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4 Happy Reggae! After many rivers crossed, we at the Mateel Community Center give great thanks in welcoming you to the 29th annual Reggae On The River! Bringing it home to French s Camp, a venue that has served as the festival s spiritual nexus since 1984, when Jack Arthur (our local version of Woodstock s Max Yasgur) first took a risk and offered his land for this now-famous fundraiser. Initially presented as a benefit to rebuild the community center after an arsonist s fire burned its original Fireman s Hall location, throughout the years Reggae On The River has continued to serve as the primary funding source for the Mateel Community Center and all of our varied arts, education, youth, and social service programs. Though all of this almost came to an end in 2006, when a variety of factors forced the cancellation of the festival and a subsequent relocation down stream to the Benbow Lake State Recreation Area, thanks to our fans, our dedicated crew, and a supportive local community, Reggae On The River has persevered and, even in its smaller format, continued to sustain the Mateel. Now, with the Arthur Family Trust again offering their French s Camp property in Jack s honor (and with all permitting hurdles behind us), things have truly come full circle, the way it was intended. And we, in turn, are ready once again to step it up, and to do it in a way that honors our past and improves it for the future- a mantra we call back to the future. Similarly represented in our approach to artist scheduling, we shine light from the roots to the fruits with foundational groups like The Meditations, who played the very first ROTR, to Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid, two of the hottest artists in Jamaica for their first-ever Cali performance. We have also drawn from the far corners of the earth to bring you a selection of diverse acts both preserving traditions and taking the music to exciting new places. Artists like Nkulee Dube (South Africa), Blue King Brown (Australia), Garifuna Collective (Belize), Les Nubians (France/ Brooklyn), MC Zulu (Panama/ Chicago), and Paula Fuga (Hawaii) name but a few of the global representatives. And, of course, it wouldn t be Reggae On The River without roots reggae and Jamaica well represented in top artists like Julian Marley, Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley, and Junior Kelly just starting to scratch the surface. Reggae On The River Crew But while music often gets the focus, it is ultimately the experience that matters most. When diverse people come together to share in a weekend of incredible vibes, the magic of community happens, and this is what keeps people coming back to Reggae On The River. The experience is heightened when you know your patronage is also supporting a variety of important non-profit organizations working hard to make our world a better place. And this is why we do it- to sustain ourselves, to sustain our local and global communities, and for the love of reggae music. So thanks to you all! From the seasoned Reggae veteran to the first time attendee, your support is continuing to push the Mateel Community Center forward as we embark on this journey back to the future. This one truly is for you Long live Reggae On The River! Justin Crellin General Manager Mateel Community Center Accounting Ads/Sponsorship Admissions: Loop Lot Admissions: Shuttle Alter Able Art Cave Ambiance Ambiance Artist Merchandise/Ambiance Artist Shuttle Artist Shuttle ATM Audio Archiving Backline Brew Crew DJ Coordinator Drink Tickets Electrical Equipment Festival Map Festival Operations Festival Operation Guide GM/ Talent/ Publicity Greenway Partners Ice Crew Info Booth/Merchandise Jah Med Jah Med Jah Motion Shuttle KMUD Live Broadcast Kidlandia Laminator Laser Effects Lights Amie McClellan Lights Cathy Miller Magic Communications Richard Murray Mateel Kitchen Bill Breen Mateel Kitchen Tanya Lee Mateel Kitchen Marjory Brown Mateel Kitchen Pooba Mateel Kitchen Mystic Lion Mateel Meal Juice Booth Honeybear Media/Guest Assistant Blu Graham Media/Guest Assistant Erica Balcom Storre Media/Guest Check-In David Katz Neighborhood Response Team Rob Seifert-Gage Online Marketing Ray Moreta Parking Garth Epling Performer Check-In Justin Miller Performer Hospitality/ Artist Bios Alden Akselsen Performer Hydration Ted Sloan Performer Kitchen JimI Halloway Popcorn Nicolas Ramirez Poster Artist Katz Boose Press/ Marketing Asst Casandra Taliaferro Press Tent Justin Crellin Press Tent Steve Salzman, Kirk Cohune Program Guide Design Stewart Wilson Recycled Youth- Sno Cones Megan Gomes Rehydration Station Patte Rae Briceland VFD John & Mary Bustamante Recycling and Restoration SHUSD Transportation Security - Backstage Eric Johnston Security - Bar Shanda Rial Security - Bar Sai McCrady-Hirsch Security - Exterior Brian Friend Security - Exterior Chris Walker Mark Mehlman Dan & Leanna Gribi Cortney Gossett Mike Lovato Sherry Moore Mike Darcey Melody Hayhyrst Jackie Panteleo Annie Pierson Coco Hogan Charity Green Piercy VFD Julia Minton Joe Moran Kelley Lincoln Joellen Clark-Peterson Nansi Ochoa Patrick Gaskins Chrysse Otteson Bree Smith Kaati Gafney Dana Corey Sunshine Johnston Chris Molé Anna Rogers Babette Bach Tim Olsen Donald Rivers Dan Whyte David Sundberg Doug Dale Steve Rigney Mike Rigney Security - Exterior Security - Interior Security - Prairie Hags Security - Overnight Signage Signage Artist Site Site Site Site Site Site Site -Do It Crew Site Manager Site Troubleshooter Site - Bridges Site - Construction Site - Fencing Site - Plumbing Sound Engineer Stage Manager Stage Manager Stage Manager Street Team Trademark Advisor Traffic Manager Vendor Coordinator Vendor Hospitality Vendor Hospitality Volunteer Camping Volunteer Check-In Volunteer Coordinator Youth Alive-Soft Drinks Todd & Kathy Pisarek Peter Lawsky Lori Ellis Tim Lyman Matt Dicks Sara Young Eric Kay Patty Torbert Andrew Burnett Jesse Fuzzy Louth Sonny King Mike Miller April McCrady-Hirsch John Jennings Bruce Champie Ipo Savoire Shanon Taliaferro Evan Lombard Phil Kreider Loren Miller Jay Patton Mark Mason Rick Tomar Heather Rowbury Tim Allen Paul Radman Ashley Wilma Bruce Barkley Sydell Fowler Burt Clements Pleasure Strange Michele Wood Sherman & Lisa Landry 4 Mateel Community Center

5 2013 Reggae on the River 5

6 general information General Information Concert Bowl Hours- The concert bowl is open from noon to 1am on Thursday, 9am to 2am on Friday, 9am to 2am on Saturday, and 9am to 9pm on Sunday. Will Call & Admissions - There are two festival admissions stations- one for those who drive into the event and another for those who take the shuttle and enter on foot. Signage will direct you to the proper station given your arrival style and both online sales and hard tickets can be processed at each location. Please be sure to bring your confirmation , photo I.D., and/or a copy of the photo I.D. of the person who ordered your online tickets. ATM - Need cash? Visit our solar powered ATM. Please see the festival map for approximate location. Telephones/ Charging Stations - Free public cell phones and charging stations are available for use at the Mateel information booth. No Dogs Allowed - Attendees with dogs will be asked to leave. Watch Your Kids - Don t leave your children unattended. Children must wear ID wristbands. Look for lost children at security central or contact a member of our security team. First Aid/ Medical - The main medical station is located at the top of the concert bowl by Security Central. Roving medical and security patrols are also available throughout the festival grounds 24 hours a day. Lost & Found - Please head to Security Central to drop off or claim any lost and found items. Be Fire Conscious - Please note that we are in the height of fire season and that no fires or fireworks are allowed on the festival grounds. Those caught with illegal fires or fireworks will be ejected from the event. Propane BBQs and camp stoves are OK. No candles or flames in tents. No Lifeguard On Duty - Swim at your own risk. Please note there is no lifeguard on duty and that rocks can be slick and the river swift in spots. Don t Drink & Drive - Please drink responsibly and be sure to take the shuttle or find a designated driver if you ve had any alcohol and intend to leave the concert site. Be Prepared - Bring hats, layers of clothing, biodegradable sunscreen/ soaps, coolers, adequate camping gear, flashlights, and lots of drinking water. Safety First/ Safety Last - This is a family event and we want every child, woman, and man to be safe. Take care of yourself and those around you. Protect Our Environment Help Us Protect The Eel River - The wild and scenic Eel River is a beautiful but imperiled waterway. Protection of this resource is of paramount importance to our local community and also to the future of Reggae On The River. Recycling & Restoration The Recycle and Restoration crew requests your participation in the greening of ROTR. Restoration and preservation of the environment is our goal and we seek to restore the natural beauty of the site and preserve it for future generations. Please take with you what you bring, and may we recommend using the same cups, plates, and utensils for the whole event. We aspire to a future zero waste green sestival and are hoping you ll join us in inspiring others to keep it clean and green. Recycling Stations: We have manned recycle separation stations in many locations, with receptacles for CRV and Non-CRV plastics, aluminum cans, cardboard, glass (all colors), and hazardous materials. Ask our crew if something seems questionable. Solid Waste: We also have receptacles for solid waste (landfill garbage) at all Recycling Stations, including butt cans for your cigarettes (please don t leave them on the river bar!). We can even facilitate you with bags and/ or cans for your camp. Food Waste: Please note that we will not be composting this year. All compostable materials should be treated as solid waste so as not to attract jays, crows, buzzards, and other scavengers. Camping & RV Information Camping - The option of camping on site is included in the price of your ticket. Camping is first come first served, beginning at 8am on Thursday, August 1 for 4-day early arrival ticket holders, and at 8am on Friday, August 2 for 3-day main event ticket holders. * Do not arrive at the venue before these stated times for your type of ticket. Alter Able and Family Camp Options are available. Family campers will be directed to the family camp upon entry into the event. Alter Able campers are required to contact the Mateel office at (707) or to make arrangements in advance. RV Spaces are by advance reservation only and are already sold out for the 2013 event. Please note that RV sites do not have hook-ups. Quiet onboard generators are ok. Other Local Camping Options - Please visit the camping page at for more info about other private campgrounds in the area, including Richardson Grove State Park, Benbow Valley RV, and Richardson Grove RV & Family Camp. Parking Options On-site weekend parking- $40 per standard size vehicle. $40 extra for small trailers. Allows parking all weekend with no ins and outs. Day parking - Please note that there is no day parking on site. Various lots from Piercy to Benbow and Garberville to Redway offer day parking optionsboth free and for charge- with complimentary shuttle service. The main festival day parking lots are the Golf Lot in Benbow and at the Richardson Grove RV & Family Camp. Please see the parking page of com for pricing and additional information. Conserve water - Feel free to drink up at one of our drinking stations, but please use as little water as possible for your camp, shower, and other needs. Wash yourself before swimming - Please shower off (to wash off any sunscreens, etc) and be sure to urinate (just in case) before entering the river to swim. Use only bio-degradable soaps and sunscreen - We request that all attendees use exclusively bio-degradable sunscreen, tanning lotions, soaps/ shampoos, etc, and that you restrict use of all soaps and shampoos to the public shower only. Please visit the campground store if you neglected to bring bio-degradable products with you. Leave no trace - Pack out what you pack in. Festival Shuttle Service This complimentary service is the best way for local attendees and those staying in hotels/ private campgrounds to access the festival. Hours of operation are 30 minutes before the concert bowl opens each day (posted above in General Information) until close of the concert bowl each evening. Schedules will be posted at all shuttle stops with approximate pick up times. There will be two main shuttle routes. A French s Camp short loop will provide regular service to/ from: French s Camp Festival Site Cooks Valley Patriot/ Richardson Grove RV & Family Camp Richardson Grove State Park A town shuttle will provide regular service to/ from: French s Camp Festival Site Chevron Station (Garberville) Majestic Center (Redway) * Shuttle busses will also pick up/ drop off regularly at the Golf Lot in Benbow. 6 Mateel Community Center

7 Vending information Vending In The Concert Bowl The Art Cave Please note the concert bowl will be open during the following hours: Look for the live performance painters and you ll know you ve reached The Art Thursday Noon to 1am Cave. A veritable lion s den of reggae influenced fine art, some of which was Friday 9am to 2am freshly created at the festival. Featuring the works of Marjory Brown, Noa, Jack Saturday 9am to 2am Eastgate, Matt Jones, Cinnamin Price, Lucy Stanley, Yuma, and Bree Smith, most Sunday 9am to 9pm pieces are for sale and benefit both the artist and the Mateel Community Center. Reggae On The River Information & Merchandise Booths Performer Merchandise Visit the Performer Merchandise Booth for artist meet and greets and to pick up the latest music/ gear by many of our featured festival performers. Help support these great artists and take home a CD or shirt to extend your Reggae On The River experience. Vending In The Campground (& Beyond) Campground Store The local chapter of Support Our Schools (SOS) will run this 24-hour campground store which offers cold sodas, hot coffee, snack foods, and basic amenities like sunscreen, band-aids, toothpaste, and camping items. Program guides, stage schedules and other festival info Limited edition Reggae On The River t-shirts & merchandise Reggae on the River collectible memorabilia- including stickers, posters, shirts, hats, CDs, DVDs, and more Mateel memberships and community center info Mateel merchandise- including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stainless steel water bottles, and more Glow sticks Public phone and cell phone charging station Stuff check- for $5.00 you can check your stuff in a safe location while you enjoy the festival. Free for MCC members. Vending Booths Always a favorite festival attraction, more than 60 handcraft, import, non-profit, and food vendors will line the French s Camp concert bowl. Take a stroll to enjoy a wide variety of offerings from longtime Reggae On The River participants and a host of new vendors offering everything from food and refreshments to crafts of every variety, plus lots of great sponsor and non-profit information booths. Please also note that all Reggae food concessions benefit local non-profit organizations. Reggae on the River Site Map Public Ice Sales Located outside the north concert bowl entrance, Salmon Creek VFD will offer public sale ice to fill those thirsty coolers. Open all weekend- 8am to 8pm. Late Night Food Late night food options will be available in the campground to service hungry patrons at times when the concert bowl is closed. Look for this just outside the north entrance to the concert bowl. Local Neighbor Businesses We encourage you to support our local neighbor businesses. Please refer to the festival map for specific locations, all of which are either walking distance or served by the festival shuttle. One Log House - an historic tourist attraction offering sandwiches, coffee, and gifts Richardson Grove RV and Family Camp- offering day use festival parking, tent/ RV camping, and a small campground supplies store Cooks Valley Patriot Station - offering gas, snack foods, cold drinks, beer/ wine, etc Thunderbird Mountain Trading Company - offering Native American jewelry, salmon jerky, and gifts Grandfather Tree - offering beautiful wooden keepsakes to commemorate your trip to redwood country Benbow Inn - offering fine dining and lodging in an historic hotel; also features the adjacent Benbow Valley RV/ tent campground and golf course 2013 Reggae on the River 7

8 Masters Of Ceremonies Doug Green - One of the founders and the original emcee of Reggae on the River, Doug has emceed reggae and world music events from the tip of Baja Mexico to Vashon Island, WA for over 30 years. As President of the Mateel board, he has worked closely with staff to bring the festival home to French s Camp and is honored to be part of the team that is making ROTR once again an event for the community and by the community. Our Reggae experience is whatever we want it to be. It is up to us to create the community we want. Agnes Patak Agnes has been involved with ROTR since the beginning- photographing, running the press tent, emceeing, and beyond. Over the years she has interviewed just about every reggae and world music artist out there and has also been the host of the World Beat Show on KMUD for 26 years (and still going strong). We are proud to include her as one of the few female emcees of a major festival. Hoy Kersh Hoy loves the Mateel and was one of its founding members more than 33 years ago. She started cooking at ROTR in the early days and later performed at the event numerous times with her reggae band, Massawa. In recent years she s been a regular festival emcee and remains an active member of the Mateel family and local community. Spliff Skankin Veteran emcee and reggae DJ, Spliff Skankin, has been a fixture at ROTR for years. He is a founding member of the seminal Bay Area sound system, Massive Sound International, and is a popular host of reggae radio programs on KPFA and KFJC. He will be both emceeing and spinning tracks for us throughout the weekend. Emcees Also Performing In Thursday Night Concert Ishi Dube - Born in India and raised in northern California, Ishi Dube s is a seasoned musician whose sweet vocals carry a melodic roots sway, but neither is he a stranger to a rougher tougher dancehall deejay delivery. From the days of Massagana to his more recent work on Lion Camp and the 2010 riddim release, Like Rain, Ishi Dube is here to stay. Wisdom - Progressive music artist, Wisdom, has been in the forefront of the Bay Area s hip hop/reggae culture for well over a decade. Committed to a path of selfmastery through meditation and spiritual growth, Wisdom has just released his third full-length album, Full Spectrum featuring Sizzla and Michael Rose. Stevie Culture - Rastafarian born, Stevie Culture has been chanting on the microphone in Jamaica since he was a youth and provided backing vocals for the likes of Garnett Silk and Dennis Brown. Currently residing in Humboldt County, CA, Stevie s new album, Conscious Step is now available on itunes. DJs & Sound Systems Second Nature Sound A Southern Humboldt County based DJ crew with roots in hip hop/reggae production, live music, and radio. This local sound is on the rise and plays the best reggae, hip-hop and remixes everywhere from mountain tops to packed clubs. I & I Vibrations Founded at the turn of 2006, I & I casts a crew from NoCal to NoVA playing dub to roots and hip hop to Latin, along with mash ups, remixes and breaks as needed. Blessed Coast Sound A growing stack of vinyl birthed Blessed Coast in 2006 and they now provide a firm foundation for the reggae scene that thrives here in the Pacific Northwest (Santa Cruz, CA to Bellingham, WA). Massive Sound International Massive Sound Int l consists of DJ s Robert Rankin & Spliff Skankin who have been spinning Reggae music in the Bay Area on radio (KKUP, KFJC, KPFA), in the clubs and at festivals for almost 30 years and they ve been DJing Reggae on the River since the 80 s. Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi Originally based out of New York and now located in the Bay Area, JWS holds over 12 sound clash trophies and is operated by Rocker-T, Jah Yzer, King I-Vier and Irie Dole. DJ Stepwise One of Latin America s most well-known reggae selectors, Stepwise hails from Argentina, currently resides in the Bay Area, and splits his time between the American continents heading up Galang International Sound and the Guiding Star Agency. Rude Lion Started in 1996 on the banks of California s Eel River, Rude Lion is a high energy, dance-friendly DJ who has opened for every major reggae act to pass through Humboldt County. Selecta Green B Green B hosts Dancehall Saturday Nights on The Joint on Sirius XM42 radio and is part of Coo-Yah! Ladeez Sound System, through which she keeps a regular reggae party in San Francisco. One Wise One Wise Sound has been representing the Humboldt County Reggae scene since With a diverse arsenal of original productions, remixes, mixtapes, deep crates, and dub plates they won the Club Dread Sound Clash in San Francisco back to back in 2010 and WBLK - Started in California in 2000, this sound is operated by DJ Jacques and DJ Guacamole. They host a weekly party in Sebastopol, play festivals throughout the state, Cannabis Cup events in Amsterdam, and a series of mix CDs by DJ Jacques have garnered attention to their sound by the public and industry folks alike. Red Rasta Conscious reggae DJ residing in rural Humboldt County, Red Rasta is the host of The Reggae Revival radio show and podcast, owner of Conscious Selections Sound System, Oneness Creations Graphic Design, and Ital Corner Jamaican style vegan food. Guerrilla Takeover Armed with exclusive dub plates and remixes and the biggest tunes out of Jamaica, Mendocino County s Guerrilla Takeover always turns up the heat with some rude boy tunes and something real for the ladies, too. Brimstone At the controls is DJ Crown, who spends vast amounts of time in his home studio each year recording reggae mixtapes titled, Big Tunes, putting out three out in the past five years. Based in Oregon, Brimstone plays every week in Eugene. Dub Cowboy Since 1999, Dub Cowboy has been on the bill for over 1,000 local events and is currently spinning five nights a week and produces the #1 reggae radio show in Humboldt County, the Reggae Jamdown on KHSU. And more! 8 Mateel Community Center

9 Stage Schedule Thursday AUGust 1 Early Arrival Kick Off Event: Featuring: MC Zulu, Stevie Culture, Wisdom, Ishi Dube, Joseph Israel, Ras Indio, Jade Steel, Madi Simmons, Travis B. & Tito Minott With special guests: Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Nkulee Dube, Army & more! DJs: Second Nature Sound, I & I Vibrations, Blessed Coast Sound, DJ Stepwise, Massive Sound International, Jah Warrior Shelter, Hi-Fi, Rude Lion, WBLK, One Wise, Red Rasta, Guerrilla Takeover, Brimstone, Dub Cowboy, Selecta Green B plus reggae dub poet Ras Marcus Benjamin FRIDAY AUGust 2 12:00 Opening Ceremony 12:30 Woven Roots 1:10 Army 2:35 Toussaint The Liberator 4:15 Sierra Leone Refugee A.S. 5:55 Nkulee Dube 7:35 Kabaka Pyramid 8:15 Chronixx & The Zincfence 9:40 JBoog & Hot Rain 11:30 Tarrus Riley & Blak Soil SATURDAY AUGust 3 11:00 Reggae Angels 11:40 Prezident Brown 1:15 The Meditations 2:50 Blue King Brown 4:30 Les Nubians 6:10 Rockamovya 7:50 Natural Black 9:35 Anthony B 11:30 Julian Marley & The Uprising Band SUNDAY AUGust 4 11:00 Paula Fuga + Mike Love Trio 12:35 Garifuna Collective 2:10 Prestige 2:55 Junior Kelly 4:40 Rootz Underground 6:30 Morgan Heritage Early arrival kick-off THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 Featured Vocalists - Performing Track and Acoustic Sets Joseph Israel - Guided by reggae music since he was a little youth in Arkansas, Israel will be playing an acoustic solo set mixing rock, jazz and folk to a rockers reggae bass. In 2004, he was invited to open for a sold out Ziggy Marley show in Arkansas which prompted the making of his debut album, Gone are the Days, recorded at Tuff Gong Studios. Ras Indio - The man who put Belize on the musical map, Ras Indio combines traditional African elements with the edgier side of roots reggae. Releasing more than four albums since 1999, Indio has continued to keep the attention of reggae fans with his unique vocal delivery and energetic stage presence. Jade Steel - Singer songwriter from San Francisco and raised in rural Humboldt County, CA, Steel loves what he does and consistently reinvents himself through music. A world beat artist, he has performed in Brazil, Jamaica, Thailand, South America and India. His latest CD is entitled, Children of Humboldt. Madi Simmons - Passionately creating music for over 20 years, Simmons is a Rasta born and raised in the United States and is ever ready to spread the good message of reggae. He currently resides in Humboldt County, CA and fronts the ensemble the Mighty Redwood Ambassadors. Travis B. The lead singer for the dub roots reggae band, Woven Roots, Travis B. was born in the mountains, raised in the hills, and is a real roots man, farmer, and permaculture advocate. Having created hundreds of songs, he is a powerful presence, guaranteed to pump the crowd with his explosive authenticity. Tito Minott - Tito Minott originally hails from San Diego, CA and has just released a new solo LP on vinyl only, Mon, Keep it Crucial, that speaks to all walks of life. Recently transplanted to Humboldt County, he is a bright new light on our local reggae scene. Reggae Dub Poet Ras Marcus Benjamin Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Benjamin has been writing and performing poetry for nearly three decades. In the lineage of Jamaican Rasta culture, Benjamin will release Dub Talking, a live recording of his spoken word over nyabinghi drumming this summer Plus All-Star Guests: MC Zulu - Panamanian born and Chicago bred, MC Zulu pays his respects to the DJ driven Caribbean culture with trademark megaphone in hand and a distinctive blend of electro bass grooves and dancehall vocals. Chronixx - With multiple chart toppers, Chronixx killed it at this year s Rebel Salute in his home country of Jamaica and will be making his California debut at ROTR. Nkulee Dube - Back by popular demand, this daughter of South African reggae legend, Lucky Dube, Nkulee is garnering international attention for her fresh remaking of roots reggae and neosoul with a distinct African flavor. Kabaka Pyramid - One of the toughest lyricists coming out of Kingston, Jamaica, Kabaka harnesses the power of hip hop while riding on dancehall and roots reggae rhythms. Army - Representing the roots reggae renaissance coming out of St. Croix, Army s simultaneously soothing and invigorating voice springs from a place seeking spiritual renewal and justice for all people. And a few surprises you won t want to miss! 2013 Reggae on the River 9

10 10 Mateel Community Center

11 2013 Reggae on the River 11

12 Artist Bios FRIDAY, August 2 Woven Roots 12:30 pm The music of Woven Roots is inspired by living close to the earth in the deep wilderness of Humboldt County. The group of life-long musical visionaries is on a quest to create original music channeling powerful lyrics over a harmony of roots reggae and dub styles. Choosing to step away from the mainstream path of the exploitative and destructive technologies of advanced industrial economies, Woven Roots seeks to use music as a vessel to spread a message of reciprocity for the natural systems on earth. Their most recent release, Respect All Things, finds them further communicating about changing toward environmentally sound methods for providing our basic human needs of food, energy and shelter. We are proud to present to you, Woven Roots, modern day, real rebel music straight from our northwest mountaintops serving both as the backing band for Army, as well as playing a set of their own. Without Army 1:10 pm Born Fritzmaurice Williams and raised on St. Croix, Army represents the roots reggae renaissance coming out of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Beginning his musical journey at the age of five in the youth choir at his local church, a love of jazz and other diverse musical styles led him to pick up the saxophone. He went on to study music in New York and grew into an accomplished vocalist before making the surprising decision to join the U.S. Army. After a stint, he chose to refocus on his musical career and returned to St. Croix, where he became actively involved in the VI reggae scene. He was quickly snatched up by Dub Rise Records, who released his debut CD, Yesterday s News, and its follow-up, Struggler, both of which were hailed as refreshingly original. Without getting caught up in the commercialism of modern life, Army, with hits like Rasta Awake seeks spiritual renewal, justice for all people and universal positivity through his simultaneously soothing and invigorating voice. getting caught up in the commercialism of modern life, Army, with hits like Rasta Awake seeks spiritual renewal, justice for all people and universal positivity through his simultaneously soothing and invigorating voice. 12 Mateel Community Center

13 Toussaint The Liberator with Amandla 2:35 pm Toussaint the Liberator has grown from a boy with deep spiritual roots singing at local churches in Indiana to a man embodying the spirit of the historical rebel from whom he takes his name. His lyrics and the call and the response heritage from which he draws his inspiration spark a fire in the hearts of his listeners. Asked to join Soulive in 2006 as their lead singer, Toussaint penned all the lyrics for the group s acclaimed album, No Place Like Soul, and in 2010 he collaborated with St.Croix s I grade Records to release his first solo album, Black Gold. A second solo album, recorded throw-back analogue style by I Dwell Records in Sonoma, CA entitled, Where I Lead (2012), features tracks with Mikey General and Kulcha Knox. Toussaint s latest project, Amandla, is the fruition of a quest wherein Toussaint has finally come together with players who truly represent the message of his music. Showcasing the talent and wisdom of the venerable Ras Iba, Amandla weaves together influences ranging from gospel to neo-soul to hip-hop and boasts years of experience on and off the stage working within the world of music. Soon to release their first album together, Power Link, their stage show meanwhile blazes the way with a new sound in reggae music and is an infectiously spiritual experience leaving crowds dancing and completely enchanted. Roots in a modern time! Sierra Leone s Refugee All Stars 4:15 pm From their humble beginnings in Guinean refugee camps to performing on some of the world s most prestigious stages, this group has risen from the ashes of war to global stardom. In the mid-1990s, upon a Canadian relief agency donating two beat up electric guitars, a single microphone and a meager sound system, Sierra Leone s Refugee All Stars soon became a potent example of the redeeming power of music. Although an acclaimed documentary film gave them an initial boost into the public s attention, their music has since found them having established an identity based as much on skill, imagination and charisma as on their undeniably touching story. Their music translates the hardships they ve endured along with the current global issues of hunger and the gap between rich and poor into bright, danceable melodies. One of Africa s top touring and recording bands, their 2012 release Radio Salone (meaning Sierra Leone in their native language Krio) is their strongest, most confident work to date, representing a new musical high point for the group as it emanates life-affirming positivity; a joyful mix of roots reggae with West African stylings, afrobeat, funk and more. funk Sierra Leon es Refugee All Stars emanate life-affirming positivity; a joyful mix of roots reggae with West African stylings, afrobeat, and more Reggae on the River 13

14 Nkulee Dube 5:55 pm Back by popular demand after an incredible performance at ROTR 2012, and this time in the company of her full South African based band, this daughter of South African reggae icon, Lucky Dube, was born with music in her blood. One of the most exciting additions to the worldwide pop music landscape, no female artist has managed to fuse ethnosoul, jazz, and reggae in one singer/songwriter package like Nkulee Dube. In only a short span of time since entering this challenging industry, she was nominated for a whopping six awards at the 31st Annual International World and Reggae Music Awards (IRAWMA), earning her a coveted place in history as not only the first artist to be nominated for so many awards in a single year, but as the first non-caribbean born artist to be nominated at the awards. A rising star with a fresh blend of roots reggae and neo-soul and a distinctly African sound, Nkulee returns to ROTR this year after having received the IRAWMA award for Most Promising. She is focusing this year on both her music tour as well as her Nkulee Production company which joins music, fashion and jewelry design, all elements she models exquisitely in person. Kabaka Pyramid 7:35 pm One of the tuffest lyricists to come out of Kingston, Jamaica, Keron Kabaka Pyramid Salmon is a multi-talented song-writer, DJ, rapper, chanter and producer. His musical style blends the lyricism of hip-hop, with the energy and melody of reggae and dancehall. To me reggae and hip-hop go hand in hand...when they procreate, rebel music is born! Some believe that each art form must remain pure...i m not here to oppose, says Kabaka, But fusion is the foodstuff of evolution, and evolution is constant, both physically and spiritually. The artist s towering name comes from Kabaka which is Ugandan for King and Pyramids which are thought by the artist to house the mathematical proportions of universal laws that are eminent in the creation of this universe. Kabaka Pyramid made his first major break-through in 2007 and in 2011 released the EP Rebel Music which shows the world where Kabaka is looking to take Jamaican music. As one of the hottest emerging artists in Jamaica right now, this highly anticipated ROTR set with JA s Zincfence band will be his California festival debut. Chronixx & The Zincfence 8:15pm In his first ever Cali festival, riding high with chart toppers like Warrior, Behind Curtain, and Beat & A Mic Chronixx is one of the most exciting artists on the scene today. Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1992, Chronixx was the stage name his friends bestowed on him, replacing the name Little Chronicle he was given as the junior to his father, the musician Chronicle. Chronixx wrote his first song at the age of five and became choir director and worship leader at the age of 11. At 14, he started producing and 14 Mateel Community Center

15 Ramone s Bakery & Cafe Freshly Roasted Coffee Espresso Desserts Breakfast Pastries Sandwiches, Soups & Salads Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at our Harrison Cafe Wedding & Specialty Cakes Bread Open Catering Daily RAMONESBAKERY.COM ARCATA At Wildberries Marketplace, EUREKA 2297 Harrison E Street At Pierson s MCKINLEYVILLE ShoppingCenter building riddims for artists such as Konshens, composing riddims such as the Freezer Riddim for Icebox Records and voicing artists, including Popcaan. After his brother s death in 2009, Chronixx became more inspired to push out, and as fate would have it he stepped out militantly with a unique voice, armed with lyrics and an accompanying musical sound. Many hailed Chronixx s performance at this year s Rebel Salute as deadly. Chronixx will be backed by the Zincfence will be backed by The Zincfence, which consists primarily of former students of the Edna Manley College in Kingston, Jamaica. J Boog & Hot Rain 9:40 pm This artist s irresistible blend of island and reggae sounds are what made Let s Do It Again a smash hit in both the clubs and on the airwaves. Raised in Compton, California with Samoan ancestry, J Boog s south central swag and Hawaiian hang loose attitude find a natural home in reggae music. Captivating audiences worldwide with his highly-acclaimed debut album, 2007 s Hear Me Roar, his multigenre style blends reggae, R&B, hip-hop, and Polynesian soul with his own original street flair. Following the success of his debut release, he joined the Wash House Music family in 2008 and started working with Gramps Morgan, on his second disc, which was recorded in a variety of historic Jamaican studios and features tracks with reggae giants, Richie Spice, Tarrus Riley, and Morgan Heritage. His album, Back Yard Boogie (2010), produced by the legendary Don Corleon, is credited with changing the role of Polynesian artists in mainstream music. J-Boog is a playful, fun spirit with a luv-a-dub music vibration and his live performances are pure lava! Tarrus Riley & Blak Soil 11:30 pm Leading a resurgence of traditional roots reggae, Tarrus Riley embodies a rare blend of wisdom, maturity and street cred. Awarded Best singer, Best Male vocalist, Cultural Artist, Song of the Year, Best Song by various institutions, his expressive, instantly recognizable voice, lyrics and melodies capture the ups and downs of love and life in a way that is both familiar to his island audience and accessible to the whole world. Not the first to throw his candidacy in the hat of roots revival torch bearers, the name Tarrus Riley is nonetheless being mentioned in the same breath as esteemed vocalists Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and Beres Hammond. His debut album, Challenges, was followed by Parables, which was greeted with widespread acclaim and spawned the hit singles, Lion Paw, Stay with You, and She s Royal among others. I target women and children with my music because slavery tampered with the woman s mind and that s why I wrote She s Royal. She s the head of the household so she has the power to influence the young men and women of tomorrow. Born in the Bronx and raised between Florida and Jamaica, Tarrus is the son of reggae singer Jimmy Riley, a member of the seminal 1960s harmony group, The Techniques. Tarrus grew up admiring dancehall stars Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton and started his career as a DJ (dancehall parlance for rapping). With his fifth album coming out any day, Tarrus Riley is also known to feature such artists as the DJ Konshens, hardcore dancehall singer Demarco and the polarizing Jamaican figure, Vybz Kartel. Tarrus Riley stands out and holds his own in the reggae mainstream amidst coarser fare on the JA charts. We need the youngsters in JA to listen where this roots music is coming from. We need to come out as one instead of everybody mix up mix up and bad mouthing each other. We need to show unity and we need to show strength Reggae on the River 15

16 Artist Bios SATURDAY, August 3 Reggae Angels 11:00 am Currently based in Oakland, CA, the Reggae Angels have one of the most extensive discographies of any American based reggae act. Their 12th and most recent CD dropped in November Turn on the Light, is agreed to be their strongest album to date. The Reggae Angels the messengers - see their work as offering musical guidance to themselves and others for righteous living. With proverbial words and lyrics affirming good character, entailing the positive human qualities of love, hope, chivalry, gratitude and generosity, they clarify and exalt the teaching of the prophets. The Reggae Angels live show is well groomed after years of touring and recording with an ever dynamic and spontaneous live presence full of happy, uplifting sounds. Prezident Brown 11:40 am The champion of new roots and reality consciousness, Prezident Brown is known as much for his deep vibrating vocals as he is for his dancehall toasting style. He got his start performing on local sound systems in Jamaica in the 1980s and started a recording career in the mid-90s. The most formative influence on Prezident Brown was producer and sound system operator Jack Ruby. Ruby saw something special in young Slim Brown; he took Slim Brown under his wing, re-named him Prezident Brown and appointed him resident M.C. of his Hi- Power Sound System, traveling worldwide. After the sound system era changed following Jack Ruby s death in 1989, and a massive roots revival swept across Jamaica washing gun and slackness lyrics out of the dance halls, the time was right for Prezident Brown to truly be heard. The Prez not only sings about righteousness, but strives to live it in his personal life. He is now more involved in his music than ever before. In addition to vocals, he s now producing and playing instruments. Touting his recently released album, I Sound Is From Creation, Prezident Brown consistently uplifts and strengthens his audiences through dynamic performances grounded in Nyabinghi drumbeats. Bob Marley was so pleased with their harmony that he brought them back to add their vocals to Rastaman Live Up and Blackman Redemption, just to name a few. Like a living time capsule, The Meditations represent the golden age of reggae, which showcased a three-part harmony with a backing roots reggae band. The Meditations have remained active in the recording industry, having also helped numerous artists and producers develop their musical careers. This special homecoming performance will be their first time back at the festival since the very first one in 1984 and their presence helps us celebrate a return to our roots as well. Blue King Brown 2:50 pm Hailed by Carlos Santana as the voice of the street and the band of the future, Blue King Brown is Australia s premiere urban roots crew. An award-winning eightpiece outfit led by the relentless energy of Natalie The Meditations 1:15 pm Bob Marley s favorite harmony trio, The Meditations - Ansel Cridland, Danny Clarke and Winston Watson, recorded their first hit single Woman is Like a Shadow in 1974 at Channel One Recording Studio and their first album Message from The Meditations was produced by Dobby Dobson. Instantly, the group s vocal style captured the hearts of reggae fans around the world and led to collaborations with Lee Scratch Perry. Perry, who produced for Bob Marley and the Wailers, asked them to do back-up vocals for Punky Reggae Party, featuring Bob on lead vocals. 16 Mateel Community Center

17 Pa apa a, BKB brings a dancehall, roots, rock and afro groove mash-up to their incendiary live set. BKB s cultural heritage includes Samoan, Native American, Basque and Mexican forebears and their vision extends far beyond the stage. They fiercely believe that another world is possible and that music is a powerful tool to be used to rewrite and realize this world free of the misfortunes of greed and poverty. Their hard hitting lyrics and beats stand up for freedom while their lyrics are charged with a burning sense of justice. Their first album, Stand Up (2006) was followed by WorldWize (2010) which featured special guests, Jah Mason, Sly & Robbie and Queen Ifrica. This year s performance at ROTR is sure to include new music from their much anticipated, forthcoming album. Les Nubians 4:30 pm The vibrant Parisian slam poetry circuit served as the incubator for French/ Cameroonian sister duo, Helene and Celia Faussart, to cultivate their art. The sisters soon adopted the moniker Les Nubians and set to work crafting an a capella, R&B hybrid inflected with Afro-Caribbean rhythmic sensibilities. They have earned a Grammy nomination and worldwide attention with a pair of major label releases and have since maintained an influential and infectious presence in the hip-hop and soul vanguard. Known for their innovative musical approach and glamorous afropean style, they are widely appealing on the urban music scene world-wide. With jazzy nuances, hard hitting drum and bass lines, harmonious melodies and conscious proclamations, Les Nubians manages to make the blend of so many diverse elements seem logical and organic as it all springs naturally from their multi-cultural lives. NATURAL FOODS SERVING THE HUMBOLDT NATION SERVING THE HUMBOLDT NATION SINCE 1982 SINCE 1982 Rockamovya 6:10 pm In their world festival premier, this inter-generational collaboration features modern jazz s most ubiquitous guitarist (Will Bernard), roots reggae s most prolific drummer (Leroy Horsemouth Wallace) and three players from America s biggest reggae band (Groundation). Although they perform an array of Jamaican popular music from ska to dancehall, they are firmly planted in roots reggae, which is not only a logical reflection of the Groundation sound, but allows them to tap in directly to the source as Horsemouth is one of the original creators of that particular style. However, they also venture out, and Bernard s majestic lead lines and wild tone experiments along with Marcus Urani s (Groundation) patchwork of Analog Synthesizer, B-3 Organ, and Rhodes Piano lines add new depth to the texture of reggae. All of this combined with the distinctive wailing cry of Harrison Stafford on vocals, the thunderous bass of Ryan Newman (Groundation), and the oftenemulated, but never replicated Horsemouth makes for some of the freshest sounding music today. Rockamovya reaches across demographics and genres to entice and enthrall listeners of any and every tribe. Natural Black 7:50 pm 783 LOCUST ST. GARBERVILLE CA PH Fax Originally from Guyana and now based In Jamaica, this talented vocalist has been on reggae s frontlines for the past decade. Born Mortimer Softley, he was nicknamed Black and White because of his love for dressing in 2013 Reggae on the River 17

18 that color code though his Jamaican counterparts later renamed him Natural Black. Upon his arrival to JA, Black found work as a welder and coffee picker while recording in his spare time. With a host of big tunes, including the monster track, Far From Reality, Natural Black has long been on the list of Most Wanted artists on the west coast. Though the artist made the media news last spring for cutting his locks and turning from a roots approach to more of a dancehall fire, he has returned to writing conscious music and is charging into 2013 with four new singles- all conscious reggae anthems- a move which has fans overjoyed for his inaugural ROTR performance! Anthony B 9:35 pm Draped in the rich colors of African cloth, his trademark staff in hand, and his dreadlocks wrapped regally upon his head, Anthony B has been steadfast in his mission to represent the poor and oppressed, using sharp lyrics to confront political injustices and bring the issues of the people to the forefront. Born in 1976 in the northwestern parish of Trelawny, Jamaica, his religious upbringing imbued him with a strong sense of spirituality although his family wasn t pleased when he adopted Rastafari beliefs as a teenager. During his youth, his favorite singers were reggae legends Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, both of whom strongly influenced his style. It was in 1992 that Anthony B left his home-town and set out to make his fateful mark on Kingston s music scene. Despite the trend then of girl and gun lyrics, Anthony B remained faithful to words of spiritual consciousness and social conviction. Anthony B has single-handedly raised performance standards and lyrical content for the industry through the release of over 13 albums, 1000 singles and appearances on over 13 CDs. Over the years, he has collaborated with Bone Crusher, Akon, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Martina and Toots. Anthony B continually proves himself to be one of reggae s most prolific and engaging artists and arguably its most electrifying performer. Julian Marley & The Uprising Band 11:30 pm Julian Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley and Barbados-born, Lucy Pounder, is a Grammy award nominated, roots-reggae musician, singer-songwriter, producer and humanitarian. In the same tradition as his father, Julian Ju Ju Marley is a devout Rastafarian whose music is inspired by life and spirituality. Born in London, England on June 4, 1975, Julian is the only son of Bob Marley born and raised in the U.K. Growing up in London remains a large part of who I am today. I feel privileged to be a part of the musical roots that my father laid in England. As the next generation of British-born reggae artists, I look forward to relating the cultural gifts and musical creations that have been bestowed on to me back onto the international music scene. Julian frequently visited his family and brothers Ziggy, Stephen, Damian and Ky-Mani in Jamaica. In 1987 when influential Wailers drummer Carlton Barrett was murdered outside of his home in Jamaica, Julian wrote two un-released songs, Uprising and What They Did Wrong in response to the incident. Subsequently he also formed a band called The Uprising, comprised of young Jamaican players. In 1993, Julian and his brothers formed a group called the Ghetto Youths Crew. Then, in 1996 Julian made his solo debut with Lion in the Morning. In 2009, Julian s career rose to even higher heights with the success of his Grammy Award Nominated release entitled, Awake. This album was inspired by the family who have come before says Julian, There is spiritual energy from the ancestors in this album. A humanitarian at heart, Julian Marley naturally leans toward building on charitable missions and contributing to the Ghetto Youths Foundation, which in the spirit of his father Bob Marley, allows the socially conscious Marley to give back to youths in various communities. Whether it s reasoning with children at the football fields in London, or offering his time to benefit concerts, Julian consciously looks toward finding ways to lend guidance to children. 18 Mateel Community Center

19 at Reggae on the River! Stop by Our Tent for Free Supplies! Condoms & lube Emergency contraception aka: Plan B, morning after pill Rapid HIV Testing Get results in 10 mins Info about STDs, birth control & safer sex tips Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Providing a full range of reproductive health services Located in Eureka, CA hour Roving First Aid or ask security personnel LONG TERM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR OUR COMMUNITY ANGER IS LIKE A ROCK HURLED INTO A HORNET S NEST 2013 Reggae on the River 19

20 Artist Bios sunday, August 4 Paula Fuga & Mike Love Trio 11:00 am The Paula Fuga and Mike Love Trio brings together two of the rising stars from the Hawaiian Islands. Paula has established herself as an ambassador of the Hawaiian culture having toured the world over and collaborated with artists such as India.Arie, Jack Johnson and Ziggy Marley. Mike Love, a local legend on the Oahu music scene, recently released his debut album that was driven into the top-5 on the itunes Reggae charts based on his deep local following alone. Widely appealing and accessible, the trio s 3-part vocal harmonies and Paula s soaring, ethereal voice and genuine connection to her Hawaiian culture bring a beauty and gentleness to reggae music. Paula Fuga is a musician with a mission. A supremely talented ukulele player, she directs her thanks and praises to Ke Akua for giving her the gift of voice and vision, and she uses both talents to help bring about positive social change within her islands and beyond: performing at benefit concerts for charter schools and instilling the Hawaiian culture in the generations to come. She is a thoughtful voice, a beacon of meditation and healing. Standing tall on the pride and powers of their island s people, the Paula Fuga and Mike Love Trio serves as a beacon of meditation and healing to all those fortunate enough to bathe in their music. Garifuna Collective 12:35 pm Preserving and promoting the precious Garifuna language and culture, this group of accomplished, multi-generational Afro-Amerindian artists continues to tour and perform in their co-founder, Andy Palacio s memory. Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective s 2007 album Wátina is one of the most praised world music albums ever released. On the cusp of tremendous fame, Andy passed away suddenly a year after Wátina was released, leaving the world to wonder just how big he could have become. His band continues where Andy left off, sharing soul-stirring songs with enchanting rhythms and powerful melodies inspired by their unique Afro-Amerindian cultural heritage. Descendants of West African and indigenous Carib and Arawak peoples, today the Garifuna live primarily in Central America. The Garifuna Collective springs forth from their rich traditional life, adding contemporary elements that give their audiences access to the experience of exile, longing, hope and celebration that can be traced back through the legacies, folklore, and rituals of humankind. 20 Mateel Community Center

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Hopi Probation Office Implements SCRAM-X Ankle Devices to Monitor Alcohol Offenders. Mesa Media Hosts Workshop to Sustain Hopi Lavayi

Hopi Probation Office Implements SCRAM-X Ankle Devices to Monitor Alcohol Offenders. Mesa Media Hosts Workshop to Sustain Hopi Lavayi Postage Volume 21 Number 13 Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Hopi Tribe Gets Extended Holiday for Independence Day Weekend In thanks for your tireless service to the Hopi Tribe, the Chairman has declared Friday,

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FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS. One of the Good Guys THE. Weekly Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 32 Thursday, August 20, 2015

FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS. One of the Good Guys THE. Weekly Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 32 Thursday, August 20, 2015 TM Weekly Newspaper 911 Franklin Street Michigan City, IN 46360 Volume 31, Number 32 Thursday, One of the Good Guys by Connie Kuzydym Editor s note This week, we continue our series, Friends & Neighbors,

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When It Really Counts, You Can Count On Cooper Hurley!

When It Really Counts, You Can Count On Cooper Hurley! FREE The Original Downtown Newspaper, 26th Year Vol. 26, No. 5 26th Year May, 2014 When It Really Counts, You Can Count On Cooper Hurley! Veteran Virginia Attorneys Who Fight For You In Norfolk, Virginia

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About the Performance...

About the Performance... Sofrito! David Gonzalez with Bobby Sanabria s Cuarteto Aché At Ordway Center What s in this Study Guide? About the Performance pg. 3 About Sofrito! pg. 4 The Art of Storytelling pg. 5 Music Styles and

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Culver s Restaurant Opens with Brisk Business

Culver s Restaurant Opens with Brisk Business March 2015 Culver s Restaurant Opens with Brisk Business The much anticipated Culver's Restaurant opened February 2nd to record crowds. The Florissant Culver's came close to breaking the all-time opening

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CONNECTION. Deep in the Heart of Texas. LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One. A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011]

CONNECTION. Deep in the Heart of Texas. LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One. A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011] CONNECTION A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011] Deep in the Heart of Texas Page 11 LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One Page 21 1 Pro Christo et Agape Dear Alumni and Friends,

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A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur WE GLOBAL NETWORK A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur STORIES FROM AMERICA S RUST BELT WELCOMING ECONOMIES LEADING RUST BELT IMMIGRANT INNOVATION ...every aspect of the American economy has

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The Park Press. Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland. (L to R): Mason Ryan, Paul Triple H Levesque and Conor O Brian

The Park Press. Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland. (L to R): Mason Ryan, Paul Triple H Levesque and Conor O Brian The Park Press FREE May 2013 ~ Positive news that matters ~ Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland New Brain Mapping Technology The Emergency Fund A Snail Spiral In Bloom 07 11 15

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BBN Brevard Business News

BBN Brevard Business News BBN Brevard Business News Vol. 32 No. 6 February 10, 2014 $1.00 A Weekly Space Coast Business Magazine printed in Brevard County, Fla. since 1984 Longtime area resident Weinberg is elected to the Fidelity

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To kick off this campaign, we have developed a new logo and tagline that we think artfully communicates this important message.

To kick off this campaign, we have developed a new logo and tagline that we think artfully communicates this important message. We urge you to use this logo: Dear Arts Advocates, Tennesseans for the Arts in collaboration with the Tennessee Arts Commission is launching a statewide public awareness campaign to communicate the importance

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July Flood Damage Tops $100,000

July Flood Damage Tops $100,000 A Monthly Community Publication Volume III, Issue 8 August, 2013 July Flood Damage Tops $100,000 Torrential rains in early July caused flooding damage to Walpole roads in excess of $100,000. There was

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HIGHGROVE HAPPENINGS HIGHGROVE HAPPENINGS Dedicated to the improvement of our community through awareness and involvement in local issues November, 2013 (FREE) Local News for the Highgrove Area 68 acres in the middle of Highgrove

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Congratulations to All 2010 Graduates!

Congratulations to All 2010 Graduates! Congratulations to All 2010 Graduates! IMMOKALEE Five Immokalee residents celebrated their 2010 High School Graduation during commencement exercises from three learning institutions. As we travel down

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A Penn State Lehigh Valley Student Newspaper May 2009, Vol. 6, No. 3. Influential Journalist to Speak at Commencement by Lauren Coughlin

A Penn State Lehigh Valley Student Newspaper May 2009, Vol. 6, No. 3. Influential Journalist to Speak at Commencement by Lauren Coughlin Tim Brion, 1997 Penn State graduate, values the importance of networking with and guiding fellow Penn Staters. See story on page 4. Dr. Jennifer Talwar and her students Sam North and Anthony Amato flank

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INDEX F2 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 WWW.THESTATE.COM THE STATE, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA F2 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 WWW.THESTATE.COM THE STATE, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA INDEX Young leaders making an impact on the Midlands Building a community takes leaders who are dedicated not only to building

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Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi

Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Hazırladığımız liste, 7037 kelime içermektedir. Listede yer alan kelimelerin 1468 tanesi fiil (verb), 3566 tanesi isim (noun),

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Brevard Live July 2014-1

Brevard Live July 2014-1 Brevard Live July 2014-1 2 - Brevard Live July 2014 Brevard Live July 2014-3 4 - Brevard Live July 2014 Brevard Live July 2014-5 6 - Brevard Live July 2014 BMA Content Nominees page 8 July 2014 FEATURES

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COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations I N S I G H T COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES Reaching Out Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations january 2011 All community foundations do good. Some do better by making full use of board

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TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper

TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper TheBurg Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper June 2009 Free Glamorous Women in Paradise opening June 5 for Harrisburg s First Friday event, 7-9 PM Featured artists: Joanne Landis, Renee Weiss Chase,

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Alumni Horae. St. Paul s School Spring 2008

Alumni Horae. St. Paul s School Spring 2008 Alumni Horae St. Paul s School Spring 2008 Signs of Spring Alumni Horae Vol. 88, No. 1 Spring 2008 Alumni Horae Editor Deborah de Peyster Designer Cindy L. Foote Editorial Contributors Jana F. Brown Alan

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One Man Flies to the Rescue of Shelter Pets. The Weekly. Register for Savvy Seniors Exciting Fall Schedule

One Man Flies to the Rescue of Shelter Pets. The Weekly. Register for Savvy Seniors Exciting Fall Schedule Opposing the Iran Deal - OpEd by Congressman Sherman Page 4 Register for Savvy Seniors Exciting Fall Schedule Page 6 Hero of the Week - Saved a Life at Starbucks Page 3 Valley The Weekly Vantage Volume

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Arizona Latter-day Saints

Arizona Latter-day Saints Serving the 400,000 LDS Members in Arizona March 2 - April 27, 2015 Issue In print since 1975 The Beehive, LLC 9436 W. Lake Mead Blvd., #11A Las Vegas, NV 89134 Arizona Latter-day Saints Photo by John

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PHOTO BY A TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER A TOOLKIT PHOTO BY A TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER A TOOLKIT AUTHORS AND CONTRIBUTORS Author Kiran Singh Sirah has developed a number of award-winning peace and conflict based programs in museums and cultural centers

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Columbia College TODAY. Good Chemistry. James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College. Fall 2012

Columbia College TODAY. Good Chemistry. James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College. Fall 2012 Columbia College Fall 2012 TODAY Good Chemistry James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College your columbia connection. the perfect midtown location: network with Columbia

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History Day 2015: Leadership and Legacy

History Day 2015: Leadership and Legacy History Day 2015: Leadership and Legacy Dear History Day Students: Leadership and Legacy: This year's National History Day topic is a perfect one for Washington students. Our state's history is crowded

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Rightfully. speaking. San Antonio s Premier Legal Resource. Criminal Attorney Hector Gonzalez III, proves your legal rights DO prevail.

Rightfully. speaking. San Antonio s Premier Legal Resource. Criminal Attorney Hector Gonzalez III, proves your legal rights DO prevail. San Antonio s Premier Legal Resource JULY / AUGUST EDITION 2015 EDUCATION HIGHLIGHT WHY SAN ANTONIO SHINES WITH EDUCATIONAL OFFERINGS IN LAW & BEYOND. IN THE SPOTLIGHT: ST. MARY S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF

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Jeffrey Lalloway (Irvine Councilmember)

Jeffrey Lalloway (Irvine Councilmember) 2101 N. Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 A Weekly Adjudicated Newspaper of the Place Your Legal Notices With The Notice (See Pg. 13) NONPROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ANA, CA PERMIT NO. PI 793 A non-profit

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