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2 #HeroConf 2015 Notes by Unbounce Hi there! Thanks for downloading the HeroConf 2015 notes by Unbounce. We sent a gang of notetakers to Portland, OR to document the entire conference so that attendees could sit back, relax and just enjoy the sessions. What you ll find below is the fruit of our labor. That s 2 days, 70 speakers, 44 sessions and 4 keynotes all packaged into this pretty PDF for you. Enjoy the read, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I m always here to help. Sincerely, Chelsea Scholz Jr. Campaign Strategist Unbounce

3 1 Table of Contents Hi there! Table of Contents Official Unbounce Notetakers HeroConf Sessions 10 Silent Risks in Your PPC Account Add To It: The Value of Ad Extensions Advanced Conversion Optimization for High Traffic Websites and Mobile Devices Advanced Excel Trickery: Account Side Efficiencies & Post Transactional Analysis B2B PPC: Partners In Business The Best and Worst Bid Rules Ever Written Build It Right: Account Setup And Structure Building And Managing A World Class PPC Team Buy Now: Google Shopping And Bing Product Ads The Buyer Journey: Using Paid Media To Drive Demand The Chemistry of Landing Pages with Live Critiques Create An Ad Testing Framework To Perfect Your Ads Embracing The Inevitable: Account Restructures And Transitions Fill the Form: Driving Quality Leads and Delivering Results Forming Client Partnerships For Long Term Success From Target CPA to Maximizing Clicks: Using Google Bid Management Tools How Smart Marketers Bridge Content and PPC Marketing How to Win with The Unexpected Keynote with Brian Sise Keynote with Surojit Chatterjee Keynote with Tim Ash Lead Gen & ecommerce PPC: You Got The Conversion, Now What? Leveraging Analytics To Boost Your PPC Performance Making The Case For Match Type Segmentation Open Your Eyes To Advanced AdWords Scripts PPC + LPO: Insider Strategies For High Converting Campaigns PPC For Social: Leveraging Paid And Organic Campaigns For Facebook And LinkedIn PPC Heroes' Favorite Excel Hacks PPC Heroes' Favorite PPC Mistakes: Lessons Learned PPC in Your Hand: Search Advertising for Mobile Devices PPC Strategy for Startups The Psychology of PPC: How Consumer Behavior Affects You Quality Score: As Relevant As It's Ever Been Re Evaluating Success: The Value of PPC Audits

4 RLSA: Capturing The Wandering Visitor Selling Better: PPC Strategies for Ecommerce and Call Extensions Transforming Tweets into Closed Deals Where are They? Leverage Geography or PPC Success Worldwide Reach: The Impact Of International PPC Your Brand in Visuals: Retargeting with Display Advertising Don t Let Your Takeaways Escape You A Call to Action 2

5 3 Official Unbounce Notetakers Dan Levy Amanda Durepos Gary Allen Duane Brown HeroConf Sessions 10 Silent Risks in Your PPC Account Andrew President Page Zero Media PPC Auctions Feels Riskier Than Ever Google has no incentive to worry if we leave their business or if we over spend Google only makes money when they convince us to make bad choices and use bad inventory Feels like we don t have a friend What Risk Is Not Making mistakes Poor execution

6 4 Risk we should worry about: We get whipped out Bad events are the start of a trend A portfolio of uncertained outcomes is different from one large risk The Amazon Effect Got a call about a package about different billing address They have everything with great prices and a brand focus loyalty No emotional connection, no domain expertise People don t like giving all their money to one company even if they are not a huge monopoly. They are getting beaten by vertical commerce brands Taxonomy: They have a one size fits all. can feel wrong to some people Amazon shows up in 7th ad position but doesn t do Google shopping results Bias For Action People forgot about bad choices over the long-term Replaces busywork with a playbook Prioritize and put different actions in context Make changes on statistically significant data Kill or don t do many small volume changes in accounts Respected established structures in accounts and test creative Having A One Track Mind Killing off non-performing keywords Only changing the creative and not looking at other areas of the account Making sure ads don t show at night What the competition is doing The Google Effect

7 5 Them going into a new vertical Launching a new update that kills your effort Framing tricks in AdWords makes us think something is bad The Data Isn t Really The Data Triple counting data and revenue you re unaware of Dayparting to the wrong time zone Leads that don t convert on the back end in Google Analytics CPA vs ROAS: knowing which you are measuring against Understanding when the numbers are credible Understand numbers across the business Getting Blended Having too many options: match type, Ad rotation, and bid optimization Buying junk display inventory Using exclusion of keyword and placements are great Praise and support up and coming platforms Ignore training wheel features. Develop apps using an APP whenever you can Too Many Bidders Many competitors upping the costs of CPCs Not having a reliable channel for new customers acquisitions Going kamikaze on your account Try to diversify channels and cross channel opportunities Flat PPC isn t bad if you re still profitable and getting new customers Making An Account Humme Look at automation for daily tasks

8 6 Have a weekly team meeting Setup alerts, budget caps and rules across the account Use alerts for the client and team Setup for campaigns that have 90% of your spend Add To It: The Value of Ad Extensions Carrie Albright, Hanapin Joseph Kerschbaum, 3Q Digital CARRIE ALBRIGHT Ad extensions: Your ecomm account s newest sidekick You ad is the gateway to your customer it s your hero, baby Ad extensions are your trusty sidekick Why do ad extensions really matter? To improve the health of your PPC accounts positions, conversions and Quality Score Both Google and Bing want us to take advantage of all their tools

9 7

10 8 The List Manual vs. automated extensions Sitelinks dynamic sitelinks are provided by Google now if you don t provide your own Callout extensions can include product dimensions, special offers and benefits (without distracting from headline of ad) Saw increase in CTR and AOV Location and call extensions especially important on mobile Review extensions social proof, baby Seller/Merchant ratings for ecomm aggregation of reviews through Google or Bing-approved third-party out of your control

11 9 Using these increased Carrie s conversion rate by 3.7% but reduced AOV slightly Consumer ratings dynamically populated can reach out to search engine reps to see how to optimzie Product ratings from 3rd-party review sites, aggregated from whole industry Merchant promotions have to be specific to products on your site need to fill out Merchant Promotions Interest Form Get the right data Make sure to segment by extension so you know which ones are actually working (add extension details report in Bing) Main takeaway: Take advantage of ad extensions because other PPC marketers are. It s ultimately about giving your users the best experience possible. JOSEPH KERSCHBAUM How to write & optimize PPC ads holistically

12 10 Make sure ad extensions play nicely together PPC landscape has become much more complex and competitive What you guys do is really hard Too many people update accounts on a piecemeal basis leaves your campaigns disjointed Focus on entire ad units Remember ad groups are not keyword groups write your ad first, everything flows from that Think in terms of ad units how sitelinks, call extensions, phone extensions, etc. affect the whole ad Every element of your ad plays a different role Headline push people down the ad Body copy supports headline, communicates USP Display URL confirms destination, shows search query relevance, pushes user to website/landing page Call out extensions show SQ relevance, build trust, highlight exceptions Sitelinks support headline and copy, show SQ relevance, get topical and specific, drive deeper into site Conversion action synchronization vs. diversification Sometimes you want to use each site link to address different segments and needs, other times you want them to all support one conversion action In summary

13 11 Focus on entire ad unit all pieces of ad need to work together if I change ad headline, how does this affect my sitelinks? Strategize each ad element Optimize your account structure Synchronize actions (or don t just make sure it s intentional) Adjust for you audiences Q: How do sitelinks jibe with dedicated PPC landing pages? Carrie: Opt out of dynamically populated site links Use call-out extensions like you would sitelinks to send them to dedicated landing pages In other words, segment with your ad and convert with dedicated LPs Advanced Conversion Optimization for High Traffic Websites and Mobile Devices Chris Goward Founder & CEO, WiderFunnel Chris was a cute child

14 12 His sister had mad rosy cheeks #TotesAdorbz Agency goals are often at odds with their clients Marketing + Scientific Process = Conversion Optimization ^Everybody wins Tips ignore context, but they can be a great place to start With a new client it can be great to start with an easy test In this example Chris started with a button test The button copy was Submit They tried instead a social signal, and a sense of urgency The control won (whaat?!) So they kept testing! Turn best practices into tested practices Test errything Website redesigns are the wooorrrsssttt But visitor expectations are increasing so you re constantly fighting to keep up With a redesign you ve changed #ALLTHETHINGS, and now you don t know what specific things are increasing or decreasing its effectiveness Evolutionary Site Design Constantly testing and upgrading your website Example: BuildDirect Site needed a redesign WiderFunnel looks at the major factors part of the BuildDirect experience

15 13 They tested those elements individually Ended up with a completely redesigned website and huge conversion rate improvements New test changed what main page linked to (information architecture test that led to specific merchandising page or a product listing page) Merch page killed it Completely redesigned website with zero risk - achieved with continuous improvement based on testing The human brain is the best optimization tool. There are lots of tools, most relatively simple, but it s all about creating your hypotheses What should I test? How you answer the question will determine your success with testing Lift Model

16 14

17 15 Value Proposition What are you doing for me Relevance Capture the scent trail from the ad, , or link Clarity Make your offer clear Distraction Don t over-design

18 16 Anxiety Remove barriers Urgency Why should they act now? Test based on all these elements to find out what s important to your audience Challenge your assumptions about your value propositions by testing Don t stop at 1 test Use small wins as a new control and test further Drill into 1 insight to find new ones Social Proof is one of many different persuasion techniques Find out which elements and value propositions work by testing Which value proposition approaches should you test? Landing pages are a great place to test this Points of Parity Where your features & you competitors features match your prospects desires Points of difference < Most important Where your features match your prospects desires, but your competitors don t (BOOM) Points of Irrelevance Your features your prospects don t care about (you don t want these) Don t look at conversion optimization as a project. It s an ongoing profit center.

19 17 MOBILE OPTIMIZATION MUST BE INTEGRATED The year of mobile has passed - we re living in a mobile world Mobile is not the difference between your laptop and your phone o There s a myriad screen sizes, devices, etc. Mobile is a state of being #OprahMoment Mobile is all about context, so optimize for it Attention span is shrinking You have less than 8 seconds to engage Desktop tests can lead to mobile wins, but with different contexts come different expectations A great framework allows you to build insights on insights on insights Don t undersell conversion optimization, the results can be phenomenal Questions At any point do you go back and re-test controls? Short answer: Yes Depending on client WiderFunnel has gone back and re-tested with some clients every 6 months

20 18 Advanced Excel Trickery: Account-Side Efficiencies & Post-Transactional Analysis Link to Excel examples Presentations All the following need an equal sign (=) before the formula Len (A1) - to count characters in row Trim (A1) - to remove spaces in row Lower (A1) - to make caps lower case IF (This is true; then this; otherwise this) SUMIFS (what to sum; sum if this; contains this) VLOOKUP (look for this; in this table; get data from column #;broad match?) Tools, Tips & Tricks ASAP Utilities - helps update data & charts in excel with a few clicks Power Bid Pivot Tables: use to show large sets of data and results over time Dashboards Keep your data clean or you can t use it for your needs First columns should be your data; last columns should be your results to keep things clean and easy to read. Use simple and easy campaign names SUMIFs can be use to generate reports for dashboard that can be updated automatically. (Target - realization to date) / (52 - current week) - what we have to do every week to hit our year end target

21 B2B PPC: Partners In Business Margot Da Cunha, WordStream Diane Pease, Cisco MARGOT DA CUNHA >> Watch out, she s got a black belt in Taekwondo! Marketing moving away from paid marketing toward inbound The B2B buying process has changed now about B2Me, the individual behind the purchase they re doing more research on their own #prosumer 1. Understanding B2B and B2C paid search

22 20 PPC used more in B2C In B2B it s all about the customer buying journey Need to understand what guided them to making the purchase decision It s about being where your customers are and speaking to them in THEIR language Ask what keeps them up at night Steps in B2B buying process 1. Explore Create campaigns based on need User offers that lead to the next step Address their pain points

23 21 Ensure keywords align with the business Long tail = more clicks Know your audience put personas in place 2. Evaluate Retargeting reach the people who have engaged but not purchased, or upsell those who did 3. Purchase Negotiate and build commitment Close the deal Mobile

24 22

25 23 DIANE PEASE 3 Tips to Stop Wasting Money on Awful Leads Tip #1: Find leads via Facebook targeting Can target custom audiences your best leads Use lookalike audiences to find people just like them Target by job title you can actually target the President of the United States

26 24 Can isolate B2B by company size, industry and purchasing behavior (ex. people who have bought marketing software in the past) INCEPTION: Layer the above options on top of each other and get super duper specific ex. By college degrees, incomes, even soccer moms Tip #2: Give your paid search strategy a facelift 3 Categories to Focus On Brand terms Competitor terms Money keywords $$$ (like buy marketing software)

27 25 Spend less time on Educational keywords Low search volume keywords Keywords with awful CTRs and low QS...And take the weekends off! Tip #3: Convert leads with remarketing For B2B software, 55% of PPC conversions take more than one day

28 26 33% take more than one week Users are 76% more likely to click on a remarketing ad The more times folks see your ad, the more likely they are to convert: With that in mind Be sure to make your ads remarkable through relevancy Target by User Behavior to show ads specific to your leads interests Set your Membership Duration to 3x your average sales cycle Set your impression cap to unlimited (ads are almost never served to their full impression cap)

29 27 The Best and Worst Bid Rules Ever Written Chris Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Free resources: tiny.cc/rule tiny.cc/templaterule tiny.cc/3x3template Framework: 3 keyword segments (filters) Converting Wasted spend Clickless impressions 3 sub-segments (sorts) Volume leaders Efficient threads Position opportunities Bid automation evolution: It s nice to have options other than manual bids. Manual management Single action-set rules Position rules

30 28 Template rules Custom rules Portfolio optimization 3 Worst Rules If average position < 10 then increase 10% Maintain a floor and a ceiling of data-driven thresholds based on realistic potential instead of assumptions. If average position < 15 and average position > 2.5 then increase 10$ Apply gradual change velocity of making large changes when you are far and small changes when you are close If ROAS > 300% and ROAS < 200% then increase 10% daily based on the past 30 days Avoid forcing keywords to fall in the same piece of logic or the change velocity will be increased exponentially 3 Best Rules If conversions = 0 & Cost > 300 then decrease 25% Develop holistic coverage by falling back to the next best metric when your KPI equals zero If conversions = 0 & Cost Per Cart < 30 then increase 5%

31 29 Insert attribution perspectives, assists, and micro-conversions between main conversions & loss-leaders If Conversions > 30% then send alert Expand to multiple date ranges to adjust for customer lifetime value and long-term conversions with high ADV Use Google s preview function! Build It Right: Account Setup And Structure

32 30 Jacob Hanapin Marketing Timothy Davis, SoftLayer (IBM) TIMOTHY DAVIS Bottom Up Approach Keyword Ad Ad group Campaign Tips No need to use phrase match Avoid cannibalization/double serving Use custom landing pages to see what people are actually searching for Remember: The entire existence of an ad group is to show specific ads to a targeted audience Snowball effect: If your CTR goes up, your QS will go up so focus on creating relevant ad copy with message matched landing pages Optimizing your landing page Make sure landing page correlates to search term Saw 200% lifts by ensuring landing page copy match ad copy Results (from 70 campaigns)

33 31 Increased leads by 164% on average Decreased CPA by 94% Key takeaway You should always know the true value of a keyword. Not the value of associated keywords or keyword segments. JACOB BROWN Why account structure is important Example: Education company with multiple schools, campuses and programs per campus No budget restrictions Different landing page for every program by campus Original structure layout: Campaign level: School_Campus_Match_type Ad group level: Program_modifier Restructure layout: Account level: School_network Campaign level: Campus-program Ad group level: Modifier_match_type

34 32 >>Increased conversion rate by 8% Benefits of new structure Ease of Excel implementation process Ease of Excel reporting

35 33

36 34

37 35

38 Building And Managing A World-Class PPC Team A Customer Centric Approach to Company Structure Jeff President, Hanapin Marketing Many agencies struggle with expectations the idea that any company has goals that are fixed and never change. To prevent that, focus on being customer centric through dynamic processes. THE HANDOFF (approximately two weeks) Before the sale: Get someone from the service team involved with the account as early as possible (even before the sale). Share notes from blueprint, from the call this gives them insight into the evolution of the account as well as other things like seasonality, trends, frustrations. Kickoff call: small team. Goal: to reaffirm all the goals that were established and make sure everyone is on the same page. Second call: geotargeting, other analysis > put into a strategy roadmap. Break that down into a status doc with dates, resources needed etc. Role clarity Ask the client:

39 37 Who s your boss? What does she care about? What hairy problems is she trying to solve? What does she ask for in her status updates? Who reports to you? How can we make you look like a rockstar? What are the metrics you re trying to hit? How much time do you spend on PPC? Team structure Associate Director of Paid Search: Holds team accountable oversees the team and makes sure the client is happy. Maintain momentum. Dedicated Account Manager: Owns account, strategy and planning. Client Services Manager: Internal voice of the client. Gets on the phone with the client and makes sure their voice is heard. Monthly 1-on-1 call with client. Production Specialist: Handles urgent requests, routine tasks. CRO Specialist Career path PA > PS > AA > SR. AA, Resp. > ADoPS or PA > PS > AM > SR. AM, Resp. > ADoPS Conditions for promotions Rock star in current role Company has a need The need is big enough MEASURING PERFORMANCE Behaviors matter as much maybe more, than results. Are there values aligned with the company? Standards 360 degree feedback

40 38 Metrics that are considered: are they hitting goals, utilizing time wisely, growing their accounts? TOOLS Basecamp Hipchat Tinyquotes Recap: Put customer over process Get services involved in sales process Use structure to prevent damage from turnover Measure behaviors against company values and standards Managing an In-House PPC Team Ryan Director of Marketing, Sylvane Organizational structure Sylvane s structure: Manager PPC guy AdWords specialist (80% AdWords + affiliate program) Bing account + Shopping Engines account manager Onboarding and training Goal: Spend money, make more money

41 39 Hiring process is straightforward. Posted on Craigslist, LinkedIn. Onboarding: get them up to speed on the accounts, the company s structure, best practices. Basics, account structure. Show them what s worked for us. Metrics and KPIs Revenue growth goal we try to hit every quarter Two KPIs: Paid search net profit Total traffic Other smaller KPIs that feed into the above. Report on KPIs weekly, monthly and quarterly. Weekly marketing meetings. Efficiency tools Keyword planners Internal tool Optimizely for A/B testing Blogs, webinars Communication Intradepartmental Interdepartmental Recognition and promotions 6-months review, yearly promotions

42 40 If position is paying more elsewhere, salary is bumped up New responsibilities are given as people become more efficient at their job If we hit the quarterly goals, we do fun outings Buy Now: Google Shopping And Bing Product Ads Frederick CEO Optmyzr Inc John Managing Partner Clix Marketing Google Shopping by Frederick Vallaeys 47% growth in ad spend on PLAs YoY (Q4-14) 20% if ad clicks came from PLAs (Q4-14) Feed Compliance Don t included restricted product Don t overlay text on images Keep inventory active Feed Relevance: SEO For Feeds Title: 70 characters with spacing... front load the important words Description: 10K characters with spacing Images: High quality

43 41 Product ID & Categorization Product ID: You pick this based on your POS/inventory Quality Score (QS) does happen in Google Shopping. Changing Product ID can help you rebuild the QA for a bad product Make Your Ads Stand Out include special offers with a promotions feed Pick an imagine that stands out AdWords Optimization; forget what you know about AdWords when building Google Shopping feeds. There are no keywords Campaign Structure All Products Category Brand Product Avoid duplicate product targeting Doesn t matter how you structure as long as you keep everything consistent in Shopping Feed Tie breaking for competing ads is CPC Use custom labels to priorities best selling items Use low bids for products that aren t as important Use SQR to understand what you re displaying for and add negative keywords where it makes sense Rumor: Google only takes first 10K products of campaigns Ad Groups bids don t do anything Product group bids get overwritten when you change higher level bids Bing Merchant/Shopping Center by John Lee Bit.ly/PLA-Checklist 30% market share in some markets Already runs within your Bing account Assuming it s linked with your Merchant centre

44 42 Merchant Centre Create a Catalog..by FTP or code Feed format from Google can be used with a few modification Just need to modify some of your column headings from Google s Merchant Centre Where does your feed come from Look into different providers Approval time takes about 3 days. Feeds expire after 30 days with no update Product Target Report is like Keyword Report Other Considerations Mobile bids are better Bing has 2 networks: Bing + Yahoo or Bing Syndication Partners Do your research on Bing Syndication Partners and where you show up Bing is making updates to Match Google Shopping better The Buyer Journey: Using Paid Media To Drive Demand Kayla Digital Analyst, Kre8 Media Leverage TV/Search Relationship

45 43 1. TV drives online response Even if your TV commercial is driving people to a phone number, you re also driving people to your website. A study showed that 50% of ad clicks originated from television. 24% of TV-driven response uses generic keywords. Up to 60% increase in generic terms campaigns.

46 2. Take advantage of TV s potential 44

47 45 Predict increase in paid search queries. Set up automated rules to push bids on during TV spots and up to 20 minutes afterward (TV attribution window = about 10 minutes) You can accomplish this by requesting pre logs from your agency TV sparks not only cheap branded search but also more general queries Mobile is a key player TV will not drive traffic equally Mobile traffic can increase by as much as 82% Analyzing traffic pre and post spot can give insights Use automation further to manipulate bad adjustments for device Use your creative verbiage to channel traffic Steer clear of common industry jargon and instead put a unique twist on the language used to describe your product or service Direct the interest generated to keywords of your choosing Pick a few profitable keywords to drop into your spot, but do not keyword stuff. Your spot is like any other piece of content. Residual benefits: improving SEO, improving quality score What to do if you re not on TV (and your competitor is)? If you do not have access to pre logs or creative control there are still some strategies you can adopt to capture demand being generated by your competitors Bid on their brand terms Go after their TV URL. Often TV advertisers will develop landing pages for their TV spots and advertise that as the call to action instead of their brand

48 46 Go after the keywords or themes they use in their spots. Many businesses are still in silos, which mean there is a good chance that, their digital team in unaware of these little gold mines. The New Buyer Journey Kimm VP, Digital Marketing, Nebo Think about your last purchase. Did the purchase journey look something like this? (AIDA Funnel) Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Purchase Probably not so where did this idea even come from? The Aida funnel is credited to E. St. Elmo Lewis. (1898) People don t necessarily behave like this it isn t so clean cut. But as long as people are buying, things are going to be okay. The New Buyer Journey: Exploration >> Discovery >> Engagement >> Post-purchase >> Validation >> Purchase (Not linear but circular) Step 1: Fight the system You can t do just do PPC. You might work in PPC but as a marketer, you re part of something greater. Fight for what you need in order to tell your story.

49 47 Even if you re a B2B brand, there are a ton of ways to make your story compelling and sexy. Example: Zendesk They re communicating their brand story in a compelling way. Step 2: Research your audience Now it s time to figure out who you re going to tell your story to. Focus on feelings. Ask questions to get to the root of your audiences motivations and dreams fears and concerns Step 3: Create your content Successful buyer journey campaigns are built on content. But content can mean many things: video, white papers, case studies, etc

50 48 Use your research to understand your audience: Check out the competition and see how you stack up. See what people are actively searching for on your site. See what questions people are asking in forums and in blog comments. If you don t have an answer, that s a ripe opportunity for creating something you know people are looking for. Create content that adds value Step 4: Put it into action This is where PPC comes in! Do audience research and come up with a persona. Write messages that speak to that person. Inject a little FOMO. #FDRonTinder Think about your prospects intent Use urgency in your retargeting ads Don t forget about post-purchase campaigns when you re thinking about the buyer journey. How can you use the retargeting audience to cross-promote other events/products? If you think of the buyer journey as a near, linear funnel, it s going to be very limiting. Be there are much as you can to guide prospects serve as an advocate.

51 49 Fight for what you need to tell your story. Put in the work. Focus your efforts on adding value and solving problems and you re sure to be successful The Chemistry of Landing Pages with Live Critiques Brian & Joel The Conversion Scientists ( learnings from the live critiques added in italics) Whaddup with the lab coats? Entering the world of data-driven marketing Also they re stylin Some background - the building blocks of landing pages A framework to evaluate your current and future landing pages What is a landing page? Keep the promise you made in the ad, link or (#messagematch) Inspire action Reduce friction as much as possible to your visitor takes advantage of your offer Remind your visitor immediately that they re in the right place

52 50 We know something about these visitors, so build a landing page that ll make them convert. The Simple Landing Page Reaction: Offer + Form + Proof + Trust + Image Start with your offer The landing page MUST match the ad Whatever you re offering in your ad, follow it through to the landing page Keep the promise of your ad, match them as closely as possible Ask a designer - (but keep them away from your page) Use their skills to get your message across Let s build a form What re you asking for? We want to eliminate Abandon D on t give your visitors options to leave your page and not convert (landing pages FTW) What about if you re driving phone calls? Replace Form with Phone in the form Usually you ask the fewest things possible to get someone to convert If you want to generate phone calls, creating excessive friction with your form can drive phone calls Having a difficult form can actually increase phone calls - it makes the phone call the path of least resistance Ask a Copywriter

53 51 Write copy that makes more people comfortable completing the form Build Some Trust Images and words that increase the credibility of your page e.g. logo, credit card logos for payment, customers Provide Proof Credibility statements (e.g. 13 million sold) Specificity is awesome -13,453,123 is better than 13,500,000 Social proof Someone else talking about how amazing you are is much more valuable that you talking about yourself #HumbleBrag Don t hide your social proof - it s important stuff Test it all over your page, see what works S ocial icons are tricky, you don t want to send your leads off to Mark Zuckerberg - use when valuable to your campaign Show the product Avoid business porn If you can t write a reasonable caption for your image, GET IT OFF YOUR PAGE Spend as much time on the images as you are on the copy This can be video (test different videos if you re using video - demo vs. story, etc.) Don t use YouTube (sorry!) The button color that converts the best is the one that doesn t match (think contrast!)

54 52 It should visually be the most important thing on the page The CTA should follow through on the promise of the headline Directional cues ( hey there arrows) can help Building a Testing Framework The key is test, win (hopefully), re-evaluate and start over again Isolate your variables Questions Answered Q: How do you match headline to ad if you re testing your ad copy? Keep your landing page static If you re testing your offer, have a landing page for each offer I think we can all agree the theme of this Q&A is #TestAllTheThings Your thank you page is a great place for driving further actions, e.g. social media asks (follow us, tweet this, etc.) Create An Ad Testing Framework To Perfect Your Ads Brad Certified Knowledge

55 53 Ad testing is not just great for increasing conversions, but also for market research Here s a simple framework: 1. The brainstorm Ask the big questions first Are consumer price sensitive? Does location matter? How much does quality matter? Determine how you want to segment ad tests always segment data by ad type (text, images, call only, DSAs, etc.)

56 54 If on mobile, segment ideas by device 2. Multi ad group testing List out your test ads Geo vs. non-geo headlines, Call Us vs. Learn More CTAs, Brand vs. Non-Brand, etc. Use pivot tables or software to analyze the data You now have answers to big questions like: Don t use brand names in non-branded ad groups

57 55 Call Us works best on a mobile device; learn more works best on a desktop device Next steps If you have more big questions to answer, do more round of multi ad group testing If not, then move on to A/B testing 3. Ad Testing Metrics You don t have to use only one metric: CTR Conversion rate CPA CPI (conversions for impression Brad likes this one) etc. Lead gen types (examples) I want the most leads regardless of incremental costs = The top CPI ad always the winner I want the most leads under a specific average CPA = Eliminate ads above target CPA Pick the highest CPA ad 4. Ad rotation and minimum data

58 Always use rotate for testing 56

59 57 Always decide how you re going to pick winners ahead of time What are your testing metrics? When are you going to look at data? (always wait at least a week) Recap Start with a big brainstorm remember that irrational behavior is very problem online Determine your ad testing segments always segment by ad type and device (never test mobile and desktop together) Ask the big questions first through multi-ad group testing list our beforehand how you re going to pick winners

60 58 Use that data to create rules around ad creation Move to A/B testing on your top ad groups Determine how you re going to pick winning ads Repeat repeat repeat Use software or pivot tables in Excel Q&A takeaways Prefers CPI as metric because it uses a combo of click-through rate and conversion rate :) Stick to A/B testing on landing pages to keep data simple Need to preserve Message Match on landing page when testing new ad variants Embracing The Inevitable: Account Restructures And Transitions Diane Senior Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing Drew Karges PPC Lead, Kanetix Ltd DIANE ANSELMO Truth: You can t hide from change

61 59 You re getting a new account << Something we ve all heard Why? Well, maybe: The current account manager is leaving In-house shift in account management It s a brand new account, somebody s gotta do it The client requested a new account manager << awkward 3 Steps to a successful account transition 1. Arrange a meeting with previous account manager, if possible sometimes that involves being a bit of a stalker, but that s okay! 2. Speak to the client as soon as you can. Client needs to be reassured, even if you re not totally up to speed. 3. Perform your own account audit. Show them you got this. 1. Things to ask the previous account manager What s the client s personality? Are they a total control freak? They cool? How does the client prefer to receive communication? How often? Are they into project management software like Basecamp? Do they need a lot of hand holding? Introduce new forms of communication gradually Have there been issues between you and the client that I should be aware of? What would you say is the one thing I need to do to be successful with this account? 2. Things to ask the client on that first call

62 60 What metrics/kpis are you primarily focused on? Don t assume they were on the same page as previous account manager What strategies have you tested that have worked? What didn t work? Who are your biggest competitors? Take the time to scope them out since they re the folks who keep your client awake at night. For ecommerce clients, what s the average order spend on your site? Top-performing products? That ll give you a clue about where to start and what to focus on. What s your target market? Don t assume Is there any seasonality in your business? If so, put key dates in your calendar so you can prepare accordingly. Is there anything critical about your business that we need to understand? Gives broader view of what s important to them 3. The account audit 1. Account structure Campaigns Tightly-themed ad groups? Keywords and ads? 2. Quality Score A high level look at active keywords, which have QS under 7 3. Ad Extensions Are they using all the ad extensions they could be using? Any quick wins available? 4. Campaign Settings Everything look kosher? 5. Keywords

63 61 Sometimes there s money left on the table, key keywords are missing ( is key keywords redundant? ) 6. Impression share 7. Networks Are we running on both search and display? Are we not on display because they failed miserably in the past? Might be a good time to try, try again 8. Analytics Who is their customer? Who comes to their site? Where are they coming from? One time with an ecommerce client, was able to see how many more transactions came from returning customers led to great retargeting campaign 9. Segmentation Mobile vs. desktop are they optimizing ad copy for mobile? Do they actually have a mobile landing page? Summary: Following these 3 steps will lead to happy client and successful account :) DREW KARGES Another Canuck! Yesterday was pretty much a tropical day for me I love plaid, it s kind of like wearing an excel sheet on your back << Brilliant AdWords Restructure

64 62 A case study on inheriting a mess 1. Start with an AdWords investigation think like Sherlock Understand the data using Search Term Reports data trends Understand the client how do they like to communicate? What are their goals? Make sure you re on the same page. Verify goals and tracking Understand the industry What are competitors doing? Scope out their landing pages 2. Case study: Spartan College (learnings) Learned that 70% of budget was on broad match - $100+ CPL (x2) No enhanced SiteLinks % CTR increase Duplicate search terms duplicated found Challenged preconceptions tested new geographic areas

65 63 If you build it.. Build efficiently Use AdWords editor copy/paste/replace is your friend Build in themes Start with campaigns, then adgroups, then negative layering Double-check your build! Negative keyword layering Prioritize key words from search terms Broad negative

66 64 Essential negative keyword list Example: Launch Strategy Launch in phases (less likely to disrupt flow of account) Launch at once (if it s a total mess) Launch at the right time (so you have the time to optimize)

67 Now it s time to optimize 65

68 66 Recap Understand the data Conceptualize a structure (Re)build the account Launch strategically Optimize like crazy Results! Now roll out to Bing

69 67 Fill the Form: Driving Quality Leads and Delivering Results Kristina McLane Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing Alexa Paid Search Strategist, Fathom Recipe for a successful lead gen campaign 1 part source (Google, Bing) 1 part landing page Time Landing Page 101 Custom forms Alexa s had clients that want super long forms, but they see shorter forms having more success Call To Action (should not be SUBMIT) Keep it simple - no excess navigation Testimonials Location-specific landing page for relevance if you have the option Awards and accreditations help build credibility even in your ad copy Phone number in the top right - NEVER VIA AN IMAGE Every campaign should have its own landing page (NSAMCWADLP)

70 68 Now that you have the perfect landing page, let s get your paid search on The more you know about your customer, the more targeted and strategic you can be Who are they? What are their pain points? Where do they get their information? What do they want? Quality Users with Keywords Include several variations (including plurals of everything) Target keywords to the solution, not just the problem A good negative will help deter low quality traffic Have a vulgar list for all accounts Ad Copy Always look at what your competitors are doing Share with a client and ask what they re doing that s better Extensions Prove credibility - review extensions help drive leads Clients may be nervous Call Tracking Use 3rd party tools for monitoring phone calls Listen in and find out what the pain points are Also WHY they called Match the message to the why Use information for landing page copy, ad copy, etc.

71 69 Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Great tool for nurturing Negating those that have converted Use general keywords now that searchers are more qualified Provide different messaging based on actions Dynamic Search Great for expanding reach and identifying new keyword themes You can leverage remarketing list of all site visitors to help control cost Use general, but relevant ad copy since the URL and headline will be dynamically generated Gmail Sponsored Ads Conversion-wise they work really well Take a long time started out You can put in competitor domains so that anyone opening an from your competitor will see your ad there ⅔of active Gmail users access their on mobile Negate Bad Leads Exclude Bing Ads syndicated partners Google Display Network is a poor lead source If you want to use it try layered targeting - Google Search Partners might work for some - Integrate a CRM system CRM Benefits Decrease manual lead management Decrease CPL once implemented

72 70 Pull reports on which keywords actually convert, optimize based on that In an example client decreased cost by 30% Key Takeaways Landing page optimization << DO THIS Know your customers If you don t have a CRM use a negate bad leads strategy CRM is your friend - SO MUCH DATA The Conversion Journey (between the click and the money) How do you deal with all the metrics? Cupcake Logic (Huzzah!) You want a fancy cupcake not a couple of Hostess ones ie. Maybe you pay a little more for a lead, but if you get more revenue on the back end it s worth it Best way to just lead quality is a CRM Sometimes what looks great isn t If your goal is only to decrease CPL, you might not be attracting the right type of person Optimize for ROAS, not CPL What do I do? 1. Download the CRM data 2. Copy and paste into a campaign report 3. PIVOT

73 71 How can you cut the crappy leads? Match types 80% of the time you can trust your match type CPLs within the same campaigns Optimize for match type based on ROAS Campaigns will vary Search vs. Display Display tends to take longer to close Display still contributes to the conversion journey Budgeting and account structure The more specific the campaign is, the better ROAS Optimize for ROAS GETTING BETTER NUMBERS ON THE BACK END IS WHAT MATTERS Excel Solver by closing lead rate Helpful when you have strict monthly budgets - prioritizes what s working There s a how-to video on PPC Hero (don t forget to substitute your own closing lead rate) Solves the best budget placement for you based on how much you can still spend - it ll tell you where to place your budget to get the best return Assumes CPL is static Questions Answered How do you get CRM data? Client sends daily spreadsheet with specific fields (not all personal data)

74 72 How granular is too granular for optimizing your campaigns? Depends on the account, but the more quick the campaign, the more often, even daily for a high traffic campaign Is there a difference in lead quality between content vs. free trial? Free trial is generally further through the funnel, than someone looking for content Tip: Look at competitor ads to find points of difference you can highlight (Define your USP) Forming Client Partnerships For Long-Term Success Andrew Page Zero Media Jeff Hanapin ANDREW GOODMAN Taking on short-term projects will burn you out 1. Best clients relationships have come through referrals 2nd best: very long sales cycle; 3rd best: successful cold pitches

75 73 2. Need to filter appropriate prospects can t cave on prices, have to communicate value of service (running PPC campaigns is hard) 3. Important to have a consistent onboarding process Set expectations can be painful but gets them on board from the beginning 4. These is more than one personal style client respect introverts as much as extroverts 5. Agency culture need to foster a culture of dedication and obsession Hire people who are quirkily passionate about PPC Invest in professional development 6. Credibility is key Expert/peer recognition Gravitas Thought leadership Develop tools and partnerships 7. Reporting and communication is key 8. Don t make clients do stuff! Almost 90% of time they re happy for you to do it for them JEFF BAUM 3 legs of the client relationship 1. Competency do we have the chops? 2. Communication - need to get buy-in 3. Value are they getting enough return on spend? How to demonstrate competency

76 74 Get professionally certified builds trust Audit accounts shows you have a plan of action Provide key insights and takeaways shows you know how to unpack the data How to communicate effectively Demonstrate a sense of urgency Listen actively Create a strategy roadmap How to demonstrate value Performance meet and exceed goals, hit soft goals like brand awareness when going gets rough Suggest new opportunities Conversion rate optimization landing page testing (optimize copy and message match), apply PPC insights to other marketing channels ( , etc.) From Target CPA to Maximizing Clicks: Using Google Bid Management Tools Google s Bid Management Tools for Conversions Elizabeth Laird Director of Paid Search Marketing, shopathome.com

77 75 Search terms are important but there s SO MUCH MORE o E.g. device, browser, locations Shopathome focuses on deals o Imagine a 45 yr old woman in Chicago on her desktop at 10am o She s probably researching o Very different from a 25 yr old male in NYC at 8pm - he s looking for immediate How you want to bid should be different for those, based on understanding who what person is Intent + Right User Profile = Stronger ROI CPA Bidding:

78 76 Target CPA gets more volume that Max CPA Better results on GDN than search Enhanced CPC Bidding Adjusting bid down up to 100% is a really powerful tool More responsive than conversion optimizer (better for time sensitive) You can remove demographics you don t want to reach Grows from 50% up to almost 100% over time Decreased CPAs by about 20% for Elizabeth in testing Return on Ad Spend Bidding can be kind of clunky Overall Test again and again, things change over time. ECPC has improved dramatically to the benefit of marketers. The Science of Maximizing Clicks (Conv) in Google AdWords Bryan Chief Scientist, Acquisio Tools of Optimization Google Conversion Optimizer Google AdWords Scripts Growing Used as glue between you and other things like databases Google AdWords API

79 77 Now it s free, but takes time to learn You pick an Optimization Tool to see what s going on, but how? Transparency of formulations Skill set of team Customization required (you need something that ll do what you need it to do) Data size and persistence requirements Relationship between bid and CPC: Highly non-linear, varies throughout the day (examples shows 40% variation) Changing bids based on best current information, constantly updating Can t currently see bid history in Google AdWords Mobile optimization problem Average of 40% mobile in example Huge change from 1, 2, 3 years ago There are no pure mobile campaigns - you can only set bids at the device level [Mobile Example] Typically bidding more and paying less for mobile Fixed Budget Optimization It s worth exploring the lower options Often you bid less and you get more Summary: It s important to define your problem to find the right tool to solve it Continuous testing is important

80 78 Inefficiencies in the PPC market are exploited by good tools Questions Answered: Q: How do you test one bid option over another? Time length depends on conversions, but at least 30 days to let it work itself out Q: When dealing with clients who have a product that s geotargetting but in a competition where there s and the bids are $20-40 / click. How do you compete and stay relevant? Dynamic algorithms are really necessary Q: Would you separate the mobile and desktop campaigns? Can t anymore They re really 2 campaigns in 1 Bryan monitors them both separately Q: Are there any indicators that you need to work on QS before you go back to your bidding? Elizabeth says it s hard to test anything if your account isn t in order Target CPA in AdWords automatically optimizes for conversion Statistical significance is a common problem #PPCProblems

81 79 How Smart Marketers Bridge Content and PPC Marketing Eva & Tyler Cook Formstack Content Marketers vs. PPC Marketers Bridging a personality divide Back and forth here s something, promote it from Content Team Always need to know the goal of the content How to initiate the conversation between content + PPC? Need to collaborate in advance What is the point of this content? One simple question: What works? What audiences, keywords work so you can plan together on building the right content Breakthrough moment for Formstack - a competitor (Adobe), retiring their form tool They were the first to know, thanks to monitoring via Google Alerts Formstack started building campaigns that night Built out list of keywords people might search when looking to move off of competitor Built a landing page to allow people to easily transition Super-targeted PPC campaign built on live information Also included a social campaign reaching out to people tweeting worries about the transition

82 80 Everything on the campaign pushed to specific landing pages that showed how Formstack was a great tool for the transition Pro Tip: Dig back into archives and revive old content PPC team found existing content previously used for organic search campaign and built paid campaign around it Awesome to have evergreen content that you can build different campaigns around The visitors don t know it s not brand new because if you catch them at the right time it s super timely to them Discover ways you can build off of wins Formstack had a rad webinar that outperformed their others They built another campaign around the same content Establish baseline questions to ask each other What is the end goal of this piece of content? << SO IMPORTANT - is it lead gen? Who is this content aimed at? << know who you re talking to What promotional collateral do you need? What is your tentative launch date? << helps give context to how much you can Can we create more content like this? << build off you wins! Create new target audiences based on your discussions Write winning ads to complement the content Write a lot of them, stretch it, get creative Harness the power of images that resonate with your audience

83 81 If you don t have in-house, use free stock images (be careful to use relevant and professional, not obvious stock) Once you get traffic on your page, MAKE SURE IT CONVERTS No matter how great you content, audience, or ads, if you don t have a great landing page, your visitors won t convert Create a social form to increase conversions up to 189% Pre-populate forms with your visitors social data Think beyond a basic contact form Get creative with different types of forms Time paid promotion with peak activity/submission Questions Answered Tyler suggests allthefreestock.com for free images Test how often you can reuse content - there s no hard and fast rule on timelines Formstack s sales team reports on which leads, from which content are most likely to actually become customers this gives them focus for what type of content to make How to Win with The Unexpected

84 82 John Bing Advertising Evangelist, Microsoft This talk looks at voice search and remarketing: When you distract people, it made the away time loses. Text search are usually 1-3 keywords long Voice search are 4-10 keywords long. 30 of the top voice searches on mobile are brand related. Question words are huge in voice search. Bid on brand names. SEO gets 56% of click on brand name. Add in SEO + PPC and you get 88% of brand clicks. 50% of the latter were PPC with an 18% overlap when you use both SEO + PPC for brand bidding. Look at ways to add remarketing pixel to target people interested in your brand. Look at events and try to figure out when people will be in the real world that you ll want to target and how you can market to them Don t do one size fits all marketing. Look how things like school start dates or an even start date changes from city to city or year to year Keynote with Brian Sise Every Tweet Sends Signals: How to Tap Into Intent on Twitter Bryan

85 83 Product Marketing Team Lead & Sr. Mgr., Twitter You can detect emerging intent on Twitter because tweets send signals. The Opportunity When moments happen in the real world they happen on Twitter 500 millions tweets a day Half a billion moments People often think of large televised events as those moments, like the Superbowl, which saw 28.4 million tweets World Cup 35.6 million tweets - 580k tweets per minute at peak For us marketers there s other moments that are much more relevant everyday moments e.g. Sophie is checking out Twitter in a cafe Sophie tweets about looking forward to her coffee When you look at data on Twitter, what you might think is unrelated, is actually predictable Back to our example, we re a competing coffee shop trying to market to Sophie when it s most relevant Lets use keywords to target Sophie Seconds after Sophie tweets about her love of coffee, our promoted tweet pops into Sophie s timeline (automatically served based on her everyday moment) Active Intent There are only so many people who are actively telling you they re looking for Your audience may be larger than you think: active intent might be where you focussed: +emerging intent

86 84 +influenceable Example: Home Buying Active intent - search mortgage pre-approval Emerging intent - tweet which neighbourhood have good schools in Portland? Influenceable - tweet it s a boy Example: Running Shoes Active intent - search Nike Lunarglide Emerging intent - tweet going for a run Quite likely in the near future they ll be in need of new running shoes Influenceable - tweet Nike Lots of people like the Nike brand Twitter worked with Nike to identify trends of when people were going for a run to target people in the personal moment and engage with them in a meaningful way Richer Moments 80% of users access Twitter on mobile Photos and videos are now easily accessible for users Your Objective We all want to scale up our campaigns to drive conversions When creating a twitter campaign the first thing you do is set an objective When you you select conversion as your goal, Twitter will tailor (swift) the workflow and distill the analytics To Drive Website Conversions

87 85 1. Creative Promote Your Content You can target anyone on Twitter you want with promoted tweets, not just your followers Website card Ad type to maximize site traffic e.g. Toms, Sainsbury s Users see a preview of the product advertised and a strong call to action Photo Card Image is front and centre Gallery Card Represent a collection of images in a single tweet 2. Targeting Keyword targeting allows you to reach users who recently used your keywords Interest targeting is based on who the user follows on Twitter e.g. you could target based on star snowboard Shaun White to target snowboarders Keyword Targeting Many of the same best practices from search Precision tool that allows you to hone in to the right people at the right time Who AND when Every tweet contains signals of intent

88 86 Match Types Same match types from search Overlays Geography, gender, device, language e.g. spanish speaking women on android phones who recently tweeted or engaged with the phase leche Twitter s Website Tag Conversion tracking Remarketing Track all conversion paths View conversion analytics Best Practices Use what you learned from search...but Twitter is a different bird (do you see what I did there?!) Test high-performing keywords from search Mine the long tail requires a time investment to find the less frequent, niche keywords, but those are likely to drive especially high engagement Use tightly-themed keyword groups Optimize with keyword analytics remove low performing keywords TEST TEST TEST Use always-on campaigns You don t know when a user s everyday moment will happen so this allows you to be ready and waiting

89 87 Twitter is a Different Animal People don t tweet the same way they search When people search, they know they re talking to a machine, but with tweets, they re talking to people Come at it from a different angle e.g. search: boy infant clothes vs. tweet: his first birthday e.g. search: attorney auto accident vs. tweet: hit my car e.g. search: continuing education florida vs. tweet: a job i love Twitter user open to message from a higher education advertiser Brainstorm moments when a person might be open to your message Identify moments of emerging intent Add Value to Everyday Moments A good example is Lowe s - serving up solutions to every problems like a stripped screw Users love it when brands add value to their everyday lives Keynote with Surojit Chatterjee Evolving Customer Behaviors: The Full Value of Your Ads Surojit Chatterjee, Director of Product Management, Mobile Search Advertising and AdSense, Google 1. Overview: Technology embedded into our lives, making it more challenging for marketers

90 88 Mobile came to his rescue in the Costa Rican rainforest started to rain and he was able to find a shop to buy rain gear This was a frictionless experience a moment Google is about making these sorts of moments for consumers 2. Cross-device behavior 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time 98% move between devices that same day US travel a high-consideration vertical 9% cross-device conversions (new conversions), 20% more conversions can be attributed to paid mobile search when cross-device behavior is taken into account Conversions increased in other verticals like entertainment, tech, retail and local when cross-device behavior taken into account 3. Calls as conversions 70% of mobile searches have called a business directly from search results Example Miller s Bakery used dynamic keyword replacement and a click-to-call Mobile call conversion rate is 700% greater than mobile online users love to call before making a conversion New: Call only campaigns allows consumers to call directly from ad (no landing page) 4. In-store conversions Online is driving offline impact no one has been able to quantify the impact of online ads on offline sales 34% of people who search on PC/tablet visit a store within a day of their search, 50% on smartphones Store sales working with consumer data brokers to match AdWords clicks with actual store transactions Can upload PoS data into AdWords

91 89 Example: Express For brand keywords, retailer found that search traffic was almost doubling in-store sales Store visits Google can calculate how many people are looking at an ad and visiting a store How? #science Use Street View data to map the geometry of buildings so they can distinguish whether consumer actually walked into a store operations team measures signal strength of store router, location history, etc. Continuing to improve data (machine learning) Customer success with store visits PetSmart seeing a 10-18% store visit rate (percent of clicks on search ads that lead to store visit), Famous Footwear seeing 15-17%; Sprint 25% Retailers seeing 4x more conversions when measuring store visits, 10x on mobile; Auto and travel - 2x more conversions overall when store visits taken into account Best practices for driving foot traffic Landing page need to be mobile-optimized Location extensions Proximity-based bidding Ad creative Mobile bids 5. How do we bring it all together? Focus on the right metrics not every channel will give you the same type of performance ex. Mobile most important during consideration and awareness stages, drives more follow-up actions like cross-device and in-store Value your best customers think about long-term value for customers, identify high-value customers (not just about that last conversion)

92 90 Attribute value across channels divvy up the value of the conversions across all touch points (disclaimer: This is hard) Validate impact need to understand the incremental impact of your marketing investment, each channel comes down to setting up valid tests This is not just a challenge for Google, it s a challenge for the whole industry working closely together with partners No longer about Impression > Click > Conversion Landscape more complex and diverse and marketers expectations are higher (want to measure conversions across channels and stage of awareness) Final note: Let s work on this together! Q&A Very confident about sample size all sign-in users who have enabled location services (Some skepticism in crowd over case studies, data ability to distinguish client s store from competitor s store) A lot of customers using store sales and store visits in conjunction Requires sophisticated data management, partnerships to calculate store visits still not accessible to everyone Keynote with Tim Ash The Context and the Power of Framing: Biasing Your Offer with Irrational Neuromarketing

93 91 Tim CEO SiteTuners Part I: Brain Basics When your brain isn t being used for other processes, it defaults to social processes. We share our limbic system with all mammals we are all herd animals. If you have a strong feeling about something then you memorize it. In general, you need to remember that your web visitors are lazy. They like simple choices. Much of their behavior is on autopilot. 95% of our actions are pre-conscious Things that really matter: the four Fs Feeding Fight Flight Fornicate How the brain actually works

94 92 It s only when we re faced with something new that our conscious brain kicks in. We only use it when we have to. The old sales funnel Attention Interest Desire Action The real sales Funnel Brain stem Limbic system

95 93 Cerebral cortex Part II: Creating Compelling Offers: Taking Advantage of Brain Biases Overview of strategies Limit choice: We like to be able to choose between things we like: books, wine, movies. But people don t want to have to choose between packages on your ecommerce site. You re paralyzing me with choice. Only 4 items can be kept in your short-term memory so don t give more choice than that Never overwhelm with choice (unless you are talking about quick visual scanning of physical items that are substantially different visually then scrolling is more convenient) When appropriate, help guide customers (wizards not filtering) When creating Information Architectures for catalog navigation, go deeper and narrower (Not shallow and wide) Make choices obvious: Use visuals to make choices clear Remove similar pictures Focus/enlarge/distort important distinctions Visually bias: The visual biases we have are to make the world more efficient for us. Screen position Amonit of visual space

96 94 Background color Anchoring images for extra emphasis Contrast or uniqueness Motion (the nuclear option: In the presence of graphics/motion, text will not be seen ) Always ask if your embellishment serves the call to action on the page. Manipulate context and order: Use known cognitive biases to bias toward the option you want people to take Priming, framing and context matter We anchor on the first thing we see Add a new high-end option (which will not sell well) Show in decreasing price order Sales of reasonable compromise will increase Irrational anchors can be put in the lobby Understand that prices are pain Price activates the loss-avoidance mechanism experienced as physical pain Loss avoidance is about twice as powerful as upside gain for motivation To minimize perceived price pain: only pennies per day To maximize contrast with more expensive alternative: Don t overpay by $100 per year! Removing currency symbols lessens pain (Not seen as a visual trigger that we are conditioned to) Strike-through higher prices help frame lower pain

97 Lead Gen & ecommerce PPC: You Got The Conversion, Now What? Andrew Co-Founder, Workshop Digital The PPC Challenge: Buying clicks and generating conversions is no longer enough! Your job isn t done after you capture a lead or make the sale. We can look further down the funnel and find out what happens after a lead is submitted and after they buy. What is happening after our PPC campaign runs its course? Your PPC Campaigns Most clicks you get won t convert. Most leads you get won t convert. Start by asking two questions: 1. Of all the clicks we re getting/buying, which convert to a closed sale? 2. How can I get more visitors like them? Answering question #1: Of all the clicks we re getting/buying, which convert to a closed sale?

98 96 1. Capture campaign data in your CRM a. Campaign & KW data b. Ad creative c. Offer d. Landing page variant Campaign/data Promotion/offer Whisper messages Customized sales pitches Calculate customer lifetime value 2. Track offline sales in AdWords Import CRM data from offline sales to create AdWords conversions Identify the campaigns, keywords, and ads that generated an offline sale 3. Nurture those leads

99 97 Answering question #2: How can I get more visitors like them? 4. Remarket to advanced segments The more segmented you can make your remarketing campaigns, the more successful they re going to be.

100 98 Focus on the bottom of the funnel with your remarketing campaigns instead of trying to retargeting everyone all the time. ie Are people abandoning your shopping cart? That s an easy win. 5. Find lookalike audiences You have customers who are raving fans you know who they are and which channels they come from. There are millions of people who are like your customers but they haven t found you yet, so you can t remarket to them.

101 99 Depending on which platform you re on, this feature will be called something different. Overlay other targeting methods over lookalike audiences and watch the dollars closely. 6. Measure assisted conversions Which upstream channels contribute to your conversions? What other traffic sources did people come through before they came to your site to convert? Last-click conversions vs. all the different steps in customer s history. Assign value to traffic channels they came from before. Don t rely on last-click conversions. Look up the chain and assign value to other channels. Don t shut off banner ads just because they don t lead to conversions. IT may not be a direct conversion, but they could still be contributing. 7. Compare attribution models The math behind how you assign values to each interaction before conversion. Look at different ways to assign value to a video view on YouTube, or banner ad impression.

102 100 Find this in analytics (in the conversion tab) and use it. 8. Identify trends with cohort analysis Looking at the delay between a site visit and a conversion.

103 101 Recency & frequency method: how long ago and how often did people come to our site? This helps you determine how frequently and at what interval you need to be reaching out to people. Where are drop offs occurring? Recap 1. Measure conversions and ROI 2. Analyze segments and cohorts 3. Figure out what s working and expand on it (audience + channels) 4. Refine. Add more data to the mix. Never set it & forget it!

104 Leveraging Analytics To Boost Your PPC Performance Ashleigh Director, Digital Analytics, American Cancer Society Jamie VP of Growth, ispionage.com Attribution Model by Jamie Smith Build model around 3 Cs: Creativity, Continuity and Conversion. Over 20% of sales happens after the 5th visit to site 5 sources of analytics data Web / Calls Analytics Google AdWords Customer: demo and psycho graph data Product and service data Competitor data Shows multi-touch point customer journey across all channels Display is heavily associated to assisted conversions Remarketing is more direct vs assisted conversions Call analytics vendor, like Bionic, report in real time to Google Analytics Uses Position Based: 40% to 1st & last click each. remaining clicks get the remain 20% points.

105 103 Look for more profitable ad position within AdWords for CPA vs just what you re paying for each click. IP Exclusion in Google Analytics. Block competitors from seeing your ads. Digital Analytics by Ashleigh Bunn Where does your data live: AdWords, Google Analytics..other platform? Figure out what your goals are and how they align with the data in your analytics platform. This will help you understand micro and macro economics. Run regular search query reports in AdWords Look at Hour of Day report in Google Analytics for micro-conversions. Build segments around people who buy often or donate a lot to your site and build a remarketing list around those segmentations in Google Analytics Making The Case For Match Type Segmentation Amanda Senior Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing Why segment by match type?

106 104 What if a search term has multiple keywords it could match to? There are three rules: 1. If you have a keyword that is identical to the search term, the system will prefer to use this keyword to trigger an ad. This is true even if there are other keywords in your ad group that are similar to the search term. 2. If you have multiple keywords that are the same, the system will prefer to use exact match. 3. When several broad match keywords in your ad group broadly match the search term, the system will prefer to use the keyword with the highest ad rank. With two exceptions

107 On rare occasion, the system will prefer to use a keyword that is cheaper. If its in the same ad group, this means it as a lower cost-per-click bid and has a higher Ad Rank. If there are multiple keywords in multiple ad groups, similar to the search term, it needs to have a lower bid, a higher ad rank and a better quality score. 2. When one keyword contains the entirety of another keyword, the system prefers to use the longer keyword. Why is this a problem? Negative effect of metrics

108 106 Waste of money Less relevant ads/lps How do you fix it once you ve identified a problem? See the impact of match type cross-contamination Pull a search term report (90 days recco) Add the keyword column Download & delete report dates & totals Select all & run a pivot table, dropping search term into row label, and count of keywords in values Then see how many keywords each search term has matched to in the date range. Go back to your report, search for most egregious.

109 107 How do we fix this? Two options for segmentation 1. Ad Group Level Fewer campaigns Can make custom ads Embedded negatives at the ad group level 2. Campaign level More campaigns Can make custom ads Embedded negatives with campaign level lists in the shared library

110 108 Control budgets by match type Analyze performance by match type A difference in performance dictates a need for budget control *Consider excluding or segmenting branded or similar campaigns Negative impacts of embedded negatives? Loss of top level views, difficult to analyze data at top levels Labels and campaign grouping Volume loss from embedded negatives Exclude LSV from embedded negatives Low Search Volume For initial embedded negative lists, run a report for all LSV keywords Do not include any LSV keywords in embedded negative lists Re-run this once a month An account-wide restructure? Careful! You could wipe history and shock your account Implement slowly, start with most egregious performance Starting with a fresh account? Start with segmentation! Save time down the road (easier to set up with a template than copy/paste later) Avoid lost history of restructures

111 109 Landing Page Optimization by Observable Data and Match Type Mike Olson Director of Online Experience, Beachbody Observable data: a physical property such as weight or temperature that can be observed or measured directly, as distinguished from a quantity, such as work or entropy, that must be derived from observed quantities. So what? The process of diving what you can about the person across the table based upon whatever characteristics they will show you. Characteristics and their levels: Physical: combo limitations, assets, etc Auditory: gender, location Membership: demographic deep-layer Cookie: demographic mid-layer Search: hmm We really don t know a ton when someone clicks on a search ad. What data does a user reveal in their search terminology? If a user is searching for size 13 shoes, you can safely assume they are male. If a user is search for cat food, you can assume (hopefully) that they have a cat.

112 110 Observable search: Circumstances: sale, fast, closeout Preferences: color, scale, size, amount Level of interest: breadth of search can show intent. Exact/broad/phrase/negative Simple examples Insanity Max 30 workout landing page: Folks attracted to Insanity brand was a heavy-duty workout. They want a lot of results in a short period of time. Headline that works well: The craziest 30 minutes of your day for the Best Results of your life Triggers: sale - language, design, offers Tested putting item in shopping card 5 cents cheaper than advertized - resulted in double digit increase in conversions. Color - design, intro/extro-version Exact/broad/phrase/negative - Level of focus can often show level of commitment. Negative results testing should come last. Recap: Observe: what does the user give you when he comes in the door Characteristics plan : what do observations tell you? Triggers for page design/copy : how do observations translate to page? Include those triggers in your page design and copy. TEST: no, really. TEST IT!

113 Open Your Eyes To Advanced AdWords Scripts Steve President RankHammer Christi Director of SEM Point It Presentation This talk is geared to non-coders.

114 112 Scripts allow you to be more strategic and not tactical What you can change automatically will make you better & free up time Anything you can do in the UI you can do with scripts Scripts are like javascripts, coding in excels Write code in Notepad++ first Outlines code Makes it easier to see what is happening Scripts ARE case sensitive and MUST be written camelcase You will see a lot of /* or // in your code is normal Spaces only matter in quotes like Always preview your script before you run it Loggers: where data can be hidden and if your code gets executed

115 113 Selector: You can And statements Variables: Discrete, Arrays and Objects...are how you order your code Payload: This is where the code happens When you take other people s scripts...updated URL and fields in the code Getting Your Training on Scripts Good Training Places: W3Schools.com Codecademy FreeAdWordsScripts.com. Acc audit script AdWords Scripts To Get Started: Bit.ly/ScriptsToUse AdWords Editors = Debugger PPC + LPO: Insider Strategies For High-Converting Campaigns Oli Co-Founder, Unbounce Lance CEO, Closed Loop

116 114 LANCE LOVEDAY 5 Strategy Tips Tip #1 - See the big picture It used to be all search all the time, and it s just not the case anymore. Rapid change in a short period of time. Used to be 92% - now 37%! (over 3 years) Takeaways from this: This fragmentation is likely to continue (and our jobs might be a little bit harder). We have to be a little more bold and adventurous with CPC than we have been in the past. Take risks because these forms of targeting that are coming out might seem strange, but chances are they re going to catch on. Optimizing PPC to target larger companies? Full funnel tracking has enabled us to tease out really good intelligence from the data. We re increasing reliance on security data and this affect is that it increases our accurate leads Tip #2 - Check yourself Audit! You really need to have more than one person auditing your scorecards. Tip #3 - Buy the most valuable traffic first Spend and budget allocation is often an overlooked strategy for people (too focused on algorithms and bid management).

117 115 Look at your impression share for opportunities - it s a directional indicator for a chance to restructure the campaign or reallocate spending Tip #4 - Listen to what your quality score is telling you Again, directional indicators will tell you obvious clues. What is the biggest component of quality score? CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR) Don t let any other information dissuade you from that. Tip #5 - You re not done until the cash register rings Dig into the data and not just look into the main number IE, if there are 6000 people who are signed up for your product, but 3000 don t install the software (even though they converted) then you have work to do BONUS tip - Perform a landing page audit (see below): How many landing pages do you have? What s your traffic and spend by LP? Which have the best conversion rate and CPA? What s the load time on those pages? Do you have any broken link? Are you sending traffic to old/wrong pages? Visualize your LP ecosystem take photos of your landing pages and put them all in front of you Never review ads and landing pages in isolation - HUGE mistake.

118 116 Why? Because you can quickly eyeball and say does everything match up here. OLI GARDNER How do you make a delightful marketing campaign? 7 principles of conversion centered design How to plot yourself on the campaign curve Get goodies: get.unbounce.com/heroconf-goodies Attention ratio: is the number of things you can do on a page to the number of things you should be doing this ration should be 1:1 NSAMCWADLP principle never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page 7 principles of conversion centered design: Principle #1 - Focus attention to focus on your goal as attention ratio goes down, conversion rates go up Oli has 23 principles of attention driven design Direction point at things if you want them to be important Contrast Encapsulation Proximity elements that are closer together are perceived to be related Dominance this is two things: size and proximity

119 117 *Note: Form first design - if you re communicating well with your form, you re doing a good job What s more important than anything else is the information hierarchy copy informs design, not the other way around! Principle #2 context Principle #3 clarity Principle #4 congruence Principle #5 credibility Principle #6 - closing Put something near the closing action help it convert better IE, sign up for this webinar anyway and we ll send you a recording, even if you can t make it! Principle #7 - Continuance RECAP NEVER START A MARKETING CAMPAIGN WITHOUT A DEDICATED LANDING PAGE (NSAMCWADLP)!

120 PPC For Social: Leveraging Paid And Organic Campaigns For Facebook And LinkedIn Elizabeth Director of PPC, CommerceHub Heather Manager, Paid Advertising, Infusionsoft Before Launch Can we try them all at once? Yes, focus on quality and where your audience is. Define success goals before you launch e.g. likes, followers & conversions Define end date of campaign Audience Where do they hang out online; social vs message boards? B2B social selling: 81% marketers uses communities and blogs, 74% use Linked In, 42% Twitter to find information about a product they want Budget Figure out how long your campaign will run before you think about how much to spend. Try to see how much a 1,000 clicks will cost for a test run. Look at where you will influence the purchase funnel and pull budget from that

121 119 Reporting & Attribution Look at adding assisted conversions; across business and channels 1st & last clicks each get 30% attribution. Other clicks get the rest. Play with the model as you build reports over time. The Future Mobile is here of course LinkedIn buys Bizo and now you can retarget people PPC Heroes' Favorite Excel Hacks Matt Umbro, Diane Anselmo, Kristina McLane, Jacob Brown Hanapin Marketing Ad Copy / Landing Page Testing: Using excel to come up with significant levels Trying to improve impressions until conversion Can also do conversions per click or CTR Get your college on - use the Z-score In the first week, if it s 95% or higher, move to next test Second week 90%, third week 85% Quick Keyword Tool

122 120 Take your categories and modifiers and have it generate keywords for you Metric Correlations =CORREL(array 1,array 2) Highlighting a selection of data, and comparing to another highlighted section of data and seeing if there s any correlation 1 is an exact correlation -1 is a negative correlation 0 is no correlation (Above 0.5 either way is significant) E.g. is there any relationship between my display campaigns and branded conversions? Download campaign report segmented by network and month (for last 12 months) Set up the data laid out horizontally Use correlation equation If it s above 0.5 there s correlation Uses: avg. position, impressions, clicks, assisted metrics, offline revenue, competitive metrics Some things will obviously correlate, so don t bother testing that Index + Match = Perfect Together Sometimes V-Lookup just isn t enough Index match is great for larger data groups, none horizontal data, etc It s a little more complicated, but holds a lot of power Filters Easily segment data

123 121 Make sense of large amounts of data Use findings to create new campaigns Find top (and poor) performing: Keywords Text ads Search queries e.g. You can find high performing SKUs and create a campaign around them, or the opposite, break out lower performing SKUs and bid lower on those keywords Questions Answered How often do you use macros? Once a month, a way of checking that you re not missing anything Any recommended add-ons or plugins? Bing Ads Intelligence How do you learn new specific ways to set up your own Excel? Top tip: you can find lots of great YouTube videos if you search (especially searching from something specific) PPC Hero s blog has a whole section dedicated to Excel What do we do with correlation? A guide to direct strategy What are your favorite ways to visualize data? Heat maps, geography, conversion rate Hour of day

124 PPC Heroes' Favorite PPC Mistakes: Lessons Learned Mismanaging Restricted Budgets Develop a strategic bid plan Increased bis = higher CPCs = less traffic Ad rank increase = CTR increase = QS increase = CPC decrease The Biggest Blunders and what I learned Google Display Network Ordered by CEO to shut down profitable GDN campaigns and relaunch them in separate accounts. Campaigns lost 5k per day Sunk profit for entire department and was near fired Location targeting: What targeting? Important AdWords campaign o Bing Import went smooth (So I thought) Spent entire months budget in 16 hours

125 123 Geo-targeting flipped to entire world during import Had more clicks from Africa than in Erie PA I ve Made a Huge Mistake Jeff President, Hanapin Marketing Know your business What s your difference that matters? Who would care if your business no longer existed? What s your typical customer journey? What are your most profitable products/services? Making decisions in isolation Sit in on client/customer service calls Survey existing clients Ask frontline employees Track behavior on your website Now That I m All Growed Up: The Lesson I Learned the Hard Way Amanda Senior Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing Running a campaign: Ad URL updates never happened And no tracking was added to any of the URLs And they ran and ran.

126 124 Until someone on the team noticed. : What went wrong? The ads weren t in the same platform, thus no automatic URL updates. Why? The rookie didn t understand the project. The QA and follow up processes were incomplete. What did I learn? 1. How tracking works (it s important to understand how everything ties together) 2. QA isn t just about looking for the obvious stuff. 3. Every account has its own nuances. Learn them. Teach them. 4. Keep the lines of communication open when problems arise. 5. If you find a problem, identify who can help you decide how to handle it 6. Set up systems to ensure it doesn t happen again 1. Scare the PPC children with your horror PPC in Your Hand: Search Advertising for Mobile Devices Scott

127 125 Sr Manager, Bing Ads, Mobile Microsoft Aaron SEM Account Executive, Elite SEM Microsoft Is Going Mobile First (like Facebook) by Scott Finholm Especially after Nokia purchase. Stores will be Microsoft stores soon. Bing search in UK and US has 20% market share Mobile is 26% traffic VS 21% last year Only 11% of PPC campaigns are mobile optimized Call out mobile, use ad extensions & locations & hour targeting Sitelink extensions can improve CRT by 20% on Bing 61% mobile calls are ready to convert 47% mobile searchers would explore other brands for needs Mobile Behaviours By Aaron Levy Mobile thrives in boredom, downtime and weekend hours. Use estimated conversions by Google for mobile attribution Mobile users switch 15% more than desktop users. Shorten titles & description lines to fix mobile screens Title: 15 characters with spacing Line 1 & 2: 25 characters with spacing 40% of Facebook s revenue is mobile only Think about the picture associated with mobile

128 126 PPC Strategy for Startups Esther Dollar Shave Club Sahil AdStage ESTHER HWANG 1. Setting Realistic Goals Need to hit goals in order to keep investors happy, acquire the next round of funding Early vs. Late Stage Early Building a customer base most important, KPI = cost per goals, cost per sale, cost per acquisition, cost per page view Late Building brand awareness, brand affinity 2. Tracking Lean and efficient SEM focus on bottom of funnel, one or two campaigns at a time Mobile vs. desktop 3. Campaign Setup & Structure Exact or broad match Importance of good naming convention - easy to transfer account to team member

129 Bidding strategies Manual bidding always best algorithms can take on a life of their own 5. Save time with Excel There s a reason the performance team are the only ones in marketing working on PCs instead of Macs Excel shortcuts and badassery: Hot keys, pivot tables, VLookup, Concatenate, Text to Columns, Remove Duplicate 6. Turn on your competitive radar SERP what are your competitors ranking for? Auction Insights Who are the big fish in your industry? SpyFu, SEM Rush recommended tools Landing Pages What types of call to actions are they using? SAHIL JAIN 1. The #1 Mistake PPC advertisers make = sending paid traffic to your homepage instead of your landing page :( Focus on your post-click environment 2. Why landing pages? Higher conversions Make CTA super clear Better Quality Score Match creative on ad and landing page If LP is not relevant or specific, you re going to take a hit on QS Improved customer experience Page needs to communicate value proposition 3. Optimizing your landing pages Start with very distinct landing pages and find overall winner

130 128 Then get iterative small incremental changes 4. Budgeting Startups scared to spend money Allocating smaller budgets for performance Cheap campaign = search brand campaigns main keyword is company name, only spent $30/week Google recognizes that you re brand owner Another affordable campaign type = Retargeting campaigns, based on website traffic (which won t be too high when you re an early stage startup) 5. Driving more value Only focus on campaigns that are really, really good Amplify budgets around your press releases Pufferfish strategy Make your brand look bigger than it is around key PR campaigns 6. PPC advertising channels and your marketing funnel Display Awareness Social Interest Search Intent Retargeting Repeat 7. Content is the new ad type Need to create content that s relevant and helpful to your audience, not to promote yourself Have a strong content roadmap, use social to promote and search to amplify Other amplification platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook Outbrain, Taboola

131 129 MailMunch recommended tool to capture s on content pages For a long time, Bing performed better for AdStage than Google less competitive Optimizing your landing page vs. optimizing your website Very difficult to make your homepage speak to all your products Website about brand awareness and SEO, landing pages for conversion, lead generation Use Unbounce for landing pages, Optimizely to test your website The Psychology of PPC: How Consumer Behavior Affects You AdWords Customizer Countdown: Assessing the impact of the countdown customizer on user behavior Matt Senior Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing The Crowded Search Real Estate There are a lot of great features

132 130 Extended headline Callout extension Sitelinks extension Seller ratings extension Location extension Google+ followers But it s easy to get lost and make your ads look too busy. It s important to make sure that your text ads stand out and that s when the countdown customizer comes in. 6 Days Left to Take 30% Off Flash Sales Ends in 1 Hour An Overview of the Countdown Customizer

133 131 What s so great about it? It encourages urgency Tells searcher to act now Better promotes your offer Elicits eyeballs Countdown Customizer Case Study Ads ran from 11/1/14-3/24/15 (busy season) Peak season begins in mid January Countdown was in description line 1 of 98.43% of impressions Two types of countdowns: 1. Promotions: Free shipping, sales

134 Event: Beginning of spring wasn t talking about a specific promotion but was highlighting that spring was coming shortly. When comparing countdown clicks vs. static ads, 10% of clicks came from countdown ads and the countdown ads had 2% higher CTR. In other words, they were eliciting more eyeballs and resulted in more clicks. Countdown ads had higher CTR than static ads Countdown ads accounted for 17% of conversions with 10.5% of the clicks Conversion rate of countdown ads was nearly double that of static ads How did the performance differ by time left? For the promotion case study, the sweet spot was 1-2 days beforehand. For the event case study, conversion rate was higher when there were days left. As it went down to 2-3 days, conversion rate went down. Conversions went back up again on the last day. Next Steps Test time until an event webinar, conference Only available for X time Highlight an ongoing offer Promote awareness for new services or products Behavioral Economics & PPC: Using Searcher s Irrationality in PPC Davis Lead, Digital Media (PPC), Forthea

135 133 Classical economics: people are rational; they make well thought-out decisions that aren t influenced by external factors. Behavioral economics flips that on its head. How does that factor into online purchasing decisions? Social Proof The tendency of people to assume actions of others or want what others having. Social proof in the wild: Groupon example, 1,000 other people have bought How to apply social proof Make user feel like they re not the only person making the decision Show them directly how many people have chosen their product or service Create a feeling of envy Show them that experts are making that choice and recommending it PPC ad copy:

136 134 Scarcity Tapping into the condition in which our wants appear to be greater than the resources. Scarcity in the wild: Amazon example: instilling sense of urgency with Only 1 left in stock. Scarcity in PPC:

137 135 How to apply scarcity Communicate time sensitivity and product quantity. Covey the point that this deal won t last long Make the use feel a sense of urgency using words like hurry only and ends soon Use ad customizers and countdown timers Anchoring The tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information. As consumers, we latch onto the first thing we see. Anchoring in the wild:

138 136 How to apply anchoring: Set the value with an anchor. Give the users a number of piece of information they can latch on to. Create an environment where B always looks better than A. Promote the original price with the sales price. Offer a lower price than your competitors. PPC ad copy:

139 137 Framing A condition that occurs when the same information is presented in different ways, which can evoke different emotions. A real estate agent doesn t say a house is small they say it s cozy. A car salesman doesn t say a car is cheap he says it s affordable. It s not what you say; it s how you say it. Framing in the wild: Yogurt: 20% fat vs. 80% fat-free <<< everyone will choose the latter Framing in PPC:

140 138 How to apply framing Think like a lawyer or car salesman present facts in the best possible way Frame the product, service or proposition in the best way possible Our irrational behaviors are neither random nor senseless - they are systematic and predictable. We all make the same types of mistakes over and over, because of the basic wiring of our brains. - Dan Ariely

141 139 Quality Score: As Relevant As It's Ever Been Lisa Founder, SEM Strategy Consultant, Big Click Co. Sean Director, Marketing, Sears PartsDirect Evaluating Quality Score (QS) Make sure your ad the best possible match to your product, keyword and landing page High QS means lowers CPCs, first page position, and higher ad rank, which is QS + your bid combined. Google uses QS to figure out what ad to serve from which ad group and campaign QS is an average in your account, updated once a day Aim for 7+ out of 10 on your ads and keywords (overall) You can find QS in the speech bubble next to your keyword or add a column in Customized Columns Optimized QS Improve relationship between keyword, ad and landing page Improve the above three to increase your ad rank Maybe break up ad groups into tighter themed groups Pause/Remove keywords with high impressions and low clicks & CTR See how mobile is doing. Make a mobile only ad

142 140 Exclude geo-targeted areas that aren t performing well Make sure you ve ad extensions as they help your ad show more and get more clicks, which helps build up your QS QS Discussion Points by Sean M QS is dynamic and changes all the time. Tells if someone would likely click on your ad Sears doesn t talk about QS, they talk about revenue, conversion rate, ROAS and profit The higher QS, the more clicks you get and lower your CPCs Sears only pays attention to QS when they take over a new business within Sears Holding Live from Google: They don t use a QS on landing pages Re-Evaluating Success: The Value of PPC Audits Wijnand Quality & Learning Manager, iprospect Megan Senior Paid Search Account Manager, Empire Covers

143 141 WIJNAD MEIJER Why should you audit in the first place? Because there are a ton of missed opportunities Because your account likely has a ton of waste Goals of PPC audits Audits start with a thorough analysis of best practices and results. But don t stop there, include s pecific and actionable recommendations Even better: prioritize these recommendations. Start with goal setting, tracking quick wins and cutting waste. Try to estimate the impact of your recommendations, Google s Audit: The Opportunities Tab Audit starting point: goal setting Tracking Campaign settings & bid adjustments Ad extensions Impression share and auction insights Quality score Account strucure Goal setting: Essentials Define a non-branded efficiency target (e.g. CPA or ROAS) based on:

144 142 M= Your margin (ecommerce = in %, lead gen = in $) A = The part of this margin you re willing to invest in acquisition C = The lead to sale conversion rate Goal setting: advanced Approximate (or calculate if possible) the value (in terms of eventual revenue) of all micro conversion on your website, such as Newsletter sign up Downloads Using the store locator Sharing on social media Include customer lifetime value. Find posts with PPC audit checklists But keep in mind that they have their drawbacks... Most checklists don t differentiate between high priority and low priority Checks are often too simplified Checklists give no weight to answers, however, not everything is equally important Solution: Framework of the audit scorecard Topics are scored in order of priority and best practices are categorized as: Essentials Advanced Cutting edge (if applicable)

145 143 >>>> Grab the scorecard here: MEGAN GINECKI The word audit has a bad rap. But they don t have to be a pain. Are you covering everything? Cover all your bases: Keyword planners Opportunity tabs Competitive tools Soovle Google Analytics Dynamic Search Ads Mobile Mobile isn t going away How does your website appear on mobile devices? How are we modifying for mobile? Remember there are really only 2 spots on mobile devices Different networks = different strategies Never stop optimizing You can optimize every level of a paid search account. It s not just keywords and ads, you can really audit everything.

146 144 Targeting Geographically Hourly Daily Search Partners (Bing) Language Set milestones and ask how the changes you made are affecting performance. Keywords Your keywords should be tight. Segmented mixture of match types Isolated brand keywords Cautious approach towards broad match Became BFFs with negatives Think outside of the box Your competitors are using the search term in the headline because it s a best practice. Consider cutting it out to stand out. Even if you and your competitors have similar UVPs, you can show your unique side with creative ad copy. Address relevancy Get granular. Granularity allows you to better tailor your user s experience.

147 145 Bidding and budgeting You want to be bidding frequently but strategically. Let bid rules save your time and sanity. Modify for mobile Aim for the first page always but not first position. Have a healthy CPC to budget ratio It s better to get 10 clicks in position 3 than 1 click in position 1 Competitors Be a stalker! Sign up for their newsletter Extensions Extend yourself, appropriately Content Search and content are two completely different mindsets. Remarketing 101 Use universal remarketing pixel Separate image and text Triple check your audiences and custom combinations Try our newer remarketing features

148 146 PLAs are becoming more prominent Remember PLAs are not search Run maintenance reports frequently Optimize your product titles Use relevant images Have conversational based descriptions but blend with USPs If you can, have someone audit your account and audit theirs in return. Don t be afraid to get critiques from someone unfamiliar with your account RLSA: Capturing The Wandering Visitor Larry WordStream Manny aimclear LARRY KIM RLSA = Retargeting Lists for Search Ads

149 147 Targeting search ads based on browsing history RLS, eh? << Larry Kim is another proud Canadian :) How it works Users visit your site, get added to your remarketing list Show them customized ads when they search on Google RLSA is an instant unicorn formula because: 2x higher CTR 50% lower CPC 2x higher conversion rate Why RLSA works Quality Score is mostly based on click-through rate Brand familiarity greatly increases CTR Quality Score affects your CPC Conversion rates also increase with brand awareness

150 148 3 Super Actionable RLSA Campaign Strategies Go with your widest possible segment Start with a +30% RLSA bid adjustment and go from there Try excluding segments ex. Exclude folks who didn t check out = cart abandoners RLSA pet peeves Sometimes you re not increasing conversions, just sucking conversions from other campaigns Need to be careful when structuring campaigns Not that useful for smaller businesses Need a decent retargeting list, not as powerful as GDN display advertising

151 149 Search marketing is about finding new customers too can t just cherry pick bottom of the funnel Terrible acronym (doesn t spell anything cool) The Future of RLSA and PPC marketing PPC marketing is getting way harder paid search CPCs at all-time high in established markets, inventory flat (Yikes) Apps are stealing from desktop search ex. restaurant searches happening in Yelp app Winning at paid search in 2015 means being pickier than ever fewer, higher quality, more expensive clicks Identity-based, demographic marketing already available on Facebook, coming to PPC Future RLSA will look more like marketing, Facebook marketing MANNY RIVAS Consumer-centric retargeting Makes more sense to pay for more competitive keywords when you know they ve already interacted with your brand/blog Obnoxious retargeting alienates potential customers and devalues brand equity need both profitable AND consumer-centric campaigns - i.e. don t be a jerk It can be a fine line between creepy & helpful Our job as PPC marketers is to demystify, serve and remove barriers Make sure stakeholders understand value of a list we paid for them before, we re paying for them again Be mindful of all possible user touch points Q&A takeaways

152 150 Larry Be aggressive about throwing out keywords that don t perform Larry RLSA enables you to get slightly higher-hanging fruit (further up the funnel) than you otherwise would have Larry s Favorite Twitter accounts: Drunk PPC Girl PPC Cat Selling Better: PPC Strategies for Ecommerce and Call Extensions Selling Better: PPC Strategies for Ecommerce Lauren PPC Manager, Seer Interactive Lauren has an adorable dog Shopping Campaigns Organizing is crucial for building great strategies E.g. if you re selling jackets, seasonality and jacket type is really important

153 151 Understand your product selection Strategies Segmenting by price point Customers looking at different price levels are different customers Segment them by price group and bid based on performance Segmenting by product SKU Default for AdWords shopping is all of your products dumped into one bucket But you won t know what s performing if you don t segment specifically by product Frontloading your product titles with your brand name e.g. 28% increase CTR, 53% increase in conversion rate Gives your brand more space Managing Promotion Calendars Tons of promotions every month can feel overwhelming #PromotionOverload CALM DOWN, grab a beer Labels are a way to group similar elements in your account Simple to set up, allows you to switch between promos AdWords only, in the interface, not the editor Automation lets you set rules to more easily manage your account Can use to help you schedule Use your labels to set rules You can set multiple requirements

154 152 Frequency - be cautious that your rule can run at any time within the hour that you set Lauren s experience is they tend to run at the end of the time period Don t forget about time zones, too Name the rule something detailed You can get notifications whenever the rule runs << DO THIS Countdown ads Achievable with small snippet of code Creates a sense of urgency Lauren tested it and saw some serious improvements in her campaign Don t forget about time zone PPC Strategies for Call Extensions Cody Kunning Director, Search Engine Marketing, Marchex Some businesses don t want to drive phone calls Expensive Not easy to track But lots of people WANT to make a phone call after a search, especially from mobile (according to a Google study) Mobile ad spend continues to BLOW UP Desktop is shrinking Mobile is likely to overtake desktop ad spend this year Getting harder for business to ignore phone calls

155 153 Where do calls come from? 60% happen on call extension button << MAKE SURE YOU RE DOING THIS o 40% happen from the landing page Building the call extension Google has some rules You can put your call tracking number It can forward to another number It can be local or toll free Google forwarding number swaps out the number you enter Can be used with call tracking Ad types for call extensions You can pick website and phone number, or just phone number Just phone number can be useful on branded terms Both are good for more general keywords Set up a schedule for your call extensions Set it up for when you can receive the calls (don t waste money when you can t pick up the phone) Google call conversion tracking Really only measures duration and call count Doesn t measure intent Doesn t measure true conversion dollars Super useful though Google is a great tool to use before the call happens, call tracking tools great for after the call happens

156 154 If a mobile landing page is not optimized, use call only ads Separate call tracking by device type for deeper insights Got to see where it s coming from: desktop vs. mobile Setup call conversion tracking with AdWords Talk to the call centre, more data may be available Use all the data you have access to Use a call tracking provider Call tracking Attributes calls back to the keywords Measures consumer intent of phone calls Visibility to bid towards both forms and calls Provides insights of offline actions to improve online optimizations SO MUCH INSIGHT, can help you optimize ads based on what people are actually asking about Basic Call Analytic Insights Hold times are usually lower at national call center s vs. local agents Call Analytics for Search 100% keyword attribution for all calls Relates the call data directly to you keywords #ALLTHEDATA E.g. cable company reduced CPA by 43% and increased revenue by 50% Found the keywords that were driving new customers vs. existing and optimized for them (BOOM) Questions Answered

157 155 What are the impression requirements for Google Forwarding Numbers? There is a minimum Use call tracking Advice: Click to call only you build as a call extension right now On June 15 call only campaigns will replace that ad type Workarounds for automating promotional ads in Bing? Nothing that Lauren is currently aware of Bing is more manual that Google Are the Google tracking numbers recycled? Yes. They will re-use those numbers Transforming Tweets into Closed Deals Tactical Twitter Advertising Merry Social Advertising Director, aimclear

158 156 Fluffy is no longer an option for social! It s not just about community and engagement It s about owning your audiences that are psychographically focused with omnichannel retargeting/remarketing including search remarketing (YAS If you re not doing this you re leaving money on the table Social signals impact SEO Paid amplification in Twitter Promoted tweets: Targeting based on interests, handles, TV targeting, keywords, tailored audiences (including exclusion which is super helpful), behaviours - via 3rd party data (that you can also exclude) These are all OR targeting, hopefully Twitter will allow you to layer at some point Life-reset categories (e.g. retirement, divorce, college students) Pay attention to government, politics (e.g. Airbnb facing legislative changes) Follower targeting: Can be tough You re reaching out to similar followers Can be helpful to use a few handles so you get the overlap You can use handles as keywords Influencers who are engaged will often tweet their own handle Engaged, themed users tweet at authority handles, also Twitter handle tools Use Google - all the lists There may be overlap but it s worth it

159 157 Keyword targeting You can often find intent with keywords First-party data (e.g. your CRM list, website visitors) Export your Linkedin connections Can also use as negative audiences Third-party data Currently restricted but likely to open up more Close the loop with conversion tracking Check it out under Tools in Twitter Promoted Dark Tweets Limit the deliverability like a pro Lead-Gen Card Automatically collects from their Twitter account when they click your CTA More on Twitter Cards: bit.ly/tw-cards Tweets with images work better, generally Content as Tasty as Bacon Mat Head of Social Media, Docusign

160 158 Identify your audience: Are they who you think they are? Understand who they are so you can properly communicate with them Identify your communities How to find them (tools): Social123 (pulls in LinkedIn info) Mintigo (gathers information for campaign building) How to engage communities (tools): Targeted experience by persona Find where they already are 1-1 relationship with key influencers Tools: Demandbase insightpool Be Current / Be a Thought Leader Be fresh and relevant Use Integrated Campaigns Work with other teams to figure out who are they talking to? What are they driving? Highlight Partnerships Cross-pollinate conversations on social Get your target audiences activated

161 159 Community Engagement Identify your advocates - who they are and what are they talking about Inspire action Bring ambassadors deeper into your brand conversation Create a sharable customer experience Amplify positive word of mouth Earning Trust Identify influencers Engage them 1-1, they love getting shout-outs Influencer Communities Smaller group of highly engaged people Set goals, reward your VIPs Questions Answered Twitter keyword targeting: Phrase match for things like hungry o Negative ( -term ) out things you know might come up Broad match for handles How do you identify which influencers are best for your programs? Engagement with your brand Not necessarily the person with the most followers, but more authority Do influencer lists vary by where they are in the funnel? Short answer: yes

162 160 There are general top of funnel stuff type peeps, and then more focused peeps as well How do you weight soft metrics against harder sales metrics? You want to be there for your community, but your boss won t be impressed if you re not showing how you re using that to make sales Where are They? Leverage Geography or PPC Success Amy Senior Manager: Audits, Onboarding, Training, Clix Marketing Choosing the right set-up Do you have local brick and mortar stores? Do you target multiple countries? Are your products seasonal? Do you do business in geographies with varying climates? Does your demand skew in different regions? Are your demographic targets specific? Do regulations for the product/service vary in different areas? Do promos or shipping regulations vary? Do you operate across time zones with fixed hours of operation?

163 161 Why localize? Control messaging Ads Landing pages Control costs Maximize volume Get the most out of other settings Helpful Settings Bid Modifiers Location Groups Income Targeting Places of Interest My Locations Bulk Locations In vs. Searching For Income Targeting Based Upon US Census Data Income Targets Available Top 10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40%

164 162 Lower 50% Reports: Geographic report: The Geographic Report Shows The Performance of Your Geo-Targeted Locations, Whether Your Visitors Are In or Have Shown Interest In Said Locations. User location report: The User Location Report Details the Actual Location of Searchers That Have Clicked Your Ad, Regardless of Whether They Have Shown Interest in A Different Location. Distance report

165 163 Physical location vs. location of interest: Pivot the geographic report to determine if your advanced location settings are helping or hurting Zeroing in on location of interest: If return is more important, adding a negative modifier might make CPA more tolerable, although it would likely also impact lead volume If volume is more important, you could create a separate campaign just for Philadelphia and target only people that are physically in Philadelphia. Find your outliers Create a pivot to determine which geographies perform better or worse than the average. Add Modifiers Add Exclusions Potentially create new campaigns

166 164 User location report Add a slicer to determine locations to exclude Optimization Recap Review geographic data to determine: Setting Adjustments Bid Modifier Adjustments When & Where to Separate Out Campaigns Identifying opportunities

167 165 Spot your outliers: consider targeting new geographies outside of your geotargets, using geo-modified terms The distance report: Review performance by radius Determine opportunities to tighten or expand location targeting Implement hyper-local bid modifiers Where Are They? Leveraging Geography for PPC Success Shane Manager, Paid Media, U-Pack How can you use Geography to be successful in marketing? Think outside the click. Don t overcomplicate it These are the things that matter: Budget allocation, CPC, CPA, Revenue, ROAS, Impressions, Clicks Conversions, Coverage Geo-targeting, geo-bidding >> don t do it unless it makes sense. Only make modifications when there is statistically significant data to support the decision. Performance outliers by specific location: Low CPC/CPA High value/lead, Demand for product/service is high Smarter geo-marketing

168 166 Geo-target wealthy potential customers Demographic criteria (e.g. experience or expecting moms) o E.g.: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide for Vicks. Google Flu Trends Index to alert moms when their local flu levels were high Geo targeting to provide customers with a list of retailers selling the thermometer within a 3-mile radius Targeted based on smart business practices Product availability is limited Cliff Bar example Customers send a geo-tagged tweet when they re outdoors Cliff Bar verifies location Cliff Bar sends instructions to claim a free trail mix bar Customer is automatically entered to win other prizes. Location of interest and physical location only tell part of the story. What do we do about it? Conversion optimizer Benefits in CO outweigh GEO bid modifiers CO looks at many variables in addition to location No, it doesn t give Google too much power In-house bid management solution Bid based on value Change max cpa constantly to maximize return

169 Worldwide Reach: The Impact Of International PPC Katy Point IT Michael SEMrush Overview Most common INTL PPC Mistakes INTL PPC principles Tidbits and tested tactics 1. Common INTL PPC Mistakes Targeting a country you can t provide service to Having one landing page for all global traffic Account is in PST and someone didn t adjust daypart bid strategy American is not proper English Thinking Google is the only search engine in the world research search leaders in different markets Assuming everyone uses credit cards Expecting the same ROI when launching in new markets

170 Principles of International PPC Keywords aren t just words to translate keywords are about intent Think of keywords as language codes that represent a particular category or concept just in that one language - Andy Atkins-Kruger Perform keyword research using local search data Observe competitor s ad text Good localization protects your brand and your investment Consumers want to buy from their own country (we re all a little xenophobic) Do not try to impose one nation s keywords and practices on another Need first-hand local knowledge, research the market - know before you go Program Structure Important to have a central team with local insight, input and oversight Defining goals and what to measure Every market = unique performance = unique goals Awareness and engagement metrics need to be part of your optimization strategy in new markets i.e. sometimes measuring CTR makes sense (if your goal is awareness) Segmentation is queen Segment by region, geo, incomes to conserve spend Deny impressions to places that are simply interested in your region Split budgets cloud results and defy analysis Targeting and language and hybridization People don t search in a perfect world Often people search in English while researching, but revert to native language when ready to convert

171 169 Hybridization = when searches combine languages when querying Mobile is different in every market Google not top dog in Russia, China, Korea, Japan 3. Tidbit and tested tactics Canada Canada isn t just US north This is the easiest global expansion you can do Love free shipping Western & North Europe Ireland is no the UK % traffic by expanding targeting Germans value trust symbols and quality Swiss aren t as price sensitive Dutch love saving money French want the lowest price - brand not as important, very prideful of their Frenchness Italians like classy, sophisticated brands and prefer formal language check our Ferrari s site Spain currently has 23% unemployment rate - think cheap Scandinavians top video and mobile users Australia Sophisticated web users One of highest mobile-using countries

172 170 Used to buying from foreign brands but like to support local Japan Trust is critical Very loyal to Japanese brands Big video consumers Mobile shopping during commuting hours strong wifi signals on the train and long commutes Yahoo! Japan is not the same as Yahoo/Bing BRIC countries Similar stages of economic development Currency issues in conversion against dollars Always test English campaigns in B2B Local payment types especially important Test careful geo-targeting around metropolitan cities people super mobile Your Brand in Visuals: Retargeting with Display Advertising Retargeting Across Display Networks: Smart & Sexy

173 171 David Barton Digital Performance Media Manager, Turner Broadcasting Typically with PPC you re tasked with smart and efficient (not sexy) Retargeting with the Google Display Network It s a lot like paid search Affinity - Google puts people into groups based on their affinity E.g. you like documentaries, you might like CNN Set-top box - targeting based on TV people watch E.g. if someone watches the food network, you can target them Keyword - use your paid search keywords Topic - similar to keyword but more broad E.g. targeting travel sites Placement - sneak your ad into other places Ad units Pre-roll: in front of video including YouTube (don t pay unless someone watches 30 seconds) Text ads Banner ads Lightbox ads - similar to banner but instead of clicking you hover on desktop (still have to click on mobile) o Video GDN Custom Engagement Pop-up over outside sites There is a minimum spend Full tracking of everything in pop-over so you can refine campaign

174 172 Lets you sneak ads places you can t always get them Fully interactive experience, totally custom Great for ecommerce e.g. Anthony Bourdain pop-over geotargetted Cinemagraph - basically an image that only certain parts of it move GDN is rolling them out Test it, likely to improve clicks No minimum spend Understanding Motive - The Key To Display Pete Bahe Voice Evangelist, DialogTech Alright, let s get weird... << we re off to a good start Why is display advertising so effective? When you see something, you group memories together with images 3 levels of psychological exposure Curiosity to recognition to decision Creates a time bridge People get to think that they re knowing your brand Visual modality is dominant for most of you It s how we learn, how we intake information But we have to segment that information So you align it with a belief filter internally

175 173 Creates an internal representation Marketers leverage that internal representation to inspire action If you re showing ads of things that are fleeting your customer has an opportunity to win - to get some of that Tips 1. Leverage presuppositions 2. Challenge the buyer Let them win the game /- 2 You can only hold 7 pieces of info in your mind at any one time Custom Audiences By building super targeted custom lists, you can create a super relevant ad -> MOAR CONVERSIONS Remarketing Audiences in Google Analytics Target by demographics Target by technology (devices, browsers, etc.) Target by behavior (track what they re doing online and target them based on that), look at your path to purchase Target by date of first session Target by traffic source Segment users by single or multi-session conditions E.g. phone calls Push calls into GA as an event, trigger a goal around that event Re-target them differently based on that action E.g. present them a phone number

176 174 You can target them differently based on a chain of events / activities Segment users according to sequential conditions Re-target to build your desired path to purchase It s not a templated approach, you re becoming super relevant to your potential customers Credit Due Set up reports for assisted conversions Questions Answered How do you leverage presupposition in ad copy? E.g. executives at a hotel Might say, 75 executives have stayed at this hotel Try to better associate with your buyer Are cinemagraphs available outside the US? Not sure: ask your rep

177 175 Don t Let Your Takeaways Escape You - A Call to Action That s a wrap, folks! We hope the Unbounce notes were helpful for you and you were able to enjoy HeroConf to the fullest (without being glued to your laptop). One of the themes that kept coming up during the conference was the importance of landing pages. Oli Gardner said it best during his talk: Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page. Unbounce allows marketers to quickly and easily build landing pages that will convert more of their PPC traffic. What are you waiting for?

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