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1 Sharing wisdom Enjoying life ZTE Smart City White Paper ZTE icity Solution

2 CONTENTS Overview 01 ZTE Smart Tourism Solution 23 ZTE E-Government Solution 05 ZTE Pharmaceutical Logistics Solution 26 ZTE U-Safety Public Safety Solution 09 ZTE ATG Inflight Communication Solution 29 ZTE LTE wireless government network Solution 12 ZTE itransportation Solution 32 ZTE irail Solution 16 ZTE ieducation Solution 35 ZTE Smart Park Solution 19 Conclusion 38

3 Overview With the economic and social development, a modern city is now more like an Information Society with wide use of computers and networks than an Industrial Society of the past. However, with the accelerated process of urbanization, urban development is faced with various problems, such as food safety, urban crime, traffic jams, traffic accidents, and lack of educational and medical resources. To solve these problems, ZTE launches the smart city solution "icity" to promote a more harmonious and sustainable city. ZTE "Xing" Model of City Based on ZTE's understanding, a city consists of six elements: infrastructure and resources at the lower layer, livelihood, economy, and security closely associated with common citizens at the upper layer, and urban management in the middle. These six elements coordinate with each other through urban management and together shape a harmonious city complex. The relations among the six elements can be represented by the Chinese character "Xing", as illustrated in the picture below. A smart city is to provide better management and planning of the urban infrastructure (such as roads, bridges, and parks), make more efficient use of limited urban resources (such as lands, mineral reserves, and talent), and improve urban management to the cross-regional and multi-industrial level by using information communication technologies. In this way, we can improve urban livelihood, build a healthier economic and industrial structure, and a stable and harmonious city while promoting sustainable urban development. ZTE Concept of Smart City During the Beijing International Telecommunications Exhibition 2012, ZTE released its Smart City solution icity, and elaborated the '4I' concept, which is: Information Sharing Intelligence Anywhere Innovation Joint Construction I with city Public Participation 2

4 Sharing Anywhere Government Internal System Public Information Portal City Operation Portal Smart City Application Monitoring Mass cloud storage Communication Joint Construction Information ZTE icity Intelligence Smart sensing Smart data Smart terminals Public participation MOI MOT HHS Service BUS Business Flow Support Data Sharing and Exchanging Platform Capability Engines Presentation Support Data Analysis Support Urban Fundamental DB Population Corporation Economy Macro- GIS Building Service BUS itransportation Public Safety E-Government... Open convergence Value-added operation Innovation I with City Green Interaction Government Dept. DB MOJ MOT MOH MOE MOL MOD MOF... Extendable People-oriented Cloud Data Center Sensor & Network Sensors M2M Wired Network Wireless Network Internet ZTE Smart City UOC Solution As illustrated in the smart city 4I concept, ZTE proposes UOC, the Urban Operation Center solution based on advanced telecommunication and information The Smart City operation platform supports the following capabilities: Resource sharing: With the cloud computing technology, Big data processing and analysis: Accurate information can be provided for city management staff. government dedicated LTE network, smart education, smart tourism, smart logistics, intelligent transportation, and ATG. We will introduce these solutions in the following sections. technologies like cloud computing, IOT and SOA. A unified city application framework shall be established with the capabilities of flexibility, quick response, convergence, servers, and storage and network resources of different government departments can be shared. Multiple security solutions such as authentication and encryption can protect municipal data and the platform. sharing and collaboration. UOC can integrate existing government applications, new systems and applications. UOC consists of six components which are the cloud Fast and efficient business implementation: New services can be quickly deployed. Elastic architecture, unified management for all devices and applications. computing center, municipal database, data sharing and exchange platform, middleware with various capabilities, operation and service center, and information portals. Flexible service integration: Data and applications from different government departments can be shared and collaborated. With the smart city UOC, different industrial application solutions can easily be deployed, such as public safety, e-gov, 3 4

5 ZTE E-Government Solution Background and Requirements ZTE E-Government Solution With the great progress in the industrial and commercial informatization and the rapid development of government and enterprise networks, digital government has increasingly gained recognition and attention in many countries. Despite progress, there remains an imbalance in the digital divide between developed and developing countries, especially in Africa. The growth rate in the latter region is only about 30 per cent of North America and about half of the world average. The digital divide is rooted in the lack of e-infrastructure, which has hindered information use and knowledge creation. Through the promotion of digital government, not only can it improve the productivity of existing assets, but it will also attract foreign investments, increase the ability to recruit talent, and facilitate the development of digital communication. Especially for newly emerging nations, local and central government budgets have low pressure. Through the development of digital government, the economy can achieve a rapid growth and the people's living standard will be improved. In this case, based on its many years of research experience, ZTE has developed the E-Government solution. The E-government solution is an integrated ICT system that uses the advanced ICT technology for governments to sustainably deliver social and economic services to their citizens. It helps governments to ensure the efficiency, transparency, responsiveness, participation and inclusion in the delivery of public services. The principle of e-government is to improve the internal workings of public sectors by reducing financial costs and transaction times to better integrate work flows and processes and enable effective resource utilization across various public sector agencies aiming for sustainable solutions. The E-Government solution includes three functional layers: infrastructure layer, platform layer and application layer. The infrastructure layer is the hardware and network for government applications. It includes the communication network and equipment, the IT infrastructure like servers and storage devices, and a data center that hosts this infrastructure. The platform layer provides basic data and services for upper-layer applications. The e-government applications include the government portal, government hotline, UC&C, OA, mobile office, and E-ID. Solution advantages: End-to-End total solution The ZTE E-Government solution is an E2E total solution. It contains all components of e-government: communication network, data center, IT infrastructure, e-government applications and terminals. 5 6

6 Kenya Success Story Advanced ICT infrastructure solution Customer Requirements ZTE has extensive experience in ICT infrastructure solutions. service oriented architecture (SOA). SOA makes it easy to Build an integrated and uniform messaging system for Improve management of human resources through We can provide all e-government ICT infrastructures including integrate different e-government applications, decrease the government. a centralized and integrated Human Resources backbone networks, office networks, wireless and wire-line the costs of and difficulty in new application development Improve the decision-making process through efficient Management System. broadband access, and data centers. and deployment, and increase the coordination efficiency communication. Efficient cloud platform between different government departments. Deliver information and services to citizens efficiently. Customer Benefits Resources are shared among over 50,000 users. The ZTE E-Government solution is based on the advanced All-around e-government security solution Solution Overview Efficiency is increased by allowing staff to hold cloud computing platform. The cloud platform can help to Security is of great importance for the e-government Improve efficiency and collaboration among officials discussions from their offices. lower the investment in e-government construction and system. The ZTE E-Government solution provides all-around through an Electronic Messaging and Collaboration The costs of travelling and internal communication are decrease the operating costs of e-government. security protection for each part of the system including System. lowered. the physical security, network security, data security, and Open and standard architecture application security. We also provide security consultation The ZTE E-Government solution is based on standard and security managed services for our customers. 7 8

7 ZTE U-Safety Public Safety Solution Background and Requirements ZTE U-Safety Public Safety Solution Public safety is vital to social stability, economic growth and people s well-being for each country in the world. With the rapid urban development in cities of most nations, the crime rates and other public safety events (such as natural disasters, accidents, public health crisis, and social instability) keep increasing, and the public safety agencies are seriously challenged to meet their mandates to protect lives, properties and infrastructures. Such systemic risks in modern society require effective control and coordination among all public safety agencies. The informatization level and communication ability directly affect the emergency response efficiency and convenience of public safety agencies. The deployment of modern information and communications systems is a strategic asset on which the police can coordinate emergency response, improve collaboration and enhance the ability to communicate between departments. The ZTE integrated public safety system combines a whole set of emergency handling mechanisms to deal with crimes, social instability, disasters, environmental threats and other public safety events, providing centralized control, orderly coordination, and effective operation within all public safety agencies. The ZTE integrated public safety system includes comprehensive information collection, intelligent early warning, intelligent analysis, dynamic decision making, integrated emergency response, comprehensive coordination and overall evaluation. The ZTE integrated public safety solution is a design for use system with telecommunication-level reliability and an end-to-end encryption mechanism to guarantee the coordination and cooperation between public safety agencies, and to improve the efficiency of field operations. The ZTE public safety solution is serving more than 40 countries. The total sales over the past 4 years reached 2 billion USD. Frost Sullivan ranked ZTE No.1 for competitiveness in its technical white paper <Integrated Public Safety> in

8 ZTE LTE wireless government network Solution Mauritius Public Safety System Success Story Background and Requirements Customer Requirements In order to maintain the safety of travelers and local residents, the police department intends to build a security system to handle emergencies. Customer Benefits After the deployment of the system, police work efficiency is greatly improved. The emergency response speed increases, society is In recent years, with the gradual development of smart cities worldwide, urban management departments have encountered new challenges: Furthermore, the city manager has to consider enhancing the Internet of Things (IOT) applications among subordinate organizations and facilitating a quick response to big events and incidents. The system should provide services including PTT, voice, SMS, wireless data and video surveillance. Solution Overview The integrated platform provides multiple services. safer, and the number of tourists to Mauritius recently has reached a growth of 7% each year. The international image of Mauritius is greatly improved. In the event of natural disasters or emergencies, the public network communication is not reliable. When major events are held, security needs to be guaranteed through cross-departmental command and dispatch. In-depth analysis can be performed: these challenges require a highly reliable network with high-capacity uplink bandwidth, strong security and other features, and the network is very different from the public network. To Professional services meet police requirements. Key potential safety hazards need remote HD video meet these requirements, we must build a manageable, High performance and large capacity satisfy emergency surveillance. controllable, credible, and available wireless broadband handling needs. How to improve working efficiency and support mobile network designed to ensure the reliability and security of the Intelligent surveillance helps to quickly locate targets. offices. city data, and to provide real-time data transfer to the city management platform

9 ZTE LTE wireless government network Solutions TD-LTE is the best choice for the city management department: Advanced technology of almost all mainstream chips, terminals, systems and test network to the city center and application platforms for a Good service processing capability in the high mobility High bandwidth, better business services, equipment manufacturers variety of industries. ZTE provides end-to-end solutions and (350km/h): Meets the needs in high-speed mobile Great coverage, reduced site, lowered investment, products including terminals, base stations, core networks, scenarios; Low latency, guarantee of better user experience, ZTE TD-LTE can offer broadband trunking services and transmission and network management. More secure, advanced security mechanism high-speed data services (100Mbit/s downlink and 50Mbit/ ZTE's TD-LTE solution is completely designed on an Extremely high data bandwidth: Meets the needs for s uplink) with low latency and short call setup delays. These industry-leading unified platform both in service and HD video, video trunking calls, networking nodes and Rich frequency resources services aim to improve end-user experience including hardware. Services provided by ZTE TD-LTE network massive amount of real-time data transmission; Rich resources, no requirements for symmetry, easy to trunking call setup time, voice quality, and data throughput, will be applied to departments, such as public security, apply, low cost, high spectrum efficiency, and high ROI. increase sector capacity, reduce user plane latency, and energy, healthcare, transportation, city administration and Strong security mechanisms: A unique encryption consequently offer superior user experience with full environment, and emergency response, to improve services algorithm to protect the security of customer information; Flexible D/U bandwidth mobility. The flat, all IP-based network architecture and for all citizens. TD-LTE downlink and uplink bandwidth ratios can be easily configured to best fit data services and actual bandwidth requirements. improved spectrum efficiency (2 to 4 times higher compared with HSPA Release 6) have laid out the foundation for low cost per bit delivery and overall CAPEX/OPEX reduction. Low-cost last-mile coverage: Addresses urban and suburban environments and sparsely distributed complex economic issues; Provides fast and flexible ZTE has a wealth of experience in TD-LTE network construction, and ZTE TD-LTE networks are used by 55 operators in 37 countries. In China, ZTE has constructed the Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai TD-LTE wireless government Strong industrial chain TD-LTE has formed a complete industrial chain, a collection Terminals, cameras, and sensors collect many kinds of data, which is transferred through the TD-LTE wireless broadband capacity expansion to cover blind spots; networks

10 ZTE irail Solution Beijing TD-LTE wireless government network Success Story Background and Requirements The Beijing LTE wireless government network is the first TD- Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, paid Rail transit is a major infrastructure, and plays an important and cost-effective solutions. LTE private network in China, using the 1.4GHz frequency, several visits to the network construction site, and role in modern transport systems. Safety, reliability and covering the main urban and suburban areas. ZTE provided expressed that "The Beijing LTE wireless government convenience are the basic and first requirements on modern A modern rail transit system consists of operation control a versatile service network that was put in use after network, from wired to wireless, has adopted the BOT rail transit because pleasant travelling experience is highly components that cover communications, signals, electric three months construction. Currently it is used for safety model construction and achieved great success. It is the required. power and many other fields. Among these, communications supervision, public security, health care, transportation, first successful project of its kind, not only in China but and signals that the ZTE irail solution focuses on are the municipal services, energy and many other government also in the world, which will provide a valuable reference for During the process of rail transit modernization, operators basis for the production of transport equipment to ensure departments and enterprises. other provinces and cities across the country in applying the have to face challenges like provisioning of new services to traffic safety, improve transport efficiency and management. 1.4G frequency and to further promote the exploration and increase revenues as well as convenience to passengers, Xie Feibo, the Secretary of the Radio Authority of the research on various applications with wireless access." easy maintenance to reduce OPEX, and lack of safe, reliable 15 16

11 Vietnam ZTE irail Solution Success Story The ZTE irail railway communication and signalling solution is a comprehensive solution that serves as the and optical fiber on-line monitoring subsystem. Customer Requirements Most lines have been used for over 100 years and are OPEX is reduced largely because the new telecom basis for transportation to ensure train security, enhance The railway signalling system includes infrastructures like too antiquated to ensure safety. system is easy for maintenance with the help of the transportation efficiency, and improve management levels railway signals, railway point switches, the railway station Railway only supports 7% of transport volume of the powerful NMS. for railway construction and operation companies. The ZTE interlocking subsystem, block sections, and the power whole country. irail solution consists of the railway communication system subsystem, to ensure traffic safety, enhance transport Operation speed is only km/h. and the railway signalling system. It provides applications efficiency, improve working conditions and facilitate and functions such as the dispatching center, passenger freight service, video analysis, environment protection, facilities surveillance, and schedule optimization. operation management. Solution highlights Solution Overview ZTE provides schemes, design, equipment and engineering for the project, including SDH, voice, 6502 Cutting-edge ICT technologies, such as the Mobile Electric Interlocking system, and 64D semi-auto blocking The railway communication system consists of the transport Internet, the Internet of Things, and Big Data, provide computerized signal Maintenance & Monitor system. network, telephone network, data network, and a special more convenience and enjoyment for customers. Total railway length is 589 km, 65 stations are railway network that transmits service information of modernized, and 1 dispatching center is newly built. phones, telegrams, data, faxes, photos, and video clips. The ZTE irail solution uses highly reliable technologies, TCO is lowered and the system is easy to maintain. The railway communication system includes a set of for example, GSM-R/LTE-R, and highly reliable independent, inter-connected subsystems, such as the data transmission subsystem, telephone exchange and access subsystem, train dispatching telephone subsystem, GSM- R(or radio train dispatching system) subsystem, video surveillance subsystem, data network subsystem, video conference subsystem, radio subsystem, clock subsystem, system design methodologies, for example, system engineering and V-Model, bringing high reliability to rail communications network. The ZTE irail solution can be deployed flexibly to meet customer requirements and to lower TCO. Customer Benefits Safer with supported speed of up to 120 km/h. The railway supports about 15% of total transport volume of Vietnam. Safety of Railway transportation is higher than before with the latest CBI and semi auto blocking system

12 ZTE Smart Park Solution Background and Requirements ZTE Smart Park Solution As an important part of a smart city, smart parks are carriers Park administrative units provide limited services, and The ZTE smart park solution is developed for established Basic network solution: Provides basic network coverage in a of industry clusters and platforms for regional economic and the enterprise settlement efficiency is low. enterprises and park administrative units, and is used in park, including the wired network and the wireless network that social development. The quantity of various types of parks is enterprise service and park management. This solution integrates WIFI, 2G, and 3G. increasing worldwide, and the park designs are developing. Operation capability of park administrative units needs to provides efficient network coverage, and enhances park However, with the rapid development of the park economy, be enhanced. management applications and information products of Cloud-computing data center solution: Solves the problems the following problems have emerged: established enterprises. Park administrators and established caused by separate establishment of IT infrastructures, The ZTE smart park solution can solve all these problems enterprises can customize management platforms or IT service such as wasting of resources, low efficiency, and high The overall park planning and construction lack business based on communication technologies including cloud applications based on their own needs. In addition, various construction costs. mode innovation and development innovation. computing and the Internet of Things. SaaS and Internet of Things applications can be created quickly and easily through the ZTE cloud computing platform. Enterprise service solution: Provides complete facilities and The park management method is extensive, and internal efficient enterprise information systems. resources are not managed in a unified and effective way. The ZTE smart park solution is divided into four layers: sensor layer, network layer, platform layer, and application layer. Park management solution: Provides an intelligent park Based on functions, the solution includes five solutions. management system and improves the standard of service

13 Taicang Success Story Smart building solution: Accomplishes the use of Smart enterprise services: The IT and network services Taicang Science and Education New Town, covering an New profit model IT resources & service leasing; information technology and intelligent management for enable the businesses and enterprises in a park to enjoy area of 12 square kilometers, is focused on the modern Smooth communication to improve work and project individual buildings, and reduces the energy consumption of office environments with complete facilities and various service industry, especially the cultural information industry efficiency and enhance communication; buildings. cloud services. In this way, enterprise staff can handle that combines culture and technologies. Rapid development and deployment of new applications office work anytime and anywhere, thus reducing the to maintain the park s appeal; With the use of the Internet of Things and communication technologies, the ZTE smart park solution solves the communication cost, improving operation efficiency, and widening business applications. Customer Requirements Lack of an overall smart park solution for the Taicang Increased the influence of the science and education city; The first commercial office for 3D cloud desktop, problems of traditional parks, such as bad overall planning, Science and Education New Town; attracting over 110 enterprises. repeated IT infrastructure construction, poor information Efficient and scalable cloud computing data center: Solves service, and wasting of resources. This solution can provide the following benefits for customers: the problems caused by separate establishment of IT infrastructures, such as wasting of resources, low efficiency, Urgent need of modern IT services, including cloud hosts, cloud desktops, cloud storage, integrated Customer Benefits The most advanced cloud computing technology: Uses and high construction costs. communication, collaborative office, and business trips. micro-module data centers to provide the 3D/cloud Intelligent park management applications: The management desktop, cloud host, and mass storage services; efficiency and standard of service of the park can be improved through a highly-integrated park management New-generation green network coverage: Provides basic network coverage in a park, including the wired network and Solution Overview An integrated solution based on cloud computing and Efficient management and service applications: Security and traffic management in the parks, integration of the platform, software, and the Internet of Things. In this the wireless network that integrates WIFI, 2G, and 3G. the Internet of Things for Taicang Science and Education communication cloud and trip cloud systems; way, the service focus, efficiency, flexibility, and speed of New Town; Wired and wireless networks for seamless coverage; response can be enhanced. Cloud processing of IT resources to reduce construction Diversified smart sensor terminals of the Internet of and O&M expenses; Things

14 ZTE Smart Tourism Solution Smart Tourism Background and Requirements ZTE Smart Tourism Solution As the government attaches great importance to tourism, The consultation and service system is not perfect, and ZTE smart tourism solution is a comprehensive solution that catering, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, more applications of informatization have been put forward, complaints from tourists cannot be solved in time. is intended for government tourist departments. The solution entertainment, education, management and research. but there are still some problems to be solved, including: aims to increase tourists' satisfaction, enhance the tourist Scattered tourist resources, poor cross-industry Reserve of tourist talents image and overall tourism of nations, cities and attractions, Provided with all these intelligent services, tourists can collect collaboration. and bring great social and economic benefits. required information and improve tourist experience before, Smart tourism is a future-oriented and brand-new tourist during and after their tours. For tourism authorities, ZTE smart Weak tourist informatization infrastructures. The management system to serve tourists, tourist enterprises Based on Cloud Computing, the Internet of things, mobile tourism solution supports real-time monitoring, multi-sector electronic commerce platform and unified web portals and government management departments. The smart Internet, big data analysis and other advanced technologies, collaboration, more proactive management and decision- are out-dated. tourism system shall support tourist awareness, industry ZTE smart tourism solution includes four service groups, making functions. management, industry development, systematic integration which include public services, enterprise services, Deficient publicity due to lack of popular online tourist and in-depth development of physical and information vocational education and government services. ZTE smart platform. resources. tourism solution focuses on nine fields, which include 23 24

15 ZTE Pharmaceutical Logistics Solution Success Story Complying with the overall planning of a smart city, Qinhuangdao smart tourist service platform provides comprehensive coverage for over 20 scenic spots based on advanced information technologies and the management philosophy. Through intelligent transportation, e-health and other smart city subsystems, city management staff can monitor the traffic on a real-time basis and emergency response actions can be carried out in time if required, which ensure the safety of scenic spots and tourists. Customer requirements Enhance the level of tourism information system, and solve the problems of scattered resources and poor collaboration. Build a popular online tourism platform. Improve the tourist consultation service, and cultivate talents in the information tourism industry. Solution Overview Provide public, industrial, talent and management services, including catering, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, education, management and research. Provide converged services for tourists, tourism staff and management departments, and enhance the tourist experience and promote the development of the local tourism. Custom benefits Economic benefits: 14.7 billion RMB income from tourism, accounting for 15.8% of the total GDP and 33.6% of the service industries' revenue. Social benefits: Shapes new tourist experience, enhances domestic and international influence and awareness, standardizes industry behaviors, and promotes management innovation and security. Background and Requirements Traditional pharmaceutical logistics supply chain has many problems, such as low efficiency, high distribution costs, unbalanced pharmaceutical resources, and unorganized management, which leads to the market's dire need for pharmaceutical logistics transformation, the pharmaceutical logistics enterprises' hope to further reduce logistics costs and improve profit margins, the public's expectation for lower prices, and the government's desire to strengthen the supervision of the pharmaceutical logistics. Global pharmaceutical logistics information in recent years has been developed rapidly, Qinhuangdao showing a sharp overall rise. IT, logistics management technologies, and supply chain management technologies will be helpful to the integration of the pharmaceutical logistics industry, which ultimately forms a smooth modern pharmaceutical supply chain of the information, logistics, and capital flows

16 Venezuelan Ministry of Health (MOH) ZTE Pharmaceutical Logistics Solution Success Story The ZTE pharmaceutical logistics solution is developed based on technologies including cloud computing, Internet reducing the no-load rate, saving storage and logistics costs, and improving the logistics efficiency. Customer Requirements Venezuela's Ministry of Health is a public department, system. The project includes five automated storage & retrieval systems (AS/RS), a transportation management of Things, and e-commerce, and advanced logistics whose important functions are to manage all subsidiary system and the corresponding network architecture. management information systems and equipment to Solution highlights hospitals, to manage and distribute drugs, and to Provides VOIP, HIS/MIS, NOC, video surveillance, storage integrate the upstream and downstream resources of Through all kinds of pharmaceutical logistics applications provide health care services for its nationals. and transportation systems that can be deployed based pharmaceutical supply chain effectively. It analyses and on the platform, the ZTE pharmaceutical logistics solution Venezuelan MOH requires the construction of 5 large on the network bridge and KADAFE s optical network. forecasts the demands for drugs, optimizes the transport, provides the whole process and the overall supervision on pharmacy distribution centers. It aims to enhance the storage, and distribution management in the drug supply and logistics, and provides a fake drug and tracking system and drugs. Application systems are equipped with the cloud platform to achieve rapid deployment, which dramatically health management and logistics automation capability, and improve the medical level of Venezuela. Customer Benefits Saves up to hundreds of millions of dollars because of drug drug supervision. Finally, it achieves an automatic, highly reduces the costs of construction, operation and failure, which is mainly caused by the humidity and other factors. efficient pharmaceutical logistics that provides information services. It integrates all logistics enterprises and logistics maintenance. By establishing the operating environment integrated with collaboration, sharing, and service, the Solution Overview Provides a full set of intelligent logistics solutions, Establishes a highly systematic and practical health care system, thereby improving the local medical level. information (transport vehicles, route, drugs, persons, and ZTE pharmaceutical logistics solution provides a full range including the automated storage & retrieval system, Changes the unorganized status of drug and medical storage) into a single platform, and provides centralized of services. By using powerful process customization SCM, WMS, WCS, TMS, logistics cloud data center and equipment management, and improves drug management analysis for systematically sorting and reasonably scheduling capabilities of the platform, it achieves the electronization, the corresponding infrastructure network. and logistics automation to achieve a more systematic transportation, drugs, roads, persons, and storage, thereby informatization, standardization of the existing business. Establishes a pharmaceutical management and distribution and practical drug management and distribution mode

17 ZTE ATG Inflight Communication Solution ZTE ATG Communication Solution ZTE provides the ATG communication solution based on its strong R&D capability. The ZTE ATG communication solution uses 3G/4G networks as the backhaul to provide WiFi services to passengers on airplanes. The ZTE ATG communication solution adopts its own IPRs to solve the Doppler frequency shift effect and to support 200 km-high speed cell range, provides remote device management for LTE CPE on airplanes, and provides tools for MDT (Minimized Driving Test) for ATG network optimization. The ZTE ATG communication solution can operate properly even at the speed of 1200 km/h. The following figure illustrates the ZTE ATG communication solution architecture. Background and Requirements In most flights it is not allowed to use mobile phones for communications. With the evolution of related technologies, more airline companies are providing data services for passengers. There are two mainstream in-flight communication technologies: Satellite Communication: Uses satellite transmission ATG (Air to Ground) Communication: Build ground base stations to communicate Advantage: Low cost, much lighter equipment installed on airplanes Disadvantage: Need for the installation of ground base stations. Advantage: Globally unified frequency, no need for ground base stations. Disadvantage: High cost, heavy equipment installed on airplanes Satellite communication is suitable for international flights, especially for cross-sea flights. ATG communication is, on the other hand, suitable for domestic flights

18 ZTE itransportation Solution American Aircell Background and Requirements ATG mode Air Cars are the main means of urban transportation now. They bring great convenience for us but also some challenges: Great pressure on urban traffic and environment. In China, 440 cities suffer from traffic jams in rush hours, which wastes billions of RMB each day. Traffic jams cause heavy pollution. In some big cities, CO2 emissions from motor vehicles make up more than 80% of the cities total CO2 emissions. Problems in traffic safety and traffic order. Many cities encounter lack of road resources and traffic police resources. Ground Frequency: ATG Coverage: national wide exclusive Services: Data access in the plane Citizens and enterprises cannot get real-time transportation information, and in many cities it is difficult to take buses, take taxies, drive and park. Success Story Customer Requirements Aircell wants to provide Internet services for its passengers to obtain profits and improve passenger's experience. Aircell needs new technologies to reduce risks and costs. Aircell takes lessons from previous in-flight business failures of other companies, and raises the following technical requirements: Low cost yet high capacity Equipment installed on airplanes should be much lighter than the existing equipment Fast installation on airplanes Solution Overview The solution uses the EVDO network as the backhaul, achieving high performance at low cost. Equipment installed on airplanes weighs only about 125 pounds and can be installed on airplanes in one day. The customized QoS mechanism improves user experience. Customer Benefits Since the launch of the ZTE ATG communication solution, Aircell has steadily increased its market, and today it is providing services on more than 970 commercial aircrafts, with commitments from a total of nine airlines. Aircell has been named the winner in the Internet Services category for the American Technology Awards in Jun 2010, which only bestows awards that recognize all technology products and services for the technology industry to the "best of the best". ZTE deployed the commercial trial ATG solution in Hainan Airline in The trial uses LTE as the backhaul. Passengers can access the internet, check s, play real-time games and use FTP services with a maximum throughput of 12 Mbps

19 Ningbo itransportation Cloud Information Platform ZTE Intelligent Transportation Solution Success Story It is the transportation management trend to apply layer are the core parts of the itransportation solution. Customer Requirements advanced ICT technologies to the construction of intelligent transportation systems. Based on the understanding of the current urban transportation situation and the intelligent The platform layer integrates multiple types of traffic data, including basic traffic data, business traffic data, service traffic data, GIS data, traffic data warehouse and analysis Share all transportation information, including urban transportation, inter-city transportation, waterway, railway and airway information, to citizens and High performance: TPS High reliability: Carrier-level % reliability transportation trend, ZTE releases its itransportation solution which is shown in the following figure. The ZTE itransportation solution architecture consists data, to form a convergent traffic information center. The platform layer also provides capability engines and IRE (Integrated Running Environment) for the application layer. The application layer provides applications related to traffic enterprises. Improve the public service level and traffic management efficiency. Promote Ningbo's transportation information services. Customer Benefits More people take public transportation, which eases the traffic pressure in Ningbo. Ningbo's government transportation department of four layers: Sensor layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer. The platform layer and application management, traffic services and vehicular services. Solution Overview Newly built transportation cloud platform integrated with all existing traffic management IT systems to share improves their efficiency by 20%. ZTE now ranks No.1 in China's E-Plate, traffic E-Police and road block system markets. transportation information

20 ZTE ieducation Solution ZTE ieducation Solution ZTE provides ieducation solution with its superiority of technology and best practice. The ZTE ieducation solution is based on the cloud computing platform to provide E-educational services with high performance, stability and capacity anywhere and anytime (24/7 service). That is Education as a Service. The service architecture of the solution is illustrated as follows: The ZTE ieducation solution is an end-to-end solution for the education industry. Its abundant services are selectable in user-defined ways to meet the requirements of various application scenarios. It s a platform based on a modularized data center for administrators and operators to manage and operate online educational services and applications. The solution provides many services for the education industry, for example, E-learning, E-training, E-examination, E-library, Multi-media classroom, digital school management, smart card, and Mobile learning. All these services are selectable according to different requirements. They are accessible anytime and anywhere through available networks. ZTE provides the network construction (both wireless and fixed) for educational applications, making the last-mile access into reality. All the educational services can be accessed by multiple types of terminals, for example, PC, mobile phone, IPTV, and e-schoolbag. As a global leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, ZTE provides professional mobile terminal solutions for mobile learning applications. Take e-schoolbag as an example. We have released several tablets including PTE (personal teaching equipment) for teachers and PLE (personal learning equipment) for students. Meanwhile, ZTE University cooperates with local governments and educational institutions to conduct ICT personal trainings, helping governments achieve industrial transformation. Background and Requirements In recent years, a revolutionary change has happened in the computer and information industry. Technologies have varied from large-scale host, server/client mode, server/browser mode to cloud computing. Affected by the technology evolution, education has developed from traditional face-to-face and computer-assisted teaching to network and mobile learning. As we know, the education industry is faced with many difficulties, such as unbalanced educational resources in different geographic areas, high educational operation costs, time and place limitation of educational activities, and low efficiency of resource sharing

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A proposal for the future e-learning of Costa Rica

A proposal for the future e-learning of Costa Rica A proposal for the future e-learning of Costa Rica (Vision, Mission, Policy, Strategy, and Action plan) Costa Rica @prende e-learning Project Costa Rica - Korea Collaboration NIPA Consulting Team July

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The Industrial Internet@Work. Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans

The Industrial Internet@Work. Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans The Industrial Internet@Work Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans Table of Contents Executive Summary The Industrial Internet Towards No Unplanned Downtime 3 Introduction A New Information and Collaboration

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Nokia Corporation Nokia Mobile Phones P.O. Box 100 FIN-00045 Nokia Group, Finland Tel. +358 7180 08000 Telefax +358 7180 34016 Machine-to-Machine - Real Opportunity in Wireless Data Business

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Future Internet Bandwidth Trends: An Investigation on Current and Future Disruptive Technologies. Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Future Internet Bandwidth Trends: An Investigation on Current and Future Disruptive Technologies. Department of Computer Science and Engineering Future Internet Bandwidth Trends: An Investigation on Current and Future Disruptive Technologies Yanyan Zhuang Theodore S. Rappaport Justin Cappos Rick McGeer Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Digital Textbook. Playbook. The Digital Textbook Collaborative, February 1, 2012

Digital Textbook. Playbook. The Digital Textbook Collaborative, February 1, 2012 Digital Textbook Playbook The Digital Textbook Collaborative, February 1, 2012 Table of Contents About this Playbook...3 Executive Summary...4 Introduction....6 Making the Transition to Digital Learning...8

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more than 50 billion connected devices

more than 50 billion connected devices ericsson white paper 284 23-3149 Uen February 2011 more than 50 billion connected devices More than 50 billion connected devices taking connected devices to mass market and profitability Everything that

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WHITE PAPER FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT STAKEHOLDERS WHITE PAPER FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT STAKEHOLDERS Based on the lessons learned in SECUR-ED This White Paper benefits from the conclusions of FP7 PROTECTRAIL ( Content 1. Introduction and

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Broadband Wireless Access. The Essential Guide for Wireless ISPs

Broadband Wireless Access. The Essential Guide for Wireless ISPs Broadband Wireless Access The Essential Guide for Wireless ISPs Legal Rights Legal Rights Copyright 2003 Netronics Inc. All rights reserved. The material contained herein is proprietary, privileged, and

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Business Overview. Technology & Resources page 16 People page 20 Brand & Distribution page 22. Vodafone Business

Business Overview. Technology & Resources page 16 People page 20 Brand & Distribution page 22. Vodafone Business Vodafone Business Business Overview This section explains how Vodafone operates, from the key assets it holds to the activities it carries out to enable the delivery of products and services to the Group

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Contents 1 Kcell Company 2 Results 2012 3 Corporate Governance

Contents 1 Kcell Company 2 Results 2012 3 Corporate Governance Annual Report 2012 Contents 1 Kcell Company 1.1 Kcell Today 1.2 Key Performance Indicators 1.3 Addresses of the Management 1.4 The Kcell Business 1.5 Geographic Reach 1.6 Mission, Visions and Values of

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Cisco Unified Wireless Network

Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solutions Guide Cisco Unified Wireless Network A Guidebook for Cisco Solution Providers MARKET EVOLUTION Wireless LAN adoption in the enterprise has changed dramatically over the last five years. No longer

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Ooredoo: Equatorial Guinea: Communications Change Lives. Leapfrogging Myanmar into the Future. The Value of Green Data Centers

Ooredoo: Equatorial Guinea: Communications Change Lives. Leapfrogging Myanmar into the Future. The Value of Green Data Centers APR 2014 VOL. 16 NO. 2 ISSUE 151 VIP Voices Ooredoo: Leapfrogging Myanmar into the Future Equatorial Guinea: Communications Change Lives Operators Eager to Create New Services to Meet User Needs, But Need

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When technology suddenly understands itself much better...

When technology suddenly understands itself much better... Bosch Software Innovations Customer Magazine March 2013 Issue 02 InnovateIT Enabling Business Success in a Connected World BRM When technology suddenly understands itself much better... M2M...then an intelligent

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LIVING in the networked society ANNUAL REPORT 2013. 138th year of operations

LIVING in the networked society ANNUAL REPORT 2013. 138th year of operations LIVING in the networked society ANNUAL REPORT 2013 138th year of operations LIVING in the networked society New solutions are transforming the way people, business and society communicate and collaborate.

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Intelligence Decision Support Systems in E-commerce

Intelligence Decision Support Systems in E-commerce 6 Intelligence Decision Support Systems in E-commerce Petr Suchánek, Roman Šperka, Radim Dolák and Martin Miškus Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karviná Czech Republic

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12 The Internet of Things (IOT)

12 The Internet of Things (IOT) 12 The Internet of Things (IOT) 12.1 Moving toward a Smarter Internet Imagine a world where billions of objects can sense, communicate and share information, all interconnected over public or private Internet

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November 2014 Broadband The lifeline of Digital India

November 2014 Broadband The lifeline of Digital India November 2014 Broadband The lifeline of Digital India A 10% increase in broadband penetration increases the per capita GDP by 1.38% in the developing countries. World Bank 2 Contents

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The Next Generation Network: Issues and Trends

The Next Generation Network: Issues and Trends The Next Generation Network: Issues and Trends Yong Zheng (Vincent) A dissertation submitted to Auckland University of Technology as a part of the requirements for the degree of Master of Computer and

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4G LTE WHITE PAPER The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network: Transforming Business with Next-Generation Technology

4G LTE WHITE PAPER The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network: Transforming Business with Next-Generation Technology 4G LTE WHITE PAPER The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network: Transforming Business with Next-Generation Technology 4G LTE WHITE PAPER The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network: Transforming Business with Next-Generation

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In Energy. Case Studies

In Energy. Case Studies In Energy Case Studies ontents In Energy P04 P06 P08 One Net: Connect Everyone, Connect as One Efficient Data Network Ensures China Energy Safety Backbone Network Project for CNPC Smart Pipeline, Effective

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Wireless Community Networks: Motivations, Design and Business Models

Wireless Community Networks: Motivations, Design and Business Models Wireless Community Networks: Motivations, Design and Business Models Csaba Szabó Budapest Univ. Tech&Econ Magyar Tudosok krt. 2. H-1117 Budapest, Hungary Zoltán Horváth Budapest Univ.

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LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS INC LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS INC FORM 10-K (Annual Report) Filed 02/27/14 for the Period Ending 12/31/13 Address 1025 ELDORADO BOULEVARD BLDG 2000 BROOMFIELD, CO 80021 Telephone 7208881000 CIK 0000794323 Symbol

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BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE Page 29 Friday, January 30, 2004 10:34 AM CHAPTER 2 BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE FOR VOIP To leap or to hide Trust evidence to decide; Faith makes risky guide. James Coggins Taking Charge of Your

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