "sttling in" procss - of intrnational stdnts, doctoral rsarch stdnts and intrnational rsarchrs. Sitatd at th vry hart of th nivrsity camps, in a spcial "Wlcom and Information ra" (spac ccil Information), th Intrnational Wlcom tam is thr to hlp yo and not jst initially bt on a contining basis throghot th yar particlarly with th following: é inding accommodation é Obtaining yor visa and rsidnc prmit é Yor Halth Insranc é ractical mattrs concrning vryday lif in rn Mor information is availabl on or wbsit: fr/intrnational. Thr yo can also download gids and find "info" on all sorts of spcific thms. irst part: "Sttling in" Srvic ccil Intrnational ISSO 0 avn ntral omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin-d Hèrs Tramlins or : t off th tram at "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" and w ar right opposit! Opning tims: Mondays to ridays from 9 a.m. to p.m* (*6 p.m. in Sptmbr) / las NOT! Or Intrnational Stdnts and Scholars Offic (ISSO) is affiliatd to th national ntwork of URXSS Srvic ntrs sponso by th ropan ommission. Thr ar spcial arrangmnts availabl for intgrating rsarchrs and doctoral stdnts. ontact or wlcom srvic for mor dtails. STUNTS WITH ISILITIS Th Srvic for Stdnt isabilitis of th Univrsité d rn (Srvic ccil Handicap) xists in or to hlp disabld stdnts, to nsr thir accss to all nivrsity training programs and to hlp thm to participat flly in stdnt lif. It is thr to provid spport in thir stdis for all stdnts in rn highr dcation instittions who ar confrontd with difficltis d to illnss or disability, of ithr a prmannt or a tmporary natr. Srvic ccil Handicap Résidnc Ls taillés, bâtimnt 7 d la Hoill lanch omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin-d Hèrs OR MOR INORMTION é

4 Yor dfinitiv rgistration at th nivrsity ccommodation dministrativ procdrs to follow To rgistr, plas rfr to th spcific instctions which yo rcivd with th corrspondnc concrning yor admission. nrally, in or to b dfinitivly rgist at th Univrsity, as soon as possibl aftr yor arrival, yo shold carry ot yor administrativ rgistration in th rgistry offic of yor intndd instittion or dirctly at th School or Institt to which yo ar to b admittd. It is at this stag of th procss that yo will hav to show proof of Halth Insranc. Thr will thn follow yor cors rgistration (choic of corss, options, mthods of assssmnt,) which will tak plac in yor particlar aclty (UR: Unité d ormation t d Rchrch). Rmmbr! or yor administrativ rgistration, yo mst prsnt: é birth crtificat é roof of Halth Insranc é Two idntity photographs é photocopy of yor Idntity a or assport Th ity of rn and its conrbation has a stdnt poplation of at 60,000. So th dmand for accommodation is vry high. Yo ar thrfor strongly rcommndd to bgin yor sarch at last on month bfor th bginning of th nivrsity yar. Thr ar two typs of accommodation: nivrsity rsidncs n by th pblic sctor and othr accommodation n by th privat rntal sctor. If nd b, yo can also considr a tmporary lodgings soltion. Th pblic-sctor nivrsity rsidncs Ths ar n by an organization known by its acronym ROUS (which stands for ntrs Régionax ds Œvrs Univrsitairs t Scolairs). This is th most conomical form of accommodation bt th limitd nmbr of placs availabl mans that not vryon can b hosd this way. riority is givn to stdnts nrolld for a Mastr s dgr. ll ths lodgings ar frnishd and th monthly cost sally inclds hating, lighting and watr. or a slf-containd stdio flat (what is calld in rnch n stdio), lctricity is chargd sparatly. Stdnt Rgistration s (for approximativ indication only) UJ UM U. Stndhal U. Savoi rn IN Scincs o rn Licnc 8,7 8,7 78,7 8,7 78,7 940 Mastr 49,7 49,7 4,7 49,7 4,7 - rss ingénir - iplôm conjoint - La répa ds IN 88,7 88,7 68,7 68,7 68,7 4 èm anné: 00 èm anné: 00 octorat 76,7 76,7 76,7 76,7 76,7 76,7 Rmmbr! To th rgistration fs shold b addd (xcpt in crtain cass, s blow ndr Halth Insranc) th obligatory sbscription to Halth Insranc (07 pr yar). Rgistration fs and halth insranc chargs ar rviwd ach yar in th month of Jly. N.. ivil Rsponsibility insranc: vry stdnt mst b cov by a ivil Rsponsibility Insranc policy, covring matrial and dily accidnts. This insranc is obligatory for all stdnts. Yo can tak ot this insranc policy at th sam tim as sbscribing to Social Scrity. Stdnts arriving as part of an xchang program do not pay fs to th host instittion. ddrsss of th Rgistry Offics (s maps p. 0 to ) Univrsité Josph orir 6 avn cntral omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs/ièrs Univrsité irr-mndès-ranc ds Univrsités omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs/ièrs Univrsité Stndhal 80 avn ntral omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs/ièrs rn IN 46 avn élix Viallt ntr-vill d rn Scincs o rn 00 avn cntral omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs/ièrs Th typs of ROUS accommodation é Th traditional frnishd typ of room of 9 m², with washbasin. Toilts, showr and kitchn ar sha. vrag cost: 0 pr month. é frnishd room of m² with its own toilt and showr. Sha kitchn facilitis. vrag cost: 00 pr month. é frnishd arpartmnt «stdio» for on prson of -4 m² with its own toilt, showr and kitchn facilitis. vrag cost: 80 pr month (pls lctricity). How do yo apply for accommodation in a ROUS nivrsity rsidnc? é Stdnts rgist as part of an xchang program hav th advantag of having thir application consid by ISSO. Thy ar snt th dtails of how to apply by th Intrnational Rlations Srvic of thir host nivrsity (with application on lin, dtails of choics of accommodation, dadlins for application, tc.). é Individal stdnts and grant-holdrs of th rnch govrnmnt or a forign govrnmnt can apply for accommodation by making an application for intrnational Stdnt ccommodation btwn th Janary and 0 th pril. To do this thy mst fill in a spcial application dossir ntitld ossir Social tdiant. or stdnts who cannot mt this application dadlin, thr is th possibility of applying otsid th dadlin aftr th th of May. Yo can conslt th dtaild procdrs for applying for ROUS accommodation on th wbsit of th Univrsité d rn: é Stdnts coming for a short stay, dring th nivrsity yar, to carry ot a training sssion (or stag) or to tak a comptitiv stat xamination or othr xamination, can mak a rqst (calld srvic assagrs ) to ROUS for tmporary accommodation (lasting from thr days to svral months). Th application form can b downloadd from th ROUS wbsit ndr th tab hébrgmnt passag. This shold b snt with a copy of yor stdnt ca, proof of idntity and crtifid vidnc of th stag or xamination. Th procssing of yor application taks at 8 to 0 days (dpnding on tim of yar). lacs awad ar sbjct to availability. é Stdnts ovr th ag of 8 and doctoral stdnts, can apply for accommodation on lin on th ROUS wbsit by filling in th spcial form which is rsrvd for thm. 4 é é

5 accommodation ccommodation Th privat rntal sctor Small lossary of ccommodation trms Thr is considrabl provision of privat sctor rntal accommodation in rn. t yo shold rmmbr that in th priod whn th nivrsity yar bgins (btwn th nd of gst and th nd of Octobr), th dmand for accommodation is vry high. Th typs of accommodation in th privat sctor é rivat-sctor stdnt rsidncs offr frnishd apartmnts of btwn 8 and 0 m² with thir own toilt, showr and kitchntt. vrag cost: 40 to 600 pr month (pls srvic chargs). é frnishd room in a privat hom with sha bathroom and kitchn. vrag cost: 00 to 400 pr month (inclding all chargs). é 0 m². apartmnt: avrag cost: 88 é Sharing a rntal (colocation) with othr prsons (colocatairs). This is a way of sharing th th rntal costs and srvic chargs. Rmmbr! In most cass, nrgy chargs (watr, gas and lctricity) ar not incldd in th rntal pric. How to find accommodation in th privat sctor? Varios associations and agncis classify typs of accommodation on offr (apartmnts, frnishd rooms in privat homs, stdio flats in privat rsidncs, or offrs of joint rntals (colocations). é Th national wbsit of stdnt accommodation LoKaviZ lists offrs for apartmnt rntals in th privat sctor, joint rntals (colocations) and rooms in privat hoss. It might also b worth chcking, for rfrnc prposs, availability in ROUS rsidncs: é Th Organization ssociation épartmntal Information Initiativ Jnss d rn (IIJ) pblishs in thir classifid advrtismnts a list of privatlyplacd offrs of accommodation: small flat rntals, joint rntals (colocations) and rooms in privat hoss. é Th stat (or ral-stat) agncis carry lists of rntal offrs and ar willing to hlp stdnts find accommodation corrsponding to thir statd critria (pric, gographic location). Thr ar many agncis in rn and th srronding ara. Whn a stdnt finds lodgings throgh an agncy and signs a las, th stdnt has to pay th agncy s fs which ar gnrally qivalnt to on month s rntal. é or or to mak contact with othrs who ar looking for somdy to shar a rntal. las not! Thos occpying privat accommodation on st Janary ar liabl to pay an accommodation tax (tax d habitation). rn - ck "Maris onta" th rivr Isèr Tmporary accomodation stdnt who has not yt fond dfinit accommodation, can whil waiting rsrv a hotl room via th wbsit of th rn torist bra: or rsrv a plac at th local yoth hostl. Th UJ Yoth Hostl has rooms which ar sha (btwn 4, 6 or 8 popl). Th stdnt mst first pay th UJ signingon f of 7 to hav accss to th accommodation providd by th Unitd dration of Yoth Hostls in ranc and in othr contris. Th rat for a sha room:,60 pr night. UJ Yoth Hostl / brg d jnss 0 avn d résivadan 80 échirolls Tramway: Lign, gt off at th tramstop "La Ramp"( and thn at kilomtr on foot) inancial assistanc with accommodation ll stdnts who ar from th ropan Union as wll as othr ropan contris in th ropan conomic ra, togthr with all stdnts from otsid rop who possss a long-stay visa which has bn validatd as a rsidnc prmit (visa long séjor valant titr d séjor: VLS-TS) can tak advantag of rnch govrnmnt hlp towas cost of accommodation. This hlp is commonly known in ranc by its initials "L" (id rsonnalisé a Logmnt). Thr ar svral typs of hlp, basd on th typ of accommodation, on yor rsorcs and prsonal sitation. Th stdnt shold mak a rqst for this hlp (n dmand d allocation logmnt) to what is commonly known in rnch by its initials la (aisss d llocations amilials) by intrnt. If th rqst is sccssfl, yo will b paid from th scond month of rsidnc onwas. To mak yor rqst, ntr: onslt th practical gid on th xact stps to tak in making yor rqst for accommodation assistanc by downloading th instctions on th Univrsité d rn wbsit: s wll as this, th instctions for making yor rqst on lin ar also availabl, in diffrnt langags, on th wbsit. rnch wos sd for typs and siz of apartmnts: é Stdio: on main room with a small kitchntt ara, and a bathroom. vrag siz: 0 m² é Tor bis: on room, a kitchn and a bathroom. vrag siz: 0 m² é T or : on living room, on bdroom, a kitchn and bathroom. vrag siz: 0 m² é T or : on living room, two bdrooms, a kitchn and bathroom. vrag siz: 6 m² ssranc «mlti-risqs habitations» (mlti-risk accommodation insranc): insranc covring possibl damag risk (watr damag, fir, tc.) occring in th accommodation or adjacnt accommodation. This is obligatory for all typs of accommodation. It is possibl to tak ot sch an insranc policy with an insranc company, with a bank or with th stdnt mtal cooprativ organizations, rfr to av. ail o contrat d location: (las or rntal contract): this mst b signd by th locatair (th tnant) and by th baillr (th lssor). This spcifis th obligations of ach party and th trms of th rntal agrmnt (dration, pric, monthly rntal chargs, th amont of th cation (dposit), trms of rnwal of contract). In th cas of a colocation (joint rntal), ithr a singl contract is signd by svral popl, or th propritor isss svral individal contracts. ation solidair or garant: a docmnt in which a prson prsonally garants throgh a signatr to pay on bhalf of th stdnt tnant in th cas of th lattr s insolvncy or dfalting on paymnts. This garant (garantor) mst provid vidnc of his or hr rsorcs (ithr throgh frnishing thr rcnt monthly pay slips or throgh frnishing th most rcnt tax notic). ssation d bail (cssation of las): Th locatair (tnant) can trminat th las at any momnt on condition that h or sh rspcts th lngth of préavis (notic) which is stiplatd in th rntal contract. hargs locativs mnslls (monthly rntal chargs): ths corrspond to xpnss linkd to th plac of accommodation: th maintnanc of th lvator,or th pkp of grn spacs, cartakr costs, claning of common aras, tc. Ths chargs may ithr b incldd in th ovrall rntal pric or spcifid sparatly in th rntal contract. N..! Ths chargs shold not b confsd with th costs of nrgy consmption sch as watr, lctricity and gas, which ar invoicd by indpndnt dis. épôt d garanti or cation: This is th sm of mony which is paid to th propritor on arrival and which will b rtrnd dring th two months aftr th dpartr of th tnant. Th sm is gnrally th qivalnt of on month s rnt (withot th chargs) in th cas of non-frnishd accommodation. If damag is noticd and rcod at th tim of th invntory of fixtrs on dpartr of th tnant, th costs ar invoicd to th dparting tnant and th sm is ddctibl from th garant dposit. This shold not b confsd with th cation solidair (s av). état ds lix d ntré (th taking of th invntory of fixtrs on arrival of tnant): this invntory is drawn p by th baillr (th lssor, who is sally th propritor or th agnt rprsnting th propritor) at th bginning of th rntal agrmnt as wll as at th nd. Th prpos is to rco th stat of th apartmnt/ lodging at th bginning and th nd of th rntal contract. It mst b carrid ot in th prsnc of th tnant as wll as th lssor, and signd by th of thm. état ds lix d sorti (an invntory inspction at th nd of stay): in or to vrify that thr has bn no dtrioration in th proprty and its fixtrs dring th priod of th rntal. If damag is rcod, th lssor can hold back a portion or th totality of th cation sm. Qittanc d loyr: a monthly rcipt to show that th rnt has bn paid. This can srv as proof of rsidnc for othr administrativ mattrs. Tax d habitation (rsidnc tax): this is payabl to th mnicipality in which yo rsid and is only applicabl if yo ar rnting in th privat sctor. Th tax gos towas th provision of mnicipal srvics to rsidncs. Th tax is not payabl by stdnts living in ROUS rsidncs. Th amont of tax payabl dpnds on th typ of bilding, its location and on yor incom. It applis to all paying rnt basd on yor plac of rsidnc on st Janary of ach yar. Th paymnt is mad in Octobr. Th tax dclaration forms ar dliv dirctly to yor rntal addrss. Rmmbr! Lots of xpnss occr in th first month: é On month rntal to b paid in advanc é garant down-paymnt or dposit é ny agncy fs that hav to b paid é Hosing insranc é Opning watr, lctricityand gas acconts é rranging for tlphon (fixd or mobil) é rranging for intrnt connction 6 é é 7

6 Visa and rsidnc prmits nking and mony Whn yo arriv in rn, yo mst tak varios administrativ stps in or to b ass that yo ar living and stdying in ranc lgally. é If yo hav a VLS-TS long-stay stdnt visa, this inclds a form to b prsntd at th rnch Immigration and intgration Offic (OII: l Offic rançais d l Immigration t d l Intégration) (for th stps to follow, s blow). é In all othr cass, yo mst go to th rfctr with th docmnts rqi to lgaliz yor rsidnc. Rmmbr! or nationals from lgria, Rmania and lgaria, th application for Stdnt rsidnc stats is mad at th rfctr (s av). Stps to b takn at th OII Whn yo arriv on rnch trritory, if yo hav a long-stay stdnt visa (VLS-TS) this has to b validatd by th OII for it to carry th stats of a rsidnc prmit. This stp mst b takn within th thr months following yor arrival. If yo go byond this thr months, yor sitation will b consid irrglar and yo will b sbjct to svr administrativ sanctions. Stp : To validat yor visa, yo mst snd th following docmnts to th OII: é Th form "Visa d Long Séjor mand d attstation OII". This form was givn to yo by th athoritis who gav yo yor visa. If yo do not possss this form, yo can download it on th OII wbsit: é copy of th rlvant pags of yor passport (idntity, long-stay visa, ntry stamp to ranc or to th Schngn Zon). If yor application dossir is complt, yo will rciv by post an acknowldgmnt of rcipt (n attstation d récption) of yor application for OII validation (dmand d attstation OII). Stp : Yo will thn hav to carry ot two obligatory mdical visits in or to hav yor visa validatd. To obtain appointmnts, yo shold fill in an application on lin. On yor attstation d récption alrady rcivd from th OII will b indicatd th sit link and accss cods for applying for appointmnts at th Halth ntr of Univrsité d rn. Onc yo hav filld in th application on lin, th Halth ntr (s "Halth and insranc" p. ) will snd yo two appointmnts by -mail: on for a gnral mdical xamination and th othr for chst/lng Xrays. Stp : Whn yo hav compltd th two mdical xaminations, two crtificats will b givn to yo to prsnt to th OII with th othr docmnts rqi for th dfinitiv validation of yor visa. OII arc d l llianc 76 ds lliés 800 rn How to gt thr: s rot nmbr going from rn Trois aphins (downtown rn) to chirolls La Lir. t off at th stop calld rn gn S. Opning hors: from Monday to Thrsday,.0p.m. to.0p.m. and riday from 9a.m. to a.m. Yo can conslt th practical gid to validating yor visa on th Univrsité d rn wbsit: las not! Obtaining yor first rsidnc prmit costs 8 which has to b paid in fiscal stamps. Ths stamps can b ght at th rfctr or obtaind on lin at th sit: Stps to b takn at th rfctr Yo mst go to th rfctr to validat yor visa, if yo ar in on of th following catgoris: é If yo ar a stdnt who has a oncors typ "" stdnt visa who has sccssflly passd th xamination and wishs to stay in ranc on a frthr stdy program. Yo can apply to th Isèr rfctr for a rsidnc prmit of on yar (rnwabl). é If ar an lgrian, Rmanian or lgarian national rqsting a "Stdnt" rsidnc prmit for th first tim é If yo ar th spos of an lgrian, Rmanian or lgarian stdnt é f yo ar a stdnt holding a long-stay visa markd "stagiair". onslt th wbsit to know what docmnts yo will nd in or to rnw yor rsidnc prmit. Rnwing yor rsidnc prmit If yo dcid to prs yor stdis in rn, yo will hav to rnw yor rsidnc prmit at th rfctr. n appointmnt can b mad for yor visit. Spcial arrangmnts (which ar niq in ranc) hav bn mad btwn th réfctr d l Isèr and th Univrsité d rn to sav stdnts having to wait in lin stdnts to obtain thir rsidnc prmit. To obtain an appointmnt tim, yo shold fill in th application form on lin on th Isèr rfctr wbsit: Th ro ( ) Th singl crrncy in s in most ropan contris is th ro:. Mony xchang bras (brax d chang) ar opn in all big airports and in rn. Yo can also withdraw ros from any cash dispnsing machins (TMs) throghot ranc. las not! ank a: vry commonly sd in ranc. Th main cas in s ar Mastrca, Visa and mrican xprss. hq ook (chéqir): commonly sd in ranc. Yo might wll b askd to prsnt also an idntity docmnt, particlarly if th sm involvd is a larg on. Th cost of living xpnditr to anticipat for whn yo arriv é ccommodation garant dposit (cation): qivalnt of on month s rnt (or two months in crtain rsidncs) é Halth insranc: 07 é ccommodation insranc: th cost dpnds on th typ of lodging. Yo shold rckon on btwn 0 and 60 pr yar é Th OII fiscal stamp to rglariz yor stay in ranc: 8 é Varios othr xpnss (nivrsity stdy spplis, odds and nds for yor accommodation, opning a bank accont): 0 rincipal monthly xpnss é ccommodation: - In a nivrsity rsidnc: 0 to 00 pr month - In a privat rsidnc: 40 to 600 pr month - 0m² apartmnt in town: avrag pric: 88 pr month - lctricity and gas bills ar to b paid vry two months - Watr: vry six months é Tlcommnication: cqisition of a mobil tlphon with SIM ca and intrnt sbscription: at 0 pr month é ood: 0 pr month é Lisr activitis: 0 pr month é Transport: - Local transport (tram and bs) pass: 6 pr month - icycl rntal: 0 pr month vryday xpnss é midday mal in a rstarant: 0-4 é bagtt of brad: 0.90 é mal in a nivrsity rstarant:.0 é coff in a bar or café:.0 é br:.40 é cinma tickt: 6 to Opning a bank accont Yo will nd to opn a bank accont soon aftr yor arrival in or to facilitat th daily managmnt of yor bdgt: dpositing mony rcivd from yor grant or othr incom) and daling with yor prchass. Opning a bank accont in ranc is obligatory for stdnts who wish to bnfit from L (id rsonnalisé a Logmnt) from th (aiss d llocation amilitial) bt also for th prchas on lin of fiscal stamps. To opn an accont, yo nd: é To choos a bank (why not choos a branch nar yor plac of rsidnc) é Mak an appointmnt é Tak with yo: - an idntity docmnt (idntity ca or passport), - yor rsidnc prmit (xcpt for ropan stdnts), - a proof of rsidnc (lctricity bill, rntal paymnt rcipt, accommodation crtificat, datd in th prvios thr months, tc.), - a stdnt ca, in or to bnfit from spcial rats. Onc yo hav opnd an accont, yo can obtain RIs : Rlvés d Idntité ancair. Ths ar crtificats which giv all yor banking idntity dtails and ths can b sd, withot risk of rror, for rglar paymnts (by standing or prélèvmnt) or rciving paymnts (by bank transfr virmnt) (grants or othr incom for xampl). Opning an accont is gnrally fr. rtain srvics may wll hav to b paid for: é Th provision of a ank a é lnsranc on th mans of paymnt é Mony transfrs é thorization of an ovraft (prmitting tmporary paymnt gratr than mony in accont) é Onlin consltation of yor accont In cas of loss or thft of yor mans of paymnt, yo mst dclar this immdiatly (this is calld fair opposition) and yor bank will giv yo a tlphon nmbr to call to do this as a mattr of rgncy. 8 é é 9

7 ood ways of saving mony HLTH N INSURN "Scond-hand or fla markts" (brocants) rocants or vid-grnirs sals ar markts whr individals and scond-hand goods dalrs can sll all sorts of old and sd objcts: cloths, dishs and tnsils, biks, tlvisions, in fact almost anything! rics can b rally good bt yo shold not hsitat to mmag to look for a ral bargain or haggl ovr th pric. rocants ar organizd vry wknd dring th smmr priod in th rn ara. To find ot dats and placs, conslt th intrnt sit: ranc has a vry fficint halth systm bt on that is rlativly complx, with a mltiplicity of administrativ athoritis involvd. In or to facilitat good accss to halth car, th Univrsité d n has st p a Halth ntr which brings togthr many of th srvics ndd by stdnts. Th Univrsité d rn ntr tam of halth profssionals ar thr to assr a wlcom, and offr rglar consltations and prvntiv halthcar. Th stdnts of rn Univrsitis can bnfit from many mdical srvics withot advanc paymnt by sing thir art Vital halth ca or othr crtification of thir social scrity affiliation: Ls associations La Rmis is a rhabilitation association which collcts and sorts ot and pts a pric on cloths and all sorts of odds and nds. Yo can oftn pick p scond-hand stff at xtraoinary bargain prics. La Rmis 9 d énéral rrié 800 rn Opning hors: from Tsday to Satay from 9.0 ; and from to. p.m. mmaüs as a solidarity association in th fight against povrty in socity. Thir xchang warhoss sll frnitr, clothing, dishs and tnsils, cloths, toys, hoshold appliancs, as wll as trinkts and othr odds and nds, at low prics. mmaüs avn Valnc 860 Sassnag Wbsits worth knowing is a wbsit for xchanging goods on lin. o not forgt to find ot th locality whn sarching bcas most goods hav to b pickd p at th donor s plac is a wbsit whr yo can find small advrtismnts by th privat individals and profssionals throghot ranc, whthr yo ar looking for rntal accommodation, job opnings, frnitr, lctronic qipmnt, or all sorts of othr scond-hand prodcts. Yo can also plac fr annoncmnts withot paying commission. é Mdical consltations with gnral practitionrs or spcialists (gynacologists, phychologists, psychiatrists, ntritionists, spcialists in disabilitis) é ll nrsing and vaccination srvics é 4-hor advic and psychological conslling tlphon hlplin é lanning cntr (contracption, artion, HIV tsting, sxology) é Rlaxation thrapy é Hlp with nicotin and othr addictions é onsltations on dit and food consmption é Workshops: Slf-confidnc, grop thory, strss managmnt é irst id training Rmmbr! rtain vaccinations ar strong rcommndd in ranc: Ttans, olio, iphthria. Yo can b vaccinatd for ths at th Halth ntr. ntr d Santé d omain nivrsitair 80 d la iscin Opning Hors: from 8 a.m. to p.m. Mondays, Wdnsdays, Thrsdays and ridays, and 9a.m. to p.m. Tsdays ntr d Santé d cntr-vill d rsonval 8000 rn Opning Hors: from 8.0 a.m. to p.m., Mondays, Wdnsdays and Thrsdays, from 9.0 a.m. to p.m. Tsdays, from 8.0 a.m. to 4 p.m. ridays sychological onslling: Th Univrsity Halth ntr on th main camps Stdnt Social Srvics Social assistants for th ROUS Social Srvics ar thr to hlp stdnts in thir nivrsity and prsonal lif, hlping thm to ovrcom difficlt sitations. Thy ar thr: é To listn, é To giv yo a prsonalizd wlcom é To provid a varity of information, é To provid spport in cass of matrial, administrativ, psychological, mdical, family or nivrsity difficltis, é ollow-p srvic throghot yor nivrsity stay. To mt thm in thir dty hors at th Univrsity or in th social srvic offics of ROUS, mak an appointmnt at tlphon Srvic social ds étdiants 6 allé Hctor rlioz 8400 Saint Martin d Hèrs MRNY tlphon nmbrs é ir srvics (ompirs) (bt plas not that thy can b calld not only for fir, bt also othr accidnts and mdical mattrs): 8 from a fixd tlphon and from a mobil tlphon. é SMU (mdical mrgncis): é nti-oisoning ntr (poisoning and intoxication): é Toxicovigilanc ntr (intoxication): é harmacist on call: 9 é Th main hospital in th rn ara (HU): é SOS Médcins (mrgncy halthcar and hom visit srvic): harmacis Th sal of mdicin (médicamnts) is controlld xclsivly in ranc by pharmacis. larg part of mdicin rqirs a doctor s prscription to b obtaind and rimbrsd by yor insranc. rtain common mdcins (sch as aspirin, tc.) ar on fr sal bt withot prscription and thrfor not rimbrsd by Halth Insranc. harmacis ar opn from Monday to Satay, gnrally from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Otsid ths tims (nights and wknds), thr ar "on-call" or "dty" pharmacis which stay opn: th dtails of ths ot-of-rglar-hors pharmacis ar postd on th door of all pharmacis. 0 é é

8 HLTH N INSURN Halth Insranc Halth Insranc (calld ssranc Maladi) is on major componnt of rnch Social Scrity (which is oftn simply calld in rnch la Séc). Obligatory for rnch popl, it provids ithr partial or total covrag of mdical xpnss in cass of illnss, prgnancy and accidnts. ffiliation to Social Scrity s Halth Insranc é It is not obligatory for stdnts of th ropan Union. Thy mst howvr b in possssion of th ropan Halth Insranc a (art ropénn d ssranc Maladi) and rgistr at th aiss rimair d ssranc Maladi (M) who will giv thm a docmnt to giv to th doctor dring any mdical visit. Rimbrsmnt of th doctor s f will b mad by th M Intrnational Srvic. é It is not obligatory for Qbc stdnts who mst prsnt th RMQ form to th M (n S 40Q06) in or to obtain a docmnt jstifying thir right to bnfit from rnch Halth Insranc and to hav thir mdical costs rimbrsd. é Othr than for stdnts of th ropan Union, it is obligatory for stdnts agd ndr 8 and staying mor than months in ranc (vn if th stdnt has alrady sbscribd to an insranc policy in thir own contry). Th sbscription is to b paid at th sam tim as rgistration at th Univrsity. It is fr for stdnts who ar grant-holdrs (rsirs) of th rnch govrnmnt and for stdnts ndr th ag of 0. Stdnts nding to tak ot halth insranc hav th choic btwn th two stdnt cooprativ associations/agncis: th LM or th SMRR. It is dring th administrativ nivrsity administration (s av) that yo can choos btwn th two stdnt organizations and pay yor affiliation f: 07. Stdnts ovr 8 yars cannot bnfit from stdnt halth insranc. Thy mst tak ot an insranc policy with th M (aiss rimair d ssranc Maladi) or with a privat insrr. ollowing yor affiliation to th rnch Halth Insranc Schm, yo will rciv a social scrity nmbr togthr with yor prsonal cart vital. las not! Stdnt Halth Insranc covrs th priod from th st of Octobr to 0 th Sptmbr of th following yar. If yo com to ranc bfor th bginning of th nivrsity yar, to tak a prparatory langag cors or for anothr rason, yo will nd to tak ot a sparat policy to covr th priod from yor arrival to th first of Octobr. Th f (to b paid to th doctor) for a consltation with a mdical gnral practitionr is. Th f for a consltation with a spcialist doctor is highr, bt vry variabl. arfl! rtain doctors practic what ar calld honorairs librs which mans that thy can charg a f which is highr than th normal on. Yo can ask what is th consltation f whn yo mak th appointmnt. In all cass, on ro is ddctd from th amont rimbrsd by social scrity for all consltations with a doctor. How mch dos Halth Insranc rimbrs? Th rimbrsmnt of mdical costs varis btwn 0% and 70% dpndnt on th typ of srvic rnd (consltations, mdicin, tc.). How do yo bnfit from th bst rimbrsmnt of mdical xpnss? Halth Insranc now rqirs th ins prson to choos on particlar gnral practitionr (calld yor médcin traitant) who is thn ntstd with yor ovrall car. onsltations with this particlar doctor bnfit from a highr rat of rimbrsmnt. Th application form for rgistring with a médcin traitant can b downloadd on th wbsit It mst b compltd, signd and snt off to yor agncy with which yo took ot th halth insranc. onslting a spcialist It is yor médcin traitant who will dirct yo towas a spcialist doctor in cas of nd (a srgon, drmatologist, gastro-ntrologist, caiologist, psychiatrist, tc). Yo will b bttr rimbrsd if yo accpt this rfrral (cooinatd car) rathr than tak th initiativ yorslf in making an appointmnt with a spcialist whom yo hav chosn yoslf. Howvr, crtain spcialists can b consltd withot yo passing throgh yor médcin traitant (and withot th rimbrsmnt rat bing cd): this is th cas for gynacologists, ophthalmologists and dntists. Univrsal mdical covrag If yo ar a stdnt agd mor than 8, or if yo hav vry limitd financial rsorcs, yo can rqst basic MU or a complmntary MU. or this, yo nd to apply to th aiss primair d assranc maladi (M) narst to yo or th following: M ds lliés 8000 rn Opning hors: Monday to riday, from 8.0a.m. to 4.4p.m. Th omplmntary olicis calld Mtlls s w hav sn, mdical xpnss ar not ntirly rimbrsd by Social Scrity s Halth Insranc. In or to b mor compltly cov, yo ar rcommndd to sbscrib to a "omplmntary" (or "top-p") policy which is off by organizations calld Mtlls (hnc ths policis calld Mtlls ). pnding on th formla chosn, th "mtll" complts th rimbrsmnt mad by Social Scrity by "topping it p", ithr partly or totally. It also can giv th right of tirs-payant (paymnt by a thi party) which mans that yo yorslf, ndr crtain conditions, do not hav to pt th mony "p front" by dirctly paying th doctor s fs or th pharmacist for mdicin (médicamnts). It- also mans that yor hospitalization costs will b ntirly takn car of. Th two halth insranc stdnt agncis (th Smrra and th LM) offr sch Mtll policis. or th last xpnsiv mtll, yo shold cont on approximatly 0 pr yar. nd part: Living in rn é

9 Stdying in RNOL Stdying in grn "ttor" to accompany yo in yor stdis Th rol of th ttor is to giv hlp to stdnts in trms of mthods and tchniqs of stdying. ind ot from th ors Rgistration Offic (bra d scolarité) in yor host instittion if a ttorial systm xists which corrsponds to yor lvl of stdy. Worth knowing! Th "op d oc Étdiants rn" Yo ar a stdnt and if yo ar having difficlty in organizing yor work or with th lvl rqi in crtain sbjct aras (for xampl, langags, mathmatics, chmistry, tc.), it is worth knowing that thr ar volntrs working for th ssociation calld op d oc étdiants who can hlp yo fr of charg Mnicipal Libraris rn also has many mnicipal libraris sprad throghot th conrbation. sbscription f (of 8 a yar for th 8- ag rang ) givs yo fll accss to all th libraris in th ntwork and rrowing rights of p to 0 docmnts: oks, rviws, strip cartoon oks (bands dssinés) s, Vs, bt also sht msic, maps, topogids and works of art. Th intrnational mnicipal library (MI) contains a larg choic of docmnts in forign langags: particlarly rman, nglish, rabic, Spanish, Italian and ortgs. ibliothèq mnicipal intrnational 6 plac d Sfax 8000 rn Opning tims: Tsdays, Thrsdays and ridays from p.m. to 7 p.m. Wdnsdays: from p.m. to 6 p.m., Satays: from 0 a.m. to.0 p.m: and p.m. to p.m. ocmntation and libraris s a "ol of xcllnc" in th filds of ntworks, digitalization and th scincs and tchnologis of th information scincs, th rn conrbation is on of th formost sits in ranc for its docmntation infrastctr. Th Univrsity Libraris Th nmros Univrsity Libraris ar opn for all to s on a consltation basis. Th possibility of rrowing docmnts and bnfiting from othr srvics is rsrvd to thos who ar rgist with th library. Rgistration is fr for all stdnts. Th Univrsity Libraris also giv yo accss to a ca-basd photocopying srvic. In rn, two Srvics Intr-établissmnts d oopération ocmntair (SI) xist in or to promot th dvlopmnt of th docmntary collctions which th stdnts and rsarchrs nd: é Th SI Univrsity Scinc Library L SI grops togthr th scintific and mdical libraris of th Josph orir Univrsity and th grands écols of th rn IN. Th catalog of all thir holdings, calld "RUIS", is frly accssibl on intrnt. rnch stdnts gnrally rfr to th Univrsity Library simply as "la.u." (ibliothèq Univrsitair). La U d Scincs actally has an nglish vrsion of its "Radrs id" (id d Lctr). Yo can gt hold of it at th U or conslt it on lin: ibliothèq Univrsitair d Scincs 9, avn cntral omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs/ièrs Tram Stop o : "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" Opning Hors: from Monday to riday from 8 p.m., and Satays from p.m. Worth knowing: Th Univrsity Scinc Library organizs pon rqst introdctory familiarization sssions for ndrtaking docmntary rsarch, from Sptmbr to Novmbr on Mondays and Tsdays from to.0 p.m. To tak part, go straight to th wlcom dsk of th U d Scincs. é Th SI Univrsity Library for th rts, Hman and Social Scincs Th SI incorporats th Univrsity Library roit-lttrs with all th dpartmntal libraris in th irr-mndès-ranc Univrsity (in hman and social scincs) and Stndhal Univrsity (in langags and litratrs). t 900,000 volms ar catalogd in th common catalog going by th nam Odyssé. larg nmbr of varid digital collctions can also b consltd ithr on th spot or throgh yor comptr. ibliothèq Univrsitair roit-lttrs 0 avn cntral omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs-ièrs Opning tims: Monday to Thrsday: from 8 a.m. to 9.0 p.m. ridays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Satays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Othr smallr and mor spcializd libraris ar to b fond in crtain nivrsity Schools, Institts and acltis (UR) and thy all hav workspac and stdy rooms. Worth knowing: Stdnt-ttors ar availabl at th U roit-lttrs to hlp yo, from Monday to riday btwn 0 a.m. and 6 p.m. rom th 8th Sptmbr p to th ll Saints mid-trm brak, tak advantag of gidd visits arond th U, organizd from Monday to Thrsdays at.0 p.m. No rsrvation is ncssary. o to th wlcom dsk in th Library. Th nral Rfrnc Library (la ibliothèq d td t d Information) contains a gnral rsarch room with,000 works of rfrnc, a larg rading room, inclding fll digital rsorc consltation facilitis. Many srvics ar availabl to radrs: gnral orintation and bibliographical information, hlp with sing digital rsorcs, comptr work stations, tc. ibliothèq d étd t d information lva Maréchal Lyaty 8000 rn Opning tims: Tsdays, Wdnsdays and ridays, from 0 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thrsdays from p.m. to 7 p.m. Satays from 0 a.m. to 6 p.m. Rally sfl srvics to b fond on th amps é hotocopis and binding facilitis: yo can photocopy yor cors nots and gt yor rports and paprs nd, "orp - rn amps" on th omain nivrsitair. Tram t : tramstop "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" Opning tims: from Monday to riday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. é Stationry: th nwsagnt and tobacco shop on th camps has a paptri sction whr yo can find all th normal stdnt nds: xrcis and notoks, papr, fils, pns, tc. Tram t tramstop "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" Opning tims: Mondays to ridays from 7.0 a.m. to 6 p.m. é ompting assistanc for stdnts: for any compting worris or connction prms, yo can contact th compting assistanc srvic: Worth knowing: Th Wlcom and rsonalizd idanc Srvic, as part of its Stdnt Wlcom to rn rglarly pdats its wbsit with practical information and th latst on what is going on in th stdnt world: conslt th onlin gid: spac ccil Information Sitatd at th hart of th camps, th spac ccil Information brings togthr diffrnt srvics of th Univrsité d rn: é ISSO Intrnational Stdnts and Scholars Offic é Wlcom and prsonalizd gidanc é ltral srvics and stdnt projcts é ntrprnrship and sinss Links ntrt 0 avn ntral - omain Univrsitair Tram and tramstop: "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" rom Monday to riday 9 a.m. to p.m.* * 6 p.m. in Sptmbr losd from 8th Jly to 9th gst 0 and dring th nivrsity taching braks dring th yar. onslt th Intrnational Stdnt id "oming to Stdy at Univrsité d rn" for th calndar of nivrsity vacation dats. 4 é é

10 RNH as a forign langag TIN! Svral cntrs and rn organizations offr corss and training sssions in rnch for forign nationals. rtain forign xchang stdnts ar providd with spcific corss in rnch as a orign Langag (L or rançais comm Lang étrangèr). Yo shold find ot mor from th Intrnational Rlations Srvic of yor host instittion. rnch as a orign Langag on th main amps rnch cisin is known for its rfinmnt and sophistication. ach rgion has its spcialitis which form part of th rnch cltral hritag. In th Rhôn-lps rgion, yo can savor th dlights of a gratin daphinois (a spcial asy-to-mak potato dish), raviols (a local form of ravioli pasta with chs filling) and la tart ax noix (a walnt tart th ara arond rn bing a world cntr of walnts!) Th rnch gnrally at thr tims a day. Thy tak n ptit déjnr whn thy gt p, thn n déjnr btwn and p.m. (whn many shops and placs of work ar sht!) and thn n dînr at 7 to 8 in th vning. Th Univrsity ntr for rnch Stdis: ntr Univrsitair d tds rançaiss (U) Th ntr Univrsitair d étds rançaiss (gnrally known as "l U") is a dpartmnt of Stndhal Univrsity. It organizs corss and training sssions throghot th yar and dring th smmr, for forignrs coming to stdy in rn. é nral rnch: Ths corss ar for all forign stdnts. Thir prpos is to improv oral and writtn comptnc in rnch as wll as knowldg of rnch cltr and civilization. Thr typs of corss ar off: - Monthly corss: intnsiv corss, with mphasis on writing skills - Smstr-long corss: in rnch langag and rnch cltr - Spcifically tailo corss: for a pair work; clinary and tabl arts; adapting to th rnch nivrsity; prparing for nivrsity (nw cors); prparation for th L diploma (iplôm d étds n lang français) and th L advancd diploma (iplôm approfondi d lang français). é rnch for bsinss and profssional prposs: modls of 4 hrs pr smstr. Ths corss ar intndd for stdnts for whom rnch is part of a profssional projct or for thos alrady involvd in th world of work. - rnch for th hotl and torist indstris - rnch for th mdical profssions - rnch for bsinss - rnch for scinc and tchnology - rnch for law - rnch for gnral profssional prposs é orss for tachrs of rnch: Intnsiv training smmr corss or smstr corss. Ths corss ar intndd for tachrs of rnch as a forign langag ithr as part of thir initial training or as part of contining dcation, as wll as for tachrs of rnch as a mothr tong with divrs targtd larning grops. ntr Univrsitair d étds françaiss 49 ds Résidncs omain nivrsitair d Saint Martin d Hèrs/ièrs La Maison ds Langs t ds ltrs This atonomos langag larning cntr is opn to vryon who wishs to improv thir skills in a forign langag or to start larning a nw langag. Thr ar two possibilitis for improving yor skills in rnch as a forign langag: é n ntirly slf-larning procss for thos who want to work on thir own, sing th cors mthods and adio, vido and mltimdia matrial providd by th ntr. é slf-larning procss with monitoring and gidanc for thos who want som prsonalizd hlp, from a tachr or monitor who sts th program and follows th progrss of th ppil. Maison ds Langs t ds ltrs 4 avn cntral omain nivrsitair d Saint Martin d Hèrs-ièrs rnch as a forign langag: off-camps, in rn Svral associations offr corss in rnch as a forign langag in rn. Whthr a cors ns or not dpnds on how many sign p! Yo shold thrfor contact ach association to find ot what is on offr. To know th complt list of associations and cntrs which offr corss in rnch as a forign langag, yo can conslt th list on th official wbsit of th ity of rn: Th llianc rançais in rn Th llianc rançais in rn offrs corss at all lvls for grops or for individal tition. iffrnt options ar on offr: - nral rnch - rnch for spcific prposs - rnch for profssional prposs - Scintific rnch - rparing th diplomas T and L/L L llianc rançais d rn 7 lisé hatin 800 rn Univrsity rstarants Th nivrsity rstarants, commonly calld "Rstos U" o "RU" constitt th most conomical soltion for having a complt and balancd mal. Ths rstarants n by th ROUS ar opn to all mmbrs of th nivrsity commnity, from Monday to riday in th middl of th day - and vning as wll for som of thm. Th pric is.0 for a mal. aymnt has to b mad with a Monéo ca. Som of th rstarants accpt cash. Whr can yo find th ROUS rstarants? Yo can find ot on th maps on th ROUS wbsit: rstaration What is a art Monéo? ros/monéo is a ca that srvs as a rchargabl lctronic "mony-prs" instad of sing "loos chang". It is availabl for yo fr on rqst at th tickt offic of th big RUs on prsntation of yor stdnt ca. ating in town If yo want to at ot, yo hav plnty of choic: cafés, sandwich bars, fast-foods, brassris (mor pb-styl rstarants), tc. Normal prics can go from at 4 for a sandwich to for a complt mal (first cors, main cors, dssrt), bt yo can pay mch mor in rn s bst rstarants. Yo shold rmmbr that most shops ar sht on Sndays. Worth knowing: food aid Th Stdnts in Hman and Social Scincs Solidarity ollctiv mak availabl for stdnts in srios financial difficltis "food parcls" of non-prishabl foodstff itms. To bnfit from this aid, yo shold trn p with a foodbag and on ro, and yo will lav with on kilogram of food. ontact: o room in bilding SHM of th Univrsity M (sitatd nar th "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" tramstop) btwn midday and p.m. Shopping or thos of yo who hav kitchn facilitis with yor accommodation, thr ar of cors all sorts of food shops. Thr ar many opn-air markts st p on diffrnt days of th wk in diffrnt localitis, sally opn from 7 a.m. to p.m. Ths ar good for bying frsh prodc: fit, vgtabls, chss, mat, tc. Th most important of ths ar th daily markts in Ls Halls-Saint-lair in th cntr of town and th stacad or th Saint no markts nar th railway station. Th principal markts in rn é Ls Halls Saint-lair 9 plac Saint lair 8000 rn Tsdays to Satays 6 a.m. to p.m. (ridays till p.m.), Sndays from 6 a.m. to.0 p.m. é Marché d l stacad Josph Ry 8000 rn Tsdays to Sndays from 6 a.m. to p.m. é Marché ors d la Libération 78 cors Libération t d énéral all 800 rn ridays and Satays from 6 a.m. to p.m. é Marché d l bbay plac d la ommn d rn Tsdays to Satays 6 a.m. to p.m., Sndays to.0 p.m. é Marché d la lac ax Hrbs plac ax Hrbs 8000 rn Tsdays to Satays 6 a.m. to p.m., Sndays to.0 p.m. ridays p.m. to 8 p.m. é Marché Saint-no plac Saint-no 8000 rn Tsdays to Sndays from 6 a.m. and riday to p.m. Th complt gid to markts in th rn conrbation is availabl on th "Métro" wbsit ndr th tab "Marchés forains": Worth knowing!: gricltr iologiq Mor and mor food sold in foodshops is th prodc of "biological" agricltr, oftn calld "organic" food in nglish, and known in rnch as "bio". This mans th prodc of agricltral mthods which do not rsort to psticids or chmical frtilizrs. Sch prodc is gnrally mor xpnsiv that othr prodc. Yo can by thm in sprmarkts or dirct from th prodcr in markts. 6 é é 7

11 MOVIN ROUN! moving arond! ss and Trams rn and its conrbation is wll srvd by sparat bs rots and by for tramway lins. Local transport maps ar availabl from th spac ccil Information on camps and from all th T agncis. ("T" Transports d l gglomération rnoblois is th nam of th pblicly-ownd transport company). ach bs and tram stop displays a plan sitating th stop. Tickts ar "pnchd" insid th bs bt on th platform bfor gtting on th tram. Otsid th conrbation, th "TransIsèr" ntwork of bs and coach srvics is mad p of 600 rots which srv th whol of th départmnt of th Isèr, (and this inclds coachs srving th ski rsorts which might intrst yo!). Th coach station (la gar rotièr) is sitatd nxt to th railway/railroad station (SN) in th downtown ara of rn. How mch dos a bs/tram trip cost? é Tickt trip:,0 é Tickt 0 trips:,0 é Tickt 0 trips:,70 é Stdnt travl pass rat (ag 9- yars): - Monthly pass: 6 - Yar pass: gnc T in th Maison d Torism, downtown rn How to gt thr: Tramlin or gt off at "Hbrt bdot Maison d Torism". Opning tims: Mondays to ridays from 8.0 a.m. to 6.0 p.m. Satays and school vacation priods from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. gnc T at th Railway Station How to gt thr: Tramlin or, 4, pls TransIsèr coachlins - Tramstop "ars" coachlin 0 stop "ar ropol". Opning tims: Mondays to ridays from 7. a.m. to 6.0 p.m., school vacation priods from 0 a.m. to p.m. and. p.m to.4 p.m. gnc T at rand plac How to gt thr: Tramlin and s rots,, 6, and TransIsèr lins stopping at tramstop"rand plac". Opning tims: Mondays to ridays from 7.0 a.m. to 6.0 p.m., Satays and school vacation priods from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Taking th Train Th Société National ds hmins d r (SN) is th national pblic company which provids rail transport. High-spd trains (TV) covr long distancs in vry littl tim (rn aris in thr hors). To bnfit from th bst rats, it is advisabl to by yor tickt months in advanc: Thr ar svral spcial SN cas which allow stdnts agd ndr 6 to travl at vry cd rats, for xampl th ILIO a (costing 0 a yar) for trips within th Rhôn-lps rgion) and th - a (costing 0 a yar) for travlling throghot ranc. icycl! Th bicycl is th most conomical and oftn th fastst way of gtting arond town! In total, thr ar 90 kilomtrs of spcial cycl track in th rn conrbation. onslt th spcial maps of cycl tracks (availabl for xampl at th camps spac ccil Information). Whr do yo gt hold of a "bik"? Yo can by a nw bik from sports shops or a scond-hand bik from associations/clbs or vn rnt on by th hor, by th day, by th month or by th yar, as th mood (or th nd!) taks yo! Rnting a ik Métrovélo is a srvic which has bn st p by th "Métro" (which is th official organisation covring th whol conrbation of th rn-lps Métropol), making it possibl to rnt a bik by th hor, th day, th month or th yar. To rnt a bik, all yo hav to do is go to on of th "Métrovélo" agncis, ithr at th railway station or on th Univrsity amps. Mak sr yo hav an idntity docmnt with yo. Yo hav to dposit a garant of 0 by chq, bank ca, or if ncssary by cash. This dposit will not b cashd xcpt in th cas that yo damag th bik which is ntstd to yo. Rdcd rats ar off to stdnts. Th annal cost is 8. gncs MétroVélo plac d la gar rn Opning tims: Mondays to ridays: from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Satays: from 9.a.m. to midday, Sndays and pblic holidays: from p.m. to 7 p.m. omain nivrsitair Tramlins and : tramstop "ibliothèqs nivrsitairs" Opning tims: Mondays to ridays: 0.0 p.m. and. p.m. to 6.0 p.m. Th agncy is closd dring nivrsity vacations and pblic holidays. Th trrac of th V Stdnt ntr, on th main camps Th ntranc to th main camps "omain Univrsitair, Saint-Martin-d'Hèrs/ièrs" ying a scond-hand bik N p Tit vélo dns La Têt is an association which promots th s of th bicycl in th city. It offrs scond-hand biks for sal. Th association also offrs a do-it-yorslf mmbrs rpair workshop (atlir) with appropriat tools and advic at hand. tlir d Londrs bis d Londrs rn Opning tims: Mondays, Tsdays and Thrsdays: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. ridays: 9 a.m. to ; Satays: somtims in th morning (call bfor going) tlir d omain nivrsitair 9 ds résidncs omain nivrsitair d Saint-Martin d Hèrs/ièrs Opning tims: Mondays, Tsdays, Wdnsdays and Thrsdays: p.m. till 8 p.m Th association calld "Rpérags" holds a scond-hand bik sal on th first Wdnsday of vry month on th Univrsity amps, on th V (spac Vi étdiant) prmiss. Thy also hold a rpair workshop opn to all whn scond-hand biks and spar parts can b prchasd. littl tip! Th yar-long pass works ot financially to b th bst val and allows yo to go fr anywhr on th whol T ntwork withot any limitation. L association Rpérags bbé Vincnt 8600 ontain Ovrtr: l lndi d h à 7h, d mai a vndi d 9h à h t d h à 7h Whr do yo by yor tickt? Yo can by tickts in any of th atomatic distribtors at any tram-stop. In bss, yo can ask th drivr. Tickts and month or yar passs ar availabl in all T agncis and also from crtain commrcial otlts sch as nwsagnts, tobacconist shops, tc. and also on lin: https://tag.tickt-nt./ Worth knowing: it is possibl to travl by train at vry low rats. Th SN offr "TV rm's" tickts at vry advantagos rats (aris - rn:, ght months bfor dat of travl). 8 é é 9

12 Moving arond! KIN IN TOUH Travlling by ar Th tlphon Intrnt riving Licns To driv in ranc, th ls diffr dpnding on th contry in which yor riving Licns was issd. In all cass, it is worth asking th rfctr if yo hav th right to driv with yor riving Licns. ar Rntal Thr ar svral car rntal agncis in rn. Yo can rnt a car for a day, a wknd, a wk, or longr. onslt th yllow pags for th nams of rntal agncis in rn and its conrbation. ar-pools Th pkp and s of a car is vry xpnsiv. Sharing th costs, throgh car-pool commting schms, is cologically a good thing, worthwhil financially and also a way of mting othrs. Many wbsits xist for ptting drivrs in toch with othrs. ll yo nd to do is to say what jornys yo can offr or ar alrady on offr, with dats, tims, and sggstd cost. Thn thos intrstd can gt togthr to sort ot th dtails. Sharing cars ité Lib offrs cars on a slf-srvic basis from its svnty rn bass. To s thm, yo nd to hav rgist on lin or throgh th agncy. Onc yo hav rcivd yor mmbrship ca and th accss cods which yo will rqir, yo can rsrv a car at any tim yo so dsir. ll yo do thn is to pick p th vhicl at on of th many appointd parking placs for car-sharrs and thn to rtrn it to anothr of ths appointd parking placs. Yor car s is invoicd to yo on a monthly basis rflcting th xact amont of tim and of nrgy consmption xprssd in hors and kilomtrs: pr hor for ach jorny, 0.6 to 0,48 pr kilomtr dpnding on th catgory of car and typ of sbscription chosn. Taxis in rn rn taxis s all typs of vhicl, oftn with bilingal drivrs, and th possibility of paying by bank ca. Th main taxi rank in rn is in front of th SN railway station in rn. Rat: at pr kilomtr, with srcharg for vnings and wknds. Taxis Radio rnoblois (I) Worth knowing: in ranc, waring a sat blt is obligatory for th drivr and all th passngrs in th car, thos sitting on th back sat as mch as th front. riving ndr th inflnc of alcohol is a criminal offnc as wll as sing a mobil tlphon whil driving. ir Travl rn is rlativly clos to two intrnational airports: Lyon-St xpéry and nva. Thr is a rglar shttl srvic linking rn (from th bs station right nxt to th railway station) to ths two airports. irport Lyon-St xpéry: hor from rn Shttl coach srvic: ar rtrn trip: 7.0 for thos ndr yars of ag irport nèv: hors from d rn Shttl coach srvic: ar rtrn trip: 48.0 for thos ndr 6 yars of ag rn has its own airport sitatd at Saint-tinn-d-Saint- oirs (at thirty kilomtrs to th north-wst of rn) with flights to svral ropan dstinations. This mans that yo can spnd a wknd in London or in opnhagn at advantagos prics. t most of th flights ar dring th wintr (ski) sason. Shttl coach srvic: Rtrn pric: Th Lyon-St.xpéry irport To tlphon to anothr contry from ranc, yo mst dial 00, thn th contry cod and thn th nmbr of yor corrspondnt. Worth knowing: Intrnational r-aid as ar a good way of making intrnational calls at cd tariffs. Ths can b sd from a fixd lin or from a phon oth or kiosk. Th validity of th ca is gnrally limitd to thr months from first s. Yo can by thm from tobacconists/nwsagnts. In ranc thr xist svral tlphon company oprators who oftn offr a complt rang of srvics covring Intrnt accss, a fixd tlphon lin, a mobil (or cll) phon and tlvision accss as wll. é fixd lin: aftr choosing yor oprator, yo will nd to giv yor fll nam, dat of birth, profssion, a "RI" (Rlvé d Idntité ancair) and yor addrss. nrally yo shold cont on btwn 48 hors and 8 days for yor lin to b in opration. If th prvios occpir of yor accommodation had a fixd lin, try to gt hold of th dtails and this cold acclrat th procss. é Mobil or cll-phon: yo can ithr tak ot a monthly rntal contract or s pr-paid cas. If yo do not wish to install a fixd lin or to tak ot a contract for a mobil/cll phon, in ranc thr is always th possibility of sing "cabins téléphoniqs" (pblic tlphon kiosks, oths, tc.) which fnction with spcial tlphon cas (which can b prchasd in tobacconists or nwsagnts) or whr yo can s yor own bank or cit ca for making intrnational or long distanc calls. carfl at how long yor tlphon rntal contract lasts! Th lngth of yor stay in rn might inflnc yor choic of taking ot a formla with or withot a sbscription. Rntal agrmnts gnrally last for to 4 months. In or to hav an intrnt connction whr yo liv, yo nd to tak th sam stps as for installing a fixd tlphon lin. t many placs, inclding most nivrsity rsidncs, will now b cov by wi-fi and hav intrnt connction. Intrnt on th main Univrsity amps Monitors for fr accss to intrnt ar availabl in th nivrsity libraris (as also in th mnicipal libraris) and also in th spac ccil Information and th V stdnt cntr (spac Vi étdiant). Many bildings on th camps ar cov by wi-fi. Th accss cod will b givn to yo at th tim of yor administrativ rgistration. If yo ncontr any connction prms on th Univrsity amps, yo can contact th nivrsity comptr srvics at tl or by mail: Intrnt in town Thr ar many placs in town whr wi-fi givs yo fr connction: this applis to many poplar opn spacs, sch as th Jain d Vill, th Jain ds lants, th arc al Mistral, plac Victor Hgo, plac Saint-ndré and plac rntt, as wll as th town hall (Hotl d Vill) and th mnicipal libraris. In ths zons yo will atomatically accss "wifigrn". Yo can rgistr for fr and yo will b snt a passwo by -mail or SMS. ostal Srvics (La ost) Th ostal Srvics incld a daily dlivry. nd th varios post offics offr othr srvics: slling stamps and tlphon cas, snding parcls, making mony transfrs, rcharging mobil tlphons, accssing intrnt; and yo can also opn a bank accont and s La ost for normal banking oprations. ost of snding a lttr of p to 0 grams: 0.8 for ranc and 0.70 for anywhr in th ropan conomic ra. Mandat cash: yo might find it convnint to pay crtain bills, or fs, by th "cash mandat" systm, which allows yo to snd cash and hav it dliv th nxt day. or this yo fill in a "Mandat cash" form in th ost Offic, pay in cash th sm to b transfr and pay th small f for th srvic. Yo will b givn a rcipt and th "Mandat cash" slip which yo shold hand to th pay. Worth knowing: If yor chang yor addrss dring th cors of th yar, yo can hav yor mail forwad, (for a f) for a six-month or on-yar priod. If yo do not hav an addrss whr yo can rciv mail, yo can hav it dliv to La ost - srvic "post rstant". Th mail is gnrally kpt for a priod of two wks dating from th day of its rcption at th post offic (thr is a f for this srvic). 0 é é

13 Kping in toch with "th nws" inding a job Radio é Radio amps rn 90.8 M: a stdnt-n radio station of stdnts gnral, msical and cltral intrsts, covring th rn conrbation. é ranc ltr 88. M: a stat-radio station dvotd to programs covring a wid é ranc Info 0. M: a stat-radio station dvotd to nws. é ranc Intr 99.4 M: a stat-radio station covring a wid rang of programs of gnral intrst. forign stdnt is allowd to ndrtak a paid work activity on a part-tim basis dring yor stdy stay. Yo can work p to a maximm 964 hors pr yar, which amonts to 60% of th lgal nmbr of hors conting as fll-tim work in ranc. Stdnts coming from contris otsid th ropan Union, togthr with stdnts from lgaria and Rmania, mst b in possssion of a valid tmporary rsidnc prmit markd "Stdnt" in or to b hi for mploymnt. Rmmbr! forign stdnt mst not work mor than 964 hors pr yar, and, if mor ar workd ns th risk of having th tmporary rsidnc prmit withdrawn by th rfctr! Tlvision ranc now has svral hnd tlvision channls, of which 9 ar fr. é National rnch Tlvision: th most prominnt channls ar th following: T, ranc, ranc, M6 and rt. é Télégrn is a local tlvision channl of gnralist intrst. Th amps Radio Station at th V Stdnt ntr, on th main camps Th local prss é L aphiné Libéré: th local and rgional daily papr on sal vrywhr; intrnational, national, rgional and local nws. ric: é L tit lltin: a wkly "what s on" cltral papr (fr) covring all local vnts (cinma, thatr, concrts, confrncs, art and sports vnts, things to do, tc.) distribtd in shops, cltral vns, and othr otlts. é rnws édition rn: a wkly fr nwspapr distribtd at tramstops and in crtain commrcial otlts (bakrs shops, cinma, tc.) é 0 mints édition rn: a fr daily nws sht distribtd at tramstops and in crtain commrcial otlts (bakrs, cinma, tc.) rsonalizd Hlp for Stdnts at Univrsité d rn ach instittion forming part of th Univrsité d rn has a rang of srvics for stdnts addrssing qstions of not only prsonal and acadmic conslling bt also carr orintation. ontacts with th world of work, throgh workshops and intrnships, complmnt conslling at yor stdy programm and possibl rorintation stdnt information and orintation srvics (Srvics d Information t d Orintation) covr skills sch as drawing p yor crriclm vita and writing application lttrs. Yo ar strongly rcommndd to s ths srvics bfor bginning th task of sking mploymnt, particlarly at a tim of a vry rstrictiv job markt, so that yo can gt off to th bst possibl start. Hr ar th nams of th main srvics in this domain: é spac orintation métirs mploi: "LIO" at th Josph orir Univrsity é Srvic Information, Orintation, Stag/mploi "IOsp" at th irr-mndès-ranc Univrsity é Srvic d Information t d Orintation at Stndhal Univrsity é spac Information mploi at rn IN é spac arrièrs at l Institt d étds politiqs d rn To kp informd and to b awar of mploymnt opportnitis, conslt th fr nwspaprs, th local prss, intrnt, tc. Yo shold vn look at th noticas in commrcial otlts and go along to all mploymnt foms (salons d l mploi). Th Univrsity itslf can hav jobs availabl for stdnts throghot th yar. Mak th administration of yor host instittion awar of yor prsnc! Som idas for finding a job Th main job foms in rn é Job om (om por l mploi) organizd by th ity of rn: 6, 7 and 8 Octobr 0 é Job gncis om (om gncs d mploi) organizd by th IJ (ssociation por acilitr l Insrtion profssionnll ds Jns iplômés): 0 Sptmbr 0 é Job and Intrnships om (om mploi t Stags) organizd by th l IJ: Novmbr 0 é Smmr Jobs om organizd by th IJ (ssociation départmntal d insrtion ds jns): pril 0 Whr to find job offrs? é IJ rn é ROUS d rn é IIJ, Information t Initiativ Jnss é RIJ Rhôn-lps é ôl mploi OZR - ôl ntrprnriat étdiants rn is an organization st p to promot th ntrprnrial spirit (throgh awarnss raising, prsonal conslling and training sssions) in th instittions of highr dcation making p th Univrsité d rn. It offrs stdnts th following: é n annal fom "ozr vos nvis" é Rond Tabls with th tstimony of ntrprnrial crativ ladrship é "ntrprnrship" comptitions é Training modls intgratd into th majority of corss (TS) é rsonalizd spport for stdnts with projcts é ocmntary rsorcs and stdnt rcption ara é é

14 OUT N OUT IN RNOL SORTIR à RNOL Th Torist Offic Th cltral calndar L Offic d Torism d rn is sitatd in th cntr of th city. Its mltilingal staff ar thr to wlcom and giv advic to local rn popl as mch as rnch and forign torists on th activitis, vnts, hritag, lisr and sports activitis in rn and its rgion. rom yoga corss to car rntals with brochrs of vry ski rsort no prm. Yo can com away with docmntation to mt yor vry nd and dsir. Offic d torism 4 d la Répbliq 8000 rn Opning tims: Mondays to Satays, from 9 a.m. to 6;0 p.m rom May to Sptmbr: Sndays and holidays from 9 a.m. to p.m. rom Octobr to pril: Sndays and holidays from 0 a.m. to p.m Th ltr ra of Univrsité d rn Th main objctiv of th Univrsity s ra for ltr and stdnt initiativs is to promot all cltral projcts ndrtakn by stdnts. asd in th spac ccil Information, at th cntr of th amps, this is whr yo can find ot at: é Th fll nivrsity program of cltral vnts, pblishd vry month in th magazin L Tramway nommé cltr é ll th stdnt associations for practicing th arts (msic nsmbls, choirs, tc.) é ltral vnts taking plac in th rgion and liaison with offcamps cltral organizations Th ra also organizs camps visits with its many works of art and invit practicing artists to mt stdnts. Th M: th rn "Maison d la ltr" Th smmit sit of th astill ort, ovrlooking th rivr Isèr and rn rn s cltral activitis rn ovrflows with cltral activity and lovrs of th thatr, of danc or of msic can b particlarly happy: thr is th clbratd Maison d la ltr (M), th Mnicipal Thatr of rn, th Sall Olivir Mssian, th mpérag, th obin, th Théâtr d poch, th Hxagon Scèn national in Mylan, th Ramp in chirolls, th Odysé in ybns, and th Maison d la msiq in Mylan... Th msms in rn can ast of vry rich and varid collctions of works of art dating from ntiqity p to th contmporary priod. gain, on can b spoilt for choic, with th Msé d rn, th Saint-Larnt rchaological Msm, th aphinois Msm, th Msm of th ncin évêché, th msé Hébrt at la Tronch, th Magasin ntr National d rt ontmporain d rn, th astill rt ntr or th VO ntr d rt ontmporain in ontain. Thr ar two vry important cntrs to rcogniz th xtraoinary scintific cltral hritag of rn and its rgion. Ths ar th asmat (ntr d ltr Scintifiq, Tchniq t Indstrill d rn) and th clbration of th rgion s rol in th dvlopmnt of hydrolctiricity in th Msé rgès d la Hoill lanch at Villa-onnot. In trms of cinma, sccssiv nw wavs will hold no scrt for yo if yo bcom an assidos habité of cinmas sch as th lb, th Méliès or th inémathèq d rn. t on th othr hand, if yo want th latst movis in th latst mltiplx comfort, thn thr is th athé havant and th athé chirolls. Hr ar som dats to rmmbr of vnts not to miss in rn and its rgion in 0-0. Yo can conslt th fll list of vnts on th wbsit of th rn Offic d Torism: Sptmbr é t 6 Sptmbr: "Ls Jornés d patrimoin", national Hritag ays with spcial opn-days with fr admission to historical monmnts é 0 to Sptmbr at Saint Hilair d Tovt: Th Icas p (La op Icar) a world fstival of fr-flight sports (vol libr). Octobr é -4 Octobr: stival clbration of th 0 th annivrsary of th Univrsity main camps (omain nivrsitair) é 0-4 Octobr: Th Scinc stival ("La êt d la Scinc") é 0- Octobr in rn: "L Millésim" (win and msic fstival: initiation to wintasting and concrts of jazz and classical msic) é -0 Octobr in rn: Th Rocktambl stival, poprock msic Novmbr é 7-8 Novmbr: ncontrs with Italian cinma é stival "L Tympan dans l œil": ciné-concrt écmbr é -9 cmbr: Intrnational stival of Montain ilm at trans é ginning of cmbr to hristmas: L Marché d Noël lac Saint-ndré: a traffic-fr sqar in th cntr of rn Janvir é arly Janary: Th stival of Madits ilms é raphics Month at échirolls é nd Janary: "Ls états générax d rnova" Mars é arly March: Univrsity ltral Wk é 9-4 March: "L rintmps ds poèts" é "Un Nit trop cort", Intrnational stival of stdnt short movis vril é "étors d abl": stival ds Msiqs d mond contmporain é Th rn spring ok fair Mai é "La êt d la Natr" é "Ls arts d récit n Isèr" é 4 May: "La nit ds msés" Jin é nd of Jn in rn: "ort n son, fstival d fanfars" Jillt é nd Jly: "abart frapp", a msical fstival é "Msilac": msic fstival at ix-ls bains Worth knowing: Stdnts gnrally bnfit from cd admission prics pon prsntation of a stdnt msms n by th Isèr dpartmnt (th ncin vêché, th St.Larnt msé archéologiq, th Msé daphinois, th Msm of th rnch Rvoltion at narby Vizill)) hav fr admission throghot th yar. or th othrs, admission is fr on th first Snday of ach month. oût é Th Vrcors Msic stival 4 é é

15 SORTIN TIVITIS TTIN INVOLV IN OMMUNITY LI Sport on th amps Sports activitis at th Univrsité d rn ar organizd by th Univrsity dpartmnt that gos by th nam of its acronym "SIUS" (Srvic Intr-Univrsitair ds ctivités hysiqs t Sportivs), which offrs a broad rang of sporting activitis, opn to all accoing to aptitd and intrst. sporting activity can b ndrtakn as part of a nivrsity cors program or simply as a lisr activity, ithr at an introdctory lvl or for sasond practitionrs. s for participating in sporting activitis ar incldd in th stdnt s rgistration fs. Organizd commnity lif is vry rich in th rn conrbation. Hnds of associations xist in all filds of activity: art, cinma, cltr, politics, citiznship, sport, msic, tc. So yo rally want to gt involvd in a cas, prs a projct or gt to know othrs in an activity which is vry dar to yo? Thn yo can commit yorslf on a volntary basis to working in an appropriat association. Yo will not arn any mony bt yo will acqir rich xprinc which will stand yo in good stad in trms of yor prsonal dvlopmnt and also in trms of yor ftr profssional lif I, ssociation ds tdiants amronais lain Tchana, présidnt: M, ssociation ds tdiants Malins mba Toré, scrétair général ds activités sportivs t cltrlls: MI, ssociation ds tdiants Malgachs n Isèr rl Totoson, vic-présidnt: acok: pplmi SS, ssociation ds Étdiants t Stagiairs Sénégalais d rn ctivitis off by SIUS: daptd hysical ctivitis, ïkido, rchry, thltics, adminton, asktball, ody- ilding, limbing, anc, iving, ncing, ootball (mn and womn s), olf, ymnastics, Handball, Jdo, Jjits, Karaté, Montain-iking, Orintring, Rowing, Rgby (mn and womn s), Sailing, Skiing, Snowaing, Srfing, Swimming, Tabl-Tnnis, Tnnis, Volly-ball, Watr-polo. Rgistration Th Sports Srvic organizs a "Sports om" on th th and th of Sptmbr in th Halls, lldonn and harts, nar th URS bilding. This om prsnts all th sports off to stdnts. scond fom is organizd dring th month of Janary. part from th foms, yo can also rgistr dirctly for a sport with th sports rprsntativ in yor host instittion. arfl! o not wait too long: th nthsiasm is sch at th bginning of th yar that crtain activitis ar soon flly sbscribd and placs ar invitably limitd in som activitis. é sport takn as a nivrsity cors (with valation): Yo nd to rgistr with yor Srvic d Scolarité as wll as with th Sports Sction. This rgistration mst b confirmd with th had of th sport chosn dring th om ds Sports. s for this ar incldd in th gnral stdnt sbscription f. é Th prsonal practic of a sport: In or to practic a sport throghot th yar, yo shold acqir th sports ca obtainabl from th nivrsity swimming poor or at th om ds sports. Th cost of th ca is 7. It is also possibl to carry ot a sporting activity othr than throgh this yar-long rgistration with th Srvics ds Sports. Yo can for xampl hav accss to th swimming pool (stdnt admission cost is.0 ) or to th wights room (for which thr is an annal f). Th football pitchs ar also fr of accss on th nivrsity camps (tramstop "Hctor rlioz" on Tramlin ). Othr facilitis sch as th tnnis corts or bach volly corts, tc. can b rsrvd at th Srvic ds Sports. Th U: rn Univrsités lb Th U posssss its own training cntr and a lisr cntr which placs mphasis on sporting ndavor which is availabl for thos agd 4 to 7 (opn throghot th yar), with spcializd sctions for sporting sctions, covring mor than thirty disciplins practicd, ithr comptitivly or for lisr prposs and opn to all (at th school, nivrsity or gnral pblic, lvl). With mor than 8,000 mmbrs, th rn Univrsité lb is on of th top thr nivrsity clbs in ranc: Th Snow School (écol d liss) at Univrsité d rn Th "écol d liss" organizs sprvisd ski trips with prfrntial and xclsiv rats to svral of th bst rnch ski rsorts. Off-camps sports activitis Yo will find in rn many sports complxs: skating rinks, climbing cntrs, rac tracks, wling allys and mnicipal swimming pools. Th Mnicipal Sports Offic (OMS: Offic Mnicipal ds Sports) will rply to all qstions rlating to th practic of sport in rn. It organizs a Sports om which brings togthr mor than a hnd sports clbs in rn and th conrbation. Th nxt fom will tak plac on th 8th Sptmbr 0 at th rand lac Shopping ntr. Offic Mnicipal ds Sports passag alais d Jstic 8000 rn Opning tims: Tsdays to ridays from.0 p.m. to.0 p.m t th "Maison d la Montagn", yo will find all sorts of information rlating to activitis in th grat otdoors: docmntation on th montains, gids, maps, tc. s a rndz-vos for all montain clbs, this plac is th mting plac for many organizations: th "ra ds ids t ccompagnatrs d rn", th "ntr Régional d édcation oplair t d Sport" and also th "Monitrs yclists rançais". Maison d la Montagn Raol lancha 8000 rn Opning tims: Mondays to ridays: from 9.0 a.m. to.0 p.m. and p.m. to 6 p.m. Satays: 0 a.m. - p.m; p.m.- p.m On th main camps In th V bilding, th ntr for Stdnt Lif (spac Vi tdiant), yo will com into contact with srvics and activitis which ar dsignd by stdnts for othr stdnts. Yo can also conslt st p by th association in charg of nning th V bilding and by th M ntrpris st p to cooinat stdnt associations. is a wbsit st p to hlp stdnts and rn associations to promot thir intraction and to promot stdnt involvmnt in associations. Th M ntrpris has as its main aim th fostring of stdnt involvmnt in associational activity and cooinating th links btwn th main stdnt associations on th camps. If yo want to find ot what association most corrsponds to yor intrsts, or can bst hlp yo to dvlop a particlar projct, thn M is thr to hlp yo. Intr is a dynamic association of rn stdnts whos aim is to xtnt a warm wlcom to intrnational stdnts, and thrby facilitat cltral xchangs throgh a varity of activitis, otings, spcial wlcom vnings and introdcing intrnational stdnts to rnch association is happy to organiz introdctory visits at th bginning of th nivrsity yar for intrnational nwcomrs th to gt to know th camps and th city of rn and to tak part in discovry wknds. ommnity ssociations Thr xist qit a fw commnity associations cratd by stdnts of diffrnt nationalitis and backgronds. Ths associations bring togthr thos with th sam cltral backgrond who wish to shar what thy hav in common. Ths associations can b of grat hlp to yo whn it is a qstion of sttling in to a nw lifstyl in rn. Thy also organiz cltral, fstiv and sporting vnts, working in liaison with th Intr association. V, ssociation ds Étdiants Vitmanins d rn IS, ssociation ds inéns d l Isèr Ibrahima ah, présidnt: acok: inéns d rn NISR, ssociation ds Nigérins d l Isèr Malick orima, présidnt: STI, ssociation ds tdiants Ivoirins d rn ssociation ds ongolais d ranc t ds Étdiants ongolais Mathi ILUN KNKON, présidnt: ssociation ds étdiants hinois Yang Yang, vic-présidnt: In town Th Intrnational Hos: La Maison d l Intrnational is a spcial plac st p and n by th ity of rn for xchangs, for information and for mting togthr to shar intrnational xprincs. It is hr that yo can find ot mor information on all th intrnational associations prsnt in rn. Maison d l Intrnational Hctor rlioz 8000 rn Opning tim: Mondays to ridays, from 0 a.m. to.0 p.m. and from p.m. to 6 p.m Th Maison ds associations is th plac to find ot mor at th latst activitis of associations in rn. It also srvs to giv advic to and to train volntrs in all aspcts of th rol of associations in commnity lif. Maison ds associations 6 rth d oissix 8000 rn Opning tims: Mondays to ridays btwn 8.0 a.m. and 7 p.m é é 7

16 ULTUR SHOK! LOSSRY O RNH RONYMS Yo hav lft yor contry, yor family and yor frinds to com and liv a nw xprinc in a forign contry. lthogh yo no dobt prpa yorslf for this xprinc and informd yorslf at rnch cltr and lif in ranc bfor yo lft, yo cold wll b fling a crtain amont of cltr shock and fling a littl hom-sick. It is altogthr normal that, in th initial stags, yo cold wll fl a littl lost, disorintd and vn bwild by yor nw nvironmnt. Sch motions ar an ssntial part of th adaptation procss yo ar ndrgoing. or yor cltral adaptation to b ffctiv, it is ssntial to kp an opn mind and a sns of hmor. Yo shold also b prpa to accpt failr and shold not b afraid to mak this known. riosity, tolranc of diffrncs and of ambigitis, rspct towas othrs as wll as a sns of slf-stm, ar all bhavioral attitds which will mak yor intgration asir. If a strong nasinss shold prsist, thn yo can always contact th tam at th Halth ntr of th Univrsité d rn who hav st p diffrnt spport grops (aiming at inclcating slfconfidnc, taching strss managmnt, cltivating awarnss and commnicativ skills). Yo can also solicit th hlp of th tam of social assistants whos rol is to hlp stdnts in thir nivrsity and prsonal livs, giving thm th capacity to cop with difficlt sitations. ntr d Santé: ssistants socials: ntr d Santé d omain nivrsitair 80 d la iscin Opning Hors: from 8 a.m. to p.m. Mondays, Wdnsdays, Thrsdays and ridays, and 9a.m. to p.m. Tsdays ntr d Santé d cntr-vill d rsonval 8000 rn Opning Hors: from 8.0 a.m. to p.m., Mondays, Wdnsdays and Thrsdays, from 9.0 a.m. to p.m. Tsdays, from 8.0 a.m. to 4 p.m. ridays sychological onslling: ll of which ar sd and thir maning xplaind in nglish - in th prcding txt. IJ: IJ: U: : HU: M: RIJ: ROUS: U: L: L: TS: V: L: : U: I ISSO: ssociation épartmntal Information Initiativ Jnss ssociation por acilitr l Insrtion profssionnll ds Jns diplômés ibliothèq nivrsitair aiss d llocations amilials ntr Hospitalir Univrsitair aiss rimair d ssranc Maladi ntr Régional Information Jnss ntrs Régionax ds Œvrs Univrsitairs t Scolairs ntr Univrsitair d étds rançaiss iplôm approfondi d lang français iplôm d étds n lang français ropan it Transfr Systm spac Vi étdiant rançais Lang étrangèr az élctricité d rn rn Univrsité lb Intrnational Stdnts and Scholars Offic L LM: O OII: OMS: R RI: RU: S La Mtll s étdiants Offic rançais d l Immigration t d l Intégration Offic Mnicipal ds Sports Rlvé d Idntité ancair Rstarant nivrsitair SH: Srvic ccil Handicap SI: Srvics Intr-établissmnts d oopération ocmntair SMRR: Société Mtalist ds Étdiants d la Région Rhôn-lps SIUS: Srvic Intr-Univrsitair ds ctivités hysiqs t Sportivs T T: T: TV: U Transport d l gglomération rnoblois Tst d onnaissanc d rançais Train rand Vitss UR: UJ: UM: Unité d ormation t d Rchrch Univrsité Josph orir Univrsité irr-mndès-ranc 8 é é 9

17 rn oncption, édition Univrsité d rn irction d la Vi étdiant irction d évloppmnt t d l'ménagmnt 0 9 TRMWYLIN IRTION ÉHIROLLS-NISIN T RIS T- ILL SIN SYS TLV HÔ d rsonval - rn 9 thovn - rn 9 irr ortad - Saint Martin d Hèrs olonl mont - rn 7--9 d 4 avril 9 - Saint Martin d Hèrs bis r Hrmit - rn avn énéral hampon - rn d la Magnanri - rn vn dmond smonin - rn Maric ignox - rn 6 plac astr - rn 6 asimir rnir - rn avn énéral hampon - rn 6 élix sclangon avn ds Martyrs - rn ds Martyrs (ntré Jls Horowitz) - rn Lsdigièrs - rn 60 avn d onstantin - rn 6 Jls Horowitz - rn irr Séma - rn 6 Jls Horowitz - rn 4 7 d rsonval - rn 6 lva gtt Smbat - rn 4 lva Maréchal Joffr - rn 4 d lgrad - rn II omicil Intrgénérations Isérois (II) plac d Mtz - rn OII Offic rançais d l Immigration t d l Intégration 76 ds lliés - rn 6 4 d la Répbliq - rn plac Vacanson - rn plac Vacanson - rn 7 lva Maréchal Lyaty - rn 4 IIJ - ôl Jnss LN IL ssociation épartmntal d Information Logmnt (IL) 8 ité d la i Offic d torism S MUS 0 az lctricité d rn () Régi ds ax d rn La ost gnc Métro Vélo ars gnc T -4 Résidncs Univrsitairs gnc Transisèr é -4 é -8 Rstarants / afétarias Hôpitax a rè s j a n j c o rs TT LM UR OT IR- VLL ÈS JUR IR- VLL lvajosphvallir 9-4 OII NIÈR ON U É R RN d Univrsité Stndhal lliés LINUS6 STLINRLLIÉS 6 Institt d Urbanism drn ÎLS S MS LINSUS,6 UÈNSU 76 sa avnlabyè itéds Trritoirs 4bis SYSSINS-LRISM TRMINUSLIN 4 Institt déographi lpin SYSSINS avndspplirs LINUS6 RYNOR rn IN 7 LINUS LRMNTR-VILL av n d glia sco laramp TRMWYLIN LRMNTR-VILL HÔTL VILL 8 Instittdla ommnicationtds dsmédias/im alb rtlon drs pathé échirolls É VRSVIZILL OUR dʼoisns, SISTRON - 8 brg d jnss 8 Mairis N T d stal ing ra d IR- VLL 94 YNS ÉHIROLLS SYSSINT-RIST c ho r i r avnmarirynoa SU ct do RO yn oa NRS Écol Spérir d rt t d sign Écol National Spérir d rchitctr d rn ropan Synchrotron Radiation acility (SR) rn Écol d Managmnt Institt La Langvin Régi ds ax 0 rsonval - ntr d santé L -VIL 46 avn élix Viallt - rn 46 avn élix Viallt - rn parvis Lois Nél - rn ds Martyrs - rn rn IN la s ico 6 ÉcolSpérir \ 9jl ]l \] <]ka_f IUT ccils t srvics cntrcommrcial?jyf\ HdY[] TR N M LR 8 n mai s ièr ig sd l avnrhintdanb rr dir avn m arc linb ling rad s ta d avnmarcllinbrthlot rth lot co rs avnmarirynoa d stal ing ra d av n ma rir maricdodrot 7 VRSVIZILL OUR dʼoisns, SISTRON Tosdroitsrésrvés Univrsitédrn Jillt0 LINSUS,6,, HMOLLION 6 IIJ trs établissmnts avn d con stantin - 8 la ng o m n av a rè s j an j mai9 4 d8 R N n do l ra n ha éc ar ampèr avnrhintdanb avn ÉHI S UIL INORMTION ÔL UIL OMNMNT OIST -R S ROLL 0 avn ntral omain Univrsitair Saint-Martin d'hèrs Tram, arrêt ibliothèqs Univrsitairs s avn d 8 mai 94 - Échirolls dministration NSI hlma Minatc hlma olygon Résidnc rsonval Résidnc thovn Résidnc armagnol Librté Résidnc ilaos Résidnc d la Hall n Résidnc Hrmit Résidnc L Hom Résidnc La Magnanri Résidnc Olympiq Résidnc l Rat ité alilé - Maison ds étdiants Rstarant rsonval Rstarant Hom Rstarant Minatc rtlondr LINSUS,,6, RN L va Instittdla ommnicationtds dsmédias/im pathé échirolls L RTS- SS 60 l S RN LS UTT 6 avndl rop O X -L SU ÔL t i r TRMWYLIN RN L UX ba s SURI sco m is L RN 6 UNO TR SIN LINSUS,6,,,,4,4,0 OTURMRTIN s t ÉcolNational Kmh ja]mj] \ 9j[`al][lmj] drn dm o nd sm on i n t arc JanVrlhac QUIN t 8 R RL ag glia alb n 9 av n av LINUS6 RYNOR laramp HÔTL VILL rb ÉTINNR TRMINUSLIN TRMWYLIN M:MISON LULTUR RUYÈ L Univrsité Stndhal sqar doctrmartin va itéds Trritoirs avndspplirs TRMWYLIN LRMNTR-VILL lh l d ma ola n ilz ROUS TRMWYLIN LRUYÈR LINUS LRMNTR-VILL av TUR UL HON LN JO R 4 tta avnlabyèr SYSSINS 7 0 ém n av plac oyn oss - rn 6 asimir rnir - rn plac d Vn - rn ité ds Trritoirs - 4 bis avn Mari Rynoa - 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restaurants and bars report december 2013

restaurants and bars report december 2013 rstaurants and bars rport dcmbr 2013 introduction Wlcom to th latst dition of our rviw of th rstaurant and bar sctor. It has bn a yar sinc our last rport, and 2013 has dfinitly bn th yar whn our prdictd

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Family Health and Literacy

Family Health and Literacy Family Halth and Litracy A Guid to Easy-to-Rad Halth Education Matrials and Wb Sits for Familis Juli McKinny & Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi Dvlopd by World Education in collaboration with th National Institut for

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5.3.2 APPROACH TO PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Chaptr 5: Prformanc Managmnt Systm 5. APPROACH TO PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Th Municipal Systms Act () rquirs municipalitis to dvlop a prformanc managmnt systm suitabl for thir own circumstancs. According

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Type Inference and Optimisation for an Impure World.

Type Inference and Optimisation for an Impure World. Typ Infrnc and Optimisation for an Impur World. Bn Lippmir DRAFT Jun, 2009 A thsis submittd for th dgr of Doctor of Philosophy of th Australian National Univrsity 2 Dclaration Th work in this thsis is

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Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive? By Leemore Dafny*

Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive? By Leemore Dafny* Ar Halth Insuranc Markts Comptitiv? By Lmor Dafny* To gaug th comptitivnss of th group halth insuranc industry, I invstigat whthr halth insurrs charg highr prmiums, ctris paribus, to mor profitabl firms.

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Stop! Safety first. 2009 November. New helix test: ideal process challenge device with indicators for the simulation of worst-case scenarios

Stop! Safety first. 2009 November. New helix test: ideal process challenge device with indicators for the simulation of worst-case scenarios P A C K A G I N G N E W S 2009 Novmbr Tn layrs of safty: SC PA is a robust, thrmoforming film for products with dgs and cornrs Nw hlix tst: idal procss challng dvic with indicators for th simulation of

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The author(s) shown below used Federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Justice and prepared the following final report:

The author(s) shown below used Federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Justice and prepared the following final report: Th author(s) shown blow usd Fdral funds providd by th U.S. Dpartmnt of Justic and prpard th following final rport: Documnt Titl: Author(s): Impact Munitions Data Bas of Us and Effcts Kn Hubbs ; David Klingr

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Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2015 Engaging the future luxury consumer

Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2015 Engaging the future luxury consumer Global Powrs of Luxury Goods 2015 Engaging th futur luxury consumr Contnts Introduction 1 Global conomic outlook 2 Engaging th futur luxury consumr 8 Global Powrs of Luxury Goods Top 100 14 Top 100 highlights

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est with berkeley / uc berkeley exte xtension / be your best with berkel

est with berkeley / uc berkeley exte xtension / be your best with berkel c rkley xtnsion yor st rkly c rkley xtnsion st with rkly c rkley xt Post-Baccalarat yor st Program with for rkly c rk xtnsion yor st with rkl c rkley xtnsion yor st rkly Consling c rkley and xtnsion st

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High Availability Architectures For Linux on IBM System z

High Availability Architectures For Linux on IBM System z High Availability Architcturs For Linux on IBM Systm z March 31, 2006 High Availability Architcturs for Linux on IBM Systm z 1 Contnts Abstract...3 Introduction. Dfinition of High Availability...4 Chaptr

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a m e s y s AMESYS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS C RITIC A L SYSTEM ARCHITEC T SERVICES PROVIDED C O N T A C T S SERVICES PROVIDED Smooth and profssional dploymnt With its growing xprinc, Amsys has mastrd th art of implmntation of intllignc systm. Our tam of profssional xprt will hlp you from th dsign of th architctur

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ARMY VALUES. 1 The Seven Army Values (LDRSHIP) 2 Army Values and American Values 3 Relating Personal Values to Army Values. Section 1.

ARMY VALUES. 1 The Seven Army Values (LDRSHIP) 2 Army Values and American Values 3 Relating Personal Values to Army Values. Section 1. Sction 1 ARMY VALUES Valus and Ethics Track Ky Points 1 Th Svn Army Valus (LDRSHIP) 2 Army Valus and Amrican Valus 3 Rlating Prsonal Valus to Army Valus Thr is a grat dal of talk about loyalty from th

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99 Process Mining: Overview and Opportunities

99 Process Mining: Overview and Opportunities Procss Mining: Ovrviw and Opportunitis WIL VAN DER AALST, Eindhovn Univrsity of Tchnology Ovr th last dcad, procss mining mrgd as a nw rsarch fild that focuss on th analysis of procsss using vnt data.

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Quantum Graphs I. Some Basic Structures

Quantum Graphs I. Some Basic Structures Quantum Graphs I. Som Basic Structurs Ptr Kuchmnt Dpartmnt of Mathmatics Txas A& M Univrsity Collg Station, TX, USA 1 Introduction W us th nam quantum graph for a graph considrd as a on-dimnsional singular

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Pedro Linares, Francisco Javier Santos, Mariano Ventosa, Luis Lapiedra

Pedro Linares, Francisco Javier Santos, Mariano Ventosa, Luis Lapiedra Masuring th impact of th uropan carbon trading dirctiv and th prmit assignmnt mthods on th Spanish lctricity sctor Pdro Linars, Francisco Javir Santos, Mariano Vntosa, Luis Lapidra Instituto d Invstigación

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Opt-in dystopias 1. Nicklas Lundblad e Betsy Masiello

Opt-in dystopias 1. Nicklas Lundblad e Betsy Masiello Argomnti Opt-in dystopias 1 Nicklas Lundblad Btsy Masillo Sintsi La librtà di sclta dll utnt è ( dv rimanr) un principio cardin indiscutibil. Ai consumatori va dunqu smpr garantito, anch nll ambint virtual,

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Working Paper Series Brasília n. 184 Apr. 2009 p. 1-60

Working Paper Series Brasília n. 184 Apr. 2009 p. 1-60 ISSN 58-3548 CGC.38.66/-5 Working Papr Sris rasília n. 84 Apr. 9 p. -6 Working Papr Sris Editd by sarch Dpartmnt Dpp E-mail: Editor: njamin Miranda Tabak E-mail:

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Throughput and Buffer Analysis for GSM General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)

Throughput and Buffer Analysis for GSM General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Throughput and Buffr Analysis for GSM Gnral Packt Radio Srvic (GPRS) Josph Ho, Yixin Zhu, and Sshu Madhavapddy Nortl Ntorks 221 Laksid Blvd. Richardson, TX 7582 E-Mail: Abstract -

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Nimble Storage Exchange 2010 40,000-Mailbox Resiliency Storage Solution

Nimble Storage Exchange 2010 40,000-Mailbox Resiliency Storage Solution Nimbl Storag Exchang 2010 40,0-Mailbox Rsilincy Storag Solution Tstd with: ESRP Storag Vrsion 3.0 Tst dat: July 10, 2012 Ovrviw This documnt provids information on Nimbl Storag's storag solution for Microsoft

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IMPROVE CUSTOMERS LOYALTY IN ONLINE GAMING: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY Fan Zhao Fan Zhao ABSTRACT In th past dcad, onlin gams hav bcom an important lctronic commrc application A good undrstanding of customr onlin gam bhaviors is critical for both rsarchrs and practitionrs, such as

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Block. It puts some writers down for DRAFT NO.4. Replacing the words in boxes. THE WNTING UFE

Block. It puts some writers down for DRAFT NO.4. Replacing the words in boxes. THE WNTING UFE Block. It puts som writrs down for months. It puts som writrs down for lif. A not always brif or minor form of it muts all writrs from th outst of vry day. "Dar Jol..." This is just a random sampl from

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5-week session: June 1 July 2. 8-week session: June 8 August 1. 8-week session: June 15 August 8. 5-week session: July 6 August 8. www.sdcity.

5-week session: June 1 July 2. 8-week session: June 8 August 1. 8-week session: June 15 August 8. 5-week session: July 6 August 8. www.sdcity. Wlcom! ummr is a grat tim to attnd City Collg votd Bst Collg/Univrsity in an Digo!* With th improving conomy, th stat is invsting mor in community collgs. As such, City Collg is abl to offr narly 500 classs

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Category 11: Use of Sold Products

Category 11: Use of Sold Products 11 Catgory 11: Us of Sold Products Catgory dscription T his catgory includs missions from th us of goods and srvics sold by th rporting company in th rporting yar. A rporting company s scop 3 missions

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Current and Resistance

Current and Resistance Chaptr 6 Currnt and Rsistanc 6.1 Elctric Currnt...6-6.1.1 Currnt Dnsity...6-6. Ohm s Law...6-4 6.3 Elctrical Enrgy and Powr...6-7 6.4 Summary...6-8 6.5 Solvd Problms...6-9 6.5.1 Rsistivity of a Cabl...6-9

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Suggestion of Promising Result Types for XML Keyword Search

Suggestion of Promising Result Types for XML Keyword Search Suggstion o Promising Rsult Typs or XML Kyword Sarch Jianxin Li, Chngi Liu and Rui Zhou Swinurn Univrsity o Tchnology Mlourn, Australia {jianxinli, cliu, rzhou} Wi Wang Univrsity o Nw South

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Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences Mühendislik ve Fen Bilimleri Dergisi

Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences Mühendislik ve Fen Bilimleri Dergisi Journal of Enginring and Natural Scincs Mühndisli v Fn Bilimlri Drgisi Sigma 4/ Invitd Rviw Par OPTIMAL DESIGN OF NONLINEAR MAGNETIC SYSTEMS USING FINITE ELEMENTS Lvnt OVACIK * Istanbul Tchnical Univrsity,

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Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Enablement Solutions

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Enablement Solutions Prsonal Idntity Vrification (PIV) Enablmnt Solutions pivclass Govrnmnt Solutions Affordabl Prsonal Idntity Vrification (PIV) Enablmnt Solutions from a Singl, Trustd Supplir Complt Solution for PIV Enablmnt

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Likeli Score Controls Gaps in control or action required Assurances Future actions. 3- Possibl e. Major. Major. management. Governance Manager

Likeli Score Controls Gaps in control or action required Assurances Future actions. 3- Possibl e. Major. Major. management. Governance Manager 9th Sptmbr 2014 Rsponsibl Dirctorat Natur of Risk Objctivs Risk Risk Dtail DGC - Dirctor of 01 - Complianc Organisational Govrnanc and xcllnc Complianc R0124 - Ensuring CCG oprations ar compliant with

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Create Change. 2015 Create Change Design Forums. 2015 Create Change Design Forums to register:

Create Change. 2015 Create Change Design Forums. 2015 Create Change Design Forums to register: Crat Chang 2015 Crat Chang Dsign Forums 2015 Crat Chang Dsign Forums to rgistr: About Art Cntr Collg of Dsign Art Cntr Collg of Dsign, locatd in Pasadna, California, Unitd Stats, is on

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