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1 JH WEEKLIES ISSUE # TOSS-UP QUESTIONS 1. SOCIAL STUDIES (History) Rising to prominence in the early 13th century, this empire was centered on the Andean mountain range in South America. The empire stretched across Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, and stretched as far south as Argentina and Chile. The capital city was located in Cusco. What is the name of this powerful cultural empire that served as the largest in America prior to Columbus landing? ANSWER: Inca 2. SCIENCE (Physical Science) When a substance is dissolved into another, a solution is formed. The solute is the chemical liquid which is dissolved in the process. What name is given to the substance that dissolves the solute to create a solution? ANSWER: solvent 3. FINE ARTS (Music) In musical notation, a note can be lowered a half step or raised a half step by including one of these symbols on the piece of sheet music. What name is given to the sharps, flats, or naturals that indicate how a note should be played without changing the key signature? ANSWER: accidental 4. LANGUAGE ARTS (Literature) In November of 1967, Jann Wenner designed and published this new magazine that has since become internationally famous as the journal of rock music. The magazine is published every two weeks and has featured such artists as Britney Spears, John Lennon, and Bruce Springsteen on its cover. What is the name of this legendary pop culture magazine that shares its name with a popular British rock band? ANSWER: Rolling Stone

2 5. MATHEMATICS (General Mathematics) COMPUTATION Solve the following problem involving square roots ANSWER: 4 6. SOCIAL STUDIES (Geography) This lake is home to the Old Man of the Lake, a tree stump that once served as the base for a full sized tree that has bobbed in the middle of the lake for over 100 years. The lake features clear blue water housed in a caldera nearly 2,200 feet deep. What is the name of this Oregon lake that is the deepest lake in the United States? ANSWER: Crater Lake 7. SCIENCE (Life Science) Primarily centralized into the tropical regions of the world, this order of animal descended from a largely tree-dwelling group of ancestors. They range in size from a small lemur who weighs one ounce, to a nearly 450 pound lowland gorilla. Into which order of mammals are humans, apes, baboons, and chimpanzees classified? ANSWER: Primate 8. LANGUAGE ARTS (Spelling) Spell the word in the following sentence that can refer to either a receptacle or a particular type of burial place. A charnel house is an acceptable repository for the bones or bodies of the dead. Spell repository. ANSWER: r-e-p-o-s-i-t-o-r-y 9. MATHEMATICS (Algebra) COMPUTATION If x = -3, what is x raised to the xth power? ANSWER: - 1 / MISCELLANEOUS (Sports) This sport was invented in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895 by a businessman looking to motivate sedentary businessmen who found the new sport of basketball too strenuous. The sport has since blossomed to include varieties played indoors on a court and outdoors on sand. What is the name of this sport whose point begins with a serve and often ends with a kill? ANSWER: volleyball 11. SCIENCE (Earth Science) When a scientist studies an earthquake and its causes, they are said to be partaking in this form of scientific theory. The theory is built upon the idea of continental drift and the boundaries that are now created based on the movement of the continents. What is the name of this geoscientific theory that details the large-scale movement of the Earth s outermost shell? ANSWER: plate tectonics

3 12. LANGUAGE ARTS (Literature) This ancient Greek philosopher provided the first reference to Atlantis in his writings, founded the Academy of Athens as a teacher, and provided the basis for a type of realism that bears his name. He learned his trade from his teacher Socrates and ultimately developed the basis for many forms of mathematics and philosophy that had yet to be recorded. What is the name of this Classical Greek who imparted his wisdom to his student Aristotle? ANSWER: Plato 13. FINE ARTS (Art) When studying this artistic discipline, students are often shown work by Dorothea Lange, Annie Liebovitz, and Ansel Adams. What is this discipline in which a student would also be taught how to adjust the aperature, lens, and shutter speed? ANSWER: photography 14. SOCIAL STUDIES (Civics) President George W. Bush s signature education bill, PL , became law in The law emphasizes setting goals and standards for students to reach in order to be successful in school. In accordance, and in order to receive school funding, schools are now required to develop assessments to better gauge a student s basic skills. What is the name for this Congressional act that greatly expanded the government s role in ensuring that every student had the opportunity to advance? ANSWER: No Child Left Behind 15. MISCELLANEOUS (Television) Boris Karloff provided both the narration and the speaking voice of the main antagonist in this popular Christmastime television special. The special was originally produced by The Cat in the Hat Productions and was adapted into a major motion picture in 2000, starring Jim Carrey in the lead role. What is the name of this Dr. Seuss adapted special that features a sullen resident of Whoville? ANSWER: Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 16. SCIENCE (Physical Science) Often seen printed on the sides of light bulbs, this SI unit is defined as one joule per second. The lamp that contains each light bulb is designed with a pre-determined power rating set between 25 to 100. What is this unit of power that is represented by a capital W? ANSWER: watt 17. MATHEMATICS (Geometry) The formula for the area of this particular type of quadrilateral is 1 / 2 times the quantity base 1 plus base 2 times the height. What is this geometric shape that always has at least one pair of parallel sides? ANSWER: trapezoid

4 18. SOCIAL STUDIES (History) One of the five pillars of Islam requires that Muslims fast from dawn to dusk in the ninth month of the lunar calendar. What is the name of this sacred month on the Islamic Calendar in which all adult Muslims abstain from consuming any foods or liquids? ANSWER: Ramadan 19. LANGUAGE ARTS (Vocabulary) This word and grammatical term is demonstrated by the sentence Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers. What is this word that describes the repetition of a particular sound in a grouping of words or phrases? ANSWER: alliteration 20. MATHEMATICS (Algebra) COMPUTATION There are three consecutive integers such that the sum of the first and twice the second is 30 more than the third. What is the largest of these three integers? ANSWER: 17

5 BONUS QUESTIONS 1. SOCIAL STUDIES (4 Parts in History) Name these famous historical women. 1. She became the first African-American to win a court case against a white man and famously delivered her Ain t I a Woman speech in This Native American princess rescued John Smith from the Powhatan Indians. 3. This First Lady represented the United States in the General Assembly of the United Nations from 1949 to This lady and her husband were tried and executed in 1953 as spies for the Soviet Union. ANSWERS: 1. Sojourner Truth 2. Pocahontas 3. Eleanor Roosevelt (full name required) 4. Ethel Rosenberg 2. FINE ARTS (4 Parts in Art) Identify these art terms that begin with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. 1. Any material that is used to create a work of art. 2. Alexander Calder s most popular type of art. 3. A stiff window-frame piece of cardboard that forms a border and is used to protect an art print when framing. 4. An adjective that describes a work that is done in only one color, such as Gainsborough s Blue Boy. ANSWERS: 1. medium 2. mobile 3. matte 4. monochromatic 3. LANGUAGE ARTS (4 Parts in Literature) Answer these questions about the Trojan War. 1. Which book by Homer tells the story of the Trojan War? 2. What beautiful woman was abducted from the Greeks by Paris, a Trojan prince, thus actually starting the Trojan War? 3. What Greek leader finally devised a plan to trick the Trojans? 4. Where did the Greeks hide in order to pass through Troy s walls? ANSWERS: 1. The Iliad 2. Helen of Troy 3. Odysseus 4. Trojan Horse (wooden horse) 4. MATHEMATICS (4 Parts in Algebra) Factor the following trinomials. 1. 2x 2 7x x 2 8x x 2 + 8x x 2 + 7x + 2 ANSWERS: 1. (2x + 3)(x 5) 2. (x 4) 2 or (x 4)(x 4) 3. (x + 7)(x + 1) 4. (3x + 1)(x + 2)

6 5. SCIENCE (4 Parts in Life Science) Answer these questions about a variety of animals. 1. What is the name for the process in which a snake sheds its skin? 2. What infraclass of mammals includes such animals as wombats, opossums and koala bears? 3. Into which class of vertebrates is terrapins classified? 4. What part of the snail s body manufactures its shell? ANSWERS: 1. molting 2. marsupials (Marsupialia) 3. reptiles 4. mantle 6. MISCELLANEOUS (4 Parts in Television) Give the full name of the following cable television station acronyms. 1. CNN 2. TBS 3. AMC 4. HGTV ANSWERS: 1. Cable News Network 2. Turner Broadcasting Systems 3. American Movie Classics 4. Home & Garden Television 7. MATHEMATICS (4 Parts in General Mathematics) Identify these mathematical terms. 1. The first and last terms in the ratio of a proportion. 2. The number 6 in the expression 6x The mathematical average of a set of numbers. 4. A mathematical statement that contains the less than or greater than symbols. ANSWERS: 1. extremes 2. coefficient 3. mean 4. inequality 8. LANGUAGE ARTS (4 Parts in Vocabulary) You will be given a clue containing a definition of a mystery word, its number of letters, and its first letter. Use the clue to detect the elusive word letters, begins with p ; An abundance from which to choose letters, begins with o ; The state of being unknown letters, begins with a ; A strong feeling of dislike or opposition 4. 7 letters, begins with r ; A person who lives in seclusion from society. ANSWERS: 1. plethora 2. obscurity 3. aversion 4. recluse

7 9. SOCIAL STUDIES (4 Parts in Civics) The European Union is an organization that was formed by some European countries in order to help these countries cooperate with one another. Answer these questions about this organization. 1. What single unit of currency have these countries adopted? 2. What type of government must every member of the European Union practice? 3. Which of the countries in the European Union has the largest land area? 4. What landlocked country, surrounded by France and Germany, is the smallest country in the European Union? ANSWERS: 1. Euro 2. Democracy 3. Germany 4. Luxembourg 10. SCIENCE (4 Parts in Physical Science) Answer these questions about waves. 1. What is the name for the highest part of a wave? 2. What term refers to the number of waves that pass a point in one second? 3. What word describes the distance over which a wave s shape repeats? 4. A moving wave that oscillates perpendicular to the direction of travel? ANSWERS: 1. crest 2. frequency 3. wavelength 4. transverse