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2 Our Commitment: Increasing Investment Despite Lean Times Even while facing a $277M deficit, we are finding ways to rebuild and rehabilitate our rail system

3 A Comparison of Two Years FY 2011 Transfer from Capital $113 million FY 2012 Transfer from Capital $0

4 Strategic Decisions in the Budget Our operating budget is tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of positions smaller than a year ago Yet, we found money to hire for 23 trackmen for Power & Way and 6 escalator and elevator servicers for Facilities We are finally beginning to reverse five years of cuts to our critical rail maintenance functions

5 Renew Crews Last summer, we immediately found savings in materials and personnel and decided to devote $25M to rehabbing 100 rail stations This blend of customer amenities and fundamental repairs will provide lasting benefit to system and knock out backlog of deferred maintenance Before After

6 Historic Investment in the Red Line $1 Billion

7 Dan Ryan Branch Reconstruction South branch of City s spine hit 40 percent slow zones this summer This is the largest rail rehabilitation in CTA history by customer impact; will complete all work in one construction season $1 Billion

8 Red Line North Main Stations First Design-Build transit project in Midwest, and one of the first for a public works project in the State of Illinois Integrating rehabilitation of stations with other amenities including IT and customer communication enhancements

9 Wilson Station Reconstruction

10 Blue Line slow zones and stations from Damen to Logan Square

11 New Stations in the Works New elevated train station at Cermak Road on the Green Line New, $75 million elevated station on Wabash Avenue at Washington Street on the Brown/Pink/ Green/Orange lines. $86.6 million facelift is planned for the Clark/Division Red Line subway station, which is getting a new, 6,300-square-foot mezzanine and platform at LaSalle Street.

12 More To Come!


14 CURRENT CAPITAL PROJECTS Loop Track Renewal Purple Line Viaducts Station Renewal Program Dempster -Abutment slope work Hubbard Curve

15 LOOP TRACK RENEWAL AND HUBBARD/KINZIE CURVES Construction Cost: $33.2 M DoR: CTA CM: PB Americas GC: Ragnar Benson Construction Complete Spring 2013 Replacement of existing elevated track structure components and Special Trackwork at Tower 12 and Tower 18 Loop Track Renewal at Tower 18

16 PURPLE LINE VIADUCTS GREENLEAF, DEMPSTER AND GROVE Construction Cost: $14.3 M DoR: Jacobs CM: STV GC: Kiewit Substantial Construction Complete May 2013 Replacement of existing concrete viaducts with new steel bridge spans and rehabilitation of existing retaining walls Greenleaf Viaduct Grove Viaduct

17 STATION RENEWAL PROGRAM Project Budget: $25 M CM CTA GC JOC FH Paschen Construction: Summer Winter Rail Stations Systemwide Deep clean of interior and exterior station elements Graffiti removal and repaint Lighting and signage improvements Minor repairs Logan Square Station Before and After Improvements

18 FUTURE CAPITAL PROJECTS Dan Ryan Track Rehabilitation Wilson Station Reconstruction North Red Line Station Upgrades FAH Substations (Farwell, Armitage and Hill) South Shops/77 th Bus Garage State of Good Repair Argyle Station South Shop Bus Facility

19 Dan Ryan Track Renewal Design Complete Late Spring 2012 DoR: TYLin,Transystems CM TBD Spring 2012 CG TBD Summer 2012 Construction: Reconstruction of track and infrastructure. South Red Line Station Improvements Dan Ryan NB at 31 st Street

20 Wilson Station Reconstruction DoR: HNTB CM: TBD Summer 2012 GC: TBD Fall 2012 Construction: Project Scope New construction with modern amenities and fully accessible Transit-oriented development New station design supports North Red Purple Modernization Wilson Station in the 40 s Wilson Station 2011

21 Red Line Stations Rehabilitation Project Design Build RFP Jan 2012 Design/Contractor TBD Feb 2012 CM Jacobs Construction: Rehabilitation of 7 stations Jarvis Morse Granville Thorndale Bryn Mawr Argyle Lawrence Station water damage Deteriorated Doors

22 Design/Build Contract Process Project must be expedited to minimize conflicts with other major Red Line projects RFP issued with the following: Project Scope Major Construction Constraints (Track and Station closures) Substantial Completion by Early 2013 Selection Criteria: Contractor Qualification and Experience Innovative Project Approach Value Engineering Construction Bid Price Benefits: Concurrent design/construction expedite schedule Innovative construction approach Comply with Federal Requirements (incl.dbe)

23 SUBSTATIONS FARWELL, ARMITAGE AND HILL DoR: LDP CM: STV CG: TBD Summer 2012 Construction Schedule: Farwell Site Armitage Site Hill Site

24 South Shops/77 th Project DoR: Various Consultants Spring 2012 CM and CG: TBD Summer 2012 Construction Start: Fall 2012 Project Scope: Replace deep pit in ground hoist systems Replace roofs at South Shops Remediate contaminated soil at fuel island and replace fueling system components Replace fire pumps and repair building envelope Prepare study of electrical upgrade requirements 77 th Garage Building Envelope Bus Hoists at 77 th Garage

25 OTHER PLANNING PROJECTS Red Purple Modernization (RPM) EIS Tier 1 - Target Completion 2013 Red Line South Extension EIS Target Completion 2013 Blue Line O Hare Branch Track Renewal Planning and Design in 2012 Loyola Station Rehabilitation Design Complete 2012 Your Red Program


27 LASALLE/CLARK & DIVISION RED LINE SUBWAY STATION PROJECT New accessible entrance at mezzanine level at LaSalle/Division Power backup system for emergency lighting and elevator backup Provide energy efficient lighting, new fare control equipments and flooring, and communication improvements Construction LaSalle/Division mezzanine view looking east

28 LASALLE/CLARK & DIVISION RED LINE SUBWAY STATION PROJECT Complete renovation of Clark/Division mezzanine and platform New interior finishes, additional fare collection equipment, improved lighting, updated communication system. Power back-up system for emergency lighting New signage, stairs, escalators and security monitoring equipment Construction LaSalle/Division Mezzanine view looking West

29 CERMAK STATION GREEN LINE Project Budget: $50M Design RFP: Dec 2011 CM/GC: TBD Spring 2013 Scheduled Construction: New Infill station at Cermak and 23rd Street ADA Accessible Station Cermak Looking South

30 DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (DBE) PROGRAM The Chicago Transit Authority is governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation s (DOT) DBE requirements under 49 CFR Part 26. The objectives of the DBE program are to: Ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of contracts Create a level playing field on which DBEs can compete fairly for contracts The DBE Program provides guidance for the participation of DBE firms in contracting opportunities. What is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise? A DBE is a for-profit small business concern that is: at least 51% owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged. Whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more of the socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who own it. Personal Net Worth must not exceed $1.32 million Revenues not exceed $22.41 average over a 3 year period What is the DBE Certification Process? Step 1: Application is received Step 2: Application is checked for completeness Step 3: On-site review is conducted Step 4: Decision is rendered after thorough review Step 5: Applicant is notified in writing of decision How can I apply for DBE certification? There are five DBE certifying agencies in Illinois: Chicago Transit Authority METRA PACE City of Chicago Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) To apply for DBE certification, register and complete the DBE application at: For more information: (312)