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1 alwaseet International Quarterly Newsletter Waseet Build to Last 7th Convention AWI at the Franchise Exhibition The Guinness World Records Waseet s 1st Regional Campaign News from Departments Newbies Tabouk, Ihsaa, North Lebanon

2 WASEET BUILD TO LAST AT KUWAIT CONFERENCE Annual convention marks 15 years anniversary for the regions most successful free weekly classified AWI 2 AlWaseet International (AWI) gathered their 120 strong management team from all over the Middle East - MENA - at their annual convention at the Hilton Kuwait Resort. Also present were VIP s Mr. Mohamed Abdulaziz Al Otaibi and Sheikh Sabah Jaber Moubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah. The theme of the conference, Build To Last reflects the AWI vision of the future with an anticipated 100 operations planned by 2012 in the MENA region and beyond. With coverage that currently extends to nine countries the Waseet classified which has both Arabic and English versions, is already read by 20 million every week. According to Bashar Kiwan, CEO of Alwaseet International, It is 15 years since myself, Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Otaibi, and Sheikh Sabah Jaber Al-Sabah, started with a small operation in Kuwait city in Since then Waseet has gone from strength to strength and our success is very much down to the committed management team headed by John Fawaz, who is driving our plan for continued corporate expansion. The convention lasted three days, during which the Waseet team attended the general presentations, presented their Business plans, and discussed various new Waseet projects. The second day was dedicated to different workshop sessions: Commecial, HR, Finance, Circulation, and Production, to communicate the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP s) that should be applied in all branches. The third and last day was the closure ceremony, whereby the branches were rewarded based on the 2006 performance. The whole team of the Kuwait branch, headed by Mr. Ashraf Georges did a great job organizing the convention, and insuring that everyone felt home. Mohammed Al Otaibi, Bashar Kiwan & Majd Suleiman Mohammed Al Otaibi and Bashar Kiwan reading the 1st issue of Waseela Tabouk Tarek el Fahd, Samy Abdel Ahad, & Raymond Kanaan Sheikh Al Sabah & Ashraf George Eygpt Team 23 Branches...1 Team...

3 AWI PRESENT THEIR FRANCHISE MODEL AT THE FRANCHISE ME EXHIBITION The alwaseet International team joined their Managing Director, John Fawaz during March when he delivered a captivating presentation on the development and future plans for Waseet at the Franchise ME Exhibition, Dubai World AWI 3 Trade Centre. Waseet is the first publication in the region to franchise. John Fawaz With Waseet s highly recognizable brand, sophisticated circulation and demand in the international marketplace, franchising has become a crucial step in the company s expansion plans. And with alwaseet International s experience and success in international expansion, the company is well equipped to establish a lucrative business model that can be emulated and successfully operated anywhere in the world. The Franchise Department of AWI has developed its model Waseet, we list it, you choose it for the international market with the expert help of the Franchise Development Services (FDS), who have been recognized since 1981 as world leader in providing a total range of services to the franchise market. According to Roger Nasrallah, Development Director of AWI, The Franchise exhibitions form a crucial Marketing opportunity for us. These exhibitions are usually attended by entrepreneurs, and companies are seriously looking to invest in a franchise business. And through such events, we will be able to gain exposure in various countries The Waseet team at the exhibition

4 Waseet Launches its First Regional Avertising Campaign AWI Waseet launched its first regional Advertising Campaign in 9 countries. 4 The campaign unified the messages of waseet in various markets to communicate one slogan, and therefore underline the regional identity of waseet as one publication localized in 24 markets. The campaign s slogan we list it, you choose it characterizes Waseet as a creator of choice in terms of classified ads, and highlights the usage of waseet as a reference guide to buy or sell any items within three main categories: Jobs, Cars, Real Estate. The campaign also communicates the actual number of classifieds published on a weekly basis, identifying the real strength of waseet as a regional Market leader. TVC: 20 sec ads with three versions each focusing on a category. The production is based on 3D animations and settings created to add a sense of humor to the TV concept. 3 actors were chosen carefully with suitable looks, and features to match the context of the ad. The closing frames mentioned clearly both Waseet and Waseela. Radio ads: recorded in 5 different accents to be suitable for each market. The radio ads featured one general 30 sec spot, and 3 others of 15 sec duration. The radio ads are straightforward, concise, and within the same humoristic frame. The campaign used a funny and attractive approach, based on the slang Arabic and English spoken expressions about jobs, real estate and cars. Qatar Lebanon Sudan

5 AWI 5 UAE Eygpt KSA Kuw ait rain Bah

6 HR Department DEPARTMENTS 6 The HR Department at AWI started the implementation of As for the main features the new Human Resources Information System, which will set of this HRIS, in addition and unify the Companies General Parameters including: to the main Personnel & Companys main details. Administration functions, Definition of both analytical and general accounting analysis and HR: information. Skills Management. Unified HR Coding and Terminology. Training Management. Unify HR policy and practice all over linked operations. Career Planning. Definition of the company s organizational chart. Performance Evaluation. The system will link the branches to the head office, where Before end of the year management can see all the information live, from the 2007, the system will be branches, which would help in analyzing data and taking implemented in all Waseet/ manpower decision in an easier and faster way. Waseela operations. HR SOP As for the scope of this SOP, Personnel records - Training in supervisory/ In the first quarter of 2007, it encompasses: official employee records management AWI launched the new HR Personnel policy, maintenance, processing development, and job skills SOP, the SOP will be: interpretation and integration of personnel actions and commonly needed (but not A system of internal controls. of Waseet personnel performance evaluations, technical job skills training). Criteria for decisions regulations, and trends. and employment Grievance and appeal on appropriate Human Job postings and verification. resolution but not Resources treatment. recruitment assistance. Statistical reporting: representation of managers Direction and guidance in Layoff, separation and turnover, sick leave or employee. connection with processes reemployment consultation. usage, Equal Employment Design and maintenance and procedures that must Payroll and compensation Opportunity (EEO) of employee evaluation be uniform throughout all plan maintenance. demographics, employee and work performance statistical abstract, etc. standards. our operations. Commercial Department In January 2007, during the Waseet convention, the 1. Maged Commercial Department launched the WASEET SALES Saad from Cairo branch with a 107% Q1 Sales Achievement vs. Target! 2. Bassel Domit from Kuwait branch with a 101% Q1 Sales Achievement vs. Target! MANAGER BAHRAIN FORMULA ONE CONTEST to evaluate the performance of the Waseet sales team in the first quarter of the year, and reward the best achievers. Two winners were selected based on the best Sales Achievement Vs Target for Quarter 1. The three winners accomplished the sales target within the 1st quarter and therefore deserved to be rewarded! The winners took part of the Bahrain Grand Prix experience and enjoyed 3 days of speed, thrill, fun, and partying!! All expenses paid by AWI. Bassel Doumit and Maged Saad The 2 winners with Raymond Kanaan,Fadi Harfoush and Roland Khoury

7 Operations Development Department Another Department, Another Challenge A new department is born at the AWI Head Quarter. The Operations Development Department is now established to startup and launch any new corporate operation. The new department has a long list of new operations until 2011, with an average of 8 new operations a year. This entity s job starts by identifying new potential markets for Waseet, surveying and getting acknowledged with the market place, studying operational and financial feasibility of the probable new operations, having the new projects approved by Board of Directors, and finally, launching and managing the pre-opening procedures until issue 5 of the new branch. The Operations development is lead by Maher Nassar who paved his path in Waseet since 1999, assisted by Lieziel Gante who s responsible for data collection & analysis supporting the build up of the new operations. By end 2007, a group of talented fresh graduate people will join to guarantee the successful launch of multiple Waseet Corporate Operations. Production Department The department s objectives for 2007 are challenging. It includes opening of Waseet Al Jahra in Kuwait, Waseet Southern Lebanon, Waseet AlSaiid in Egypt, Waseet Moscow, Waseet RAK in DEPARTMENTS UAE, Waseet Nicosia in Cyprus and finally Waseet Istanbul in Turkey; All are corporate branches. Maher and his team will not succeed in their mission if not supported by all GM, EM and AWI department Heads who will be playing major roles in the opening procedures and mature periods same as at any active operation. Looking forward to partner together for perfection!! 7 In alignment with the Waseet regional approach to standardize the look and international publication standards, the production department has worked on unifying the size of the KSA, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, and Syria Waseet editions to 29 x 35 cm. As part of the continuous strategy of improving the waseet quality standards, the production department, in coordination with the marketing department, will be developing a workshop to the production teams of Waseet from all branches, whereby the key objectives and points will be as follows: Identifying the main production criteria for developing our publication in terms of type of printing, paper quality, colors Highlighting the brand manual guidelines and assessing any adequate modifications Enhancing on the look of the publication and advertisements artwork Understanding the fillers usage and best way of implementation Improving on the overall skills of the production team Projects on the run: The new design of the residential bags has been rolled out. The purpose of the bag is to protect the Waseet publication from being damaged by any external factors, and to avoid being placed on the floor, in addition to presenting Waseet to the readers in a decent way. It will Abu Dhabi ابو ظبي Dubai & Northern Emirates دبي و ا مارات الشمالية also give an opportunity to the advertisers to brand the bag, and use it for product sampling. The VIP Bag underwent a facelift, and a new layout was created to go with the new Waseet identity. The usage of the bag is limited to a VIP list of people who receive Waseet in a weekly basis, under their personal name and address. All the Waseet Stationery were finalized to fit within the new identity, as well as produced, and dispatched to all markets. Roy Abboud has joined the production department, as assistant production manager.

8 Marketing Department DEPARTMENTS 8 POS Projects: Marketing department has turned on its engine, this time to its highest speed to expand its activities, and meet the increasing demand of the various branches. Wael Steitie is the New Marketing Manager of AWI, taking in charge big tasks and spreading his responsibilities in nine markets. Wael comes from an FMCG background, supported by a five year experience in the advertising field; he is the perfect candidate to handle his position at AWI. The Agenda of the Marketing Department includes many emergency tasks and pending projects to be executed, ASAP!! Waseet New Stand: Classifieds are the core essence and the key business driver of Waseet as a publication and by expanding our partnership with different types of POS, Waseet will be able to build proximity with our readers/customers and create interactive convenience with the classified ads. 1. Set up a well defined list of POS categories and identify respective partnership approach for each one of these categories 2. Create and dispatch efficiently the POS material as to guarantee a successful pathway influence 3. Initiate incentive based programs and promotions in alliance with the POS The project is in progress and a full manual will be created to support the implementation within the branches. This will ensure standardization and easier implementation. Tactical promotions: The Focus of the Marketing Department is highly directed to give the classified ads a good boost! Regional promotional activities will be put into action to endorse the various classified sections, and the upgrading options. In the coming quarter, various joint promotions with well established brands will be launched in KSA, Syria, Bahrain, and Khartoum. The tactical promotions will be communicated through various ATLs and BTLs channels to create the right impact. Sales Kit: A unified Sales kit will be put together and distributed to all branches to unify the sales team communication with clients and agencies. The Sales Kit will contain common information about various Waseet services, categories, and market specific information about the circulation structure, and various rate cards to the 27 editions. As part of the POS projects, but running separately, a new Waseet stand is being produced. The stand will be located in major POS and strategic POD s in all Waseet markets, and it will serve as a pick up point for the weekly edition, and a branding tool. The stand is expected to be in use as of June Franchise Department привет Waseet has signed the Franchise agreement to open a franchise in Moscow, Russia. In January 2007, Waseet was approached by a Russian investor, Mr. Ernest Mayshev. After leading in depths market studies, and after frequent visits to Moscow, the two parties came to a mutual agreement. The Franchise agreement was signed in May, to open a Waseet Operation in Moscow. Find all the details in our next issue!!

9 Circulation Department We re almost there! YES, we re almost there. This is our vocation which we started shaping a while ago, and now it is becoming a fact. We were a Distribution dept. for a long period although our objectives were building Waseet readership with the least possible number of copies. By that time, our systems were still under construction & growing, so we didn t enjoy the privileges of Circulation title. Today, we are proud to announce that our dept. is transformed officially to Circulation by name, by role & responsibilities. What s the difference between Distribution & Circulation? A Distribution dept. is the delivery hand while a Circulation dept. plans Where, When, How & How much A Print Distribution dept. delivers copies, while a Print Circulation dept. distributes contents A Print Distribution dept. distributes, while a Print Circulation Dept. creates Readership DEPARTMENTS 9 Moving into the next level introduced a set of new concepts that were not that obvious to us, like Geo-Marketing, Geographic Information Systems, Direct Mailing, Research & Statistics, Quality Control and data banking & mining. GEO-MARKETING stands for the use of geographical information system in companies in order to physically analyze questions relevant to marketing, sales, coverage and service issues. Company-owned data as well as population, economic and potential data are analyzed by means of digital maps. Customer analysis, market analysis, location and territory analysis are typical areas where geo marketing is used. Apart from that, there are many other areas like the planning of fare zones and delivery zones, distribution areas of means of advertising or the analysis of regional statistics. Further, geo marketing tools serve a clear presentation of data and therefore are excellent tools for graphic business reports. The Waseet Circulation team now masters the Direct Mailing whether in planning or in operating Mass, Selective, Addressed & Events mailing solutions. The circulation team is now able to operate multiple deals a day and tons & millions of flyers a week: a great achievement especially when it comes to Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah & Kuwait operations. We were able to transform our tasks from experimental activity to a proven know-how based on statistics, research and market feedback. No more decisions based on experience or based on assumptions; statistics are now our main tools to decide for our main steps to do on field, covering a sub-region or not, decreasing or increasing circulation in some regions, identifying pools of consumptions and measuring advertisers feedback, measuring people s interaction with Waseet and calculating our penetration growth & single copy reach and many others QUALITY Control is providing Waseet Circulation Team with macro & micro analysis focusing on weaknesses & switching them into competent strengths. Computerized systems & mechanisms were established to ensure standardization and quality results. From now on, our IT Solution is scheduling clusters audit, analyzing & filtering claims, following up closing claims on time & finally informing the Circulation Manager about late Claims through automatic sms. Maher Nassar - AWI Operations & Development & Circulation Manager Finally, all these changes were supported by the heads of circulation departments from all the branches, who have gained enough experience, and have shown dedication and eagerness to improve the department. For you all dear Circulation Team, a deep appreciation.

10 Waseela Al Ihsaa & Tabouk CLASSIFIED 10 Waseela expands in Saudi Arabia with a new office opening in Ihsaa It s a remarkable achievement of record growth in the region, AWI has recently launched Waseela in Ehsaa, its eighth branch in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a significant part of the AWI expansion strategy in the Middle East, especially considering the economy of KSA the largest in the region. We are confident that by establishing a new integrated office in Ihsaa, Waseela will contribute to the record development of the Saudi market and service its clients in the Kingdom directly and more effectively. Tareq Fahd. General Manager, Waseela. KSA commented, Our decision to expand came following ongoing research and study of the requirements of the Saudi market, specifically in terms of branch numbers and the services provided. This step forms part our expansion strategy and is in response to the local demands for service providers. This event is considered to be a new achievement in the AWI records. Waseela Ihsa is the 8th publication in the Kingdom, raising the total publications to 27 in the region. In January 2007, Waseela Tabouk was launched with a circulation of 80,000 copies weekly, and gained a good reputation from the widely spread brand name in KSA. Waseet North Lebanon Ishaa Tabouk Welcome Waseet North Lebanon Waseet North Lebanon joined the Waseet expanding network in January The project was explored a year ago, and a full market study covering the northern region of Lebanon revealed the need for a Waseet branch to cater to the various businesses in the area. According to Raymond Kanaan, Country Manager of Waseet Lebanon, the initiation to issue an edition to cover Tripoli and northern Lebanon was crucial, due to a high demand for local advertising mediums. Tripoli is a fast growing city, and has a mature business market. Advertisers are eager to increase their advertising expenses, as the demand is growing. Waseet North Lebanon employs 17 full timers and 50 part timers, managed by Nabil Tokko, and reporting to Waseet Beirut. North Lebanon

11 Waseet Kuwait Waseet Kuwait kicked off a promotion to boost its various classified sections by rewarding the classified advertisers with free Internet access. Every classified ad in Waseet Kuwait will be exchanged for one internet card, allowing 15 hours on free Internet usage. NEWBIES 11 Waseet Dubai 1. Waseet Dubai took part of the yearly musical event, the Dubai International Jazz Festival. The event gathered some of the finest jazz musicians and attracted more than 10,000 attendees over 3 days. The event was held in Media City. 2. Hassle free, Pay by sms!! Now you can book a classified ad in Waseet Dubai (Arabic and classified English) and pay by sms by texting to a 4 digit number. The new payment method was introduced to simply make life easier Sales news: A special Mothers day supplement was issued in March, giving the opportunity to many advertisers to target the mothers on this special occasion. New record has been reached for issue 276, with sales reaching 400,000 AED The Sales team of both Waseet Arabic and English are now under the supervision of one Sales Manager, Talal Mustapha. Talal joined the Waseet team three years ago, and has achieved substantial results. Circulation news: New circulation lines have been established for both Dubai publications, to widen the coverage of Waseet in Dubai and northern Emirates. Distribution of the English Edition shifted from Tuesday & Wednesday to Saturday and Sunday. Waseet Dubai activated a special distribution operation in Souk Madinat Jumeirah over two consecutive weekends. the Waseet distributors were fully dressed in their Uniforms, and created a good impact by promoting the waseet publication inserted in the residential bags to the Souk Visitors. Production news: An Event calendar was introduced to the English publication, informing readers of events, exhibitions, art performances, concerts and upcoming activities in Dubai. Thus extending the lifecycle of the publication to the whole week. Cine Star section was also added to the English Publication, informing readers of the full Cine Star movies schedule in the UAE HR news: Waseet training program was launched among the employees. Two employees were selected to attend courses to develop their skills and improve their execution skills. Hani El Baba Sales Representative, was promoted to Sales Supervisor Sayed Ibrahim Sales Representative, was promoted to Sales Supervisor Waseet Dubai team distributing in Madinat Jumeirah

12 Waseet Abu Dhabi NEWBIES 12 Waseet Abu Dhabi launched the first Waseet Real Estate supplement, a free monthly publication of 20 pages, specialized in all the real estate projects in Abu Dhabi. The first run was of 35,000 copies directed to VIPs and distributed through the TMM team. The supplement follows the latest development projects in the city, and features interviews with some of the leading figures in the Real Estate business, discussing the major commercial and residential projects initiated in Abu Dhabi. Waseet Abu Dhabi launched a tactical campaign to push the classified ads, and to introduce the new rates. The promotion announced three monthly draws to win three Kia Picatta Upon placing a classified ad, the customer receives draw entry, and a double chance upon upgrading his/her classified ad. The promotion was launched beginning of April using outdoor and print channels in Abu Dhabi, and it attracted more than 5,000 entries on the first draw. The first winner was announced on April 25th: Mr.Fathi Hssan Naim who booked a classified ad. Mr. Naim is a regular Waseet client and was enthusiastic to win the Kia Picatta. The remaining two draws are scheduled on end of May, and June, and the winners will be announced in Waseet. Waseet Classified Campaign in Abu Dhabi Cine Star Promotion Waseet Dubai signed a deal with Cine Star the biggest Cinema theaters in the UAE to exchange marketing services. A fully branded Waseet booth was installed at the Cine star location, Mall of Emirates, Marina Mall, and Dubai City Center over a one month period during which Waseet will promote its Dubai and Abu Dhabi publications, distributing flyers, giving out promotional items, and answering any queries about the Waseet services. A trained promoter was constantly present at the stand to ensure the success of the promotion. In return, Cine Star s schedule will be featured in the Waseet English edition on a weekly basis for readers to check out the latest movie releases and timings, in addition to occasional offers from Cine Star exclusively to Waseet readers. Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi City Center, Dubai

13 Waseet Beirut New Location: Mabrouk el nakleh lal Waseet!! Waseet Beirut moved its offices to a new location in Sin El fil. NEWBIES Sales: The Sales department of Waseet Beirut branch had closed at 100% from overall March target, and the Sales department of Waseet North branch had closed over 92% for the issue no 532. Annual dinner Annual meeting 13 For these two occasions, the two teams were invited to a dinner and karaoke night, to celebrate and to get to know each other better outside the work environment especially between the two branches. Human resource: Waseet management decided to celebrate mother s day by giving a tribute to the precious mothers and wives of all the Waseet employees by offering symbolic gifts through the Waseet Circulation team. Dinner & karaoke Mothers day Joe Issa was appointed as a Country Sales Manager for Waseet Beirut. Issa was the Executive Manager of Waseet Manama. North lebanon branch

14 NEWBIES 14 New Identity Name: Wael Steitie Age: 32 Position: Marketing Manager - AWI Education: B.S - emphasis Marketing (LAU) Previous work experience: : Dunes Graphic design (Pepsi accountregional) 2001: Account Manager Publicis Graphics : Food & Drug Corporation (F.D.C.) - Brand Manager then promoted to position of Regional Development Manager Hobbies: Sports, and Movies What made you join AWI: the prospects, potential and subsequent challenges of the Waseet Operations Your motto in life: Stay positive - things will definitely go your way Name: Hayan Hamzeh Age: 39 Position: Executive Manager Sudan Branch Education: MBA (Management & Int l Relations) Previous Work Experience: Admin. Assistant (for the UN) 4 years Finance Assistant (for the UN) 4 years Regional Program Coordinator (for the IPPF) one year Chief of University Secretariat (UoK) one year Trainer/instructor (for the Management & Marketing Center) one year Hobbies: Playing guitar & flute, and planting trees Why made you join the Waseet team: AWI is one of the most famous multinational corporations in the Arab World where I can learn and contribute for more success Your motto in life: Great achievements start with well preparation. Let it be. Name: Philippe Khoury Age: 30 Position: Agency Sales Manager Education: BS Business Admin Previous work experience: 121 Interactive Beirut (managing partner) Hobbies: Tennis, Snowboard What made you join AWI: Opportunity to make a difference in a fast growing Company Any funny incidents since you joined in: I got married Motto in life: Brain Sells Name: Walid A. Ghandour Age: 34 Position: Executive Manager Qatar Education: MS degree in Marketing & Communications from ESCP EAP (Paris); MBA from ESA (Beirut); a BA degree in Economics from the AUB and a BS in Business Admin. from the LAU. Previous work experience: - Account manager Saatchi& Saatchi and L&R Communications, - Marketing & Sales Manager with Lindustry (3M authorized converter and distributor), - Assistant General Manager at Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Beirut. - Part-time professor in the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Saint-Joseph University (USJ) since 4 years; Hobbies: sports mainly swimming and body fitness, reading, chill music, and collecting rare items What made you join AWI: the great opportunity for professional growth with a promising company that succeeded to be known in a short period of time, and in all the places it started its operation, so this is the right place for building a career. Any funny incidents since you joined in: Nothing funny till now except that I found out some old and very qualified friends of mine coming from different professional sectors, happen to be my colleagues. Still waiting for the opportunity to see them! Your motto in life: Face a challenge; all you need is effort and discipline!

15 Guinness World Records In 2006, AlWaseet International signed a partnership contract with the Guinness World Records to obtain the exclusive right to publish, distribute and market the Guinness World Records Book Arabic Edition, and certify the record breaking attempts in the MENA. In the new 2007/08 contract AWI also obtained the regional license for GWR TV, one of the best-loved factual entertainment TV franchises around the globe as well as product and branding licensing. Record attempts are news and GWR have a number of plans for the year including the launch of the annual hardcover edition of the book, Guinness World Records 2008 (Arabic), in late September. The book launch will be supported with an integrated marketing campaign to maximize consumer awareness of the new edition and drive book sales. A worldwide celebration of the popular Guinness World Records Day is also planned for November 8th. NEWBIES 15 هل تريد ادراج اSسمك يف املوSسوعة يف حال كنت ترغب يف حتطيم او تùسجيل رقم قياSسي نرجو منك االتüصال باي فرع للوSسيط! From January 2007 till May Guinness Arabic World Records has been tremendously active in various Arab countries! GWR is a concept built around people. It recognizes great personal achievement, pride and self esteem. For some, it represents a call for personal action, whilst to others it is an unlimited source of inspiration!! Here are some of the 2008 records breaking achievements that were registered through the Guinness Arabic world Records:

16 Fast News Waseela KSA has converted to the new AWI took part of the GEMAS awards tabloid size of 29x35 cm. in Dubai, the event that The KSA team initiated a awarded some of the best ENTERTAINMENT study to reveal the most frequently used adv spaces advertising campaigns on both local, and regional 16 in the past few years, and accordingly, a new rate card was introduced to the advertisers to provide them with better results. levels. Waseet sponsored the winning category of the best use of print. At GMAS Awards Food for the thought!! Manage Better You will never get the best from employees by trying to build a fire underneath them you ve got to build a fire within them ob Nelson If you always do what you ve always done, you ll always get what you ve always got. Mike Ferry, President, the Mike Ferry Organization The most motivating thing one person can do for another is to listen Roy Moody, President, Roy Moody & Associates To any organizational problem first ask: What is the solution? Then ask, what can be done? Peter F. Drucker, Management Consultant Good management is not what happens when you are there, but what happens when you are not there. Ken Blanchard, Management Consultant

17 Read a book There s No Such Thing As Business Ethics: There s Only One Rule For Making Decisions by John C. Maxwell, Author The author uses his friendly baritone voice and moral groundedness to offer a classic lesson: Morality at work is no different from morality anywhere else, if you base your actions on the Platinum Rule, which is to treat others BETTER than you want to be treated yourself.. His generous spirit and security with himself open the ear and heart to an audio lesson that should never go out of fashion. ENTERTAINMENT 17 One The call centre Is a gripping story and one would like to finish it off in one reading. Start is a bit unconventional and there are surprises all the way through. The book takes you through the journey into the minds of different characters. Author has make sure that there is not a boring moment throughout the book Surf the net We all know that a picture paints a thousand words so what if you could collect a group of images that summed up how you feel and what you like about each area of your life? This, in a very simply form is what Imagini is helping people to do we call it discovering your visualdna

18 Record Brakers in Waseet Waseet Abu Dhabi and ENTERTAINMENT 18 Kuwait scored a great achievement in June after issuing their biggest edition, with 72 full pages! Mabrouk for both branches!!! 72 pages Abu Dhabi 72 pages Kuwait Games Find the 8 differences

19 Newsletter Team Noura Kiwan Nada Barakat-Diab Printing Press The Printers Contributors Maher Nassar (AWI - UAE) Bassil Doumit (Kuwait) Jocelyne Whebe (Lebanon)

20 FOLLOW OUR RED LINE... Kuwait Beirut Abu Dhabi Dubai Al-Manama Doha Damascus Aleppo Lattakia Homs Hamah Delta Alexandria Khartoum Cairo Riyadh Jeddah Dammam Al Qasim Al Jazira Abah Al Madina Tabouk North Lebanon Ihsaa and more to go...