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1 The official newsletter of the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana October/November 2007 CCA Builds New Reef to Protect Turner s Bay Island in Calcasieu Lake Chevron s $100,000 donation boosted project The Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana announced the completion of construction of an artificial reef in Calcasieu Lake that will protect Turner s Bay Island against further erosion while providing anglers an enhanced fishing spot within minutes of the Calcasieu Point and Ellender Bridge landings. Located about 20 yards south of Turner s Bay Island, the new reef will protect the small island from tidal action that is causing it to erode. The new structure, to be known as Turner s Bay Island Reef, is in five to six feet of water and covers an area of about 1.5 acres. The reef, which is placed along the length of the island, is constructed of more than 2,700 tons of Missouri limestone shipped to the site on barges. Construction of the reef, which cost about $150,000, was coordinated by CCA Louisiana. Chevron Corporation donated $100,000 to the project. Matt Durand General Contractors of St. Martinville built the reef and provided major financial support for the project. Dynamic Industries, Inc.; CCA Louisiana; the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, and others contributed the balance of the cost of building the reef. The new reef will attract oyster beds, which in turn, attract fish. The Calcasieu Lake area is widely known for its abundance of speckled trout, redfish, flounder and other species that are sought by recreational fishermen. Saltwater fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in America especially in southwest Louisiana, said Rusty Vincent of Sulphur, a member of the CCA Louisiana Board of Directors who helped coordinate the project. continued on page 5 David Cresson Appointed New Executive Director David Cresson of Baton Rouge, a longtime conservationist, CCA member, avid angler and experienced manager for non-profit organizations, is CCA Louisiana s new executive director and chief executive officer. Cresson began his new job with CCA on Oct. 1. CCA Louisiana President Chris Harbuck of Shreveport said that Cresson was one of a number of strong candidates for the position. He came to CCA from Our Lady of the Lake Foundation, where he served as executive director and CEO. The Our Lady of the Lake Foundation is the development arm of Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, one of Baton Rouge s leading health care providers. Cresson has also worked as a high school coach in Baton Rouge. continued on page 5

2 Executive Director Message from Executive Director/CEO 2 On the Line October/November 2007 David Cresson I want to begin my first column as executive director and CEO of CCA Louisiana by thanking the many members of our volunteer leadership and staff for making this transition move along so smoothly. My most sincere thanks also go to CCA Louisiana President Chris Harbuck, Bob Bush and the other members of the leadership team that coordinated the process for hiring a new executive director. Coming to work for CCA is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in my professional life. CCA is a great organization that is making a real difference in our state. On top of being a great organization, CCA s mission is something that I really believe in. As a long-time member of CCA Louisiana, I ve always supported our activities and developed an even keener appreciation for the importance of marine conservation. My appreciation and love of our great Louisiana outdoors began as it probably did for many of you on fishing trips to the coast with my father. Growing up in the New Orleans area, good saltwater fishing spots were always close by. We spent many weekends on family fishing trips to places like Delacroix, Shell Beach, Hopedale and Point a la Hache. My love of fishing continues to this day and I seldom miss a chance to head to the coast for a weekend of fun. I know that I will face challenges in this new job, but they re going to be different than those that many people face when moving to a new job. CCA Louisiana is already a strong and well-run association that is in the midst of a tremendous growth pattern. My challenge will be in maintaining and even improving upon this momentum. It hasn t taken me long to figure out the key to CCA Louisiana s success it s in the commitment of our thousands of members, our hard-working volunteer leaders and our first-class staff. Jeff Angers, my predecessor whom I greatly admire, worked wonders during his 15 years at the helm of CCA Louisiana. He s leaving some big shoes to fill. As a long-time member of CCA in Baton Rouge, I ve been active in activities of our local chapter. Before the end of 2007, I plan to visit each of our 22 chapters to get to know the local leadership and as many members as I can. The strong support and guidance of our volunteer leadership and our staff is helping me hit the ground running. My job before coming to CCA was President and CEO of the Foundation for a large regional hospital in Baton Rouge. In that role, I worked with many continued on page 3 Jack Lawton, Jr. Chairman Robert Alexander Tim Allen George Anthon Lee Arcement Kevin Bankston Chris Barker Bill Bass Ted Beaullieu George Bent Jason Bertrand Bill Blanchet Boysie Bollinger Paul Bourgeois Craig Brammer Al Broussard Gerald Bryant Bob Bush P.B. Candies Danny Cannon Charlie Caplinger Mike Coullard Howard Cuevas John Curren Bentley Curry Dal Daigle M.J. Danos David Defelice Allen Deffner Chris Diedrich Al Domescik Rich Donaldson Roger Doody, Jr. Tad Dowd Chas Drost Berwick Duval CCA Louisiana Staff David Cresson Executive Director/CEO Sam Barbera III S.T.A.R. Director 2007 CCA Louisiana Board of Directors Beth Ford CCA/S.T.A.R. Admin. Coordinator Chris Harbuck President Brad Fife Doyle Fontenot Bryan Foti Carter Fourrier Edward Francis Bob Fruge Randy Gros Sonny Guice Chris Harbuck Ron Harris Glenn Hebert Gary Hickman Randy Hovey Jim Hufft George Huye Todd Johnson Richard Kernion Walter Kirtland Corry Landry Wayne Landwerlin Kirk LaVigne, Jr. Jack Lawton Jr. Andy LeBlanc Guy Legendre Todd Lormand Doug Major John Marshall Craig Matherne Robert McGuirt Ronald Melebeck Nat Mercante Frederic Miller Patrick Milligan Marc Mouton Mike Norton Mike Oncale Rad Trascher Director of Development Lara Ballard Assistant Director Ryan Guerin Assistant Director Bill Blanchet Treasurer Kevin Bankston Secretary Edmond O Quin Andy Plauche Ralph Rabalais Anthony Randazzo Andy Roberts Chris Roos Nelson Roth, Jr. Joey Russo Jim Russo Mike Schexnayder John Schneider Gus Schram III Rogers Serpas Ros Shirley Kirk Sieber John Sour Luke St. Pierre Troy Stine Joe Territo Randy Theriot Mark Thibodeaux Ray Thomas Jason Thomasee Teddy Twigg E. J. Vail Danny Van Scott Vicknair Pierre Villere Rusty Vincent Kelly Walker John Walther Carolyn Walther J.C. Webb Louis Wellan Shag Wheelington Advertising in On the Line On the Line, the official newsletter of the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana, is an 8.5x11, four-color process, bi-monthly newsletter distributed to CCA Louisiana members throughout the state. Newsletters are mailed by the first of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Ads are due by the 15th of the previous month (i.e. an ad for the February On the Line is due by January 15th). For more information about advertising in On the Line, contact Beth Ford, CCA/S.T.A.R. Administrative Coordinator, at Jonathan Bodin Events Coordinator Tony Berrigan Part-time Banquet Assistant Darlene Dehner Accounting

3 Recreational Fishery Hijacked Gulf Council considers plan to reward commercial sector for overfishing amberjack The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has declared that Gulf greater amberjack are overfished and is considering increasing the commercial share of the fishery and reducing the recreational bag limit to one fish for every two anglers aboard a vessel. The recreational restrictions are being considered despite the fact that unchecked commercial overfishing since 1990 is the primary cause of problems in the fishery. There is no logic that can explain even considering this type of allocation shift, said Fred Miller, chairman of the CCA National Government Relations Committee. The significant factors that led to overfishing were the lack of a commercial quota and any effort to hold that sector within its allocated share since 1990, and yet now the Council is actually considering rewarding the commercial sector for overfishing the resource. Prior to the sudden escalation in commercial harvest of amberjack in the mid-1980s, the recreational sector took about 86 percent of the total harvest. Commercial harvest increased from less than 5 percent prior to 1982 to 34 percent in In 1990, Amendment 1 to the Gulf Reef Fish Plan formally adopted an allocation of 84 percent to the recreational sector and 16 percent to the commercial industry in a clear attempt to stabilize the amberjack fishery at its historic allocation ratios and prevent expansion of the commercial sector. Regulations included in Amendment 1 were designed to produce a 45 percent reduction in harvest for both sectors, but from 1990 to 1993 annual commercial landings were reduced just 22 percent while recreational landings were reduced by 42 percent. Today, the effective allocation of amberjack is 68 percent recreational to 32 percent commercial due solely to the failure to limit commercial harvest effectively. Commercial landings have never been controlled and that is the main reason the stock is overfished, said David Cummins, CCA America president. There is no sense of NEWS fairness or good governance in forcing the recreational sector to suffer from the lack of controls over the commercial fishery. The allocation does not need to be changed; it needs to be enforced. If the current allocation was effectively enforced, a reduction in the recreational bag limit would not be necessary and the conservation goal could be achieved by raising the recreational minimum size from 28 inches to 30 inches. Rather than exercise some control over the commercial fishing sector, the Council is obviously trying to take the easy way out, said Miller. Anglers have done their part to conserve amberjack in the past and are willing to do more to restore the resource today. But we can t be expected to pay for the greed of the commercial sector or the reluctance of federal authorities to enforce the rules. It is time for the Council to live up to its responsibilities. Executive Director Message continued from page 2 volunteers, organized countless fundraisers, and our staff put on many events. Those activities are also major elements of my new job with CCA. What s really different at CCA is conservation, public policy, and the political side of the job all areas in which I am excited to be working. I m sincerely looking forward to working with you, and I will rely on our members, volunteer leaders and staff to help take CCA Louisiana to even greater heights. Remember to take a kid fishing they re our future. -David October/November 2007 On the Line 3

4 NEWS 1) Will you oppose efforts to repeal or weaken the gill-net ban (The Louisiana Marine Resources Conservation Act; Act 1316 of 1995)? Yes: Jindal, Georges & Campbell 2) Will you support continued permanent gamefish status for redfish? Yes: Jindal & Georges (Campbell s response: It depends on counts of redfish in the future! ) 3) Are you committed to making efforts to save Louisiana s coast a budget priority? Yes: Jindal, Georges & Campbell 4) Will you request input and recommendations from CCA Louisiana and other conservation organizations regarding your appointment of the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries? Yes: Jindal, Georges & Campbell Gubernatorial candidates respond to CCA issues survey Three of the four major candidates for governor responded to a seven-question CCA Louisiana survey on marine conservation issues. CCA sent the survey questionnaires to candidates Walter Boasso, Foster Campbell, John Georges and Bobby Jindal. Boasso did not respond to the questionnaire. Jindal and Georges agreed with CCA s position on all seven issues. Campbell agreed with CCA s positions on four of the issues, expressed conditional support on two issues, and was non-committal regarding permanent gamefish status for redfish. We encourage our CCA members to become aware of the positions that candidates take on the marine conservation issues that are important to us, said Chris Harbuck, president of CCA Louisiana. We thank the candidates who responded for taking the time to complete our questionnaire and we are pleased by their understanding of our issues. The questions and candidates responses are as follows. 5) Will you request input and recommendations from CCA Louisiana and other conservation organizations regarding your appointments to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission? Yes: Jindal, Georges & Campbell 6) Will you support legislation to establish a permanent and reliable source of funding for LDWF so that the agency does not have to struggle each year for adequate funds to operate? Yes: Jindal & Georges (Campbell s response: Probably, but with assurances of adequate oversight. ) 7) State policy calls for inshore artificial reefs to be constructed of #57 limestone, an expensive material that must be transported from other states or countries. Would you support policies allowing alternative artificial reef materials, i.e. concrete from demolition sites? Yes: Jindal & Georges (Campbell s response: Yes, if scientifically and environmentally sound. ) (Jindal added the following to his response to this question: Yes, we should pursue the use of alternative reef materials in a way that is more cost effective and efficient, while being sensitive to the concerns of other parties. ) Candidate responses to top four question affecting marine conservation. Jindal Georges Campbell Boasso Support Gill-net Ban Y Y Y No Response Support Redfish as Gamefish Y Y * No Response Support Coastal Restoration Y Y Y No Response Stable Funding for LDWF Y Y Y No Response *Responded Yes but added: It depends on counts of redfish in the future. Show your CCA pride with a special license plate Whether you drive a rusty, old pickup truck or a sleek sports car, you and your vehicle will stand out with a special CCA Louisiana license plate. The special plates bearing our signature redfish will let everybody know that you support marine conservation. The official CCA Louisiana plates were big sellers until litigation forced the state to discontinue sales of all custom license plates. The litigation has been settled and the official CCA Louisiana license plates can be obtained from the Office of Motor Vehicles. You don t have to wait until you buy a new vehicle to order the special plates. You can request an official CCA Louisiana license plate for your present vehicle. The additional fee the state charges for the special CCA plate goes to the Enforcement Division of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. You can support LDWF and show your own support for marine conservation by placing one of these official plates on your vehicle. On the Line October/November 2007

5 Turner s Bay Reef Installation continued from page 1 Calcasieu Lake is attractive to both Louisiana anglers and to thousands who travel from other states to spend a few days fishing and taking advantage of other activities available in our area. The new reef will make fishing in the area even more attractive. John Walther of Thibodaux, volunteer statewide coordinator for CCA Louisiana s reef restoration and building program, said the Turner s Bay site was carefully selected to have a positive ecological impact while providing a productive fishing spot. One of the great things about the new reef is that it s only a five-minute boat ride from Calcasieu Point Landing, Walther said. The reef will make great fishing available to many anglers because it s so close to shore and accessible to both large and small boats. Bill Hauhe, Global Gas Manager for Chevron, said the $100,000 donation from Chevron s Gulf of Mexico and Global Gas businesses is part of the company s commitment to helping Louisiana deal with coastal erosion issues. Chevron is pleased to partner with the Coastal Conservation Association in an effort to find solutions that will protect and maintain the Gulf Coast region, Hauhe said. Our our employees live and work here, and we hope this contribution to the Turner s Bay Island Reef project will help to provide valuable fisheries habitat and protection for Louisiana s valuable coastal resources. Turner s Bay Island Reef is the third major reef restoration project that CCA Louisiana has undertaken in recent years as part of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife Cresson Named Executive Director continued from page 1 Cresson replaces longtime CCA Executive Director Jeff Angers, who accepted the position of president of the Center for Coastal Conservation. Sam Barbera served as interim executive director for the past few months and continues in his position as S.T.A.R. tournament director. As head of CCA Louisiana, Cresson will oversee the organization s conservation programs, legislative initiatives, coordinate development activities with CCA s 22 local chapters and 30,000 members and volunteers, and oversee CCA s staff at its Baton Rouge headquarters. We are delighted that someone with David s strong credentials and interest in marine conservation has accepted the position of executive director and CEO of CCA Louisiana, said Harbuck, CCA s highest volunteer officer. As a longtime active member of CCA s Baton Rouge chapter, David is already well known to many of our members. He comes to CCA with great success as head of one of the capital region s largest foundations. and Fisheries Artificial Reef Program. Other reef projects spearheaded by CCA include the Bird Island Reef near Terrebonne Bay and Redfish Point Reef in Vermilion Bay. LDWF s focus on artificial reefs began in 1986 with the popular Rigs-to-Reefs program which extended to inshore artificial reef development. This reef is one of dozens completed under LDWF s program. CCA Louisiana President Chris Harbuck of Shreveport said the reef project is an example of the how private, public and non-profit organizations can work together for projects that bring about positive results. Chevron s generous donation helped get this project rolling and contributions from others ensured that it would be completed, said Harbuck. Chevron has been a great supporter of coastal restoration, and CCA thanks them very much for helping us get this important project moving forward. LDWF and CCA also partnered with Lafayette office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in this project. NEWS A native of the New Orleans area, Cresson said his awareness of and interest in marine conservation comes from his many years of fishing along Louisiana s coast. He began saltwater fishing at a young age with his late father, who was an avid outdoorsman and member of CCA Louisiana. CCA provided the initial leadership that brought marine conservation to the forefront as an issue in Louisiana, Cresson said. With our rapidly eroding coast, Louisiana faces enormous conservation issues that require active participation from organizations like CCA. I m looking forward to helping uphold the strong tradition of conservation leadership for which CCA is well known. A special team consisting of CCA board members Bob Bush of Baton Rouge, Snoop Roth of Gonzales, Rusty Vincent of Sulphur, Chris Roos of New Orleans, Harbuck, and Judy Shaw of CCA America coordinated the search for the new executive director. A graduate of Spring Hill College in Mobile, David and his wife Melissa have three children. October/November 2007 On the Line 5

6 S.T.A.R. Awards BanqueT Thursday, October 18, 2007 Live Oak Arabians 6300 Jefferson Highway Baton Rouge, LA Cocktails 5:00 p.m. S.T.A.R. Awards 6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m. Auction 8:00 p.m. Live Auction Raffles silent Auction great Dinner Open Bar For ticket or table information, call S.T.A.R. Director Sam Barbera (225) On the Line October/November 2007

7 TROUT (1st Half) Name Weigh Weigh Station Division Scott Rauch 7.65 lbs. Puglia s East Terry St. Cyr 7.18 lbs. Bridgeside Marina East Tony Bruce 7.10 lbs. Bridgeside Marina East 2007 S.T.A.R. LEADERBOARD Official Results LEMONFISH Name Weight Weigh Station Justin Lane lbs. Bridgeside Dale Thibodeaux lbs. Dago s Matthew Adams lbs Chris Moran s Belle Pass Marina David Billeaud 7.92 lbs. Dago s Central David Billeaud 7.84 lbs. Dago s Central Vance Mitchell 6.64 lbs. Bridgeside Marina Central Larry Simon 7.80 lbs. Cajun Fast Mart West Mark Jeanes 7.45 lbs. Cajun Fast Mart West John Alex Radford 7.25 lbs. Calcasieu Point Landing West TROUT (2nd Half) Name Weight Weigh Station Division Ross Neil Record 7.30 lbs. Venice Marina East Bootsie Toups 7.04 lbs. Bridgeside Marina East Christian Fuller 7.00 lbs. Venice Marina East Jeff Broussard 7.50 lbs. Dago s Central Jeff Broussard 7.10 lbs. Dago s Central Roland Derouen 6.50 lbs. Dago s Central Dennis Lavergne 7.20 lbs. Calcasieu Point Landing West Daniel Pruitt 7.20 lbs. Calcasieu Point Landing West David Hebert 7.05 lbs. Calcasieu Point Landing West FLOUNDER Name Weight Weigh Station Division David Dyson 5.20 lbs. Venice Marina East Mark Boykin 3.80 lbs. Rigolets Bait and Seafood East Edward Dobson 3.70 lbs. Venice Marina East BLACK DRUM Name Weight Weigh Station Johnathan Maestri lbs. Puglia s Josh Church lbs. Cajun Fast Mart Savannah Hayse lbs. Cajun Fast Mart YELLOWFIN TUNA Name Weight Weigh Station Scott Pecue lbs. Sand Dollar Marina MANGROVE SNAPPER Name Weight Weigh Station Paul D. Frey lbs. Sand Dollar Marina Rodney Wagley lbs. Bridgeside Marina Larry Hafford lbs. Bridgeside Marina AMBERJACK Name Weight Weigh Station John Tabor lbs. Moran s Belle Pass Marina Beau Tate lbs. Pecan Island Food Store Beau Tate lbs. Gulfway Sporting Goods CAPTAIN S CUP Name Weight Weigh Station Division Capt. Dudley Vandenborre 7.25 lbs. Rigolets Bait and Seafood East Capt. Todd Semar 4.04 lbs. Dago s Central Greg Jeffers 6.30 lbs. Calcasieu Point Landing West Quentin LeBoeuf 5.05 lbs. Calcasieu Point Landing West Jeff Sherrill 4.90 lbs. Cajun Fast Mart West David J. Ward 4.75 lbs. Cajun Fast Mart West SHEEPSHEAD Name Weight Weigh Station Alan Thibodeaux lbs. Puglia s Allen Bradbury 9.50 lbs. Puglia s Christopher Nalty 9.05 lbs. Rigolets Bait and Seafood NEW TIDE TROUT Name Weigh Station Division Abigail Diez Bridgeside Marina East Andrew Menard Dago s West NEW TIDE FLOUNDER Trace Day Sand Dollar Marina East Jonathan Suttle Cajun Fast Mart West KUDOS TO OUR 2007 S.T.A.R. SPONSORS!! October/November 2007 On the Line 7

8 AROUND THE STATE Summer and Fall Banquets, The Bertrand family pass a good time at the Cajun CCA Banquet. Banquet committeemen Douglas Drennan and Charles Suhren show off their raffle prizes. The Second Annual Sugar CCA banquet was a huge success. Thanks to a great committee and Title Sponsors Musson-Patout and Community First Bank. Andy LeBlanc and Dr. Johnny Perez check people in at the door at the Bayou Lafourche CCA Banquet. New ED David Cresson (far right) is welcomed into the Ascension Committee by Dal Daigle, Dr. Lance Hildaglo, Will Carver and Charlie Lieux at their banquet at Lamar Dixon in Gonzales. Wendy Foti and CCA s Lara Ballard visit at the Cajun CCA Banquet. Bobby Green and Charlie Caplinger catch up on fishing trips at the Delta CCA Banquet. The Vermilion CCA Group flank Sugar CCA committeeman Al Broussard at the Sugar CCA Banquet in New Iberia The Paws Pumps crew enjoys cocktails at the Bayou Lafourche CCA Banquet. Ascension CCA President George Huye welcomes the largest crowd in CCA history at their chapter banquet sponsored by Eatel. On the Line October/November 2007 Delta CCA chapter president Chris Roos visits with Capt. C.T. Williams and Danika Bailey at the Delta CCA Banquet. Our friends at Musson Patout Chevrolet made the Sugar CCA Banquet a family event. Special thanks to Musson Patout Chevrolet for being the Platinum Sponsor of the event

9 Meetings and Redfish Challenge AROUND THE STATE Todd, Brent and Justin Morales show off the boat in which they caught the winning lbs. of redfish at the Redfish Challenge held in Lake Charles. The winning ticket at the Bayou Lafourche CCA Banquet. The Coullard kids give a thumbs up to their dad, Mike, and the rest of the committee for putting together the Ascension CCA Banquet. Suzy and JC Webb enjoy their meal at the Cajun CCA Banquet. Sugar CCA President Kirk Sieber and Banquet Chairman Corry Landry are complemented by friends on what a great event they organized. Thanks to you and your committee. Catching up on old times at the Bayou Lafourche CCA Banquet at Nicholls State University. The representatives from statewide banquet sponsor American Rodsmiths definitely enjoyed the Ascension CCA Banquet presented by Cabela s. Cajun CCA chapter president Bryan Foti enjoys the banquet with his wife Wendy. The crowd gathers for the announcement of the winners of the Redfish Challenge held at Calcasieu Point Landing in Lake Charles. Mr. Bourgeois and CCA s Sam Barbera visit at the Bayou Lafourche CCA Banquet. Committee members Michael Thompson and Caryn Benjamin were not only a big help with planning the event they also were big winners. October/November 2007 On the Line

10 10 On the Line October/November 2007

11 Coastal Conservation Association MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION & 2007 S.T.A.R. Entry Name Phone Fax Address City State Zip New Membership Renewal Membership (Member ID# ) Gift Membership Method of payment Check or Money Order enclosed Charge to my (circle one): MasterCard AmEx Visa Discover MEMBERSHIP ONLY: $ 25 Membership card, window decal, bumper stickers, TIDE magazine. S.T.A.R. ENTRY FEE: $ 20 Tournament entry fee. You MUST be a current member (adult or youth). MEMBER + S.T.A.R.: $ 45 All of the above plus 2007 S.T.A.R. entry fee. ASSOCIATE MEMBER: $ 15 Per each adult family member. All member privileges except TIDE. ASSOCIATE + S.T.A.R.: $ 35 Same as above plus 2007 S.T.A.R. entry fee. NEW TIDE (YOUTH): $ 10 Rising Tide newsletter, logo patch & decal, iron-on T-shirt transfer, redfish sticker. For members 17-and-under only. NEW TIDE + S.T.A.R.: $ 30 Same as above for youth, plus 2007 S.T.A.R. entry fee. LIFE MEMBER: $ 1,000 Print plus special conservation gifts. Payable in four $250 installments. Signature Credit Card Number Parent/Guardian Signature of New Tide Member or Buyer of Gift Membership Exp. Date I understand that there are specific rules governing the conduct of the 2007 S.T.A.R. By entering this tournament I agree to be bound by the 2007 S.T.A.R. Tournament Rules, Release & Indemnity Agreement. (Membership in CCA Louisiana is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.) CCA Louisiana P.O. Box 373 Baton Rouge, LA Phone (225) Fax (225) F8OL October/November 2007 On the Line 11

12 Coastal Conservation Association Post Office Box 373 Baton Rouge, LA Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Baton Rouge, LA Permit No. 615 Your official CCA Louisiana membership expires on the date shown here. If the date has passed...please keep us strong...please renew...even online at CCA Upcoming Events October S.T.A.R. Banquet November 8... River Parishes CCA Banquet