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1 FROM THE PRINCIPAL D In this Issue: Grade 1 Mrs. G. Loga Grade 11 Mr. S. Papapu Notices Teacher Parent Evening 11th Feb 2015 (Wed Wk 3) Page 1 ear Parents & Guardians, Welcome to the first newsletter for Term 1, For those who have just joined the KIS family we wish you years of success with us. As we start the New Year it is good to look back to the end of and our achievements. End of Year Events Our final newsletter for 2014 went out before the last week so here are some photographs of a number of events to remind you of the end of term fun. Santa s Visit With our new building it was possible to set up Santa s Grotto and bring the children over to see him in the Grotto. Once again we give a big thank you to Niugini Helicopters and the Fire Department for providing transport for Santa.

2 FROM THE PRINCIPAL~ Continued Carols and Awards Night Unfortunately our celebration on Wednesday night had to be cancelled because of unrest on the road on the way out of Kimbe. We held the event on Friday morning instead and a number of parents have suggested that we hold next year s celebration during the day. We will consider that for next year. Family Picnic Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying the family picnic to remember to take photos until right at the end.!! Page 2

3 Examination Results During the holiday there have been a number of posts on Facebook regarding the West New Britain results in both the Grade 10 and Grade 12 examinations. Unfortunately we have not been provided with the summary tables from MSB to confirm the information but since the Grade 10 Mean Rating Index (MRI) given for KIS is correct I assume that the other reported results will also be correct. Our Grade 10 results were once again very good with an MRI of The average MRI for the country is 50 and only one other school in West New Britain had a score above 50 (out of the eleven schools preparing students for the Lower Secondary School Certificate). The other school with an MRI over 50 was Kimbe Secondary with an MRI of Hoskins Secondary and Bialla Secondary had MRIs in the 40s, Trinity Secondary and Hoskins Girls in the 30s, Malalia, Poinini, Kimbe Grammar and Kandrian were in the 20s and Gloucester had an MRI of Our Grade 12 results were also good with only Kimbe International out of the six schools in West New Britain entering candidates at this level having a comparative result over 50. The reported results for Grade 12 were Kimbe International with 57.41, Hoskins Secondary with 49.59, Kimbe Secondary with 48.90, Bialla Secondary with 47.96, Trinity Secondary with and Kimbe Grammar with At Grade 12 all students are ranked within the whole national cohort. 50% of our students were ranked within the top 10% and 90% of our students were ranked within the top 50% of the country. We were very pleased to see 60% of our Grade 12 students this year obtaining government grants for their tertiary studies. Our Grade 8 results were also highly commendable with 89% of results Average or better and 64% High or Very High. Well done students, staff and parents for working together as a team. Events coming up in 2015 Meet the Teacher We will hold our Meet the Teacher night on Wednesday evening of Week 3 and we will be providing BBQ food for sale for those who come straight from work. There will be a specific notice giving details of the evening in addition to this note. Parent Assembly Our first Parent Assembly of the year will be held on Friday of Week 5. This assembly will be hosted by the Lower Primary so please come along to support them. Week 6 Holiday Because the Senior School teachers have to attend Moderation meetings in Canberra for the ACT Year 12 Certificate in Week 6 we will be using two days of holiday from the Term 1/2 Break and three of our six Professional Development days during that week and consequently the school will be closed to students during week 6. Page 3 Ifor Jones Principal

4 Date Habit of Mind Persistence Term 1 Week 2 Issue No. 1 Dear Readers, Welcome to our class newsletter for this term. I warmly welcome all the new students and their parents to our KIS family. I also welcome all the continuing students and their parents to KIS and I am looking forward to work collaboratively with you this year. This year we have twenty-two registered children for the grade one class. So far we have had just over 16 children attending class and we hope to have the rest of the students joining us soon. The students who have started school are already realizing how exciting, interesting and exhausting grade one can be especially when tasks are integrated into other curriculum areas. English Language In language we will mostly concentrate on revising the letters and sounds of the alphabet and as well as introducing some diagraphs of letters and sounds. Basic things like, body poster and correct way to hold the pencils, formation of letters and numbers will be revised. Reading: Reading lessons will become the centre of our lesson each day both inside and outside of class. In class we will have big book lessons, group reading lessons, individual reading, library lessons and home readers for you parents to assist with their reading and to sign after listening to them read. Written Language: We will concentrate on writing of recounts and poetry this term. This lessons will be integrated into other subject areas like science, health and mathematics. When writing sentences we will revise Reminders: Monday Library Thursday-Ex-Arts with Mrs Pidik. Sports on Thursday. Wednesday I CT Ensure your child has enough healthy food to eat each day. Reading is everyday starting with a capital letter and to stop with a full stop. Children will be encouraged to write interesting sensible sentences especially in their diaries about their every day experiences. Parents are encouraged to engage your children in your outings like trips, picnics, swimming, shopping, allowing your kids for play or sleep overs, birthday parties, eating out, afternoon walks, taking them out to the fields to watch the games, bush walks, doing gardening and fishing. It is also important to give small responsibilities like, putting their plates away in the sink after eating, shoes, bags and homework folders at the correct places. Science. In science we will be looking at why there is Day and Night time. Where the moon gets its light from? Why the sea is blue? Is it true to say the earth moves around the sun and why? Why is it that people, plants and animals cannot live in space like we live on earth? These are some simple questions we d like to find the answers to in the Earth and Beyond topic this term. PE Physical Education is once a week on Thursday. We will use the sports equipment in school to help us with our body coordination. Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform and shoes on this day. Again observe the No Hat, No Play policy in the Student/ Teacher Handbook. Policies and rules are in the Student/Teacher handbook. Please take time to read.. Page 4

5 Mathematics We will look at writing numbers, number names and pictures from 030 and beyond, the study of ordinal and cardinal numbers, time, shapes, adding and subtracting. We have started with different activities in our class and some of these are now integrated into our Science lesson as you can see in the pictures. Design Technology We will use different materials to make different transport on land, sea and air. Materials like, paper, cardboard, time, sticks, pipe cleaners, sticky tape, strings, rubber bands, glue, stapler and betelnut fibre will be use to make the different transports. Page 5

6 Keep Safe, Keep Healthy and Enjoy your week-end. From the Grade Ones, Mr Metlick, Ms Davasi & Mrs. Loga. Page 6

7 Term 1 Article Grade Eleven 6th February 2015 Important Dates Parent/teacher night. Wednesday next week 11th Feb. Important Reminders School Uniform Please ensure that your child is wearing the school uniform, groomed well and in shoes. Should your child be out of uniform you (Parents) must notify the class patron through a note. Our Teachers Mr. S. Papapu Class Patron, Adv. Math, Physics, ICT Mrs. R. Purupuru Geography, Language & Literature Mr. K. Chamilou Chemistry, Biology Mr. R. Korerua Economics, History Mr. N. Ghate General Math Mr. C. Papapu Business Studies Mrs. A. Pidik Performing Arts Welcome parents, guardians and friends to our first class newsletter for this year. The main difference between last year and this year is the subjects the students have chosen to study. are specific to their goals and I know they are looking forward to gain as much knowledge as possible from the subject teachers and to tackle the challenges before them. About the Class. There are 21 students enrolled into grade 11 and I congratulate them for making it this far. I would like to warmly welcome 16 continuing students from KIS as well as five (5) new students who have joined us from other schools around the country. They are; Marianne Mirio, Stacey Mondo, Sonja Oembari, Gabriella Palaulo and Evodia Wularia. Here s What they have to say about KIS: Sonja Oembari: Last School attended: Popondetta Secondary. The most important thing that I have learnt here in KIS is the 5 IEA key outcomes. Out of the 5, I like the 5th key outcome: Working collaboratively. I enjoy cooperative group learning in class because you also learn from others. It is fun and more interesting than working alone. Evodia Wularia Last School attended: Hoskins Secondary. Based on my assessment I am learning everyday here at KIS because teachers attend to their classes. Learning here is challenging, interesting and fun and I enjoy it. Marianne Mandui Last School attended: Kila Kila Secondary. Based on my assessment on learning here at KIS the teachers are very helpful, and the school here has alot of resources available for student learning. For example; textbooks which are issued to individual students, internet access and library which could be used at anytime of the day so long as it is open. Although it is a small school, I have found that learning here is very effective. Gabriella Palaulo Last School attended: Coronation College. Coming from another IEA school I find a lot of similarities but I have noticed that students take good care of school property. I have also noticed that KIS has developed compared to what it used to be in my primary days. Classmates and teachers are the best part of school. They make education fun and easy to learn. The warm welcome has made me feel at home. KIS will always be the family school it is. Stacey Mondo Last school attended: Ramu High School The students here have access to textbooks, computers and internet access. Learning here is fast and challenging. There is a variety of learning resources and I enjoy learning. Safe and enjoyable weekend to you all. Cheers, Sam Papapu Page 7