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1 School of Biblical Counseling Online Campus User s Guide

2 SBC Online Student Guide Welcome to the CCEF School of Biblical Counseling Online! The new SBC Online holds every element of your course in one convenient website, organized into an easy-to-follow learning path that groups the lectures, readings, community boards, and assignments together week-by-week. The course notebook, weekly lecture and articles can still be downloaded for portability and convenience. Your assignments will also be submitted through SBC Online. Finally, you ll enjoy an improved community board experience, with the ability to easily comment on posts by other students and interact more personally with them. This Student Guide will assist you in using SBC Online. Please contact CCEF Student Services with any questions you may have or for assistance Thanks for choosing to study with CCEF SBC Online. It is our hope and prayer that the content of each course will be personally edifying and enable you to grow in wisdom and skill in personal ministry. Table of Contents Getting Started -- Technical Requirements... 2 Joining Your Class... 2 Using SBC Online... 6 Learning Path... 6 Submitting Assignments... 6 Community Boards... 8 Changing Views of Path and People... 8 Notifications Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 1

3 Getting Started -- Technical Requirements To ensure that you are able to enjoy all the features of SBC Online, please take a moment to update your browsers and other software. Update your browser software to the latest version available. For the best experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser. Ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash. You can download a new version at no charge, at Joining Your Class Step 1: You will receive an from CCEF, inviting you to join the course approximately 2 weeks before the start date. Step 2: Click on the link that says, Click here to join this class Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 2

4 Step 3: Set up SBC Online Account or Sign In New students/first time users: Set up your SBC Online account by entering your name, address, username and password, and then click Register Free. Returning students: Click sign in, using the SBC Online username and password you set up previously, and then click Register Free. Step 4: Access your profile and upload a picture. Uploading your picture and editing your profile will encourage community and help you build relationships with your fellow students. (Note: students living in closed countries may wish to upload another image to protect their identity and security.) Hover over the down arrow button next to your name, in the top right corner. Then click Your Profile Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 3

5 Click Edit at the bottom right corner of the white box to edit your profile to edit your profile information and upload a picture: From this page, you may edit any of your information using the gray tabs at the top: To change your profile image, click the black box with white text that says, Change profile image : Click the Choose file button, select the image from your computer, and click Done. Step 5: Enter your course Any courses in which you are enrolled will appear on the home page after you log in. Click on the course icon to enter the appropriate course Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 4

6 You ll also want to bookmark the SBC Online website address in your web browser as a favorite: Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 5

7 Using SBC Online Learning Path Each course has a learning path with all of your lectures, assignments and readings in one place, listed in the order in which they should be completed. The current step to be taken is highlighted in blue. Simply click it to proceed to the step. Articles and video lectures may be read or watched online, or you can download the pdfs or audio files for printing or portability when traveling. Submitting Assignments For assignments that need to be submitted (e.g., case studies, projects, exams, quizzes, etc.), there will be instructions for formatting in each step for the assignment, including any relevant information you need to complete the assignment. Here is an example: 2015 Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 6

8 To submit a file, click the blue pick a file link in the gray box: A new window will appear. Select the file from where you saved it on your computer. The box defaults to My Computer, which, unless you saved your file via Dropbox, is most likely the select ion you want. Click Choose File at the bottom of the page : Once you select your file and click Open, the file will upload, and you will see it as a link in the gray box. Click Complete Step to finalize your submission Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 7

9 Community Boards Community Board Questions will appear as their own step on SBC Online. You will click the Step to answer your question. When you click the Step, you will see the Discussion Question available. Click Discuss to read and answer the question: A new window will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. The question will appear at the top, and you can provide your response in the white box: Click Answer to submit your post. You can also reply to someone else s Community Board post. Your responses are threaded so that you can engage in conversation with your classmates on specific topics or responses. To reply to someone s post, click the Reply button below his or her post: Changing Views of Path and People SBC Online provides two views: People where you can see classes, recent activity by your classmates, and your progress report Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 8

10 Path where you see your lectures, assignments, readings, etc. To navigate between each view, usethe buttons at the upper right corner of the screen: Notifications SBC Online will automatically notify you when assignments are due. If you would like to turn these notifications off, you can change this notification setting by hovering over the down arrow next to your picture in the top right corner, clicking on Your Profile Edit, and Notifications. When you click on Notifications, you can uncheck the boxes for which you no longer wish to receive notifications: At the bottom of the page, click Update Settings, then click Done Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Page 9