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1 SKIING in norway 2012

2 content WELCOME 2 CROSS COUNTRY SKIING 3 WEATHER & CLOTHING 4 Skking in Norway Page 2 xc-skiing & HEALTH 5 DNT Oslo 6-7 HOTEL TO HOTEL 8 OUR DESTINATIONS 9 røros 10 Valdres 11 rondane jotunheimen 14 Espedalen Peer Gynts Rike 16 Foto: Strandafjellet/Ski Fjord Norway/Terje Rakke Nordic Life WELCOME Skiing Norway - For skiing and winter activities Lillehammer 17 trysil 18 uvdal 19 ål 20 gol 21 hovden 22 travel AGENCIES 23 ACCOMMODATIONS 25 OUT SKIING! Skiing Norway is a nationwide interest group for cross-country skiing and winter activities in Norway. It was established in 2001 in collaboration with Innovation Norway, Norges Skiforbund (Norwegian skiing association), The Association for the Promotion of Skiing and the Norwegian Trekking Association. Skiing Norway wants to ensure that you have great experiences in the Norwegian nature, both with and without skis! We would like to wish you a hearty welcome to Winter Norway! ACTIVITIES WITHOUT SKIS These days, winter resort businesses can offer much more than just cross-country skiing. A wonderful trip on a horse and sleigh with bells and torches, or a visit to a lavvo with a bonfire, where you will be served a warm drink, will add another dimension to your experience. Most locations offer ski rental and skiing lessons, and will also have slalom slopes/ski tows. Many locations have special activities for children and offer discounts to families. The soft, white snow inspires you to play. From vigorous snowball fights amongst teenagers to more creative forms of expression, such as small children making snowmen, or grown-ups building impressive snow sculptures. Snow also equals speed for many on skis, rump-sleds, toboggans, kick-sleds or sleds. Fun and excitement for people at play, regardless of age. CONTENTMENT AND WELL-BEING After your ski trip, you might like to enjoy a sauna or a swim, relax around an open-hearth fire or even have a dance after dinner. Everywhere, you will experience a distinct and cosy environment where the individual is catered for. Fine cuisine is an important part of a successful holiday and, at our full-service establishments, you will find a sumptuous Norwegian breakfast and excellent food, with many Norwegian specialities. SEASONAL VARIATIONS The snow has a magnetic attraction to us. Real ski enthusiasts hurry to put on their skis as soon as the first snow falls in November, forming a thin, white blanket over the landscape. ABOUT THIS BROCHURE Publisher: Skiing NorwayBA Project management: Anita Koot og Monique van Dijk-Seppola Postboks Otta, Norway Storgata Otta, Norway Tel Title photo: Røros/Terje Rakke Nordic Life/ Innovation Norway We take no responsibility and make no guarantees for the content of the advertisements or information given by individual contributors and Tourist Informations. Reproduction of text & images, including extracts, should be approved by Skiing Norway. For free distribution abroad. Foto: CH.

3 CROSS COUNTRY SKIING Challenges for all skiers in Norway. Many enthusiasts are not finished with their regular skiing until May. Right through to the middle of summer, quite a few Norwegians will ascend the high mountain glaciers, in order to enjoy warm summer days on white snow, under a blue sky and a blazing sun. Christmas and New Year in the mountains is a very special experience, built around festivals and traditions. Use the daytime to take refreshing skiing trips and in the evening you may enjoy authentic food and savour the wonderful atmosphere. From January until March there is usually plenty of snow and excellent trails. Even though the days are short and temperatures are at their lowest, this is the time for great nature adventures. The snow glistens in the snow-clad trees. Dusk brings with it the mystical, fascinating blue light, which has inspired many artists both past and present. If the night should reveal a star-filled sky, you will often witness the Northern Lights dancing across the heavens. This is the time for those who seek calm, tranquillity and recreation. Easter in Norway is a symbol of sun, snow and joy of life. Many Norwegians want to be on the white, sun-drenched plateaux at this time, to seek out wonderful nature adventures and to enjoy peace and recreation. Much of the day is spent outdoors, on the sun terrace, on the ski trails, or simply playing in the snow. Foto: Stryn Skisenter/Ski Fjord Norway /Terje Rakke Nordic Life Foto: Utefoto. Foto: CH.

4 weather & Skking in Norway Page 4 clothing Good planning is the basis for a successful tour. THE NORWEGIAN MOUNTAIN CODE To ensure that your stay in the mountains is as comprehensive and successful as possible, it is important to abide by the 9 mountain codes. 1. Do not set out on any long trips without practicing first. 2. Notify others of your route. 3. Respect the weather and the weather forecasts. 4. Learn from the locals. 5. Be equipped for bad weather and cold, even on short trips. 6. Always take a rucksack and proper mountain gear. 7. Never go alone. 8. Turn back in time. Sensible retreat is no disgrace. 9. Save your energy and dig yourself into the snow, if necessary. SUN IN THE MOUNTAINS Even in overcast weather in the mountains, the sun can be very intense. Cover all exposed areas of skin with sun tan lotion containing the appropriate sun protection factor. In extremely cold temperatures, sun tan lotion should be water-free. If you have any doubts about which sun protection factor you should use, please seek advice from the nearest chemist. HOW TO DRESS IN THE MOUNTAINS You should always dress according to the level of activity you are going to undertake. You should dress in order to maintain body temperature and avoid sweating. Vigorous activity requires less clothing than lighter activity. Take warm and comfortable clothing with you. Generally, clothes are separated into 3 layers: 1) The inner layer should be insulated with woollen undergarments, as well as woollen socks. The inner layer should function as a sweat-transporting layer. 2) The middle layer should consist of wool, cotton or fleece clothing. 3) The outer layer should be windproof and/or waterproof with adjustable air vents at the wrists, neck, waist and below the knees. SKI EQUIPMENT There are different types of skis. The most commonly used are cross-country skis or mountain skis, with or without steel edges. At certain ski rental establishments it is also possible to rent wax-free skis, but these are not so common in Norway. Your choice of skis should be based upon the type of terrain and the type of trip that you are intending to undertake. If you have any doubts, ask for advice from your tour operator or directly from your hotel/holiday accommodation before you travel. If you are planning to take your own ski boots and rent skis, check beforehand that the bindings are compatible. SNS and NNN bindings are most commonly used in Norway. Mountain skis often use Rottefella bindings. If you require tips and advice regarding ski waxing, please visit: You will also be able to rent a pulk sled at most establishments. It is recommended that children under 6 months of age should not be placed in a pulk sled. Nor should the air temperature be below -10 degrees centigrade. If you are intending to take a longer trip over several days, it is important to pack properly. The Norwegian Trekking Association has some useful tips for mountain trips on its website at:

5 XC-skiing & health Skiing in the forests and mountains provide energy. Mentally, it is very refreshing. CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING FOR EVERYONE Cross-country skiing is an activity that is suited to everyone and you will encounter every type of skill level and tempo on the trail. Regardless of whether you are a fast or slow skier, cross-country is all about technique. At first, it may be a little difficult to establish the correct movement and weight distribution that will make the skiing easier. To gain experience and to whet your appetite, it might be smart to practice a little first. EXCELLENT FITNESS TRAINING Skiing is perhaps the best endurance sport to be found. One of the reasons for this is that skiing usually takes place out in nature, far removed from road traffic and built-up areas. This offers the opportunity for variety and adventure. Cross-country skiing is a gentle activity that does not put as much strain on the legs as jogging. Cross-country skiing affects the back, arms and legs and involves all the major muscle groups. In other words, you are improving your physical conditioning, endurance strength, balance, weight distribution and technique. Neither are there any particular requirements regarding how you are built. Whether you are tall, short, lightweight or a little heavier, you can enjoy cross-country skiing. Weight training for the arms, upper body and legs, as well as roller skiing, can help to improve your skiing proficiency. WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION FOR OPTIMUM GLIDE Rather than shifting their weight from side to side and sliding slightly forward for each step that they take, it is usual for novices to ski with their weight evenly distributed on both skis for the whole time. To achieve optimum weight distribution, you should be able to flex your ankles and bend your knees slightly, while at the same time attempting to carry the weight of your body forward in order to kick back. Then you will achieve a greater sliding movement, which is part of the fun of skiing. At first, it can be difficult to find your balance and your ski sticks can be more of a hindrance than a help. Practice a little by taking some trips without ski sticks. Then you will be forced to kick back correctly in order to move forward. TOTAL RELAXATION OF THE MIND Once you have found your rhythm, you will begin to think about other things and time will fly past. Before you know it, you will have travelled a good distance, will be well and truly out of breath and will have rosy cheeks. You will also be in a great mood, having navigated yourself through snowclad spruce trees and around other skiers actively using the nature. A relaxed cross-country skiing trip, or a shorter trip at a greater pace, offer great variety to an exercise programme. Skiing is so natural and so pleasurable that, once you have started, you never think of it as exercise. It is also very motivating to do something different during the winter to keep yourself in shape. It is easy to imagine that a ski trip will take ages but you can, in fact, achieve great exercise benefits by taking shorter trips from half an hour to one hour s duration, at a slightly

6 n es Skking in Norway Page 6 Simlebu Haukeliseter Varland Sigridsbu Blestua Drammen Sunde 51 Røldal 13 Skinnarbu Tuddal Nordstul Mjøndalen Drammen Mjaugetj. Leirvik Øvre Sandvatn Høyfjellshotell Haukeligrend Bolkesjø Sandvasshytta Knutehytta Vågsli Rauland Høyfjellshotell 11 Selsli Kvanndalen Kongsberg Blomstølen Holmavasshytta Rauland Meheia 11 Holmestrand 18 Horten 22 7 Trollsvann 10 6 Sand 6 Berdalsbu 4 Haugesund Sandsa Svanstul skisenter Stranddalen Vassdalstjørn 17 Vindfjelltunet Gullingen Bjørnevasshytta Tønsberg Hovatn Siljuknatten Heisetra Eidavatn Storsteinen Hovstøyl Skien Sandefjord Kopervik Grønahei Melands Grasdalen 12 Nordvikgården Kringlevatn Berg 3 12 Bossbu Valle Porsgrunn Nilsebu Torsdalsbu Fyresdal Trodla-Tysdal Brevik Stavskar Larvik Litle Aurådal Storevatn Nystøyl Skudeneshavn 11 6 Stakken Svartenut Birtedalen Sildevika Viglesdalen Taumevatn Fardalen Nutevasshytta Kvipt Gautefall Turisthotell Grautheller Geitungen Langesund Rysstad Lysefjorden Hengeltjørnloftet Bakken Songedalen Fløyrli 4 21 Preikestolen Børsteinen Håhelleren Øyuvsbu Langeid Vindilhytta Stavanger Fløyrlistølen Ådneram Granbustøyl 6 16 Kragerø Nodhagen Skåpet Langavatn Sandvatn Sirdal 18 Tjønndalen Mjåvasshytta h.hotell Blåfjellenden 4 Haugen 7 Gaukhei 13 Josephsbu Grunnetjørnsbu Vinddalen Sola Strand Hotel Gramstad Valevatn Høgaleitet Solheim Skarsvassbu Kronen Gaard 7 10 Skredå Kvinen 18 Sandnes Tomannsbu Risør Lakkenstova Bortelid 7 Åmli Ålgård Lyngør fyr Støle Ljosland Fjellstove Dølemo Olandsbu Stavtjørn Knaben Tvedestrand B Tonstad Åseral Evje Storavassbu Sloaros Bjåen Th. Raje Bleskestad Sveinsbu Sauda Notodden Ivarsbu Ølen Åmot Grimåsen Løkjelsvatn Bleskestadmoen Hovden Fjellstoge Omholt Longåsdalen Lyngmyr Sørmyr Mostøl Solum Seljord Darrebu Tjørnbrotbu Sommerseter Olalia Jonestølen Kvilldal Hovdestøylen Jønnbu Økter Presteseter The Norwegian OsabuTrekking Saurdal Association Bø Gvarv Fugleleiken Krossvatn Berdalen Dalen The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway s biggest outdoor activities organisation with members. For some 144 years, DNT has been working to promote trekking and to improve conditions for all who enjoy the country s broad range of outdoor attractions. DNT maintains a huge network of waymarked routes in the mountains and offers accommodation in more than 465 lodges all over the country. As a member you can have the DNT-standard key, Arendal which gives you access to the unstaffed cabins. Store Torungen Egersund DNT organizes a large number of guided tours, which include transport, accommodation, Fevik Strand Hotel Gaudland meals and guiding. It is simple to join a guided tour; Everything is organized, just get in shape and prepare your rucksack! For more information about DNT, visit: l STAFFED LODGES FONDSBU is beautifully situated by the lake Bygdin in Jotunheimen. Ski terrain with great variations. Marked routes to several lodges in Jotunheimen. Bus from Oslo to Tyin, weasel in to the lodge. Contact info: Adress: Fondsbu, Eidsbugarden, 2985 Tyinkrysset Ph Fax: FINSEHYTTA Great ski terrain, marked routes to Hardangervidda and Skarvheimen. Train directly from Oslo or Bergen. Finsehytta is situated by the highest train station in Norway with 1222 m. Contact info: Adress: Finsehytta,5719 Finse. Ph RONDVASSBU is situated in the heart of Rondane, Norway s first National Park. Marked routes. Access to several m peaks. Bus or train from Oslo or Trondheim. Taxi to Mysuseter. On skis in spectacular landscape in to the lodge. Contact info: Adress: Rondvassbu, 2675 Otta. Ph GJENDESHEIM The cabin is situated in beautiful surroundings by Gjendeosen and is a perfect starting point for skiing tours in the area. From here you can go to the highest peaks or use the prepared ski tracks. Possibility to drive all the way up to the cabin. Contact info: Adress: boks 32, 2684 Vågå. Ph Mobile: gjendesheim le k o e n å a 2 e a r GUIDED TOURS y K On new tracks in Jotunheimen TOUR 1290/12 7 days Departure dates: Sun 18/3, Sun 25/3, Sun 1/4 The southern part of Jotunheimen is for many skiers an unknown area. This route from south to east shows you some of the great variations of the National Park. Accommodation will be in smaller self-service cabins and staffed lodges. The last day you will hopefully see the known ridge of Besseggen from the lake of Gjende. This route is less demanding than in the central part of Jotunheimen. Route: Tyinstølen Tomashelleren Yksendalsbu Fondsbu Gjendebu Gjendesheim Transport: Train or bus with departure and return in Oslo. H S

7 K Vinjeøra Ski Imarbu Sollia Heggset Græslihytta 24 Sylarna Lund Storlisetra 22 Gåsen dörr Kårøyan Gressli 18 Nersetra Ås Trollstua Løkken Tydal Nedalshytta Grytbakksetra 22 Gullsteinvollen Winter Løyper routes som er marked kvistet/merket by DNT Støren Aunegrenda Væktarstua Helags (app. av DNT length (ca. lengde in km) i km) Hardbakkhytta 40 Kristiansund Rindal Saga 18 Winter Løyper routes som er marked kvistet/merket by others av MARKED SKI Tverrlihytta ROUTES Resdalen 25 Ljungdalen (app. andre(ca. length lengde in km) i km) The map shows the situation Hermanhyttafor the principal skiing Haltdalen 12 Snowmobile Beltebilrute route Jutulbu Kjølihytta Fältjägaren Road Vei season at Easter (PalmSaturday Gråhaugen until Easter Jølhaugen Monday). Grindal Surnadalsøra 14 Railway Jernbane Before and after Easter less routes are marked, 23 Jøldalshytta Berkåk Reitan Town, Større village/farm sted, mindre etc. sted Vindølbu Ramssjøen more cabins are closed 17 Brekken Langdalsbu Todalshytta Trollheimshytta and some may be unstaffed or Staffed Betjent DNT turistforeningshytte lodge (may offer selfservice/no-service (kan være selvbetjent, or may ubetjent closed have a self service quarter instead of being 22 Nerskogen staffed. Damtjønna before eller stengt and after utenom Easter) påsken) Ulsberg Feskarbu 22 Hevertjønna Vauldalen Tänndalen Self Selvbetjent service DNT turistforeningshytte cabin, provisions See our website Renndølsetra for updated map of 2012 and dates Vassenden (may be Gjevilvasshytta Molde closed part of the winter) Kårvatn Fjellnäs Ubetjent turistforeningshytte Viromdalen Røros Feragen for each cabin at Fagerhaug Harsjøen 23 Funäsdalen Unstaffed Innerdalen 16 DNT-hytte, DNT plass cabin, må bestilles no provisions DNT will take no responsibility Bårdsgarden for misprints 13 or Ljøsnåvollen 21 Vasstindbu Brandstadbu Heimstad Oppdal Marenvollen Skedbro DNT-lodge/cabin, reservation needed Kvikne Betjent privat turisthytte/hotell Festa Os changes that Sunndalsøra occur after print of this Vollasetra magazine. Staffed (kan være private stengt lodge/hotel utenom påsken) (may Fjølburøsta Muggsjølia Tännäs be closed before and after Måsvassbu Easter) Eiriksvollen 5 Orkelsjøhytta Reinsvassbu Blokhus Raubergshytta Tolga Langen 17 Privat selvbetjent turisthytte Gjøra Narjordet Kärin Private self service cabin, provisions Svartvassbu Dindalshytta Røvollen Rogen sjön Privat ubetjent turisthytte Åndalsnes Hoemsbu Hodal Private unstaffed cabin, no provisions Vangshaugen Gammelsætra Femundshytten 16 Privat hytte, plass må bestilles Private hotel/cabin, reservation needed Grøvudalshytta Haugen Røde hytter gir rabatt til medlemmer 24 Storrödtjärn Red symbols=discount for members of DNT Sæter Aursjøhytta Loennechenbua Raudsjødalen Svukuriset Rastehytte (nødbu) Emergency shelter Hävlingen 9 rosundet Reinheim Tynset 18 Vinterstengt (no food or equipment) eller nedlagt Fokhaugstova Finset 10 Jonasvollen Åmotdalshytta Knausen Ellefsplass 4 Sykkylven overnattingsted Closed 17 Femund Kongsvold Sylseth 11 9 Tjønnebu Snøheim Grimsbu Brydalen fjellstue Elgå turistsenter Stranda Vakkerstøylen Bjorli Hjerkinn Fjellst. Alvdal Grövelsjön Hjerkinn Folldal Fjellh. Tylldalen Valdalen Tafjord Lesjaskog Hageseter Sølenseter Velleseter 19 Brøstdalen Sletten Folldal shytta Reindalsseter 30 Pyttbua Furuhaugli Patchellhytta Kaldhusseter Grimsdalshytta 22 Femundtunet Union Øye 11 Fokstugu Dølbekkseter Femundsvika Geiranger Veltdalshytta 14 Høvringen: 12 Torsbu Dombås Hotell 20 Blæsterdalen 21 Dørålseter Korsberghytta Mefurua Drevsjø Hellesylt 12 Danskehytta Brekkeseter Toftemo turist Eftansåa Haverdalsæter Breisjøseter 20 Haukliseter 12 Skjåkseter Dovre Høvringen Billingen Høvringen fjellstue Nesset 13 Tyssenaustet Smuksjøsr. Storgrytdalseter Grotli H. Høgfjellshotell FemundSundet Th. Pollfoss Rondeheimen Peer Gynth. Putten Hjelle Skridulaupbu Bjørnhollia Vågåmo Stryn Sel Rondvassbu Rondetunet Engerdal Bismo Rondane Rondane Spa Skålatårnet Vetledalseter Brimi fjellstugu Mysuseter Gjestegård Lom Enden Sota sæter Otta 24 Eldåbu Gråhøgdbu Atnosen Fossheim Bødalseter Slæom Trulsbu Lemonsjø Rondeslottet 18 Elveseter Rondablikk Skjerdingen 23 Medalsbu Raubergstulen Sjoa Spidsbergseter Briksdal Sprongdalshytta Kvam 16 Jotunheimen Byrkjelo 26 Veolie Vinstra Venabu Nørdstedalseter Bøvertun Juvasshytta Jostedalen Friisvegen Jammerdalsbu Glitterheim Hindsæter Koppang Høyset Hotell 13 Arentzbu Stølsdalen Fefor 21 Krossbu 16 Spiterstulen Besstrond 18 Gålå 26 Fast Ringebu Skei Tungestølen Sognefjellshytta Leirvassbu 28 Finnbøle 20 Bessheim Wadahl Skottenseter Fannaråkhytta 19 Sikkilsdalsr. Ruten Kvitfjell Vetåbua Vigdalstøl Turtagrø 9 Dalseter 9 Lauvåsen Olavsbu Gjendesheim Storhøli 16 Fivla Skjolden Memurubu Oskampen Espedalen Fåvang 30 Lunde Strand Fagerhøi Lyngbua Flatbrehytta Skogadalsbøen 16 Gjendebu Valdresflya Navarsete Fuglesteg Torfinnsbu Djupslia Skagastølsbu Vormeli Fondsbu Storkvelvbu Nermo 25 Fjærland Gaupne Stølsmaradalen 22 Haugseter Roasætra Austlid Skei Hotell Ingjerdbu Bygdin Skriurusten Hornsjø Gravdalen Synstsgardseter Godlidalen 23 Vetti Tyinholmen Trysil hyttegren Grøssete Avdalen 20 Storeskag Vestre Gausdal Skramstadseter Øvre Årdal 9 Pellestova Tyinstølen 20 Yksendalsbu Nordseter 12 Åkersætra Haldorbu Rena Tyin Årdalstangen Liomseter Verskeid 14 Slettningsbu Tyinkrysset Beitostølen Yddin Kittilbua Sjøenden Tomashelleren Sørre Svarthamar 12 Krokbua Sjusjøen 30 Sandfløten Halgutusveen strand Sogndal Nystuen Filefjellstuene Skjellbreidhytta Hemsing Lenningen Lillehammer Vangsjøen Snippkoia nes Sulebu Maristuen Grindaheim Dalen Juskjølkoia Spåtind Vingrom tel Nysr. Målia Budor Bleikesr. Flisberget 18 Nythun 10 Elverum s Lærdalsøyri Glenna Viksøyri Brennabu Fagernes Storlondammen Lageråkvisla Løvknuten Breistølen Rundkjøl e Kljåen Vaset Hugulia Gomobu Danebu Gåsbu Flotsberget 11 Feten Aurdal Løten lsethytta Jashaugbu Bjordalsbu Nøsen Gjøvik Småsetra/Svarttjenn/Svartskog Aurland len Bjøberg Hemsedal Golsfjellet Guriset Oset Merket Ossætra Hamar 16 Dokka Vikafjellet Gravset Sanderstølen Bagn Rokosjøen Mæhlumsetra 6 Fyre Østerbø 14 Storefjell Ørterstølen Flåm 17 Kongshelleren Iungsdalshytta Tingstadkoia Vatnahalsen Kamben Grindaflethytta Steinbergdalen Bergsjøstølen dalen Myrdal Gol Hellebekk Flisa Opptrekkern Tvinnestølen Geiterygghytta 26 Rødungstøl Vesterås 23 Liatoppen Upsete Storestølen Kaldavass Ljosanbotten Mjølfjell Myrland Kjerringfred Hol Ål Malungstugua 24 Hestekroken Hedalen 16 Nes 20 Skaslien Voss Hallingskeid 23 Raggsteindalen 9 Nesbyen Fagerhøy Storekrak s Gammelsaga Ulvik Lygnaseter/Skarvåsbu Finse Lordehytta Geilo 9 Vassfarkoia 41 Brandbu Demmevasshytta Haugastøl Ustaoset Dr. Holms Ranten Harehopp Vikerkoia Abborputthytta Torfinnsheim 26 Hakkesetstølen Langedrag Sørbølsetran 13 Jaren Rongastovo Rembesdalseter 8 41 tten 28 Krækkja 20 Lia Eidsvoll Kjeldebu Flå Buvasskoia Krossdalen Fagerheim Tuva Dagali iellandbu Dusehesten Dalabu Gulsvik Garen Toveseter Liset 9 Dyranut Halne Åan Torsetlia Haglebu Jevnaker Snellingen Kinsarvik 13 Våkavadet Hein- 35 Sandvasseter 14 Vasstulan Tjuenborgkoia Grua Utne 22 Vivelid Solheimstulen Rødberg Høgevarde Langtjern Råbjørn Bjoreidalen 23 Bislingen Kongsvinger 20 Stigstuv seter Tempelseter Trantjern 13 Katnosdammen Stavali 13 Trondsbu Sinnerdammen Gardermoen Ulveli Bekkestua Bergersætra 28 Hedlo 20 Rauhellern Imingfjell Breidset Eggedal Ringkollen Grønknutkoia Hønefoss Katnosdammen Jondal 18 Hadlaskard 25 Norefjell Sandhaug Hønefoss Mårbu Hovinkoia Løvlia Kikut Torehytten Spikertjern Kløfta Småroi Tyssevassbu Besso Lufsjå Tyristrand 22 Kobberhaugen Presthytta Tømte/Sellanrå Veggli fjellstue Grønknutkoia Skjeggedal Lågaros Stordalsbu 17 Smedmyr Kobberhaugen Lillestrøm 18 Dakkeset Myrsetra Veggli Litlos Kalhovd Steinsbøle Hovinkoia Tyristrand olmaskjerbu Reinaskor 18 Mustadkroken Fjellvang Studenterhytta 22 Daggrø Fonnabu Odda Tinn Sundtjønn Mosdalsbu Sæteren Mogen Oslo OSLO Losby Gods Kvanntjørn Helberghytta Øvre Fjellstul Kjørkevatnet Svarvestolen 8 Røyrivann Gvepseborg 13 Svarvestolen Middalsbu Hellevassbu 12 Eriksbu 7 Flesberg Åmot Eiksetra Rjukan Fjellstue Gaustablikk/ Hovdehytta Vangen auabrehytta 16 Seljestad 26 Rjukan Kvitåvatn Fagerfjell Hokksund Øvresaga Gausta th. Sigridsbu Simlebu Haukeliseter Varland Blestua Småvannsbu 51 Drammen Røldal Skinnarbu Tuddal Nordstul Mjøndalen Ski 13 Drammen Mjaugetj. Øvre Sandvatn Høyfjellshotell Haukeligrend Bolkesjø Sandvasshytta Knutehytta Vågsli Rauland Høyfjellshotell 11 Selsli Blomstølen Kvanndalen Kongsberg Holmavasshytta Rauland Meheia Storavassbu 11 Sloaros Bjåen Th. Raje Styggemann Sveinsbu Sauda 13 Notodden Ivarsbu Holmestrand 18 Åmot Grimåsen Bleskestadmoen Hovden Fjellstoge Omholt Lyngmyr 9 Sørmyr Horten Mostøl Solum Seljord 22 Darrebu Tjørnbrotbu Sommerseter tølen Kvilldal Hovdestøylen Jønnbu Økter Presteseter MAP: ELLEN JEPSON M A P : E L L E N J E P S O N N O R G E S V E R I G E

8 hotel to hotel Skking in Norway Page 8 You can go from hotel to hotel with or without a tour guide and luggage. HALLINGDAL TRAIL SOUTH 144 KM There is a continuous trail from Ustaoset over Geilo to Sangefjell and Veståsen to Myking. Most of the route follows prepared trails andpasses over Dyna, which lies at the border between Ål and Nes. From Dyna it runs to Myking and continues towards Synstevann (crosses the road to Tunhovd). If you would prefer a shorter stage between Myking and Haglebu, you can take a detour to the E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park. Here you may stay overnight during weekends/easter and on individual weekdays when there is no school camp. The trail continues further towards Hallingnatten. From Hallingnatten it runs along Lake Reinsjøen and down to Flatvollen. The descent to Flatvollen is steep and difficult and represents a challenge as the slope is not easy to prepare. The trail then continues towards Haglebu, Tempelseter and finishes at Norefjell. As an alternative, you can also take the trail over Høgevarde on the section between Haglebu and Norefjell. THE TROLL TRAIL 170 KM A wonderful skiing trip from the striking high mountain terrain in the Rondane National Park in the north, via a more gentle mountain terrain, to the Winter Olympics town of Lillehammer in the south. The trip starts at Høvringen and, with the Rondane Massif in the background, runs via Kvamsfjellet to Venabygdsfjellet, further to Øksendalen, and continues past mountain farms at Øyerfjellet to Nordseter. From here, you can choose to take a longer loop around Lake Sjusjøen or descend to Lillehammer. The skiing trip also offers transportation of luggage and there are different departures for trips with and without a tour guide. The trail passes through varied terrain and is marked from 1st February until the end of Easter. The day stages are of km duration. The trip is best suited to competent, well trained skiers. Mountain skis (skis with steel edges) are recommended as the trail is only partly prepared. The trip can also be taken from Lillehammer and northwards to Høvringen. THE PEER GYNT TRAIL KM The Peer Gynt trail offers you a varied skiing experience in authentic surroundings, from Espedalen via Fefor, Gålå and Kvitfjell to Skeikampen. The trip will include views of the Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell national parks. This will give you stunning and dramatic impressions of the otherwise friendly mountain areas that the trail passes through. You will be skiing at 700-1,500 metres above sea level! The daily stages are relatively short and there are many interesting diversions enroute. The whole Peer Gynt trail is frequently maintained and ordinary cross-country skis may be used. There are various places to stay overnight along the trail and also a wide range of activities. The Peer Gynt trail is easy and is therefore suitable for all. no

9 Our destinations Værnes Trondheim Kristiansund Rindal Norge Ålesund Molde Oppdal Røros Stryn Nordfjordeid Sandane Sogndal Lom Jotunheimen Høvringen Vågå Mysuseter Otta Rondane Kvamsfjellet Vinstra Venabygdsfjellet Ringebu Valdres Peer Gynts Rike Espedalen Fagernes Nordseter Lillehammer Sjusjøen Trysil Bergen Voss Ål Gol & Golsfjellet Hallingdal Uvdal Nesbyen Gjøvik Hamar Hønefoss Gardermoen Hardandervidda Oslo Rauland Hovden Moss Rygge Stavanger Sandefjord Torp Larvik Kristiansand

10 Skking in Norway Page 10 RØROS Be Captured Foto: Geir Tønset Destination Røros offers a pulsating cultural life, wild and unspoiled nature, two national parks, a dramatic history and local produced food of superb quality. At the hearth of Røros you find Europe`s oldest preserved wooden buildings, listed on UNESCO`s list of World Heritage Sites. The region is easily accessible, has extremely stable snow conditions and offers activities in most types of weather with its open mountain plateau and forest clad valleys. The Røros plateau is situated m.a.s.l, with summits as high as 1600 m.a.s.l, and represents an agreeable challenge to most people. News! Direct flights from Stockholm Arlanda and Trollhättan Göteborg during winter season. Røros hotell Tel recommended accommodations With tracks starting right outside the front door. Winter season: Prices from NOK 750,- p.p in double room Breakfast and ski rental included. Foto: Roar Øhlander Foto: Tom Gustavsen FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Elgspiggen 1604 m.a.s.l. More than 500 km of prepared trails in forest and high mountain terrain. 120 km is connected to the town of Røros. 2 floodlit trails. History, culture, culinary experiences, sleigh rides, dog sledding, Sami adventures, ice fishing, snow kiting and snow mobile. Ski rental Røros Sport, Tel and Røros Hotell Tel Recommended trips Alpine facilities Nearest railway station Nearest airport Further information Live in Røros and take daily trips. Hummelfjell Alpinanlegg, min by car from Røros, - Ålen Skisenter, ½ hour by car fra Røros, Røros, see Røros Lufthavn/2 min drive from Røros town centre. NEWS! Direct flights from Arlanda Stockholm and Trollhättan. Goteborg every Thursday and Sunday in the period 2nd of February 8th of April. Destination Røros - Tel Daily updated track information.

11 VALDRES Winter Paradise Valdres Foto: Ingjerd Thon Hagaseth Valdres is one of Norway s most attractive and varied winter areas and is the perfect choice for families. Much of the reason for its popularity is the wide variety of activities and the refreshing winter landscape. More than 1000 km of machine prepared trails leading across the mountains and through the majestic forests are just waiting to be enjoyed, whilst off-piste skiing offers endless opportunities for exploring Packages: the pleasures of Norway s undisturbed winter landscape. For more information and cross-country trail maps, contact the Valdres Tourist Information For those who enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing, there are a total of 7 Alpine Centers in Valdres with slopes suitable for both beginners and the more advance skiers and snowboarders. for further information. Nythun Høyfjellstue Tel Gomobu Fjellstue Tel Grønolen Fjellgard Tel recommended accommodations Herangtunet Boutique Hotel Tel / Valdres: A cross-country fairytale. Accommodation at Nythun Høyfjellstue (Kruk), Gomobu Fjellstue (Vaset) and Grønolen Fjellgard (Beito). The best areas for cross-country skiing in Valdres! Choose how long you wish to stay in each mountain lodge. Ski rental available and transportation between the accommodations (extra charge). NOK 850 per person/night in a double room including winter pension (breakfast, take-out lunch and dinner). A very charming Boutique Hotel for an unique and exceptional experience. Relax in the outside sauna. Perfect place to start from for daytrips and adventures. Great nature and child friendly.. Foto: Ingjerd Thon Hagaseth Foto: Ingjerd Thon Hagaseth FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Recommended trips Vestre Kalvehøgda 2208 m.a.s.l. A total of 1,100 km in varied terrain, comprising forest trails and high mountain trails, as well as 12 floodlit trails Dog sledding, sleigh rides, snow rafting, airboard, SMX, ice fishing, snowshoe trips, sleigh rides, reindeer safari Beitostølen Danebu 70 km. Varied terrain in high mountains, forests and valleys. Marked from Feb until April. Ski school/ski rental Alpine facilities Tyin-Filefjell Skisenter -Beitostølen Skisenter & Raudalen Valdres Alpinsenter - Brattstølen Skisenter - Storefjell Ski- og Akesenter - Stavadalen Skisenter Children activitites and cafées. Nearest railway station Gol Tel Bus Bus from/to Oslo (Valdresekspressen) up to 6 daily departures. Daily from/to Bergen Tel Nearest airport Fagernes Airport, Leirin Tel Further information Valdres Tourist Office, Tel

12 RONDANE HØVRINGEN Skking in Norway Page 12 Foto: Øigardseter fjellstue/ Arthur Van Riet Real mountain adventures A popular area for skiing in the Rondane National Park. Mountain hamlet with shops, mountain cafes and several establishments offering accommodation. A wonderful high mountain terrain with prepared and marked cross-country trails, extending up to 1,500 metres above sea level. Several of the trails have glorious views over the mountains and valleys. FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Ski school/ski rental Recommended trips Alpine facilitites Nearest train station Nearest airport Further information You may choose shorter trips closer to Høvringen or longer trips into Rondane. You will also find sheltered forest trails. Friendly hosts, good food and our own Høvringen wine will add a special touch to your holiday. Høvringen will give you a real mountain adventure! Packages: Rondslottet 2128 m.a.s.l. A total of 140 km, comprising 80 km of high mountain trails and 60 km of forest trails. Ca. 10 km of skate skiing track Snowshoe trips, sleigh rides, snow mobiles Høvringen Skiskole Henrik Morell Tel The Troll Trail from Høvringen to Lillehammer. Bus to Dombas alpine centre once a week Otta / 25 km Oslo Airport Gardermoen, 320 km. Direct airport coach on Saturdays booking: Tel Høvringen Aktivitetsselskap AS Foto: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life /Innvoasjon Norge Høvringen Fjellstue Tel Formoseter Tel Putten Seter Tel Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell Tel Rondeheim Den Norske Fjellskolen Tel Smuksjøseter Fjellstue Tel Øigardseter Fjellstue og leiligheter Tel Foto: Øigardseter fjellstue/ Arthur Van Riet recommended accommodations Week 10 & 11, 2 adults + 2 childr. (10- yrs) Nok 2.010,- inkl. 3/4 pension p.n or Nok 1.675,- when children 3-9 years. Week 2-6 and 11-13, cottage 4-6 person Nok 4.000,- pr. week. Offer week 6 and 11-13: Cabin for 4 persons NOK 4.000,- per week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner NOK 640,- per night per person. Discounts for children. From week 7 to Easter, NOK 840,- per night per adult, NOK 420,- per child. One child free per two adults in same room. Incl. full board. Cabins from NOK 120,- per person per night. Room and board from NOK 450,-. Winter activities with guide. Winter Holliday offer week 13, two adults + two children NOK 1700,- per night incl. full board. Winter Holliday from NOK 690,- per person per night with full board. Discounts for children, own children slope.

13 RONDANE MYSUSETER - VENABYGDSFJELLET Foto: Venabu Fjellhotell Norway s first national park Varied ski terrain with rocky peaks and both rocky and wooded mountain plateaus. National park. Stable snow conditions. Once you visit Rondane, you ll long to return year after year. Easy hikes for beginners and families, challenging hikes for the more experienced, activities and cultural events. Rondane Høyfjellshotell has a spa and wellness centre. Norlandia Otta Hotel is situated close to the station in the centre. Venabu is situated on a mountain plateau south of Rondane and offers guided tours. All have excellent food, a friendly atmosphere, good ski tracks and international clientele. Foto: Venabu Fjellhotell Packages: FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Ski school/ski rental Recommended trips Norlandia Otta Hotell Tel Rondane Spa Tel Venabu Fjellhotell Tel recommended accommodations Weekend at Norlandia Otta Hotel this winter from NOK 510,- per person per night in double room, incl. breakfast, lunch and hot beverages in your thermos. Mon. to Fri. NOK 2.995,- per adult, half board in double room. Mon. to Fri. self-catering NOK 3.200,-. 1-week winter break at Venabu from 2-28 January 2012: full-board, 7 nights, from NOK 5250,-. Transport supplement Gardermoen to Venabu, Saturdays - NOK 420,- per person one way 10 summits in Rondane Nasjonalpark over masl. Venabygdsfjellet 30 summits ca masl. Ca 200 km prepared tracks in high mountain and forrest terrain. Snowshoeing, canoeing, chair sledging, dog sled rides Contact the hotels The Troll trail from Høvringen to Sjusjøen, spending the night at a hotel or unmanned DNT cabin and prearranged tours through the Norske Bygdeopplevelser or booked directly. Alpine facilities Nearest train station Nearest airport Further information Small slope 3 km from Venabu Fjellhotell. Small slope 1 km from Rondane Høyfjellshotell. Otta (Rondane Spa) - Vinstra (Rondablikk) - Ringebu (Venabu) Oslo Airport Gardermoen Contact the hotels.

14 JOTUNHEIMEN From sheltered wooded slopes to high summits Skking in Norway Page 14 Foto: Johan Wildhagen/ Jotunheimen is Southern Norway s most alpine landscape and offers an astonishing variety of activities. You may take advantage of well-prepared trails on wooded slopes or whizz down from high summits. There are 550 kilometres of prepared trails and almost 200 summits above metres, for those who would rather trample their own paths. Lemonsjø Alpinsenter and Grotli offers a family-friendly alpine facility with a snowboard park and a variety of slopes for both adults and children. Rental of snowboards, alpine and telemark equipment. Would you prefer a winter holiday without skis? Very few areas in Norway offer as many ski-free alternatives as Jotunheimen. Foto Røisheim hotell Bessheim Mountain Lodge and Cabins Tel røisheim hotel and coach house Tel Activity Firm Natur Opplevingar AS Tlf recommended accommodations 4-day winter offer, February-April 2012: Nok 2.900,- per person for room and board. Includes ice-fishing expedition and dinner in a lavo (wigwam) one evening. Cabin with shower, toilet and kitchen for 4 persons for 4 days, February-April 2012: Nok 3.900,- Gourmet and randoneé during the period 3 6 May. Nok 1.800,- per person per day includingr 4-course gourmet dinner, breakfast, packed luch and free guiding. Encounter the musk ox, experience dog sledding, pull on your snowshoes and explore our wonderful winter landscape. We tailor our tours to your needs, promising an unforgettable adventure. FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Alpine facilities Ski school/ski rental Recommended trips Nearest railway station Nearest airport Further information Galdhøpiggen m.a.s.l, 200 summits over 2000 m.a.s.l. Ca. 550 km, comprising 300 km of high mountain trails, 230 km of forest and 20 km of floodlit trails Hunting, fishing, snowshoe trips, sleigh rides, ice canyoning, moose safari, ice climbing Lemonsjø Alpinsenter, Tel Grotli, Tel DNT - Otta/ca 45 km Oslo Airport Gardermoen Jotunheimen Reiseliv as, Tel ,

15 Espedalen our friendly wilderness Winter in Espedalen is winter in one of the most authentic and snow-sure skiing areas in the high mountains, at 700-1,517 metres above sea level. A fairytale winter landscape with prepared and marked cross-country trails. There are family-friendly mini-circuits, trails in sheltered forest terrain and high mountain trails with wonderful views. Popular destinations are our warming huts located centrally within the trail network. They are open to our guests free of charge, and during the season the warming huts will also be heated 1-7 days a week. We want to provide all of our guests a good skiing experience, whether they are beginners or advanced, and we put a great deal of time and effort into grooming the slopes into different types of terrain so everyone has great ski days. recommended accommodations Dalseter Høyfjellshotell Tel TRAVEL-2, 5 nights incl. 1/1board: Week 4, 5 & 13: NOK 6.525,- total for 2 p. Week 6, 11 & 12: NOK 7.345,- total for 2 p. FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Ruten 17 m.a.s.l. A total of 220 km, including forest trails and and high mountain trails Ruten Fjellstue Tel Strand Fjellstue Tel IGLOO Week 4 & 5 WINTERSUN : Week 10,11,12 & 13. Minimum 4 nights og stay including full board: NOK 1.500,- pr night for 2 adults and 2 children NOK 1.050,- pr night for 2 adults. Full board NOK 700,-/ pr person per night all winter season rental of skis or snowshoes included Winter activities without skis: Ski school Ski rental Recommended trips Alpine facilities Nearest railway station Nearest airport Further information Tobogganing, sleigh rides, ice canyoning, ice-climbing, ice fishing, iceskating, guided tours, snowshoing, children s activities At your your hotel/hostel At your hotel/hostel Take a look at the hotel/hostels web-pages for descriptions 1 lift near Dalseter, descent appr.750m, altitude change 140m Vinstra Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen See thehotels webpages

16 peer gynts rike A real Norwegian winter holiday Skking in Norway Page 16 Peer Gynt s Kingdom in Gudbrandsdalen embraces Espedalen, Fefor and Gålå, and is one of the most authentic and snow-sure skiing areas in the high mountains, at 700-1,517 metres above sea level. A fairytale winter landscape with prepared and marked cross-country trails. There are family-friendly mini-circuits, trails in sheltered forest terrain and high mountain trails with wonderful views. Packages: recommended accommodations Fefor Høifjellshotell Tel Gålå Høgfjellshotell og Hytter Tel Wadahl Høgfjellshotell Tel Entire winterseason; Stay 3 nights with fullboard; from NOK 3.450,- per person Gålå Cabin w/ski package Cabin for 4-6 persons including free rental of cross country skies or alpine skiing. Price from NOK for a week Wadahl winter package Included in package: 5 nights accommodation (Sunday - Friday) in double room for 2 adults and 1 child, half-board. Price: From NOK 7.300,- Foto: CH/Innovation Norway FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Ski school/ski rental Recommended trips Alpine facilities Nearest railway station Nearest airport Further information Ruten 17 m.a.s.l. A total of 630 km, comprising 14 km of floodlit trails, 210 km of forest trails and 420 km of high mountain trails Tobogganing, sleigh rides, snow rafting, ice canyoning, ice fishing, guided tours, children s activities Contact your hotel/hostel The Peer Gynt Trail from hotel to hotel, a total of km, depending on route. Gålå: 7 lifts. Fefor: 1 lift. Espedalen: 1 lift Vinstra Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen

17 Foto: Esben Haakenstad Lillehammer 2000 km of cross-country ski trails The best ever... were the words of Juan Antonio Samaranch following the Winter Olympics at Lillehammer. Does this quote still apply? Of course it does. Our top position has yet to be challenged. A long list of accolades shows that we are still considered the best. Sjusjøen: Voted Norway s best crosscountry skiing region by the national newspaper Dagbladet in 2010 Hunderfossen Winterpark: Winner of the Scandinavian Travel Award Birkebeinerrennet: One of the largest cross-country ski races in the world Kvitfjell: Voted best alpine destination by the national newspaper VG in Skeikampen: Recommended for young families by Skiinfo. Hafjell: Top marks awarded by the national newspaper Dagbladet in km of cross-country ski trails may strike you as unbelievable, but we can guarantee that the Lillehammer region offers the absolute best of what you can expect from a skiing destination. Mostly prepared for classic style, but hundres of kilometer prepared for skating. On the mountainplateau there are safe areas for off-piste skiing. At Venabu, south of Rondane, there are also guided off-piste tours Packages: available. Lillehammer Vandrerhjem Stasjonen Tel Nordseter Hyttegrend Tel Nordseter Fjellstue og Hytter Tel Rustad Hotel og Fjellstue Tel Sjusjøen Hytteutleie Tel recommended accommodations Stay in a family room, 2 adults and 1-2 children, with breakfast included. Use the self-catering facilities, or one of the friendly restaurants in town. Price: 3 nights NOK 2970, 5 nights NOK 4.950,- Family Cabin HC62, 6 beds & sauna, 7 nights from NOK 5.500,- Ski and winter holiday from NOK 585,00 per night for up to 4 persons. Flexible arrival and departure dates. Free WIFI. Early booking discounts. Mid-week, 3/4 board incl., from NOK 740 per person per night. Excellent children s terms. Accommodation in beautiful high standard cabins for 6 people in week 3 (Sun - Sun), price from NOK 1.220, - per person Accommodation in beautiful high standard cabins for 6 people in week 6 (Sun - Sun), price from NOK 1.420,- per person. Skeikampen Resort Tel Cabin at Austlid Fjellstue, Skeikampen, for up to 6 persons. 5 nights, Sunday- Friday, from EUR 291,- per stay per cabin. FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Ski school/ski rental Recommended trips Alpine facilitities Nearest Railway station Nearest airport Further information Skeikampen 1124 m.a.s.l. A total of 2000 km, comprising km of high mountain trails, 600 km of forest trails, 50 km of floodlit trails Hunderfossen Winter Park, dog sled rides, sleigh rides, ice fishing, snowshoe trips, tobogganing, ice skating, snowmobile trips, bobrafting, Jorekstad Leisure Pool, Maihaugen, Lekeland, and more. Skeikampen: - Ellen og Franz skiutleie, - Hafjel Sjusjøen: - Nordseter: Kvitfjell: Gålå: The Troll Trail Høvringen Lillehammer, 170 km. Beautiful 8 day trip. Lillehammer SkiResorts Lillehammer Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen / 145 km Lillehammer Turist AS, Tel ,

18 Trysil Skking in Norway Page 18 The Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil and Park Inn Trysil Mountain Resort welcomes you to Trysil the largest and most popular ski destination in Norway. You are invited to explore 65 slopes and 32 ski lifts coupled with 100 km of cross country tracks. As a guest at the resort you have direct ski in ski out access to the Norwegian winter wonderland! Favorites include alpine,snowboard, freestyle, cross country, dog sledding and sleigh rides with horses and torches. Trysil has for many years been known as one of the best family destinations in Norway, and this is reflected in the ski area. Special ski areas, the ski school, child care and the kids club all make sure the youngest guests leave Trysil with many happy memories. The closest kids area is brand new and located right outside the hotel. Fun-hearted snowboard and freestyle enthusiasts enjoy the terrain park, which has been rewarded as the best in Norway. As the leading ski destination in Norway, Trysilhas invested in the largest and most advanced slope preparation equipment on the market all to make sure you wake up to perfectly groomed slopes every morning recommended accommodations Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil and Park Inn Trysil Mountain Resort Tel / Family room from NOK 1.390,- per night inc breakfast and admission to adventure pool FACTS Highest Highest summit Marked trails Without skis Multi-day trip Ski rental m.o.h. Paintball, snowmobile safaris, build a bob, snow game, trysil challenge. Read more at: no Do you want to know when the trails were last groomed? Thanks to a GPS transmitter to track the machine, you can easily see where there are fresh tracks. Service provided by TracTrac. Alpine ski offer Nearest train station Nearest airport More information consists of 66 runs in four distinct ski areas, linked by 31 lifts on three sides by mountains Trysil/Skikjoring/ Elverum Oslo Airport Gardermoen Trysilfjellet always offers great cross-country conditions. A total of 100 km trails are groomed throughout the winter, many of them for skating. With 31 lifts and 66 slopes, Trysil is the largest ski resort. Alpine resort has six chair lifts, four of them are 6-seater express lifts, as quickly and comfortably take you up in Trysil 66 slopes. Read more about Trysil here:

19 UVDAL Numedal Foto: Ole Jørn Solberg Closer to nature At the top of the Numedal valley, about 100km from Kongsberg and only 2,5 hrs drive form Oslo is the winter paradise of Uvdal. The winter season is long and snowcertain in Uvdal, with more than 400km of prepared cross country tracks in the high mountains as well as the lower valley. Our family friendly alpine resorts offer 25 slopes of varying difficulty, and on Dagalifjell you will find one of the longest tobogganing tracks in Norway. In Uvdal you can stay in accommodations varying from fully equipped modern apartments or cabins to historic farms and traditional mountain lodges Foto: Eivind Kurveid FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Ski school/ski rental Alpine facilities Recommended trips Nearest railway station Nearest airport Further information Borgsjåbrotet, masl More than 90 km on Dagalifjell, 30km on Imingfjell and 30 km Åsbøseterdalen/Ytre Nore, as well as a large selection of marked trackes in the area of Hardangervidda, Tunhovd, Jønndalen and Borgegrend. 5 lit tracks from 2,5 to 14 km long. Tobogganing, dog sleighing, rally cross on ice, elk safari, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, horse and sleigh rides, horseback riding, Langedrag Nature park Uvdal Skisport, Uvdal Alpinsenter, Tel , Alpinparken, Cabin to cabin on the Hardangervidda Imingfjell Solheimsstulen Mårbu Rauhellern Heinseter Tuva Åan Geilo, Torp Lufthavn Sandefjord, 190 km, Oslo Gardermoen, 240 km Uvdal Visitor Information Centre, Tel ,

20 Skking in Norway Page 20 ÅL HALLINGDAL Foto: Ål Utvikling AS Welcome to Ål in Hallingdal - family friendly - wild and beautiful nature! Ål is a versatile skiing destination between Oslo and Bergen, and a place where everyone can find their winter paradise. Here you find 400 km GPS driven and signed cross-country skiing tracks, in six different skiing areas, has been designed for both classic skiing and freestyle. In several places you will find benches, camp fire pans and slopes for sledging. Liatoppen Skisenter is an internationally approved cross-country skiing and Packages: biathlon arena. Liatoppen Fjellstove is located right beside the ski arena. We have one of the longest toboggan sledging slopes in the country and good alpine conditions. In the well known Bergsjøområdet in the high mountains in Ål, you can stay at Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell, Skarslia Apartment and Nordheim Fjellstue. In the centre of Ål you find Thon Hotel Hallingdal, numerous shops in addition to Ål Cultural Centre which houses a cinema and offers concerts and art exhibitions. Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell Tel Nordheim Fjellstue Tel Skarslia Apartment Tel Thon Hotell Hallingdal Tel recommended accommodations Winter offer incl. full board: In January and after the 9 April: from NOK 635,- per person/day. In February and March from NOK 745,- per person/day Winter offer 4 nights NOK 6.500,- 2 adults 2 children (Children u/12 years goes for free) Incl full board. Winter offer: Apartment for 6 people from NOK 550 per day. Cabin for 8 people from NOK 650 per day Winter offer: from NOK 950,- per room per night incl. breakfast and fruit basket on arrival. Foto: Ingrid L. Ødelien. Foto:Thorgeir Røer FACTS Highest summit Marked ski trails Winter activities without skis Recommended (multi-day) trips Ski school Ski rental Alpine facilities Nearest railway station Nearest airport/transfer Further information Raudbergnuten 1819 m.a.s.l./reineskarvet 1791 m.a.s.l. In total a 400 km GPS marked tracks, of which, approx. 234 km is high mountain tracks and approx. 166 km forest tracks. In addition, there are several light tracks. Sledging, dog sleigh racing, horse sleigh riding, ice fishing, ice skating, ski/snowboard cable park, snowshoe walking, as well as kiting/skisailing. See and Hallingdalsløypa (track) southern section - from Ustaoset to Norefjell, 144 km in total. Hallingdalsløypa (track) northern section - from Myrland to Golsfjellet, 77 km in total. Ål Ski School at Ål Skisenter, Skarslia Ski-og Akesenter (skiing and toboggan centre), Ål Ski School at Ål Skisenter, Skarslia Ski-og Akesenter, Ål Skisenter, Votndalen in Ål. Skarslia Ski-og Akesenter, Bergsjøområdet in Ål. Ål Station, in the centre of Ål. Bergensbanen Oslo Gardermoen Airport, 227 km. Sandefjord Torp Airport, 290 km. Ål Tourist Information/Ål Booking Postboks 35, 3571 Ål, Norge Tel

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transforming Communities through Tourism a Handbook for Community Tourism Champions

transforming Communities through Tourism a Handbook for Community Tourism Champions transforming Communities through Tourism a Handbook for Community Tourism Champions produced by: with the support of: Acknowledgements Transforming Communities Through Tourism: A Handbook for Community

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4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 24 CULTURE AND EVENTS You will be swept away by fascinating culture and world-class events.

4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 24 CULTURE AND EVENTS You will be swept away by fascinating culture and world-class events. TOURIST GUIDE 2014 PYHTÄÄ KOTKA HAMINA VIROLAHTI MIEHIKKÄLÄ 1 4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 6 ATTRACTIONS A host of museums and attractive settings will bring moments of joy and wonder to all. 10 CHURCHES

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West Highland Way. When to go. Scotland, United Kingdom. 7 Days / 152 KM Point to point Medium

West Highland Way. When to go. Scotland, United Kingdom. 7 Days / 152 KM Point to point Medium West Highland Way Scotland, United Kingdom 7 Days / 5 KM Point to point Medium Why the West Highland Way Hike the West Highland Way, a Scotsman once told me. We met briefly, both hiking in the French Alpes.

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Accommodation & Services Guide

Accommodation & Services Guide G R E A T G L E N W AYS Slighe a n a Ghlinne Mhòir The Great Glen Ways Accommodation & Services Guide Slighean a Ghlinne Mhòir Iùl Àiteachan-fuirich & Sheirbheisean Contents Clàr-innse

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Marshalls. Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16. of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community IMP TRAVEL.

Marshalls. Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16. of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community IMP TRAVEL. Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16 IMP TRAVEL 01522 513009 Working together for our passengers 01636 821138

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annual report 2013/2014

annual report 2013/2014 annual report 2013/2014 Annual Report of Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. and its subsidiaries as of 31/10/2014 2 Commentary from CEO 5 Operations Review 6 Content Consolidated Financial Highlights 8 Our History

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annual report 2012/2013

annual report 2012/2013 annual report 2012/2013 Annual Report of Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. and its subsidiaries as of 31/10/2013 2 Commentary from CEO 5 Operations Review 6 Content Consolidated Financial Highlights 8 Our History

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find your future! the young person's guide to higher education

find your future! the young person's guide to higher education find your future! the young person's guide to higher education 2 9th oldest university in the UK Queen s University Belfast Campus Map To City Centre Ranked in the top 1% of the universities throughout

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Experts' reflections on the initiative for Regional Branding of Het Groene Woud

Experts' reflections on the initiative for Regional Branding of Het Groene Woud Experts' reflections on the initiative for Regional Branding of Het Groene Woud Report of the IFSA excursion to the Meierij, part of the 7th European IFSA Symposium 7 11 May 2006, Wageningen, The Netherlands

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Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities

Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 4 Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities Authors: Debra Efroymson Tran Thi Kieu Thanh Ha Pham Thu Ha Editor: Lori Jones Photography: Debra Efroymson HealthBridge - WBB

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across all boundaries magazine no. 1

across all boundaries magazine no. 1 across all boundaries magazine no. 1 REINVENTING PAYMENT SINCE 1999 Online, offline and mobile: Wirecard is the leading specialist for payment processing and issuing. content Mobile payment ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

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CURTIN ENGLISH 2014/2015. University-quality English language courses.

CURTIN ENGLISH 2014/2015. University-quality English language courses. CURTIN ENGLISH 2014/2015 University-quality English language courses Make tomorrow better. 1 Why Curtin? Curtin is Western Australia s largest university and is a forwardlooking,

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Why place still matters in the digital age:

Why place still matters in the digital age: Why place still matters in the digital age: Third place working in easy reach of home Report by ZZA Responsive User Environments ZZA Responsive User Environments October 2011 Page 1 Contents Executive

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HIGH SCHOOL 2013-2014


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Guaranteed Success in English

Guaranteed Success in English Guaranteed Success in English Ask anyone who has studied or taught at Gateway and they will all agree that it is a very special place. You can feel the relaxed and friendly atmosphere typical of a school

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Experiencing. Small Business. An Illustrated Introduction to Starting and Running a Small Business. Dell Rogers Mathew Georghiou Margaret Williams

Experiencing. Small Business. An Illustrated Introduction to Starting and Running a Small Business. Dell Rogers Mathew Georghiou Margaret Williams Sample Pages Experiencing Small Business An Illustrated Introduction to Starting and Running a Small Business Dell Rogers Mathew Georghiou Margaret Williams GoVenture Experiencing Small Business Basic

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The Monarch December 2006

The Monarch December 2006 The Monarch December 2006 In this issue: London Hosts First Mentor Training Page 6 Maybe you were there? Check out our photo section Centre Insert Coping with Depression Page 26 7th Annual Dinner & Dance

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International Student Handbook Campus Cuernavaca

International Student Handbook Campus Cuernavaca International Student Handbook Campus Cuernavaca OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Congratulations for choosing to study at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Cuernavaca! This Student Handbook has been designed

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whiplash injury Recovery a self help guide 2nd edition

whiplash injury Recovery a self help guide 2nd edition whiplash injury Recovery a self help guide 2nd edition About the authors Professor Gwendolen Jull is the Professor of Physiotherapy and a specialist physiotherapist who leads the Cervical Spine and Whiplash

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