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1 Adult Day Care and Health Service (Shelby) (Kings Mountain) January 2014 You ll be surprised... at the new heights your mom can reach once she begins attending Life Enrichment Martha decorates the Christmas tree at Life Enrichment Center Call today to schedule a free trial visit for your adult loved one who needs physical & mental stimulation & socialization to slow down memory loss in Kings Mountain in Shelby Life Enrichment Center - for more than 33 years doing Whatever It Takes to help families keep adult loved ones at home and in the community

2 Caring Hearts 2013 Annual Appeal By their gifts to the 2013 Life Enrichment Center Annual Appeal, these Caring Hearts are joined in their support of the participants of Life Enrichment Center and their family caregivers. Other gifts were listed in the December newsletter. Platinum Gold Gary & Rebecca Harden Anonymous in honor of Suzi Kennedy s Leadership Award Carolyn DeBrew & Family in memory of Carl DeBrew Silver John & Clare Turner in memory of Mary Clare Turner Other Anonymous in memory of Marge & Giz Franklin & Helen Barrow in honor of Lizzie Hopper Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Blalock Mal & Shirley Brutko Lee & Hal Bryant James & Kathy Grigg Rona Henry Harvey & Anzie Horn in honor of Suzi Kennedy Bronze Paul & Angie Bridges Senator Warren Daniel Martha Grice in memory of Margaret Wright s Birthday & Margaret & Ira Wright s Anniversary Nov. 26 Kaye Hartman in memory of Bill Hartman Dr. & Mrs. Robert Litton Charles Putnam & Family in memory of Susan Putnam Charles Rudisill Paul & Jane Szymborski in honor of Patti Thompson Ben & Connie Waldrep Dr. Denise Smith s students from Gardner-Webb University interviewed some of Life Enrichment Center s participants and presented their stories to all the participants. Jim sharing his memories helps connect different generations. page 2 Students present Grady s story to Life Enrichment participants and staff. One-on-one attention from the students was a great way for Rose to reminisce about her life experiences.

3 In honor... Oh, Elvis... Suzi Kennedy has been honored with a gift to Life Enrichment Center by Bill & Nancy McCullough The following have been honored by Vance & Nathalie Suttle: Mrs. A.W. Archer Dr. & Mrs. Frank Bonner Mr. & Mrs. Richard Craver Dr. & Mrs. Brent Ferrell Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fletcher Mrs. W.B. Harry Mrs. Bea Justis Mr. Mrs. John Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Will Rucker & Nancy & Anna Mr. & Mrs. Dave Rupprecht Mr. & Mrs. John Schweppe Mrs. W.L. Shope Dr. & Mrs. Jack Williams Rose tickled to meet Elvis In memory... The following have been remembered with a gift to Life Enrichment Center: Jim & Barbara Taylor by Dorothy Edwards SSC Boiling Springs Baptist Church Franklin Holland by Franklin & Emily Whitworth James & Delores Sosebee Margaret & Merline dancing Gifts Travis Powell & Sarah Benefactors The Neisler Foundation, Inc. Howard Johannessen in memory of Pat Johannessen Supporters Carolyn Quinn Shelby Presbyterian Church Looking for an opportunity to help someone? Please give. Memorials, Honoraria, and Gifts I want to support the work of the Life Enrichment Center... By becoming a: Name ( )Friend $25-$100 ( )Supporter $101-$500 Address ( )Sponsor $501-$1,000 ( )Patron $1,001-$2,500 City State Zip ( )Benefactor $2,501-$4,999 In memory of ( )Major Benefactor $5,000 + In honor of Make checks payable to: Send a notice to: Life Enrichment Center Address 110 Life Enrichment Blvd., Shelby, NC City State Zip You can also use your credit card. Visa/ MC (Circle one) Card No. Expiration Date Amount Signature page 3

4 Life Enrichment Center 110 Life Enrichment Blvd. Shelby Monday Music with Mabel Hardin page 4 Dates to Remember: Jan. 1 - LEC is closed Jan. 7 - KM Dementia Support Group, details page 8 Jan LEC is closed Jan Polio Support Group, details page 8 Jan Shelby Dementia Support Group, details page 8 Sheriff s Department Protecting Yourself from Scams Bible Trivia Tuna Casserole - Peas & Carrots Roll-Cobbler 20 Monday 7 Tuesday Jeff Ledford K9 Unit Demonstration Sunday School with Rev. Jerry Welch LEC Jeopardy Taco Casserole-Salad-Jello with Fruit 21 Tuesday Sing-A-Long with Jerry Pearson 8 Wednesday Celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday Terry Demmin Does Video Tour of Hart Square Visit with Gabrielle of Bayada Health Care 22 Wednesday Bingo 9 Thursday Make Snowflake Wreaths Ray Sturgill Leads Devotions Tina Bardliving makes Oatmeal Cookies Ham-Sweet Potato-Peas Roll-Fruit 13 Monday 14 Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday Music with "Skye" the Therapy Heart Healthy with Bethel Senior Choir Mabel Hardin Dog Visits Cindy Cook of Care Solutions Andy Weaver Comes to Sing June Pierce Makes Pies Closed Martin Luther King Day 27 Monday Music with Mabel Hardin Cupcakes with Amy Boone Yoga Demonstration with LaShea Perkins Baked Fish-Mashed Potatoes-Coleslaw Roll-Fruit Sunday School with Rev. Jerry Welch Cherie Brigman Bakes a Cake Sunday School with Rev. Jerry Welch Crossroads Rescue Mission Broccoli & Cheese Soup Bologna & Cheese Sandwich-Fruit 28 Tuesday Let's Make Snowflakes Sunday School with Rev. Jerry Welch Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Chili Beans-Baked Potato Crackers-Fruit Pintos-Slaw-Cornbread-Onion-Fruit Music & Dancing with John Robertson Musical Chairs Pork Tenderloin-Green Bean Casserole Roll-Spiced Apples The Gadabouts Tuesday Cochran hosts January Birthday Party Lasagna-Salad-Bread Sticks Vanilla Pudding 29 Wednesday LEC Health Fair Participant Council Painting for Fun LEC Happy Hour 2 Thursday Sing-A-Long with Jerry Pearson Make Chocolate Covered Cherries Activity Highlights for Friday Rev. Charles Rudisill Amber Gibson from Capabilities Fitness Walter Wright Meatloaf-Mashed Potatoes-Green Beans Roll-Cake 17 Friday Things to Do in January with Vickie Wyatt Walter Wright Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with Raelynn McCoy Ashley Harris presents Diabetic Prevention Chicken Sandwich-Lettuce & Tomato Chips-Fruit 23 Thursday 24 Friday 10 Friday Butter Bean Auction with Dwight Cooper Walter Wright The Ivesters Country Style Steak-Mashed Potatoes Lima Beans-Roll-Fruit Leah from Kings Mountain National Military Park brings Revolutionary War items Walter Wright It s for the Birds with Beth Carter Cheeseburger-Lettuce & Tomato Tater Tots-Cobbler Every day at LEC includes the following therapeutic activities: meaningful programs beginning at 5:30 a.m. and continuing until closing at 6 p.m.; mental & physical exercise; a chance to be creative; spiritual enrichment; reminiscing; socialization; entertainment; music; and laughter. Bingo Parachute Fun Farm Chowder-Grilled Cheese Roll-Fruit Wheel of Fortune Breast Cancer Awareness with Stacey Mann Red Hat Society Tea with Marchelle 30 Thursday Gospel Sing-A-Long with Danny & Wanda Scruggs Monique Burris presents Praise Dance Men Shoot Pool Cheeseburger Casserole-Salad Roll-Chocolate Pudding 31 Friday Sunday School with Rev. Vernon Craig Walter Wright Healthy Eating with Sheila Adams Veggie Soup-Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Fruit

5 Neisler Center by the Neisler Foundation 222 Kings Mountain Blvd. Kings Mountain, NC January 1 - Closed for New Year s Day January 3 - Wear your Winter PJ s - Pajama Snow Day January 7 - Caregiver Support Group: ABC s of Caregiving January 20 - Closed for Staff Training January 31 - Superbowl Blast-off Party! Wear Your Favorite Football Team Apparel! 6 Monday xinspirations with Rev. Charles Rudisill xparticipant Council Meeting xeducation Group Helps Tuna Casserole-Peas & Carrots-Cobbler 13 Monday xdulcimer Music with Suzanne Brock xladies Spa Day xmen s Coffee Club xwinter Wonderland Collages CLOSED MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY 27 Monday xsing and Share with Wray Canipe xhealth Fair xsuperbowl Bloopers and Greatest Moments Dates To Remember: 7 Tuesday 8 Wednesday xa Visit From Higher Learning Daycare xchapel with Jerry Welch xblindfold Snow Scene Art xremembering Your Favorite Snow Day xsinging with Jerry Pearson xbible Study with Minister Bryan Evans xshelby Shopper Search 14 Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday 17 Friday xborax Snowflake xguess That Scent! Experiment xcarolina Care Singers xbible Study with LeeAnn Wofford xchapel with Jerry Welch xpraise with Alma Adams xhealth Fair xhot Chocolate xmen s Group with with Lauren Hagler Will Caldwell Pork Tenderloin-Green Bean Taco Casserole-Salad-Fruit Casserole-Spiced Apples-Roll 21 Tuesday 22 Wednesday xmusical Show with Maya Kapoor xchapel with Jerry Welch xcharles & Ann Edwards from Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard & Winery Broccoli & Cheese Soup- Bologna Sandwich-Fruit 28 Tuesday xgolden Chorus xchapel with Jerry Welch xladies Group: Lunch Preparation xtone Chime Choir Activity Highlights xhealth Fair xpraise with Alma Adams xcraft Time with Caydee Greenway xladies Book Club Pintos-Slaw-Cornbread-Onion-Fruit xmen s Group Helps with Lunch Preparation xpraise with Alma Adams xdance Magic xwinter Word Search Lasagna-Salad-Breadsticks-Pudding 29 Wednesday xcrafts with Carol Addis and Jewel Peppers xlec Sing-a-long xpraise with Alma Adams xmen s Book Club 2 Thursday xsinging with Bethel Baptist Choir xcraft Time with Deborah Mayberry xnew Year s Resolutions Farm Chowder-Grilled Cheese-Fruit 9 Thursday Ham-Sweet Potatoes- Peas-Roll-Fruit xstarting the Day with Rev. Eddie Gray xbingo Time xowls Eye Vineyard Chicken Sandwich-Chips-Fruit xmusical Talent of Mike McGee & Joe Collins xladies Tea Party with Sheila Morrow xbingo! xshelby Shopper Search xmusical Jamboree 10 Friday Meatloaf-Mashed Potatoes- Green Beans-Roll-Cake 23 Thursday 24 Friday xputt-putt Tournament xhealth Fair xone Way or Another Mind Game xstate Highway Patrolman Rodney Smith Visits 30 Thursday Friday Snowed In - Pajama Day! xjohnny B. Karaoke xtin Foil Snowflake Decorations xmovie by the Fireplace Polar Express xhot Chocolate & Cookies with Olivia Littlejohn xcream Puff Bake Off xsons of the American Revolution with Doyle Campbell xpowder Puff Football xfootball Trivia Facts xjay Batista Visits with Education Group xremembering MLK Country Style Steak-Mashed Potatoes- Lima Beans-Roll-Fruit xparker s Martial Arts Demonstration xspa Day: Hands & Foot Massage Cheeseburger-Tater Tots-Cobbler 31 Friday xsinging with Jerry Pearson *Superbowl Blast-Off* Wear Your Favorite Football Team Shirt, Jersey, or Colors! Baked Fish-Mashed Potatoes- Slaw-Roll-Fruit Chili Beans-Baked Potato- Crackers-Fruit Cheeseburger Casserole- Salad-Roll-Pudding Turkey & Cheese Sandwich- Vegetable Soup-Fruit page 5

6 Kings Mountain Bingo Prizes, Large Beanbag Chairs Shelby Digital Camera, Small HD TV Thank you Kings Mountain Fire Department visits the Neisler Center to share what it s like to be a fireman with the participants Thank you to the following: Bobbie Cox - magazines Beth Lattimore - magazines Kathy Grigg - magazines Kay Hartman - bingo prizes Mitzi Ramsey - bingo prizes Blandine Tate - Guideposts American Restoration - pumpkin bread Foothills Podiatry - magazines Nancy Fichter - magazines, bingo prizes Crystal Love - clothes, bingo prizes Sunnyside Baptist Church - Christmas gifts Nellie Hughes - bingo prizes KM Senior Center - shirt protectors Foot-Loose Foursome - Christmas gift bags Dwight & Wanda Black - magazines ScissorSmith & Co. Salon - magazines Bob Blanton - cards Sue Breen - magazines, calendars Gary Floyd - magazines, cards Katy Ruth Dixon - cards Judy Anderson - bingo prizes Betty Brackett - candy Claudia & Jim Lutz - fabric Sandra Ellis - artificial flowers Vickie Wyatt - bingo prizes Bob Carey - personal care items Don Teague - turnips Vivian Jenkins - bingo prizes Sheila Adams - candy canes John Whitener Family - art easels, frying pan Doris Sweeting - cocoa & tea William Sherrin - magazines Palmer Grove Church - gifts for participants Lentalus trying on the fireman gear January 2014 LEC closing schedule Jan. 1, New Year s Day Jan. 20, Martin Luther King Day Closed for Staff Training What if the weather is bad? Closing announcements due to bad weather will be made on LEC s telephone answering machine (Shelby ; Kings Mountain ); Cable Channel 14; WBTV. Should it be necessary to close early, caregivers will be notified by telephone. page 6 Matt with Kings Mountain fireman Chief Matthew in the fire truck

7 Getting in the Holiday Spirit LEC s horticultural therapist, Beth, helped participants decorate dried okra pods for the Christmas tree. Here is Suzie with her new Christmas ornament. LEC Choir singing Christmas carols From left to right: Sonya, Billy, Hannah, Nathan, Sarah, Cindy, Melissa, Cathy, & Santa (William) Some of our stars in the Christmas Pageant Arthur & Ruth as Joseph & Mary Angels Rose and Mary in the Christmas Pageant Clayton as a wiseman page 7

8 Board of Directors Paula Ramsey, President Moises Miranda, Vice-President Evelyn Ribadeneyra, Secretary Donna Beringer, Treasurer Dr. David Barker Greg Blalock Wade Carpenter Debbie Clary Danny Clay David Cline Tom Crider Julie Daves Jennipher Harrill Greg Kassing Randy Mach Connie Nelson David Pharr Sharon Robbs Phillis Robinson Rev. Charles Rudisill Dr. Denise Smith Patsy Stewart Chris Turner John Turner Carol Walsburger Advisory Board Mason Venable, Chairman Monty Thornburg, Secretary Mary Accor David Brinkley Tom Brooks Cecil Burton Erin Crow Phil Hager Ronnie Hawkins Kitty Hoyle Michael Johnson Dr. Jane King Gene LeGrand Brenda Lovelace Tom McNichol Dr. Anthony Negbenebor Ellis Noell Mike Poage Jay Rhodes Dr. Mike Ribadeneyra Gary Ritchie Ernest Rome Bob Smith John Still Oscar Zamora Life Enrichment Center 110 Life Enrichment Blvd. Shelby, North Carolina Address Service Requested Support Meeting for Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia ABC s of Caregiving Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Charlotte, NC Permit #4106 Kings Mountain Center Tuesday, January 7, 2014 ~ 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m Free Sitter Service Available Reservation needed one week prior to support meeting Polio Support Group Meeting Monday, Jan. 20, p.m. Support Meeting for Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia What legal documents do you need to complete for 2014? Power of Attorney, Health Care POA, Living Will Shelby Life Enrichment Center Tuesday, Jan. 21, :30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Shelby Life Enrichment Center 110 Life Enrichment Blvd. *Parking & entrance behind the building* Contact Janet Walker for details Free sitter service is available. Reservation is required by Jan. 14 by calling Like us on Facebook page 8 Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. Parkinson s Support Group Meeting Shelby Life Enrichment Center 110 Life Enrichment Blvd. Questions? Call