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1 Summerville:Presbyterian:Church 4845:St :Paul:Blvd Rochester,:New:York,:14617 Theme:2014 :.:New:Hope January:26,: :a m Third:Sunday:a er:epiphany Ministers:- Every:Member:of:this:Congrega on The Rev. Dr. Thomas Ballard Interim Pastor Jacqueline nderson Director of Bell Choirs Deborah Carter Director of Youth & Educa on Kathy Greene - O ce Manager Rod Cutler - Director of Maintenance

2 WELCOME,,W,,,,,,,,,,,,N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,R,,,,,,,,,,,, -,,L,J,C,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PLE;SE,,,,,,,,,,,,,P,,,,,,,,, CHILD,C;RE,,,,,,,, /,,,T, -,,,, /,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L;RGE,PRINT,BIBLES,,,,,,, q,,p,,,b,,,,,,,,he;ring,;ssist;nce,,,,,,,,,, /,,,,,,,,,,MISS,;,WORSHIP,SERVICE?,,,S,,,,,;,CD-R,,,, q,,,,,,, , INTERESTED,IN,LE;RNING,MORE,,S,P,C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , N te,entrance TO THE CHURCH (AFTER ANNOUNCEMENTS) WILL BE BY THE FRONT DOOR AND ONTARIO VIEW STREET ONLY! ANY ANNOUNCEMENTS REGARDING INCLEMENT WEATHER OR EMERGENCY CLOSINGS CAN BE FOUND ON CHANNELS WROC TV 8, WHEC TV 10, WHAM TV 13, YNN NEWS CABLE CHANNEL 9, AND RADIO STATION WHAM. Rev,Ballard,ca,be,reached,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, Greeter,, sue,smith U her,,,jim,verni Y uth,greeter Natalie,wilkinson ;ll,are, v ted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,m,,, The,SESSION,ha,called,f r,the,; ual,mee g, f,summerv lle,pre byter a,church,t,be, held,,tod;y,at,11 15,a m,,fell w h p,hall,,the,purp e, f,the,; ual,mee g,,t, rev ew,the,pr gram,a d,m try, f,the,var u,c mm ee,a d,,the,2013,budget,,plea e, be,there,t, upp rt,y ur,m try, -2-

3 Prepara on:for::worship G,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W,,G,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,T,,,,,,G,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,T,,,,,,,,,,,T,C,,,,,,,,,,,,, C From, ;,Declaration,of,Faith Order:of:Worship We:Gather:in:God s:name: *Those:who:are:able,::please:stand *G;THERING,HYMN,N,,600,(,,1,,2) C,H,,M,C diademata M Pe ple W,,,,,,,?, T,w r h p,g d,a d,e j y,g d,f rever,,, TIDINGS,,,CHURCH W,,,,,,, INTERLUDE C;LL,TO,WORSHIP L, J,,R,,,,,,,, P, The,L rd,,my,l ght,a d, alva,wh m, hall,i,fear?,, L J,,F,,,I,,,,,,,, P My,heart, ay,g,a d, eek,the,face, f,g d,,,,, Katharine,mayer PR;YER,,CONFESSION, (Unison) Katherine,mayer,,,,,,,,,,,, G,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,, J,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,C,,,,, q,,,,f,,,,,,;,,,,,s,,,,,,, -,,,,,,,,,J,C,,L, ;SSUR;NCE,,P;RDON *SONG,,PR;ISE G,P H,N,561, -3-

4 EPISTLE,,,RE;DING I,C,1,10-18 Katharine,mayer GOSPEL,RE;DING M,4,12-23 Katharine,mayer O,L,,L!,O,,L, D! T,,,,O,,, T K,,,G,,,, D,,,- T,F,! L,,,,T,,,,,- G,,,,S,,,,! O,L,,L!,O,,L,, P! S,,,L,T,, P,,,, G,,,, L,T,,,L,,, ;,,,M,,,, M,,,,- ;,,, T, O,L,,L!,O,,L,, G! T,,,,W, -, O,,,,W,,,, L,,,,,, O,L,,L!,O,,L,, L! C,,,,S,,T,,D F,,,F,E,, H,,,,- T,,,, z T,,,,,E,,, C,,T,L,, T,L L,,L,O,L,, L! ; ;NTHEM, O,L,,,L mack,wilberg WORDS,,CHILDREN,PR;YER,,,LORD S,PR;YER, (children,leave,for,children s,workshop) barb,chamberlin PR;YER,,ILLUMIN;TION WE,PROCL;IM,GOD S,WORD T;N;KH,RE;DING I,9,1-4 rev,tom,ballard L T,W,,,L P Tha k,be,t,g d, SERMON ;,P,,E rev,tom,ballard -4-

5 ;FFIRM;TION,,F;ITH, WE,RESPOND,TO,GOD S,WORD T,;,C,II,,,,566 *HYMN,,REFLECTION,N,394,(,1,3,&,4) T,C,O,F JOYS,,CONCERNS,PR;YER,,INTERCESSION aurelia rev,tom,ballard PRESENT;TION,,TITHES,,OFFERINGS OFFERTORY rev,tom,ballard *DOXOLOGY,and,PR;YER,of,TH;NKSGIVING hymn,#556 WE,GO,IN,GOD S,N;ME *HYMN,,GOING,FORTH,N,,258 J,C,U sussex BENEDICTION BENEDICTION,RESPONSE POSTLUDE The pastor will greet you at the main entrance doors following worship. For the bene t of those who wish to listen to the postlude, please refrain from visi ng with your neighbors un l you have le the Sanctuary, or un l the Postlude is concluded. We thank Chris ne Stevens Schwind for being our music director this morning. -5-

6 S,,S,, -6-

7 Children s Workshop Jesus in the Temple Gathering in Room 12: January 5 th Superintendent: Brian Leavitt Jan. 12 Jan. 19 Seekers Room 12 Kitchen (Kindergarten-4 th grades) Mrs. Janet Smith Mrs. Patty Mayer Game Station Creative Cookery Teachers Kitchen Room 12 (5 th - 7 th grades) Mr. Todd Mayer Mrs. Janet Smith Creative Cookery Game Station Gathering in Room 12: January 26 th Shepherds: Seekers Zoe Sullivan, Teachers Margaret Mayer Jr./Sr. High Class (grades 8-12) - Room 2 with Mrs. Alana Sullivan Youth Group News (Grades 6-12). Youth Night: Friday, Feb. 7 at church, our parent chaperone is Paula Cummings

8 ;NNOUNCEMENTS Our,Church The, tle, f, ext,week, erm,,,r,c,,p,,i,c,1, 18-31,M,5,1-12,,M,6,1-8, The,Bru ch,bu ch,,,,s,f,2,,e,r,f,r, (,C,R ),,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,D,C,,S,C,,, Plea e,pla,t,a e d,;dult,f rum,,february,9th,,o,,,,,h, C,C,J,E,Y,,S,,,,,,,H,T,,J, Y,,,,,S,J,D,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,T,,,, -,,,,,, H,J,,,,2013,year,e d,pledge, tateme t,,,,,,,,,,,,;,m,,f,h, ;,NOTE,FROM,K;THY,REG;RDING,CHURCH,OFFICE,HOURS,;,,,,P, F,,S,C,,,,,,,,,,,E -,,,,F,2,I,,,,,,,,,,,,M,,,,,,,M,,W,, ,,T,,,N,,, ;,,,,,,,,,,M -S,,I,,,,,,T,&,W,,1/2,,,T,, Today s flowers are given anonymously in honor of our Pastor Nominating Committee volunteers. This announcement was left out of last week s bulletin. The flowers were given by Jeri Powell to honor Pat Myers for all that she does to keep our Sanctuary beautiful! my apologies, Kathy -8-

9 The Worship Committee members, in our effort to help our congregation continue to have a meaningful worship experience, would like to know some of your favorite hymns. We also think that collective information about our musical tastes might help our new minister and music director get to know our congregation. FAVORITE HYMNS FROM THE PEW HYMNAL by # or title: OTHER IDEAS ABOUT MUSIC TO SING IN CHURCH, or HYMNS FROM OTHER SOURCES: NAME (optional) Please return this form in the collection basket or to the office/worship Committee mailbox. Thank You! -10-

10 Dress A Girl... Imagine If Every Little Girl Owned at Least One Dress! H,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,US,,,,,,V,,,, R,,,N,Y,S,,,,,,, ,,,,,,2, B,,,, E,½,,3/4 I,,,,,,,,,,,, D,,G,P,,,;,,M,, 692,W,R "They will soar on wings like eagles." ~ Isaiah 40:31 F,,J,M,,,,,,,,,D,;,G,,,,;,,M, P,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,, -,,,M,L Wish List F,,new,,, 2,, 2-1/2,,,,,,, -,,,,,,, -11-

11 C;LEND;R, f,events S,J,26, , C, R, , W S 11 15, ;NNU;L,MEETING F,H , N,S,O,H L,L, M,J, , ;; R,10/14 T,J,28 W,J, , B, F,H 6 45, 8 45, T,79 R,14 T,J,30, N,S,F,2 9 00, C, R, , S,B,C,,ICC 9 55, W,C 11 15, C, F,H -12-