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1 Annual Report

2 Content Vision/Mission/Guidelines/Values Our Working Principles Message From the Chairman Global Communication Milestones İndeks with Numbers Periodicals Non-periodicals Speaker Agency Consultancy Visual Publications Corporate Publications of İndeks

3 Vision/Mission/Guidelines/Values Our Vision: To set and to spread a mentality, which values intellectual capital, creativity and the individual, believing that the content is the essential part of making a difference in competition. Our Mission: To transmit the right information to the right profile in the right time using the right tools. Providing the most efficient communication with the most accurate content. Our Guidelines : İndeks Content Communication Consulting regards the people, institutions and corporations it collaborates with as business partners. İndeks listens, understands, determines the needs and provides person/institution specific solution suggestions. Our Values: İndeks; : Is customer oriented : Provides quality production : Does not accept deadlocks : Is not active, it is proactive instead : Complies with the law and ethical values : Is sensitive towards the community and the environment : Values its employees : Believes in teamwork : Independent : Objective : Reliable : Genial : Egalitarian : Innovative : Unique/Creative Our Goals : To provide long term sustainable growth : To contribute and guide the sector with innovative applications : To provide the permanency of leadership through the ability to self perpetuate : To develop customer oriented service mentality, to level up and maintain customer relations to proactive relations through creative solutions. Being the right place in customer relations carrying our customers to the future : To extend and diversify the customer geography and customer segment : To integrate our works to advanced technologies at all times by benefiting from the advantages of technology. To ease the working conditions. To increase the information safety and speed. : To maintain leading the way for the enhancement and improvement of ethical values in terms of content creation, starting with journalism. : To make sustainable and innovative works at the integration of different media and the tools used in these media : To reach a great number of crowd in various ways, speed and frequency. : To maintain being sustainable and the pioneer at all corporate fields of communication such as corporate communication, corporate content, alongside investor relations and to address the needs of content through the tools it produces and method of work. To diversify the tools and techniques of work and to increase the number of them. Our Working Principles We are creating and managing content. We do not confine the content to the boundaries of traditional media; instead we are developing integrated content solutions for our associates actively using electronic and social media, mobile applications and smart technologies. We are designing communications. Our job is to create and manage content. We are developing creative communication tools having a holistic line of vision. We distinguish ourselves from our rivals in our way to business. We are developing sustainable and long term relations with our associates. We are approaching our customers not merely for devising projects, but also with the vision of being the content partner. We are marching forward with confidence in different fields of expertise by having the broadest and most competent ecosystem in the sector. We are proud of being a privileged institution, which was capable of working with the same customers continuously and in denser diversity ever since its foundation. We are working on enhancing our sector. With the support of Bilgi University, we are training the communication professionals of the future and we offer them an internship in our operation. We are offering on-the-job-training possibilities, which are purely based upon application. We believe in equality of opportunity and we apply it; especially we are working sensitively on women and the youth. We are socially responsible. Before focusing on customer oriented works, we fulfill our social responsibilities, thus proving our competency and setting an example. For 10 years, we have organized Management Strategy Competitions, providing internship opportunities for the young. We have aired the İş Görüşmesi (Job Interview) program in CNN Turk, employing the young. In line with our collaboration with TÜYID (Turkish Investor Relations Association), we further work on better understanding of investor relations. 3

4 Message from the Chairman Ever since its foundation, İndeks continues to work collaboratively with competent teams valuing their careers, believing in importance of content management, using the communication tools professionally. İndeks was founded in On one hand it pursued its transformation and improvement by integrating the innovations in communications to its production and service mentality, on the other hand it worked on sustainability without conceding the principles and targets it set as goals in the first day. We are proud to share our first annual report having that working mentality with you. As İndeks, we believe that communication with content increases the living standards of communities, the improvements in communication spread the realms of freedom and we further believe that democracies can improve through content communication. We firmly believe that the lack of access to information is the most significant reason for the inequality in our country and we see that information does not evolve into qualified education. A significant amount of our women is illiterate. Unfortunately, a significant part of our society has difficulties understanding the things they read. Nevertheless, the communication tools and their usage, currency, impact and variety is more than many places in the world. The past 10 years made us witness a revolutionary change in communication. We live and let live 24/7. Whilst proceeding our work without facing boundaries thanks to technology, our most important topic, and also our opportunity and problem remain the same: Information. Accessing information is easy, but accessing it as quality and reliable content is harder than ever. İndeks was founded with the aim of creating and managing content. It has accomplished successful projects in the past 10 years, crowning its success with award winning projects. It built its whole concentration on quality content. It developed tools, it sailed to innovation without fear, and it never avoided to try or grasp the right thing. İndeks has focused its works on corporate communication on four basic activities; Periodicals, mainly corporate communication tools Non periodicals, communication tools serving corporate or investor relationships Consultancy on communication and content measurement, innovative communication tools measuring the quality of content both qualitatively and quantitatively. Speakers Agency of the Spokesperson, communication tools, which face to face communication, the most efficient communication form of all, requires. In the forthcoming pages, you shall find details about our work. We tried to reflect the truths of our projects, the importance of our projects for our associates and its benefits for the sector. We simultaneously intensified our works in the national and international area. We have spread to all sectors and we created and managed content in a huge variety from telecom to iron and steel, food, finance, health, real estate. We do not depend on specific media in our work. Prints, electronically-digital, face-to-face... The target of our strong and unrivalled content, the timing, frequency, tonality, content, length, language and the medium used depending on the needs and the level of comprehension of the target audience, are what is important for us. Whilst preparing this annual report, we asked for our associates to share their experiences. Hereby we thank them. Why to share the experience? Experience sharing being the improving and creative trend that it become in the last few years, is able to express the cause-effect relationship in the eyes of the experiencing party in an efficient manner, it further supports the trust of collaboration and the prestige of the institution. Our goal is to produce accurate, reliable and accessible information, and to provide the sustainability of the quality of content in our services and products in the name of corporate governance. Best Regards, Yaprak ÖZER / Chairman of the Board 5

5 Global Communication First communication satellite 1986 Microsoft launches Windows The first iphone D communication technology has been vitalized again 4000 BC Tablet Carvings The first radio Invention of the electrical telegraph 1998 broadcast; The first personal computer The search engine Marconi Google started operation The leaked documents of Wikileaks shake the world Smartphones market share reached 59% worldwide BC Hieroglyph writings Invention of the telephone, Graham Bell Invention of the television, Baird The term Internet was introduced The first article in the internet encyclopedia 1045 AD Printing type and the first book 1894 Invention of the cinematograph symbol was chosen 1989 The first internet index 1994 The first mobile phone was brought to Turkey 2004 The foundation of Facebook was laid 1826 Invention of the photo camera 1969 With military purposes, ARPA was built, paving the way for the concept of Internet 2013 One of each 4 people will start using tablets.

6 Sectors Non-Periodical Publications / CSR /Sustainability / Annual Reports / Prestige Publications 9 Communication Avea The Book of the Authority Turkcell Sustainability Report 2011 Turkcell Annual Report 2010/11 TTNet Internal Publication Iron - Steel Erdemir 2004 Sustainability Report Retail Migros Annual Report 2010 Electronics and white Goods & Technology Arçelik Annual Report 2011 Health Sanofi Aventis The Book of the Authority Industry Siemens Sustainability Report 2011 Food Coca-Cola Analysis Study Anadolu Efes Annual Report 2010 Pınar Su Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 Pınar Et Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 Pınar Süt Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 Starbuck s Add Shot Nestlé 100. year book Automotive Tofaş Annual Report 2011 Paper Viking Kağıt Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 Non-Governmental Organisation TÜSİAD Global İlişkiler Forumu Annual Report 2009/ 10 Paint Dyo Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 Cement Çimsa Sustainability Report 2010/11 Çimsa Annual Report 2009/10 Oyak Çimento Annual Report 2009 Oyak Mardin Annual Report 2009 Oyak Adana Annual Report 2009 Oyak Bolu Annual Report 2009 Oyak Ünye Annual Report 2009 Oyak Aslan Annual Report 2009 Finance Axa Sigorta Annual Report 2011 BNP Parıbas Annual Report 2011 Anadolu Bank Annual Report 2011 KKB Annual Report 2011 Denizbank Annual Report 2011 Denizbank AG Annual Report 2011 Denizbank Moscow Annual Report 2011 Euler Hermes Annual Report 2011 A&T Bank Annual Report 2010 / 11 DASK Annual Report 2010 / 11 Garanti Bankası Sustainability Report 2010 MKK Annual Report 2010 TCMB Annual Report 2010 Garanti Bankası Annual Report 2009/10/11 Albaraka Türk Annual Report 2009 ING Emeklilik Almanac Tourism Consulting KRM The Book of the Authority Altın Yunus Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 Holding Boydak Holding Annual Report 2011 Kolin Holding Annual Report 2011 Doğuş Holding Annual Report 2010/11 İttifak Holding Annual Report 2010 Doğan Holding Annual Report 2007/8/9/10 Yaşar Holding Annual Report 2004/5/6/7/8 10,000 interviews in 10 Years Reported over 100 At 500 frequency, periodicals, and 100 different concept Hundreds of foreign and local speakers Over 4,000,000 s the reader on Mining Park Elektrik Annual Report 2011 Real Estate Investment Trusts İş GYO Annual Report 2011 Torunlar GYO Annual Report 2010 Numerous TV shoot Personal Arayış Cemil Özer Hayatım Selçuk Yaşar İşe Yarayan Tuhaf Fikirler Robert Sutton Dün, Bugün, Yarın Doğan Kuban

7 Sectors Sectors Periodical Publications (Magazines, Newsletters, Brochures) Digital and Electronic Reporting / Digital Services / Audio Services / TV Broadcasting 11 Communication Avea / Avea Time / Avea Kurumsal Başarı Öyküleri TTNet / Tivibu Research / Consulting / Service İnova / Başarı Öyküleri KRM / Başarı Öyküleri ISS / ISS Bülten GFK / GFK Evimde Finance Denizbank / Takım ruhu Ergo / Ergo Biz Mastercard / Avrasya dan Electronics and White Goods & Technology Vestel / Vs Bimsa / Bimsa Biz / İşte Performans Industry Siemens / Siemens World / Dialog Borusan / Boru Hattı Communication Turkcell / Eğitim Videoları / Digital And Electronic Reporting 2010/11 TTNet / E-Tivibu Dergi / Tivibu Net Gelecek TTNET Personal Feyhan Yaşar Biyografisi Yaşadıkça Electronics and White Goods Vestel / Teknolojinin Türkçesi / e- Made in Vestel Media Bloomberg HT CNN Türk TRT 2 Holding Doğuş Holding Digital And Electronic Reporting 2011 Kolin Digital And Electronic Reporting 2010/11 İttifak Holding Digital And Electronic Reporting 2010 Automotive Isuzu Education Hisar Eğitim Vakfı / Edu Iron - Steel Borçelik / Biz Bize Erdemir / Erdemir Service Food Real Estate Investment Trusts ISS / ISS Bülten Nestlé / Sales TV İş GYO/ Digital And Electronic Reporting 2011 Paint/ Chemistry Food Textile Finance Dyo / Dyorum Jewelery Jival / Magazin Coca-Cola / Vizyon 2020 Nestlé / Benimle / Yaşam Sofra / Sofra Grubu Pınar / Yaşa Taç / Taç Sytle KKB Digital And Electronic Reporting 2011 Garanti Digital And Electronic Reporting 2010/11 Finansbank Training Video Deniz Bank Digital And Electronic Reporting 2011 HSBC Bize Özel Non-Governmental Organisation TÜYİD / Tüyid Bülten Health Sanovel / Sanovizyon Holding Boydak Holding / Biz Bize Yaşar Holding / Yaşam Pınarım Zorlu Holding / Zorlu Dergisi Non-Governmental Organisation Peryön / PY

8 Sectors Speaker Agency Media Relations Consulting / Media Relations Training Consulting Batuman Danışmanlık CRM Enstitüsü Karuna Danışmanlık KRM Yürekli Danışmanlık (Marka 2002) BSA Capitol Halkla İlişkiler Electronics and White Goods & Technology Indesit Bosch&Siemens Tefal Samsung Food Coca Cola Efes Pilsen Eker Süt Ürünleri Moe s Pepsi Tamek Starbuck s Amylum Nişasta Barilla Gıda Textile Levi s Industry Borusan Makine Siemens Health GSK Sanofi Aventis Wyeth İlaç Ge Health Care Sanofi Pasteur Lily İlaç Novo Nordisk Pfızer Sandoz Bayer Bilim İlaç 13 Tourism Setur Global Turizm Yat İşletmeciliği Üçler Turizm Agriculture May Tohumculuk Software & Services Call Center 2011 Pwc Accenture Energy Ge Energy Furniture & Retail İkea Teknosa Jewelery Ion By Atasay Automotive, Tyre Communication Paint/ Chemistry Printing Press & Media Holding Otokoç Türk Traktör Michelin Turkcell Avea Huawei Dyo Rohm And Haas Finance Umur Matbaacılık Milliyet Kale Grup Zorlu Enerji Anadolu Endüstri Holding Koç Holding Political Party, State And Local Government Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) İstanbul Büyük Şehir Belediyesi T.C. Başbakanlık Türkiye Yatırım Destek ve Tanıtım Ajansı Samsun Ticaret Odası Eskişehir Eğitim Kültür Vakfı (ESEV) Computers and Software Accenture Dell Mcafee Oracle Zyxel Bimsa HP Entertainment İstanbul Akvaryum Walt Disney Denizbank TV Fast Moving Consumer Goods Unilever Ashmore Pe Denizbank A.Ş. Deutche Bank Finansbank Royal Bank Of Scotland Yapı Kredi Güven Sigorta Aksigorta Başak Groupama Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik City Bank Risk Türk Non-Governmental Organisation KalDer TÜYİD Kuaförler Zirvesi Sakarya Organizasyon Sanayi Türkiye Sigorta Ve Reasurans Şirketleri Birliği Türkiye Uludağ İhracatçılar Birliği Global Political Trend Center

9 Milestones The corporate website The program İş Görüşmesi (Job Interview), which started its broadcast in CNNTürk has been the first TV program com was launched. to include decision making and employing experiences and job interview techniques. Started to prepare its first corporate The social responsibility project İndeks 2001 magazine Vesaire (Vs.) Management Strategy Competition conceived Was founded in Istanbul as the first for Vestel. specifically for the young were realized. It has Celebrated its 10th anniversary. Opened its office to students through the academic Speaker Agency Bulletin started to get content production and management reached about 3000 young people through İndeks gave its collaborations it realized and put the program of employment issued on a monthly basis. company of Turkey 12 competitions within five years. It provided first Media Relations creation and education for its own sector in action. Won a record amount of awards and prizes Kariyer Dünyası, the first opportunities for training and internship. Training. with the annual reports prepared for Turkcell management sciences and human Institutionalized its annual reports regarding investor relations, Two annual reports within the scope of which it started with annual reports as reporting services under the and Garanti Bankası. resources program in Turkey, İndeks were prepared. The second progress notice name of İçerik Fabrikası Limited (Content Factory Limited). started broadcasting in TRT2. Communication on Progress (COP) was Yaprak Özer, the founder of İndeks, was Created the first interactive annual report, which provided published. chosen as the Global leader for Tomorrow customizable features for Garanti Bankası. at the World Economic Forum. Özer has been the first journalist to be Issued the book Asrın İndeksi (İndeks of the Century) from the chosen from Turkey. İndeks book series. This series were then continued with World Cup Issued an annual report for itself for the milestone İndeks, Michael Jackson İndeks, Atatürk İndeks and Content İndeks. first time. Gave the first Media Relations Training Has issued the first progress notice named abroad. İndeks is continuing international Communication Progress (COP). trainings thanks its international media accreditation İndeks, having undertaken the task of Turkish agency of Leigh Bureau, the most deep rooted speaker agency of USA, has started bringing the globally known figures to Turkey. It has issued the first sustainability report in Turkey with the work it prepared for Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories. It has supported the 13. National Quality Congress as the Content Sponsor being the first content company of Turkey. İndeks Corporate Publications was launched. Still published monthly, the corporate e-bulletin was posted on İndeks newspaper By providing different content needs of the currently served companies, efforts were made for content partnership. The efforts were converted into one-stop content communication in this year Won the first gold medal in an international competition with the annual report for Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. The works it did in the subsequent years has received several awards by various international institutions. Founded İndeks Speaker Agency. İndeks Speaker Agency has become the largest and all-round speaker agency in Turkey İndeks Publishing has issued its first book Arayış (Quest). Signed the United Nations Global Compact. At the same year, it has also signed the Management is a Woman s Right declaration of KalDer in accordance with the 1. and 6. principles the declaration set out. 15

10 İndeks in Figures Sectors We Provide Services For Which Communication Tools in Which Channel 17 %17 %16 %9 %7 %1 %2 %1 %2 %2 %2 %4 %4 %4 %7 %7 %5 %5 %5 Automotive Electrics/Energy Telecommunications Textiles Associations White Appliances Beverages Information Technologies Newspapers / TV Target Audience Profile Insurance Public Services Food Health Education/Training/Institutes Consulting Services Holding, Group Companies Banking / Finance Web Site e-mag İntranet e-bulletin Corporate Blog TV Broadcast in Popular Channels Electronic Platform Social Media Content Visual Media Content and Publishing e-book Interactive Web Reports İndeks Speaker Agency Smart phone and tablet apps In House Television Broadcast Radio Broadcast Mag Press Release Bulletin Sustanibility Report Book Strategic Communication Consultancy Traditional Platform Brochure Visual Agency Comm. Skills Training Annual Report Corporate Social Responsibility Report Catalogue Media Comm. Training All Sorts of Speakers & Services Corporate Private Sector Public Holding / Group Companies National / Multinational Companies Decision makers Academician Politiciand and Bureaucrats Financial Analysts Business World NGO Media Representatives Resp. Dep. Senior Management Marketing, Sales HR, Training Investor Relations Corporate Communications Advertising and Public Relations Public Young / Adult Countryside / City Turkey Wide Aged 17+ Female / Male News Figures in Annual Report Annual Report Garanti Annual Report Doğan Group Annual Report Turkcell Annual Report Total Digital Platform Read rates concerning the news about awarded reports Source: MTM data Number of People 10 million 6 million 5 million 21 million Face-to-face Platform The Annual Reports of Turkcell, Garanti Bank and Doğan Group have been reported in 239 different platforms.

11 İndeks in Figures Customer Profile The Regional Distribution of the Firms Having Made it to ISO Top 500, Which İndeks Offers Services to (according to their chamber) 19 The total sum of the equity capital of the companies that İndeks serves is TRY ,198 Turkey s exports in the year 2011 was 134,906,869,000 $ The total number of exportation of the customers included in İndeks portfolio is 7,750, $ (Source: TÜİK/İSO) Partners at Turquality 1 Anadolu Efes Biracılık ve Malt San. A.Ş. 2 Arçelik A.Ş. 3 Atasay Kuyumculuk San. ve Tic. A.Ş 4 Boydak Dış Tic. A.Ş 5 DYO 6 Goldaş Kuyumculuk 7 Pınar Süt Mamülleri San. A.Ş. 8 Vestel Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.Ş 9 Zorlu Tekstil In 2011, İndeks customers created employment for %14 Ankara %9 Mersin %5 %5 %5 %62 Sivas Kayseri İzmir İstanbul The Firms, Which Made it to ISO Top 500, Which İndeks Offers Services to İSO Ranking Firm (Top 500) 5 Tofaş Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş. 6 Arçelik A.Ş. 30 Vestel Beyaz Eşya San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 31 Coca Cola İçecek A.Ş. 33 Goldaş Kuyumculuk Sanayi İthalat İhracat A.Ş. 44 Borusan Mannesmann Boru San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 53 Siemens San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 59 HES Hacılar Elektrik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 71 Anadolu Efes Biracılık ve Malt Sanayi A.Ş. 79 Boytaş Mobilya San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 84 ÇİMSA Çimento San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 106 Pınar Süt Mamülleri Sanayi A.Ş. 144 Zorluteks Tekstil Tic. ve San. A.Ş. 162 Erdemir Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 190 DYO Boya Fabrikaları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 192 Sofra Yemek Üretim ve Hizmet A.Ş. 199 Pınar Entegre Et ve Un Sanayi A.Ş. 252 Oyak Beton San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 253 Tamek Gıda ve Konsantre San. ve Tic. A.Ş 341 Doğan Gazetecilik A.Ş. 452 Park Elektrik Üretim Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

12 İndeks in Figures Financial Summary Evaluation of İndeks Content & Communication Group for the Last 4 Years Taking a Look at the Basic Financial Indicators of İndeks Content & Communication Group from 2009 to Q3, 21 NET SALES / INCREASE RATES GROSS PROFIT MARGIN RATES EBITDA RATES NET PROFIT MARGIN RATES EQUITY RATES %13,50 %14,17 %19,25 %31, % 13.50% %26,50 %17,49 %39,04 %31, NET SALES / INCREASE RATES EBITDA RATES 27.48% 12.93% 4.59% 17.49% 14.17% 36.73% 7.70% 3.81% %12,93 %7,70 %11,67 %10, NET PROFIT MARGIN RATES %4,59 %3,81 %6,78 %6, %27,48 GROSS PROFIT MARGIN RATES 39.04% 19.25% 26.48% 11.67% 6.78% %36,73 EQUITY RATES %26,48 %45, % 45.07% 10.61% 6.72% Interest, depreciation and pre-tax profitability have not been affected by economic constrictions. Together with growth, profitability has been kept. Equity is protected within the financial statement and is of international standards. On all analyzed terms, İndeks reached net profitability. On the 4-yearly analysis, it has been detected that the turnover increased each year, in line with the set targets. İndeks Group ensures sustainable growth, profitability and equity sufficiency, possessing a strong financial structure. İndeks performs a successful management of gross profitability rates and costs while pricing, keeping its gross profitability. DURU AUDITING AND FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY

13 Periodicals: İndeks makes a difference in production and management of the content with its solutions appropriate to corporate needs. 23 Whilst enriching the corporate reputation communication with its unique works on periodicals, İndeks offers quality and sustainable content for the reader. Corporate publications, which are of great essentiality for corporate communication, have a great role in building bridges between the companies and its stakeholders. Different stakeholders of the institutions get found, these can be employees, as well as suppliers, dealers, service network, business partners or even families. They can also be institutional stakeholders, shareholders, business partners, end customers. More than readers were reached through periodicals. AVEA, Aveatime BİMSA, BİMSABİZ BİMSA, İşte Performans (İP) Borçelİk borusan, Boru Hattı BOYDAK, BİzBİze coca cola, 2020 Vİzyon Denİzbank, Takım Ruhu dyo, Dyorum efes pilsen, Bİravo ERDEMİR, ERDEMİR DERGİSİ ERGO, Ergobİz GFK, gfk evimde hisar eğitim vakfı, Edu ISS Bülten JİVAL MAGAZİN VESTEL, *MADE IN VESTEL MasterCard Avrasya dan Nestlé Benİmle Nestlé Yaşam PERyÖN, PY sanovel, Sanovİzyon Siemens İNOVASYON (KARDİYOLOJİ) Siemens İNOVASYON (RADYOLOJİ) Siemens World GAZETE sıemens diyalog Sofra Grup TAÇ Style TTNET, Tİvİbu yaşar grubu, Yaşa PINAR, Yaşam Pınarım VESTEL, Vs. Zorlu HOLDİNG, ZORLU Dergİsİ * Made in Vestel magazine prepared for Vestel has been issued as hard copy for 2 years and then was moved to electronic environment. The institution shall provide appropriate content, as much as it needs to produce unique services and products. It needs to conceive its discourse for its target audience exclusively. The target audience gets influenced by different dynamics, lives in different time spans, may have different conceptions, needs or likings. İndeks publications can bring different target audiences to the same vision through content created for each one of them specifically, thanks to the contribution of technology. Electronic and printed publications in 100 concepts and 500 frequencies.

14 Sayı 23 Şubat 2010 Yaşar Gıda Grubu yayınıdır. Para ile satılamaz. Periodicals: Meeting the Reader in Digital Platforms Yaman Alpata TTNET Digital Media Marketing Director 25 What matters is not what you say, it is the way you say it. If you don t know how to say it, then what you say has no meaning. Together with İndeks, we are continuing our Tivibu e-magazine works. Our monthly determined contents become an entertaining e-magazine with the design and wording of İndeks. It is conveyed to the reader through ipad, Android, web and IPTV platforms. It is also sent to 1 million subscribers via . Tivibu e-magazine work is an efficient method to offer the rich content of Tivibu to the user. Thus, the Tivibu users being informed about the content can easily access the content they want to watch with ease. Another significance of the e-magazine, which we prepared together with İndeks is the consolidation of the publicity of the Tivibu Project, which is one of the services of very high added value of TTNET, the leading technology and entertainment company in Turkey. Thanks to the Coordination in Harmony environment, which we were able to have with İndeks, our magazine is making significant steps towards being a magazine, which is getting liked more and more by our users every single day and which gets more and more creative every passing month. Through the meetings we arrange during the first week of every month, we set a course for the e-magazine, specify the outlines and make our plans together to reach the best. y a fl a m mutfaktayız Burçin Terzioğlu yemek sohbetleri Coşkun Aral söyleşi Sedef İybar haber Ünlülerin unutamadığı tatlar mekan Ottoman haberpınar ile tiyatro sever esiller rehber Mutlu çocuk yetiştirme konsept Bebek fotoğrafçılığı spor Hem eğlence hem sağlık: masa tenisi The periodical corporate publication services offered as periodicals within the framework of İndeks has proven that corporate publications can also be sustainable, innovative and creative. İndeks has shown, that corporate publishing in all platforms you can think of, be it electronic, digital, web based or printed, can be established commonly and sustainably. The Vs. Magazine of Vestel, which began to get published in 2002 with İndeks, is an epitome of that success. Vs. Magazine with its news and interviews, which were referred several times in national media, and with its cover and main stories, is one of the communication tools of the institution having a brand value. If we shall continue with Vs. magazine was published in 3500 pages in 10 years. Vs. has reached readers. the same example, it was an important communication concept standing out, that this magazine was in harmony and full coordination with other publications of Zorlu Group, which aimed a different target audience and served other purposes. The corporate experience of İndeks has some important milestones. It also stood out with the traffic, for which it offered systematized messages to different target audiences, alongside Siemens, to which it offers services since 10 years through changing and transformation, Yaşar Group, of which it conceives all the publications and long term collaborations such as Efes Group and Nestle. İndeks, approaching the institutions it works for as solution partners, meets all the communication requirements of the institutions in accordance with the need. It demonstrates a versatile and target oriented attitude by offering digital solution services such as e-magazine and e-bulletin, alongside printed publications. With the expert team İndeks has in the field of periodicals, it offers private services to institutions in terms of content Zorlu magazine was published in 37 issues and 3250 pages until now. Zorlu magazine has reached up to almost 1000 readers. production and management. Regardless of the sector it may operate in, it sets up outstanding, pioneering, groundbreaking, read, eyeful with its design and content, informing, creative, widely followed and challenging corporate publications. It reaches larger target audiences directly with target oriented content. Please refer to Annexes part, in the Turkish version of the report, to see İndeks Periodicals.

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The Past, Present and Future of Information Management Report

The Past, Present and Future of Information Management Report White Paper The Past, Present and Future of Information Management Report From a physical to digital information world how the data revolution is driving competitive advantage Business Information Solutions

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ICT SYSTEMS MARKETING PLAN ICT SYSTEMS MARKETING PLAN by Ladan Mehrabi Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Simon Fraser University, 2006 Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering, Tehran Azad University, 2001 PROJECT

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Leading Business by Design Why and how business leaders invest in design

Leading Business by Design Why and how business leaders invest in design Leading Business by Design Why and how business leaders invest in design ARE YOU MISSING SOMEONE? Design Council Design Council champions great design. For us that means design which improves lives and

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STARTING MY OWN SMALL BUSINESS STARTING MY OWN SMALL BUSINESS A training module on entrepreneurship for students of technical and vocational education and training at secondary level Facilitator s guide Foreword The Education For All

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كلية طلال ا بوغزاله للدراسات العليا في ا دارة الا عمال Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business

كلية طلال ا بوغزاله للدراسات العليا في ا دارة الا عمال Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business الجامعة الا لمانية الا ردنية German Jordanian University TAG-SB كلية طلال ا بوغزاله للدراسات العليا في ا دارة الا عمال Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business Foundation for International Business

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The Professional Certificate in Management

The Professional Certificate in Management The Professional Certificate in Management Information and sample module material INSPIRING LEARNING 1 A world apart from any other way of learning Welcome to The Open University (OU), the UK s largest

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For more information about this report please contact Dr Abigail Diamond at CFE T: 0116 229 3300 Email:

For more information about this report please contact Dr Abigail Diamond at CFE T: 0116 229 3300 Email: The project team would like to extend particular thanks to all of the employers, universities and other stakeholders that participated in interviews as well as Ian Robinson and Rajeeb Dey for their input.

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A Study of Bangladesh Telecom Market

A Study of Bangladesh Telecom Market June 11, 2008 How suitable is Bangladesh Telecom market for an internationalized Telecom company (TeliaSonera) and what could be a preferable entry strategy for such company to enter into such market?

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Get the Right People:

Get the Right People: WHITEPAPER Get the Right People: 9 Critical Design Questions for Securing and Keeping the Best Hires Steven Hunt & Susan Van Klink Get the Right People: 9 Critical Design Questions for Securing and Keeping

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PEOPLEINAID. Code. of good practice. in the management and support of aid personnel

PEOPLEINAID. Code. of good practice. in the management and support of aid personnel PEOPLEINAID Code of good practice in the management and support of aid personnel The People In Aid Code of Good Practice, 2003, is a revision of the People In Aid Code of Best Practice, 1997 PEOPLEINAID

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Helping make tomorrow

Helping make tomorrow 2012 Helping make tomorrow This pdf is interactive. The content is clickable so you can navigate through this document. We have included a lot more information online. Whenever you see a yellow box like

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Making Smart IT Choices

Making Smart IT Choices Making Smart IT Choices Understanding Value and Risk in Government IT Investments Sharon S. Dawes Theresa A. Pardo Stephanie Simon Anthony M. Cresswell Mark F. LaVigne David F. Andersen Peter A. Bloniarz

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SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2013 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 213 Table of Contents 1 2 4 6 8 1 19 28 32 4 52 6 78 84 85 89 96 97 About Our Report Message From The CEO CCI At a Glance CCI s Journey of Sustainability Performance Highlights Integrating

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The network that connects us all. KPN Integrated Annual Report 2013

The network that connects us all. KPN Integrated Annual Report 2013 The network that connects us all KPN Integrated Annual Report 2013 Our mission We believe in a society in which communication technology enriches life. It is our mission to provide safe, reliable and future-proof

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Think. Big. to get ahead. 2014 Annual Report

Think. Big. to get ahead. 2014 Annual Report Think Big to get ahead 2014 Annual Report Presentation 4 Türkiye Finans in Brief 5 Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Corporate Values 5 Strategic Priorities and Main Initiatives for 2014 6 Türkiye Finans Milestones

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1 Message to the shareholders 2. 2 Management 4. 3 Corporate profile of Brunel International 5. 4 Financial Highlights 6

1 Message to the shareholders 2. 2 Management 4. 3 Corporate profile of Brunel International 5. 4 Financial Highlights 6 Index Index Chapter page 1 Message to the shareholders 2 2 Management 4 3 Corporate profile of Brunel International 5 4 Financial Highlights 6 5 Report from the Supervisory Board 7 6 Corporate Governance

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Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably

Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably to refer to any manager from any department responsible

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SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2010 2 11 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2010 2 11 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Contents About Us About This Report Messages of Executives Business Structure Company Overview Milteks Products, Customers & Suppliers Code

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