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1 Data Protection Services by SPIE GmbH SPIE, sharing a vision for the future

2 Nationwide Data Protection Services The Data Protection Services are a consulting entity of SPIE GmbH. We perform the tasks of a Data Protection Officer, as required by the German Federal Data Protection Act, for organizations that deal with personal data, and offer advice on all data protection issues such as the implementation of technical and organizational measures. Our clients are small, medium-sized and global companies from the industrial, trade, real estate and information technology sectors, as well as hospitals and social services. Based in Frankfurt am Main, we are active all over Germany.

3 Benefit from our expertise Due to our long experience in data protection, we can provide extensive know-how for an efficient implementation of data protection and appropriate data security measures, taking into account the specific structures and requirements of your company. A qualified engineer, Dr.-Ing. Anton Peuser has been responsible for the Data Protection Services since Previously he was Chief Data Protection Officer and Head of Technical Systems in the Corporate Organization and Information Processing department of the AEG Group. Since 2010 Dr.-Ing. Peuser is leading the knowledge exchange group of the German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD) in the area of Hessen. Attorney at law Lena Bodermann, attorney at law Florian Denke, Ass. jur. Susanne Steilner, LL.M and Dipl. jur. (FH) Tanja Schuchmann have specialized in data protection law and related legal concerns.

4 Always up to date We regularly attend specialist training courses and are active members of various data protection working groups. Our memberships: Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherung e. V. (GDD - German Association for Data Protection and Data Security) GDD - professional group for external data protection officers and data protection consultants GDD - knowledge exchange group for Hessen GUIDE SHARE EUROPE - Working Group: Data Protection and Data Security

5 Benefit from our expertise We have been audited by independent institutions and awarded the following certificates: DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, TÜV SÜD Datenschutzbeauftragter (TÜV), TÜV Rheinland Group Certified IT-Security-Manager, IIR Technology Datenschutzbeauftragter, Ulmer Akademie für Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit Betrieblicher Datenschutzbeauftragter (GDDcert.), GDD

6 Our offer to you We perform all the tasks of a Data Protection Officer: Offering expert advice on complying with data protection requirements Monitoring the proper processing of personal data and of special categories of personal data, for example data concerning health or data revealing political opinions or trade union membership Informing, raising awareness among and training executives and employees at your company with respect to data protection Documenting automated processing procedures as required by the German Federal Data Protection Act

7 Our offer to you We will assist you in organizing your business processes in compliance with data protection requirements by: Initiating a confidentiality undertaking for your employees, pursuant to the German Federal Data Protection Act Implementing and applying appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection Safeguarding the rights of the persons concerned, such as the right to notification, access, correction, blocking and deletion Compiling legally required instructions for data processing on your behalf and assisting you in managing your service providers Auditing your company and your subcontractors

8 Our offer to you We will respond to your company s specific requirements and help you to resolve special data protection scenarios by: Offering expert opinions and advice on resolving particular problems, and drawing up data protection policies Advising you on the design and implementation of new IT systems to collect, process and use personal data and the relevant company agreements Performing prior checks on automated processing procedures Providing advice on establishing a notification process in case of data breaches Communicating with the supervisory authorities

9 Our offer to you We will show you the right way to comply with data protection requirements, particularly with regard to: Data processing on behalf of your company Data transfers across your corporate group Transborder data flows Internet presence Advertizing and market and opinion research Private use of telephone, Internet and

10 Contact details SPIE GmbH Compliance and Data Protection Lyoner Straße Frankfurt am Main Dr.-Ing. Anton Peuser Tel.: Attorney at law Bodermann Tel.: Attorney at law Florian Denke Tel.: Ass. jur. Susanne Steilner, LL.M Tel.: Dipl. jur. (FH) Tanja Schuchmann Tel.: