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1 Skema Masters of Science

2 Table of contents Message from the Dean 3 Vision and Ambition 4 At Home Worldwide 6 Governance 8 Skema s International Recognition 9 Message from the Director of Postgraduate Programmes 10 Top Quality Programmes Reasons to Choose a SKEMA MScs 12 Programme Overview 13 Auditing, Control, Information Systems & Consulting MSc Auditing, Management Accounting, and Information Systems 14 MSc Information Systems Management 16 Finance MSc Corporate Finance 18 MSc Financial Markets and Compliance 20 MSc International Finance 22 Human Resources Management MSc Human Resources Management 24 Knowledge Economy, Innovation & Responsible Management MSc Applied Economics 26 MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation 28 Marketing MSc Doing Business in Asia 30 MSc Events and Meetings Management 32 MSc International Business 34 MSc International Marketing and Business Development 36 MSc Luxury and Fashion Management 38 MSc Strategic Tourism Management 40 MSc Web Marketing and Project Management 42 Strategic Project and Programme Management MSc International Project Management 44 MSc Project and Programme Management and Business Development 46 Supply Chain Management And Purchasing MSc Logistics, Supply Chain and Project Management 48 MSc Supply Chain Management and Purchasing 50 BA&M Business Administration and Management Programme 52 MSc Preparatory Programme 53 Applying 54 Practical Information 55

3 O On June 30 th 2009, Ceram Business School and the ESC Lille School of Management announced their merger declaring their intention to launch an ambitious project unique in France: a business school aimed at training the deciders of tomorrow s world, a more responsible and more ethical world, where interconnected hubs will be working together in the knowledge economy. For the first time in France, two high calibre institutions have decided to achieve this ambition together. Our new institution holds three core ideas in common: Firstly we know that your future lies more and more in your capacity to understand how to make the most of a multicultural and international world; Secondly, we are convinced that the combined strength of our respective institutions and their different localities guarantee our continuing international development; Finally, we know that our sharing these strengths gives us the leading edge in deploying our pioneering international project. To sum up, now is the ideal time for both schools to move on; to create a new identity forged from our respective DNA and our common values. We want to create a school for leadership with campuses worldwide. We want to train future decision makers who understand their environment, who can adapt to it and initiate sustainable action. We want our school to be an international reference among business schools: a reference which is innovative and different with a clear vision of the knowledge economy as the new business environment. For each of you, SKEMA will mean more choice, greater opportunities, a larger number of professors, increased learning opportunities and enhanced individual contact with professors and other staff. At SKEMA you will experience ambitious, innovative and original ways of teaching and learning. SKEMA Business School is already the largest French business school in terms of student numbers and second largest for the number of professors. Its budget matches its ambitions, and during the months to come the combined potential of the founding schools will be called into play for the lasting benefit of current and future students. Our project is an opportunity for all of us. I am sure you have understood that your education, your success and your self-fulfilment lie at the very heart of SKEMA s development strategy and I know that all the teams on the different SKEMA campuses share my personal commitment to helping you make the most of this opportunity. Alice Guilhon Dean All this lies behind the creation of... SKEMA: a name with universal values The word comes from the ancient Greek skhêma signifying a form, a figure or the constitution of an object. This gave the Latin schema, and later the French schéma or scheme. For the school, the name refers to the new mental schemas and methodologies which we must adopt if we are to succeed in the business world of the 21st century. SKEMA, the Management School for the Knowledge Economy This clear statement of the school s mission ensures worldwide visibility while reinforcing our basis in business education. The atypical and eye-catching letter K conveys the brand s strength and its ambition to construct knowledge through innovative teaching and learning. It shows also our break with tradition, differentiating the brand while recalling what it stands for: Knowledge. Message from the Dean 03

4 Vision - Ambition Knowledge makes the difference A school for leadership with campuses worldwide to train the decision makers of the knowledge economy. These pioneers will understand and adapt to their environment generating sustainable performance. The company environment has changed radically giving rise to new expectations, and needs decision makers with a different profile. This is the world of the knowledge economy. Twenty-first century companies will need to be responsible, intelligent, adaptable and innovative. This is the challenge of the knowledge economy where man is back at the centre of things. This new economy means: reinforced globalisation a need for continuous innovation and a growing share of non-material elements, like brands, services and information, which will make the difference between winning and losing in business a greater need for education and training to provide companies with human resources capable of innovating and managing to keep ahead of new challenges. This is why knowledge management and information systems are two essential components of the knowledge economy without them, companies cannot remain competitive. If companies want to activate these factors of competitiveness, they must also master the management of human resources, innovation and the immaterial... and they must not neglect their impact on the environment. Sustainable development is now at the heart of company strategy along with other societal expectations. Companies must manage risk and social and environmental responsibility. This means exploiting their possibilities whilst managing their negative effects. Our students will benefit from learning in a school where developments in the knowledge economy are central to the research carried out by faculty. SKEMA s programmes reflect our vision of tomorrow s world, a world whose opportunities are yours. Multicultural leaders prepared for a world with shifting centres of gravity, where cultures mix and diversify. We live in a global economy where the economic and political centres of gravity have shifted. We must now take account of the total reorganisation of the world economy which is being played out before our eyes today. The future of education lies in breaking down barriers and mixing between cultures. Future leaders must be able to network; they must be mobile and able to work with many different cultures. They must know how to negotiate with each nationality on his or her home territory, adapting to each new experience and learning to adapt to the next. We will continue to develop our international exchanges with partner universities, but we also wish to develop our own campuses across the globe wherever tomorrow s economy is on the march; this is because nothing can replace the direct experience of an internship in another country. We think that this is the best possible way to learn how to be truly international. Since September 2009 SKEMA students have had access to five campuses on several continents. In 2010, a new campus in the United States will enlarge our students choice of destinations abroad. For this we have chosen another highly internationalized school with French campuses and 35 % international students. This will enable our students to live in a complex global environment using English as a common language within a culturally diverse student community. 04 Vision Ambition

5 1 Sophia Antipolis Campus 2 Lille Campus 3 Paris La Défense Campus 4 Paris La Villette Campus 5 Casablanca Campus 6 Suzhou Campus 7 USA Campus: open in Campuses in Brazil, Australia, Russia and India will open after 2010 A few figures 6,245 students (largest French Business School) 138 permanent professors (2 nd largest number in French business schools) 55-million-euro budget (3 rd biggest for French business schools) 20,000 graduates throughout the world 268 publications, 70 CNRS stars Over 65 student associations Educating tomorrow s decision makers through a flexible system offering real choice to learners. Producing ethical decision makers who are aware of their responsibilities and whose actions make a difference. Being part of SKEMA does not mean only learning the basics of good management. It also means learning about corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Decision makers in line with new management practices who have learned through new pedagogical practices. SKEMA also means expertise for the future: innovative project management, information management, knowledge management and the management of client relations, management in a globalized system, mergers and acquisitions, risk management... Another of our basic tenets is that graduates should have dual skills. This has always been a strong feature of the founding schools of SKEMA. We wish to reinforce it to make sure that our graduates arrive on the job market with the best possible prospects for their chosen career. Creating a new business school means creating a new model of teaching and learning. Core to this is the use of multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of courses and facilitate access to resources and services. It also means working in collaboration, often at a distance, enabling students to develop skills that will help them to continue learning long after their schooldays are over. Students define their own learning path and become masters of their own education. Independence and freedom are SKEMA s watchwords. We want to transform the system, where students learn a pre-configured course syllabus, to an environment where each student chooses his or her own learning path. But students are not left to sink or swim. They are guided to independence by a group of specialists who include managers, career advisors, professors, and alumni. Vision Ambition 05

6 At Home Worldwide Lille Paris La Villette Paris La Défense Skema Business School has five campuses: in France (Lille, Paris La Villette, Paris La Défense, Sophia Antipolis), China (Suzhou) and Morocco (Casablanca). The campuses are located in well-known science parks or business centres and offer students exceptional opportunities and career prospects. Plans for future campuses are under way: the USA (2010), India and Brazil. Lille, the hub of Europe The Nord-Pas de Calais region is the youngest and most highly populated region of France. Lille is the biggest and the most thriving student city outside Paris. Northern France offers a dynamic business environment and hosts the largest number of headquarters of leading companies after Paris. The Nord-Pas de Calais is also the biggest centre for the mail-order industry in Europe; the region attracts the most foreign investment, is the second biggest area for insurance companies, and the third biggest financial market in France. It has a highly developed textile industry and is the third most important in France for exports and the automotive industry. Lille is the cradle of mass retailing and hosts many world famous companies. This 20,000-square-metre modern, functional campus is located in the heart of the city s business centre, a stone s throw from the old town and Lille s Grand Place. It is conveniently situated between two TGV stations with Paris only an hour away, Brussels 38 minutes and London 1 hour 20. Paris, La Villette and La Défense The City of Lights continues to be one of the most stimulating cities in the world as a centre of cultural and economic activity. At the heart of French business, intellectual and cultural life, Paris hosts millions of visitors year-round who come to marvel at the wealth of history, art and entertainment the city has to offer. Competitive industries, business innovations, high-level education, and tourism have turned Paris into the favourite city of business professionals and young graduates. For career-oriented young people, Paris is the place to be and SKEMA s Paris campuses give students the chance to work and learn in a city of unlimited opportunities. Before both campuses are incorporated in one site, SKEMA students can choose between the two Paris campuses. La Villette Campus The campus occupies two floors in the Tour La Villette. 2,045 square metres equiped with the latest information and communication technologies. The La Villette campus is ideally situated with fast access to central Paris and main motorways. Close by, the Parc de La Villette and the Cité des Sciences et de l Industrie make this a high potential, dynamic environment chosen by many companies. 06 At Home Worldwide

7 Sophia Antipolis Suzhou Casablanca La Défense Campus The campus is located in the Pôle Léonard de Vinci in the heart of La Défense. This modern area is only a 10-minute metro ride from the Champs-Elysées, or 20 minutes from the Eiffel Tower. La Défense is home to a population of 20,000, with 1,500 companies (15 of which are among the world top 50) employing 150,000 people. Many companies especially banks and insurance companies have left their former neighbourhoods to set up here. Sophia Antipolis, at the heart of the French Riviera The French Riviera is without doubt one of the most attractive areas in France for tourism. It has lovely weather and beautiful varied landscapes, not to mention 120 km of Mediterranean coast. It is no secret that the French Riviera attracts thousands of tourists every summer events are held here every year it s all part of the Côte d Azur. The rolling countryside of the Alpes-Maritimes is an invitation for all outdoor activities from trekking and skiing in the mountains to swimming and sailing in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. In economic terms, the region is one of the most dynamic in Europe. With over one million inhabitants, the French Riviera has become a strategic location for companies in sectors as varied as high technology, tourism, luxury or international finance. The campus lies at the heart of Europe s best known science park whose success is directly linked its quality of life and exceptional environment. The area offers not only its natural beauty, but also a high level of cultural and social life enriched by the diversity of its population. Sophia Antipolis is home to several higher education institutes and university departments which have created a vibrant student community of over 5,000. SKEMA s immediate environment also includes over 1,300 companies in sectors such as information and communications technology or biotechnology. Here, 21 st century companies have become part of a knowledge community and the SKEMA 30-hectare state-of theart campus fits harmoniously with this environment. Suzhou, China Suzhou has been called the Venice of the East because of its many canals, beautiful natural environment and traditional gardens. However, this ancient city is one of the most advanced centres of technology across the globe; it is home to 118 of the top 500 companies in the world. Suzhou is just one hour from Shanghai, China s second largest centre of industry and top destination for foreign investment. This makes it an ideal recruitment centre for graduates seeking an international career. Casablanca, Morocco The city is situated on the Atlantic coast about 90 kilometres south of Rabat, the country s administrative capital. While Rabat is Morocco s largest city, Casablanca has rapidly become the kingdom s economic capital, spearheading the development of the whole country. The city and its outlying area now spreads over 873 square kilometres with a 50 kilometre coastline. Casablanca has become a true metropolis apt to take up the challenge of globalisation and the worldwide competition this implies. SKEMA is part of the brand new Mundiapolis Campus run by the SEGEPEC group which manages several private institutes of higher education, each of which is specialised in a particular domain (Finance, Management, Company Law, Human Resources, Languages, Computer Science and Automatics and Electronics.) The Mundiapolis Campus comprises 1,300 students. At Home Worldwide 07

8 Governance The keystone of our governance: the business community, our respective localities, and an international outlook. SKEMA Business School is a privately owned establishment of graduate-level business education. It is run according to the 1901 French law governing non-profit making associations. The association was founded by Lille School of Management and CERAM Business School, the higher education branch of the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce. The French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and its representatives for the Provence Alpes Côte d Azur will thus participate in the governance of the new school on equal terms with the representatives of the Nord-Pas de Calais. The 40 members of the General Assembly are drawn half from the Nord-Pas de Calais, and half from the Provence Alpes Côte d Azur. SKEMA s statutory obligations centre on students, and concern teaching and research in management as well as international development. These statutory obligations also comprise the economic, social, scientific, and cultural development of the regions where SKEMA has its roots. SKEMA puts particular emphasis on its core values, namely: social responsibility and sustainable development. The SKEMA Board of Directors The Board of Directors is the executive arm of the school. Three consultative committees contribute to decision making in SKEMA. These are the Strategic Advisory Board (COS), the International Advisory Board (IAB) and the Research Advisory Board (RAB). The board of directors is made up equally by the regions of Nord-Pas de Calais and Provence Alpes Côte d Azur; it also comprises the President of the COS. Alice Guilhon, the dean and Jean-Pierre Raman, the deputy director, attend board meetings but do not vote. The chairman is Bernard Lecomte, regional director of Veolia, and director of several companies (SKEMA 1964). The vice-chairman is Dominique Estève, president of the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce. The Strategic Advisory Board (Conseil d Orientation Stratégique - COS) The COS provides SKEMA s Board of Directors with analyses and recommendations concerning the school s strategy. It is mostly comprised of company directors several of whom are graduates of SKEMA s founder schools. The current COS is as follows: Chairman: Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International (SKEMA 1983) Eric Bleuez, associate - director KPMG Région Nord, KPMG (SKEMA 1978) Didier Bonnet, managing director, Global Sector, Cap Gemini (SKEMA 1983) Régis Degelcke, managing director, Groupe Adeo - Leroy Merlin (SKEMA 1981) Alain Dinin, administrator CEO, Nexity (SKEMA 1975) Eric Marée, general director, Virbac François Mollard, vice president div. PME-PMI & Solutions Entreprises, IBM France (SKEMA 1983) Jean-Paul Picard, CEO Deloitte (SKEMA 1974) Bruno Vercelli, products marketing director, Apple France (SKEMA 1995) The chairman and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors are permanent guests of the COS. International Advisory Board This board provides analyses and opinions to assist the Board of Directors in promoting the school s International development. The international advisory board currently comprises the following: Chairman: M. Didier Bonnet, managing director, Global Sector, Cap Gemini Alain Ged, professor, former director of IAE Aix en Provence Michael Osbaldeston, director of Cranfield University (UK) David Parcerisas, president EADA (Spain) David Saunders, director of Queen University (Canada) Wolfram Tietscher, vice president Texas Instruments Europe George Yip, dean, Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands) Research Advisory Board This board is made up of well known researchers. It provides analyses and recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning SKEMA s scientific policy The current board members are: Paul Coughlan, professor, Trinity College, Dublin, (Ireland) Pierre Dussauge, professor, HEC Paris (France) Jean-Luc Gaffard, professor Nice University, Research director of OFCE-DRIC (France) Bruce Kogut, professor, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co, Columbia University (USA) Mette Mønsted, professorr, Copenhagen Business School, (Denmark) Skema Founder Members 08 Governance

9 Skema s international recognition Academic recognition The Grande Ecole diploma of SKEMA s founder schools (CERAM Business School and Lille School of Management) is recognised by the French State and endorsed as Master. The Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) is the accrediting body for SKEMA and the Specialised Masters programmes as well as certain Masters of Science (MSc). Both SKEMA founder institutions are EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accredited by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). These accreditations bear witness to the high quality of faculty and research at SKEMA as well as the school s international dimension and relationship with the business community. SKEMA is accredited by the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management of the Project Management Institute (PMI GAC PM - USA) and by the Association for Project Management (APM UK). These accreditations have been awarded in recognition of the school s track record in training for Project Management. SKEMA is the first non-american business school to have received international accreditation from the GAC PM in 2005, and it is the only business school outside the US to be accredited by both the above institutions. SKEMA has ISO 9001 certification SKEMA is committed to certification processes which demand continuous improvement in management standards. Professional recognition A large number of internationally recognised professional certifications are available to our students in their respective areas of expertise: Auditing, Control, Information Systems & Consulting / Finance > Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Institute); > Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA); > SAS Academic; > The "Interim Cost Consultant" (ICC), "Certified Cost Engineer" (CCE) and "Certified Cost Consultant" (CCC) of The Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE). Strategic Project & Programme Management - Supply Chain Management & Purchasing > Project Management Professional (PMP ) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM ) and Programme Management Professional (PgMP ) of the Project Management Institute (PMI ); > Foundation and Practitioner level certification of PRINCE2 and MSP TM ; > Interim Cost Consultant (ICC), Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) and Certified Cost Consultant (CCC) of the AACE International (The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering); > Project Management Coordinator (PMC) of the Project Management Association Japan (PMAJ); > SAVE, the American certification in value management; > Green Belt and Yellow Belt certification of the 6 Sigma Institute; > International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE); > BASICS (BASICS of Supply Chain Management) of the APICS The Association for Operations Management. Marketing > Data Mining offered by SAS ; > PMV, the European certification in value management offered by the European Practitioner in Value Management (AFAV); > ASQ (American Society for Quality) certifications, Certified Quality Improvement Associate, Certified Quality Manager or ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. PRINCE2 is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. The Swirl logo is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce. MSP is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. The Swirl logo is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce. Skema's International Recognition 09

10 Message from the Director of Postgraduate Programmes Management today is a global undertaking. It is carried out in a wide variety of settings. Successful managers understand and appreciate the implications of diversity in the areas of culture, gender, language, value systems, religion, politics, economics, and business practices. Today s brutally competitive environment demands the ability to generate knowledge, innovate, and lead with responsible management. There is a Darwinian process at work, where only the fittest survive. "Best in class" management education must prepare participants students or professionals for excellence, for the knowledge economy, and for social responsibility. Knowledge is ever-changing and today s news may be ancient history by tomorrow. In this context, the life span of novel ideas and practices is shrinking rapidly and effective management education must keep up with current dynamic practice. Thus, SKEMA Business School s primary goal is to promote academic excellence in management education by: 1. Instilling a spirit of excellence, professionalism, and responsibility among our students 2. Selecting excellent faculty and scholars who focus on management theory and practice from a global perspective 3. Continually updating instructional materials to reflect state-ofthe-art knowledge and best management practices 4. Employing advanced technology in delivering courses 5. Benefiting the local community and society by promoting modern management knowledge and practice 6. Providing the opportunity for a truly global education. We view the achievement of these six goals as the cornerstone of effective management education in today s dynamic and turbulent world. In this context, SKEMA Business School offers a broad set of postgraduate programmes. Each programme within a specific domain develops a high level of expertise and professionalization meeting the needs of industry and in accordance with students personal interests. The programmes rely on the most advanced professional standards and leading-edge research. Participants can prepare and take professional internationally recognized certification exams. The programmes enhance participants employability, mobility and professional added-value. Thus participants students or professionals can find a distinctive environment in which to develop their managerial competences and leadership skills. Open the following pages and discover a world of opportunities to shape your future! Pr Christophe N. Bredillet, PhD Por Director of Postgraduate Programmes 10 Message from the Director of Postgraduate Programmes

11 MSc Programmes Top Quality Programmes The main objective for Skema Business School is to promote academic excellence in management and make sure that graduates possess the right qualifications and experience. This aim is achieved: by an attitude of excellence, professionalism and responsibility diffused by researchers and faculty working on international management practices by preparing our future graduates for professional life through practical experience in companies by offering a wide variety of programmes so that each student may find the one suited to his or her personality and career objectives The Masters of Science programmes (MSc) provide international training for students aiming to specialise or to develop dual skills. They are designed for graduates seeking a qualification which will enable them to work anywhere in the world and giving them thorough knowledge of a specific function or sector. SKEMA s approach to teaching and learning is based on small groups lead by highly qualified staff within a flexible system. The Masters of Science programmes alternate courses and internships. They are based on a varied pedagogical approach including face-to-face and distance learning, case studies, team work, internships, company-based projects and a thesis. Public: Pre-experience students and professionals with a good knowledge of English, seeking to specialise in a particular area and work internationally. Objectives: Specialisation of a specific area for an international career. Results: Preparation for the professional world, development of a high level of expertise and international certifications. Professional time-frame: 0 to 5 years SKEMA MSc programmes benefit from the school s research and close links with the world of business. These connections guarantee quality, not only from a technical viewpoint but also for management skills which are truly in line with what companies need from their leaders and managers. Top quality programmes 11

12 10 reasons to choose a Skema MSc 0 Most programmes are taught entirely in English. We train future executives to be fully operational in the knowledge economy: international, responsible and able to generate consistent performance. We offer wide-ranging programmes to obtain a high level of expertise as well as professional experience. Our programmes are informed by faculty research and have close links with business. Our international faculty comprises high level researchers as well as professionals, all experts in their respective domains. Students come from 49 countries and 40% of professors have an international background. Some programmes are fully accredited with the opportunity of adding internationally recognized professional certifications. An ideal balance between theory and practice with full- time study followed by a long internship or simultaneous work-study over the whole year. Personalised guidance towards employment from programme directors and the Careers department. 20,000 alumni worldwide to help widen your professional network Reasons to Choose a SKEMA MSc

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