A Complete Guide for Database Technology Migration Program

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1 White Paper A Complete Guide for Database Techology Migratio Program Database techology migratio programs do ot come up every year as a high priority iitiative i the IT orgaizatio. However, carryig out eterprise wide database techology migratio programs i a ustructured way ca have a catastrophic ad expesive impact o the busiess because oce a old system has bee retired there is o goig back if the ew migrated system breaks dow. This paper provides detailed isights ad a ed-toed view of the life cycle of the database techology migratio program. The author believes that the comprehesive approach provided i this paper will help IT orgaizatios to successfully pla, desig, build, test ad roll-out a very large ad complex database migratio program i a systematic, structured fashio.

2 About the Author K. Vaidyaatha K. Vaidyaatha is a IT ifrastructure cosultat ad part of TCS Global Cosultig Practice - Ifrastructure Solutios uit. He has aroud 15 years experiece i the IT services ad has delivered successful cosultig egagemets to global customers from various idustry verticals such as bakig, isurace, telecom, life sciece ad retail. He has architected solutios coverig a wide rage of areas such as maiframe optimizatio, maiframe cosolidatio, maiframe exit, maiframe capacity upgrade, IT Disaster Recovery Strategy ad database techology migratio plaig. He graduated Master of Computer Applicatios from BMS College of Egieerig, Bagalore Uiversity. K Vaidyaatha, GCP Ifrastructure Solutios Cosultig Group, 2

3 Table of Cotets 1. Itroductio 4 2. Why migrate applicatio systems to aother database platform? 4 3. What are the systems suitable for database migratio? 5 4. How is a database techology migratio program executed? 5 Stage 1: Assessmet 7 Stage 2: Proof-of-Cocept 8 Stage 3: Busiess Case 9 Stage 4: Plaig 10 Stage 5: Desig, Build / Migrate ad Test 12 Step I - Ifrastructure Setup ad Requiremets Gatherig 12 Step II Baselie Testig ad Detailed Solutio Desig 14 Step III Database Migratio 15 Step IV Applicatio Migratio 15 Step V - Uit Testig 15 Step VI - System Testig 16 Step VII - Regressio Testig 16 Step VIII Performace Testig 16 Step IX Retrofittig 16 Step X - User Acceptace Testig 16 Stage 6: Implemetatio Plaig 17 Stage 7: Implemetatio 19 Stage 8: Post Implemetatio Coclusio Abbreviatios ad Expasios 21 3

4 Itroductio Global CxOs are focusig o techology refresh iitiatives across the eterprise, ad i particular, embarkig upo database platform migratio programs for core / missio critical legacy applicatios i order to gai competitive advatages ad reduce the cost of owership of IT. However, migratio programs cosume sigificat budget ad ivestmets belogig to the Trasform the Busiess (TTB) iitiatives i a orgaizatio ad so are always prioritized ad implemeted i a reactive mode. A vailla database techology migratio program may also have the followig add-os for improvig the operatioal efficiecy of the target solutio Physical database cosolidatio: Optimizig the umber of physical database istaces i the target eviromet Compoet Trasformatio: Portig of back ed compoets such as scripts from source to target operatig system platform The overall duratio of a database platform migratio program depeds o parameters such as size of databases (umber of database objects ad size of the objects) ad the overall size of the applicatio size (umber of compoets) ad other depedet or coflictig iitiatives. Why migrate applicatio systems to aother database platform? IT orgaizatios eed to assess the techology ifrastructure of applicatio systems ad iform busiess at appropriate itervals if there is a sigificat icrease i the total cost of owership with respect to sustaiig the software products (e.g., a database product) ad / or if the uderlyig software product becomes obsolete (e.g., database product is usupported by vedor). The goals / key themes of CxOs i the IT orgaizatio are usually derived out of busiess goals ad drivers for busiess growth. A few goals pertaiig to migratio could be: Goals / Key Themes: Reduce Operatig Expese / Total Cost of Owership Curret versio of database platform has reached ed-of-support ad extedig further will icur special support cost, icreasig total cost of owership Aual licese cost of the subsequet ew / ext versio of the curret database techology has icreased sigificatly, icreasig the total cost of owership Aggregated aual licese cost of multiple database techology platforms is very high Goals / Key Themes: Risk Proof the Busiess No clear roadmap for ehaced or subsequet versios of database techology product, posig a risk i sustaiig busiess critical system i the o-strategic database techology. Dimiishig market share ad product support issues of database vedor ihibitig the eterprise s ability to ivest further i the curret legacy database techology ifrastructure. 4

5 Goals / Key Themes: Stadardize Eterprise Database Techology Numerous database techology products across IT orgaizatio addig complexity to the IT ifrastructure ladscape Acquired busiess etity wishig to migrate its busiess applicatios ito target database techology platform. Goals / Key Themes: Improve Operatioal Efficiecy Legacy database objects cosumig more disk storage for database objects Backups cosumig sigificat umber of tape resources High CPU utilizatio i executig queries agaist the databases More effort overhead i maagig objects across umerous database techologies across the IT ifrastructure Degraded olie database respose time for core busiess fuctios Goals / Key Themes: Gai Competitive Busiess Advatages / Icrease Busiess Value Very high time-to-market due to slow ecapsulatio of busiess rules ad fuctios pertaiig to ew busiess products Goals / Key Themes: Achieve Iteroperability ad Iteratioalizatio Lack of Uicode support (uiversal ecodig scheme for iterally storig the data i the databases i various local laguage characters such as special symbols, currecy symbols, etc.) for the uderlyig legacy databases of the applicatio system pose challeges i itegratig with other applicatios that support global busiess operatios Uable to use a sigle uified versio of the applicatio system worldwide because of multiple database techology systems What are the systems suitable for database migratio? Database techology migratio is performed for three types of applicatio systems. 1. Developed i-house or custom-built 2. Vedor supplied eterprise solutio package 3. Vedor supplied applicatio package However, vedor supplied applicatio packages may have challeges with database techology migratio because: Vedor may ot recommed, certify or provide support for techology migratio Owership of the source code of the applicatio package may be with the vedor itself 5

6 Selectig the right cadidate applicatio system with a appropriate priority ad sequece for database techology migratio depeds upo the followig: Criticality of the legacy applicatio system to the busiess Busiess value of the system Size of the system Complexity of the system Degree of Owership of the applicatio system How is a database techology migratio program executed? I the top dow approach, visio, busiess objectives, busiess drivers ad busiess case will drive the IT orgaizatio to alig ad embark o database techology migratio program as per the eterprise wide techology roadmap. The structured approach to large migratio programs cosists of eight key stages i the overall life cycle: 1. Assessmet, 2. Proof-of-cocept 3. Busiess Case 4. Plaig 5. Desig, Build / Migrate ad Test 6. Implemetatio Plaig 7. Implemetatio 8. Post Implemetatio Assessmet PoC Busiess Case Plaig Desig, Build & Test Implemetatio Plaig Implemetatio Post Implemetatio Figure 1: Database Techology Migratio Lifecycle The subsequet sectios describe the life cycle stages of a database migratio program i detail. 6

7 Stage 1: Assessmet The Assessmet stage broadly cosists of 11 activities: I) Prepare II) Collect Data III) Aalyze IV) Defie Target V) Idetify ad Recommed Solutio VI) Defie Roadmap VII) Baselie Ivetory VIII) Derive Complexity IX) Estimate Effort ad Cost X) Prepare High Level Busiess Case XI) Prepare Program Pla These activities should be performed by a core team comprisig techology ifrastructure cosultat, applicatio architect, database cosultat, busiess ad fiacial cosultat. This team will deliver target solutio architecture, high level roadmap, Rough Order of Magitude (ROM) estimates ad high level busiess case for the database techology migratio program. I Prepare Sposor Objective Stakeholders Scope Iitiate Prioritize Determie Orgaizatio Defie Structure Goverace Approach Methodology Framework II Collect Data Obtai Access Documetatio Schedule Workshops Circulate Survey Questioaire III Aalyze Aalyze Pai Poits & Drivers Resposes Requiremets & Priorities Depedecies, Categories, Complexities Applicatio Criticality IV Defie Defie Target Guidig Priciples Target State Visio Target State Architecture Desig Target State Architecture V Idetify & Recommed Idetify Solutio Optios Evaluate Solutio Optios Recommed Fial Solutio VI VII VIII IX Defie Roadmap Baselie Ivetory Derive Complexity Arrive Effort & Cost X XI Come up High Level Busiess Case Prepare Program Pla Submit Steerig Committee Ed 7

8 VII Discover Collect Validate Baselie Sig Off Ivetory VIII Aalyze Size Aalyze Impact Aalyze Quatum Categorize Derive Portfolio & Database Complexity IX Obtai Size Obtai Complexity Obtai Productivity Guidelies Obtai Productivity Cost Arrive Effort & Cost Estimatio X Obtai Cost Estimate Obtai Capital Costs Obtai Operatioal Costs Calculate Program Costs Come up High Level Busiess Case XI Obtai Effort Estimate Determie Other Project Depedecies Determie Risks & Impact Idetify Mitigatios Arrive Overall Deuratio Program Pla Figure 2: Assessmet Stage The assessmet exercise offers CxOs appropriate iputs to create a covicig busiess case for the database techology migratio program. Best Practices Determie quatified beefits for the database migratio program to support the fiacial busiess case. Leverage tools ad scripts developed i-house to accelerate ad improve productivity durig the discovery of compoet ivetory Leverage Solutio Evaluatio Framework to evaluate ad select the target solutio Leverage existig estimatio templates ad techiques to arrive at cost ad effort for the etire database techology migratio program. Use the appropriate productivity defiitio ad caledar holidays durig the effort estimatio stage for the etire program. Obtai cost for the target database solutio to prepare busiess / fiacial case Stage 2: Proof-of-Cocept The Proof-of-Cocept (PoC) exercise sets the expectatios for the etire database techology migratio program. The followig diagram illustrates the sequece of the activities ivolved. 8

9 Coect with Techology Vedors Provisio Server, Storage, Network & Workstatio ifrastructure Procure Short term liceses for database techology product Shortlist the modules for Proof-of- Cocept Build Proof-ofcocept Eviromet Execute Proof-of Cocept Validate & Prove Techical feasibility of Target state Solutios Refie Migratio Program Approach The key expected outcomes of the PoC exercise are: Figure 3: Proof of Cocept Stage Fialized techology solutio compoets for the target state such as database platform, operatig system platform, server hardware, storage hardware, data migratio tools, schema migratio tools, data compariso tools, etc. Refied approach for the database migratio program. Best Practices Leverage the uderutilized server ad storage ifrastructure for provisioig ad buildig the PoC eviromet to avoid upfrot capital cost ivestmet Coect with database ad tools vedors ad procure them with trial / limited period liceses for the PoC exercise to optimize procuremet cost. Documet the eviromet specifics, cofiguratio, deploymet lay-out, migratio approach, migratio techiques ad procedures, PoC project results, lessos leart, techical challeges, ad their correspodig cotigecy actios. PoC should address two objectives: prove the fuctioal correctess of the system ad to validate the performace SLAs i the target state. Stage 3: Busiess Case The key objective of developig a busiess case is to prove fiacial / commercial feasibility of the database migratio program to the busiess ad executive committee of the eterprise. Fiacial busiess case specifies the ratioale to proceed further with the iitiative post proof-of-cocept exercise. This busiess case documet with fiacial elemets such as costs, savigs beefits, payback period ad retur o ivestmet (ROI) is the key eabler for the busiess to: Prioritize ad decide o embarkig o such large database techology refresh iitiative Provide go-ahead approval for fudig from its strategic IT ivestmets / budgets (IT budget allocatio for Trasform the Busiess (TTB) iitiatives). 9

10 I IT orgaizatios, strategic IT ivestmets are made to support ad improve the busiess operatios directly or idirectly. For arrivig at the target state sceario cost, iclude the capital cost heads such as cost for database migratio services, software licese cost - database platform, database moitorig tools, database coectivity drivers, database replicatio tools, operatig system, cost for ew hardware servers, cost for ew storage ad cost for traiig. Best Practices To calculate Retur o Ivestmet (ROI), iclude the operatioal cost for the i-scope systems ad exclude the cost for shared ifrastructure ad services To show comparative beefit i movig towards target database system, iclude detailed cost elemets of the curret system such as pealty / additioal cost from vedor for licese ad support for the out of support database techology I the cost beefit calculatio, iclude all the projected cost - quatified savigs due to reductio of eterprise wide licese cost for the ew target database platform solutio, storage reductio due to compressio techiques i the target state databases ad cosolidatio of physical / virtual servers i the target database eviromet. Stage 4: Plaig Detailed program plaig is imperative to avoid udesirable cosequeces from the database migratio program. It is recommeded to coduct workshop sessios with the busiess ad IT stakeholders durig the iitial duratio of plaig stage to gather more isights. The plaig stage cosists of 24 major steps: 1. Determie busiess priority of the program i relatio to other depedet iitiatives 2. Defie the program objectives ad scope. 3. Defie the phases i the program 4. Arrive at overall duratio required for the executio of the program 5. Prepare a detailed program charter cotaiig descriptio of the program, cost summary, schedule summary, effort summary, assumptios ad depedecies 6. Determie activities / tasks for the various phases of the program 7. Idetify the depedecies betwee activities / tasks 8. Determie the sequece i which the tasks ca be carried out to traverse through absolute critical path 9. Prepare a detailed work break dow structure cotaiig activity, start date, ed date, depedecies betwee activities / tasks 10. Prepare a pla for provisioig ifrastructure facilities for the program such as server devices, storage devices, developmet tools, testig tools, operatig system, database techology, database tools, data migratio tools, data compariso tools, etc. 10

11 11. Develop a detailed resource loadig pla across the various stages of the program 12. Perform a comprehesive risk assessmet ad idetify risks. Determie ad documet the risk category, risk exposure, risk impact to the program ad likelihood of occurrece of the risks. Come up with well plaed cotigecy actios to mitigate/avoid the risks. Risk categories could be busiess impact risk, solutio architecture risk, data migratio risk, data quality risk ad performace risk. 13. Defie commuicatio ad escalatio pla for the program 14. Develop ad documet quality assurace pla prescribig quality stadards, quality assurace approach, quality assurace timelie, quality assurace team structure, etc. 15. Desig key project service metrics such as deliver o time, meetig schedule, deliver right the first time, etc., to track ad assess the overall health of the program ad determie outliers 16. Defie goverace structure with hierarchy, roles ad resposibilities of various teams 17. Documet the chage ad cofiguratio maagemet processes to be followed for the etire migratio program 18. Freeze the techology decisios for the various stages of the etire migratio program life cycle 19. Prepare a elaborate procuremet pla for facilitatig the techology ad ifrastructure compoets 20. Prepare, publish ad agree o support ad service delivery SLAs for various teams ivolved i the program such as vedor, ifrastructure, busiess service team, project team, etc. 21. Prepare a detailed RASCI (Resposible, Accoutable, Supported by, Cosulted ad Iformed) matrix for the activities ivolved i various stages of the program 22. Defie registers for loggig, trackig ad closig issues, risks, decisios, etc. 23. Develop documetatio stadards ad templates for artifacts such as database desig documets, database migratio documet, applicatio remediatio / portig documet, test plas, test cases, status reportig, checklists, etc. 24. Agree ad establish service level agreemets (SLAs) with the product ad tool vedors to fix issues that may arise durig the program Best Practices Create a collaborative project workspace for the team ad create a hierarchical folder structure i the iteral kowledge sharig repository system for the artifacts of the etire database migratio program Idetify ad exclude all the obsolete / uused / stale objects such as tables, views, idexes, stored procedures, etc., from the scope durig the ivetory collectio exercise Pla detailed kowledge trasitio sessios for uderstadig the IT systems that are i-scope for migratio. This will help the project team ad the testig team to desig, build ad test i a more efficiet ad effective way. 11

12 Stage 5: Desig, Build / Migrate ad Test This stage has te steps, with some sigificat milestoes i the overall database techology migratio program. The steps are: I) Ifrastructure Setup ad Requiremets Gatherig II) Baselie Testig ad Detailed Solutio Desig III) Database Migratio IV) Applicatio Remediatio / Portig / Migratio V) Uit Testig VI) System ad Itegratio Testig VII) Regressio Testig VIII) Performace Testig IX) Retrofittig X) User Acceptace Testig. Iitiate ad implemet oe chage at a time should be the guidig priciple to esure successful delivery of the migrated system to the busiess. X IX VIII VII VI V User Acceptace Testig Retrofittig Performace Testig Regressio Testig System Testig Uit Testig A B Techology Ifrastructure Plaig & Build Project Ifrastructure Readiess Baselie Ivetory Requiremets Gatherig C Baselie Testig Fuctioal & Performace Detailed Solutio Desig Aalysis & Desig Deploymet (I-house & 3rd Party) III Schema Objects Database Migratio Data Security IV Triggers Procedures Applicatio Migratio Frot Ed Back Ed Iterfaces Reports I Ifrastructure setup & Requiremets Gatherig II Baselie Testig & Detailed Solutio Desig Figure 4: Desig, Build/Migrate ad Test Stage Step I - Ifrastructure Setup ad Requiremets Gatherig Baselie the ivetory of applicatio compoets ad database objects Gather o-fuctioal requiremets (performace, availability, scalability) Pla ad provide the ifrastructure (say, desktop, virtual desktop, thi cliet, developmet tools, testig tools coectivity drivers etc.) facilities to the project team Pla for the capacity ad build the ifrastructure for all the eviromets Provide access to the project team ad testig team to perform baselie testig 12

13 Pla Capacity Hardware Server & Storage Ifrastructure Server Operatig System Liceces Pla Decide / Fialize Procure Database Admiistratio, Replicatio & Performace Moitorig Liceces A1 Techology Ifrastructure Plaig Coectivity Drivers (Middleware) Liceces Backgroud Job Schedulig Liceces A Techology Ifrastructure Build Prior to the start of A2 Istall Cofigure Build Baselie Eviromet Developmet Eviromet System Itegratio& Regressio Testig Eviromet Performace Testig Eviromet User Acceptace Testig Eviromet Productio Eviromet Disaster Recovery Eviromet Baselie Testig Developmet Migratio System Testig Performace Testig Upper Acceptace Testig Productio Roll-out DR Deploymet Figure 5: Techology Ifrastructure Plaig ad Build A2 Project Ifrastructure Readiess Virtual Desktops / Workstatios Pla Decide Developer Eviromet Deploy Developer Productivity Commuicatio Ifrastructure Access to the Compoets Coectivity Drivers Figure 6: Project Ifrastructure Readiess 13

14 Schema Migratio Objects Migratio Data Migratio Evaluate Select PoC/Pilot Decide Procure Data Compariso SQL Migratio Deploy C1 Deploymet Extract Trasform Load C Performace Testig Load Testig C2 I-house Deploymet Desig Build Validatio Automatio Deploy Data Scramblig Figure 7: Deploymet Step II Baselie Testig ad Detailed Solutio Desig Perform fuctioal ad performace baselie testig of the applicatio Defie detailed solutio desig coverig the database layout, database security, data replicatio / sychroizatio, disaster recovery, cofiguratio layout ad setup, ad equivalets for the usupported database features of the target platform Defie detailed approach ad methodology for portig / covertig / remediatig applicatio compoets, migratig stored procedures ad triggers, migratig schema ad data, comparig data for verificatio ad validatio Documet productio roll-out / cut-over / go-live process i detail Aalyze ad group the existig applicatio iterface ad report geeratio compoets based o techology stack, busiess fuctioality, etc. Aalyze ad group the database objects such as stored procedures ad triggers based o the depedecies ad SQL built i operatio performed i usupported colum data types Aalyze other database objects such as usupported colum data types, data compressio, ad iteral data storage represetatio aspect such as Uicode impact ad code page specifics of data, etc. Perform proof of cocept to evaluate ad select the tools / utilities to perform stored procedure migratio, SQL migratio, data object migratio, schema migratio, data maskig / scramblig, data validatio, data extractio / trasformatio / loadig, performace testig ad load testig. 14

15 Step III Database Migratio Cofigure tools ad build the required scripts ad utilities for the database migratio tasks Execute the database migratio tasks i the followig sequece: 1.Database schema migratio - migratio of database objects such as databases, table spaces, tables, views, idices ad costraits (primary key, foreig key, uique key, etc.) 2.Migratio of table structure with equivalet data types i the target database platform for the usupported colum data types 3.Database security setup migratio 4.Data migratio 5.Data recociliatio 6.Data compariso ad validatio 7.Database housekeepig processes ad scripts migratio (backup, defrag, etc.) At the ed of database migratio step, the project team will have a full-proof tested processes, procedure ad package build for the etire database migratio program. Step IV Applicatio Migratio Cofigure tools ad build the scripts ad procedures for applicatio remediatio. Group the applicatios based o busiess fuctios ad execute the applicatio remediatio / portig tasks i the recommeded sequece: 1.Migratio of stored procedures, triggers, busiess user queries ad reports 2.Remediatio of frot ed applicatio compoets (laguages such as COBOL, C#, C++, C, Pro C, Java, VB, ASP, JSP etc.) 3.Portig of back ed applicatio compoets (developed i script laguages such as perl, shell etc.) 4.Remediatio of report compoets (developed usig products such as crystal reports, cogos, busiess objects, etc.) 5.Remediatio of iterface applicatio compoets. Step V - Uit Testig Uit testig esures that the idividual applicatio compoets (stored procedures, triggers, frot ed applicatio compoets, back ed applicatio compoets, report compoets, iterface compoets, queries) are workig as expected post remediatio / coversio / portig / migratio. Uit testig will usually be performed by the developmet migratio team to detect ad fix the defects durig the compoet migratio. The key documetatio artifacts are test cases, test scearios, test pla, ad the testig approach that drives the etire uit testig exercise. 15

16 Step VI - System Testig System testig is carried out to verify ad certify the ed-to-ed busiess fuctioality of the migrated IT system. I additio to this, the iterface systems will also be tested to prove that the etire IT system works i a coheret fashio ad produces the expected results post coversio / migratio. Automated testig tools ad scripts ca be leveraged to ru the system test cycle automatically ad compare the results of the test. Step VII - Regressio Testig Regressio testig is carried out usig the baselie test cases for the migrated / coverted / ported / remediated applicatio compoets. It compares the results with the baselie testig results to Esure the fuctioal correctess of the compoets Detect ad fix the defects i the compoets if there is ay deviatio Step VIII Performace Testig Performace testig is carried out to certify that the performace of the target state applicatio is either equivalet to the curret situatio or exceeds the defied goals. Performace testig tools accelerate the performace testig exercise. It is also importat to select the right cadidates such as busiess critical trasactios ad batch jobs for the scope of the performace testig exercise. Performace testig eeds to be coducted i a dedicated eviromet which should mimic the productio eviromet i terms of eviromet setup, data volume, server cofiguratio, cocurret users, etc., to obtai the perfect performace behavior of the migrated target system. Step IX Retrofittig Retrofittig is the key step i applyig fuctioal chages to the migrated applicatio compoets ad schema chages to the migrated database objects (compoet ivetory baselie idetified prior to aalysis ad desig phase) which have already bee implemeted post baseliig exercise. It is importat to have a freeze period for the fuctioal releases durig retrofittig phase so that all the chages are cosolidated ad applied i the migrated compoets at oe go. The testig exercise eeds to be carried out to certify the fuctioal correctess of the migrated compoets post implemetatio of chages. Step X - User Acceptace Testig User Acceptace Testig (UAT) is executed to validate the fuctioality of ed-to-ed busiess process, system trasactios ad busiess / IT user access to the migrated applicatio system. The key focus of UAT is to idetify ad provide fixes for areas where busiess user requiremets are icorrectly implemeted i the system. The objective of the UAT is to obtai sig off from the busiess users, idicatig that the delivered / migrated applicatio system with ew database techology meets requiremets ad is fit for productio cut-over. 16

17 I additio to the listed testig steps, other types of testig which will be coducted durig quality certificatio process are: security testig (to esure applicatio security of the delivered applicatio system is preserved ad maitaied i the target eviromet), sigle poit of failure testig ad high availability testig. Best Practices Pla the ifrastructure demad (storage, server ad etwork lik, for example) ad procure / provisio i the Just-I-time (JIT) fashio or reuse existig uutilized server ad storage capacity as ad whe the demad / requiremet arises to avoid ad defer the delays i deliverig the various eviromets for the program. Pla ad iclude the busiess service delivery team durig the plaig ad executio stage of user acceptace testig phase to esure the delivered applicatio system behaves ad works as expected. Cosider usig utilities / scripts developed i-house to mask the critical data cotets durig the developmet ad testig phases to comply with the data security policies. Stage 6: Implemetatio Plaig Durig implemetatio plaig stage, it is essetial to uderstad the: Curret applicatio compoet ad database object deploymet processes Applicatio ad database system availability requiremets ad availability SLAs for the busiess Pre-defied holiday caledar for the busiess Existig fuctioal release schedule plaed for other depedet projects / iitiatives Seasoal workload processig schedule such as moth-ed, quarterly, etc. The tagible ad quatified busiess impact due to uplaed outage evets i the past Recovery time objectives ad recovery poit objectives for the applicatio system. Also, the followig activities eed to be performed i this stage: Coduct workshops with Busiess Sposors ad IT stakeholders to determie the appropriate roll-out / cut-over strategy Devise a detailed roll-out / cut-over strategy (big bag / straight cut-over, parallel cut-over, serial / phased / icremetal cut-over, etc.) based o cosideratios such as schedulig, dowtime, busiess impact, busiess risk, approval, techical architecture, etc. Agree upo ad obtai approval for the roll-out / cut-over strategy from stakeholders Defie the pre-requisites for the productio roll-out / cut-over Idetify the activities that ca be carried out i pre roll-out ad actual roll-out widow Break dow the large deploymet / roll-out process effort ito smaller ad maageable tasks / activities i order to fix the expected issues immediately ad proceed further 17

18 Pla ad documet detailed activity pla ad schedule for the productio roll-out / cut-over procedures Determie fall back levels ad defie appropriate fall back actios ad procedures Pla ad documet activity pla for the fall back / roll-back processes ad procedures Build roll-out package with a set / budle of scripts which will be executed i pre-defied sequece for the database migratio. Prepare deploymet istructios ad ru book schedule for the deploymet team for deployig the migrated applicatio compoets, iterface compoets, report compoets, database objects, etc., i the target productio eviromet. Coduct multiple iteratios of productio dry ru exercises i order to: Determie the duratio required for the actual productio roll-out / cut-over Idetify defects ad fie-tue the roll-out processes Determie the optimal umber of parallel threads / tasks for carryig out activities such as data migratio i the actual roll-out widow Coduct fall-back / roll-back dry ru exercise at least oce to Esure that there is a tested fall-back procedure available i case of major failure post go-live of the ew migrated applicatio system Uderstad the fall back duratio before roll-out / cut-over / go-live Diagose defects, rectify ad improve the fall-back procedure ad process Best Practices Perform the o-impact actio items such as deploymet of ifrastructure, migratio of database schema, database structure, database security, applicatio compoet deploymet, iterface compoet deploymet, durig the pre roll-out widow to esure effective ad optimal usage of roll-out / cut-over widow ad schedule Always use source data from a productio like eviromet (e.g., Disaster Recovery eviromet if available) durig the productio dry ru exercise. Pla ad commuicate effort requiremet from busiess service delivery team for the busiess check-out exercise post productio roll-out / cut-over to eable go-live/ o go-live decisios Schedule the data migratio tasks i parallel for both the target productio database eviromet ad the disaster recovery database eviromet (if ay) durig the roll-out / cut-over widow as log as there is o depedecy betwee them. 18

19 Stage 7: Implemetatio Execute activities i Pre Cut-over Widow Execute activities i Cut-Over Widow Check Out By IT Team Check Out By Busiess Team Publish Go / No Go Had over Go-Live Figure 8: Implemetatio Stage Durig implemetatio, the followig activities should be performed Execute the pre-roll-out activities Complete the pre-requisites of productio roll-out: buildig the productio ifrastructure (server, storage, etc.), haltig the curret productio batch processig schedule, discoectig the users from the productio eviromet, takig a complete backup of databases from the existig productio database eviromet, etc. Execute the roll-out activities Perform the check-out exercise to verify the correctess of key critical trasactio outputs (like read oly trasactios) ad busiess trasactio outputs Decide collectively ad publish Go-Live / No Go-Live decisio for the ew migrated applicatio system ad databases I case of failure ad a No Go-Live decisio, iitiate appropriate level of fall-back I case of success of roll-out / cut-over, publish the Go-Live decisio ad release the ew applicatio system to the user commuity for the busiess operatios Documet the challeges ad cotigecy actios of the productio roll-out / cut-over Best Practices Deploy a dedicated / core techical helpdesk team to address the issues that arise durig pre roll out ad roll out activities Develop roles ad resposibilities for various orgaizatios ivolved i the productio roll-out / cut-over exercise ad publish the same to the etire team Durig roll-out / cut-over widow, divide the etire productio package scripts ito maageable sub-uits of tasks ad maage the sequece; this allows the team to fix issues immediately istead of waitig till the ed of the data migratio process, which might cause delays ad a extesio of the roll- out widow Establish a dedicated support chael ad mechaism for the techology vedors (database, tools etc.) to assist ad provide immediate fix for addressig the problems that may arise durig the implemetatio ad the post-implemetatio stages Always create database objects by droppig the costraits such as referetial itegrity, check, idex, uique costraits, etc., to accelerate ad parallelize the core data migratio tasks durig roll-out. Post data migratio, carry out tasks such as idex creatio, creatio of referetial itegrity costraits, etc., to optimize roll-out widow. 19

20 Best Practices I case of phased or parallel cut-over, deploy data sychroizatio solutios i order to sychroize data betwee ew / target ad old / source database systems for a pre-defied period of time. This will help to fall-back to the old database systems i case of major failure with the ew migrated IT system ad database system. Stage 8: Post Implemetatio Followig are the critical activities for the post implemetatio stage. Moitor the fuctioal correctess, stability, performace ad availability of the migrated applicatio system ad resolve issues, if ay, post go-live. Documet the issues ad resolutio actios i detail. Publish a detailed traiig pla ad impart traiig to the IT ad busiess service team. Publish a pla for decommissioig the old database server ad storage ifrastructure. Archive the cotets of the old databases. Uistall the old database server istaces ad older versio of coectivity drivers. Release the old database hardware servers ad storage. Track the tagible beefits ad quality metrics for the migrated applicatio system. Best Practices Pla sessios with the techology solutio vedors durig the traiig exercise to eable the user commuities to work smoothly with the ew database techology platform. Coclusio I ay eterprise, successful delivery of a database techology migratio program will help i achievig Total Cost of Owership (TCO) optimizatio goals ad risk proofig goals of IT / Busiess orgaizatio. This paper has elaborated the fact that havig a structured ad plaed approach to the etire database migratio program i combiatio with right set of elemets such as people, skill sets, processes, best practices ad techology solutios will help the CxOs to maage ad deliver the expected results ad beefits. 20

21 Abbreviatios ad Expasios Abbreviatio ASP COBOL CxO DBA DR IT JSP PoC ROI SLA SQL TCO TTB VB Expasio Active Server Pages Commo Busiess Object Laguage Chief Iformatio Officer, Chief Techology Officer, Chief Fiacial Officer Database Admiistrator Disaster Recovery Iformatio Techology Java Server Pages Proof-of-Cocept Retur o Ivestmet Service Level Agreemet Structured Query Laguage Total Cost of Owership Trasform the Busiess Visual Basic 21

22 About TCS' Global Cosultig Practice TCS Global Cosultig Practice (GCP) is a key compoet i how TCS delivers additioal value to cliets. Usig our collective idustry isight, techology expertise, ad cosultig kowhow, we parter with eterprises worldwide to deliver itegrated ed-to-ed IT eabled busiess trasformatio services. By tappig our worldwide pool of resources - osite, offshore ad earshore, our high caliber cosultats leverage solutio accelerators ad practice capabilities, balaced with our kowledge of local market demads, to eable eterprises to effectively meet their busiess goals. GCP spearheads TCS cosultig capacity with cosultats located i North America, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Idia, Ibero-America ad Australia. Cotact For more iformatio about TCS' cosultig services, us at or visit Subscribe to TCS White Papers TCS.com RSS: Feedburer: About Tata Cosultacy Services (TCS) Tata Cosultacy Services is a IT services, cosultig ad busiess solutios orgaizatio that delivers real results to global busiess, esurig a level of certaity o other firm ca match. TCS offers a cosultig-led, itegrated portfolio of IT ad IT-eabled ifrastructure, egieerig TM ad assurace services. This is delivered through its uique Global Network Delivery Model, recogized as the bechmark of excellece i software developmet. A part of the Tata Group, Idia s largest idustrial coglomerate, TCS has a global footprit ad is listed o the Natioal Stock Exchage ad Bombay Stock Exchage i Idia. For more iformatio, visit us at IT Services Busiess Solutios Outsourcig All cotet / iformatio preset here is the exclusive property of Tata Cosultacy Services Limited (TCS). The cotet / iformatio cotaied here is correct at the time of publishig. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, trasmitted, posted or distributed i ay form without prior writte permissio from TCS. Uauthorized use of the cotet / iformatio appearig here may violate copyright, trademark ad other applicable laws, ad could result i crimial or civil pealties. Copyright 2012 Tata Cosultacy Services Limited TCS Desig Services I M I 07 I 12

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