Rai Way. The road to travel in the communication world.

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1 Rai Way. The road to travel in the communication world.

2 Our Mission To become the Italian provider of network infrastructures and services for both Broadcasters and Telecom Operators Our work is aimed at carrying television, radio and the world into Italians homes. We are the owners of RAI s signal transmission and broadcasting network, having played a leading role in Italian broadcasting: over 80 years at the service of radio and television. We have been passed down and now manage a technical heritage of know-how and infrastructures thanks to which we have always assured Italian citizens with RAI s public service television and radio broadcasting. Television The stages in the development of digital broadcasting The coverage of Digital Terrestrial services is extended to 50% of the population The Waynet network is fully in place Radio Start-up of the first experimental DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting transmissions in Valle d Aosta The coverage of Digital Terrestrial services is extended to 70% of the population The completion of the Digital Terrestrial distribution network and of the regionalization of the Multiplex A licence enables the broadcast of the local TG3 news on DTT Start-up of the tests on Digital Radio Mondiale, the DRM digital radio transmission system Final conversion of RaiDue to Digital Terrestrial Television in Aosta and neighbouring areas Final conversion of RaiDue to Digital Terrestrial Television in Sardinia Start-up of the project to extend the delivery of Digital Terrestrial services to 85% of the population The first experimental transmissions in T-DMB Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting are delivered, also allowing for the transmission of video and data Preview of High-Definition DTT in the broadcast of the Euro Cup 2008 on the Digital Terrestrial network in the metropolitan areas of Milan, Rome, Turin as well as in Sardinia and in Valle d Aosta Start of High-Definition transmissions on the Digital Terrestrial broadcasting network Jointly with Aeranti- Corallo and RNA Radio Nazionali Associate Rai Way establishes ARD Associazione per la Radiofonia Digitale in Italia

3 Our services provide quality solutions to support your business Broadcasting We deliver high quality and capillary Television and Radio transmissions to end users by broadcasting our Clients video and audio signals. Rai Way provides analogue and/or digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting services through its own networks; Rai Way can deliver key in hand solutions for transmission and broadcasting networks. Transmission We make video and audio signals travel by interconnecting major event venues with our Clients newsrooms and offices. Rai Way can provide video/audio transmission services, dedicated point-to-point connections, permanent urban connections, occasional-use network services and ad hoc solutions with the aim of satisfying any Client need. Tower Rental We host our Clients antennas and equipment in our sites. preliminary feasibility studies; site survey to give to the Client any necessary information to evaluate the site s operational adequacy; availability of space on which install transmitting antennas with the appropriate support base and place all necessary cable; general maintenance of the site and of civil infrastructures. Network Services To support our Clients, we provide them with a pool of knowledge acquired in the field of broadcasting networks. consulting throughout the broadcasting network definition process: from site mapping and frequency planning to the implementation and commissioning of installations, connections and infrastructures; specialist services in the sector of radioprotection: NIR (Non Ionizing Radiation) measurement and technical counselling in court cases; modular and fl exible training to share competencies and to acquire knowledge on our products and services.

4 Over 600 people Over 60% of the personnel directly on the field The future is digital The spread and perspectives of Digital Television Technological development and ongoing innovation of television transmission systems represent Rai Way s main investment. The most important forthcoming stages on the way to excellence are: High-Defi nition Digital Terrestrial Television broadcasts of the Euro Cup 2008 on the Digital Terrestrial network in the metropolitan areas of Milan, Rome, Turin as well as in Sardinia and in Valle d Aosta; a real preview with respect to the planned 2009 deadline; extending the delivery of DTT to 85% of the population, to reiterate its commitment to public service; start-up of the High-Defi nition Digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting service scheduled for Experimenting and commitment in Digital Radio Enhancing service quality and promoting new and more effective radio transmission technologies have always been the guiding principles of Rai Way s strategies. To this aim and with the intention of fully implementing Digital Terrestrial Radio transmissions and capacities: Rai Way has recently run experiments on DRM, Digital Radio Mondiale, and T-DMB,Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, techniques with the aim of assessing their respective advantages; Jointly with Aeranti-Corallo and RNA (Radio Nazionali Associate), Rai Way has established the ARD Associazione per la Radiofonia Digitale in Italia with the aim of promoting a pluralistic start-up and development of Digital Radio in Italy. Rai Way and the environment Rai Way, while implementing its strategies of development according to the mission of the company, dedicates many efforts to respect values and objectives typical of the Environmental Policy, such as: focusing and management environmental issues; providing its personnel with continuous updating and training on environmental impact; prevention, monitoring and reducing environmental impacts; optimization in using natural resources.

5 23 regional centres 21 operating units Over 2,300 sites throughout the Italian territory Technological Assets A radio and television broadcasting network comprising over 2,300 stations, distributed throughout the national territory. A national transmission network, Waynet, implemented via radio-link, fibre optic and satellite connections, with over 80 access points. Two national transmission and broadcasting control centres operating 24h a day, located in Rome and Milan, with the aim of constantly monitoring service quality and configuration. A monitoring network to detect wave signal quality on air and territorial coverage. Rai Way s regional offices throughout the territory Bolzano Trento Aosta Monza Trieste Milano Venezia Torino Genova Bologna Firenze Ancona Perugia Pescara Roma Napoli Sorrento Cagliari Palermo Bari Potenza Cosenza Quality Control Centres Territory Management Centres Operating Units Milano Corso Sempione Padova Udine Rivergaro Pisa Orbetello Orvieto Cagli San Benedetto del Tronto Roma Monte Mario Campobasso Gragnano Trani Foggia Martina Franca Villa San Giovanni Caltanissetta Cammarata Catania Macomer Tempio Pausania

6 Our principal clients RAI - Radiotelevisione italiana Telecom Operators Revenues (in million Euros) Costs (in million Euros) MOL (in million Euros) Revenues from RAI Revenues from Business Clients ROE (in %)= Net Profits Net Assets ROI (in %)= Operating Result Net Invested Capital ROS (in %)= Operating Result Revenues ICT = Revenues Net Invested Capital

7 National and international Broadcasters Public Administrations Large Corporations Revenues for 2007 Revenues from RAI Revenues from Business Clients Business Clients Revenues breakdown by segment 76% TLC 011% Public Administrations 07% Broadcaster 6% Corporate Business Clients Revenues breakdown by service 75% Tower rental 16% Broadcasting 07% Transmission 02% Network Services

8 Rai Way S.p.A. Legal Head Offi ce: Via Teulada, Rome Management and Co-ordination RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana Spa with Head Offi ce in Viale Mazzini 14, Rome Rai Way provides RAI subscribers with an ad hoc information service for TV and Radio signal reception through: a Technical Call Centre on the toll-free number from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and by to the Company s website