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1 d Contnuous ' t MT News Servce Cambrdge Snce Massachusetts Volume 97, Number 9 Tuesday, March 8, 1977 Ralph Baksh's latest branchld. Wzards, an anmated look nto the fardstant future, held great promse but many aspects were dsappontng. 4& NS F) Sprng s here wth or wthout the cooperaton of the weather. The best evdence s baseball's annual sprng tranng program, whch s just gettng under way. Foul Shots explores ths year's verson of the event. --- p8 UPDAT Frank Press, Head of the Department of Earth and Planetarv Scences, Ts"currently awatng fnal securty clearance on hs appontment as Scence Advser to Presdent Carter. Press, who s spendng four days a week n Washngton preparng for the job, told The Tech that. when and f the poston s-offered to hnm he "would accept t." LOCAL _ Representatve Los Pnes (D-Newton) s ganng support n her efforts to pass a bll through the Massachusetts Legslature lmtng the admssblty of evdence n rape trals whch concerns the vctm's past sexual hstory and other potentally humlatng facts, The Boston Globe sad yesterday. NA ON Nearly 5,000 Unversty of Hawa students partcpated Saturday n a march on the Hawa State Captol n protest of a proposed 13 per cent budget cut for the unversty. Wth the end of the Vetnam conflct, ant-war feelngs have subsded and Army ROTC enrollment s up agan, says Major General Charles C. Rogers, deputy chef of staff for ROTC. Enrollment fgures, whch dropped from 1.77,000 to 33,000 durng the Vetnam era, have rsen to 55,000 ths year and are expected to contnue clmbng. The Natonal Safety Councl has released statstcs showng that the rate of travel accdents n people klled per bllon mles of travel - was the lowest n recorded hstory. The drastc reducton n deaths has been attrbuted to the 55 mph speed lmt. NM Ab m Lfe nsurance agents deceptve By Bob Wasserman Lfe nsurance salesmen have employed unethcal methods and msrepresentaton n ther efforts to sell polces to graduatng senors. Complants have been receved by the offce of the Dean for Student Affars, prmarly: from members of the class of Lsa Broderck, secretary to Dean for Student Affars Carola Esenberg, receves most of the complants from students concernng lfe nsurance. She sad the man complant s about telephone harassment; some companes call four or fve tmes. The agents tell a student that they receved hs name from a "frend," but ether they refuse to gve the name or use one wthout any authorzaton. Several students have complaned about clams from companes that they were the sole n- nsurance Offcer Kmball Valentne reports that no company s solely authorzed to sell {fe nsurance on campus. Several companes falsely clamed ths prvledge when they tred to sell nsurance to senors. accordng to the Dean's Offce. Update By Glenn Browasten Boston, commtted sucde by A natonwde manhunt for a hangng hmself n Charles Street prmary suspect n the murder of Jal on Nov. l, an MT junor two years ago Asnar ded early on the mornended Frday wth the arrest of ng of March 22, 1975, of njures John Blodgett n Houston by FB receved when he and a companagents. on, Robert Moses '75, were at- Blodgett, 25, formerly of tacked by four men wth whom Methuen, -Mass., s one of two they were rdng. Moses. whle men ndcted by a Suffolk County. serously njured, recovered from Grand Jury n March, 1975, for the assault. the brutal slayng of John A. Accordng to an account Asnar '76, a 20-year old pre- Moses gave polce whle recovermedcal student. ng. he and Asnar were tryng to The other suspect, Robert htchhke across Harvard Shaughnessey, 22, of South Brdge late Frday nght, March Fve Wrtng nstructors send facultya statement By Davd B. Koretz Fve members of the Wrtng Program staff who clam to have been fred by the School of Humantes and Socal Scences have drawn up a poston paper statng ther case. The eght-page document, wrtten by Sanford K-ye, Joseph Brown, and three nstructors, wll be dstrbuted to 1,200 members of the nsttute's faculty and staff ths week. Besdes detalng the chronology of events leadng up to the present stuaton, the paper provdes a background hstory of the Wrtng Program and outlnes a proposal for the Program's future. The authors of the paper contend that the ad hoc faculty evaluaton commttee, whch was apponted by Harold J. Hanham, Dean of the School of Humantes and Socal Scences, gnored. n structure and n practce. the favorable report of the Svn Commttee whch evaluated the Wrtng Program last sprng. The wrters of the document, besdes Kaye and Brown, are Danel Dehanut, Seth Racusen, and Stephen Reuys. Kaye told The Tech that the faculty members should receve the document before the end of the week. surance agency authorzed to operate on campus. Accordng to Broderck, an agent was asked to leave Lobby 7 by Campus Patrol last fall after a number of complants of solctng. Dean Kenneth C. Brownng '66 asserted t was "smply not true" that any one company was solely authorzed. Brownng noted that solctng s prohbted on campus, and that ths rule s especally enforced n dormtores. MT nsurance Offcer Kmball Valentne sad he doubts any one lfe nsurance company s solely authorzed by MT or has ever been. He recalled, however, that twenty years ago certan companes were sanctoned by the nsttute. These companes offered polces wth dvdends set payable to M T, as gfts from graduates. The Alumn Assouc aton or a graduatng class sponsored these plans. Valentne added. and polces from several companes were alwavs offered concurrently. Robert J. 1Holden. Assocate Dean for Student Affars, has dealt wth the lfe nsurance problem extensvely n the past year. Hoden sad a college student's senor year s the tme to begn thnkng about the future, and nsurance agents take advantage of ths fact. Holden sad "lfe nsurance s sold, not bought," whch explans the apparent aggressveness of the salesmen. He concluded that although there are complants every year about these practces, t s hard to evaluate the general ethcs of nsurance salesmen due to a "lack of postve feedback" re- 21, and were pcked up by four men drvng a gray sedan. The students were taken on a rde through Everett, Chelsea, and the South End. durng whch they were robbed of ther wallets, shot, and stabbed. When the vehcle fnally stopped n South Boston, Asnar opened the door and pushed NMoses out. strugglng after hm. One of the men n the car chased Asnar and struck hm over the head wth a tre ron, the fatal blow accordng to medcal examners. Moses was saved by South Boston resdents, who called polce upon hearng the students' cres for help. Suffolk Dstrct Attorney Garrett Bvrne, who learned of Blod- By Mark James Professor of Management Thomas M. Hll ded Frdav n the MT nfrmary. He was 62. Hll was a member of the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management faculty for 35 years, and had been Assocate Dean. He was born n Bucksport, Mane. and receved a bachelor's degree from the Unversty of Mane. Hll dd hs graduate studes at Harvard Unversty. and completed addtonal work at Stanford Unverstv. After servng n the Armed Forces durng World War 11. Hll was a vstng professor n economcs at Lecds Unversty n ceved from students. Accordng to an nvesttgtlon by Consumer's tnon. "the lat thng most college students need s lfe nsurance." Th, report v, a, ssued n the March 1977 sue t! Consumer Repurtr. An an jnalss, several corrpanes and ther po;:- ces amed at college students corncluded that these polces were t,. small. too costly. and gencral' the wrong type for the college graduate. Corsumer Reportv stated that nsurance companes stress smaller. whole-lfe polces. whch brng hgher profts to the companes. rather than term polces whch brng hher premums,, the buyer and lease hm rnmore nsured. The magazne further recommends term and,hole-fe polces offered n the general market to the college student over these specal college plans. Brownng suggested that an open forum on nsurance. presentng unbased nformaton on lfe nsurance polces for graduatng senors, be ntated b, the Undergraduate Assocaton or the Senor Class. He also suggested that a pamphlet nvestgatng lfe nsurance be publshed. Valentne sad a lesson could be learned by senors n regard to the sellng of lfe nsurance: overzealous buyng and sellng practces are a "fact of lfe" and the graduate wll encounter these practces many tmes n hs lfe. Valentne concluded that lfe nsurance s vtal and unversal n today's world, and he hoped these complants "don't sour people away from lfe nsurance." Secxond Asnar murder suspect captured Excerpts from the statement of poston beng maled to all members of the faculty can be found on page 5. ~~.-.. o ofas gett's arrest Frday. sad that Blodgett was arragned as a fugtve n Houston yesterday. The dstrct attorney's offce s now seekng return of the suspect to Boston, The Boston Globe reported Saturday. Accordng to Byrne, Blodgett was arrested two weeks ago by Houston polce on a concealed weapon charge, and then released from custody pendng examnaton of the suspect's fngerprnts by the FB. Upon learnng of the flght warrant outstandng from Massachusetts. FB agents placed Blodgett n custody Fnrday. Blodgett had reportedly dsappeared from hs Methuen home the day after the Asnar slavng. d~ eal England, and was nstrumental n foundng the ndan nsttute of Management n Calcutta. The Wnchester resdent A as co-author of a textbook,.aceountng -.4 Manageent.Approach. Hll has taught Fnancal and kmanagement Accountng - to undergraduates and the graduate course Management Accountng and Control Systenms. Hll s survved bh hs atoe Hldreth. a son, Thomas 1. Jr.. of Boston: a daughter. Joanna. now lvng n W;nchester. and.: brother. Maron F. Hll. oft Bucksport. Mane.

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3 - More cold By Davd Potter Next year's weather patterns wll not be a repeat of those ths past year, accordng to the pr.edctons of Professor Emertus of Meteorology Hurd C. Wllet. Although there wll agan be colder than usual weather n mddle lattudes, regonal patterns wll be dfferent, Wllet sad, probably resultng n colder temperatures for the West and less severe snowfall n the Oho Valley and Mdwest. -He bases ths predcton 9n the current coolng trend and the tendency of wnter weather patterns to repeat after three years. Wllet has forecast a 20-year perod of colder weather begnnng n A major cause of cooler weather has been a shft n wnd patterns, accondng to Wllet. The Professor of Meteorology Hurd C. westerly wnds normally cross the hardest ht. North Amerca from west to east, opng the theroretcal forecast but durng ths wnter they splt were spent on studyng past clmate, sgnfcant advances could nto branches that brought warm ar northward to Alaska and be made." forced cold, Artc ar southeastward to the central and eastern been kept n North Amerca snce Accurate weather records have Unted States. 1900, but sgnfcant amounts of Ths north-south shft n wnd data are avalable for the 19th drecton was also largely responsble for the drought whch lke to see weather data from the century. Wllet sad that he would parched western Europe ths past perod around 1790, because t summer, Wllet noted. appears that we are enterng an He stated that "f one quarter 80-year sunspot cycle smlar to of the money now spent on devel- the one whch began n that Feld: stop new arms By Thomas J, Spsak Because the US has a fve year lead n weapons development, ths country should take the lead n nuclear dsarmament by adoptng a unlateral moratorum on new arms deployment, accordng to Physcs Professor Bernard Feld. "Wthout restrant on the deployment of new weapons systems, the arms race wll get out of hand," Feld told an MT audence Thursday. He was speakng on "Arms Control and Natonal Securty." Feld mantaned that natonal securty would not be threatened by the proposed unlateral mortorum. "The ntroducton of new systems requres testng; testng whch can be montored by unlateral means," he sad. The need to control the arms race-s clear, Feld asserted. "The superpowers have arsenals of about an order of magntude greater destructveness than what was consdered Mutually Assured Destructon a decade ago." "Both sdes are tendng towards more destructveness," he added. Feld attacked three "gaps" as beng the nventons of hardlne analysts: spendng, technology and shelters. He acknowledged that the Sovets were spendng more roubles on defense than the US was spendng dollars. "But f you look at the black market exchange rates rather than the offcal Sovet exchange rates, the Unted States may be outspendng the Russans." Feld sad the "technology gap" stemmed from the percepton that Sovet scentsts were about as capable as Amercan ones. Accordng to Feld, the argument contnues that "snce we see no evdence that the results of ths party are beng appled to the cvlan sector of Russan socety, the Russans must be ahead" n defense. "The fact s the average dfference between the tme the Amercans ntroduce a weapons system and the tme the Russans ntroduce t s 4.6 years n favor of the US," he noted. Some observers have clamed that the Sovets have a superor cvl defense program, the "shelter gap." They note that there are many generals nvolved n the program. Feld addressed ths argument Next year's wnter may not be any mlder than ths one, accordng to Wllett, but dfferent areas may be by pontng out that "of the 50 Sovet generals n ther cvl defense effort, 45 are retred World War generals," who are probably not actvely nvolved n mltarv plannng. "Sovet cvl defense manuals read the same as Amercan programs of the early '60's. don't thnk the shelter gap s much of a threat." decade. Wllet remarked that he dd not thnk aerosol propellants wll cause a serous enough depleton n the ozone layer to cause clmatc change. (The state of Oregon has recently mposed a ban on the use of aerosol sprays usng flouro carbon propellants due to the alleged danger of these corn pounds to the ozone layer.) Wllet asserted that there are large fluctuatons n ozone levels n response to solar wnd and that the effect of flourocarbons would [ be small n comparson. He added that the compounds would only have an effect f the, bult up n the upper atmosphere, a phenomenon that has not been demonstrated to occur. nternshp n Humanstc Psychology Aprl 1 -June 30, 1977 An ntensve program of personal growth and sklls acquston. The experental format provdes opportuntes to practce sklls: ncludng basc gestalt. consultaton sklls, and others as chosen by partcpants. -For further nformaton and to arrange an admsson ntervew call: * Anna Bower Assocates for Human Resources Box 727. Concord, Mass (617) (toll free from Boston) _ L - -L-r _r,l _,- _- HEWLETT XPACKARD S :~q~ )lj~- M Wednesday, March 9, 11am-3pm M..T. Coop Calculator Department A factory representatve wll be on hand to demonstrate the complete lne of HP qualty calculators and answer any questons you mght have. Call x214 for more nfo on HP Week, * O~ 95th Brthday Sale Now n Progress. ' o ---- ~ - ~ ~ - Adaress- _ RP-OFF NSURANCE There are so many muggngs and robberes around here. most nsurance companes won t wrte nsurance on a lot of people n a lot of neghborhoods. But The Congress wll! Rp off ths ad -or call us at to fnd out how you can get guaranteed Federal protecton aganst rp-offs for as lttle as S30 a year. Congress nsurance Agency, nc. _ Federal Crme nsurance Dv., 33 Broad St.. Boston. Ma C y Sa-ve._' z- L m m m. m m -o m m - m - m a U 1 COOP NOMNATONS - m March 1, 1977 n accordance wth Artcle V, Secton 1, of the By-Laws of the Harvard Cooperatve Socety, as amended, the Stockholders of the Socety have nomnated the followng ndvduals for electon as Student Drectors of the Socety at the next Annual Meetng of the Stockholders n September, MPORTANT - Members seekng nomnaton as student d- l rectors by petton are urged to obtan a sample form of petton and a more detaled statement of the requrements governng pettons from the casher n any Coop store STUDENT DRECTORS Radclffe College Elsa A. Botta' Class of '78 Harvard College Charles Wu' Class of '79 Deval L. Patrck Class of '78 Karlo F. DuvnJak Class of '80 Harvard Graduate Schools Marvn Bagwell' Class of '79, Law JonathaA L. S. Byrnes' Class of '78, Management George Mabry' Class of '78, Management Massachusetts nsttute of Technology Undergraduates Cyntha Cole' Class of '78 Douglas Knott' Class of '78 Massachusetts nsttute of Technology Graduate Students Paul D. Schaller Management J. Elot Moss Electrcal Engneerng 'Currently members of the Boaro - 1P ~~~ ~r~rqc~~a~ 98 er ~ ~~- - PROCEDURE FOR MAKNG ADDTONAL NOMNATONS FOR STUDENT DRECTORS Pursuant to Artcle V, Secton 2. of the Socety's By-Laws, as amended, addtonal nomnatons for student drectors may be made by petton sgned by at least one hundred (100) student members and fled wth the Clerk (by leavng the petton at the General Manager's offce n the Harvard Square Store) not later than 5 p.m., March 23, A sgnature wll be nvald unless the student desgnates hs membershp number and school and he s currently enrolled as a degree canddate n that school. F A STUDENT MEMBER SGNS MORE THAN ONE PETTON, HS SGNATURE ON EACH PETTON WLL BE DSREGARDED. HARVARD SOQUARE HARVARD LAW SCHOOL M..T. STUDENT CENTER HARVARD BUSNESS SCOOL CHLDREN'S HOSPTAL MEDCAL CENTER C --. ' s8 K-Y-- sld A r!, _._ F C1 --- ll , rr ra --

4 - ":.- _ ' THE TECH TUESDAY. MARCH _--dbpd rr BL -b -4-sBsL Ldepls cpa ---~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - 0 A journalst copes wth hs emotons c- s_ ~ja~j~gws, ~~~~~--rr L s By 'Wllam Lasser "He was 33." That "as how The Tech, and for that matter Thursda. n typcal journalstc parlance, summed up the lfe and tragc death of Jeffrey L. Pressman last week. Newspapers use the formula for almost every obtuary and death notce. But there s somethng qute dfferent about "He was 33." We are used to "He was 86." or "He was 71." t s alwaxs so remote to us, n our earx twentes or late teens. n the newspaper busness, one deals constantly wth tragedy - fres, murders, sucdes are constant remnders of our mortalty. Fortunately, The Tech does not deal wth these dffcult ssues every day. as do large metropoltan dales. But they occur often enough that those of us who deal wth death on even an rregular bass learn to steel ourselves aganst t, gnore t. treat t as an abstracton wth no real effect. knew Jeff Pressman uell. as hs student. as hs advsee. owe hm a lot. and hs death had an effect. had dealt wth death before as a journalst. and dd not let t bother me then. How could have been so nsenstve' attended the memoral servce held Thursday n Kresge. There never was any queston but that would go. t was somethng smply had to do. and nstnctvely put on a conservatve jacket and te, out of respect for hs memory. t was strange. for he had never seen me dressed that wasy when he was alve. do not know Ahy people attend funerals and memoral servces. or why thev' were conceved to begn wth. But. they have been wth us snce cvlzaton began. do not know w'hy went Thursday. dd not go for Jeff Pressman: nothng could be done for hm. dd not go to console hs famly for do not know them. Seven of hs frends'- colleagues and students - spoke. but dd not go to speak. went. suppose. for myself. drawn there because needed a chance to st and thnk about hm, a place,where could be comfortable n feelng emotons that mas otherwse afrad to _a ~-,,E a feel. had to be wth people who felt as dd. and lsten to people who sad what wanted to hear. and what would have sad. t was dffcult to work on the paperr Thursday evenng, watchng thee Pressman story beng wrtten. readng t ostensbly as an edtor. but unable reallv to concentrate on t enough to do anythng to t. Then. as edtor. had to approve the headlne. "s t OK wth 3ou?" someone asked. looked. "Pressman dead at 33." No. t v wasn't OK. But couldn't fx what was wrong wth t. Facts-are facts, the lfeblood of a newspaper. Journalsts o deal too often n facts. but. lke our socety, too rarely' n emotons. We can wrrte what we know. we can wrte what we thnk. but we cannot wrte what we feel. Men n our socet} are rdculed f they express emotons. The, r can not show that they care. Nether can reporters. One of hs eulogsts sad that he always left a meetng wth Jeff Pressman feelng better than when he had come n. That s a far more approprate statement than anm that could be made n a news story. could not agree more. felt better when left the memoral servce than hefore arrved. r L C-- d ~~ Lynn T. Yamada '78 - Charperson Wllam Lasser'78 - Edtor-n-Chef Rebecca L. Warng '79 - Managng Edtor. Wllam H Harper '79 - Busness Manager Volume 97. Number 9 Tuesday. March NEWS DEPARTMENT News Edtors: Mark H James '78. Nvn Pe '79; Features Edtor: Dd.,r B Koretz '78 News Staff: James Esen '77. Davd Potter '78, Mtchel Trachtenberg '78. Henry Forentn '79, Eleen Mannx '79, Dan-e' Nathan '79 Roger Slversten '79. Margot Tsakonas '79. Stephen Besen '80, Drew Blakeman '80. Hllary Lust '80. Kate Mulroney '80. Kent Ptman '80., Bob Wasserman '80. Thomas Spsak. PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Photo Edtors: Gordon Haff '79. Lee Lndqust '79. Staff: Mke Garca 78. Rob Mtchell '78. Herb Ule '78. Corey Chapln '79. Randy Fahey 79 John Hopper '79. Mke Kowtko '79. John Bradstreet '80. Charles rwn '80 SPORTS DEPARTMENT Sports Edtors: Tom Curts '80. Gary Engelson '80: Staff: Leo Bonnell '77, Dave Dobos '77, Chrs Donnelly '77, Wendy rvng '77. Jeannette M Wng '78. Charles Cox '79. Gregg Stave '79. John Hengeveld '80 ARTS DEPA R TMEN T Arts Edtor: Katy Gropp '80: Staff: Kathy Hards '78. Peter Coffee '79. Robert St. James '79, Clauda Perry '80. BUSNESS DEPARTMENT Advertsng Manager: Davd Thompson '78; Assocate Busness Manager: Steve Krsch '78; Accounts Recevable: Marca Grabow '79. Brenda Hambleton '79; Accounts Payable: Jeff Snger '77; Cash Recepts: J. Mchael Amadeo '79; Advertsng Staff: Thomas Athanasas '77. Marty Wenstock '78; Crculaton Manager: Ron Parton '79. Crculaton Staff: Charles Funk '78. Jm Large '80. John Love '80, Thrd Class postage pad at Boston. MA. The rech s publshed twce a week durng the academc year (except durng MT vacatons) and once durng the last week of July Please send all correspondence to P 0O Box 29. MT Branch. Cambrdge. MA Offces at Room W Massachusetts Avenue. Cambndge. MA. Telephone (617) Advertstng and subscrpton rates avalable on request. - '' - LL New musc deserves thought To the Edtor: The artcle enttled "New musc unapprecated" s full of carelessness and lacks real nsght nto contemporary or tradtonal musc. Roger Kolb could have smply sad, " don't lke contemporary musc" but then he "- ~~~~~. wouldn't have had a voce n The Tech. Smply, he s not of ths world.. not at all senstve to what has happened n world culture for the last 100 years. That s. he works from a concepton of art untouched by the deas of scence, lterature, technology and the nflux of deas from the non-- uestern world. know no one who s prepared to speak so freely for the entre academc communty of musc as he does by sayng that seral musc s the domnatng process by whch modern musc s made. And even f ths were true, the arrangements of the.tones of the chromatc scale s one of a dverse range of elements that can operate wth varous degrees of nterdependence to make the total musc. dentfyng seral composers as a "school"'s lke dentfyng electrcal engneerng as a "school": convenent for admnstratve purposes but sayng nothng about the dversty and substance t contans.' He fnds t convenent to wrteoff the 20th century as a muscal mstake and fals to dfferentate between the 12-tone wrtng of Berg, Webern, Boulez, Babbtt, and Stravnsky, who he has carelessly classfed as smply neoclasscal; as well as the non-seral muscs of Cage, Tudor, Feldman, Rech, Rley, Carter, Kagel, Bero, Xenaks, Lget, Pendereck, Stockhausen... to name a dversfed few. When he speaks of the "screwball theory derby" mght assume, although t s never clear n hs artcle, that he s contrastng the dversty of approaches to composton that exst today wth the lesser number of compostonal approaches the classcal or romantc composers have left us, and he s dscontent. t should concern hm equally that the begnnng of Beethoven's Eroca wll evoke laughter from a Vetnamese rce farmer before t evokes heroc vsons or that n solaton any tradtonal western melody seems... - rdtnlwetr ~~m~ r- mlody seems Any structured sonc event, even a hoax, can be;,gven serous consderaton. mpovershed n comparson to certan orental varetes. He msses the sgnfcance of melody n tradtonal western musc. An example n reference to hs abhorrence of technology n musc. The technology of the pano renders harpschord transcrptons anemc, two dmensonal n contrast to the more evolved tmbral and dynamc ranges of whch the pano s capable. Nevertheless nothng compares to musc for harpschord played on a harpschord. We enjoy t wthn ts own condtons. And so t s wth electronc musc. Roger Eatng out: To the Edtor: Lbby Cone's letter objectng to restaurants sellng human (female) flesh along wth the bovne varety, shows how lttle even Tech undergrads apprecate Coble's Law of Restaurants,.e. Q*A = const. Where Q = qualty of restaurant and A = attractveness of watresses. Although Coble dd not state the physcal bass of ths remarkable equaton, at least two come to mnd: The most obvous bass s that decoratve watresses are hred to entce customers (male) nto eatng at restaurants whch they would otherwse avod. A second, and possbly more plausble bass, s that because tps are bad n poor restaurants, watresses n such establshments soon seek better postons, and are replaced by younger women. f the Newbury Steak House s ndeed peddlng cheese cake, they are sellng beef cake rght along sde, because males also serve food. am also nformed by a Kob never even brngs up the ssue of sonc control va. the computer. te denes both nnovaton and craft and n ts place puts sentmentalty. He seems to feel that emoton excludes ntellgence. n hs case he may be rght. n hs grand fnale he descrbes how a band of BBC broadcasters trck ther audence nto lstenng serously to a muscal hoax: "carefully peced" "random tape sounds" devod of "the slghtest trace of muscal ntellgblty. He does not dentfy what "random tape sounds" are. Any sounds carefully splced to-elmnate any trace of "muscal ntellgblty" ntroduce a great deal of structure. The human beng s qute capable of percevng a varety of structures and 20th century musc has gven the lstener the lcense to do so. Any structured sonc event, even a hoax, can be gven. serous consderaton. An example of ths phenomenon s my gullblty n respondng to Roger Kolb's almost totally vacuous artcle. :oble's law woman who dnes there farly often that one water n partcular s "nce lookng." Ms. Cone's suggeston that many lades of the nght are exwatresses, suggests a very nterestng U ROP project, wheren some enterprsng undergraduate would determne the past employment hstory of the demmondanes,of LaGrange Street. As a companon project, another student could travel around Boston askng unhappy-lookng watresses f they were consderng a career n prosttuton. Kennetb C. Russell Assocate Professor of Materals Scence March 2, 1977 The Tech welcomes Letters to the Edtor. Correspondence should be typed, trple-spaced, and not exceed 200 words. Unsgned letters wll nof be consdered for publcaton, though the name of the author wll be wthheld on request. pl _ C -PY

5 ~ab~- - M ~~ ga - S All le l l ' ' l l excerpts from the. statement of poston Joseph Brown Danel DeHanaut Sanford Kaye Seth Racusen Stephen Reuys (See story, page!) O L" Another contrbuton to the general educaton of MT students has been the Wrtng Program 'or undergraduates. The Program appeals to many students. rangng from those who feel the need to mprove ther communcaton sklls to a sgnfcant number of students who have a deep and contnung nterest,n wrtng. The Report of the Presdent and Chancellor, n July, 1974, a group of students and teachers n the Lterature Secton of the Humantes Department began the M T Plot Wrtng Program to ntegrate wrtng nstructon nto the undergraduate currculum. To that end, the Program has: 1. provded wrtng nstructon for 2,000 students; 2. created a Course XX Wrtng Major and a Humantes Concentraton n Wrtng - there are now nearly a hundred Concentrators and several Majors; Both Deans explaned that whle the Report-has been "receved" by the Humantes Admnstraton. no acton wll be taken on any of the Commttee's proposals untl next fall, Blackmer and Hanham dd explan that extensve plans have been completed for what s expected to be a "transtonal year" for the fall. The largely postve conclusons of the Report called for a substantal commtment by MT to a permanent program n wrtng, wth a major emphass on studentcentered teachng. The events of the past term do not reflect ths sort of commtment.. Crculaton and Dscusson of the Report. n May, 1976, Dean Harold J. Hanharn announced at a publc forum that 'we should try and produce a sensble clmate n whch to hold a serous dscusson (of the Report) n the fall." nsttutewde crculaton of the Report, a necessary and logcal frst step toward creatng a sensble clmate, has stll not taken place Evaluaton of Current StafJ. The Report recommended that the Steerng Commttee supervse the evaluaton of all current staff on the bass of the Commttee's recommended crtera and the Dean's new "Gudelnes for Appontment and Promoton of nstructors, Lecturers and Senor Lecturers." nstead, the Dean apponted Dean Blackmer to char an ad hoc commttee to evaluate only four of the staff members, wthout provdng the Program wth the ad hoc commttee's mandate or ts crtera for evaluaton, n November, 1976, after the four staff members met for the only tme wth the ad hor commttee, one of them wrote an eght page memorandum to the commttee questonng ther procedures. The commttee declned to dscuss her memorandum. Two others could not elct from the commttee, the Dean, or the actng Drector of the Program (who was a member of the commttee and who served as lason between the commttee and the Program) ether a clear statement of the postons for whch they were to be evaluated, or of the crtera on whch they were to be judged. They ntated dscussons wth Dean Psychatrc Counselng For College Age Adults COLLEGE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER Located n Center. For call Prudental nformaton Wrtrfg Program begnnng next The Tech. July p. 2 Free Wrtng! A Group Approach J. BROWN et al A new and smole metnhod ot learnng and teachn: ltng dseevoped by membreo of The Wrrtn Program at the Mctmhoses ^g of Tedumoa _ ';[ Hanham n an attempt to arrve at a more sensble evaluaton process. n the mddle of these negotatons, they were fred. Fve other members of the Program, havng up to three years of servce to the nsttute, were also termnated wthout evaluaton. 4. Wrtng and Experence. The Evaluaton Commttee recommended that "Wrtng and Experence" (a subject whch served 450 students n ) be renstated as a Humantes Dstrbuton subje:t. n an unprecedented procedure, the Commttee on Dstrbuton receved, at the request of Humantes Department Charperson Bruce Mazlsh, adversary testmony from members of the Lterature Secton who had no drect knowledge of the subject. Renstatement of dstrbuton credt was subsequently dened ntroduced ten new courses. ncludng two Humantes Dstrbuton subjects and several nterdscplnary subjects: 4. ntroduced undergraduate Teachng Assstants nto the Humantes Department: 5. establshed educatonal lnks wth other departments and programs... and wth other unverstes.... Evaluaton of the Plot Wrtng Program began n the sprng of The Commttee to Evaluate the Plot Wrtng Program [chared by Professor Nathan Svn] ncluded professonal wrters, EZ ^T orcs 3 2B,,B~ ~ B~ 1 :`: ;-;:.- - s ; ; cc: ''" :: - -?z.": " t: - Sh ::; ; j "" :* - : ""'"" c.5:. ; :,a:71*v '' - - y : ' 1: P: 1:, s- :::d _ X'- cz: : u,,, s C.tcn ; "" ;.. t.., - e" "~:'3" - ;-': -, " - ""' f...,). - ;- -., SR ; - : -. - :'... - L 1. _ TUESDAY. MARCH THE TECH $Jar PAGE 5 O teachers of wrtng and lterature, educatonal psychologsts, a member of the Vstng Commttee to the Humantes, and admnstrators of expermental programs... The Evaluaton Commttee undertook an extensve examnaton of the goals of' the Plot Program, the performance of the staff n achevng those goals, and the Program's effect on the educatonal envronment at MT... n June after more than a vear of work and at a reported cost of 520,000. the Evaluaton Commttee ssued an 83 page report wth extensve supportng materal The Report "strongly supports the dreltons and achevements of the Wrtng Program's plot endeavor." The student wrtng that most MT 'aculty see s exposton so the, are most mmedately aware of defcences n exposton Buj f afl that students needed were llustratlve models of good arose explanatons of rhetorcal strateges. and vgorous edtoral servces. there wvould have been no reason to gve ths commttee ts m-andate - The Report. p 36 M.uch evdence has been gathered at MNT and other unverstes about the weaknesses of the "expostor>," "remedal," or "bonehead Englsh" approach to the teachng of wrtng. Ths approach, whch drlls mechancs and organzaton. too often gnores the student's own thought processes and lmts "creatve" wrtng to a preselected few... n gatherng qualtatve and quanttatve data to measure the effectveness of dfferent approaches to the teachng of xrtng. the Evaluaton Commttee compared Wrtng Program students rth students n the Harvard Euposto rv Program... Donald Byker. the head of Harvard's Expostors% Wrtng Program. who conducted the sures for the Commttee. reported that "Harvard-s program does much less wth student readng of papers and wth student response to each other's wrtng. We defntel! wll seek to buld more of these features nto our program. That the Wrtng Program has survved and grown :n a bleak tme and n an unlkely envronment s not to be taken lghtly t suggests grassroots strength that no "deal" program desgned by a task force and mposed admnstratvely could have developed - The Report. p We propose the followng actons to restore reason and ntegrty' to the process of determnng the future of wrtng at Mt T: 1. An nsttute-wde dscusson of the commttee Report and the fundamental ssues regardng the future of wrtng at MT. wth the partcpaton of students, staff and admnstrators; 2. The creaton of a Steerng Commttee of tenured faculty "qualfed by proven concern for the qualty of student wrtng and by a sympathetc..t j,.. ' ;;:,:. We Have The Eyeglass Frame You Want at a Prce You Can Afford * Prescrptons flled * Prescrpton sunglasses (Large selecton of Ray-Ban Sunglasses avalable) Tntng to your lkng Contact Lenses 60 Days Free Tral Startng at $ 69.00' understandng of the WVrtng Program's msson" to gude the future of the Wrtng Program and' to oversee the evaluaton of present staff; 3. A far evaluaton of the present staff n lne wth ther performance as student-centered teachers and educatonal nnovators. wthn the context of the Report: 4. The development by the staff n consultaton wth,he Steerng Commttee, students. and the admnstraton. of a structure to house studentcentered teachng of wrtng. HEARNG and EYEOLASS Where prces are down to earth... c aworld %10 Central Square 495 Massachusetts Avenue Cambrdge, Mass Does trot tnclude Proesstonal Serv'ces or yeea Ee ar '.,:,t:,!,'

6 MM_~- PAGE 6 THE TECH TUESDAY. MARCH C YPea -- ep s. ---Lpl aseek 4 a nd ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ event A jazz concert featurng four groups from three Boston unverstes wll be held at 8:30pm on Frday, March 11 n Kresge Audtorum. The groups nvolved are the MT Festval Jazz Ensemble, the MT Concert Jazz Band, the Harvard Jazz Ensemble, and the Unversty of Lowell Studo Orchestra. The concert s open to the publc. Free tckets wll be dstrbuted at MT n Lobby 10 from Monday, March 7 through Frday, March 11. srael conductor Dala Atlas wll drect the MT Symphony Orchestra n concerts to be gven at Wellesley on March 10 and at MT on March 12. The MT concert n Kresge wll begn at 8:30pm. Free tckets wll be dstrbuted n Lobby 10 the week of the concert; tckets at the door wll cost S.00. Wzards falls short of expectatons By Stephen R. Wlk Wzards, wrtten, produced and drected by Ralph Baksh: released by Twenteth Century-Fox. Ralph Baksh's Wzards s set n a world common to comc book art. t's a world of sword-swngng heroes, ll-clad madens. sorcerers, elves, fares and Nameless Beasts. Set two mllon years after an allconsumng nuclear holocaust. Wzards s concerned wth the battle between the grotesque bengs of the radaton-scarred land of Scortch and the elves of the pastoral Montaga. e BELL BOTTQMS * LEV'S * LEE'S * WRANGLER'S Central War Surplus 433 MASS. AVE. Central Square, Cambrdge frouf Sweet :cgaetettes merys Parequfefmw~s, Cncer Socety Fghtng on the sde of the elves s Avatar (Bob Holt), a. dmnutve, cgar chompng wzard wth a Brooklyn accent. The nhabtants of Scortch have been defeated before. but now they are beng lead by Avatar's evl brother, Blackwolf (Steve Cravers). Blackwolf s usng unearthed remmants of forbdden war technology and Naz propaganda to ad hm, and the mnons of Scortch are able to crush the Montaga armes. The only hope for the Good Guys s for Avatar to journey to Scortch. accompaned by Weehawk (Rchard Romanus), an elf; Elnor (Jesse Wells), a fary: and Peace (Davd Proval), one of Blackwolfs robots, now reformed, and there break Blackwolf's power. Ths premse holds great potental for a fantasy epc. n fact, t seems to have been taken from that magnumt opus of fantasy epcs. Tolken's The Lord of the Rngs. Wzards, however, fals to lve up to ts possbltes. The most strdent feature s ts uncomfortable blend of the cutesy and the horrble. The mage presented by the bedtme story narraton and the Kewpe doll fares clashes wth that of the blood-and-guts battle scenes and Naz regala. Further, Baksh's world has not been clearly delneated. What are the lmtatons on the wzards' powers? Why s an old move projector so mportant to Blackwolfs strength? The characters are nconsstent and vague, and many of the ncdents confusng. Blackwolfs wfe, for nstance, s ntroduced only to be knocked off. One gets the mpresson that we are not supposed to thnk about what's gong on, but just look c- -- /SUMMER Do what nterests you most: folk dance. work at an archaeologcal dg. study at a unversty, lve on kbbutz. And at the same tme, have a short. n-depth srael experence. Summer programs offer you a number of extra currcular actvtes: you can spend a week n Sna, vst a settlement n the Golan Heghts, tour bg ctes and hstorcal stes. Meet people and gan awareness of srael as a socal, economc. cultural. relgous and poltcal realty. Have a good tme whle you are dong t. Contact the srael Program Center and nqure about fve-through-nne-week summer programs. Amercan Zonst Youth Foundaton, frael Program Center 515 Park Avenue. New York, New York 10022, (212) For nformaton, please send to the above address. 4 Name Address ONty UVversty,_.-State at the pretty pctures. Baksh has a flar for vsual magery. The steeds used by the combatants look lke a hybrd of horse and ostrch. The Presdent of Montaga looks lke a clown, and some of Scortch's solders have heads made of gas masks. Baksh's nature s at ts most btng when he shows two prests engagng n a ceremony calculated to nsult anyone. The bearded fgures murmur, bow n rhythm, ht each other, do a song and dance, and wheel each other around on a crucfx whle ther parshoners are massacred. But although the anmaton s of excellent qualty, large portons of the flm are gven to hgh-contrast prnts of scenes of chargng vkngs and knghts from old moton pctures, sometmes doctored to gve the fgures the appearances of gargoyles. One s soon bored of ths repetton. Fnally, the length of Wzards s a short nnety mnutes. Wzards s ultmately amed at a specfc audence - the adherents of Robert E. Howard, Frank Frazetta, and "adult fantasy." Anyone else s lable to fnd t all rather slly. Age x- L. 7-p 'p - The MT Choral Socety, under the drecton of John Olver, wll sng Bruckner's Mass n F mnor at a 7:30pm concert on Sunday, March 13 n Sacred Heart Church (47 Sxth St,) n East Cambrdge. Tckets for the concert, avalable at the door or by callng x3-2906, cost $4 ($2 for students wth D's). * * * 4 The MT Communty Players' March meetng wll feature selectons from Brecht on Brecht. The program wll nclude materal from the plays, poetry, and letters of Bertolt Brecht. The meetng wll be on Frday, March 11, at 8pm n the Mezzanne Lounge of the Student Center. Panst Lyda Oras wll be n concert at the Communty Musc Center of Boston n a program of Skryabn, Rachmannoff, Prokofev, Anderson, Haydn and Lszt on Thursday, March 10, at 8pm. The concert, free to all, wll be held at the Communty Musc Center, 48 Warren Avenue n Boston. Soprano Lnda Terry and panst Vctor Rosenbaum wll be performng works by Schubert,Vebern and Mozart on Thursday, March 17, at 8pm. The concert s beng held at the Communty Musc Center, 48 Warren Ave. n Boston. All concerts are free and open to the publc. For more nformaton, please call Campus ntervews. March 16 Xerox s a mult-natonal corporaton recognzed throughout the world as a leader n the development of advanced systems for the creaton, transmttal, and dssemnaton of nformaton. Xerox Systems Development and Electroncs Technology groups are located n Los Angeles, Calforna. These facltes are responsble for the development of electroncs systems, modules, and components for future Xerox products. Please contact your Student specfc nformaton. Placement Offce for XEROX Ths space donated by The Tech. _,, L

7 1 f e ll r 11 TUESDAY. MARCH THE TECH PAGE 7 ~ ml f Elevator Vandals Sought nvestgators are seekng clues as to the dentty of the person or persons responsble for delberate tamperng wth fve Man Complex elevator control systems late last week. The actons are clearly not harmless mschef;, they conttute and are beng treated by the Campus Polce as crmnal actvty posng a drect and serous threat to the safety of anyone present n the Man Complex. Any persons havng nformaton as to ths matter are urged to contact the Campus Polce at x and leave a message for.. classfed a Mveanc Beacon Hll: 2 Females seek t Femarle to share spacous fve room apartment to August 31st; S165f/month. ncludes heat. hot water; avalable nmmedately. Call anytme after 5: OVERNGHT TYPNG SERVCE n by 5pm. out by 9am. Specalzng n emergency projects requrng professonal techncal typng overnght/weekends For avalablty. call Tenns Pros and Assstsnt Pros - for seasonal, outdoor clubs. requre good playng and teachng background Call (301) , or send complete resume to Col. R. Reade. W.T S Connectcut Avenue. Sute Chevy Chase. MD Sgt. Joseph Sullvan; f desred, messages can be left anonymously. Anyone seen tamperng wth elevators should be reported mmedately on x Atll known elevator defects have been corrected by the Physcal Plant Department. L f'79 '79 Two Cars Stolen, Later Recovered Two cars, one from Westgate, the other from the West Garage, were recovered by muncpal offcers n Boston and Cambrdge shortly after beng stolen from MT last week- n the former nstance, offcers from Boston's Dvson #15 (Charestown) made the recovery even before the owner knew the car was mssng. n the latter case Cambrdge offcers apprehended a juvenle at the wheel of the vehcle shortly after t was reported stolen. Camera Larcenes Camera equpment valued at around $1,000 was reported stolen n two separate ncdents last week. Offcers are nvestgatng both cases. Auto Theves A patrollng offcer surprsed two men shortly after 2am Thursday attemptng to steal a car n the Westgate area. The par fled n another car at a hgh rate of speed headng eastbound on Memoral Drve. Although pursued by MT and MDC Polce Offcers, the par ma4e good ther escape nto the Charlestown area '79 '79 '79 79 '79 79 '79 79 '79 '79 '79 '79 79 '79 '79 '79 '79 '79 '79 '79 CLASS OF '79 RNG DAYS '79 Monday-Thursday 10-4 March Order your offcal M..T. Rng '79 '79 Lobby Bldg. #10 $10-Depost 79 factory representatve to help you wth your order '79 May delvery '79 79'79'79'79'79 79'79'79'79'79 '79 '79 '79'79 '79'79'79'79'79'79 '79 '79 L-,, --a- sa 1~~~~~T ~~~~~~~~~~~ bq~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Servce, not servce charges. G, r; v, t' 4'dr t tc', : ' ;'t,;, -,, '..,, - z*f: %-,u hc ttv5 t-,r. ;s),r.,, 't: :.. -,.:, "...,. 'r"...-!.. there'-, u, - eft't( t h;lh Vt' ;t; 'r.,,'l, -.And - ;,.',... " h,, '., :h,-,( _,, L.. a trrre to weep and a tr77e to laf;lyh, a tme for s/lence and a ttme for speech. a tme to enbrace and a thr/e ro refra/n f/rom emnbracnyg hl, tflt~*f(l flt'trl r fo!,, (,; t -,~fm J t, 0! HoD C',r,;, rl,:u'orr ;'Vr,'C 'f:; 5 (,;,w,;,. Chd;;.'/ c[/;o1,7'r, Col/l(:'. w,r, W. T. Phelan &Co. h-,:-,',, ;,,. ';, : jh;:'. }!{.t..r,'- } %. *, :,76 t!s,. r, R,.;)r,.- :t,':,4; -,",,, ',, ", 't } "~... [ 1 t f }? t T 7 th o g s P A S e [ l l NTO AUDO? Dscover the pleasures of craftsmanshp and the ecstasy of good lstenng wth THE AUDO AMATEUR, a soundcrafsman's quarterly Learn to mprove. mod.fy, test. buld. or even desgn your h-f gear TyptcaJ artcles transmsson lnes, mxers. 9 octave equalzers electrostaluc speakers. electronc crossovers. Audo Research's SP-3A-1 schematcs. and plenty more' For thts remarkable publcaton's full story sero for a free prospectus THE AUDO AMATEUR. Box 1 76-T, Peterborough. NH MULBERRY NTYPNG STUDO C Mt. Auburn Street. Cambrdge. MA (n the Real Paper Offce Bldg.) Techncal typng. theses. resumes. reports - and just plan typng too! Edtng/Proofreadng. Transcrbng. Foregn language typng and translaton. Trust your words to us! People Wanted to sell ads for The Tech Experence helpful but not necessary 15% commssons plus bonuses x leave message Wnthrop House to share wth MT couple. 8 rooms. 2 prvate, mostly furnshed Ocean vew. S 170,/month The Tech Clasfed Ads Work( S 3.00 per 35 words for less) the frst tme S 2.25 each tme after that, f ordered at the same tme. Just send your ad wth payment to The Tech. W or PO Box 29-MT Br. Cambndge. MA by US Mal 1 not * Students who would be wllng to help edt quotes for the 1977 Freshltan Handbook should contact the FAC offce x as soon as possble. * The Black Rose/Black Crcs Lecture Seres s prsentng Frances Fox Pven, speakng on :"The Urban Fscal Crses: Cuttng the Socal Wage." 9-150, Frday nght, March 18. at 8prn. Admsson s free. * The Actvtes Development Board s presently recevng applcatons for captal equpment Fundng for student and communty actvtes untl March 14. Applcatons may be secured from ean Holden's offce, Rm. W ' A slde show presentaton of Alaska and what you can do to help.ave ths "last fronter" wll be sponr sored by the Serra Club on Tuesday. March 22, 'at 7:30pm n the audtorum. 3 Joy Street. Bostbn. * A conference on radcal nterpretatons of poltcal and economc ssues wll be held by the Unon for Radcal Poltcal Economcs at the Harvard Unversty Scence Center on March L n wh'rg you can cost,$421*8 Whatever Amerca's unemplhoyment rate. 89.XX).(X) of us now hold jobs; That uorn't mean much when you lexok for a job. yourselr.f: You'll have tough competton. You're among 18.(X).(X) m-ore Amercans lh)kng for work over the next ten years. That's howu many twllw jotbs Amerca must create. ncludnel vours. t's gong to cost a lot of norney. BeRfore you get a dme (f salary. whoever hres you wll have to buy touls. offce space. factor ' equpment and buldngs-the thngs t takes to let yo)u do your job. The average c1st to cnlmpanes s now S42. 1(6 for each job. We don't mean vou can't he hred untl yur employer fnds exactly, Ylou mght walk nto an exstng johb. But don't count on t. Not wth 18.(X)0.() compettors. Some companes can hre y)u for le.s than But others-heavy ndustry. for nstance-need much more. At Armco. our cosl s now.5-5.x) a job. That money must come from whatever a company has left over after expenses. n other words. from profts. A company mght x)rrow aganst future profts to make you a job. But stll. profts pay for jobs because that's the only source companes have. f you askedy our frends how much the average U.S. company clears n profts on each dollar of sales. chances are many of them would guess 25c or mo)re. The truth s 5c or less. Thats- not much to put to work to make new jobs. rvc= --Armnc's plan talk on ho toget ajob We've got a free tx-)klel to help you get a job. Use t to set yourself apart. at'xve the crowd. We answer.50 key questons you'll need to knowv Lke why you should txh)ne up on companes you lke. What to do after- the frst ntervew. Hnts to make you a more aggressve. attractve job canddate. All prepared for Armco by a consultng frm specalzng n busness recrutng. wth help from the placement staff of a leadng unversty. Send for your free copy of How to Get a Joh. Wrte Am1co Steel Corporatlon. Educatonal Relatons Dept.. General Offces. U-1. Mddletown. Oho, Our supply s lmted. so wrte now. A,jOB: ARMCO - V Plan talk about PROFTS Over our company's 77- ear hstory, Armco has averaged 5c proft on each dollar of sales. We pay out part of our earnngs mmedately n dvdends to Armco's 1(0.000 shareholders. So out of each nckel. we have perhaps 3c left to nvest n new jtobs. Buldn, S$55.X) jo;s-,z' at a tme--s tough. At ths rate, we must sell another S.850.(X0 worth of products and senrces to clear enough money for a sngle new joh. That's why better profts are mportant. They make rore jobs. Even Government jobs. The Government's mone% comes from taxes o n all of us who work. Next tme skme Lnow-t-all sneers at "moneygrubbtng busness:' ask hm what he'd do wthout t. He's sneerng at hs own jotb chances. and yours. Armco wanfs your plan talk cabout profts and jobs Dcxs our message make sense" We 'd lke to know what You thnk. Your personal experences. Facts to prove or dsprove our pont. Drop us a lne. Ve'll send you back a m-re detaled report on profts and jobs. Our offer of How /o Get 7 Job. above. tells vou how to wrte us. Let us hear frontm yvou. We've all got a stalke n more Amercan jobs., ' ' -

8 - Foul Shots PGE S THE TECH TUESDAY. MARCH Rtes of sprng tranng egn By Glenn Brownsten "Yankees 'cheapskates.' batboy clams"... "The Yankees have clmbed to the top of the Hate and Uglness Poll"... a Yankee managng partner sells hs share of the team n objecton to Regge Jackson's sgnng, remarkng that "t wll be nterestng to see how the three bggest egotsts n baseball - Blly Martn, Regge Jackson, and George Stenbrenner - get along." Yes, everybody, t's tme for sprng tranng., the annual rtual that concentrates the 26 major league baseball teams - don't forget the Seattle Marners and the Toronto Blue Jays - nto three states (Florda, Arzona, and Calforna) and provdes us wth the momentum to begn another year of rootng for our favorte squad. Just as 1975 was the "can the A's make t four n a row" year (they couldn't), and 1976 was the "wll the Reds repeat" year (they dd), 1977 s "hate the Yankees" year, as professonal baseball's most classless club bulds up a negatve rootng nterest unmatched snce the Casey Stengel era. f one chooses to beleve Battln' Bll, Martn. the plot of ths damond "monolth." the Yanks wll wn the pennant by 20 games and then roll over the Reds n four straght - and we all remember what a shoo-n the Red Sox were supposed to be last, car. The free agent draft has sgnfcantly redvded talent among the teams. Calforna.,kth the addton of Bobb? Grch, Don Bavlor. and Doyle Alexander. s the Amercan League West faorte. not Kansas Ct,. And don't expect to see the Oroles near the top n the East - ther losses due to trades and free agents should be too much to bear. On the home front. the ssues are money and talent: should Lus Tant get a renegotated contract based on hs outstandng performance (money). and who wll play left feld for the Red Sox, Carl Yastrzemsk or Jm Rce (talent)? The Bostun Herald 4mertcan ran a front-page color pcture of battng practce n,u nter Haven. the Sox' home base durng Mlarch and ecarlx Aprl. The weeckend w\eathy.r remnded us of sprng. on.,. couple of Vccks awxa%. The tch '. pl. ant watch haehall, ba.k t'., 1le t, turn ot f the "hot,.x., 'et n\olked n the (), n no/, un d.'> \cnerhlc. P.kt.;'; % rust one month,' - hur da-.-xpr l,:nlt the ' outhful. mpro.'rng ( c.'j;:d ndrann. The bo\ offce :,'..' ' V,z*a, (changed last. eck frm Jr.e Street to honor :nc Red 'ox' late ow ner)., open. gong quckl' f xou c.n't wat that long. NNOVATORS-DEVELOPERS-PONEERS N CONTACT LENSES Wth our own researcn and laboratory facltes we are producng tomorrow s contact lenses today t you are nterested n qualty knowhow and value we can besurpassed for we manufacture most of our own products Check wth us on any type of contact lenses hard or soft. N1TNhCT LP S SPECALSTS 77 Summer St. Boston %VMEX Rado wll broadcast Boston's frst Grapefrut League game tomorrow aganst Detrot at 1:30pm. and the frst sprng tranng telecast wll be on Saturday. March 26. n another week or so, barrng a new touch of wnter, the Brggs playng felds wll be dry. and By Bran Wbecan The junor varsty fencng team scored an amazng upset by handng Concord-Carlsle ther frst home loss n fve years, 14-13, Wednesday at Concord. Ths was the frst tme the JV has defeated Concord snce fencng between the two teams began twelve years ago. The wn brngs the fnal JV record to 3-3, the best snce t was a long and suspenseful meet wth 27 consecutve bouts fenced on one strp. Concord. at one pont ahead by fve bouts. contnued ther streak nto the thrd round, endng the sabre competton wth the score The MT fol squad then capr hundreds of M partcpants can get a jump on the season, slated to begn the weekend after sprng vacaton. t's tme to ar out the gloves, stretch out the caps. dg out the balls, and get back on the feld for a lttle pepper game or two., for one, can't wat. Play ball! fencers sc:ore upset -- tured all three of ther thrd round bouts, whle the frst epee bout was dropped, leavng the score n Concord's favor. Freshman John Rodrgues dealt Concord's top epeest hs only loss that evenng, keepng the meet alve. and allowng Bran Wbecan '79 to secure the vctory by wnnng the fnal bout. The sabre squad, up aganst the quck Concord personnel, was only able to take two bouts - one each by Dave Karp '78'and Bll Zajac '79. The folsmen, led by freshman Geoff Pngree's sweep of three, provded most of the momentum by takng seven. They were supported by the epee squad who won fve. spo8s we can beat any prce! on any product! 646 U 1115 a small sample of our low, low prces: speakers ADVENT Large 89 BOSE 301 (par) 139 BOSE 901 Seres l sys. 579 CERWN VEGA EP 100V 64 PONEER HPM PONEER Project amps & REMEMBER, we carry almost everythng. CALL us now for a quote! "OUR TME S YOURS." WE HAVE RELEVANT TEST REPORTS FROM ALL SOURCES. THS S YOUR FRE E consultaton CHANCE TO GET THE BEST EQUPMENT AT THE LOWEST PRCES. FREE delvery & HF nstalllaton FREE one month exchange call robert OF WE'RE NOT N, LEAVE A MESSAGE! RlBB pulpan AC prb - eyssrsapp B tuners PONEER TX-6500 tuner 99 PONEER SA-6600 amp 110 SANSU AU-6900 amp 165 a_, /J K Bob Castle blocks an enemy spke n volleyball acton durng the MT nvtatonal Meet last Saturday -- ~~~~~~~~~ - Tech Student Hf &Rado best Q1 -L-, 'prces subject to change wthout notce. some quanttes lmted. a WE'LL SET UP THE EQUPMENT PROPERLY AND TEST T OUT THOUROUGHLY. (THE LOCAL STORES DON'T BOTHER.) YOU CAN NEVER GET HURT. WE'LL GLADLY TAKE T BACK AND GVE YOU A NEW UNT. & Auto Sound turntables BC 960 w/wood base & over 109 BC 1000 w/wood bamw & cover 169 DUAL SPY02 w/shure M9EED 119 DUAL SP510 w/shure V PHLPS PONEER PL112D 69 TECHNCS SL televsons SONY KV SONY KV SONY KV-1910D 439 n, J~~ lle- 4 ' L~- C D 9SS 646 m 1115 m recevers ADVENT Model HARMON KARDON KENWOOD KR MARANTZ PONEER SX PONEER SX SANSU TECHNCS SA cartrdges SHURE M9EED 22 SHURE V Sll 51 STANTON 681EEE 38 STANTON 600EE 17 tape -decks AKA GXC PONEER CTF PONEER CTF TECHNCS RS-630-US 166 NX call geeorge 2 "t F WE'RE NOT N, LEAVE A MESSAGE! - _-- ~~~~~~~~~~-- AFA e,q r ---plln C- '-p o s - - -rr - s

DOCUMENT RESUME CG 005 118 ED 037 766

DOCUMENT RESUME CG 005 118 ED 037 766 DOCUMENT RESUME ED 37 766 AUTHOR TTLE NSTTUTON SPONS AGENCY PUB DATE NOTE EDRS PRCE DESCRPTORS CG 5 8 Lang, James M. Drug Educaton--Use and Abuse. A Resource Bulletn. Contra Costa County Dept. of Educaton,

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Accommodating each other

Accommodating each other Accommodatng each other Lvng wth other people at unversty s an mportant part of student lfe. UWE Brstol s known for the dversty of our students and for recognzng ther dfferng needs. Sharng wth those who

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Should Countries Promote Foreign Direct Investment?

Should Countries Promote Foreign Direct Investment? UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT UNITED NATIONS CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT HARVARD UNIVERSITY G-24 Dscusson Paper Seres Should Countres Promote Foregn Drect Investment? Gordon

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ibrooklyn Park SPLIT VISIONS A PLANBOOK OF REMODELING i SPLIT-LEVEL AND SPLIT-ENTRY HOUSES BY ROBERT GERLOFF, AIA + JEREMIAH BATTLES Brooklyn Park Burnsvlle Crcle Pnes Coon Rapds Dakota County Golden Valley Hennepn County Maplewood Mounds Vew New Hope Plymouth Ramsey County Rosevlle Shorevew Washngton County SPLIT VISIONS A PLANBOOK

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Do Firms Maximize? Evidence from Professional Football

Do Firms Maximize? Evidence from Professional Football Do Frms Maxmze? Evdence from Professonal Football Davd Romer Unversty of Calforna, Berkeley and Natonal Bureau of Economc Research Ths paper examnes a sngle, narrow decson the choce on fourth down n the

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The Developing World Is Poorer Than We Thought, But No Less Successful in the Fight against Poverty

The Developing World Is Poorer Than We Thought, But No Less Successful in the Fight against Poverty Publc Dsclosure Authorzed Pol c y Re s e a rc h Wo r k n g Pa p e r 4703 WPS4703 Publc Dsclosure Authorzed Publc Dsclosure Authorzed The Developng World Is Poorer Than We Thought, But No Less Successful

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Documentation for the TIMES Model PART I

Documentation for the TIMES Model PART I Energy Technology Systems Analyss Programme Documentaton for the TIMES Model PART I Aprl 2005 Authors: Rchard Loulou Uwe Remne Amt Kanuda Antt Lehtla Gary Goldsten 1 General

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Income per natural: Measuring development as if people mattered more than places

Income per natural: Measuring development as if people mattered more than places Income per natural: Measurng development as f people mattered more than places Mchael A. Clemens Center for Global Development Lant Prtchett Kennedy School of Government Harvard Unversty, and Center for

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Sector-Specific Technical Change

Sector-Specific Technical Change Sector-Specfc Techncal Change Susanto Basu, John Fernald, Jonas Fsher, and Mles Kmball 1 November 2013 Abstract: Theory mples that the economy responds dfferently to technology shocks that affect the producton

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can basic entrepreneurship transform the economic lives of the poor?

can basic entrepreneurship transform the economic lives of the poor? can basc entrepreneurshp transform the economc lves of the poor? Orana Bandera, Robn Burgess, Narayan Das, Selm Gulesc, Imran Rasul, Munsh Sulaman Aprl 2013 Abstract The world s poorest people lack captal

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Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.

Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. Fnance and Economcs Dscusson Seres Dvsons of Research & Statstcs and Monetary Affars Federal Reserve Board, Washngton, D.C. Banks as Patent Fxed Income Investors Samuel G. Hanson, Andre Shlefer, Jeremy

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The Effects of Increasing Openness and Integration to the MERCOSUR on the Uruguayan Labour Market: A CGE Modeling Analysis 1.

The Effects of Increasing Openness and Integration to the MERCOSUR on the Uruguayan Labour Market: A CGE Modeling Analysis 1. The Effects of Increasng Openness and Integraton to the MERCOSUR on the Uruguayan Labour Market: A CGE Modelng Analyss 1. María Inés Terra 2, Marsa Buchel 2, Slva Laens 3, Carmen Estrades 2 November 2005

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4.3.3 Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers

4.3.3 Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers 4.3.3 Some Studes n Machne Learnng Usng the Game of Checkers 535 Some Studes n Machne Learnng Usng the Game of Checkers Arthur L. Samuel Abstract: Two machne-learnng procedures have been nvestgated n some

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The Relationship between Exchange Rates and Stock Prices: Studied in a Multivariate Model Desislava Dimitrova, The College of Wooster

The Relationship between Exchange Rates and Stock Prices: Studied in a Multivariate Model Desislava Dimitrova, The College of Wooster Issues n Poltcal Economy, Vol. 4, August 005 The Relatonshp between Exchange Rates and Stock Prces: Studed n a Multvarate Model Desslava Dmtrova, The College of Wooster In the perod November 00 to February

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Does Demographic Change Affect the Current Account? A Reconsideration #

Does Demographic Change Affect the Current Account? A Reconsideration # ISSN 1833-4474 Does Demographc Change Affect the Current Account? A Reconsderaton # Mchael Graff, a,* Kam K Tang, b, Je Zhang c Ths paper re-examnes the mpact of demographc factors on the current account

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Adverse selection in the annuity market when payoffs vary over the time of retirement

Adverse selection in the annuity market when payoffs vary over the time of retirement Adverse selecton n the annuty market when payoffs vary over the tme of retrement by JOANN K. BRUNNER AND SUSANNE PEC * July 004 Revsed Verson of Workng Paper 0030, Department of Economcs, Unversty of nz.

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DISCUSSION PAPER. Should Urban Transit Subsidies Be Reduced? Ian W.H. Parry and Kenneth A. Small

DISCUSSION PAPER. Should Urban Transit Subsidies Be Reduced? Ian W.H. Parry and Kenneth A. Small DISCUSSION PAPER JULY 2007 RFF DP 07-38 Should Urban Transt Subsdes Be Reduced? Ian W.H. Parry and Kenneth A. Small 1616 P St. NW Washngton, DC 20036 202-328-5000 Should Urban Transt Subsdes

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Journal of International Economics

Journal of International Economics Journal of Internatonal Economcs 79 (009) 31 41 Contents lsts avalable at ScenceDrect Journal of Internatonal Economcs journal homepage: Composton and growth effects of the current

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Dropout: A Simple Way to Prevent Neural Networks from Overfitting

Dropout: A Simple Way to Prevent Neural Networks from Overfitting Journal of Machne Learnng Research 15 (2014) 1929-1958 Submtted 11/13; Publshed 6/14 Dropout: A Smple Way to Prevent Neural Networks from Overfttng Ntsh Srvastava Geoffrey Hnton Alex Krzhevsky Ilya Sutskever

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Physical Security and Vulnerability Modeling for Infrastructure Facilities

Physical Security and Vulnerability Modeling for Infrastructure Facilities Proceedngs of the 39th Hawa Internatonal Conference on System Scences - 2006 Physcal Securty and Vulnerablty Modelng for Infrastructure Facltes Dean A. Jones Chad E. Davs Sanda Natonal Laboratores Albuquerque,

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DISCUSSION PAPER. Is There a Rationale for Output-Based Rebating of Environmental Levies? Alain L. Bernard, Carolyn Fischer, and Alan Fox

DISCUSSION PAPER. Is There a Rationale for Output-Based Rebating of Environmental Levies? Alain L. Bernard, Carolyn Fischer, and Alan Fox DISCUSSION PAPER October 00; revsed October 006 RFF DP 0-3 REV Is There a Ratonale for Output-Based Rebatng of Envronmental Leves? Alan L. Bernard, Carolyn Fscher, and Alan Fox 66 P St. NW Washngton, DC

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Educational Expansion and its Heterogeneous Returns for Wage Workers

Educational Expansion and its Heterogeneous Returns for Wage Workers Dscusson Paper No. 07-010 Educatonal Expanson and ts Heterogeneous Returns for Wage Workers Mchael Gebel and Fredhelm Pfeffer Dscusson Paper No. 07-010 Educatonal Expanson and ts Heterogeneous Returns

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Verification by Equipment or End-Use Metering Protocol

Verification by Equipment or End-Use Metering Protocol Verfcaton by Equpment or End-Use Meterng Protocol May 2012 Verfcaton by Equpment or End-Use Meterng Protocol Verson 1.0 May 2012 Prepared for Bonnevlle Power Admnstraton Prepared by Research Into Acton,

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DP5: A Private Presence Service

DP5: A Private Presence Service DP5: A Prvate Presence Servce Nkta Borsov Unversty of Illnos at Urbana-Champagn, Unted States George Danezs Unversty College London, Unted Kngdom Ian Goldberg Unversty

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Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers

Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Foundatons and Trends R n Machne Learnng Vol. 3, No. 1 (2010) 1 122 c 2011 S. Boyd, N. Parkh, E. Chu, B. Peleato and J. Ecksten DOI: 10.1561/2200000016 Dstrbuted Optmzaton and Statstcal Learnng va the

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Optimal Call Routing in VoIP

Optimal Call Routing in VoIP Optmal Call Routng n VoIP Costas Courcoubets Department of Computer Scence Athens Unversty of Economcs and Busness 47A Evelpdon Str Athens 11363, GR Emal: Costas Kalogros Department of

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