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2 EICAS Automazione: who we are An overview EICAS was established in 1984 by a group of professors of the Politecnico di Torino and industrial researchers led by Prof. Francesco Donati with the aim to set-up a company excelling in complex system management and control area. Services Design of digital automatic control and innovative and customised solutions for the automation Development of control algorithm, real-time software and rapid control prototyping techniques Training courses on EICAS control design methodology and EICASLAB technology EICAS is proud of more than 25 years of relevant applications in the most various automation sectors Products EICASLAB ( the professional software suite for automatic control design and forecasting EICASLAB Rapid Control Prototyping multi-core PC platform (Intel Software Partner)

3 FP7 ERSEC Enhanced Road Safety by integrating Egnos-Galileo data with on-board Control system Precise vehicle localisation Our experience in design Automotive : DRIVE-BY-COMPUTER INTEGRATED CONTROL SYSTEM (research developed for Centro Ricerche Fiat) 1999: ACC (research developed for Centro Ricerche Fiat) 2000-at present: PASSIVE AND ACTIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS car modelling and simulation steer/brake/throttle-by-wire integrated control system (models): longitudinal controls: brake and traction lateral control: 2WS-4WS+brake control roll and suspension control integrated control performance assessment by simulator auto-diagnosis and system dependability: sensors, actuators and processors redundancy, FDIR algorithms, fault injection and dependability assessment on simulator. ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) algorithms & related data processing CHAMELEON IST : Data Fusion & Crash Prediction Algorithm for timely activate the passive safety systems COLLISION AVOIDANCE AND MITIGATION ALGORITHMS to avoid or, at least, to mitigate the predicted collision by means of an active safety assistance given to the driver, by automatic action on car brakes. MECCANO "Mobilità urbana Eco-compatibile attraverso un Commuter Configurabile A uso esclusivo/non esclusivo running Collision avoidance prototype for the new urban concept car

4 Our experience in design Space : HIPPARCOS MISSION It was developed an innovative methodology for attitude determination of space vehicles, based only on star measurements, used for reconstructing on ground the attitude of the Hipparcos satellite. The average precision, during the whole mission (about three years) was 40 milliarcsec, the best one ever achieved before today: AUTONOMOUS ATTITUDE DETERMINATION GYROLESS FROM STARS ESA CONTRACTS European Space Agency : SETIS: Stellar and Extended Target Intelligent Sensor : AST: Autonomous Star Tracker On the basis of the Hipparcos experience a methodology has been developed for autonomous attitude determination of space vehicles, on board, only through star measurements. A prototype system with one optical head, has been tested with full success on board of the SAC-C Argentinean Satellite, launched on November A system working with three optical heads has been developed as a part of the ESA Contract MHS2. On ground applications have been derived from the multicamera concept (ARFLEX project) : MHS2: Miniaturized Multiple Head High Rate Star Sensor : APLT+AMTS: Active Pointing of Large Telescope & Attitude Measurement Transfer Systems

5 Our experience in design Industrial Automation -Robotics OPTICAL MULTI-CAMERA MEASURING SYSTEM FOR THE CONTACT-LESS MEASUREMENT OF MOVING RIGID BODIES Optical multi-camera measuring system for contact-less measurement of the pose (position and attitude, corresponding to 6 degrees of freedom) of a set of movable bodies within a predefined camera field of view. The system has the following characteristics: low-cost camera use "Plug & Play" functionality auto-adaptability to operate in presence of changing environmental conditions high dependability sampling frequency 100 Hz high accuracy in the order of 1 /10,000 (0.01%) of full scale

6 Our experience in design Industrial Automation -Robotics 6

7 Our experience in design Industrial Automation : AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FOR COILING SUBMARINE CABLES Factory Automation : CO-OPERATION WITH OLIVETTI : AUTOMATION OF OFFSET PRINTING- MACHINES THE HIMAC PROJECT The "Manufacturing Algebra is an original mathematical methodology for modelling and controlling the manufacturing plants.

8 Overview on R&D activities Partner Partner Partner Partner FREE Flexible and safe interactive human-robot Environment for small batch Exacting applications ADHOC Advanced Design procedure for tailor-made High performance Open and flexible Control systems ADIUVARE Adaptive and flexible welding cell through advanced vision systems and augmented reality AMICO Advanced Monitoring and Intelligent Control ERSEC Enhanced Road Safety by integrating Egnos-Galileo data with on-board Control system HI-CEPS Highly Integrated CombustionElectric Propulsion System PISA Flexible Assembly Systems through workplace sharing and Time sharing HM cooperation ARFLEX Adaptive Robots for flexible manufacturing systems ACODUASIS Automatic Control design using advanced simulation software CHAMELEON Pre-crash Application All Around The Vehicle HANDFLEX Integrated Modular Solution Handling Flexible Material In An Industrial Environment HIMAC Hierarchical Management of Manufacturing Control Systems QUAINT Quality assessment by intelligent surface inspection Systems. ECHORD FP7-GA Programma Operativo Regionale F.E.S.R 2007/2013 Bando tematico TECNOLOGIE SMART Programma Operativo Regionale F.E.S.R 2007/2013 FP7 STREP FP7-GALILEO-2008-GSA FP6 IP Transport FP6 - IP NMP4-NI FP6 STREP NMP2-CT FP5 Innovation IPS FP5 - IST IST BRITE EURAM III BE ESPRIT III Project 8841 BRITE EURAM II Project 0251

9 Main Partners in Europe COMPANIES (END-USERS) Centro Ricerche Fiat, (I) Ferrari (I) Pininfarina (I) Volvo (SE) Peugeot (FR) Renault (FR) Porsche (DE) Avio (IT) Magneti Marelli (I) Thales Alenia Space (I) COMAU Robotica (I) Fidia (I) Pi4 Robotics GmbH (DE) Schmidt-Handling GmbH (DE) Evidence (I) INTEL (DE) Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi (I) Swisslog Telelift (DE) RESEARCH INSTITUTES Politecnico di Torino (I) Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (I) Fraunhofer IPK Institute (DE) Fraunhofer IPA Institute (DE) Jozef Stefan Institute (SI) ZHW Institute (CH) University of Karlshuhe (DE) TNO (NL) Uninova (PT) University of Antwerp (BE) Universidad Politechnica de Madrid (ES) SUPSI (Switzerland) Robotiker (ES) IKA (DE) CSST (I) MAGNA STEYR, Austria TNO (Nederland) UNIVAQ, Italia

10 For additional information Dr. Gabriella Caporaletti Tel