FESPA CLIMATE UPDATE An economic storm has caused rumours of a spectacular swell The tide is turning, the climate improving and there is a sense

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1 CLIMATE UPDATE An economic storm has caused. rumours of a spectacular swell is The tide is turning, climate of improving and re is a sense resurgence in air. It is vital that we catch this NEW WAVE OF INNOVATION to re. ensure our success for futu

2 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION 2010 THE PERFECT WAVE VISITOR ATTENDANCE AT 2010 VISITOR BREAKDOWN BY REGION is a federation of trade associations and an organiser of exhibitions and conferences for screen, digital and textile printing industry. Founded in 1962, name originally stood for The Federation of European Screen Printers Associations. Now, with advent of digital technology, is only known as but retains its federal structure. is a globally recognised brand within imaging sector. KEY SPONSORS AT 2010 Corporate Sponsor Global Technology Partner Platinum Sponsors TRENDS AT 2010 ECONOMY SURVEY 3 MARKETING CAMPAIGN FABRIC MARKETING ACTIVITY EXHIBITOR RESEARCH EXHIBITOR ATTENDANCE AT 2010 REPORT SUMMARY S OBJECTIVES s dual aim is to promote screen printing and digital imaging as a process and community. aims to do this by sharing knowledge about screen and digital printing with print service providers across world, helping m to grow ir businesses and learn about latest developments in ir fast growing industries. reaches printers through member organisations including 26 separate National Associations in Europe, and 10 Associate Member associations in Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. WHAT IS S VISION? s vision is to become leading globally connected imaging community. is committed to adding value to membership and reinvesting into marketplace through a structured project investment programme, delivered via our association members to sustain and promote our community. runs exhibitions and events for screen and digital printing marketplace. It helps member associations by supporting projects and activities designed to promote screen, digital and textile printing and attract talented people into print. Innovation Sponsor Pantone 361c Pantone 2725c Pantone 1375c Digital Textile Sponsor KEY SPONSORS AT FABRIC 2010 Fabric Corporate Sponsors Fabric Platinum Sponsor 2010 The flagship show runs every three years. It is a peripatetic event and featured exhibitors from world of screen printing, textile printing and digital wide format printing was Number 1 global event for screen and digital printing community. OTHER SPONSORS INCLUDED J-Teck3 Fabric Live Sponsor Mantis World - Fabric Live Sponsor AquaTint Inks Lanyard Sponsor Konica Minolta Registration Sponsor Avery Dennison WRAP Cup Sponsor 1

3 The exhibition show for HP sales-wise. was an outstanding ope, who, for first visitor from all over Eur of y alit qu h hig a ted attrac nd solutions. With five w products and end-to-e ne s HP see to le ab re we time ed that its strategy to stand, HP demonstrat on y pla dis on cts du pro new lity. The HP Designjet Latex is becoming a rea d an UV h wit t ven sol e replac nerated more /LX800 latex printers ge 00 LX6 tex Sci HP d an 0 L2550. than 350 new leads alone François Martin ss of HP Graphics Solutions Busine Marketing director for nsor 2010 s Corporate Spo 2010 THE PERFECT WAVE When measured against previous events, 2010 delivered on a number of levels for a community with very high levels of expectation, and in a marketplace that was resurfacing after a particularly difficult trading period played host to over 636 exhibitors plus 30 co-exhibiting companies from 40 countries worldwide. The highest number of exhibitors came from Germany, with 167 companies. Corporate Sponsor VISITOR ATTENDANCE AT 2010 VISITOR ATTENDANCE Total visitor attendance at 2010 was 21,642 individual visitors, an increase of 6.5% on 2005 in same venue (Messe Munich, Germany). This is impressive considering contraction of industry since RE-VISITS It is clear when looking at number of re-visits compared with previous events that challenging economic conditions have placed more pressure on people s time and budget for event attendance. It was perhaps inevitable that re would be fewer browsers at Exhibitors reported a higher quality of attendee who had a focused set of objectives for ir visit. This is natural behaviour of a market that is more conscious than ever of return on investment. TOP 10 ATTENDING COUNTRIES The top 10 countries from which visitors attended 2010 are listed here. To this extent, is certainly bucking trend, both compared with average performance of entire exhibition industry and - more specifically - compared with or exhibitions in European print industry. This demonstrates strength of s exhibitions and robust nature of digital wide format printing sector in particular. According to InfoTrends, over past 12 to 18 months, contraction in volume demand for wide format print has been approximately 15% worldwide. However, performance of digital wide format contrasted with or segments of graphic arts marketplace such as commercial offset print has been comparatively robust. 2 Germany Italy Austria Switzerland UK France Nerlands Slovenia Spain Poland ,088 32, New Visitors Means New Business at 2010 An astonishing 16,000 new visitors attended 2010, equating to over 70% of total attendance. These individuals qualified as new members of events community as y have not previously attended any event and ir record was not on community database. This is a compelling statistic when one considers proposition of events as a marketing channel to new business opportunity. It also demonstrates constant change within community. Big Increase in Decision Makers General Manager Owner 2010 has increased number of General Managers and Business Owners attending its shows in comparison to 2005 and Over 73% of 2010 visitors had decision making authority or influenced major purchasing decisions, reinforcing global reputation of 2010 as must-attend event for screen, digital and textile printing. At 2010 re was a significant leap in number of General Managers who attended, with a huge increase of over 100% on Proving that has grown in importance for strategic level professionals. According to s Economy Survey 3 undertaken by InfoTrends, 70% of visitors to 2010 will make a strategic investment for ir businesses following ir visit % 29% 26% Production Sales 11.90% 15% 14% 7.60% Or Blank 37.17% 16% 16% Decision makers The global economic downturn has challenged both exhibition and print industries. There has been a notable decline in space taken at exhibitions across a wide range of industries. Findings from European exhibition industry research, most recently conducted by EMECA (an association representing 18 leading European venues) reveal an average 7% decline in exhibitor numbers and an 11% decline in net square metres of floor space. With this in mind, it is a considerable achievement that number of exhibitors at 2010 matched 2007, when wide format sector was at its peak. 20,364 This attendance figure did, however, represent a drop in numbers when compared with The decline in visitor numbers between 2007 and 2010 is clearly a result of challenging economic conditions. In 2007 market was arguably at its peak, with digital innovation in its steepest incline. A full list of exhibitors is on page occupied five halls at Messe Munich and achieved a final net square meterage that equalled 2007 in Berlin. Approximately 30000² (net) of floor space was occupied by exhibitors. This is significant when considering timing and success of 2007 show, and market changes including substantial consolidation in supplier community - that have taken place over last five years. 21,642 17% 15% 12.44% 12% 13% 3.60% % 3

4 VISITOR BREAKDOWN BY REGION TRENDS AT 2010 EUROPE INCLUDING EU AND NON EU MEMBERS ALBANIA 33 AUSTRIA 1206 BELARUS 16 BELGIUM 412 BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA 35 BULGARIA 77 CROATIA 167 CYPRUS 32 CZECH REPUBLIC 391 DENMARK 171 ESTONIA 46 FINLAND 143 FRANCE 655 FRENCH POLYNESIA 1 GERMANY 8867 GREECE 186 GUERNSEY 3 HUNGARY 307 ICELAND 13 IRELAND 51 ITALY 1350 JERSEY 2 LATVIA 28 LIECHTENSTEIN 21 LITHUANIA 55 LUXEMBOURG 31 MACEDONIA 21 MALTA 18 MOLDOVA 1 NETHERLANDS 571 NORWAY 131 POLAND 413 PORTUGAL 216 ROMANIA 170 RUSSIA 210 SAN MARINO 3 SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO 150 SLOVAKIA 193 SLOVENIA 561 SPAIN 451 SWEDEN 233 SWITZERLAND 740 TURKEY 352 UKRAINE 69 UNITED KINGDOM 673 FOR EUROPE 19,475 MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA ALGERIA 25 ARMENIA 5 AZERBAIJAN 5 BAHRAIN 4 EGYPT 87 IRAN 49 ISRAEL 154 JORDAN 2 KUWAIT 9 LEBANON 19 LIBYA 1 MOROCCO 42 QATAR 4 SAUDI ARABIA 19 SYRIA 21 TUNISIA 67 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 47 YEMEN 1 FOR MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA 561 NORTH AMERICA CANADA 47 VIRGIN ISLAND 5 USA 196 FOR NORTH AMERICA 248 CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA ARGENTINA 33 ARUBA 1 BARBADOS 1 BRAZIL 202 CHILE 13 COLOMBIA 21 COSTA RICA 1 CUBA 2 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2 GUATEMALA 4 JAMAICA 1 MARTINIQUE 2 MEXICO 49 PERU 11 PUERTO RICO 1 SURINAME 1 VENEZUELA 4 FOR CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA 349 AFRICA BENIN 4 CAMEROON 4 CONGO 2 COTE D IVOIRE 3 GABON 1 GHANA 2 KENYA 15 MALI 2 MOZAMBIQUE 1 NIGER 1 NIGERIA 3 REUNION 5 SENEGAL 3 SOUTH AFRICA 77 SUDAN 1 SWAZILAND 3 TANZANIA 2 ZAMBIA 1 ZIMBABWE 2 FOR AFRICA 132 ASIA BRUNEI DARUSSALAM 1 TURKMENISTAN 4 BANGLADESH 19 INDIA 157 PAKISTAN 23 CHINA 174 HONG KONG 44 INDONESIA 7 JAPAN 115 MACAU 1 MALAYSIA 18 MAURITIUS 11 PHILIPPINES 7 SINGAPORE 20 SOUTH KOREA 58 SRI LANKA 16 TAIWAN 31 THAILAND 47 VIETNAM 7 FOR ASIA 760 AUSTRALASIA AND PACIFIC AUSTRALIA 108 NEW ZEALAND 9 FOR AUSTRALASIA AND PACIFIC 117 AREAS OF INTEREST* *Visitors were able to select more than one option for area of interest. DIGITAL DOMINATES LARGEST EVER DIGITAL! 2010 offered three entire halls of digital inkjet hardware, software, consumables and substrates. In its own right, this area represented largest ever Digital show. Visitors who attended 2010 indicated a record level of interest in digital technologies, with an increase from 52% in 2007 to 68% in This equates to a digitally-oriented visitor audience at this year s event of almost printers, more than 50% greater than entire visitor audience at Digital 2009 in Amsterdam. THE FIVE YEAR MIGRATION TO DIGITAL When compared to 2005, in same city and venue, we can see clearly how marketplace has changed. In 2005, digital inkjet innovation curve was in a steep ascent and digital inkjet was starting to have a noticeable impact on dominance of screen printing at that time. But back at 2005, only one hall of Messe Munich was dedicated to digital wide format, while two halls were occupied by screen printing for graphic production. TOP 5 VISITING COUNTRIES INTERESTED IN DIGITAL 13% 7% 6% Screen Printing Digital Imaging Pre-press 12% Finishing Print Substrates 8% 12% 12% Print Services 7% 9% 9% Or 11% 9% 9% Blank 3% 6% 6% 64% 23% 22% 22% 22% 22% Germany Italy Austria United Kingdom Switzerland 29% It is in screen printing for graphics and industrial applications where we see most dramatic change. With one hall of screen printing at 2010, decline compared with 2005 is considerable. This is seen as being down to dramatic shift in demand for digital, due to its competitive advantage for short run point-of-sale graphic production, coupled with a decline in Europe s manufacturing base and with it slower demand for industrial screen printing in Europe. 4 5

5 PRE-PRESS & SOFTWARE GROWS IN STATUS 2010 also saw increased interest in prepress and software for print. Although figures do not bear out a huge increase, reports from show floor at 2010 suggested that exhibitors from software community had reported stronger than expected interest in ir products. The community has been regarded previously as being comparatively slow to adopt software for print management and workflow, but is now showing heightened levels of interest in this element of printing process. The use of workflow software can increase production efficiency. Coming out of recession, is is logical for interest in lean manufacturing to remain strong, and indeed to continue to grow in importance. Variable data printing has also seen an increase in interest in recent years, as consumer-driven trend towards personalisation or versioning gains momentum. CONVERGENCE IN PRINT The graphic arts community - of which screen printing, digital printing and garment decoration are a significant part - is constantly evolving. When analogue printing process dominated wide format printing, print communities were aligned closely to ir chosen printing processes. Now, with technological change, se traditional lines are blurring. Distinction of a print business by process is no longer possible or particularly accurate. Wide format printers are embracing new technologies and exploring smaller formats. Conversely, traditional offset litho marketplace, having accepted digital output for small formats, is beginning to invest in wide format solutions. 9.2% of visitors to 2010 describe mselves as Offset, Litho or Commercial Printers, which reinforces this development. This convergence trend is being driven by demand and commercial opportunity. The printer s customer is now process agnostic and is concerned with solutions, not technologies. Meanwhile, printers from all backgrounds need to create new revenue streams and improve profitability and customer loyalty by offering a wider range of services to new and existing customers. At 2010, it was observed that small format digital exhibitors were successfully taking part, including companies such as Atlantic Zeiser and Xennia, as well as EFI showing ir jetrian format technology. Looking ahead to Digital 2011, we expect this trend to continue, with existing and new exhibitors bringing smaller format technology to connect with a community of wide format print specialists interested in diversifying into new formats and applications. a part in growth and development Over last 3 years, Xaar has witnessed and played very clear that diversity of digital print of Fespa s global events. At Fespa Digital 2010 it was d well beyond wide format. Manufacturers are technologies and applications on show have sprea ative inkjet print technologies in areas such as increasingly coming to Fespa to demonstrate innov of m with Xaar prinad technology at industrial decoration, textile and label printing, many s between different processes and opens up a core. Inkjet is increasingly blurring boundarie st and investment from visitors in se diverse multitude of profitable applications. The strong intere products heralds an interesting future. Mark Alexander, Director of Marketing, Xaar SCREEN PRINTING HAS A POSITIVE FUTURE 2010 was not just a digital show. 42% of visitors attending 2010 were in search of new innovations in screen printing. This clearly defines as show to attend for screen printing innovation. The screen halls were positive and busy, indicating that screen printing s contraction has likely bottomed out, leaving a process whose role is secure for specific applications. Screen printing still dominates industrial and speciality processes and, despite relentless push from digital technology vendors and introduction of metallic inks for digital, it feels safe to say that screen printing does have a positive future. TOP 5 VISITING COUNTRIES INTERESTED IN SCREEN 6% 5% Germany Italy Austria 11% 65% France Slovenia companies in traditional screen printing At 2010 Xennia spoke to numerous to reap es etc, who were looking for a digital solution industry, printing glass, plastic products, textil sign sure a ands dem mer custo to fast response benefits of cost effective short runs and s, year few next over inue cont to expect this trend that this convergence is taking place. We al techniques needing to adopt new digit with companies based around traditional evolving market. technologies in order to stay in touch with this Tim Phillips, Marketing Manager, Xennia 6 7

6 ECONOMY SURVEY 3 MARKETING CAMPAIGN POST SHOW STAKEHOLDER SURVEY A stakeholder survey conducted by immediately after 2010 underlined event s significance in stimulating and motivating visitors to make significant business decisions. 70% of respondents who visited 2010 intended to make strategic business investments following ir visit, and 80% said y had learned something relating to innovation that y planned to use in ir business. The electronic survey, conducted by research partner InfoTrends, obtained feedback from 270 printers, vendors and resellers worldwide, with split between customers and suppliers being roughly 50/50. 93% of respondents attended s objective was to obtain an update on major industry developments, ascertain post-event views on economic situation and outlook for wide format community, and understand impact of an industry event such as. According to survey, output dominates visitors spending plans, with 45% likely to invest in new or additional printing equipment, with an emphasis on eco-friendly technology (40%). Finishing is an investment priority for 25% of respondents, followed closely by variable data capabilities (23%) and workflow software (18%). Interest in printing onto textile substrates is high, with 42% of respondents now planning purchases in this area. 67% of visitors to 2010 used innovative processes or products in ir business to help get through economic downturn Economy Survey 3 The me for 2010 was innovation. conducted a series of Economy Surveys with InfoTrends throughout recession. These showed that print service providers had responded to reduction in demand for wide format print by focusing on maximising process efficiencies. This is a sensible short-term reaction to market conditions, but not a sustainable, profitable long-term strategy. The Catch New Wave of Innovation strapline and story was designed to encourage exhibitors to launch new products at, while also provoking visitors into adopting innovation and producing innovative print for ir customers. The Global Summit BluePrint reinforces notion that only profitable route out of challenging economic conditions is through innovation, fuelling profitable growth. The Catch New Wave of Innovation campaign used analogy of a storm subsiding and a different trading environment emerging. We championed innovation approach, not purely as a driver for visitor attendance, but as an essential philosophy for our community of printers to grow in future. Businesses cannot grow just by minimising waste and reducing cost. At show and throughout campaign we demonstrated how a total approach to innovation will generate economic growth. INNOVATE! PROGRAMME Innovation was more than a marketing me; it also defined creation of content for visitors. s aim was to give visitors to event free access to top quality educational content designed to help m rediscover innovation and successfully apply this to ir business. S 8 STEPS TO INNOVATION 2010 is most comprehensive showcase of innovators, brands, solutions providers and new technology. EVER. Catch WAVE of INNOVATION with 2010! Meet team on Stand located in Hall A1, Stand 269. Come and see us! OFFICIAL OPENING ENTRANCE WEST TUESDAY 22ND JUNE 2010 Frazer Chesterman, Managing Director of will open greatest ever exhibition, with guest Norman Bargmann, Managing Director, Messe Munich. Followed by live music from Elements band. Discover future of print with Nils Mueller, TrendOne (VIPs and by invitation only). Rival Wrappers compete against clock throughout show, aiming to be crowned 2010 Wrap Cup Champion. Sponsored by Avery Graphics & MUTOH INNOVATE KEYNOTE SESSION THE FUTURE OF THE PRINTED WORLD?! CONFERENCE ROOM B WRAP CUP WRAP CUP HALL B3 STAND THE GREAT INNOVATION DEBATE STAND HALL A1 STAND INKJET FOR INNOVATION DIGITAL INNOVATION THEATRE HALL B FABRIC BAR FABRIC LIVE! HALL A2 STAND LIVE WORLD CUP FOOTBALL SCREEN & TEXTILE INNOVATION THEATRE HALL A1 An incredible display of print, design and production, brought toger in glamorous showcase scene of catwalk. Our top exhibitors present latest trends in apparel, inks and printing techniques. What does innovation mean to Print? Join leading innovators as y debate meaning of innovation. Xaar s Mark Alexander describes possibilities of inkjet in this exciting session. Relax and unwind in Fabric Bar; network with industry peers and enjoy energy from Fabric Live! fashion show. presents live world cup football action in Screen & Textile Innovation Theatre. The majority of respondents (67%) now believe recession is over, though opinions on recovery are divided, with claiming market has recovered, 28% expecting business levels to bounce back later this year, and 19% stating that market is unlikely to recover its pre-recession buoyancy. Only 5% of respondents see recessionary conditions continuing beyond The first half of 2010 has been a strong sales period for 13% of respondents, with anor 30% saying six months have been better than expected, and a furr 42% rating ir first-half sales as fair. Only 15% said sales were worse than expected or very poor. Among print service providers specifically, 44.3% said ir first half sales were strong or better than expected. brings toger leaders in global screen and digital printing markets like no or event. This year, even more than past events, re was a tremendous amount of educational opportunities for service providers who want to understand market requirements for sustainable printing, textile printing, and digital workflows in addition to variety of new printing equipment introduced for first time. We re fortunate that InfoTrends and have conducted ongoing research to try to contribute to comprehensive understanding of market conditions and dynamics required to effectively compete in this constantly changing marketplace. Our economic surveys and World Wide Survey projects provide service providers with a series of data points that can help m build ir business plans. The opportunities to learn at are vast and I believe increasingly necessary. This guide was a practical, compact outline of steps any business must make in order to become a business rich in innovation. S 60 MINUTES TO INNOVATE! This was a specially designed interactive workshop to provoke delegates into thinking differently and placing innovation at heart of ir businesses. STAND DEBATES Following success of Digital 2009 live stand debates, delivered an array of live debates and interviews on stand in The interactive sessions were hosted by a panel of industry peers giving visitors opportunity to listen, learn and react to discussion on stage. Sessions included Great Innovation Debate; Interview with a Screen Legend Michel Caza; and The Global Gurus Debate Is Screen Printing Dead? Digital is future. Tim Greene, InfoTrends 8 9

7 FABRIC PLANET FRIENDLY SUMMIT Following publication of s Planet Friendly Guide, we recognized increasing community demand for more information on issues covered in guide. The FREE Planet Friendly Summit (24th June 2010) was designed to give visitors a strategic overview of drivers for adopting sustainable business practices, supported by practical how to information to help m enhance environmental sustainability of ir businesses. SCREEN & DIGITAL INNOVATION THEATRES In response to market s appetite for information, inspiration and education, hosted a selection of showcase atre sessions. The atres opened every day of exhibition, offering visitors free sessions on latest developments in market, innovative products, live debates, case studies and technical seminars. The seminars were hosted by some of market s key figures and included companies such as EFI, Durst, HP, InfoTrends, Kornit Digital and D.Gen, discussing a range of technical and commercial topics. AWARDS Visitors to 2010 were inspired by display of s Print Award entries in exhibition atrium. Supported by Marabu, Awards are designed to reward print excellence and celebrate best practice. Participants were able to submit award winning examples of innovation using digital, screen, textile and industrial print techniques, and showcase ir work to thousands of visitors who attend. Over 450 entries were submitted for 22 categories, including Youth Award, Best in Show and The People s Choice Award. Winners of awards can be found at WRAP CUP A new feature at 2010 was Wrap Cup. Over five days of 2010, 30 vehicle wrappers competed in a number of head to head wrap-offs to see who could wrap fastest without compromising on quality. The Wrap Cup was hosted by Dirk Moebes, Digital Designware and sponsors included Avery Dennison, Mutoh and Mimaki. The title of Wrap Star was awarded to Sander Peerdemann from Squeezy International in Nerlands, who was rewarded with a share of 182,500 worth of prizes. EUROPEAN SIGN SUMMIT Anor new attraction at 2010 was European Sign Summit (23rd June 2010). and ESF (European Sign Federation) recognised increasing convergence between print and sign industry and offered visitors to 2010 this dedicated educational forum. It was designed to deliver a range of high quality, industry focused sessions that provided critical information for modern signmaker on key issues, enabling delegates to be inspired and inject innovation into ir business. A host of leading industry thinkers shared ir ideas and expertise on current and future trends, challenges confronting industry, potential opportunities and sources of innovation. PLANET FRIENDLY SUMMIT 24th June 2010 FABRIC CHARLIE S CORNER One of great visitor highlights in Fabric Hall was legendary Charlie Taublieb, aka Dr Print. Charlie is one of world s most recognised experts in garment printing. Having supported at many or events, he came to Munich to inspire visitors with his live demonstration on how to print onto garments, showcasing his technical knowledge and skills, and giving participants opportunity to print ir own t-shirts. FRESENER S FABRIC Scott Fresener, leading t-shirt print guru and owner of T-Shirt Biz International, was over from USA to host a programme of Fabric masterclasses every morning of show. Key fabric industry speakers joined Scott to deliver sessions such as: making move from screen printing to direct-to-garment; or opportunities in digital textile printing; getting creative with heat transfers. Each of seminars were free to attend and offered visitors a greater experience and an opportunity to enhance ir knowledge and understanding of fabric market. TEXTILE TAKES OFF TOP 5 VISITING COUNTRIES INTERESTED IN TEXTILE FIND OUT MORE bric.com Fabric, s first ever dedicated show within a show for garment printing sector, was also a great success. 51% of visitors attending 2010 were looking to invest in textile and garment decoration. Whereas screen printing for sign and graphic community contracted significantly since 2005, Fabric hall actually grew its footprint slightly compared with 2005, reflecting dominance of screen in garment printing. Both screen and fabric halls proved that innovation is not confined to digital. 6% 8% 5% Book your c 2011 NOW! SPA FabriGermany stand at FE Austria Italy 71% Switzerland Slovenia FABRIC LIVE! FASHION SHOW Fabric Live! was s first live fashion show, designed to inspire visitors with latest in apparel, inks and printing techniques. Supported by Gildan, Falk & Ross, J-Teck3 and Mantis World, brought visitors five incredible live dance and fashion showcases featuring exciting live dance routines, eye-catching apparel and show-stopping soundtracks. Visitors could unwind in FABRIC Bar, located within FABRIC Live! stage

8 MARKETING ACTIVITY gy ever technolo The economy and changes in market made us rethink our traditional campaign strategy and adopt a more targeted approach. The show was split into three elements, Screen, Digital, and Garment Decoration and Textile printing. Each had its own identity and micromarketing campaign, which were unified under overall 2010 campaign umbrella. launched show website - in October The website was available to visitors in five languages; English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. DIRECT MAIL The website formed an integral part of 2010 marketing campaign. It was primary source of pre-show information, industry news, blogs, exhibitor news and - most essentially - place where visitors could register for FREE entry to exhibition (before 21st June 2010). prepared over 60,000 personalised invitations to its community. is very careful about segmenting and correctly targeting its visitors with appropriate information that we believe y would be interested in. A number of tailored letters were mailed out to over 45 different countries and were supported by our visitor leaflet. These reached our network in March There were a few new elements introduced to website for These included: The Innovator Blog Myexhibitionplanner Interactive Show Catalogue TV 261,812 HOME PAGE 364,807 UNIQUE VISITORS TO WEBSITE 157,599 EXHIBITOR LIST 175,823 AVERAGE TIME OF WEBSITE HIGHEST DAILY VISITS produced nearly 400,000 visitor leaflets in five different languages. The visitor leaflets were used as a promotional tool for exhibitors and Associations to promote ir presence at Two different versions of visitor leaflets were produced, a 2010 version and a Fabric branded leaflet. Both contained information about event, exhibitors and show highlights. WEBSITE PAGES VISITED VISITS TO WEBSITE AVERAGE NUMBER OF PAGES VIEWED MIN 39SEC REGISTRATION PAGE 48,230 GERMAN HOME PAGE 138,003 10,012 E EVENTShosting a number SATELLIT u ll also be ow so yo 2010 wi d sh ur ts aroun from yo lite even t ble value of satel on abou st possi ati be orm re inf k can get For mo ase chec Munich. ents ple visit to e of ev gramm pro ite. bs we 2010 HT ALA NIG G t cial even main so evening ght Gala Ni ce on el for takes pla ask Nig A 2010 at????? 10 for FESP 20 th June of 25 details The campaign deployed a mix of online and printed advertising. Over 147 advertisements appeared in printed trade magazines and journals. The advertising campaign featured in over 66 magazines and in 16 different languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Korean and Russian. The advertising campaign was also supported with loose visitor leaflet inserts in trade publications; a total of 57,500 were distributed in five different languages in this way. also used online advertising to promote show, with over 46 web banners displayed on industry online publications from October 2009 to July 2010, designed to stimulate traffic to campaign web site and promote pre-registration. ut eme runn ill be rougho th spire We w ps th in round orksho ntred rs will. and w Ce speake velopments A guest de e r d FESP ou an r mor es tion site fo nologi eb ch w te Innova w 0.com program. ith ne w 01 u a2 le yo sp missab fe un k r ec ou Ch on ation inform P CUP 2010 WRA exciting events at most! One of our Wrap Cup The Digital is wrapping icle veh ing world lead materials and Featuring latest & utilising pitches superstars Wrap Cup days - or in four techniques of against each t bes g for title best of k car wrappin cloc details 2010! For of against Champion Cup p Wra to: go r of how to ente p.com a-wrap-cu FABRIC GENERAL INFORMATION Garment decoration and textile printing benefits from its own brand identity and tailored content with launch of Fabric! In this hall you will be able to explore range of possibilities available with textile printing, not just for clothing, but increasingly within home and leisure furnishings market. Since 2007 growing interest in this sector has resulted in investing it resources to create new features for this vibrant and dynamic print sector. FASHION SHOW FRESENER S FABRIC Scott Fresener, leading t-shirt print guru - will be delivering master classes on processes of garment decoration every morning of show in fabric and screen Innovation Theatre OPENING TIMES Tuesday 22nd June: Wednesday 23rd June: Thursday 24th June: Friday 25th June: Saturday 26th June: CHARLIE S HUB 2 legendary Dr Print 6The 62 EST 19 is back! The world famous expert garment screen printer will be on hand to provide insight, practical demonstrations and tips for success. FABRIC INNOVATION THEATRE The second of our two Innovation Theatres will be located in Screen hall. A comprehensive programme of textile based seminars. Attend and benefit from presentations from a host of internationally acclaimed industry experts on a wide variety of topics, technologies and solutions. TRAVEL TO MUNICH BY AIR 33.9 Million passengers pass through Munich airport every year, making it second busiest airport in Germany. There are good domestic air links to and from Munich which will guarantee connecting flights to world-wide destinations. For flight and airport information visit For a full listing of topics and speakers please visit Fabric website. marketing is a proven method to connect with community. prepared over 800,000 targeted s to its community, informing registered and prospective visitors of show highlights and exhibitor news. The 2010 advertising campaign ran from October 2009 to June 2010, with a dedicated Fabric campaign starting one month later. In February 2010, campaign was segmented furr, using separate screen and digital executions. 12 A us FESP prestigio ed to win a await chance prize in You have as a cash try into as well. Each en ow ds sh Award ar 2010 Aw displayed at ll be vote for tion wi ited to competi are inv visitors ard. and all oice aw ch s le peop S ADVERTISING E THEATRars min VATION INNO ll timetable of sedays of L A IT fu ve DIG of ing a fi As part of this very special event we have asked best in garment decoration and textile printing business to showcase ir latest creations at our own fashion show. VISITOR LEAFLETS WEBSITE TRAFFIC wi wide will see d halls s for dedicate plication d. These ative ap assemble and cre bstrates inks, su MEDIA RELATIONS engaged proactively with international trade media covering screen, digital and textile printing to support Catch Wave of Innovation campaign in communicating with exhibitor and visitor audiences. The media relations campaign generated over 1000 individual pieces of positive media coverage for 2010 in six months preceding show. WEBSITE ry, print format, machine ital wide products IGITAL ovative on of dig ustry latest inn nting ind EST D largest ever collell shctiow case digital pri format SOCIAL MEDIA Social networking has proved a valuable tool to engage with our community, providing stakeholders (exhibitors, visitors, media) with opportunities to enter a dialogue with us, and to connect before show and to air ir views on certain issues. used a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and our own social media site, The Wide Network. CLIMATE UPDATE An economic storm has caused rumours of a spectacular swell. The tide is turning, climate is improving and re is a sense of resurgence in air. It is vital that we catch NEW WAVE OF INNOVATION to ensure our success for future. Visiting 2010 gives you access to most exciting injection of innovation, ideas and inspiration for you, your business and your customers. Make sure you catch wave June 2010, Munich, Germany! The number 1 global event for digital, textile and screen printing Global Technolog y Partner Innovation Sponsor Platinum Sponsors TRADE SHOWS Corporate Sponsor exhibited at a number of printing exhibitions to promote 2010 to a larger audience. The surf-med stands were supported with relevant literature about 2010 exhibition. FIND OUT MORE afabric.c om ur stand Book yo A Fabric at FESP W! 2011 NO 13

9 EXHIBITOR RESEARCH In addition to research undertaken by InfoTrends, commissioned an extensive exhibitor research project among exhibitors at, working with ispy Publishing. The overall results reinforce positive signs of general market recovery, while highlighting key role played by in stimulating and inspiring market. In nearly all key indicators, performed higher than industry average results, and in some cases much higher than benchmark industry findings. In 2009 we produced ispy-analytics Exhibitor Satisfaction Survey and received feedback from over 650 exhibiting companies from a wide cross-section of industries, which provided us with benchmark results for average performance of an exhibition. At 2010, ispy conducted a dedicated exhibitor survey to over 400 exhibitors on behalf of to ascertain relative performance of When set against findings of exhibition benchmark survey, we found that exhibitors scored higher in all areas of show management, including understanding of exhibitors needs, quality of attendance, ROI, flexibility, speed of response and level of contact. It is refore our opinion that represents pinnacle of event management. Trevor Punt, Managing Director, TBG Group EXHIBITOR ATTENDANCE AT 2010 COMPANIES WHO EXHIBITED AT A Composites 3M Germany GmbH 3M Germany GmbH 3P InkJet Textiles AG 4-Media GmbH & Co KG A & M Kinzel Siebdruckmaschinen Ltd A. Adkins & Sons Limited A. Berger GmbH & Co. KG A.Buisine SA A.M.Ramp & Co GmbH A.W.T. World Trade, Inc. ACOSGRAF, Acrylland GmbH Adelco (Asia) Ltd Adelco Screen Process Ltd Adria Artigianato SRL Afford Industrial SA Agfa Graphics NV Ahlstrom Osnabruck Gmbh Air Waves Inc. Algroup International Alizarin Coating Co Ltd All American Supply Alliance Technology Corporation + Trimlico Alphachem Europe GmbH Alraun Technik GmbH AMC Pancke AG American Apparel Deutschland GmbH American Biltrite Inc. Amex SRL Anadolu Kimya San. ve Tic.Ltd. Şti AnaJet Inc Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Co Anchor Magnets Plc Ansal End.Tes.San.Tic. A.S. Anvil GmbH API.PL Sp.z o.o. Aristo Graphic Systeme Gmbh & Co Arjobex Arjowiggins Papiers Couchés SAS Arlon Inc. Artfoam Co Ltd ASCO B.V. Aslan, Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Asphalt Art International AG Atlantic Zeiser GmbH Atma ATP adhesive Systems GmbH avant display Avery Dennison Graphics Europe Avery Dennison Graphics Europe AXYZ International Azon GmbH & Co. KG Bakker Magnetics b.v. BARBIERI electronic snc BAS NEON Baumgartner Trading AG Bayer Material Science AG Beaver Papier B.V. Beijing Fulei Industrial & Commercial Co Ltd Beijing Innovation Technology Co Ltd Beijing Katian Tech Co Ltd Beltron GmbH Best Systems gmbh Beste Collection Beste Collection Beste Collection Better Presentation Service GmbH Bickers GmbH Klebetechnik Biedermann GmbH Big Sign & System BJ Tech Co Ltd Bjoern Sobischek BMP Europe Borchert & Moller Bordeaux Digital Printink Ltd. Bror Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH BTS Aluminyum Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.v. Buth Graviersysteme GmbH & Co KG C.M.S. Srl Costruzione Macchine Serigrafiche s.r. C.S Costruzione Macchine Cad Cam Technology Ltd CADlink Technology Corp Caldera Graphics Candex Marketing (China) Co Ltd Canon Deutschland GmbH CarArt Prasentationstechnik Cgate Solutions GmbH CGT SRL Chaiyaboon Brors Co Ltd Cham Paper Group Changzhou Hawk Display Appliance Manufacture Co Ltd Changzhou Lintel AD Material Co Ltd Chanzhou Huarsheng Reflective Material Co Ltd Chemica Chemque Inc Chim 92 S.A.R.L. Chimigraf Iberica SL Chiossi & Cavazzuti S.r.l. CHT R. Beitlich GmbH Clean Burn Dryers Clear Edge-Germany GmbH Clear Focus Imaging Inc Clear Path Coldenhove Papier Holland Colgraphix Color-Dec Italy s.r.l. ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH Colourific Comhan Holland BV Concordia Textiles Cosign Coveme Spa Crown Norge AS Cruse GmbH CST GmbH d.gen Inc Danish Label Coating A/S Danish Sign Export A/S Dataplot GmbH Delahaye & Esser ohg Demak S.r.l. Deprosa DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGIES Dickson Coatings Digital Designware DigiTex Printing Technologies Company Limited Dijital Teknik Magazine Dilli Precision Ind Co Ltd DITF Centre for Management Research DMPS Co.,Ltd Dokumental Gmbh & Co Dollfus Muller-Dynajet Dongguan Ever Bright Colour Print Machines Factory Ltd Dongjin Enterprise Co Ltd Dow Corning Europe sa DP Solutions GmbH & Co. KG DPL Industri A/S Dr. Hönle AG DRAABE Industrietechnik GmbH Dreamjet Korea Drucktech Kft Drytac Duo Display DuPont de Nemours (Luxembourg) Sarl Durafos Inc Durst Phototechnik Digital Technology GmbH DYSS E.T.S. Srl Eastsign Int l Ltd Easy Screen Display Stands Eckart GmbH Ecosystem Costruzioni SRL EDP EFI- Vutek Elitron IPM S.r.l. Emball ISO Group EMMTEC EnCore Products Encres Dubuit Encres Dubuit Endutex-Revestimentos Texteis SA Engyprint Tech Company Ltd E-nygma Ltd Epson Europe ERAY Crystal ErgoSoft AG ESC GmbH & Co. KG ESKO-GRAPHICS NV ESMA V.Z.W. Eston Chimica Srl Eurodrop eurolaser GmbH Europe Display Systems Eve Products Expedit F & M Expressions Unlimited Inc Falk & Ross Group Europe GmbH FEPA srl Feteks Kimya San ve Tic Ltd Sirketi FIAB HF AB Fieldcenter Inc. Fimor Finestfog GmbH Flaggfabriken Export - Import Folex AG Forever Digital Transfer Appl. Tech. GmbH Forsstrom High Frequency AB Foshan Mega Ink & Coating Co Ltd Fotec AG Fotoba International Srl Four Pees Franmar Chemical Inc Franz Hagemann GmbH & Co. KG Free Radical Ind Co Ltd Fujian Sanheng Group Co Ltd Fujifilm Sericol UK Limited Fukutomi Technologies Pte Ltd Gandy Digital Gardner Denver Thomas Gmbh Gaya Land Co Ltd GCC Europe BV General Formulations Georg+Otto Friedrich Wirkwarenfabrik KG Gerber Scientific Products GEW (EC) Ltd. Golden Finishes Ltd Golden Laser Co Ltd Grafco srl Grafco srl Grafityp Self-Adhesive Products N.V. Grapo Technologies, a.s Great Sun Europe Grünig-Interscreen AG GTB - TROCKNER Guandong Italia srl Guangzhou Crystaljet Industry Co Ltd Guangzhou Xusen Coat Material Co Ltd Guenr Business Solutions Gustav Daiber GmbH Guyenne Papier Haas & Co Magnettechnik GmbH Haining Dongyi Digital Textile Co Ltd Haining Guangyu Warpknitting Co Ltd Haining Longteng Plastic Co Ltd Hangzhou Hongze New Material Co Ltd Hangzhou International Exhibition Co., Ltd Hangzhou Wansheng Mesh Co Ltd Hanky Europe GmbH Hanwha Polydreamer Co Ltd Harlacher AG Heathcoat Fabrics Ltd Hebbecker GmbH Hebei Anping Printing Screen Co Ltd Hebei Boer Mesh Co Ltd Hebei Yuxin Plastic Co Ltd Heifei Kaxing Digital Control Equipment Co Ltd Heifei Signkey Numerical Control Science & Technology Co Ltd Heinz Walz GmbH Heisslufttechnik Flocke GmbH HESTO Hewlett-Packard Espanola SL HEXACOMB Hexis S.A. Heytex Bramsche GmbH hhp GmbH Hilord Chemical Corp HJE Systembau Eickhoff GmbH & Co KG Hoff & Korbel Stickmaschinen-Vertriebs GmbH Hongkong K & D Trading Co Ltd Hongyuan Techtex Huntsman Advanced Materials GmbH Hwang & Banike GmbH Ibena Technische Textilien GmbH ICI - WM Plastics USA Igepa Group GmbH & Co.KG IKONOS sp. z o.o. Imaging Solutions AG Impression Technology Europe Imprifab.com Impuls Apparatebau Jaeger & Sohn GmbH Inabata Europe S.A. Inglet SLU Ink Technologies UK Ltd InkTec Co Ltd Inkwin UK Ltd Innova Art INPRO Silkscreen Solutions BV InSpe Insta Graphic Systems Integration Technology Intelicoat Technologies International Coatings Company Inc INX Digital International Co Island Clean Air ISM/ GD Pro IST Metz GmbH Italeco ITINK Co Ltd ITW Morlock GmbH Iversen Graphic, s.l.u. ixpressia Jasdi Magnet Co Ltd Jemtex Ink Jet Printing Jetbest Corporation Jiangyin Hongmao Decoration Material Co Ltd Jiehui Exhibition Equipment Co Ltd Jin Kwang Chemical Co Ltd JOPEVI S.L J-Teck3 S.r.l. Junkers & Mullers GmbH JUTU Technologies Ltd KABUCO Buro-Systemhaus GmbH Kala SAS Kala SAS Kammi Digital Printing Co Ltd Kang Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd Karl Gröner GmbH Karya Tekstil SAN ve DIS TIC AS KASPAR PAPIR d.o.o. KD TOP Keencut Ltd Kernow Coatings Ltd K-Flow Kiian Spa Kimoto Ltd KIP Deutschland GmbH Kissel & Wolf GmbH (Kiwo) Kisters AG Klieverik Heli BV Konica Minolta IJ Technologies Inc Kopimask S.A. Kornit Digital Ltd Kothari Infotech Ltd Kunstdunger GmbH KyungIn Labo Print Lamina System Lancer Group International Large Format Laser Tools & Technics Corp Laurie Mullaney Associates Ltd LED Denmark LED SMC Espana S.L. LEDtec GmbH LG Hausys Linte Digital Fine Art Canvas Industry Liquid Lens Europe Ltd Lotus Transfers International Luen Hop Engineering & Enterprise Co Ltd Lüscher AG M.T.L. PRINT LTD MacDermind Autotype Macksmedia GmbH Mactac Europe S.A. Madeira Garnfabrik Rudolf Schmidt KG Magna Colours Ltd. Magnet Ltd Mantis World Ltd Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Marabu GmbH & Co.KG/Siebdruck-Partner Marcodie GmbH Marquage Textile Maschinenbau Bochonow GmbH Master Italia SpA Masterprint XL Sp. Z o.o. Matan Digital Printers (2001) Limited Matic SA Matsui International MDV GmbH medacom graphics GmbH Megacom A/S Mehler Texnologies GmbH Melco Europe Membrana Memcon Limited Merlin Technology GmbH MHM Siebdruckmaschinen GmbH Micron America Tekstil Deri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti Microtec Technology Co Ltd Miller Weldmaster Corporation Mimaki Europe B.V. MIRANDA Spółka z o.o. Mireco co. Ltd Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V mode... information GmbH Modern TransCopy Molco GMBH Montag Hampl & Partner GbR Monti Antonio S.p.a. Mountek Textilmaschinen-Vertriebs GmbH MS Srl MultiCam GmbH MultiPanel UK Multiplot Europe GmbH MUTOH NAGASE GmbH Nagel & Hermann OG Natgraph Limited Natura Media Inc Nazdar NBC Meshtec Incorporated Neolt Spa Neschen AG Ningbo So-Fine Paper Products Co Ltd Ningbo Yinzhou Sicol Sign Materials Co Ltd Nite Industrial Co Ltd Nordson UV Limited Nuclear Coating Fabric Obeikan Technical Fabrics Océ-Deutschland GmbH Océ-Deutschland GmbH Omnia Concepts OmniServe Print & Media Onewaypro Onyx Graphics Inc Optimum Digital Optimus Group Limited ORAFOL Europe GmbH Orientflex OYO Instruments, Europe Ltd. Oz Anadolu Kimya San.ve Tic.Ltd.Sti PALRAM Industries Ltd. Pasquato SNC Pfeil Nähmaschinen Phoseon Technology Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc. Pilopiia Stamion SA Plakativ/Print & Produktion Planet Graf S.C. Rafal Raczka Plastic Tech Developments Policrom Screens SPA Poli-Tape Klebefolien GmbH Polychromal BV PolyOne Corporation European Inks Division Polyprint SA Popsign Co Ltd Primex GmbH Print & Display Print & Publishing International Print Corex, S.L. (Cresa) Print Equipment GmbH & Co. KG Print Equipment GmbH & Co. KG Print Week Printool Swiss AG Printop (Sociedad Quimica Alemana S.A.) Prodecran Profil Tension System Pröll KG Pröll Services GmbH Promattex International Promic Marketing QCM Inks Europe Ltd Qingdao Great Wall Industrial Co Ltd Qingdao Makebest Trading Co Ltd Quaglia s.r.l Questor - T. Tenopoulou Rainbow Pigment Co.,Ltd Raventos Transfers Real Colour Industry Co Ltd REDGiant Inc (Korea) Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH Reflectiv Sas Reflomax Co Ltd Regulus GmbH Remco Chemie Rentzsch GmbH Renk Yolu Chem. Ltd. Rex-Tone Industries Ltd Reymatex SA Rheinmagnet Horst Baermann GmbH Rimslow Global Pty Ltd Ritrama SPA RJA - Plastics GmbH RK Siebdrucktechnik GmbH Robart International BV Sign Products Rogue Monk GmbH Roku Print GmbH Roland DG Benelux NV ROLLSROLLER Rolt Marketing Ltd ROSTECH ReTrading Rowmark Europe SAS RSK Tech Ltd RTAPE Europe (Industrial Consultants) Rutland.de S. Roque - Maquinas e Tecnologia Laser, SA S.E.F.A. S.A. S.M.R.E. Italy SA International - Europe SAATI Spa Sachsen Fahnen Gmbh & Co. KG Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation Salli Co Ltd Sanders Magneet Services Sawgrass Europe Screen Europe SEAL Graphics Secabo GmbH SEF Sefar AG Sei s.p.a. Seiko Instruments GmbH Sensient Imaging Technologies Sentec International BV Sepiax Ink Technology GmbH Seria (Tokai Shoji Co Ltd) Serigraf Service di Losa G.Carlo SETeMa B.V. Seung Min Industrial Co.,Ltd Shanghai Fly International Trade Co Ltd Shanghai Hanker Industry Co Ltd Shanghai Huayuan New Composite Materials Co Ltd Shanghai NAR Industrial Co Ltd Shanghai NIC Bolting Cloth MFG Co Ltd Shanghai Pallas Electric Co Ltd Shanghai Shangshai Bolting Cloth Manufacturing Co Ltd Shanghai Shanxi Corporation Ltd Shanghai Teckwin Development Co Ltd Shenzhen Inkbank Digital Consumable Co Ltd Shock Line SAS Show Shop Display Co Ltd Shunde Yongan Screenprinting Supplies Co Ltd SIASPRINT Services Srl SICO Screen Inks nv SiDream S.r.l. Siebdruck Service Welle GmbH Siebdruck-Service Eickmeyer GmbH Sigmund Lindner GmbH Sign Info Seri SignPro Europe Signs of Russia Magazine Signscal (Kunshan) Coating & Lamination Co Ltd Signtrade GmbH SignTronic AG Sihl GmbH Siliconi Commerciale S.P.A SILIPA GmbH Sinology Enterprise Sioen Digital Inks Sioen Industries SIOTEC - Associazione di Settore SIOTEC - Associazione di Settore SIP/TVP Sirpi SRL Siser s.r.l. SJ-D5 Inc SM Media Group Small Products Limited Smartcolor srl SMI Corporation Sociedad Europea Textil 2000, S.L Solo Invest SAS SOLTER. s.r.l. Solvetex Sosa Dias S.A. Soyang Technologies Co.,Ltd Sprayway USA SPS-technoscreen Stadur Produktions GmbH & Co. KG STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG STAHLS Europe GmbH StarFlex Co., Ltd Stiefelmayer-Contento GmbH & Co KG Stork Digital Imaging BV Storm Textil Sumiprint Q y C Ltda Summa Sun Chemical Ltd (UK) Sun Innovations Superwide Solutions GmbH Suzhou Donghua Trading & Developing Co Ltd Suzhou Omay Optical Material Co Ltd swissqprint AG Systeam GmbH T.P.M. Co., Ltd Taizhou Baiyun Jixiang Decorative Material Co Ltd Taizhou Wanford Decoration Material Co Ltd Tara Materials Inc. Taya Canvas (Shanghai) Company Ltd T-Biz Network International LLC TCH Warp Knitting Base Fabric Co Ltd Technigraf GmbH Technoplot GmbH Tekmar Teknotan Ltd Tesoma GmbH Texo Trade Services B.V. Textile & Graphics Solutions Ltd The M&R Companies Theurer.com GmbH Tiflex Transfair Spezialpapiere GmbH & Co KG Transmatic s.r.l. TrendOne Triple Sign System AB TROTEC Producktions u. Vertriebs GmbH Tulip Tullis Russell Coaters ltd UBM Trust Co Ltd Ulano International (V.I.), Inc (New York) Ultima Displays Ltd Ultraflex Europe Ltd Unico NV UNIFOL Self Adhesive PVC Films Union Ink Company Ltd. Unitex - Trelleborg update displays gmbh Utien Pack Co Ltd uv-technik meyer GmbH Vastex International Vedi Verseidag-Indutex GmbH VFP - Tripette & Renaud Image Vhf Camfacture AG Vision Tech. Co Vista Gorsel Cozumler Ltd VKF Renzel GmbH Voluma GmbH W+E GmbH Wall up - Stadler & Puderbach GbR Walter Schulze GmbH Wängi Mesh AG Wasatch Computer Technology LLC Weiss Maskin Teknik aps Wenzhou Acpass Display Equipment Co Ltd Wilcom International Pty Ltd Williams Ltd. Wimmer WNP Verlag GmbH Wonpoong Corporation Woosol Industry World Textile Publications Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production WP Digital AG WTB Werbe Technik Bedarf GmbH & Co.KG Wuxi Guoshun & Material Co Ltd X - MODULE AS Xaar plc Xennia Technology Limited X-Film Selbstklebefolien GmbH X-Film Selbstklebefolien GmbH Xiamen Poko Precision Die Of Wolfram Steel Tool Co Ltd X-Treme Yellotools Ltd Yeong Jeou Industrial (M) Sdn.Bhd Yuan Yuan Trading GmbH YuanYuan Inkjet Media (UK) Ltd Yupo Europe GmbH Zemat Technology Group Zenith Art System ZENTNER Systems GmbH ZEUS Co Ltd Zhejiang Botai Plastic Co Ltd Zhejiang Daoming Optics & Chem Co Ltd Zhejiang Dejia New Material Co Ltd Zhejiang Ganglong New Material Co Ltd Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co Ltd Zhejiang Huasheng Warp Knitting New Materials Co Ltd Zhejiang Huifeng New Materials Co Ltd Zhejiang Jinbao Screenprinting Machinery Co Ltd Zhejiang MSD Warp Knitting & Coating Co Ltd Zhejiang Tianxing Technical Textiles Co. Ltd Zhejiang Yuli Plastic Co Ltd Zhenxin (Shanghai) Co.Ltd Zhongyi Ink & Paint Co., Ltd Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH Zund Systemtechnik AG GEOGRAPHICAL BREAKDOWN OF EXHIBITORS Austria 13 Belgium 25 Canada 3 China 82 Colombia 1 Czech Republic 1 Denmark 8 France 26 Germany 167 Greece 4 Hong Kong 4 Hungary 1 India 3 Israel 6 Italy 49 Japan 4 Latvia 1 Lithuania 1 Luxembourg 1 Malaysia 1 Nerlands 28 Norway 1 Pakistan 1 Peru 1 Poland 8 Portugal 3 Russia 2 Saudi Arabia 1 Singapore 2 Solvenia 2 South Korea 34 Spain 16 Sweden 5 Switzerland 22 Taiwan 8 Thailand 1 Turkey 15 UK 55 United Arab Emirates 1 USA 29 Total number of countries 40 Total number of exhibitors

10 REPORT SUMMARY Whatever statistics, true barometer of success of any event is feedback from exhibitors and visitors, ir views and feedback from event, tone and optimism and belief that it has delivered a high quality experience. By those measures, 2010 has been outstanding. The show s success clearly proves robust nature of community and positive outlook that prevails whatever external economic conditions. And feedback from our community is that 2010 was best yet! 2010 was most exciting wide format show in Europe since Berlin Mark Twain once stated: rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated ; we believe rumours of death of European economy are also exaggerated. The leads and interest generated at this event have eclipsed any held in past few years. The number of customers buying second and third units is also continuing to grow. Stand traffic was impressive as we not only had large numbers of European visitors but also significant increases in number of attendees from Americas, Asia Pacific and Middle East. We tracked a huge increase in customer demand for our VUTEk and Rastek printers, but also for our Jetrion UV inkjet label printing press, our remote proofing, web-to-print and business process management software -- as printers in this market are looking to automate processes and expand ir business into new markets in Munich delivered on its promise to be premier platform for EFI to highlight its innovation into market. EFI Paul Cripps, Managing Director EMEA, EFI Visitor traffic on Fujifilm stand was very good and of a consistently high quality throughout show. The interest in Pro- File, our process independent colour management system, and our equipment, especially Uvistar a superwide format UV roll printer POP and billboard graphics, has been fantastic. We have seen a mix of high-calibre international visitors, including a large number from Eastern Europe, generating highest number of leads ever by Fujifilm at proves that printers are once again ready to invest and we look forward to capitalising on se in weeks and months ahead. Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe - Keith Harley, Head of Marketing - Wide Format was an outstanding show for HP sales-wise. The exhibition attracted a high quality of visitor from all over Europe, who, for first time were able to see HP s new products and end-to-end solutions. With five new products on display on stand, HP demonstrated that its strategy to replace solvent with UV and Latex is becoming a reality. The HP Designjet L25500 and HP Scitex LX600/LX800 latex printers generated more than 350 new leads alone. HP - François Martin, Marketing Director, Graphics Solutions Business EMEA This has been Canon s first visit to and we believe we have found a nice niche market here, especially for our environmentally friendly products. Visitors have come to see us interested in seeing our large format production systems. In fact, we have been surprised at just how much interest re has been, from re-sellers as well as end-users. The fair has given us a great overview of production market and we have experienced no or show with more international visitors. The quality of show is very high and we fully expect to be at next and are very keen to visit Hamburg. is has been a very worthwhile show for Canon, not only for Large Format Production but for our or products too. We would describe as an open door for production market. Canon Germany - Wilko van Oostrum, Channel Marketing Manager LFP We think is great, and best event around for d.gen. As a digital textile sponsor for show we have been absolutely delighted with response we received, and with 11 units we ve sold during exhibition. We have also been excited to hear opinion of visitors. The largest textile printer in world visited us during week and said that, having recently moved into digital textile arena, he absolutely loved show. We have now committed ourselves to all of s global events for next 12 months and look forward to successes y are sure to bring us. d.gen Andrea Negretti, President, d.gen Italy 2010 has fully delivered to our expectations Durst operates a consultative sales approach, so for us, affords us opportunity to both bolster relationships with existing customers and foster new ones. The extra elements of, namely debates and seminar programmes - with which we have been involved also enable us to communicate our key messages to our targets. For us, is most important show in Europe and has become an annual platform for Durst to launch our innovations. Durst Phototechnik - Michael Lackner, Marketing & Sales Director J-Teck3 is a young company having only existed since 2003, but since its first show in 2005, has been a constant presence at shows. For J-Teck3, has been a great show with has provided lots of new contacts. We feel we are now well known on market and has helped us to achieve this. We have been busy at 2010, all of our distributors and customers have come to stand and we have met a lot of new prospective customers; post- we are hoping for a lot of good new leads. Geographically, we have seen a good mixture of international visitors and feel show has a great international atmosphere. We have met Brazilians, Americans, and Asians; in or words, is well known worldwide. For our business is one of best shows around. You simply cannot miss it. J-Teck3 - Rosaria Pozzoni, Business Operation Manager has been a very nice experience for us. We re satisfied with show, and considering time period and conditions of market we have received a good response on stand. Our stand has been busy and lots of people have come to visit us - people from Europe and even furr afield. We have had a particularly good approach from Asia and we have a good relationship with Asian customers. Kiaan has certainly maximised its investment at - we have always been at shows and will continue to do so in future. We especially believe that is a place to concrete ideas and an occasion to firm up customer relations. Kiaan for example have received good prospects and feedback on future products. is most important event in market. It is impossible not to be here. If you re not at you are out of market Kiian Monica Cingolani, Image & Communication Manager We ve been exhibiting at events for over fifteen years and this is definitely our best one yet. We ve been selling nonstop everyday and have been seeing exact type of customers that we are looking to get in front of those being buyers from big-name labels, large corporations and fashion houses. We are seeing world here and have sold roughly a container of our latest ink product to every continent. Lancer Group Mark Dorrington, VP Sales is a great, busy show - re s a nice atmosphere and a lot of visitors seeking out new technologies and new applications. Digital is growing and maturing with each show, and re are lots of positive developments in this area. Mutoh goes to market through distributors, and all major European resellers are here. We have made high level contacts here with senior decision makers, and are seeing growing interest in area such as digital textile was international platform for Mutoh to launch several innovative printers, including direct to textile solutions and a UV printer dedicated to production of road traffic signs, as well as a palette of ground-breaking new inks. We also supported Wrap Cup, graphics for which were all printed on a Mutoh Blizzard printer. This has proved to be a great live showcase for Mutoh s expertise across media, inks and impeccable output. Mutoh - Nick Decock, Commercial Marketing Manager 16 17

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The Case for Investing in Europe 2014 Why U.S. firms should stay the course The Case for Investing in Europe 2014 Why U.S. firms should stay the course Joseph P. Quinlan Preface and Acknowledgements The case for investing in Europe remains as strong as ever. Defying the disbelievers,

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Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably

Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably to refer to any manager from any department responsible

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CONTENTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS NON-VOTING DIRECTORS CENSEURS STATUTORY AUDITORS. Serge KAMPF CHAIRMAN. Daniel BERNARD. CONTENTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Serge KAMPF CHAIRMAN Daniel BERNARD Yann DELABRIÈRE 02 Financial highlights 03 The Capgemini Group 37 Management report presented by the Board of Directors to the Shareholders

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Growing the global economy through SMEs

Growing the global economy through SMEs Growing the global economy through SMEs Contents Introduction and executive summary 4 Part 1. SMEs: The big picture 6 SMEs in the global economy 7 Impact of the financial crisis 12 Policy responses to

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HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits.

HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits. HP people HP s people are integral to the company s success. Recruiting, developing, and retaining the best employees provides us with a competitive advantage, so we strive to create supportive, motivating

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The Global Information Technology Report 2014

The Global Information Technology Report 2014 Insight Report The Global Information Technology Report 2014 Rewards and Risks of Big Data Beñat Bilbao-Osorio, Soumitra Dutta, and Bruno Lanvin, Editors Insight Report The Global Information Technology

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