GROUP. The attention to user needs... the passion for technological innovation. BROADBAND SECURITY

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1 CUSTOMERS Enterprise A.R.I.N. - Azienda Risorse Idriche di Napoli ALITALIA Linee Aeree Italiane S.p.A. Ami SpA Fondazione ENASARCO Forem Spa GESAC S.p.A. - Aeroporto di Napoli Capodichino IBM IRI Infores IT Holding Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A. MOF - Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Fondi SpA Philips Medicai Systems Polyedra Recordati Industria Chimica e Farmaaeuhca S.p.A. Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. Siemens Informatica S.B.S S.p.A. SOGEI - Società Generale d Informatica S.p.A. UNO A ERRE ITALIA S. p.a. BROADBAND SECURITY DATA CENTER NETWORKING WIRELESSENERGY Central Public Administration Agenzia delie Entrate Istituto Superiore di Sanità Ministero della Difesa Ministero della Giustizia Senato della Repubblica Local Public Administration ASIS Salernitana Reti ed Impiantil S.p.A. Comune di lglesias Comune di Napoli Comune di Sassari Comune di Tempio Pausania Comunità Montana del Mugello Istituti Milanesi Martinitt e Stelline e Pio Albergo Trivulzio Patto Territoriale per l Occupazione dell Agro Nocerino Sarnese Provincia di Avellino Provincia di Grosseto Provincia di Napoli Operative location Zona Eur Piazza G.Marconi, Roma Tel Fax Via Palazziello Snc Volla - Napoli Tel Fax ANAGINA - Associazione Nazionale Agenti Generali INA Assitalia Banca Popolare di Milano Banca Profilo The attention to user needs... the passion for technological innovation TELCO HEALTHCARE MOBILE Finance grafica: Legal location Via Di Affogalasino, 105/A Roma Tel Fax


3 THE MISSION THE InpowerGroup was founded in 2010 starting its activity in Software and infrastructural solutions, becoming soon among the top certified companies in Italy for the design and construction of structured cabling. Believing and investing constantly on innovation and development of skills adapted to the rapidly changing technologies, the Group has also expanded its specializations in the area of Networking, wireless networks, the VOIP. Our mission is to anticipate technological innovation and to direct it to the satisfaction of the needs customer, through the use of Our experience in the field of Infrastructure and Application Solutions 2 O The Group is significantly engaged in retrofit works: through its solutions it supports a considerable reduction in consumption resulting power savings. O 3

4 THE CONSORTIUM Inpowergroup is positioned as the partner of for banks, companies and government agencies Turnover of the companies in the consortium CERTIFICATIONS Thanks to an offer on the scope: Finance Telco PA Industry Energy The consortium members Metoda Finance Integrated services on information security and communication Voip. Document Management Protocol computing, and public relations... Padcom IT Consulting and Software development.development of systems for train control, on-board systems and ground. Finpower Operates in the field of the Power improvement (photovoltaic, solar thermal, lighting and LED lighting, cogeneration plants, condensing, building envelopes) Festa Spa Specialized in manufacturing and construction of civil, industrial and Driving plants Perfor.des Use innovative technologies for the construction of roads and underground utilities through the use of technology NO-DIG (without digging in the open air) Proscavi Construction of road infrastructure and subservices. SGF Srl Use innovative technologies for the construction of road infrastructure CRM Multiservice Use innovative technologies for the construction of road infrastructure Edil System Use innovative technologies for the construction of road infrastructure 4 O Year , O 5

5 THE OFFER UNITS The supply of Inpowergroup is divided into two areas Plant APPLICATIONS The company activities ranges from functional con- Applications sulting and design to software development. INFRASTRUCTURES Vision of Inpowergroup Design and implementation of local and wide area networks, construction of physical infrastructure, cabling systems, optic fiber networks with the objective of promoting reduction of technological and management costs. 6 O Even for Public Administration it is time to rethink and evolve the methods of management and government of the territory administered, thinking of a model based on interactive services and the centrality of the network.this evolution has the objective of transferring on multi-channel systems, the relations between the Public Administration, Citizens, Professionals and Businesses, using the functionalities supplied by internet technology and the application services delivered through it. The achievement of this ambitious and inalienable objective requires a cultural change in the P.A. that can not be separated from a profound process of optimization of the organizational structure of Government agencies, accelerating, especially computerization, and opening in a more efficient and interactive way towards own territory and involving the other actors, public and private, that are part of social fabric of the local catchment area. Plant Sta 52% Software development 35% 13% O 7

6 OFFER APPLICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURES SUPPLY TELCO: NETWORKING: Works as a partner of the leading providers and telecommunications equipment manufacturers as well as all fixed-line operators and mobile in Italy. Inpowergroup ealizes LANs and WANs, it also offers solutions that can greatly improve the performance of wide area networks existing on the basis of new applications (WAN Optimization). HEALTHCARE: WIRELESS: My Hospital Sanitary Operating System, it is a software for managing of the whole process of health both Public and private. Innovative Software Web-based, native for mobile applications and multi-geographic locations. PA: The division aims to manufacture multi-service technology platforms that act as an interface with the citizen, by promoting the usability of services provided by the PA in the multichannel Inpowergroup designs WI-FI networks with centralized architecture, distributed and mesh and point-to-point or multipoint connections. The most demanding applications ranging from video surveillance systems integrated Systems Hot Spot WiFi, remote environment, and Fire security. CONTROL SYSTEMS: Inpowergroup is able to offer a complete security that includes the technical evaluation of the various components of the infrastructure to identify the vulnerability of the protection systems. DATA CENTER: In the data center, technological developments have led to the development of solutions that simplify network architecture. Inpowergroup offers switching of the latest generation which enable a gradual migration from the legacy safeguarding investments already made. BANDA LARGA: MOBILE : This division operates in the construction Technological platforms of multi-services that act as an interface with the citizen supporting the usability of multichannel services provided by the PA for a coverage of that value-added management addressed to the optimization of resources for cost reduction by providing specific control instruments 8 O The offer Mobile is so divided: Mobile information It could serve as the Operations Centre to manage the operations to the citizens. Mobile tourism platform for multi-channel specialized in the territorial promotion. It is an entity that aggregates access to public information. Mobile Payment First Italian web platform for tax payment in multichannel, municipal taxes and penalties The realization of Broadband promoted by Inpowergroup supplies to the companies the passepartout for the access to the next generation network NGN (New Generation Network) ensuring a maximum potential on input and output, to and from the network. ENERGY: The theme of environmental impact is the core business of the division Finpower. the Increasing awareness of the need for action to retrofitting existing buildings can produce a substantial reduction of consumption with a consequent energy saving: photovoltaic, solar thermal, lighting and LED lighting, cogeneration plants, condensing systems, building envelopes, they find extensive experience with the division Finpower O 9