Johnson State College External Degree Program. PSY-3230-JY01 Psychology of Gender Syllabus Fall 2015

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1 Jhnsn State Cllege External Degree Prgram PSY-3230-JY01 Psychlgy f Gender Syllabus Fall 2015 Instructr: Valerie Skinner Welter PO Bx 23 Waitsfield, VT (802) (preferred methd f cmmunicatin) Dates: Aug. 31 t Dec. 18 (N class Nv ) Lcatin: Online using Mdle ( ADA Statement: Students with disabilities wh believe that they may need accmmdatins in this class are encuraged t cntact JSC s Learning Specialist in Academic Services, as sn as pssible t ensure that accmmdatins, if needed, are implemented in a timely fashin. Please call r Academic Hnesty: (frm JSC Catalg) Students are expected t cnfrm t the highest standards f academic hnesty in all f their academic wrk at Jhnsn State Cllege. Academic dishnesty in any frm is prhibited and unacceptable. Acts f dishnesty fr which a student may be disciplined include, but are nt limited t, receiving r prviding unauthrized assistance n an examinatin and plagiarizing the wrk f thers in writing assignments. The American Heritage Dictinary defines plagiarism in the fllwing way: T steal r use (the ideas r writings f anther) as ne s wn. Students are respnsible fr knwing what specific acts cnstitute plagiarism; if students are uncertain as t whether a particular act cnstitutes plagiarism, they shuld cnsult with their instructrs befre turning in assigned wrk. Texts: Texts are available thrugh the JSC bkstre. Call r g t Spade and Valentine, The Kaleidscpe f Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Pssibilities, 4th ed., (2014), Pine Frge Press Brannn, L., Gender: Psychlgical Perspectives, 6 th ed., (2011), Pearsn Additinal articles and websites, as assigned, will be utilized. It is the respnsibility f students t have texts prir t the start f the curse.

2 Weekly reading assignments will be psted nline in the curse; hwever prir t the curse pening please read: Brannn: Intrductin and Chapter 1 Spade & Valentine: Intrductin pp. xiii-xxiii Part 1-Prisms p. 1-9 Reading 1 (including Intr): Gender as a Scial Structure by Barbara Risman Reading 2 (including Intr): What it Means t Be Gendered Me by Betsy Lucal Reading 3 (including Intr): Beynd Pink and Blue by Sharn Preves These readings will be used t cmplete WEEK 1 assignments at the pening f the curse. GUIDELINES FOR THE USE OF COMMUNICATIONS WITH STUDENTS: Students are expected t use their JSC accunt as an fficial means f cmmunicatin. Curse annuncements and thers imprtant infrmatin are sent t students JSC . It is students respnsibility t regularly check their JSC fr the purpse f this curse, as well as fr administrative cmmunicatin. Curse Descriptin: This curse explres the psychlgical aspects f gender, particularly the prcess f gender scializatin in childhd, and the psychlgical significance f gender thrughut the life-span, with a fcus n the feelings, attitudes, and belief systems inherent in gender rles. The curse explres research n bth similarities and differences between males and females. Tpics regarding sexual rientatin and the cntinuum f gender cnstructs will als be addressed. The influence f culture n gender rles will als be explred. Curse Objectives: Upn cmpletin f this curse students will be able t: 1. Identify and understand the bilgical and scial psychlgical theries f gender scializatin thrughut the life span. 2. Understand sme f the current theries n the bilgical and psychlgical differences between wmen and men. 3. Identify sme f the ways that culturally apprpriate gender behavir is learned and sme f the mechanisms by which cultures presently deal with gender differences. 4. Discuss the influence that race, sci-ecnmic status, sexual rientatin, ethnicity, age, and ther cultural variables have n develping and maintaining gender identity and n perceptins f gender apprpriateness.

3 Anticipated Time Needed: The wrk fr this curse will prbably take between 7 t 15 hurs a week. Attendance Plicy/Expectatins: Althugh this curse takes place entirely in an nline envirnment, students are expected t spend as much time nline participating in discussins, asking questins and respnding t bth the instructr s and ther students pstings as they wuld in the traditinal classrm envirnment. Students will need access t a cmputer with a stable Internet cnnectin, and be willing t check int the nline classrm at least three different days per week respnding thughtfully with cmments, questins, and bservatins. Absences will affect yur grade. If a student misses three weeks f discussins ver the term, it may nt be pssible t pass the curse. Having cmputer prblems will nt excuse yu frm the weekly discussins. Yu can get int this curse frm any cmputer with Internet access. Yur public library and nearby cllege libraries are gd resurces. If yu anticipate a lengthy medical prblem r ther emergent persnal issues that will result in missing weekly discussins, please cntact me privately. The instructr will facilitate the nline discussin; hwever my teaching philsphy revlves arund students being active participants in the learning prcess, essentially learning frm ne anther as well as frm the instructr. Yur pstings shuld be written in cllege-level English, and shuld shw evidence f critical thinking. Yu shuld supprt yur pinins with references t ur readings cited apprpriately. Additinally, students will be expected t keep up with weekly readings and assignments spending as much time utside f the nline classrm as in a traditinal curse t d s. With the exceptin f the first week, which will begin n a Mnday, ur weeks will begin n Sundays and end n Saturdays (11:59 pm). The assignments/tpics f discussin fr the week will be psted n Sunday and the weekly Discussin Frum pened. Yur initial psting in respnse t the assignments is due by Tuesday midnight, with a secnd assignment psting due by Thursday midnight. NOTE: The Tuesday and Thursday due dates are deadlines; yu are welcme t pst prir t these days as yur schedule allws. Please d nt pst t a week's discussin after Saturday midnight (11:59 pm); it will nt be graded. The weekly Discussin Frum is clsed Saturday at midnight (11:59 pm). We d nt meet as a full grup at particular times, as in a traditinal class. Yu are free t participate during the week at times and days f yur chsing, as lng as yu cmply with the participatin guidelines belw. Participatin: T earn full participatin pints fr the week, yu must: 1. Read the assigned material and reference it in yur pstings. 2. Cntribute quality tpical infrmatin t the discussin submitted in cllege-level writing. Yur first psting (assignment) shuld be entered by Tuesday midnight, yur secnd by Thursday midnight. All required pstings fr the week must be made by Saturday at midnight (11:59 pm). 3. Participate n three different days thrughut the week. 4. Ask at least ne pertinent questin f the class regarding ur weekly tpic(s). 5. Respnd t at least three questins r pstings made by ther students and/r myself with a substantive pst, which references ur readings. A substantive pst fr the purpse f this curse is a pst f abut a paragraph (r mre) that references ur readings r ther

4 apprpriate tpical material. A substantive pst is NOT ne r tw sentences f general statements r unsupprted pinin. Students are welcme t reply t ne anther with general statements in additin t the guidelines utlined abve; hwever these psts d nt meet the criteria f a substantive pst. Yu will lse a minimum f 1 pint fr the week fr each late psting. Pstings made after Saturday midnight will nt be graded withut prir arrangement. Pstings are graded n bth academic quality and quantity. If yu are nt present fr a week, yu will nt earn any discussin pints fr that week. Accmmdatins can be arranged privately with the Instructr if students experience family emergencies, illness, r ther circumstances that interfere with the ability t participate in the curse. Grading Criteria: Assignments will be evaluated n sme r all f the fllwing criteria, depending upn the nature f the assignment: COMPLETENESS: Did yu cver all aspects f the assignment? ELABORATION: Did yu prvide examples, detail any generalized statements, and substantiate with cncrete explanatins? CONSTRUCTION: Did yu use cmplete sentences, prper grammar, accurate spelling, gd paragraph structure, and lgical rganizatin in yur wrk? ANALYSIS: Did yu think critically and challenge yurself and the material t the best f yur ability? APPLICATION: Did yu cnnect the subject matter (readings/websites) t the assigned wrk? Yu will autmatically lse pints if yu d nt integrate the reading in yur assignments. Yu will gain pints if yu challenge yurself t g beynd the basic infrmatin required fr the assignment. Lwer grade pints are given fr assignments which prvide nly the minimum infrmatin. 15 pints each 150 pints Final Paper Ttal 50 pints 200 pints The Grading Criteria and Rubric will be available n the curse page in Mdle. Student wrk will be assessed primarily thrugh the weekly discussin frum and assignments. Additinally, the cmpletin f a final paper is a requirement f passing the curse. The Final Paper (8-10 pages), will invlve an in depth research paper explring a tpical subject that is gender related. This is a tpic area that culd cver mst anything frm birth until instance; culture specific rites f passage r cming f age ceremnies, marriage, childbirth/child care, circumcisin, same-sex marriage, "cming ut" by a gay r lesbian individual, sex change surgery, intersex individuals, menpause, sexual harassment, gender disparities in educatin,

5 emplyment, hme life, birth cntrl, prngraphy, dmestic abuse, creative. The majr theme f the paper is t be gender related. Mre infrmatin abut the specifics f the papers will be psted nline in the curse. Please knw that all papers are expected t adhere t APA frmatting guidelines. Students are respnsible fr familiarizing themselves with APA frmatting. Websites will be available t students when the curse pens t assist with APA frmatting. This Syllabus can be changed during the curse f the semester at the discretin f the Instructr.