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1 AUTOMOTIVE PART SUPPLIERS " " indicates the company has English-language information on its website To save those listed below from undesired mails we do not publish addresses. Use the fax numbers to contact companies which do not have a website. Key words to help you find your way on webpages appearing only with Hungarian text: Tevékenység = Activity Bemutatkozunk = Introduction Cégismertető = Company profile Termék (termékek, termékeink) = Products Kapcsolat = Contacts Elérhetőség = Contact details You can find an English-Hungarian dictionary at this address: Last update: December 2010 Mechanical control cables: hand brake cable, accelerator cable, clutch cable, hood latch release cable, back door opener cable, heater control cable, speedometer cable. ABF Bowdentechnique Ltd. fax Main reference: SUZUKI, GM, OPEL - ISO/TS 16949:2002 Metal fabrication: welded and turned steel parts. Tractor frame parts, engines support parts ACEX Kft. fax ISO 9002 Precision plastic parts AE Plast Kft. - ISO Aluminium semi-products for automotive suppliers, wiring harness assemblies - AFL Hungary Kft.- Member of the Alcoa Group Metal parts machining Agria Mould Kft. ISO 9001/2001 Operator cabins, elements from pressed aluplate profiles with anodised aluminium and pulver sprayed surface protection for doors, windows linings for vehicles especially for buses. - AGRIKON KAM Kft. Leather and plastic upholstery for vehicle interiors - AIP Hungary Kft. Subsidiary of the Germanybased Eismann GmbH. Webmail - ISO 9002, VDA 6.1 Main ref: Audi, VW Air springs. Air Spring Kft. Interior body parts, seat parts, tow-hook, inside and external door-handles, door-stoppers, hinges, rear seats, steerig switches, machined brake parts Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. - QS9000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref: SUZUKI, RUF, Philips, RUF, GM, IMAG Battery for vehicles AKKSI Kft. Fax (sales) ISO 9001:2000, ISO Hydraulic binding elements, suction tubes, motor bracket, gear-box covers - Albert Weber Hungária Kft. - Main ref: AUDI, OPEL, John D. Werke, Excentra, Ford, ISO 9001:2000

2 Special truck bodies, superstructures mainly for the transport of fluidous material (water, beer, softdrinks) made of aluminium and finished according to buyers' request. - Alcoa-Köfém Kft. Steel brake parts Alufix Rt. - ISO 9001 Pressed and welded components for air-cushioned suspensions, aluminium/steel/stainless/welded structures, pressed parts, tanks Aluminium and steel processing. AWI welding, AFI welding, pressing, chipping, turning, grinding, painting, galvanising, phosphate coating, pickle. Plasma cutting. ALUFIX SZEFÉM Szendrő Metallurgical Ltd. Main ref: CONTI - TC GmbH., Messer-Grieshem GmbH, AGA AB- ISO 9002 Precision turned parts. Pump shafts ASPEN Technológia Kft. - ISO 9002:1196 High-precision plastics parts for the vehicle and the hand tool industry, injection moulding ARGE 2000 Kft. Main ref: OPEL, Porsche, Mercedes, AEG, Bosch - ISO 9001:2000 Air and oil filters, sealants and gaskets - ARMAFILT Zrt. Main ref: IKARUS, RÁBA, British Filters - ISO 9002 Vehicle components made by injection moulding and extrusion blow, PE drums, balloons, cans, buckets and sports equipment - ARRK Hungary Kft. - ISO TS Main ref: Magyar SUZUKI Rt.,Lear Corpoation, Leoni, Viston Exhausters and catalysts Arvin Meritor Emissions Technologies Kft. Fax: +36 (57) Hungarian subsidiary of ArvinMeritor Group ISO/TS Main ref: Rolls Royce, BMW, FIAT, MC. Ferrari, SUZUKI Power steering, clutch, cardan chassis part and other vehicle component manufacturing - ATI Csepel Auto Kft. Part of Draspo Tempo Group Towbars - AUGUSZT Towbars Kft. - ISO 9001 Seat covers AUNDE Kft. Fax (56) ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS V relays, U V relays, U O 7 12 V relays and other relays for use in the automotive industry, magnetic coils. AUTOELEKTRO Kft. -- ISO/TS Ball-joints for steering wheels and rods of buses and lorries - AUTOFER Zrt. ISO 9001 Main ref: IKARUS Rt, BKV, Volán, RÁBA Parts of trailers, other body parts - AUTOFLEX-KNOTT Kft. Precision turned parts Agria Mould Kft. Safety seat belts - Autoliv Kft. - ISO/TS Main ref: VW, GM, BMW, AUDI, SUZUKI, FORD, DC, SKODA Spoilers, sills, lampshades, wings, thresholds, designing and producing optical car accessories, repearing plastic parts, lamp covers - AUTOPLASTIC-A Kft. ISO 9001 Main ref: Suzuki Swift, Wagon R, Daewoo Matiz, Peugeot

3 By-pass oil filters for diesel engines, microfilters for nuclear waste storage, microfilters for protection of engine exhaust gas analysers, vacuum detectors, oil sampling device. Autótrib Tribological R&D Co. Kft. Main ref: RÁBA Motorgyár Kft., MOL Rt., ARMAFILT Rt., CUMMINS Co., ARCON ISC Sp.Z.o.o., ATAL S.r.o. - ISO 9001 Central door locks, collision detectors, cabling systems, window lift. AUTRON Kft. Main ref: SKODA, PORSCHE H., AURO-Z, DÁN-Car Fax ISO 9001 TÜV REINLAND Industrial ceramics, 95% AL203 content, beads for heating elements. Bakony Kerámia Kft. Main reference: Delphi Screw springs, disc springs, flat springs, profile springs Balogh Rugó Engine parts, body parts. brake system parts Balind Kft. - ISO 9001:2000, VDA 6.1, ISO/TS in process Main ref: Thyssen, Hilti, PTM, Knorr Bremse, ISE Automotive, FORSCHNEZ Electroplating, injection moulding and stamping tools - BAUSCH Kft. Subsidiary of the German Bausch GmbH, ISO 9002 Main ref: Visteon Power Train India (FORD) ISO 9001:2 Piston rings, pistons, cylinder barrels, motor reconditioning BELCORD Kft. - ISO9002 Vehicle components made of pipes (brake pipes, suspension elements, seat frame elements, exhaust elements) Benteler Kft. Part of the German Benteler Group Sheet metal machining, pressed and welded parts - BHG Asz Kft. ISO 9002 Main ref: OPEL, Valeo, Temic. Metal pressing, moulding, CNC machining, welding Biro Kft. ISO 9001/2000 Ref: ZF Hungária, LINDE Aschäferburg, Benteler GmbH., HUWIL GmbH., Magnetek Kft., Toller GmbH. Industrial and commercial scales - Bizerba Kft. Fax +36 (1) Main ref: Valeo, Visteon, Lear - ISO 9001 Automotive manufacturing equipment, worms, tables, belt elevator, conveyor belt steel and metal structures Bolla Muhely Kft. - ISO 9001 Main ref: AUDI Motor Hungária Kft Zinc casting - Borbas Zamak Kft. Main ref: BMW - ISO 9001 PVC semi-products, finished goods - Borsodchem Ltd. Machined parts, measuring devices, gauges Borsodi Műhely Parts, diagnostic equipment, automotive supplies Bosch Hungaria Kft. Part of the Bosch Group Workshop devices, flexible mounting-tables, exhaust components - Bott-UDECOOP Kft., Main ref: Elektrolux, Temic, Zeuna-Starker - ISO 9001, ISO 9002 Bowden and drag-rope for vehicles and agricultural use - Bowden Kft., Fax: ISO TS Main ref: Volvo, VW, Saab, Skoda

4 Parts of trailers, running gear assemblies, brakes, servo brakes BPW-RÁBA Kft. Fax Car clutches, air filters for generators - BSX Kft.,, Main ref: MTD Hungária, Hauni Hungária, Cable harness, die cast boxes - CabTec Szekszárd Kft. - TS 16949, ISO IBM PLM, CATIA design system distribution, overall product support, Engineering services, design of plastic processing and injection moulding tools - CAD-Terv Engineering Kft Main ref: AUDI, DEXTER Rt., Luttkus&Partner GmbH. Half-axle bellows, thermostat seal, exhauster bars, membranes, simmering (rubber) - Carbo Bt., Main ref Citroen, Ford Carbon and bronze brushes, clinkered bronze filters and bearing, barium-ferrite magnet, active charcoal, rubber bond for auto jacks - Carbonsint Kft., ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: RÁBA, Bakony Művek Drum brake linings for heavy duty vehicles, passenger cars. Disk brake pads, clutch facings. Caroflex Kft. Main ref: RÁBA Rt, VOLÁNBUSZ Rt - ISO 9001 Injection moulded parts, high quality precision plastic automotive and electrical parts. Injection moulded air inlet, handle for windows, housings, plates switches, louvers, pocket radio holders, stopper back door, low voltage circuit breaker systems cover generator. Cascade Engineering Europe Ltd. Main ref: SUZUKI, SONY, Valeo, Continental, Johnson Control, Schneider Electronic Catalytic convector - Continental Catalyst Kft. Vehicle body, comfort electronic products, seat setting engines, ABS, oil sensor (QLT), Continental Temic Hungary Kft. Fax Member of the Continental Temic Group ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949:2002, Main ref: Mercedes, Reanault, Volswagen, BMW Movement sensor for wheels, rotation sensor Continental Teves Hungary Kft. Fax ISO TS 16949, ISO Air springs, rubber hoses, conveyor belts for the automotive industry - Contitech Hungary (Former under Taurus and Phoenix) See contact details for the five Hungarian plants on website. Chrome plating, galvanising, electroplating CromKontakt Kft. Aluminium die-castings for the automotive industry (break parts, audio equipment covers) and for other industries (gas armatures, furniture parts, engine parts) / Csaba Metal Kft. Main ref: Alpine, AS-Motor, Continental Teves - ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000, VDA 6.1. Grey iron casting. Hub, engine block, gearbox bodies, steering parts, die casting Csepel Metall Iron Foundry Kft.

5 Injection moulding and assembly of precision plastic components - Dekorsy Kft. Fax , Hungarian subsidiary of the German Dekorsky Group Main ref Opel, Suzuki, Audi, DC, Siemens, Valeo - QS 9000, ISO/TS Starters, alternators and other rotating electric device for commercial vehicles - Delco Remy Hungary Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the US-based Delco Remy Corp. Main ref: RÁBA, DaimlerChrysler, Caterpillar, Cummins Compressors for car air conditioners - Delphi Calsonic Magyarország Kft.: Fax: , Hungarian subsidiary of the US-based Delphi Group Main ref GM, Renault, Ferrari - QS 9000 Special purpose machines, assembly lines, measuring and testing equipment, packaging lines, components Delta-Tech Engineering Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Magyar SUZUKI Rt., Delphi, Alcoa, Mitsuba, OPEL Magyarország Kft., ZF Hungária Kft., Loranger, ADACast, Zeuna Starker Kft., GM Hungary Rt Tools, rubber parts, standardised products - Dencs Kft., ISO 9002 Main ref: Freudenberg, Zanussi, MÁV Diesel injection pump - Denso Manufacturing Hungary Kft., Hungarian subsidiary of the Japanese Denso Group Fax: 3622/ , ISO 14001, QS 9000 Main reference: GM, VW, Toyota Metal machining, automotive parts Deqma Tech Kft. Parts machining, railway maintenance tools Dextron Kft. Automotive electronics: Air conditioner units, ignition coils, controllers Diamond Electric Hungary Ltd. Radius rod, axle-shaft bellows DITEC-96 Kft. Main ref: Mapco, Teneco Transmission shafts and cranks, valves - Doherty Hungary Kft. Starters, generators, servo pumps, compressors for buses and trucks Domotors Shock-absorbers, water pumps, starters, generators and clutches for buses, hydraulic power steering gears, steering columns, clutches Draspo Kft. Bus parts: power steering gear, steering columns, clutches Draspó Tempó Kft. Cold bent steel sections - DUNAFERR Lemezalakító Kft. : Assembly of precision mechanics components for BOSCH electric motors, BOSCH Rexroth basic assembly units, Schmidt presses and press systems, visual control digital picture processing systems- Eckerle Bt. Hungarian subsidiary of the German Eckerle Group Main ref: Temic, GE - ISO TS 16949

6 Aluminium castings - Ecseri Kft. ISO/TS 16949, ISO in process - Main ref: Valeo, Bosch-Blaupunkt, Scintilla, Bakony Mûvek (Suzuki), Actaris, Artesyn, EMTC, A.O.Smith, Hilti, Calestica, Phoenix-Mecano, Rose, Ridgid, Rosenberg, Sola-Metál Rubber parts made by pressing and injection moulding - ELASTO Art Kft. Main ref: IKARUS, NABI - ISO 9002 TÜV Special connectors for the vehicle industry, rivets for brake linings and clutches of vehicles Elcometal Kft., Main ref: GE Hungary, Jurid - ISO 9001:2000 Cable assemblies, magnet coils, injection moulded parts. ELTEC Holding Ltd. Main ref: Bosch, Rexroth, Werle, Eberspacher, Atlas Copco - ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, QS 9000 Lighting fittings for fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps, cold formed steel parts for the automotive industry. *EMIKA Co. Ltd. - ISO 9001, ISO/TS Main ref: Magyar SUZUKI Rt., RÁBA Stamped, pressed, drawn and welded metal components for the automotive and electronic industries - EMT Hungaria Ltd. Hungarian subsidiary of the French EMT Group Main ref: SCHLUMBERGER, SCHNEIDER Electric, Visteon, Actaris, Thomas&Betts ISO 9001:2000 Components for the automotive industry, mainly of aluminium Erbslöh Hungaria Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the German Erbslöh Group Main ref: Audi, Porsche, BMW, Volvo, Daimler Crysler - ISO 9002 Printed circuit boards Erdei Elektronikai Kft. Main ref: DC, Knorr-Bremse Locks, cylinders, locks for furniture, automotive spare parts, product development, mechanical services, tools - Euro-Elzett Kft., Main ref: SUZUKI, RABA - ISO 9001 Clutch discs and parts. Euro-EXEDY Kft. Main ref: SUZUKI, GM - ISO 9002, QS 9000 PU soft foams, acoustic absorber, noise reducer, air and liquid filter PU foams - Eurofoam Hungary Kft., Main ref Loranger Kft, Nissho, Bos - ISO 9001:2000, ISO Seat covers for trucks and cars, gear knob lever and handbrake lever covers, knobs and assemblies, upholstery - EUROSZOL Kft. - main ref: VW, Saab, Seat, Opel, DC, AUDI Porsche, ISO 9002, 14001, QS 9000 VDA 6.1 CNC lathes and cells and horizontal milling centres Excel Csepel Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996 Main ref: BPW-Hungary, Storebo, Gründfos, Zodel, Weiler, Rekard, H- SLR, Rába Gyõr Hydraulic and pneumatic valve parts, housings, pistons, piston rods, gear-box parts - EXIR Hungary Rt. Main ref: Parker Mobile Control Division, Hoerbiger Hydraulic, Hoerbiger, Pneumatic, ZF Hungária KFt - ISO 9002 Seat cover for cars - EYBL Kft. Hungarian Subsidiary of the Austrian Eybl Int l AG. VDA 6.1, ISO 9001

7 Safety belts, working belts, outsourcing / workbench. Fasching Hungary Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the Austrian Fasching AG. Elastomeric products, seals Federal Mogul Corp. Sealing Systems Hungarian subsidiary of the US-based Federal Mogul Inc. Brake pads - FEKBETET Kft. Fax Pressed, cupped and welded steel plate products - Fém és Villamosipari Kft. Fax Main ref Component Metal Pressing Group Aluminium die-castings, engine support, engine suspension, reflector housing, thermostat housing, pump housing, absorbing bearing housing and cap - assembled, hosing for electric devices, bearing cup. FÉMALK Metal Casting Ltd. Main ref HELLA, WILO, BASF Elastogran, AUTOLÍV, Trelleborg - ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2005 Brake cylinders Fém-Fék Kft. Contract machining by traditional and CNC machine tools. - ISO 9001:2000 Truck and agricultural machinery transmission parts. Internal and external geared wheels and shafts. Job works FEROTA Ltd. Fax Plate parts, welded parts, tools, plate machining FERZOL Kft., Main ref: Elektrolux, Teirmo-Max, SWT - ISO 9001:2000 Household electric appliances, electric car parts - FIM-VILL Kft., Fax: , Main ref: IKARUS, BKV Hot rolled and die forged steel parts for the automotive industry. Flansch-Tech Kft Main ref: OGURA, ZF, DC Automotive parts, special battery charger, capacity meters, charge compensators (assembly, trading) - FOREX Kft. Main ref EXIDE, Hella, Volan - ISO 9001:2000 Gas springs - Formax Kft. Main ref NASCO (Egypt), Titgemer (Austria) - ISO 9001 Dashboard, door mechanism, cover plate and other plastic parts, Taxi roof-lights, emergency packs, roof boxes for the automotive industry, plastic based boots, toys - Fovarosi Kezmuipari Rt. Main ref: Ikarus - ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2000 Die cast plastic parts, electroplating Galvanplastik Kft. ISO 9001, Power controls, connectors, motor starters, rotary switch, circuit breakers, timers, monitor relays. Ganz KK Kft. Main ref: SUZUKI, Klöckner-Moeller Injection moulded plastic parts, front and back plastic plates for televisions, assembled panels - General Plastics Kft. Fax: +36 (22) Main ref Philips Magyarország Kft., Schindler Gb. Wien, Philips Fax Wien - ISO 9002, ISO 14001

8 Hydraulic power cylinders, pump units, high-pressure hoses, hydraulic pipes with honed finish, chrome plated bars, seals, clamping fixtures, clamping elements Gimex-Hidraulika Kft. - ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Linamar, Hydroaluminium, AUDI Hungária Kft., Knorr-Bremse, Thyssen, Grundfoss, Weslin Hungary Kft., ZF Hungária Kft., LUK Savaria Kft., Le Belier Kft.,BPW Hungary Kft., Claas, Prec-Cast Kft Vehicle flooring - GRABOPLAST Zrt. Main ref: SUZUKI, IKARUS, MAN, TOYOTA, MÁV, SIEMENS, IRISBUS, BOMBARDIER - ISO 9001 Injection moulded plastic parts - Gyori Plast Kft. Main ref SAPU Bt., LEAR, AUDI, HAMMERSTEIN - ISO 9002, VDA 6.1 Heating technology (electric boilers), components, tools (plate, plastic) - HAJDU Autotechnika Zrt. ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref: Arvin Meritor, Zeuna Starker, RABA Mechanical, electronic seat-adjusters, and adjusters with memory - Hammerstein Bt., Hungarian subsidiary of the German C. Rob. Hammerstein GmbH. Main ref: BMW, AUDI, DC, Porsche - ISO 9001, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 Cable harness assembling. Agricultural machines, units, parts. Cardan shafts, pick-ups, drums. HANTECH Ltd. Brake air conduits, hoses for hydraulics and dynamometers - HÉFAL Kft. Main ref: WSC, Unixtrade - ISO 9001:2000 Materials for cable assembly, signal systems HellermannTyton Kft. Main ref Temic, Valeo, Delco-Remy, Tyco - ISO 9001, QS9000, VDA6.1 Rear view mirrors and mirror plate for trucks, motors and passenger cars, Hirschler Undertaking ISO 9001 Main ref: MEKRA-Lang, IKARUS, BRITAX Ltd., RAYDYOT Ltd Windscreens for trucks and passenger cars- Hirschler Glass Works, ISO 9002 Main ref: Pilkington, Guardian, Saint Gobain, Velux Measuring and test devices, assembly tools and systems, SPC software for collecting measures data - HNS Kft. Main ref GE Hungary Rt., BPW Hungary Kft., VISTEON Hungary Kft., VISTEUN Philippines Inc., VISTEON ECS China, Wescast Autóipari Rt.- ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996 Instrument cases, device boxes, metal structures, aluminium- iron- and stainless steel- tool box, painting with dry colours for individual orders - HODMAS Engineering Kft Fax: 3662/ , ISO 9002 Glass fibre reinforced rings, brush holders and carbon brush assemblies, carbon slides Hoffmann Carbon Kft. Fax ++36 (92) ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS Rubber products, radial axel gasket - Huber Kft., ISO 9002 Main ref Phoenix AG - ISO 9001 Specialised vehicles, atmospheric containers, lifting devices, assembly of tailor-made chassis - HUN 2001 Kft. Fax

9 Industrial diamond cutting tools, single point diamond dressers Hungaro-Diamant Kft. Treatment and coating of metal parts - Hungaro SLR Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the German SLR Group Injection pipes; mounted hoses (hydraulic-, air-, washing hoses; hot an cold water hoses; oil-, airbrake-, press-air hoses; hydraulic brake hoses; oil and fuel hoses, gas and steam hoses, etc.); pipe fittings: HYDRA-FLEX Kft. ISO 9001:2000, Automotive products, extruded products Hydro Aluminium Győr Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the Norvegian Norsk Hydro ASA Fax: Profiles from wire, springs - Idomrugó Kft., ISO 9002, QS 9000 Main ref: Schukra, Sabo, AKG, Johnson Controls Automotive parts and accessories. Coach parts (doors, ventilating panels, defrosters, accordions, hand strap systems, mirrors, direction indicators) Ikarus Szeged Kft. Engineering office, Quality support service, 3D measuring, tools, small/medium series Imagement Kft. - ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2000, Main ref: AUDI Motor Hungaria Kft., Peugeot, ARRK, IBM, VISTEON, WET, Forman, SUZUKI, Citroen, Opel, Lear, Delphi Automotive, Renault, Robert Bosch, Volvo, BOS, Valeo, Citele DELTA MKS corrosion-protective cover - Impreglon Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the German Impreglon GmbH. Main ref BMW, DC, Honeywell, ISE - VDA 6.1, ISO 9001:2000 Rotation and linear-ball bearings, rolling-contact bearings and frictional bearings - INA Bearings Kft., Hungarian subsidiary of the Schaeffler Group Main ref: AUDI, ITT, OPEL, FORD Welded and cut elements, steel structures, driving gear - Industry Kft. fax: Contact: Electrical cables and cable-straps - Industry VE-MA Kft., ISO 9002 Main ref: Steafnelli, MAGNETTI MARELLI Polypropylene compound - INNO-COMP Kft., ISO 9001 Main ref: FORD, SUZUKI Interior lighting, rails for vehicles, plastic die casting Innotec Magyar Kft. ISO/TS Cup-and-ball joints, spring bolts, pivots, air-valves, steering rod connecting cup-and-ball - Inter-Gép Kft., Main ref Danaher Motion, Nabi - ISO 9001:2000, ISO Components for windscreen washing systems, heating systems for exterior mirrors - INTERPLUS Kft., ISO/TS 16949, Main ref: Renault, GM, SUZUKI, SAAB Machined steel vehicle parts Ipartechnika Manager Kft. Superstructures, bodies for vans. Járműgyár Kft.

10 Production of aluminium windows, doors, baggage racks and other fittings for railway passenger coaches and buses Jarműszerelvénytgyártó Rt Reinforced plastic parts for railways and buses, bodywork elements J Plast Kft. Hydraulic brake components - K & K 95 Bt, ISO 9002 Main ref Pax, Malospa, Freudenberg Group Rubber products made by pressing or injection moulding - KALOPLASZTIK Kft. ISO 9001, ISO 9002, QS 9000, ISO 14001, Main ref: GM, Suzuki, Sumitomo, Lear Shock absorbers Karaszy Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref Bombardier, KONI, NABI, MAV Starter drives Kelle Bendix Kft. ISO 9001 Small series forged and plate components, tools, plate forming injection moulding and die-casting - Kész-Gép Kft., Fax: 3654/ , ISO 9001 SGS, Main ref: GE Hungary Kft., FAG Freundenberg KG, Caroflex, Daewoo, Claas Hungária Kft Metal parts, steel sheet and zinc sheet KEVI Hardware Kft. ISO 9001 in process Fax Main ref: DOMANI NV Belgium Thermoplastics processing KKH Acryl Kft. ISO 9001 Main ref: Brunswick EuropeSPEXX Hungaria Kft Industrial coolers, air coolers, condensers, air filters, heat exchangers KLIMA Zrt. Cogged metal parts: cogwheels, cogged shafts, chain wheels, worms, and worm shafts. Moulded plastic parts: cogwheels, plastic housing etc. Transmissions and metal plate parts Koepfer Hungaria Kft. Fax: ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS in process Main ref: Hammerstein, Tyco Electronic, VALEO, Hans Huonker GmbH, Josef Koepfer und Söhne GmbH Metal machining, turned parts Kovács Workshop Vehicle instruments for load vehicles - Kozlekedesi Muszergyarto Rt. ISO 9001 DNV Main ref VDO, RENAULT, TATRA, ZETOR, IKARUS Brakes, servo brakes, parts - Knorr-Bremse Kft. Web: Metal fabrication: pressed parts Krone Kft. Pneumatic parts - K-SZEKTOR Trade Kft. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000 Main ref Bosch, Koyo, Delco Remy Bumpers, motor protecting covers, number-plate lights, interior lights, ashtrays, fuses, other plastic parts. Kunplast Karsai Co. ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO Main ref Suzuki, Cieplastfil, Romy, Lydall Gerhardi, Ise Automotive, Elektrolux, Tungsram-Scheider, Ganz Actaris, Sagem, Rose, Phoenix Mechano Foundry, vehicle parts - Kühne Vasöntöde Kft.

11 KVJ Művek ZRt. Member of the Videoton Group. (, Manufacturing of medium sized automotive stamped parts and package, Pressing, Welding: resistance spot welding with hand and robots, MIG/MAG welding with hand and robots, TIG welding, Packaging solutions for parts and systems; Certificates: ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001:2004; Main ref.: Suzuki. Metal and plastic components for the automotive industry: Seat height adjusting systems Lander Carlisle Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of Laner Carlisle Group Fax: Main ref: VISTEON, Delphi Calsonic, MG Rover, Jaguar, Ford, Lear, DC. Laser cutting services Lasercut Kft. ISO 9001:2000 in process Main ref: ZEUNA Starker Kft Lear Corporation Hungary Kft., Hungarian subsidiary of Lear Corp. US Aluminium cast parts, brake components, engine support components, compressor housing, electronic boxes, steering boxes - Le Belier Hungary Rt. Hungarian subsidiary of the Le Belier Group ISO/TS Main ref TRW, Continental Teves, VW, Siemens, Delphi, Renault, Faurecia Silent blocks, suspension pins, load vehicles' ball pins, half-axle stars, piston pins, machine and vehicle components - Lenkey & Tarsa Kft. Fax Wires - Leoni Hungaria Kft., Machined components for the automotive industry, farm machinery - Linamar Hungary Rt. QS 9000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO Main ref GM, Ford, Steyr, Opel, TRW, SHW Injection moulding and extruded parts, tools Locomo Trade Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Magyar Suzuki Rt., Sumitomo European Wiring System Hungary Kft. (SEWS-H Ltd.), Rába Jármûipari Alkatrészgyártó Kft. Turned parts and components, tools - Lovász Forgácsoló Kft. Clutches and parts - LUK Savaria Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of Schaeffler Grouppe Web: Diesel engine pre-heaters, master brake cylinder, haulage device - Madák Engineering Kft. Fax Main ref Bosch Precision castings, pump and valve components, Magyarmet Foundry Bt ISO 9001:2001,Wo TRD 100, DB Main ref: Vorwald GmbH, BMW, AUDI, GEA, GEMÛ, ConVey- Schmid, ITT Flygt, Fristam Aluminium semi-products, blocks, wires and rods, disks, strips - MAL RT. Aluminium Division Aluminium chill moulds with or without elements made for cold-box process - for the automotive industry or other industrial branches. MAL MWK Kft. Fax ISO Main ref: MWK GmbH Steel fabrications - MAV Eiffel Kft.

12 Prototype and series production of moulded plastic parts, tool designing, manufacturing and repair Metalvakuum Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of Metalvakuum Spa. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Sagem Gmbh Surface pre treatment, powder painting METOKOTE Hungary Kft. Bus seats, installation of air conditioning systems and cabin heating - MIDISIT Kft. Fax Thermoplastics processing Mikropakk Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS in process Main ref: GE Power Controls, GE Lightening, Renault Hydraulic power cylinders, tool engineering, farm machinery - Miskolc Hi-Tech Kft., ISO 9001, Main ref: HAINZL, BPW-Rába, Avermann Electronic window raisers, front and rear windscreen wiper systems, windscreen washers - MITSUBA Europe Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the Japanese Mitsuba Ltd. ISO/TS 16949, ISO Main ref Honda, Ford, Land Rover, Suzuki Fluid tension temperature controllers, limiters, thermometers, room temperature controllers, distant pressure meters, welding materials (burner jet extensions, anti-backfire cartridges and fittings). MMG Automation Co. Kft. Grey iron casting - Mohácsi Vasöntöde Kft. : Diesel engines, sheet oil coolers - Modine Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of Modine Inc. Fax Absorber springs (rear door telescopes to passenger cars), hydraulic speed-control cylinders Moliton Kft. ISO 9001 Main ref Ikarus, Anderson Brake cylinders, brake and clutch parts, cut spare parts, automatic and mechanic brake readjusting arms. MOM Faktor Kft. ISO/TS Main ref BPW, DEWE LIEBHERR, AUTOSAN, SB, PEXIM, MIELEC AUTOCENTRUM, H+D KAROSA, RÁBA Rt., BPW-Rába Rt. Cupped and pressed metal plate products, moulded plastic products, scales Momert Rt. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Sun Beam, Koopman, KORONA, Beaumark, Lacia Deluxe interior surfaces - MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft. QS 9000, ISO Main ref: SAAB, BMW, VOLVO, Renault Design and production of plastic moulding tools Mould-Tech Kft. ISO 9001:2000 in process Main ref: GE Lighting, Continental Teves, Flextronics Int., Dekorsy Kft., Tyrolia Ag., Volvo Mechanical, pneumatic and electric parts for railways, trams ISO 9001/2000, 9001/2001 Movill Kft. Design of plastic and metal components. Suction and exhaust pipes, valve hood, engine cover parts, design of prototype and mass production tools MPI Europe Kft. Main ref: GM, FORD, DC, HUNDAY, DAEWOO, Bosch, Delphi, Visteon, Arvin Meritor, AvtoVAZ

13 Camshafts, ball-joints, suspension arms Mushashi Hungary Kft. ISO/TS Main ref: Fiat Poland, Honda Italy, Audi, Daimler-Chrysler Coloured velvet products for various surfaces (metal, plastic, wood, glass) electerostatic method - Nagy Mihaly Undertaking Test systems, custom measurement systems, custom machines threaded components, thread gauges, thead cutting tools, prestic injection moulded parts Naturen Kft. Main ref: Volvo Construction Equipment, Bosch Rexroth Kft., TEMIC Hungary Kft., Carlao Gavazzi Ltd. W.E.T. Magyarország Kft., CPS Color Copper and copper-based alloys, iron casting Nehezfemontode Zrt. ISO 9001:2000, ISO ISO/TS Main ref: Metso, Schreier Mctall, ITT Jabsco, Salmson Combined cable units with injection moulding, aerials and units for car industry, cable TV units, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, printed electronic circuits. ISO 9000, QS 9000 VDA NEMATECH Kft. Injection moulding and pressing of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics - Nief Plastic Hungaria Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of Nief-Plastic Group Hiba! A hiperhivatkozás érvénytelen. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref Schneider Electric, Visteon, VALEO Electric, DENSO, Zollner, Schlumberger, Johnson Controls Customised and standard technical rubber products Nivex P+P Kft. ISO 9001:2001 Main ref: Mercedes, Opel, BMW, Audi, VW, Suzuki, TAURIL, VALEO, Continental, Michelin, WOCO, Bosch, C+L Industrietechnik GmbH, Schwalenberg GmbH Rubber hydraulic pipes, pneumatic brake pipes, metal brake pipes, gasoline and oil pipes, hydraulic hoses - Nivo-Flex Kft. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Asbestos-free brake pads Novaflex Kft. ISO 9001/2000 Cable assemblies; plastic die-casting ODW-ELEKTRIK Magyarország Kft. PUR formed foam production for train and bus seats - Olimpik Kft. Quality assurance: ISO 9001/2000 Main ref: Franz Kiel GmbH., M.Plast Bt., Korcz Kft Thermostats, thermal circuit-breakers, ventilators Bing Power Origin Kft., ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS Main ref Bombardier-Rotax, Ikarus, Kracht Surface treatment and protection, powder painting Ostorhazi Bevonattechnika Kft. ISO 9001, ISO Pistons - Pal Dugattyu Kft. ISO 9001 Main ref Skoda, Zastava Engine components, steel plates, welded products, plastic die casting, electroplating, etc. Papai Vasipari Rt. Now: Alfytech Engineering ISO 9002, Main ref: RÁBA Rt., Audi, MAG, TLC Pressed vehicle body parts, pipe clamps, hardware for furnitures, individually designed steel structures - Pata Jozsef Kft. ISO 9002, QS 9000 Main ref Ikarus, GM, Suzuki

14 Original designed and enhanced vehicle spare parts ( bumpers, dashboards, steering wheels, gearshift knobs, spoilers, internal covers), seals for the automotive industry (silicone and PUR) PEMÜ Rt. Quality assurance: ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref Suzuki, Ikarus, ZF Group, Autotrade Moulding tools (aluminium and plastic), stamping tools and fittings - P-Form Kft. Main ref AFL-Michels,Borman, RBU Plastic products Plastic Art Kft. Main ref Linamar, LG Philips, Flextronics, Schneider Electronics Windscreen wiper motors, fron and rear wiper systems, locks, horns PMP Bakony Windscreen Wiper Systems Kft. Part of the Ashok Piramal Group Seats, containers, rubber parts (mudguards) Polgar Kft. Fax , High precision aluminium and zinc die-casts (safety belt parts, components for brake systems, engine components), toolmaking - PREC Cast Kft. QS 9000, ISO 9001, VDA 6.1 Main ref Knorr Bremse, GM, Emerson Wapco, TRW, John Deere, Festo, ZF, Bosch Pressed body parts, exhaust drum, plate processing Pressmetal Kft. Automotive stamped parts Pridgeon and Clay Kft Hungarian subsidiary ISO/TS Main ref: Magyar Suzuki Corporation, Benteler, ArvinMeritor, Delphi, Faurecia, Magna Presstec Small transformers, liquid-level meters, electromechanical connectors, soldering devices, environmental services, instruments *Puskas Tivadar Co-operative ISO 9002 Main ref Mehne, Cooper Tools Seats to passenger cars, upholstery, seats to coaches, special seats, components for trucks and lorries - Raba Vehicle Parts Kft. Quality assurance: ISO TS 16949, ISO Main ref: Suzuki, Breda, Lear, ISE Vehicle components, tools, chimneys (binding elements, cogged shafts, assembly of piston gudgeoned-pins)- RÁBA Vehicle Parts Kft. ISO/TS Main ref: SUZUKI, NAF, BP, DENSO B rake drums, brake discs, suspension and other precision vehicle components made of iron, steel, fittings RÁBA Kispesti Kft - ISO 9001:2001- Main ref: RÁBA Rt., BPW Rába, TLC, Knorr Bremse Ag., Claas, Delco Remy, Kühne Commercial vehicle axles, axle components, chassis and suspension, passenger and commercial vehicle seats, machined components Rába Futomu Rt. : Welded structures, pressed and stamped components for vehicles- Raba-JÁRMŰ Gyor Kft. ISO 9001, Main ref Suzuki, BPW SUZUKI aerials, electric noise filters, CB antennas - RÁK Aerials Kft., ISO 9001:2001, MSZ EN ISO in process, Main ref Suzuki

15 Arm rests, door upholstery, rear parcel shelf, container trays, other cover plates for vehicles, upholstery for caravans, Rati Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref Suzuki, Ikarus, Raba, Opel, Musashi, Knauss Tabbert Original factory accessories, spoilers, mudguards, bumpers, side mouldings, interior vehicle accessories Ratipur Ltd. Quality assurance: ISO/TS Main ref: SUZUKI, Honda, BMW, SUBARU, IKARUS, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Peugeot Cardan axles, components for agricultural vehicles, agricultural and industrial drives - Rekard Produkt Kft ISO 9001 Main ref John Deere, Sennebogen, Grimme Surface treatment with degreasing, passivation with zink or ironphosphate, powder coating Resin Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref: ALUKOL KFT., SANMINA KFT., PHOENIX- MECANO KFT Vehicle parts, fittings, locks, tools for die-casting and cold forming, chill forms - Rollexco Rt. ISO 9001 Asbestos-free disk brakes, drum brakes, clutch disks, clutch facings - RONA Tamas Kft. Springs from diameter 0.2 to 14 mm Rufem Kft. Adhesive bonded windscreens, tempered side windows and rear windows for the automotive industry - SALGGLAS Zrt. ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS Main ref: Suzuki, Dutra, Lux Hot forged steel products; forged parts, gears, clog wheels, clutches, couplings, radius rods, parts for bodywork - Salgótarjáni Acélárugyár Rt ISO 9002, Main ref: IKARUS, UKM Rekard, NEUMAYER Precision foundry Sallai Foundry PCB assemblies, car stereo units, tuner pack for car stereo receiver, power supplies, digital and analogue electronic products, electronic home entertainment equipments Sanshin Hungary Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref Toshiba, Sanken, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Brother Inside and outside rear view mirrors, rear lights, interior lights, boot and number-plate lights - SAPU Bt., Hungarian subsidiary of Schefenacker Group ISO 9001, QS9000, VDA 6.1, ISO 14001, Main ref: AUDI/VW, OPEL, BMW, DC Connectors, linings, fixers, cut and bent spare parts, caps, test tube caps, shaped sealings, cover sealing for instrument boxes, metal components, seals, sealing plates, electric connectors, sealing materials, car spare parts, switches, flat seals; metal machining; car spare parts - Sealtech Bt Technical rubber ware. Semperform Kft. ISO 9002, VDA 6.1, QS 9000 Main ref: Woco, Brus, Hella, Ikarus, Raba Precision injection moulded plastic parts for industrial use - SFS Intec Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the Swiss SFS Holding AG. ISO/TS 16949, VDA 6.1, QS 9000 Main ref: BMW, Audi, Vaelo, Bosch, Goodmans, Schefeneckker

16 Lock systems SILCA-UNICAN-ELZETT Rt., ISO Kaba Elzett Rt. Cold rolled narrow strip - SILCO Quality Steel Products Kft. Manual and mechanised installation of electronic panels, cable assembly, manufacturing of plastic and metal apparatus housing Silveria Kft ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Thomas&Betts European CV, LEGRAND Rt., Laing Kft Locks and driving parts for the car industry, electrical parts. Mass production of injection moulded precision parts. SIROMA-PLAST Special purpose machines, cold forming tools, vehicle accessories, seat components Softcontrol Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: RÁBA Futómû Kft., GANZ, IWAG, Saab, BKV, EGIS Rt., Rába Alkatrészgyártó Kft. Equipment for automotive assembling lines, crane railings, metal machining Socoro Kft. ISO 9001/2001, ISO 9000?2001, VDA 6.1 ISO/TS All categories of springs from ř 0,2 30 mm. Free manufacturing capacity. SPIRÁLTER Kft. ISO 9002, 9001 Front and rear vehicle lamps Stanley Electric Hungary Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the Japanese Stanley Electric Inc. Main ref: MSC, FORD, TOYOTA, Quality Ass. ISO 9001 Batteries Starter Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Metal machining, turned parts, parts for railway carriages Szakálfém Kft. ISO and DIN 6700 Sealants Szemes Kft. Air brake device - SZIMFÉK Rt. ISO 9001 Pneumatic-brake fittings, servo-assisted steering systems, diesel-injection pumps, reconditioning of gearboxes and vehicle radiators, production of laminated springs- SZINKRON Kft., ISO 9001:2000, ISO Main ref MOL Trans, Volan, Raba, Ikarus, Nissans Tool design and manufacturing. Component and spare-part manufacturing. Glass and interior assembly of buses and vans. Design and production of seats and related accessories, armrests, steps, handle bars etc Szonax-Fém Kft. Main ref: Benteler Autotechnika Kft., Borg Warner turbo System Kft., Gestamp Hungária Kft. Technical springs and clamps (compression-, extensions-, torsion- and flat springs) Tatabányai Spring Factory Kft. ISO/TS Main ref Suzuki, Knorr Bremse, Johnson Controls, Raba Pressed products (injection moulded parts, pure rubber, mixtures), extruded products (hoses without braid, profile belts), other products, high-pressure hoses Tauril Kft Fax ISO/TS Main ref WOCO, SUZUKI, Visteon, Valeo, GM Opel Air-filter elements for passenger cars TECHNOFIL Kft. Main ref Shell, Unix Trade

17 Plastic processing, toolmaking (plastic, forged, moulding, plate forming) manufacturing of machines, cut component production, prototype-rapid toolmaking- Technoplast Kft., ISO 9001:2001 Main ref: RÁBA, SUZUKI, MODINE-HUNGÁRIA, ZF HUNGARY, ARRK, Alphaform, ALCOA Heavy-duty spiral springs - Technospring Kft., ISO 9002, Main ref: SUZUKI, Knorr-Bremse, Claas Vehicle chassis, comfort electronic products, seat setting engines, ABS, oilsensor (QLT) - TEMIC Hungary Kft., ISO 9002, 14001, QS 9000, VDA 6.1 Main ref: Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen, BMW Stamping tools, die cast tools, pressed vehicle parts Titan 94 Kft. Metallised vehicle and electronic components, injection moulding - Towercont Kft. ISO/TS Main ref: SKT, Helios Gaskets for passenger cars and trucks, O-rings, brake pipe fittings Torok & Tarsai Kft. Electric drives, AC and DC drives, converters, vehicle control systems, trams, tramcars, trolley buses Transelectro Traction Electrics fax: (+36-1) I/Oplugs, IDC plugs, airbag parts - TYCO Electronics Kft., ISO 9002, QS 9000, VDA6.1 Main ref: FORD, VW/AUDI, Porsche, Daimler-Chrysler, Renault Body frames, steel structures - *Uj Strigon Kft Fax , ISO 9001 Machined vehicle parts Unify Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Rivets, draw rivets, pins, sleeves, female and pinned parts, components manufactured with cold extrusion, pressing and cupping for the automotive and other industries UNIRIV Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS Main ref: LuK Savaria Kft., Dometic Rt., Gebr. Tigenmeyer GmbH, Autoliv, U- Shin, BPW-Rába, Schwartzmüller Axial parts, copper pieces, bushed pieces, Special screws, sleeves, turned parts, toner shafts, electric motor shafts, *Unitrade Kft. M&M ISO 9001:2000, ISO TS in process Main ref: Phoenix Mecano K. Kft., Legard Rt., Nygro Kft. Door latches, lock sets - U-Shin Europe Kft Main ref Suzuki, Opel Polska, TKP, Ford, Mazda Push-buttons, tumbler-switches, indicators, switches for electric gardening and hand tools), wheels for industrial use - VA Rt. ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, Main ref Electrolux, Black&Decker, Ikarus Electical car components (steering column switches, switch modules for airbag electronics and specialised products)- Valeo Auto-Electric Hungary Kft., ISO 9001, QS9000, VDA6.1 Main ref: Daimler-Crysler, Opel, VW, Renault, Porsche, Peugeot Car spare parts (IFA, W50, L60, AVIA, Skoda, LIAZ, IKARUS) shock absorbers, filters and batteries Variens Kft. ISO 9002

18 Turned and pressed parts, hose clamps for vehicles, boilers and containers, welded steel structures Vasep Vasipari Kft. ISO 9002, Main ref: Suzuki, Bergmann, KUNZEL, RK Rose & Krieger Metal engineering of body components - VEGS Kft. Rubber and PA tubes, fittings for fuel and servo handling - Veritas Dunakiliti Kft. DIN ENISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, ISO/TS Main ref: VW, AUDI, BMW Air springs, rubber membranes, other rubber/plastic items for the automotive industry Vibracoustic Hungary Kft. ISO 9001-:2000, IO/TS Main ref: Freundenberg Automotive components: relays, electric control and distribution devices, Al-casts, oilpumps, car audio, sound cabinets, metal plate parts - Videoton Holding Zrt. Main ref: AFL, SHW, Knorr-Bremse, VW, VOLVO, Sumitomo, GE Lighting, Tungsram, Bosch, ABB, ASCOM Plastic parts, tools. Contract manufacturing. Videoton Elektro-Plast Kft. : ISO 9001:2000 ISO ISO/TS Lamps used in the automotive industry (especially utility vehicle and bus lamps), switches, current cutters, sockets Villtesz Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Ikarusbus Rt., Ikarus Egyedi Kft., RÁBA Kft., Kühne Rt Machined parts, overflow blockers, fittings, flow indicators VIME-COO Kft. Climate systems, electrical conversion, starters, compressors - Visteon Automotive Systems Vehicle plate components, garden equipment, bodies for mowers, fine pressed-elements - Vogel & Noot Technology Kft., ISO 9002, Main ref: MAN, CLARK, Benteller Seats for buses and trams VOGEL Sitze Hungaria Kft. Main ref: Volvo, Man, Ikarus, Marbus Asbestos free brake pads, drum brake pads, brake bands.- Vojth Kft. ISO 9001 Main ref: DM, WIPS, Autonet Manufacturing and reconditioning of laminated springs, overhaul of radiators, brakes, engines, suspension, load vehicles and components Volan Kft. Fax Cut components for the automotive industry with surface treatment, other stamped components- VT Metal Kft., ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2000 Main ref: Visteon, Knorr- Bremse VT Plastic Kft. (, Plastic injection moulding incl. painting, printing and welding, Assembly and Testing; Certificates: ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001:2004; Main ref.: Bosch, Continental VDO, Valeo, Visteon. Videoton Automotive Electronics Kft. (, Electronics assembly, Electromechanical assembly, Sensor production; Certificates: ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, Main ref.: Valeo, Flextronics International, Sensata Technologies.

19 Videoton Precision Kft. (, Tool design & manufacturing, Sheet metal parts production, Low and medium series injection molded parts, Surface treatments: both for sheet metal and for plastic parts; Certificate: ISO 9001:2008; Main ref.: Nilfisk Advance, Visteon, Autoliv. VT Informatics Kft. (, CNC stamping & enclosure: low and medium series of stamped and bent parts, Sheet metal processing, Mechanical and electromechanical assembly, Control box assembly, Powder coating; Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004; Main ref.: Telent Traffic Signals UK, Carrier, NCR, 3 M. Non-engine dependent car heating systems, air conditioners, top windows, roof bents - WEBASTO Hungaria Kft., ISO 9002 Main ref: MAV, Cefin Vehicle chassis covers, engine protector plates, base plate (floor cover), wheel boxes, luggage compartment covers Werling & Antikorrwerk Kft. Seat heating for passenger cars, cables/wire W.E.T. Automotive Systems Kft. ISO 9001, QS 9000, VDA 6.1, ISO/TS Main ref: VW, Johnson Controlls, Daimler Crysler, LEAR Co. Plastic die casting, injection moulding WOCO Magyarország Kft. Labels; Product identification systems Worldmark Hungary Kft. Engineering, development and production of tools for rubber and plastic processing - Z Form Kft. ISO 9001:2000 Main ref GDX Automotive, MÜNDENER TEKLAS, OHLO, WILKE, REUM, Brung&Koch, Müller Flex, BIWEX, Hutchinson Gear boxes - ZF Hungarian Kft. Hungarian subsidiary of the German ZF Group Mechanical and electronic components Zollner Elektronik Kft. ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO Main ref: HELLA, Siemens, Siemens VDO, OSRAM, HP, BDT



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Railway Systems Cluster

Railway Systems Cluster Railway Systems Cluster is one of the most developed provinces of our fast growing country, Turkey. In addition to her socially multidimensional developments, is one of the most important

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2000+ LIST OF USES. HOME/GARDEN Use to loosen rusty nuts and screws, clean garden tools Cleans piano keys Keeps wicker chairs from squeaking Lubricates small rolling toys Keeps garden tools rust-free Cleans patio door glide

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Operator s Service Book

Operator s Service Book Tata LP / LPT 613 EURO-II Operator s Service Book (The contents given in this book are not binding; are subject to change without notice and are for illustration purposes only) Edition : XLI/NE/J-2007/001-500

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Automotive India 2011

Automotive India 2011 Tappa di: ACCIAIERIA ARVEDI AcciaieriaArvedi production mix is directed towards thin and ultrathin gauges of Hot rolled Coils and Strips in Carbon Steel with High Strength Micro-Alloyed and Dual Phase

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Transport NSW TWO DOOR CITY BUS - BUS SPECIFICATION. Outer and Metropolitan Bus System Contract (O/MBSC) November 2010

Transport NSW TWO DOOR CITY BUS - BUS SPECIFICATION. Outer and Metropolitan Bus System Contract (O/MBSC) November 2010 Transport NSW TWO DOOR CITY BUS - BUS SPECIFICATION Outer and Metropolitan Bus System Contract (O/MBSC) November 2010 Sydney Region: Transport NSW Transport Services Division Level

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International Classification for Standards

International Classification for Standards International Classification for Standards Contents Introduction...3 Purpose of the ICS...3 Description of the ICS...3 Rules for the use of the ICS...5 Updating of the ICS...11 How to use the ICS index...11

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ALGEMEEN SCHEMA VAN DE NORMALISATIEPROGRAMMA'S 2015 SCHEMA GENERAL DES PROGRAMMES DE NORMALISATION 2015 ALGEMEEN SCHEMA VAN DE NORMALISATIEPROGRAMMA'S 205 European CEN/TC 0 Lifts, escalators and moving walks SIRRIS-AGORIA CEN/TC 2 Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical

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Chery S18D Service Manual

Chery S18D Service Manual (Body Accessories & Dimensions) After Sales Service Department of Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd. Contents Chapter I Engine Hood & Luggage Boot...1 I. Removal and Installation of Engine Hood...1 1. Preparations...1

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Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard. Automotive Service Technician. Level 1. Trade Code: 310S

Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard. Automotive Service Technician. Level 1. Trade Code: 310S Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard Automotive Service Technician Level 1 Trade Code: 310S Date: 2010 Please Note: Apprenticeship Training and Curriculum Standards were developed by the Ministry of Training,

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Swiger Coil Systems 4677 Manufacturing Rd. Cleveland, OH 44135 Phone: 216-362-7500 Fax: 216-362-1496

Swiger Coil Systems 4677 Manufacturing Rd. Cleveland, OH 44135 Phone: 216-362-7500 Fax: 216-362-1496 R Bach-Simpson P.O. Box 5484 109 Meg Drive London, Ontario N6A 4L6 - Canada Phone: 519-452-3200 Fax: 519-452-3165 Barber Spring 1 McCandless Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Phone: 412-782-7330

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Marine Catalogue 2013

Marine Catalogue 2013 Marine Catalogue 2013 Table of contents Welcome to Webasto marine 4 What s new? 5 We are here to develop your business 6 Heating products Heating products 9 Accessories for 43 heating systems Heating accessories

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Valencian Automotive Cluster. Membership

Valencian Automotive Cluster. Membership Valencian Automotive Cluster Membership Valencian Automotive Cluster Valencian Automotive Cluster The Valencian Automotive Cluster (AVIA) is the result of the promotion of an initiative that began as

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Question Bank Metal Trades Technology

Question Bank Metal Trades Technology Question Bank Metal Trades Technology Table of Contents Question Bank Metal Trades Technology...1 MATERIALS...1 BENCH WORK...11 MACHINE TOOLS, GENERAL...26 MACHINE ELEMENTS...36 BRAZING AND WELDING...64

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435S Wheeled Loading Shovel

435S Wheeled Loading Shovel NEW 435S WHEELED LOADING SHOVEL 435S Wheeled Loading Shovel Operating weight: 13,688kg Gross rated power: 230hp (171kW) Full turn tipping load: 7,972kg Standard shovel capacity: 2.4m³ CLEANER, QUIETER

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Sellihca Codes - English

Sellihca Codes - English services for professional procurement be better informed, make better decisions Introduction Sellihca - codes Sellihca Codes - English Sellihca EN 002-11/2010 Sellihca-codes Introduction: In connection

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Quad Lander 250 SERVICE MANUAL

Quad Lander 250 SERVICE MANUAL FORWARD CONTENTS HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL SERIAL NUMBER Quad Lander 250 SERVICE MANUAL Homepage Contents FORWARD This service manual contains the technical data of each component inspection and repair for

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Open Tender Request for Proposal for Datacenter

Open Tender Request for Proposal for Datacenter Thematic Unit of Excellence on Computational Materials Science (TUE-CMS) Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560012 Open Tender Request for Proposal for Datacenter

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The stretch becomes the realistic

The stretch becomes the realistic 2015 TOPSUPPLIERS CMYK.qxp 6/8/2015 3:28 PM Page 1 The stretch becomes the realistic Stretch goals may not seem so far away if you saw things a little differently, or worked with a team that was able to

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1 CAN OBDII SCANNER User s Manual CAN OBDII SCANNER USER S MANUAL. Version: 8.08 CAN OBDII SCANNER. Do-It-Auto 1 User s Manual USER S MANUAL 1 Version: 8.08 Do-It-Auto Table of Contents 1.0 - Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 The Product ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Nomenclature (Abbreviations & acronyms)

Nomenclature (Abbreviations & acronyms) Nomenclature (Abbreviations & acronyms) CDL: Competitor: D.O.M.: Kill Switch: Mfg: MTRA: MTRAE: Participant: R-T: Race: RII: SFI: SPEC: Commercial Drivers License Driver Drawn Over Mandrel Switch that

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Catalogue of Polish aeronautical SMEs

Catalogue of Polish aeronautical SMEs Catalogue of Polish aeronautical SMEs Page 1 of 35 Tablle off conttentts:: Aviation Production and Repair Company Aero-Kros... 4 ETC PZL Aerospace Industries... 6 Aerotec... 7 AMEPOX MC... 8 AT-3... 9

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The 02E Direct Shift Gearbox Design and Function

The 02E Direct Shift Gearbox Design and Function The 02E Direct Shift Gearbox Design and Function Self-Study Program Course Number 851403 Volkswagen of America, Inc. Service Training Printed in U.S.A. Printed 05/2004 Course Number 851403 2004 Volkswagen

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by ArvinMeritor Product Identification Guide

by ArvinMeritor Product Identification Guide Publication TP-03167 DriveTrain Plus TM by ArvinMeritor Product Guide Issued 03-04 Overview This publication provides identification information for Meritor, Meritor WABCO and Gabriel products. Product

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The intelligent modular system for your school

The intelligent modular system for your school The intelligent modular system for your school Products Products The intelligent 2 modular system for your school Our key areas of expertise Edition 2011/08 Contents The intelligent modular system for

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Comparison of 1997 NAICS-based ISI codes with 1987 SIC-based ISI codes

Comparison of 1997 NAICS-based ISI codes with 1987 SIC-based ISI codes Comparison of 1997 NAICS-based s with 1987 SIC-based s The following table shows how the international surveys industry () s based on the 1997 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (referred

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English. Radne Motor AB. User. Manual

English. Radne Motor AB. User. Manual English Radne Motor AB User Manual Introduction Congratulations to your choice of engine. The Raket 120 is a multi purpose engine, which you will find useful for many applications. If you read this manual

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SKINTOP SILVYN FLEXIMARK Lapp Cable Guide U.I. Lapp GmbH Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße 25 70565 Stuttgart, Germany Tel. +49(0)711/78 38-01 Fax +49(0)711/78 38-26 40 Contents The Lapp Group: At Your Service 2 Brand

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