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1 pestli & Co. 9 / PESTLIN & Co. Mergers & Acquisitios Real Estate Corporate Fiace pestli & Co. is a cosultacy i the field of corporate trasactios ad corporate fiace. We assist our cliets with the sale ad acquisitio of compaies or ivestmets, as well as with mergers ad complex fiace questios. We focus i particular o traditioal idustries ad especially the real estate sector. Our cliets iclude listed corporatios, baks, isurace compaies, major private equity fuds, local commuities ad compaies with strog ower persoalities. sice 2006 we have successfully completed trasactios for our cliets worth over EUr 3 billio.

2 Pestli & Co. 9 / Expertise Idepedet ad competet Pestli & Co. is a private idepedet compay. We focus exclusively o the eeds of our cliets free of ay pressure from the capital markets or ay iterests of a bak. The wealth of experiece offered by our team guaratees a high degree of professioalism ad excellet access to atioal ad iteratioal ivestors. Mergers & Acquisitios Whe advisig o the sale or acquisitio of compaies ad ivestmets, we always offer a highly idividualized approach. Our cliets use us as a sparrig parter for their strategic fiacial decisios ad itegrate us ito their plaig processes. We ca urture the developmet of your busiess with the right acquisitios, disivestmets ad mergers. We idetify target compaies or ivestors, make preparatios, establish cotacts, structure, value, preset ad egotiate i close cooperatio with ad o behalf of our cliets. Our cosultig services also iclude spi-offs ad joit vetures, as well as the maagemet ad implemetatio of complex corporate trasactios o behalf of both the buyer ad seller. Real Estate The Pestli & Co. team combies may years of valuable experiece i the sale ad acquisitio of major real estate compaies ad portfolios, ad ejoys excellet cotacts to atioal ad iteratioal ivestors. Our special expertise i implemetig complex real estate trasactios, both as share deals ad asset deals, is documeted by our refereces ad the trust which relevat market players have repeatedly placed i us. I additio to listed real estate compaies ad reowed iteratioal fiacial ivestors, these iclude major public-sector housig compaies ad private owers. We prepare, structure ad optimize both sale ad purchase processes o behalf of our cliets. A particular focus of our activities lies i supportig reputable baks ad borrowers with the implemetatio of their strategies to free up capital.

3 Pestli & Co. 9 / Corporate Fiace Pestli & Co. specializes i all questios of optimizig compay capitalizatio. Thaks to its may years of experiece i corporate fiace, it ejoys outstadig access to reliable ivestors ad leders. We have great experiece i structurig ad egotiatig o behalf of our cliets. Due to our regular cotacts with a variety of ivestors, we have first-had kowledge of their ivestmet criteria ad strategies ad are thus aware of the opportuities ad risks for our cliets at a early stage. We are well acquaited with alterative fiace possibilities offered o the capital market from silet participatios to profit participatio certificates, equity-like loas ad other moder forms of mezzaie fiace. We focus o selectig suitable fiacial istitutes, creatig competitio ad optimizig coditios for our cliets. Parters Experieced ad well coordiated The parters of Pestli & Co. combie over 40 years of experiece i the field of corporate fiace ad M&A. The team evolved from the maagemet boards of the former M&A ad real estate trasactio subsidiaries of the reowed Hamburg-based private bakers Joh. Bereberg ad Gossler & Co. KG. The team also derives its kow-how from may years of resposibility i the trasactio busiess of auditig compaies ad major idustrial corporatios.

4 Pestli & Co. 9 / Rüdiger Pestli Rüdiger Pestli graduated i busiess admiistratio ad has bee i ivestmet bakig ad corporate fiace for almost 20 years: for several years he led the Corporate Fiace divisio of KPMG Treuhad, before joiig the maagemet board of two subsidiaries of Bereberg Bak i 1997 ad becomig a parter i Together with his former maagemet board colleagues Mark Bechtold ad Rolf Brass, he fouded Pestli & Co. i late His motto: Not oly the figures have to be right, we have meet the eeds of all ivolved, is based o his experiece with umerous trasactios i classic M&A busiess ad the real estate segmet. Mark Bechtold Mark Bechtold graduated i busiess admiistratio ad has bee active i corporate fiace, M&As ad real estate trasactio cosultig for some te years ow. Followig his studies, he worked for several years i the field of auditig ad tax cosultig as well as for several compaies i the real estate sector. I 2002 Mark Bechtold joied Bereberg Bak, Hamburg, ad was resposible as a maagemet board member for M&A trasactios ad the Real Estate divisio. Mark Bechtold accompaied umerous major-ame real estate ad corporate trasactios. His guidig priciple ca be summarized as follows: As cosultats, we first have to uderstad the logic of a trasactio before we the take it to the market. Rolf Brass Rolf Brass is a graduate of busiess admiistratio ad holds a MBA. He has bee advisig i the field of M&A/ corporate fiace for over te years. Rolf Brass gaied his MBA i Sydey, was a advisor for Mövepick ad worked for eight years i the Fiacial Cotrollig divisio of TUI AG ad the former LTU Group. He was resposible for a umber of corporate trasactios, may of them cross-border ad i the field of reewable eergy sources. Before foudig Pestli & Co. with his two parters, he was also a maagemet board member of the two Bereberg Bak subsidiaries resposible for M&As ad real estate. Rolf Brass holds a seat o the supervisory board of a compay specializig i outsourcig which is based i Bagalore, Idia. Whether buyig or sellig: the effects of a trasactio must be show precisely i balace sheet ad fiacial plaig before goig to the otary, advises Rolf Brass.

5 Pestli & Co. 9 / Refereces Advisig the ower, o the iitiative of the ledig bak, o the sale of 9,200 residetial uit Advisig seve closed fuds with the legal status of a OHG (Germa partership) o the sale of their real estate comprisig approx. 1,600 uits i Berli-Karow Advisig 15 closed fuds with the legal status of a OHG o the sale of real estate comprisig aroud 2,000 uits i Potsdam ( Kirchsteigfeld ) Advisig Berlier Verkehrsbetriebe AöR o the sale of their admiistratio complex with approx. 65,000 sqm Advisig Aareal Estate AG, Wiesbade, o the sale of real estate from two closed fuds maaged by the compay Advisig DKB Immobilie AG, Berli, o the sale of a real estate portfolio i East Germay Advisig WBM Wohugsbaugesellschaft Berli-Mitte mbh, Berli, o the sale of 1,400 uits Advisig HANSAINVEST Haseatische Ivestmet-GmbH, Hamburg, a member of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, o the sale of 1,000 residetial ad commercial uits at several Germa locatios Advisig STADT UND LAND Wohbaute-Gesellschaft mbh, Berli, o the sale of the High-Deck-Siedlug with 2,050 uits Advisig ArchstoeSmith o the purchase of DeWAG Deutsche WohAlage GmbH, Stuttgart, with approx. 6,700 uits Advisig Cerberus Capital Maagemet L.P. o the sale of approx. 8,000 residetial ad commercial uits Advisig a mid-size compay with the implemetatio of its growth strategy i the field of regeerative eergy sources Advisig Vivaco AG o the sale of 2,400 residetial uits to a Scadiavia ivestor Advisig Pirelli Re o the sale of two real estate compaies with approx. 2,100 uits Advisig Westgrud AG o the sale of aroud 1,300 uits

6 Pestli & Co. 9 / Cotact Pestli & Co. Corporate Fiace GmbH & Co. KG Kurze Mühre Hamburg Deutschlad Phoe: Fax: How to fid us by trai (2 mi. o foot) take the trai to Hauptbahhof walk Steitorwall towards Kusthalle at the Kusthalle/Erst-Merck-Strasse tur left ito Georgsplatz take the first street o the left, Kurze Mühre by car / A1 from the A1 oto the A255 i the directio of Cetrum at the Hamburg-Veddel exit leave the A255 ad take the B4 follow the B4 over Elbbrücke ad bear left alog Amsickstrasse at Deichtorhalle (left had side) leave Amsickstrasse ad tur right ito Klosterwall, followig the sigs for Hauptbahhof straight ahead passig the Hauptbahhof (right had side) at Kusthalle/Erst-Merck-Strasse tur left ito Georgsplatz take the first street o the left, Kurze Mühre

7 Pestli & Co. 9 / by car / A7 take the Hamburg Stellige exit ad follow the B4/B5 Kieler Strasse toward Cetrum straight ahead via Eimsbütteler Marktplatz, Fruchtallee, Schäferskampsallee, Schröderstiftstrasse ad A der Verbidugsbah bear half-right ito Edmud-Siemers-Allee ad the straight ahead oto Alsterglacis tur right ito Neuer Jugferstieg ad the left, straight after the uderpass across Lombardsbrücke ad straight ahead via Glockegiesserwall tur right ito Georgsplatz take the first street o the left, Kurze Mühre by plae (20-30 mi. by taxi) take the Airport Express to Hauptbahhof take Steitorwall towards Kusthalle at the Kusthalle/Erst-Merck-Strasse tur left ito Georgsplatz take the first street o the left, Kurze Mühre