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1 No one has to face cancer alone Annual Report

2 Supporting Patients Families Caregivers One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Over 100,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year in Florida. The Center for Building Hope is here to help with free services that support patients, families and caregivers. We will provide more than 25,000 hours of free support to families affected by cancer this year. It costs $58 for every hour of support that we provide. Will you help us? Please help us by buying an hour of support. To purchase an hour of support go to and click on the I want to buy an hour of support link Communications Parkway Sarasota, Florida

3 A Place of Hope The Center for Building Hope is a non-profit organization that provides FREE psychological, social and educational services for cancer patients, their loved ones and caregivers. With professionallyled support groups and educational workshops, people impacted by cancer learn vital skills to restore hope regardless of the stage of their disease. Our free programs include: support groups for cancer patients, families of patients and caregivers, programs for children, networking groups, individual counseling, workshops with physicians and other experts, exercise programs and nutritional programs. We recently became affiliated with the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General, Harvard s largest teaching hospital and a world leader in the study, advancement, and clinical practice of mind/ body medicine. Our Mission Center for Building Hope offers free information, programs and services to cancer patients, caregivers and family members, while connecting them with others who are undergoing a similar experience. The Center for Building Hope will continue to partner with worldclass health providers. These partnerships will offer education and research opportunities to better support not only our participants, but cancer patients, their families and caregivers in every corner of the United States. Our primary, state-of-the-art facility is an optimal healing environment that combines healing arts, design and nature. Surrounded by healing gardens, it is a model facility that serves thousands of people affected by cancer. In summary, the concept behind the Center for Building Hope was to create an environment that would help change people s lives. This environment offers an eternal symbol of hope, and a bridge from diagnosis to recovery.

4 Table of Contents Letter from Board Chair 5 Letter from Cancer Survivor 6 Volunteer Opportunities 7 Board of Trustees 8 Related Committees 10 Our Business Model 11 Letter from CEO 12 Center for Building Hope Staff 13 Program Facilitators 14 Program Instructors 15 Brides Against Breast Cancer Staff 17 Leanna s Way 18 Auditor s Letter 19 Selected Information from Annual Financial Statements 20 Donors 28 Letter from Program Director 41 Medical Resource Council 41 Program Listings 42 Program Statistics 43 Our Events 44 Donation Pledge Form CBH ANNUAL REPORT

5 Letter from our Board Chair CAROL ANN KALISH The mind and body work together to impact our overall health and our recovery from illness or disease. This simple principle underlies all our efforts to bring the highest quality support to thousands of people touched by cancer. It is a principle backed by extensive research, and quality cancer care now includes a requirement to address patients psychosocial health needs. As a long-time Sarasota healthcare attorney, I have seen how a diagnosis of cancer can change the lives of individuals and families in our community. Fortunately, advances in medicine have resulted in better treatments and more favorable clinical outcomes. However, patients also need high quality emotional, psychological and physical support, during and after their treatments, in order to maintain a high quality of life. Statistics indicate that the State of Florida is second only to California in the number of new cancer diagnoses each year. The good news is that the five-year relative survival rate is up to nearly 70 percent, compared with 50 percent in Thus, more people are living with cancer and that is where our organization has a major impact. We provide the tools seminars, support groups, exercise classes, nutrition programs, stress reduction techniques and our participants determine what tools they need. We help each individual find the information, the support and the hope they need to become active participants in their own recovery. setting to share their experiences, challenges and fears. In turn, many of them join our organization as volunteers, helping others facing this disease. The result is an empowered community of individuals who become the real experts on how to deal with cancer in their lives. Now, in our 17th year, we are dramatically expanding our commitment to the health and well-being of those affected by a cancer diagnosis. In less than two years, we have tripled the number of our participants and more than doubled the number of programs we offer them. Since all of our services are free, we have redoubled our fundraising efforts to keep pace with this growth, and we have embraced venture philanthropy through our acquisition of Brides Against Breast Cancer, an exciting and successful new venture described elsewhere in this report. Thanks to these initiatives, to our generous donors, to our professional staff and to our volunteers, no one ever has to face cancer alone. If you have not visited our campus yet, I urge you to come out and see for yourself how healthful materials and design, nature and caring people have combined to help improve quality of life and chances for recovery. And, if you have a friend, neighbor or family member touched by cancer, I urge you to tell them about Center for Building Hope and encourage them to make that first visit. We also recognize the impact cancer can have on caregivers and other family members, including children. We offer them a safe and comfortable CAROL ANN KALISH 2012 CBH ANNUAL REPORT 5

6 Courage, Comfort and Hope Cancer Patients Benefit from a Warm, Caring Community By: Norma Kelly 2010 was a very hard year for me, I got married January 1st, and 19 days later my mother passed away. Two months later my father also passed. In April, I collapsed at work unable to walk after suffering a year of severe back pain. In May, I was diagnosed Anyone going through the with stage four breast cancer that had metastasized trauma of a cancer diagnosis to my spine. My employer upon hearing the news should never feel that they are fired me, and I spent the next three months in the alone in their struggles, or that hospital and rehab while they tried to stabilize my no one knows what they re spine and teach me to walk again. I was released going through. Finding this September 1st, and my husband died of a heart network of loving supporters attack on October 3rd. was invaluable to me and having the creative outlet of In November, my sister found a calendar from the my classes made me happy. the Center for Building Hope and brought it home for me. I came to a counseling session and was introduced to my first support group. The rest as they say is history. It felt so good to hear I was not alone in my struggles. I joined another breast cancer group that met once a month and met some wonderful supportive women there who answered the questions my doctor didn t seem to be able to answer; like what s going on with my fingernails? Or, why is my eye watering so much? I joined a young survivors group and learned even more about testing and negative vs. positive results, different medicines and events and activities available for survivors. I made a lot of new friends at these groups and that was essential for me. I joined the watercolor class, knitting class, sewing class and ultimately the writing class. They not only gave me something to look forward to, but I made even more wonderful, supportive friends with others who were struggling, surviving and thriving with their diagnoses. Today, two years later, I still participate in my group, still come and meet with the monthly groups, and of course my weekly classes. I am very thankful that these programs were available to me and I tell everyone I meet about the Center for Building Hope and its many programs. I even carry around business cards to hand out. Anyone going through the trauma of a cancer diagnosis should never feel that they are alone in their struggles, or that no one knows what they re going through. Finding this network of loving supporters was invaluable to me and having the creative outlet of my classes made me happy CBH ANNUAL REPORT

7 Volunteers are Appreciated! As we grow and develop the Center for Building Hope, we are constantly looking for more people to join our Volunteer Team and help us reach even more families affected by cancer. Volunteers make what we do possible. The work they do is important and rewarding. Special folks willing to lend a hand and mind to our cause are needed for a variety of tasks. Volunteer Opportunities at CBH FRONT DESK RECEPTION: Volunteers are always needed to staff the reception desk. Duties include answering phones, taking messages, and performing light clerical work. Shifts are Monday through Friday from 9:00-1:00 or 1:00-5:00. Periodically, CBH prepares a mass mailing for fundraising or other purposes. Volunteers are needed to stuff, seal and stamp envelopes. Sondra Schantz - Volunteer Coordinator OUTREACH: Volunteers are needed to be "Champions" for CBH. Volunteers will help to increase CBH visibility by developing relationships with organizations. Volunteer opportunities are available to deliver calendars on a specific route determined by the Center. Volunteers are needed to set up, clean up and represent the Center at various health fairs. SPECIAL EVENT SUPPORT: CBH holds many fundraising events, both on and off-site. These are fun, exciting, popular events and amount to a substantial portion of the funds CBH needs to do its important work in the community. Lots of different tasks are available, from event sign in and checkout, to tour guides, to servers for luncheons. Anyone can contribute! Committee members as well as day-ofevent support is needed for all of these events every year. Courtyard at Center for Building Hope DATA ENTRY & WORD PROCESSING (Project Related): Volunteers are needed to perform light data entry as well as execute mail merges for mailings for CBH fundraisers, donations, and outreach activities. For more information on volunteering at CBH, please contact Debbie Dreier, Volunteer Coordinator at You can also visit to download a volunteer application. Harriet Kramer and Rosella Hall Volunteers and Participants at Center for Building Hope 2012 CBH ANNUAL REPORT 7

8 Board of Trustees Sue Bassett Klauber Sue, a native Torontonian, joined the Center for Building Hope board in 1998 as a strong advocate of cancer support. In 2000 and 2001, Sue served as board chair of the The Wellness Community, now Center for Building Hope. She has chaired the nominating committee, the Victors Circle, and she served as honorary co-chair for Flight of Hope. Sue and her husband, Murf have generously hosted many fundraising receptions for CBH including the 3-day National Cancer Support Community annual meeting held in November Todd Hoch Todd has served on the Center for Building Hope board of directors since He is a Regional Trust Advisor in the private Wealth Management Division of SunTrust. Todd began his wealth management career at Bank of Hawaii in Todd has a bachelor s degree from the University of Hawaii where he studied finance and economics and he has a master s degree in business administration from San Diego State University. Todd s connection to cancer is personal. He has served on the board of the American Cancer Society and his father is a prostate cancer survivor. James Braun Jim Braun is serving on the Center for Building Hope board a third year, after previously serving from He is the chair of the finance and audit committee. Jim is the vice president for investments with Stifel Nicolaus where he works primarily with private clients to preserve and grow wealth. He has also worked with WebMD, United Healthcare and Zenith Insurance in his business career. Jim, his wife Kathye and golden retriever have lived in Laurel Oak since His family members and friends confront and battle cancer. Daniel Hoffe Dan joined the Center for Building Hope board in 2011 and serves on the fundraising committee. He is a wealth advisor with BB&T Bank in Sarasota. Dan is a certified Financial Planner professional. He is a graduate of Brown University, Boston College Law School and he earned his MBA at the University of South Florida. Dan is a past president of both the Brown Club and the Ivy League Club of Sarasota/Manatee. Dan currently serves on the Ringling College Library Association Board of Directors. Dwight Fitch, MD Dwight Fitch joined the Center for Building Hope board in He previously served as Chair and Emcee of the Celebration of Hope Dinner. Dwight is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and he attended the University of Michigan for undergraduate and medical school. He moved to Bradenton in 2006 and practices mainly in the Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch areas. Dr. Fitch commented, As a practicing oncologist, I see first hand the devastating effect that a cancer diagnosis can have on family, friends and caregivers. I strongly believe that the psychosocial support that the Center for Building Hope provides is integral to the complete care of the patient. I feel truly honored and blessed to be able to be involved with such a great organization. Angela Freeman Angela Freeman has served the Center for Building Hope board since 1996, working both on the nominating and capital campaign committees. Angela has been fortunate to not have any family members affected by cancer; however, she has many friends who have dealt with the devastating disease. Angela said, That is why I am passionate in my feelings for CBH, because I have personally seen the positive effect it has on my friends. Carol Ann Kalish Carol Ann is currently the Chair of the board of the Center for Building Hope, a position she has held since 2009, having joined the Board in She served on the program committee for two years, and joined the Executive Committee as vice chair in She is a board certified health lawyer with the Williams Parker Law Firm. Carol Ann s guidance has been a strong asset to the Center for Building Hope s continued growth. Tracy Knight Tracy Knight joined the board of Center for Building Hope in early She is a cancer survivor and has lost several family members and friends to cancer. She is currently the principal owner of Knight Marketing, a national marketing firm focused on health care, as well as the publisher of Venice Magazine. She and her husband have been residents of the Venice area since the 1970s CBH ANNUAL REPORT

9 Board of Trustees Beth Knopik Beth has served on the Center for Building Hope board since October Prior to her board appointment, she was an active volunteer, raising funds for the capital campaign and creating awareness about the CBH mission. Beth served as chair for Night of Hope, Over the Moon Gala the past two years, and she serves on the board fundraising committee. One of her personal objectives is to increase opportunities for people to see the facility and learn more about the CBH s mission by coordinating social events in tandem with this goal. Alfred Rose Born and raised in New York City, Alfred graduated from the Wharton School in He and his wife Adela have been living in Sarasota since Alfred has been an active board member at CBH for nearly 16 years. He previously served as chair of the Cancer Support Community s Capital Campaign where he worked tirelessly raising funds for the new Center for Building Hope building which opened in Alfred continues to serve on the fundraising and finance committees. Dave Shaver Dave is a cancer survivor and has been a member of the CBH board for 10 years. He is a former board chair and currently serves as chair of the fundraising and public relations committees. He also serves on the governance committee. A retired corporate executive, Dave was PR Vice President of AT&T and later head of Brand Management for Lucent Technologies. Richard C. Thie II Richard Rick C. Thie, II has been a member of the CBH board since April 2011 and serves on the fundraising committee. He is cofounder and partner in his own independent registered investment advisory firm, Lifetime Investment Management, LLC. Rick, who lost his mother to pancreatic cancer, is a passionate contributor to nonprofits in both Florida and Michigan and currently serves as founding president of Jane H. Thie Memorial Fund, Inc. The organization is dedicated to raising funds critical to the eradication of pancreatic cancer. Rick joined the board of CBH to help others impacted similarly by the ravages of cancer. Robert L. Schauer Bob has been a member of the board since April, He currently serves on the fundraising committee. Bob worked for 37 years at AT&T, from which he retired as a member of the executive committee and vice president of worldwide public relations and corporate communications. He also headed up Public Relations for the M.A. Hanna Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Bob joined the board of CBH because he wanted to help others and realized virtually everyone is either directly or indirectly affected by cancer. Sally Wright Sally and Douglas Wright are founding members of the original Wellness Community. In the communities where she has lived, Sally has served on boards of non-profit health organizations, public television, and a school board. Since moving to Sarasota, she has devoted time and effort to the mission of the Center for Building Hope. Sally has been a trustee since the 1990 s and has been on the national board, served as the interim Executive Director of the Sarasota organization, and as the board chair for two terms. Sally is on the governance and fundraising committees. The Center for Building Hope is a great resource for community-based organizations of all types. Whether a partnering cancer care provider, social service agency, church or other organization, CBH can help anyone in your constituency affected by cancer, and all our services are free of charge. CBH can either partner with your organization by simply receiving a referral of anyone needing our professional services or by establishing an ongoing collaborative partnership. Please call for further information CBH ANNUAL REPORT 9

10 Board of Trustees OFFICERS and MANAGEMENT Board Chair Carol Ann Kalish Vice-Chairman Dave Shaver Treasurer Jim Braun Secretary Dan Hoffe PRESIDENT and CEO Carl Ritter TRUSTEES Gerald Biller - New as of December 2012 Sue Bassett-Klauber Dwight Fitch, M.D. Angela Freeman Todd Hoch Tracy Knight Beth Knopik Alfred Rose Robert Schauer Jennifer Swanson - New as of December 2012 Richard Thie II Sally Wright HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Ron Ciaravella Frances LaCivita Vernon DeSear GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE Chair Carol Ann Kalish Trustee Alfred Rose Trustee Dave Shaver Trustee Sally Wright Trustee Jim Braun FINANCE and AUDIT Chair Jim Braun Trustee Beth Knopik Trustee Alfred Rose FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE Chair Dave Shaver Trustee Danielle Hoffe Trustee Todd Hoch Trustee Tracy Knight Trustee Beth Knopik Trustee Alfred Rose Trustee Robert Shauer Trustee Richard Thie II Trustee Sally Wright NOMINATING COMMITTEE Chair Angela Freeman CENTER FOR BUILDING HOPE Features: A studio for exercise and meditation A teaching kitchen and a library An Ask the Doctor living room for educational programs An expressive arts studio for children s therapy Gallery spaces for patients, family members and artists PUBLIC RELATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Chair Dave Shaver Consultant Allison Moore Trustee Tracy Knight Marketing Director Debby Steele PRESIDENT S COUNCIL Charlie Ann Syprett David Gurley Sandra Hanan Teri Hansen Katherine Harris Nancy Mina Sharyn Weiner An internet café to learn and share information Healing gardens for horticultural therapy, reflection and Tai Chi A spiritual labyrinth garden Technology to support remote programs and podcasts CBH ANNUAL REPORT

11 Our Business Model Compassion, high standards and rock-solid governance provide an exceptional foundation for Center for Building Hope to provide a comprehensive array of free services to Sarasota and Manatee County residents and visitors. Thanks to our energetic, passionate staff Center for Building Hope offers high-quality care in a truly worldclass environment. Our unique, five-acre campus provides a healing setting and a warm, welcoming home for our programs for adults, children, couples and families in our community. For those in need, Center for Building Hope offers hope and encouragement, as well as the tools to build a more positive, healthy life. Our Mandate To provide support groups, exercise classes and educational programs for people affected by cancer in our community and across the United States. To review and update our programs, based on the evolving needs of our community. To ensure sound corporate governance and maintain a balanced budget so we can continue to provide our services at no cost to every individual and family affected by cancer. Program Management Because the heart of our mission is providing services to people affected by cancer, we continually monitor our programs to ensure they meet the needs of our community. Every month, we complete detailed statistics, analyze the results and present our findings to the Board of Trustees. If demand for a program is growing or falling we can respond quickly and make any needed changes to ensure optimal use of our resources. Because performance metrics do not always tell the whole story, our professional program management team meets weekly to discuss what is working and what needs adjustment. This qualitative discussion, combined with close monitoring of our performance metrics, keeps our programs fresh and effective in serving our community. Financial Management Our financial management process begins with the development of a five-year financial model and a detailed annual budget based on that longer-term perspective. This annual budget is developed with input from our program, development and administrative staff with a focus on our organization s mandate and current objectives. At least 30 days before the end of the fiscal year, a draft budget is presented to the Finance and Audit Committee. After reviewing the budget in detail and making any needed adjustments, the committee presents the annual budget to the Board of Trustees for approval. Each month, our financial staff provides each trustee with detailed financial statements, including cash position statements, pledge balance reports and a comparison between budget projections and actual results. In addition, the Finance and Audit Committee meets quarterly to examine multiple aspects of the financial report as part of our internal audit process. Each year, an independent firm is engaged to conduct our annual audit. This report is presented to the Board of Trustees within 75 days of the end of the fiscal year, so our trustees have an opportunity to review the findings, ask any questions and finally approve the audited financials for distribution. Then, we finalize our annual report and deliver it to our stakeholders in the community. Fundraising Our year-round fundraising efforts are in four major categories: major gifts, events, the annual fund and Brides Against Breast Cancer. A staff member is responsible for each of these core groups and develops an annual budget and action plan together with our management team. The fundraising team focuses on different constituent demographics, allowing our organization to broaden our base of support in the community. We apply our knowledge and creativity to develop new products, events and fundraising ideas and we monitor the results to see which approaches are most effective. Key to all of our efforts is state-of-the-art data base management. Community Outreach Our team uses the latest technology to support our fundraising and expand our outreach into the community. We recognize that the creative use of website marketing and social media activity makes a difference in today s world of competitive fundraising. We have been able to capitalize on social media marketing by creating applications that fit into this rapidly changing online sector. Our proactive strategy embraces Facebook and Twitter, as well as an active and continuously updated web presence. We have increased our Facebook friends by focusing on interesting topics and numerous call to action events. These online conversations allow our organizations to connect with potential participants and supporters of all generations CBH ANNUAL REPORT 11

12 Letter from our Chief Executive Officer CARL RITTER A major theme of Center for Building Hope operations is growth growth in the number of people we serve and in the number of professionally-led programs and services we offer them. Since the opening of our Lakewood Ranch facility in October, 2010, we have tripled our number of participants. We now have about 2,000 individuals who attend one or more of our programs on a regular basis. We also have experienced a dramatic increase in the variety of free information and support we offer to cancer patients, their caregivers and other family members, particularly children. We are offering even more cancer-specific support groups, exercise classes, nutrition programs and a wide range of creative stress reduction opportunities. Of course, we continue to offer multiple education seminars in which medical professionals provide up-to-date information on research, treatments and medical trials. All this growth and these free services are very helpful to families impacted by cancer. However, the growth has been accompanied by the need for a substantial increase in funds. And the current philanthropic environment, and the enormous competition for donor dollars locally, convinced us it was time to explore more non-traditional fundraising sources. In the past year, this resulted in an increase in the number and types of fundraising techniques and events, as well as the acquisition of a national non-profit organization. In December 2011, we acquired most of the assets of Brides Against Breast Cancer (BABC) and moved the operation from Portland, Oregon, to a new location in Lakewood Ranch. BABC offered us a simple, mission-compatible business model: Bridal gowns are donated by individuals, bridal shops, manufacturers and designers. We sell these new and gently-used gowns at significant discounts at bridal shows around the country. The revenue being generated by BABC is making a significant contribution to our mission of delivering free services to hundreds more families locally. We also partner with local cancer support organizations in the communities we visit, sharing revenues from bridal shows and expanding outreach services and information to families touched by cancer in those markets. Like our foundation partners, we believe this approach offers a creative new model for non-profit support. In fact, Gulf Coast Community Foundation provided a low-interest loan which covered the initial acquisition and start-up costs for BABC and in October, 2012 they provided a second loan which is allowing us to expedite expansion of our Tour of Gowns to 200 shows per year. This is a true example of multiplication philanthropy, as each dollar of current capacity investment will be multiplied for years to come. Finally, I would like to mention another important aspect of our growth this year our professional growth. Our mission requires more than just being able to meet the future demand for our free services. Our board and staff are committed to being the best at delivering psychosocial support to individuals affected by cancer. Thus, in May, 2012, we announced a new affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital and its Benson- Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. The training our clinical staff already is receiving from Harvard Medical School s largest teaching hospital is helping us to further enhance the quality and range of our multiple mind-body programs and services. Combined with new and continuing affiliations with local hospitals and medical practices, our collaborative approach will help ensure that we continue to deliver the best psychosocial support available anywhere CBH ANNUAL REPORT

13 Our Staff Carl Ritter PRESIDENT and CEO Carl Ritter is the President and CEO of the Center for Building Hope. Prior to joining CBH, he served as chairman and CEO of a regional finance company for 16 years. Carl first learned about the Center for Building Hope through his wife, Carol, a seven-year cancer survivor. In his spare time, Carl is a passionate yachtsman and licensed captain. Originally from Toronto, Carl and Carol began spending winters on Lido Beach in 2000 and moved to Sarasota permanently in DEVELOPMENT Susan Kenyon Major Gifts Development Director Susan joined CBH in June She is responsible for enhancing CBH s current fundraising programs and working with major donors and foundations to fulfill their philanthropic goals and furthering the mission of CBH. Susan has extensive experience in sales and business development. Cancer has touched my life in significant ways. My father died from complications of prostate cancer and my best friend of 23 years lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving behind her 6-year old child, she explained. I am driven to help build awareness about the need for cancer support for families and anyone affected. Rich Bergman Major Gifts Fundraising Consultant Rich Bergman is a retired entrepreneur and a community activist who has been a fundraising consultant for the Center for Building Hope for more than four years. During that time he has worked with the Building Hope committee to raise the $8 million needed to build our new state-of-the art, Gold LEED green campus in Lakewood Ranch. Rich has been working with Kiwanis, Rotary and other organizations, as well as individual donors, to raise awareness of and funding for CBH. He has also been instrumental in CBH receiving numerous grants from charitable foundations. Rich a 13-year cancer survivor, has become an active and enthusiastic spokesman for CBH, encouraging those affected by cancer to take the most active role possible in their recovery. Michelle Brault Development Director Michelle Brault currently serves at Development Director for Events. She is responsible for building community relationships, creating and executing special events as well as beneficiary events for the Center for Building Hope. Events each year include: Celebrity Bartending, Run2Live 5K, Family Fun Run, themed dinners, a Poker Run, along with beneficiary events such as Tennis Tournaments, Fashions Shows, Golf Tournaments, and Dodge Ball. Fern Buchler Grant Writer For the past three years, Fern, working with Bergman Consulting, has been the grant researcher and writer for the Center for Building Hope. Prior to moving to Sarasota in 2006, Fern was vice president of development for St. Ann s Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fern was also executive director of Big Brothers-Big Sisters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Debby Steele Director of Marketing Debby comes to Center for Building Hope with extensive experience in marketing and public relations. She served as the past president of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association and she also served on the state board of directors of FPRA. Debby is responsible for the design and production of marketing collateral for both the Center for Building Hope and Brides Against Breast Cancer. Debby said, CBH offers caregivers fabulous support of which I will always be grateful. I have been very touched by the kindness shown to me during my husband s battle with cancer. CBH makes it possible for anyone to participate in our programs and that is a tremendous gift. OPERATIONS Nancy Hendricks Operations Director Nancy is a 10-year veteran at Center for Building Hope. She came to the organization looking for information when her dad was suffering from stage four non-small cell lung cancer and quickly became involved. In her role as Operations Director, she maintains the day-to-day operations at CBH and works with auditors, vendors, human resources and consumer products. Nancy also lends a hand by assisting with our large-scale special events. She believes Being part of this family has helped me immensely with the challenges not only in my family situations, but it allows me to give and help those in our community. Watching CBH evolve from Clark Road to this beautiful building has been awesome. Debbie Dreier Operations Administrator Debbie s duties at CBH are varied and include: managing the volunteers and front desk staffing, coordinating donor information, purchasing and assisting with events. She has been with the organization for two years. Debbie was 8-years old when she lost her grandmother to cancer. Just two weeks after beginning her job at CBH, her father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Debbie says working at CBH has helped her cope and she feels like she has a safety net by being affiliated with this organization. Troy Jones Facilities Program Associate Troy began his career at Center for Building Hope as a volunteer in 2008 assisting with major events, and he managed maintenance of the buildings. As CBH expanded, Troy was promoted to Facilities Manager / Programs Associate. Troy has a real passion for helping people which has made him a great fit at CBH. Troy said, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to show others the great programs and support we offer here at the Center for Building Hope. I also love to share how this facility has helped me cope with the loss of my great aunt who passed away seven years ago, and a great uncle four years ago to mesothelioma CBH ANNUAL REPORT 13

14 Our Staff Jon Herz-Midler Network Administrator Jon has been working as a Network Administrator since He spent many years in IT at both Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill before moving to Florida. He is delighted to be working at CBH. Jon commented, This is the first organization I have worked for that held such a personal connection for me. Besides losing grandparents and family members to cancer over the years, I lost my wife to cancer shortly after her 39th birthday, when our son was only 6. I have a tremendous appreciation for the work that we do here, and what a positive impact it can have on people s lives. PROGRAMS Andrea Feldmar, LCPC Program Director Andrea is the program director for the Center for Building Hope. She is an experienced counselor who is familiar with the emotional needs of patients, family and caregivers dealing with cancer. In 1994, her 2-year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Her personal experience fueled her drive to create crisis counseling for families in similar circumstances. Andrea is responsible for developing and implementing all of CBH s programs - which are free to participants. Andrea has two grown daughters, one who had leukemia and was cured with a bone marrow transplant from her sister. Diane Whitten, MFT Outreach Coordinator Diane Whitten comes to Center for Building Hope with an extensive background, which includes working as clinical director in a multiservice organization in Connecticut where she was also a state-licensed marriage and family therapist. Prior to moving to Florida, Dianne was a nationally-accredited clinical supervisor by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Dianne manages community outreach to build awareness of CBH s programs and she develops relationships with medical providers, other professionals, businesses and civic organizations. She serves on community committees to promote CBH services and offers CBH s assistance where appropriate on health issues, as well as projects and special events. Diane also manages the CBH database and statistics, assists in production of marketing materials and the monthly calendar, and provides program support. PROGRAM FACILITATORS Gwen Atkins Gwen became interested in the disease of cancer in the year 1998, when she lost her neighbor to breast cancer, and later a family member to a rare type of cancer. Because of these devastating experiences, Gwen decided to promote early intervention, screening, and treatment to all clients in order to try to save lives. Gwen became a co-facilitator for the Center for Building Hope in Before then she worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital for two years and the Sarasota County health department for 28 years, as a public health nurse and later a senior public health nurse supervisor. In 2005, Gwen was the recipient of The Stephen H. Goldman, MD. Keystone Award. She has received numerous community service awards. In 2004, Gwen was honored by ABC7 as a Bright Spot on the Suncoast, and she was awarded Citizen of the Year in 2008 by Kappa Alpha Phi Fraternity. Gwen believes that we are making a difference in the lives of the people that attend the programs, not only do we provide them with information regarding cancer, but we give them love support, encouragement, meditation and prayers. Eleanor Ball Eleanor Ball started her journey spreading cancer awareness information over 18 years ago. Her concern for the underinsured and underserved residents residing in North Sarasota County was the motivating factor. Eleanor worked for Sarasota Memorial Hospital and retired in 2005 as a Hospitality Manager. Her involvement with the Center for Building Hope dates back to 2004 through providing nutrition information and meal preparation to the North Support Group. Eleanor has enjoyed the years that she along with her co-partner, Jackie Lampkin have prepared nutritious and comforting means, seasoned with love to the participants in the North Support Group. Eleanor serves as the Program Director for the Newtown Wellness Program. She has received several awards and most recently, she received the ABC7 We Care Award and the NAACP Community Service Award. Elizabeth Bornstein LCSW Elizabeth s family experiences with cancer have made her keenly aware of how chronic and life-limiting illness can significantly impact individuals and their loved ones. These experiences influenced her decision to work in the field of cancer care and become involved with the Center for Building Hope. Elizabeth has been a Clinical Social Worker since 1991 and an Oncology Social Worker with Sarasota Memorial Health Care System (SMHCS) since She provides counseling and healing arts programming for patients and their loved ones dealing with the many challenges associated with a diagnosis of cancer, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Elizabeth has been on Center for Building Hope s Medical Advisory Board since She has been a co-facilitator for Center for Building Hope s programs in Newtown since Elizabeth was a Stephen H. Goldman, MD Keystone Honor Roll recipient in Marie Borsellino, RN, BSN, OCN, CBPN-C Marie Borsellino is an oncology nurse with 25 years experience working with adult oncology patients in a variety of roles that include inpatient and outpatient settings. Since 2008, Marie has focused on the growing field of oncology patient navigation and assumed the role of breast health navigator for Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System in Sarasota, Florida. She has co-facilitated advanced breast groups and advocated the services at CBH for many years CBH ANNUAL REPORT

15 Our Staff Brenda Gonzalez, LCSW Facilitator Brenda is a bilingual psychotherapist. She joined the Center for Building Hope in She has been coordinating the hispanic support groups since January, 2009, and is proud to be part of the energetic and vibrant Hispanic community in Southwest Florida. Brenda is a member of the Lymphoma Leukemia Society and is in private practice with Neuropsychology and Behavioral Associates in Sarasota. Laurel Healy, LCSW Clinical Specialist Laurel Healy is a 14-year veteran at Center for Building Hope facilitating support and networking groups, orienting new participants and making outreach phone calls to new patients identified by their doctors. We provide a service that is missing for so many people. It is inspiring to see people share their deep fears and to reach out to each other with love, Laurel says. People are in touch with the humanity that connects us all instead of the differences that can divide us. I am aware of my good fortune with my health and with all that I have. I have a yardstick by which to put everything else in proportion. Kent Kauffman, LCSW Facilitator Kent is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 25 years of counseling on Florida s Suncoast. He joined CBH as a group facilitator in late Kent provides leadership for several groups including For Men Only at CBH s Lakewood Ranch facility and at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton. He also facilitates a second group at CBH and a weekly group on Longboat Key. Kent believes it is a privilege to work with the Center for Building Hope in fulfilling its mission to help those affected by cancer and by seeing the difference it makes in group participants lives. Karen Kelley, RN, MARC, LMHC Facilitator Karen is a Psychiatric Registered Nurse and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. More importantly, Karen is a proud 20-year breast cancer survivor. I feel honored to be part of such a positive and progressive program that helps empower people diagnosed with cancer, and also provides such needed support for their caregivers and families. I wish my family had CBH when I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer when I was 41-years old, with two young children, says Karen. She lives the inspiring story each day that there is life after cancer and even after grandchildren. Dr. Lisa Merritt Facilitator Lisa received her medical degree from Howard University, was trained in family and community medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and completed her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Dr. Merritt has incorporated complementary medicine approaches in her practice for more than 25 years. She is trained in acupuncture, herbal and nutrition medicine, detoxification protocols, craniosacral therapy and mesotherapy. She has been a caregiver for many cancer survivors in her family and holds personal and professional commitment to the vision of the Center for Building Hope. Dr. Julie O Brien, LMHC Julie is a licensed mental health counselor and has worked at the Center for Building Hope approximately 13 years. She received her doctoral degree this year in Counseling Education and Supervision from Argosy University. She facilitates cancer support groups and provides supportive services for children and their families struggling with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer first touched Julie s life when she lost a high school friend to cancer and more recently her mother and grandmother. Working at the Center for Building Hope has been incredibly meaningful work for her and she feels honored and privileged to be walking side by side with those surviving and thriving with a cancer diagnosis. Tanya Prete Facilitator Tanya Prete is a Certified Child Life Specialist. Tanya has passion and experience helping hospitalized and critically ill children to master difficult life challenges. Child Life Specialists use play and art to help children explore and express their feelings, better understand difficult circumstances, and develop coping skills. PROGRAM INSTRUCTORS Rolston Cordner Rolston is an accomplished Martial Arts Instructor. He feels there is a need to maintain consistency in internal and external fitness programs. Rolson became a practitioner of Northern Shaolin and has made it his goal to proactively assist people in altering their mind, body and awareness about exercise. He was featured in an international documentary film that received numerous awards for different techniques of application, practice, and development of Northern Shaolin themes. He incorporates in his exercise routine Qigong, Tai Chi and martial arts. Each of these are designed to transform a person from the inside out and helps to regain dexterity. Elaine Dohms Licensed Massage Therapist Elaine Dohms is a licensed massage therapist and she is certified in oncology massage. She is a 17-year breast cancer survivor. Specializing in clinical massage, Elaine focuses on resolving specific medical challenges and dealing with chronic or acute pain. Elaine teaches a couples massage class at CBH and is the president and owner of Essential Healing in Bradenton. Janie Gibson, RYT Pilates Instructor/Volunteer Janie s father died of lung cancer about 11 years ago. In her search for a volunteer opportunity to honor her father, she found the Center for Building Hope and began as a receptionist volunteer four years ago. Janie has been a certified fitness professional for more than 30 years and owns and operates Peaceful Personal Training, working full-time as a personal trainer, yoga, pilates and group fitness instructor. Another opportunity at the Center came 2012 CBH ANNUAL REPORT 15

16 Our Staff when she was asked to teach a Pilates class. She teaches on Tuesday evenings. Janie also helps update the CBH website calendar each month. Linda Keegan Instructor Originally from New Hampshire, Linda Keegan came to Bradenton in 2004 from Pittsburgh, where she owned a school of fine arts. Linda teaches watercolors, oils and acrylics, concentrating on technique and fun. Linda is a cancer survivor. Debra Lambert Instructor Debra owns a yarn shop downtown Sarasota, where some of the women from her yarn shop have battled cancer. She has seen how valuable support is when fighting this disease. Debra teaches knitting, crochet and spinning at CBH. Fiber art has been a lifelong passion she shares with the community. Debra has a bachelor s degree in interior design and is the mother of three grown children. Teaching is an important and wonderful way Debra feels she can give back to the community. Linda Lee Instructor Linda Lee has been an instructor for Center for Building Hope since May She teaches yoga and meditation to participants, helping them cope with their cancer diagnosis and enhancing their quality of life. Linda is a registered yoga teacher with advanced standing through The Yoga Alliance and a long-standing member in the International Yoga Teacher s Association. She is an active member in the International Yoga Therapists Association and is director of Health Matters - a studio for health located in downtown Sarasota. Linda has practiced yoga since youth, and looks at it as a true gift to be passed on to others as the healing art and science it is. Pam Mathis, MEd, RD, LD Nutrition Consultant Pam has been the nutrition consultant for CBH since A registered dietician and a licensed wellness coach, Pam provides nutrition classes, group support and individual counseling on a variety of health and nutrition topics as they relate to cancer. She feels her role is to empower people with the information and tools they need to implement the nutrition component of their treatment. Caregivers and people with cancer feel they can be proactive in their treatment and recovery, by making good food choices a priority. She is very proud of her association with the people and mission of CBH and especially enjoys helping people through their treatment and seeing them prosper as survivors. Dawn Moore Stitch and Chat Instructor After a career in the life insurance business, Dawn retired to the Florida Keys in 1995 and moved to Englewood in 2006, a month before she was diagnosed with cancer. Dawn said, My love of sewing started as a child, but I didn t begin quilting seriously until I am an active member of two quilting guilds. Volunteering at the Center for Building Hope combines my love of quilting and my passion for cancer patient support. She volunteers with Reach to Recovery for the American Cancer Society and she was a 2012 Florida Advocacy Day delegate to the state legislature for ACS. Alena Nikos - Exercise Instructor Alena s first connection with Center for Building Hope was in 1998 during her father s challenge with melanoma and mother-in-law s with breast cancer. In 2007, she returned to teach group classes at CBH in Qigong and Tai Chi, both of which are gentle movement/stress release classes tailored for the needs of patients and loved ones. Dr. John Orsborn A.P., D.O.M Qigong Instructor Dr. John is an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He has been practicing Qigong (chee gong) for more than 30 years and has been an instructor for the Center for Building Hope for nearly four years. Qigong is an ancient health science and energy management system and is a simple yet powerful way to support healing. Having been seriously injured in a traffic accident eight years ago. Dr. John made a remarkable recovery utilizing Qigong and knows firsthand of its powerful healing effects. Dr. Orsborn commented, Assisting in the healing process of the participants of the CBH, where people and community come first, has been a wonderful experience. Ponomarenko Yana Ponomarenko is a Tai Chi/Qigong instructor. She has committed herself to a lifestyle of health and fitness. She is inspired to motivate and reach out to people of all fitness levels. She likes to witness the difference it can make in their lives. She loves to learn new things and share with others. She also enjoys helping people accomplish their goals and to see them happy. In her spare time, she volunteers at a local church working with the youth group. Her hobbies are traveling the country and playing the piano. Marsha Shuford Occupational Therapist Marsha Shuford is an occupational therapist and works at Blake Hospital in the out-patient therapy department. She is a certified lymphedema and hand therapist. She became interested in the Center for Building Hope as an outgrowth of her work with cancer patients who experience lymphedema. Marsha teaches a weekly exercise class for breast cancer survivors. All the participants in our group support each other as they travel through the various stages of treatment, she says. I ve gained so much from getting to know this wonderful group of women. Anne Silverman, RYT Certified Yoga Instructor For more than twenty years, Anne has inspired others through her heartfelt love for yoga. As a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, she creates experiences empowering students to experiment and explore new ways for self focus. Classes provide that much-needed invitation to discover the wise voice within. Classes are for students of all ages, sizes and abilities, making yoga accessible to anybody. Through humor and deep compassion, students are supported while developing focus, strength, calmness and acceptance. Anne is a former New York City teacher. She is thrilled to share the gift of yoga to all those impacted by cancer CBH ANNUAL REPORT

17 Our Staff Tahja Tahja shares cultural understanding on the deepest level: through dance and music. She teaches, performs, choreographs, sings, plays the music of, and speaks the languages of many diverse ethnic groups. Tahja teaches belly dancing at the Center for Building Hope. She is also the owner of International Productions where she is dedicated to the preservation of ethnic dance and music. Tahja s love for environment, people, language, and culture comes together in a unique way with her expertise, with each class leaving transformed. Mariann Vento Mariann has been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through Aerobic and Fitness Association of American since She has been working at the Center for Building Hope since Mariann said, It has been a privilege helping our members feel better and grow stronger with each class. We focus on strength, balance, endurance and concentration. Liz Yerkes LMT Massage Teacher Liz teaches Couples Massage at Center for Building Hope through a grant provided by the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation. She attended Boulder School of Massage which is a 1,000 hour program. Her specialties include Massage for People Living with Cancer, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish and REIKI. BRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER STAFF Amy Paulishak Vice President Business Development Amy currently serves at Vice President of Business Development for Brides Against Breast Cancer. BABC travels to more than 100 cities annually on the Nationwide Tour of Gowns providing education, information and outreach to people impacted by cancer. Amy is responsible for new business development, sponsorships, staff and community partner management. She was previously employed as Community Impact Manager at United Way of Sarasota County, where she transitioned into non-profit fundraising after more than 10 years in management in the financial services industry. She is a graduate of Rowan University, and a two year recipient of the IRS Community Partner Award. Jenny Alday Community Relations Manager Jenny joined Brides Against Breast Cancer in January 2012 after a year of volunteering. Jenny s responsibilities include: recruiting brides, volunteers, and raising sponsorship dollars as well as supervising show managers. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing and new business development. Earlier this year, Jenny lost a close friend to breast cancer, and her future mother-in-law has leukemia. She understands how valuable the services offered at CBH are for the patient, family, and caregiver. Jenny commented, Our bridal shows are rewarding for the brides, volunteers, and community partners. The shows are an outlet for a community to unite in celebrating a joyous life event while supporting a meaningful cause. Devon Bogg Brides Against Breast Cancer Devon joined BABC in January She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Devon has worked in high end fashion and bridal management for 28 years. Her responsibilities include overseeing the intake of all gowns, pricing, tagging and entering donations into inventory, cleaning the gowns and organization of the warehouse. She is the manager of the retail Bridal Boutique where she is responsible for sales and merchandising and overseeing the volunteers. Devon s life has certainly been touched by cancer. She recently lost her sister to ovarian cancer and her Aunt to breast cancer. Jennifer Downey - Project Manager BABC Jennifer is a project manager for Brides Against Breast Cancer. She was a development associate with the Center for Building Hope where she was responsible for social media marketing and implementing IT solutions for CBH. She is currently a project manager for Brides Against Breast Cancer. Her life has been touched by cancer in many ways, and she feels strongly about the services CBH provides to the community. Meg Hughes - Show Coordinator Meg joined Brides Against Breast Cancer in December, She is responsible for vendor sales, and assisting the Show Coordinators during the Nationwide Tour of Gowns. Meg commented, I have been exposed to cancer in many situations. Within two years, two of my best friends in different families lost a parent due to breast and prostate cancer. I witnessed the aftermath of what cancer can do to families as well as friends. It is extremely rewarding to work for such a giving and caring organization that has truly helped people close to me through the detrimental effects of cancer. Rick Lye - Show Logistics Manager Rick joined Brides Against Breast Cancer in December, As the Show Logistics Director, Rick is responsible for delivering the gowns and other necessities for the shows, making sure the load in and out goes smoothly, assisting with any other duties to ensure successful gown sales CBH ANNUAL REPORT 17

18 Our Staff Leanna s Way Joe Marra Marketing Associate Joe joined Center for Building Hope August 2011, and he joined Brides Against Breast Cancer in January 2012 as a marketing associate. He has a Bachelor s Degree in Accounting from the State University of New York College at Oswego and an MBA from Webster University. Currently, Joe is the Marketing Associate for Brides Against Breast Cancer. Joe s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. I found her to be a strong symbol of strength in our family. She passed her strong will and perseverance to her youngest daughter who was also diagnosed with breast cancer. BABC provides funding to help empower cancer patients through outreach, education and support, said Joe. Ashley Ritter - Brides Against Breast Cancer Ashley joined Brides Against Breast Cancer in January She is responsible for managing a portion of the Charity Wedding Gown Sales nationwide through fundraising efforts and gown sales. She is a Cardinal Mooney Alumni and she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of Tampa. Ashley also received a certificate in social media management from the University of San Francisco. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in It was very hard for me, which is why I am so thankful to be part of this organization, raising awareness and helping others during the most difficult of times, commented Ashley. Justin Ritter - Logistics Associate Justin joined the Brides Against Breast Cancer team earlier this past summer. Justin is responsible for ensuring delivery, set up and tear down of 36 bridal shows in cities across the country annually. Justin attended Out of Door Academy, Cardinal Mooney High School and State College of Florida all in the Sarasota area. He has a connection to our mission through his mother s successful battle with cancer six years ago. Mya Widmyer Show Manager Mya joined Brides Against Breast Cancer in October She is responsible for managing a portion of the Charity Wedding Gown Sales nationwide through fundraising efforts and gown sales. Mya commented, I have not been directly affected by cancer. However, I have watched many close family friends deal with the stressful process and effects of the disease. I feel so honored to be working as a part of an organization who can offer hope to those that I have watched struggle. The passing of 16-year-old Leanna Knopik was a shock to her family, her friends and our entire community. Our shock has turned into grief. However, Leanna was all about caring for others, and she would not want us to get bogged down in grieving for too long. To honor her memory, we plan to turn grief into hope and support for others, just as she helped others on her mission trips and church youth programs. While it is not in the natural order of things to lose a child, nothing could be more natural than celebrating the life of Leanna. And our plan to do so will be carried out in the most natural of settings, in a place where a permanent memorial to Leanna will support thousands of families children and adults for years to come. We plan to call it Leanna s Way. Contemplation Walk and Tower This memorial to Leanna s life will consist of a contemplation walkway, plus a viewing tower, and will be located on the grounds of the Center for Building Hope. The site overlooks a 600-acre nature preserve, adjacent to the Center s world-class healing environment. Leanna s mother, Beth, is a board member at Center for Building Hope. Beth worked on an initial design for this walkway and tower last year. She felt it could become an essential component in the well-being of Center participants. However, the Center did not have the funds available for the project at the time. We are in the process of a campaign to raise $150,000 to realize Beth s vision and celebrate Leanna s life. Leanna s Way can become a reality with your help. For further information on donation opportunities, please call Leanna s Way will not only provide a path for people to meditate and contemplate nature, it will provide an opportunity to celebrate various aspects of her life along the way. In effect, it will provide a permanent testament to Leanna s way of looking at life, her faith and her desire to help others CBH ANNUAL REPORT









27 Important Statistics $.70 of Every Dollar Raised is Spent on Program Service Expenses. Pledge Balance 2011 Pledge Balance 2012 Management General $974, $879, $879, % $237, Fundraising Expenses 20.50% $492, Program Service Expenses 69.50% $1,668, Total Revenue 2011 $1,152, Total Revenue 2012 $2,737, $- $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, This information is provided by management and was not a part of the financial statements subject to audit. It is selected information from Annual Financial Statements CBH ANNUAL REPORT 27

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