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1 Official Visit of H.E. the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal to Oman PORTUGUESE BUSINESS DELEGATION MUSCAT th of December

2 Portugal a reliable partner Official Visit of H.E. the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal to Oman MUSCAT th of December 2012 Organization

3 Think Portugal to invest, buy or live. Come and discover for yourself. We invite you to find new partners, to embrace the opportunities and learn all about the advantages of this stimulating and innovative country Pharmaceutical and biotech industry Over 40 companies, most of wich created between 2001 and 2006, are attracting international attentions over the biotechnology industry in Portugal. With a strong focus on R & D, and millions of euros invested, these companies work in some cases in diferent areas of activity and are developing, among others, pharmaceutical products that help to improve your quality of life. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the sectors that generates significant employment for qualified workers, contributes significantly to research and scientific and in the past few years has contributed a major way to Portugal s economic development. Industrial Equipment Portugal produces above all industrial machinery, equipment and appliances, cabling sets, lines and cables, telecommunications equipment, information, and professional electronic equipment, and electronic components. It is a subsector that has an ever expanding role in the development of the automotive industry. Machines and tools are top export and import products in Portugal. They represent almost 20% of national total foreign trade. Major world players have established operations in Portugal and there is a number of growing national companies that are developing an important role in this sector. Renewable Energies Portugal Lorem is becoming ipsuma leading country in terms of renewable energy generation capacity and development of equipment for clean energy production. 52% of total electricity generation comes already from renewable sources and the target for Lorem 2020 ipsum is dolor 60%. sit Huge steps have been taken towards this goal and a wide amet dolor sit dolor sit range of business opportunities are being created right now. Portugal has a wide dolor sit amet - PORTUGAL range Phone: of +351 renewable and non-pollutants sources of energy such as wind, solar, hydro, tide and maritime wave energies. Portugal has both the world largest Web: Photovoltaic Central within urban environment and also the 2 nd largest wind farm in Europe. Information Technologies From financial services, to software, hardware and telecommunications, Portuguese companies have achieved a high level of excellence and international Lorem ipsum recognition with Lorem state-of-the-art ipsum Lorem ipsum products and services. A series of innovating and promising companies are emerging and many International companies have nearshore Shared Services Centres and R&D departments in Portugal. To choose Portugal is to choose an exciting country, in the West Coast of Europe, to invest and buy high quality services and products. It is also the choice for a privileged, geographically strategic location, ideal for those seeking to supply the European market or expand their businesses to other parts of the world. Portugal a reliable partner

4 Index Index Page Page ORGANIZATION aicep Portugal Global PORTUGUESE COMPANIES A4F-Algafuel, S.A. A Cimenteira do Louro, S.A. ABEL RIBEIRO DA SILVA SGPS, S.A. ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. Aquapor Serviços, S.A. BANCO ESPRÍRITO SANTO BANCO ESPIRITO SANTO DE INVESTIMENTO, S.A. BPI Caixa Banco de Investimento, S.A. Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A. CGC Genetics / CGC Centro Genética Clínica e Patologia, S.A. Corticeira Amorim SGPS, S.A. EDP Renováveis, S.A. E.I.P. Electricidade Industrial Portuguesa, S.A. Eneida EPME - Empresa Portuguesa de Montagem Elétricas GALP ENERGIA SGPS, S.A. GEG Engineering Structures for Life GRUPO AZEVEDOS Grupo Catarino, S.A. Grupo Pestana Hotels & Resorts / Pestana Management, S.A. Grupo Visabeira, SGPS, S.A Habidom Sinalização Rodoviária, Lda. Imperial Produtos Alimentares, S.A. INDULAC, INDUSTRIAS LACTEAS, S.A. ISQ Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade JP SA COUTO Lusiaves SGPS, S.A. Manuel Serra, S.A. Margon, S.A. Mármores Galrão - Eduardo Galrão Jorge e Filhos, S.A. Millennium bcp MIND, S.A. Open Renewables, S.A. Orey Financial - Instituição Financeira de Crédito, S.A. Partex Services Portugal, S.A. Picture Portugal Studios, S.A. RECER - Indústria de Revestimentos Cerâmicos, S.A. REN, SGPS, S.A. SOLIDAL Condutores Eléctricos, S.A. Teixeira Duarte Engenharia e Construções S.A. TIMWE TOMI WORLD, LDA. TOPÁZIO FERREIRA MARQUES & IRMÃO, S.A. VILT Portugal, S.A. Vivafit - Centros de Bem Estar e Emagrecimento, Lda

5 Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet dolor sit dolor sit dolor sit amet - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Organization

6 Organization aicep Portugal Global Headquarters Rua Júlio Diniz, nº 748, 8º Dtº Porto - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: AICEP Office in Abu Dhabi Marina Office Park Villa A-42 Abu Dhabi Phone: Director: Manuel Couto Miranda Pedro Reis Chairman & CEO aicep Portugal Global is a Trade & Investment Agency created to increase the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy through the development and execution of structuring policies and the support to the internationalisation of the Portuguese companies, by: Promoting a competitive business environment to attract and assist structuring investment projects; Promoting Portuguese exports, by increasing the number of exporting companies and encouraging a largerincorporation of technology in their products; Promoting and spreading the Portuguese economic offer, namely in the area of goods and services; Supporting the internationalisation of Portuguese companies, mainly the small and medium-size ones. Promoting Portugal s image abroad as well as the Portuguese brands. aicep Portugal Global Trade & Investment Agency develops its activity supported by a large network of business offices, business units and representations, over the five continents. This network is a key factor to perform the strategy of the Agency as facilitator of business and commercial contacts. 8 9

7 Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet dolor sit dolor sit dolor sit amet - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Portuguese Companies

8 A4F-Algafuel, S.A. A Cimenteira do Louro, S.A. Campus do Lumiar, Edifício E, R/c Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Rua Padre Domingos Joaquim Pereira, nº Louro, V. N. Famalicão - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Nuno Coelho CEO A4F-AlgaFuel is a company dedicated to developing and delivering bioengineering projects for the industrial production of microalgae. We developed an innovative bioengineering approach that includes the Design, Operation and Transfer of microalgae production units. We can also "cosupervise" building these units, targeting high-emitting industries for CO2. For this we will develop and select a technology adapted to the specific conditions of each Client s plant. Our innovative approach is a gradual scale-up, to maximize performance of each process. Our newest unit is the largest Photobioreactor Unit in the world. it has more than 1 ha and more than m3, integrating the largest tubular PBR in the World, with approximately 150 m3. A4F-AlgaFuel has a strong relationship with leading scientists and researchers in the field of microalgae biotechnologies, as well as with the largest microalgae producers worldwide. This international networking approach, positions A4F-AlgaFuel as a first choice for any large-scale contract as the best specialist company in almost every specific aspect of microalgae production. A4F-Algafuel is partner of several research and development projects, co-financed by the EU s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) and is a founding member of European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) and member of its the Steering Committee. José Carlos Araújo Pereira Director Founded in 1975 our growth is based on constant innovation combined with the excellence of our products. Cimenteira do Louro is currently prepared to face the challenges determined by the century, constantly pursuing the continuous efficiency in responding to client request. We believe in what we do! That is why, Cimenteira do Louro has always invested in ways of producing more and better, in a continuous evolution towards our Client s growth. The combination of aesthetics, quality and the reliability of our products results in a unique alliance between technical knowhow and innovative and quality design, the harmony of renowned efficiency differentiates us on the market. Our proactive quality and effectiveness have allowed us to work on large infrastructure projects in Portugal, such as highways, roads and a number of different pavements. We pursue quality in everything we produce! The investment in new technologies, qualified human resources and improvement of products is combined with the need to manage and guarantee environmental quality. Products from Cimenteira do Louro are certified in an these areas, an additional differentiation factor. We currently export to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Mozambique, Angola and Brazil, and we plan to extend markets in the very near future in GCC

9 ABEL RIBEIRO DA SILVA SGPS, S.A. ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. Rua Padre António Caldas, nº Guimarães - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Arrabida Lake Towers Rua Daciano Batista Marques, nº V. N. Gaia, Portugal Phone: Web: Abel André Ribeiro da Silva CEO We have been trading around the World for many years. We have strategically centered our business activity in the international trade, in the following business areas: building materials, steel distribution and renewal energies. Cesar Guimarães CEO Founded 13 years ago in Portugal, ALERT aims to reduce medical errors and improve clinical outcomes. ALERT develops, implements and maintains ALERT healthcare software solutions. ALERT is the provider of an advanced EMR (Electronic Medical Record), HIE (Health Information Exchange) technology, PHR (Personal Health Record) systems, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) for healthcare, BI (Business Intelligence) tools, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Services and Clinical Knowledge software. ALERT is a comprehensive suite of healthcare software solutions that go from the point of care to the patient s home and everything in between. ALERT was established in Portugal and has subsidiaries in Brazil, France, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The ALERT Group is fully committed to the development, distribution and implementation of ALERT clinical software, which creates paper-free clinical environments. Based on values such as excellence, transparency and generosity, ALERT aims to improve health and prolong life through its healthcare solutions. ALERT has a broad experience and expert knowledge in implementing ALERT software all over the world

10 Aquapor Serviços, S.A. BANCO ESPRÍRITO SANTO Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa, nº 33, 1º A Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Av. da Liberdade, nº Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Hugo Soares Director Commerciall Created in 1997, Aquapor has been an important instrument in the study, assembly, management, maintenance and running of municipal systems dedicated to the water supply, collection and treatment of waste water, and solid waste, working directly with local populations through concession contracts signed with local authorities. The main business areas of the Company are Municipal Concession Management and Environmental Services. BES TODAY Paulo Jorge Dias Afonso Executive Vice President Head of Middle East Business and Financial Institutive Largest listed Portuguese Bank by market cap (EUR 3.3 bn as of 05 December 2012) and the 2nd largest private financial institution in Portugal by net assets (EUR 81,7 bn) Free float of 47% and stable shareholder base with ESFG and Credit Agricole holding 47,0% of the share capital. Other reference shareholders include Portugal Telecom (2.1%) and Banco Bradesco (4,8%) Strong market position, with an average market share of 19,3% in the Portuguese banking market (24,8% in the corporate business) and 2.1mn Clients worldwide Wide international presence in 23 countries and 4 continents, focused on countries with cultural and economic ties to Portugal namely Spain, Angola, Brazil and Magreb region. Deployment of international presence leveraging on BES core competences, namely in corporate banking, private banking, investment banking and trade finance, supporting companies with international activities. 9M12 Cost-to-income of 45,1% places BES in the leading position in terms of efficiency among listed Portuguese Banks. BES ratings: S&P: BB-/Neg; Moody s: Ba3/CWN; DBRS: BBB/(low/CWN) Solid solvency ratios, with a Core Tier I of 10,7% BOP and 10% EBA. International expansion complemented with a prudent and conservative management (focusing on a strict risk control and high efficiency levels) places BES in a good position to face current challenge and sustain future profitability

11 BANCO ESPIRITO SANTO DE INVESTIMENTO, S.A. BPI Rua Alexandre Herculano, nº Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Rua Tenente Valadim, nº Porto - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Pedro Toscano Rico Senior Managing Director As the investment banking arm of the Banco Espírito Santo Group, Portugal s second largest privately held financial institution, Espirito Santo Investment Bank is a leading investment banking and securities firm with considerable strength in its European home markets, and formidable expertise in the most dynamic emerging economies including Brazil, India, Poland and increasingly Africa. We focus on large and mid cap pan-european, Indian, African, Brazilian and Polish secondary equities and research, with an established distribution platform across London, New York, and Hong Kong. Smart on the markets, we offer our clients proven markets intelligence backed by straight-talking advisory services in: equity sales and trading, research, corporate broking, equity capital markets, fixed income, asset management, corporate finance, project finance, acquisition finance and private equity. Headquartered in London and Lisbon, with around 900 professionals and offices in Madrid, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Warsaw, New York, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Luanda, Mumbai and Hong Kong, Espirito Santo Investment Bank services many of the world s major investing institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies and hedge funds, and we partner with hundreds of listed and unlisted growth, mid-cap and blue chip companies around the world. João Folque Patrício Director 4th major Portuguese private financial group. The BPI Group - headed by Banco BPI - is a financial and multi-specialist group, focusing on the banking business, with a comprehensive spectrum of financial services and products for corporates, institutional and individual Customers. The Group's commercial bank Banco BPI serves more than 1.7 Million Customers Individuals. Companies and Institutions - through its multi-channel distribution network comprising 649 retail branches, 39 investment centres, a network of commercial partners, structures dedicated to the Corporate (47 centres) and Institutional Customers (6 centres), telephone banking (BPI Directo) and a homebanking service (BPI Net). Banco Português de Investimento, the BPI Group's original parent company, performs investment banking activities - Equities, Corporate Finance and Private Banking - within the geographic scope of the Iberian Peninsula. In asset management, BPI holds very relevant positions in the management of unit trust funds, pension funds and life-capitalization insurance. International activity: In Angola, BPI holds leadership positions with market shares of 10% and 16% in loans and deposits, respectively, 24% in cards and approximately 32% in payment terminals, through Banco de Fomento (BFA), 50.1% owned. International operations encompass, in addition, the appropriation of results attributable to the 30% interest held in Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI), in Mozambique. BCI is a retail bank predominantly focused on the gathering of resources and loan concession, activities in which the bank holds market shares of 31.6% and 28.7%, respectively

12 Caixa Banco de Investimento, S.A. Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A. Rua Barata Salgueiro, nº Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Av. João XXI, nº Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Jorge Telmo Maria Freire Cardoso CEO Caixa - Banco de Investimento, S.A. (CaixaBI), the leading investment bank in Portugal, is part of CGD Group, the largest Portuguese banking group, with 121 bn. of Net Assets and presence in 20 countries. CaixaBI leads an investment banking business platform between Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa (Angola and Mozambique), providing clients with global reach and integrated financial services, leveraging on its international presence (with local offices in these geographies) as well as on CGD Group s commercial network. CaixaBI has consecutively achieved top positions on the key industry rankings and awards, being awarded Best Investment Bank in Portugal 2012 by Euromoney, World Finance and Global Finance, and Best Debt House in Portugal 2009, 2010 and 2011 by Euromoney. It also won Best Cross-Border M&A Deal 2011 (EMEA Finance) and The Banker Deal of the Year 2012, both for the advisory to Portugal Telecom in the 3.6bn acquisition of a stake in Brazilian telecom operator Oi. CaixaBI recently advised the Portuguese State on the privatization of EDP (21.35% sold to China Three Gorges, deal value of 2,693M) and REN (25% sold to State Grid and 15% sold to Oman Oil Corporation; total deal value of 592M). Nuno Fernandes Thomaz Member of the Board of Directors Caixa Geral de Depósitos ( CGD ) is exclusively owned by the Portuguese State and is regulated by general and specific regulations applicable to credit institutions and legislation applicable to public limited companies. Despite its State-owned nature, CGD is managed on commercial grounds, and has complete autonomy in strategic and financial matters, being subject to the same general Banking rules and regulations that apply to all other Portuguese financial institutions. CGD Group is present in all areas of Banking and Finance, providing its customers with a full range of financial products and services ranging from traditional banking to investment banking, insurance, asset management, venture capital, brokerage, real estate and specialised credit services. With direct presences in 23 countries (namely: Brazil, Angola, China, Spain and Mozambique) spread over 4 continents, CGD has the most important international platform of all Portuguese Banks, and is focused on supporting the internationalization of its clients

13 CGC Genetics CGC Centro Genética Clínica e Patologia, S.A. Rua Sá da Bandeira, nº 706, 1º Porto - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Corticeira Amorim SGPS, S.A. Rua de Meladas, nº 380 Apartado Mozelos, VFR - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Purificação Tavares CEO and Clinical Director CGC Genetics is a CLIA licensed (ID 99D ) Medical Genetics Diagnostics provider. Currently we have a Clinical Department with 7 Medical Genetics Specialists, and more than 70 highly skilled Geneticists in 4 different laboratorial areas: Clinical Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics, Cytogenetics and Prenatal Screening. We have over 1,500 genetic tests across all medical disciplines: prenatal screening and diagnosis, hematology, oncology, preventive medicine, common diseases, pharmacogenetics, rare diseases (more than 200 entries in some of the world's reference genetic laboratories), among others. CGC Genetics is also continuously implementing new tests. Please find our updated tests by Medical Specialty at: One of CGC Genetics core values relates to the activity of its R&D Unit that using state-of-the-art technology and a rigorous quality policy has developed new and exclusive tests (CGC Mutation Panel by Array CGC - Patent Pending) as well as new diagnostic approaches. Please find flyers with more information at: António Amorim CEO The origns of Corticeira Amorim, world leader in cork manufacturing (35% market share), date back to 1870 to a small cork stopper factory set up on the banks of the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal with the purpose of supplying the Port wine industry. Over the years, Corticeira Amorim has expanded the cork business to other fields beyond the traditional cork stopper, namely flooring, insulation materials and composite cork applications so diverse as aerospace and fashion accessories. Amorim exports 95% of its production to 103 countries and our anual consolidated turnover for 2011 was 495 million euros. Amorim has over 2400 employees in Portugal in 19 companies and 920 staff members spread out among our 60 sales companies abroad. Amorim also has a network of almost 230 agents worldwide. Our mission is to add value to cork in a competitive, distinctive and innovative way that is in perfect harmony with Nature. To do that, in recent years Amorim has embarked on a massive R&D programme and major investments in new plant development and vertical integration, from raw material supply to finished product. Being an International reference for genetic testing, CGC Genetics receives samples from many worldwide Institutions. CGC favors Institutions that request tests on a regular basis, so special conditions can be offered depending on the volume of analysis

14 EDP Renováveis, S.A. E.I.P. Electricidade Industrial Portuguesa, S.A. Serrano Galvache, Madrid - SPAIN Phone: Web: Edifício E.I.P. Av. Duque de Loulé, nº Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Carmelo Scalone Executive Director Business Initiatives With 900 employees and an installed capacity of almost 8000 MW, EDPR is the World s third largest wind energy company with a presence in Spain, Portugal, the US, Brazil, Canada, the UK, Italy, Poland, Romania, France and Belgium. EDPR is also present in the photovoltaic market and is currently building a 39 MW solar farm in Romania. The EDP Group is EDPR s major shareholder. The EDP Group is Portugal s largest industrial group and one of Europe s main energy companies. It is currently the Iberian Peninsula s third largest energy operator, holding business interests in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and gas in Portugal and in Spain. Besides this, the EDP Group also holds a significant position in the Brazilian electricity sector. João Charters Monteiro Board Advisor Grupo EIP, a Holding Company, started in 1956 around EIP Electricidade Industrial Portuguesa, S.A. having as core business the Design, Supply and Installation of High Voltage Transmission Overhead Lines and Substations with a strong engineering capacity. EIP extended its activities to Railway Overhead Lines and Energy Systems, namely hydro and electromechanical equipments for dams and pumping stations, and to the renewable energy field as installer and promoter of wind farms and photovoltaic power stations. EIP was the first Portuguese company to supply and install High Tension OHL for REN (National Energy Grid) being today its number one supplier and also the first Portuguese company operating in the field of Railway Catenaries for REFER, the Portuguese railways co. EIP has, since 1974, its own Metal fabrication plant for the fabrication of OHL lattice towers and substations steel structures. The Group acquired more recently SOPIR, SA, a company producing ballast, sub-ballast and other inerts and a majority share of GRANITAL Granitos de Portugal acting in the area of decorative rocks and granites. The Group is presently in four Continents and in twelve countries Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Poland in Europe, Algeria, Angola and Mozambique in Africa, Venezuela, Colombia and the USA in America and Saudi Arabia in Asia

15 Eneida Rua Pedro Nunes Edifício Pedro Nunes, Sala Coimbra - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: EPME Empresa Portuguesa de Montagem Elétricas Praceta da Castanheira Apartado Maia - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: João Marco Lopes Director eneida is an engineering company specialized in Instrumentation "Energy" Communications and dedicated to the process industries. We aim to help our clients build state-of-the-art plants and solve their problems in the areas of Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, Environment/Emission Detection & Control, Safety & Security and Asset Tracking. We bring together our instrumentation and industrial communications expertise to respond to a specific set of challenges that impact not only the daily operations of industrial corporations, but society as a whole. Issues such as Energy Efficiency, Safety of Assets, People and Perimeters, Emissions Detection & Control are just a few examples of the kind of challenges our researchers and engineers face head on, by designing innovative solutions and products that can be installed and maintained by eneida. Eneida helps our clients optimize their industrial operations through the exercise of our instrumentation and communications expertise. For this we offer dedicated Products, Solutions and Services that fit the exact requirements of our clients. Pedro Cunha Board Member The Portuguese Electrical Assembly Company EPME was founded in It developed a structure specialized in: Lines and Electrical Networks; Substations; Electrical Installations; Telecommunications; Electrical Design. A Certified Company since 1999 in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001:2008 for the Design, construction, assembly and upkeep of electrical energy installations and systems at very high, high, medium and low voltage for telecommunications and live works. In 2002 the company obtained certification integrated with Hygiene and Safety at Work in accordance with the standard OHSAS 18001:2007/NP 4397:2008. In 2005 the company completed its Integrated Management System with the obtaining of Environmental Certification in Accordance with NP EN ISO 14001:2004. This integrated certification system confirms EPME as a company complying with requirements where quality, safety and the environment are objectives which are continuously achieved and to be achieved

16 GALP ENERGIA SGPS, S.A. GEG Engineering Structures for Life Rua Tomas da Fonseca, Torre C Lisboa - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Rua Justino Teixeira Centro de Campanhã, A Porto - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Carlos Nuno Gomes da silva Board Member Galp Energia is an integrated energy player which is rapidly developing and expanding its diversified activities in the oil and gas industry in several countries. Galp Energia s refining and marketing of oil products and natural gas activities are centered on the Iberian Peninsula. Its exploration and production activities, however, have their core in the South Atlantic region, which includes Brazil s Santos pre-salt basin and offshore Angola, as well as in Eastern Africa, namely offshore Mozambique, where major natural gas reservoirs were recently discovered. Galp Energia s strategy is based on the creation of sustained shareholder value through the development and expansion of the Company s activities, namely in the Exploration & Production business, supported by a solid capital structure that benefits from steady cash flow generated from its downstream activities. Paulo Pimenta CEO The mission of GEG is its public commitment, present in the service of its activity, in all projects, in each challenge. In GEG we are determined in developing the best engineering solutions, at an international scale, promoting a culture of excellence and constant innovation, assuring confidence among our clients, partners, collaborators and final consumers, and contributing to increase the quality of life and the environmental and energetic sustainability of the territories in which we intervene. GEG. Engineering Structures for Life. Market capitalization: 9,437 million; Turnover:16,804 million Net profit RCA: 251 million EBITDA:1,089 million Number of employees: 7,381 Active presence in: 13 countries Reserves 3P: 709 million boe Refineries: 2 (310 Kbbl/d of capacity) Service stations: 1,502 Sales of natural gas: 5,365 Mm3 (data from the end of 2011) Extensive information about Galp Energia may be found in Galp s 2011 consolidated management report and accounts, publicly available at: Documents/Relatoriocontas2011ENG.pdf 28 29

17 GRUPO AZEVEDOS Grupo Catarino, S.A. Estrada da Quinta, nº 148 Manique de Baixo Alcabideche - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Rua Prof. Fernando Serra de Oliveira, nº Febres, Coimbra - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Manuel João Oliveira Vice President Azevedos markets a comprehensive range of prescription medicines, non-prescription and hospital use. In the industrial area, Sofarimex is a manufacturer specializing in small and medium series, with a universe of eligible customers and more than 70% of products are to exporting, mainly EU. It has an installed capacity of 76 million units, including solid, liquid and semi-sterile products (freeze-dried). In the early 1990s, Azevedos started the internationalization as a strategic objective for development. In direct investment, MEDIS is acting as an operator in the Mozambican market and Laboris Brazil as a platform of industrial relocation in MERCOSUR. The main commitment of Azevedos has been in R&D. The research and the continuous search for information to capitalize opportunities, has enabled a steady improvement in products and services raising the Azevedos brand. More than 2 centuries in the market; More than 50 million units produced annually; Turnover 150 million (2011); 18 specialized companies; More than 600 employees worldwide (30% graduate); Presence more than 40 countries. Vitor Catarino CEO After 63 years of existence, the Grupo Catarino ( is currently Portugal s biggest and most respected business group for construction, interior design and landscaping. Employing around 500 workers in the 17 firms belonging to the group, it is one of the most dynamic and high profile business groups in Portugal (turnover of 108 million Euros in 2011). The small and medium sized firms in the Grupo Catarino operate in ten sectors: construction, home interior, contract, real estate, forestry and landscaping, goldware and jewellery, hotels, organic food production, trading and setting up businesses. Main objectives for this mission: promoting Grupo Catarino business potential; supply furniture and equipments, FF&E, OS&E and bespoke furniture to Hotel Chains, Developers, Interior designers/architects, Developers and Purchasing/Procurement companies from Hospitality sector; present trading services (food products and building materials); explore new and potential business and trade opportunities

18 Grupo Pestana Hotels & Resorts Pestana Management, S.A. Largo Antonio Nobre, nº Funchal - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: / Grupo Visabeira, SGPS, S.A. Repeses Viseu - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Luis Araujo Board Member Pestana Group is the biggest hospitality Group in Portugal as the owner and manager of 96 hotels, more than rooms spread through 13 countries (Portugal, Brasil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Mozambique, Cape Vert, São Tome e príncipe, South Africa, UK, Germany, USA and Uruguay). Pestana is also the owner of 6 Golf courses in the Algarve (Portugal), 5 time sharing resorts, one Airline Company and one Tour Operator. It operates with two brands: Pestana (for 4 and 5 star hotels) as well as Pousadas de Portugal (heritage and charming hotels of different sizes but all located in national monuments). Its 40 years of sustainable activity and growth have granted Pestana a place among the 100 biggest hotel chains in the world and among the top 25 hotel chains in Europe. João Castro Administrator The Grupo Visabeira begun its activity in 1980 within the telecommunication sector, and offers installation and management of network infrastructures and quickly became the national leader for this market working all over the country, a status which it has been maintaining throughout the years. With the exponential success and growth of their businesses, the Group has expanded its offer to other sectors, creating new sub-holdings, betting on competitive and innovative quality, renewing the confidence of partners and customers. Grupo Visabeira is a multisectoral and multidisciplinary, multinational company with recognized competence in the various domains of economic activity. Main international Markets: Mozambique, Angola, Spain, France, Belgium, Emirates, South Africa, Algeria Morocco

19 Habidom Sinalização Rodoviária, Lda. Imperial Produtos Alimentares, S.A. Rua de Angeiras, nº 1163, R/c Lavra Matosinhos - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Rua Santana, Azurara Vila do Conde - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Rui Manuel Pena de Castro Manager HABIDOM is a company that is active in the area of road safety solutions. Possessing a vast experience and providing a wide range of products and solutions fully developed for the area of signaling, lighting and road safety, which is its core business. Our products are designed with high quality materials, incorporating technologies widely tested, leading to greater durability and low maintenance, sustained by conventional and alternative energy, produced under the most demanding standards of the EC, tested by the most renowned European laboratories and approved by official organizations such as the Portuguese Quality Institute Their designs and patents are all registered in the National Institute of Industrial Property. HABIDOM can offer two types of services: sell the products developed and marketed with exclusivity or guide a project from conception to installation. Endowed with human capital that consists of highly experienced and qualified people able to provide the installation of its products, using working methods perfected by the company that permits to achieve a high degree of reliability in the execution of works. The growing demand for solutions provided by Habidom either by EC countries, either by developing countries, constitutes the recognition of the high level and quality products and services offered. Certifications: SME business leader; IDI NP4457; ISO9001; IQNET. Vitor Vilaverde Barbosa Export Manager Find out the leading Portuguese chocolate manufacturer. Founded in 1932, Imperial positions itself as the leading Portuguese chocolate manufacturer, owner of the main national brands. Internationally, the company has developed and consolidated the marketing of its brands in new geographical markets, currently being present in almost 40 countries, in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Through Contract Manufacturing business, Imperial is able to work close with its clients in the development and production of their own brands and products. Imperial owns the leading portuguese chocolate brands, such as: Jubileu, Regina, Pantagruel, Pintarolas, Fantasias and Allegro. Jubileu is a brand present in several market segments, targetting high demanding chocolate consumers, that privilege premium and exclusive flavours. Regina is in the market since 1928 and is still a brand of reference, with high emotional relevance among consumers, being always able to bring innovation to the market. Pantagruel is the leader brand in the chocolate cooking segment. Pintarolas is the leader brand of chocolate beans, in a tube shape pack, in the children segment. Regina Fantasias are a reference in the chocolate hollow figures category, with a wide range of products for Christmas and Easter

20 INDULAC, INDUSTRIAS LACTEAS, S.A. ISQ Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade Rua da Foz, nº 301 Oliveira de Azemeis Aveiro - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, nº Porto Salvo - PORTUGAL Phone: Web: Pedro Rebelo CEO Mário Moreira Export Manager José Oliveira Santos Member of the Board Indulac is a manufacturer of Traditional Portuguese Cheese, with a tradition on cheese making since We produce and export a highly recognized set of cheeses of Cow, Sheep and Goat s Milk. In our range we have the recently awarded Goat Cheese (Best Goat Cheese of Portugal) and Blended Milk Cheese (Silver Medal in Wisconsin USA). We have also available universal cheeses like Edam, Gouda, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, Butter, Whey, Powders, and other dairy products. We have a wide experience on export markets and are now considering expansion projects. Founded in 1965, ISQ is a technological and scientific organization that provides, nationally and internationallu, a wide range of technical assistance, training and R&D services that encompass institutional, industrial, environmental and social markets, namely: institutional clients, public entities, petroleum, gas and chemical industries, pipelines, power generation plants, incinerators, cement plants, paper and pulp industries, civil infrastructure, water and sewerage, aerospace industry


VISIT OF THE VICE PRIME MINISTER OF PORTUGAL TO THE STATE OF QATAR PORTUGAL. BUSINESS DELEGATION 1 st - 3 rd.12.2013 PORTUGAL BUSINESS DELEGATION 1 st - 3 rd.12.2013 PORTUGAL QATAR 1 st - 3 rd.12.2013 Think Portugal to invest, buy or live. Portugal is writing new pages of its own history. Groundbreaking and innovative

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VISIT OF H.E. THE PRESIDENT OF THE PORTUGUESE REPUBLIC TO CANADA PORTUGAL BUSINESS DELEGATION 26-28.02.2014 PORTUGAL 26-28.02.2014 PORTUGAL CANADA 26-28.02.2014 Think Portugal to invest, buy or live. Portugal is writing new pages of its own history. Groundbreaking and innovative companies, alongside with a talented

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SME INFORMATION GUIDE Foreword FOREWORD SME INFORMATION GUIDE Foreword FOREWORD In April 2003, and following an initiative by the then President of, Mr. Jorge Sampaio, COTEC was set up as a not for profit association by 100 companies established

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Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A.

Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 06 Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 05.Index 1. Chairman s Statement 07 10 10 10 13 15 16 16 16 17 18 18 19 22 24 25 27 29 33 33 38 46 50 56 62 69 74 2. Sonae Group business approach and portfolio

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Full-Time MBA Participants

Full-Time MBA Participants Full-Time MBA Participants December 2010 Graduate Class Poland Portugal Russia turkey china Brazil Angola india singapore indonesia portugal Angola Brazil china indonesia india Russia singapore Brazil

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CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013

CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013 CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013 Our vision CompuGroup Medical stands for the best possible healthcare. Our vision is the best support for healthcare through intelligent IT. We facilitate diagnosis

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I n s t i t u c i o n a l R e p o r t a n d R e p o r t o n C o r p o r a t e G o v e r n a n c e

I n s t i t u c i o n a l R e p o r t a n d R e p o r t o n C o r p o r a t e G o v e r n a n c e Anual Report Annual Report 2004 Institutional Report and Report on Corporate Governance Index Vision, Mission and Values Financial Highlights Company Highlights Message to Shareholders Company Officers

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of any business is in its people

of any business is in its people the true value of any business is in its people annual report 2008 contents profile 3 our services 4 our mission, global presence and culture 5 our core values, unit model and strategic approach 6 profile

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Document de référence 2005 English Version

Document de référence 2005 English Version Document de référence 2005 English Version PRESENTATION................................. P. 3 Key figures.................................. p. 4 Alcatel overview............................. p. 6 Fixed

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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Brazil s private health-care sector is growing exponentially, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and major advances in the country s infrastructure. A healthy public/private

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Annual Report and Form 20-F 2014 Building a stronger, safer BP

Annual Report and Form 20-F 2014 Building a stronger, safer BP Annual Report and Form 20-F 2014 Building a stronger, safer BP Who we are BP is one of the world s leading integrated oil and gas companies. a We aim to create long-term value for shareholders

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1 Overview of the Group s

1 Overview of the Group s 1 Overview of the Group s strategy, markets and businesses 1. 2. 3. Schneider Electric strategy and market opportunities 14 Businesses, end-markets and customer channels 19 Ambitious long term financial

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Annual Report 2006. Changes

Annual Report 2006. Changes Annual Report 2006 Changes Contents Changes 01 Letter to the Shareholders 02 Report of the Supervisory Board 04 Our Strategy 12 GFT International 16 Our Staff 24 Innovation and Development 32 GFT Share

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Imagine the result CLIENT FOCUS

Imagine the result CLIENT FOCUS Imagine the result CLIENT FOCUS AnnuAl RepoRt 2011 Imagine the result Our mission is to improve quality of life around the world by creating places of distinction and providing sustainable solutions that

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UNIT4 Connecting People in a changing world

UNIT4 Connecting People in a changing world Annual Report 2011 UNIT4 Connecting People in a changing world This year s theme for our Annual Report 2011 sees us focusing on connecting people. We asked our UNIT4 colleagues to send in photographs of

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GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN. chemical distribution

GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN. chemical distribution GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN chemical distribution Annual Report 2010 KEY FINANCIAL FIGURES AT A GLANCE Consolidated Income statement 2010 2009 Change Sales EUR m 7,649.1 6,364.6 20.2% Gross profit EUR m 1,636.4

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This document was printed on recycled paper. The Cegedim Group is contributing in this way to sustainable development.

This document was printed on recycled paper. The Cegedim Group is contributing in this way to sustainable development. This document was printed on recycled paper. The Cegedim Group is contributing in this way to sustainable development. WARNING Certain information other than historical contained in this Reference Document

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Policy Statement on Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland

Policy Statement on Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland Policy Statement on Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland July 2014 Foreword Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has played a significant role in advancing Ireland s economic development over the past decades

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MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS GEMALTO N.V. Limited liability company (naamloze vennootschap) under Dutch law, with corporate seat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and address at Koningsgracht Gebouw 1, Joop Geesinkweg 541-542, 1096 AX

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A nnual Report 2009 UNIT4 Em br Annual Report 2009 acing Change

A nnual Report 2009 UNIT4 Em br Annual Report 2009 acing Change Annual Report 2009 Contents About UNIT4 Creating value Message from the CEO Company profile Product portfolio overview Key figures 2009 Our identity, vision, mission and strategic approach UNIT4 and our

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Annual Report 2013 Annual Report 2011 3

Annual Report 2013 Annual Report 2011 3 Annual Report 2013 1 2 Annual Report 2013 Annual Report 2011 3 Italian food enjoyment (Mission Barilla) 4 Summary Chairman s letter 7 Directors and officers 10 Directors Report 17 Transactions involving

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Content. Introduction. Doğuş Group Structure. Operational Map. Financial and Operational Highlights. Consolidated Financial Information by Segments

Content. Introduction. Doğuş Group Structure. Operational Map. Financial and Operational Highlights. Consolidated Financial Information by Segments Annual Report 2012 Content Introduction Doğuş Group Structure Operational Map Financial and Operational Highlights Consolidated Financial Information by Segments Corporate Profile Doğuş Holding and its

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Financial-economic Management. 42. Consolidated Economic Analysis. 52

Financial-economic Management. 42. Consolidated Economic Analysis. 52 contents Basic Figures. 04 Letter from the Chairman. 06 Milestones 2012. 08 Corporate Governance. 12 Corporate Management. 15 Human Resources. 16 Environment. 20 Innovation. 26 Quality. 32 Commitment to

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Home to the world s 10th largest petroleum reserves

Home to the world s 10th largest petroleum reserves Home to the world s 10th largest petroleum reserves 1 World s leading exporter of iron, coffee, soy beans, orange juice, beef, chicken, sugar and ethanol 2 A global reference in the production of biofuels

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IFRS Financial Statements. Board of Directors Report 50

IFRS Financial Statements. Board of Directors Report 50 annual report 2006 Change. Contents 1 Review 2006 KONE in Brief 4 Year in Brief 6 For Our Shareholders 8 CEO s Review 9 Business Review 11 Personnel 22 Environment 25 Corporate Governance 27 Board of Directors

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Panorama. The Vision Plan 5 reaches Asia. ALIBERICO closes a deal with the India s first composite panel manufacturer

Panorama. The Vision Plan 5 reaches Asia. ALIBERICO closes a deal with the India s first composite panel manufacturer Panorama / May 2012 / Nº 24 of Alibérico The Vision Plan 5 reaches Asia ALIBERICO closes a deal with the India s first composite panel manufacturer sumary N E W S 3 ALUCOIL enters into

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annual report 2010 working on a dream

annual report 2010 working on a dream annual report 2010 working on a dream contents profile 2 our services 2 our global presence 2 our mission 2 our culture 2 our strategic approach 2 our core values 3 our field steering model for staffing

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