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2 313 Canada Post Postal Service Down the Centuries Canada Post/Postes Canada 1974 Canada Canada 454 Cdn Mus of Civiliz Guide to the Stamps (Queens Collection) Cdn Mus of Civilization 2010 Great Britain, Canada GB, Canada 381 Cdn RPO Study Gp R.P.O. Newsletter, The. Vol. 18, Nos.1-7 BNAPS 1989 railway Canada 414 Chang, Dr. Min-Sheng China Surcharged Stamps of 1897 Chang, Dr. Min-Sheng 1996 China, postal history China 404 Chang,Dr.Min-Sheng Memorial of ROCUPEX , The Chang, Dr. Min-Sheng 1993 China, Taiwan, postal hist China, Taiwan 481 Chemi, James M. Yucatan affair : the work of Raoul Ch. De Thuin... American Philatelic Society 1980 Forgeries 304 Chiavassa, H. Principauté de Monaco par ses Timbres-Postes Office des Emissions des Tim1977 Monaco, catalog Monaco 379 Chung & Narbonne Catalogue of Canada Post Official FDCs The Unitrade Press 2002 Catalogue Canada 470 Chung & Reiche Canadian Postage Due Stamps, The Chung & Reiche? Canada Canada 494 Chung, Andrew New specialized catalogue of Canada Post official first daunitrade Press Coles & Phipps Collect Butterflies and Other Insects on Stamps Stanley Gibbons 1991 Insects, butterflies World 265 Covert, Earl L. Strike, Courier and Local Post of the Elizabethan Era Territorial Quick Print Inc Strike, Courier, Local Canada 156 Crowe, William T. Textbook No.1: Western Roundup The Philatelic Foundation 1990 Postal History US 41 Dalwick, R.E.R, and HarmNewfoundland Airmails H.R. Harmer Ltd Canada Canada 349 Daunton, M.J. Royal Mail - The Post Office Since 1840 The Athlone Press 1985 Philatelic History Great Britain 24 Day & Smythies Canadian Fancy Cancels of the Nineteenth Century BNAPS 1962 Postmarks, Fancy Canada 39 Deaville, Alfred Stanley Post Sys.& Stamps of Vanc Isl & BC BC Legislative Assembly 1928 Vancouver Vancouver Is. 302 Des Rivières, Guy Première route postale au Canada , La La Société d'histoire Postale 1981 Local post, Canada, PostaCanada 408 Diamantides, A Chess and Philately Thessaloniki 1994 Thematic, Chess World 343 Dix & Rowntree Australian Commonwealth GV Half Penny, The H.E. Wingfield & Co Australia, King George V Australia 200 Donald, Archie Posts of Sevenoaks in Kent,TheT Woodvale Press 1992 Postal History, GB 353 Drysdall, Alan Rhodesia's Role in the Second Anglo-Boer War Anglo-Boer War Phil Soc 2000 Philatelic History Rhodesia 338 Dupré, François Services de la Poste Française S'étendent à L'Andorre à Comissio Internacional de Fi 1997 France, Postal history, An France, Andorra 175 Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog 1990 Bureau Issues Association, I 1990 Plates US 270 Ensor, Michael Postal Services of the Gold Coast West Africa Study Circle 1998 Philatelic History Gold Coast 318 Evans, Patrick M.O. Old Chelsea Post Office, The? Local post, Canada Canada 376 Everett & Babut Handbook of Rowing Philately John G. Everett 2000 Rowing, thematic 109 Feldman, David Handbook of Irish Philately Dolmen Press Ltd Handbook Ireland 320 Felix, Ervin J. Watermarks and Perfs to Present Whitman Publishing Compan 1966 paper, perforations 485 Firby, Charles G. Canadian posted letter guide for letters mailed C.F.Firby Firby, Charles G. Sanford Fleming 3 Pence Essay, The Charles G. Firby 1996 Canada, Auction Canada 82 Foster, C.E. How to Prepare Stamp Exhibits The New Mexico Philatelic A 1977 Exhibiting 83 Foster, C.E. Showcasing Your Stamp Collection The New Mexico Philatelic A 1978 Exhibiting 262 Frazer, Eric J. Official Postal Labels of Australia, The The Cinderella Stamp Club o 1991 Official Australia 337 Frey, Marc Feuilles Marcophiles - Les Différents Types de Bureaux dl'union Marcophile, Le Club 1997 Journal, France, post officfrance, Andorra 159 Fricks, E.E., Vol 69, Numbers 1-6 The Collectors Club 1990 Postal History Canada 390 Furukawa, Dr. A Medical History Through Postage Stamps Ishiyaku EuroAmerica, Inc Thematic, mdeical history World 377 G.B. Overprint Soc British Levant Study Paper 2: EdVII Issues G.B. Overprints Society 2000 Levant, Postal History Levant 57 Galvez, Manuel Catalogo Eespecial de los Sellos de de Correos y TelegraManuel Galvez 1937 Catalogue 475 Gandley, Will Canada/B.N.A. Postage stamp catalogue Canadian Wholesale Supply 1979 Catalogue Canada

3 368 Goldberg, Larry 1946 Commonwealth Issue - Parliament Buildings DesignLMG Communications, Inc British Territories 371 Goldberg, Larry Cancellations of Trinidad and Tobago LMG Communications, Inc Trin and Tobago 370 Goldberg, Larry Identifying the Cancellations of Basutoland LMG Communications, Inc Basutoland 369 Goldberg, Larry Identifying the Cancellations of Kenya LMG Communications, Inc Kenya 367 Goldberg, Larry Identifying the Cancellations of Uganda LMG Communications, Inc Uganda 186 Gray, Rosemary L. Territorial Assiniboia and Saskatchewan Saskatoon Stamp Center 1990 Philatelic History World 314 Greenewich, J-P Collect Fungi on Stamps Stanley Gibbons Publications 1991 Thematic, Mushrooms 461 Grigore, Julius NYRBA's Triple Crash and Outlaw Flight Covers and PosJulius Grigore Jr air mail, covers, cancellations 211 Grigore, Julius Jr. Influence of the USN Upon the Panama Railroad Balboa Press, S.A Railroad Panama Canal 125 Gutzman, W. Cdn Picture Post Card Catalog 1988, The The Unitrade Press 1988 post cards Canada 346 Haik, Jean Postes Locales et Privées du Maroc , Les SPLM 1998 Philatelic History Morocco 334 Hamilton, Patrick British Stamps Peter Davies Ltd Great Britain Great Britain 62 Hamilton, Patrick Cdn Stamps - A Stamp Collecting Handbook Stamp Collecting Ltd Postal History Canada 321 Handelman & Scrimgeou Allan Steinhart - Postal Historian PHSC 1997 Canada, Postal history, cocanada 460 Herber, Paul Icelandic Stamps Pages Paul Herber 2007 Iceland Iceland 393 Hilarides, Piet Hein Cyclo-Philatelie - Catalogue Thématique de la Bicyclette Editions Hilarides 1996 Thematic, bicycles World 163 Hillson, John Small Queens of Canada, The Christie's - Robson Lowe 1989 Small Queens Canada 14 Holme Specialized Philatelic Catalogue of Canada and British N Ryerson Press Ltd Catalogue Canada 263 Holmsten, Martin Pricelist of Finnish Letters and Cards Oy Rurik Ltd Postal History Finland 264 Holmsten, Martin Russian Postal History Oy Rurik Ltd Postal history Russia 240 Hopson & Tobin N.S.W. and A.C.T. Post, Receiving, Telegraph & TelephoN. C. Hopson & R. Obin 1991 New South Wales NSW 122 Houston, C. Derek Hong Kong and Treaty Ports Robson Lowe Ltd 1955 Postal history Hong Kong 489 Howes,Clifton A. Canada : its postage stamps and postal history New England Stamp Co Hughes, J. Paul Full Circle Proof Strikes of Western Canada Robert A. Lee Philatelist Ltd Philatelic History Canada 462 Jarrett, Fred Stampin' Around or The Life of a Stamp Collector PHSC 2004 Collecting World 412 Jkutz, Kenneth J. Klondike Gold - The Philatelic History of the Gold Rush Gold Fever Publishing 1996 Canada, USA, postal histocanada, USA 251 Jones, Frank G. Etiquettes: Par avion - by Airmail Frank G Jones Associates 1992 Air World 169 Kell, Ronald Post Hist - District of Assiniboia The Unitrade Press Postal history Canada 161 Kerr, James W. Korean Kingdom and Empire Phil Cat & Hbk Michael Rogers, Inc catalogue Korea 206 Killian, George E. Handbook of Basketball Philately, The Sports Philatelists Internation 1991 basketball World 112 Kirk, R. P&O Bombay & Australia Lines Pheas 1981 maritime mail. Inida, Aus 189 Kutz & Menaker Opinions I-V: The Complete Abstracts and Index The Philatelic Foundation 1990 Postal history Woprld 174 Kutz, Kenneth J. Gold Fever Gold Fever Publishing 1987 Gold World 312 Lambert, Laurence H. & NNouveau Classement des Cachets à Main Utilisés en AlgLaurence H. Lambert & Kenn 1998 Algeria, postal history Algeria 202 Lang, & Saunders, R. Post Hist India Vol.4: Aero & Inland Le Cards India Study Circle for Philate 1984 air, letter cards India 216 Lehmkuhl, Donald J. Zeppelin Stamps, The Winter Park Stamp Shop 1992 Zeppelin Germany 234 Lievsay, John E. Textbook No.2 - Philatélie à la Française The Philatelic Foundation 1991 France France 466 Linn's Stamp News Linn's World Stamp Almanack Amos Press Inc collecting 339 Livermore, P. C Cumulative Index to BNA Topics Volume 1 - Volume 54 1BNAPS 1998 Bibliography, Canada, BN Canada 365 Lobko, Hryhoriy Prov Postage Stamps of Ukraine Ukraine Philatelic Resources 2000 Ukraine

4 66 London Philatelist London Philatelist, The. Vol. L, No. 597 The Royal Philatelic Society, 1941 Journal, Malaya, Guyana 154 Lovegrove, J.W. Herewith My Frank Study of the Free Franks J.W. Lovegrove 1989 Postmarks Commonwealth 105 Lowe, Robson Codrington Correspondence , The Robson Lowe Ltd 1968 postal history Antigua, Barbuda 34 Lowe, Robson Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps Robson Lowe Ltd Catalogue Br. Asia 3 Lowe, Robson Priced Catalogue of the Hand-Struck Postage Stamps of Herbert Joseph Limited 1937 Catalogue Commonwealth 220 Lyons, William H. Singapore Post and Registration Labels Malaya Study Group 1990 Registration Singapore 472 MacDonnell, Tom Royal Tour of Canada, 1939, The Macmillan 1989 Royalty Canada 124 Mackenzie, K S. Canadian Ocean Mail Clerk , The National Postal Museum? maritime mail. Canada 279 Macmillan, R.H. The Netherlands: Selected Issues Netherlands Philatelic Circle 1996 Philatelic History Netherlands 384 Malott, R.K. 15c Canada Goose Aerogrammes OPS? 1972 Canada, aerogrammes, Canada, 415 Manchee, Eric Ontario Post Office Atlas, The PHSC 2003 Canada. Post offices Canada 12 Mangin Errors on Stamps Vol1 Yvert & Tellier 2005 Errors World 13 Mangin Errors on Stamps Vol2 Yvert & Tellier 2005 Errors World 341 Marler, George C. Canada - The Admiral Issue The Unitrade Press 1980 Canada, Admirals Canada 38 Marler, George C. Canada: Notes on the Series American Philatelic Society 1949 Admirals Canada 315 Marler, George C. Edward VII Issue of Canada, The The National Postal Museum 1975 Canada, Edward VII, Canada 204 Marrion, Herbert Cover Variations of Cdn Postal Bklts, ) 1993 booklets Canada 480 Matek, Ord Bible through stamps, The Ktav Publishing House 1974 research World 311 McGuire, C.R. Aspects de la Philatélie Canadienne Société Canadienne des Pos 1987 Canada, Postal history Canada 128 McGuire, C.R. Facets of Canadian Philately Canada Post Corporation 1987 Canada Canada 45 Melville, Fred J. Holland Melville Stamp Books 1909 Catalogue Holland 123 Melville, Fred J. Soldier and his Stamps, The Stanley Gibbons, Ltd WW1 GB 366 Mentgen, G. Postal Markings Somaliland Prot Murray Payne Ltd Somaliland 453 Michel Michel 1: North and Central America 1995 Schwaneberger 1994 Catalogue 452 Michel Michel Deutschland Katalog 2012/13 Schwaneberger 2013 Catalogue 451 Michel Michel Deutschland Spezial 1998 Schwaneberger 1998 Catalogue 449 Michel Michel Europa Katalog West Vol 1 Schwaneberger 2000 Catalogue 450 Michel Michel Europa Katalog West Vol 2 Schwaneberger 2000 Catalogue 267 Migliavacca, G Stamps of Somalia and Their Story, The Laurel Publications Internatio 1996 Philatelic History Somalia 326 Mitchel, R.B. Nova Scotia Fakes & Forgeries Scotia Stamp Studio 1976 Canada, Provinces, ForgeCanada 210 Moldenhauer, F.C. jr Handbok Over Norges Frimerker - Centraltrykkeriets Pro Norsk Filatelistforbund og Fil 1992 Handbook Norway 209 Moldenhauer, F.C. jr Handbok Over Norges Frimerker - Chr. Holtermann KnudNorsk Filatelistforbund og Fil 1992 Handbook Norway 467 Montgomery, Milton Guide to the Cherry Blossom Series Japan Japan 284 Morgan, Glenn H. British Stamp Exhibitions - A Priced Catalogue of Sheets Glenn H. Morgan Morgan, Glenn H. Letter Boxes on Stamps and Postal Stationery Glenn H Morgan 1991 Mail Boxes World 322 Morin, Cimon Canadian Philately - Bibliography and Index National Library of Canada 1979 Bibliography, Canada Canada 182 Muir, Douglas N. Postal Reform & the Penny Black National Postal Museum 1990 Philatelic History GB 164 Munden, Carl POs of Cape Breton Vol 3: Victoria County Carl Munden 1989 Cape Breton Canada 170 Murray, Gordon Douglas Post Office on PEI , The G. Douglas Murray 1990 Philatelic History PEI 190 Nat Arch Canada W Smith Papers MG30-D18 Finding Aid 57 National Archives of Canada - Philatelic History Canada

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