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1 Msothliom UK Nwsltt Smm Iss 2013 Fothcomig Evts fo Hlth Pofssiols Bitish Thocic Socity Smm Mtig th J 2013 Mchst Msothliom Stdy Dy 4th Jly 2013 Lodo Bidg Emil o Wold Lg Cc Cofc st Oct Sydy, Astli 9th NCRI Cc Cofc 3-6th Nov Livpool Advcs i th Digosis d Ttmt of Lg Cc 21st Nov Th Royl Msd Hospitl, Lodo NLCFN 15th Al Cofc 28-29th Nov Lodo Bitish Thocic Socity Wit Mtig th Dcmb 2013 Lodo BTOG 12th Al Cofc 29-31st Jy 2014 Dbli D Mso UK Sppot Wlcom to th smm ditio of Msothliom UK s Nwsltt. I m dlightd to oc tht thks to o my fdiss d sposos Msothliom UK will this y ficilly sppot th ppoitmt of two mo Msothliom Cliicl Ns Spcilists (MCNS) i Potsmoth d Mchst, bigig th UK totl to 5. Svl oth cts xpssd itst to host MCNS d povidig o fds coti to gow w will sk to ics this ivlbl body of ss. Msothliom UK ow civs ppoximtly 150 hlpli cotcts d 2500 wbsit hits p moth. Lst y w cicltd 6800 hd copis of wsltts. W holdig Stkhold Evt i Licst o J 24th d wold cog yo itstd i hlpig shp th ft of Msothliom UK to com log d cotibt. Svl stdts hv jst fiishd th most ct Msothliom Pctic i Cc C modl thogh th Royl Msd School of Nsig mig 45 hlth c pofssiols hv ow fiishd th cos. I dditio y hlth c pofssiol c joi th Msothliom UK Commity of Pctic, oli commity fo thos itstd i msothliom tht povids vity of socs to sppot cliicl pctic, ot Updtd Ptit Ifomtio lst commictio twok with lik midd popl. Cotct Msothliom UK fo mo ifomtio bot ch if yo itstd. Nws bot cliicl tils is cogig with MESO 2 o th csp of opig, SKOPOS ow ctivly citig, MARS 2 lso hs fdig d th potocol is i fil stgs of dvlopmt d th UK Mso/ VATs stdy bot to pot wtch this spc! W will shotly b cicltig o Al Actio Msothliom Dy Bllti to itstd gops, pls stt to pl yo vts d lt s kow wht yo will b doig so tht w c dvtis fo yo. W lwys hppy to civ yo ws d viws, kp sdig thm i. Liz Dliso Mcmill Msothliom Cosltt Ns O Msothliom UK ptit ifomtio is ctly big pdtd d shold b vilbl vy soo i th w bl Fogt-Mso-Not fomt. All th mdicl ifomtio cotid i ths fctshts hs b viwd by th tho d mdd wh cssy. As soo s ths w fctshts compltd thy will b vilbl to od i hd copy o to dowlod fom o wbsit: Pls kp look ot o o wbsit fo th w os which will b comig soo. Tcy Hslti Msothliom UK If yo wold lik to b movd fom (o ddd to) th milig list fo th wsltt, pls cll fpho , mil o wit to: Msothliom UK, Glfild Hospitl, Goby Rod, Licst, LE3 9QP. Pls stt whth yo wold lik lctoic copy (pls spply mil ddss) o hd copy.

2 Ifomtio Psciptio Dlivy Svic (IPS) Most popl ffctd by cc wt to b bl to dstd thi sittio d hv ss of cotol ov thi livs. Ptits who wll-ifomd, xpic lss xity, tk gt pt i thi ttmt pl, d btt qippd to cop with thi illss th thos who ill-ifomd o ifomd. I 2010, s pt of th Ntiol Cc pogmm, th Ntiol Cc Actio Tm (NCAT) lchd 3-y schm wokig with Cc Rsch UK, Mcmill d oth smll chitis, icldig Msothliom UK to hlp povid cosistt d cct dvic to cc ptits thoghot th coty. Th mi im of NCAT ws to dvlop wb bsd Ifomtio Psciptio Dlivy Svic (IPS). Th IPS hosd fo ch cc typ, Ifomtio Pthwy, d llowd Hlth C Pofssiols to slct ifomtio, lvt to thi ptit, d costct Ifomtio Psciptio (IP) tht ws tilod to thi ds. Msothliom UK hs wokd hd to s ll ifomtio podcd ws by xpicd hlth pofssiols cogisd s xpts i thi pticl fild. As slt of this, d ft igoos Dptmt of Hlth chcks, Msothliom UK ws wdd th pstigios Ifomtio Stdd Accdittio th Gold Stdd Kit Mk, which ctifis th holds O Fist Pto libl podcs of hlth d socil c ifomtio. W vy pod to hv chivd this cogitio. Th NCAT cotct cm to d i Apil 2013 d sdly, th tsitio to th w povid of sch ifomtio, NHS choics, hs ot b th smooth pthwy tht ws pomisd by th Govmt. Th IT svics fim, Cpit, hs hd vy pblicisd disgmts with NHS choics d thi cotct s til Novmb 2013 o o moth ollig bsis. Th ft is idd cti. At mgcy mtig fo Stkholds of th Ifomtio Psciptio Svic o Mody 22d Apil, pls w md to dliv collbotiv voic to wit to th All Pty Plimty Gop o Cc xpssig o dp cocs. O im is to s tht ll o hd wok is ot ssigd to th Politicl bbish bi d tht ptits coss th UK civ th ifomtio thy qi d dsv. It is impott to liz thogh, tht ll Msothliom UK ifomtio c b obtid ith s hd copy o vi o wbsit s dowlodbl fctsht. Yo commts wold b mch ppcitd. Gy Sld Msothliom UK Ns Spcilist Msothliom UK Chitbl Tst is dlightd to oc o vy fist Pto. Kisto Wig is ctss ctly stig i Estds s th chct Kisty Big. Kisto sdly lost h mm to Msothliom lst y d th Msothliom UK chity is vy clos to h ht. Kisto will b ttdig th 2013 Ptit d C Dy which tks plc o 5th Octob i Licst. Th Msothliom Applid Rsch Fodtio (MARF) 2013 Symposim I ws fott gi this y i Mch to b ivitd by th wodfl MARF tm to ttd d pst t thi l symposim. MARF is th US tiol ogistio ddictd to povidig sppot d ifomtio d fidig c d dictig msothliom s lif-dig diss. Th wok of th Fodtio is fdd by msothliom ptits d thi fmilis who hv ivstd gosly s wll s lw fims, dg compis, d compis fomly ivolvd with sbstos, ll of whom hv joid i th commo missio of cig th diss d limitig th isks of sbstos xpos. Pviosly ll psttio fom th symposim hv b postd o th fodtios wbsit I dditio this y th whol mtig ws livstmd o Fcbook llowig popl ll ov th wold to b ivolvd. Svl UK ptits d cs w coctd d thy cotibtd to th qstio d sw sctios. My pot bot th MARF 2013 symposim c b fod t /cliicl-tils.htm Abov: Lptop i th fogod dmosttig th liv stmig of th psttios vi Fcbook s thy hpp Edctio Slct Committ Hig ito Asbstos i Schools O 13th Mch th Edctio Slct Committ hld hig ito sbstos i schools. Evidc ws giv by th Schools Miist Dvid Lws MP, Dvid Ashto dicto of HSE, Pofsso Jli Pto ldig pidmiologist, Jli Wi th Chi of th Joit Uio Asbstos Committ, Rog Lighto hdtch d Michl Ls mmb of th Asbstos i Schools Gop. Pict Soc: Th Committ hd tht pot by th Mdicl Rsch Cocil cocldd it is ot sobl to ssm tht th ti school popltio hs b xposd to sbstos i school bildigs d tht th xpos my costitt sigifict pt of liftim xpos. Pofsso Pto stssd th icsd isk to child fom sbstos xpos Th isk kps goig p...oc yo hv b xposd to sbstos, th isk gos o icsig fo th st of yo lif. It icss vy stply ft vy log is sobl to sy tht somthig of th od of 100 o 150 dths p y fom msothliom i wom cold i th ft b d to sbstos lvls i schools p to th 1960s d 1970s. If th simil mb of dths i mls it wold m tht p to 300 y cold di bcs of thi sbstos xpos s child t school. Th Miist d M Ashto ittd tht th Govmt s policy is to lv sbstos i plc d mg it til th miig lif of th bildigs, s thy cosid tht is sf fo th occpts. Thy do ot cosid tht it is th Govmt s sposibility to kow th scl of th poblm d hv thfo spcificlly xcldd sbstos fom th dit of th coditio of school bildigs. Thy hv lso cclld ispctios to dtmi th stdds of sbstos mgmt i locl thoity schools bcs HSE dvis tht th isks vy low. Jli Wi d Michl Ls gv vidc tht th policis ot wokig. Th Miist cofimd tht th Govmt will cy ot viw of thi policy towds sbstos i schools oc th Committ o Cciogicity pblishs its pot o th ltiv vlbility of child to sbstos followig thi mtig o 9th My. Michl Ls Nw Iititiv to Sppot Ptits s Rsch Ambssdos i th NHS 20th Apil 2013 Tscipt of hig: Vido of hig: Witt vidc: Th NIHR Cliicl Rsch Ntwok hs lchd Ivolvmt4Accss, soc fo th sch commity, which cotis gidc d xmpls of bst pctic o how to gg d mpow Ptit Rsch Ambssdos. My ptits d cs ldy Ptit Rsch Ambssdos. Thy fl pssiot bot sch d ppd to tlk bot it, both with ch oth, d NHS c pofssiols d mgs. To fid ot mo bot this soc pls go to th wbsit blow: BLF d MKMRF Msothliom Svy Th Bitish Lg Fodtio, i ptship with th Mick Kighto Msothliom Rsch Fd codctd svy of 240 ptits d lovd os of thos livig with msothliom with th hlp of Msothliom UK dig Mch. Th topics covd icldd xpics of: Digosis, sbstos xpos, wlf bfits, th lgl pocss, mdicl c d som dmogphic qstios. A mjoity of thos who spodd to th qstioi w fmily mmb, d hlf of thos who hd b digosd with msothliom w yog t btw t digosis. It pps th lgst occptio giv fo th pso with msothliom ws lctici t 15%. Most of thos svyd md clim fo compstio, d wh skd bot impovmts to th clims pocss, th mi sggstd ws to spd p th clims pocss tkig ito cosidtio th distss th fmily is ldy goig thogh. Wh spodts w skd wht sigl thig cold mk th biggst diffc to popl livig with msothliom, fo 77% it ws cotid sch to fid c. W hop th pot s isight will b ivlbl i mkig s tht th Govmt d dcisio mks tk ccot of th xpics of popl livig with msothliom d thi fmilis i th comig moths, s chgs to th lgl clims pocss discssd. Thk yo to ll thos who took th tim to fill ot th svy d sh yo xpics, th fll pot is xpctd to b vilbl to dowlod fom th Msothliom UK wbsit t th d of My. Jo Ky BLF 2 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

3 Th Pils of Asbstos Ov th lst two dcds o so, cmpig gops hv sd th digitl wold to shp pblic opiio. Yo oly hv to look t th pow of socil mdi sits sch s Fcbook d Twitt, to s how o dsi to fid th xt big thig ms cti isss fll by th wysid. Asbstos d its ltd diss msothliom is o of thos isss. T bck th clock to 30 ys go d th pict ws vy difft. Bck th sbstos ws commoly sd s bildig mtil d islto i shipbildig, homs, gds omts d v Atx fo ciligs. It ws ot til th mid-80s tht th idsty bcm w of th hlth isks ltd to sbstos d i t odd th sf movl d disposl of sbstos fom bsiss pmiss. This is still mjo poblm tody. Mk & Spc ws fid 1m i 2011 fo pttig thi stff t isk. Ev poptis costctd i th lst 10 ys c fll victim to sbstos cotmitio. Tk th cs of w dvlopmt bilt o St My s Dockyd, Mdwy, Kt. Th fom shipbildig of th Chthm Dockyd closd twty ys go bt ws kow mog locls s dmpig god fo sbstos. Moflco i Noth Est Itly is oth shipbildig ct; it too hs bov vg motlity t fo its idstil zo: 11 dths p 100,000 i This pkd t 21.5 p 100,000 i Th booklt, Io soo Ctii (tsltd oghly s th yd isid m), tlls th stoy of how locl gop fom Moflco td thigs od. Ctii is pimily collctio of stois witt by odiy popl fflictd by msothliom, bt lso hs cotibtios fom mdicl d hlth c pofssiols. Th is v md mysty. It cots how thi pss focd th fisclly-chllgd locl govmt to st p scig fcilitis, povid ficil sppot fo victims d giv gts to pivt sidts so thy cold mov sbstos sfly. Thogh ll this sch wok, th gop cm to th listio tht sbstos is globl iss. As wll s colltig stois, thy hv bg to tslt thi ccots to plc thm o th itt. Th digitl wold my b fst-plcd bt by wokig i hmoy thy hop to spd this mssg: is th lif of Bgldshi ship-wok focd to hdl sbstos, fo pic of bd, kowig it cold kill him, woth lss th his cotpt i th Wst? # #Dvid Stic (2011) io soo ctii Foili Rom pg 69. Ptick Byt (Not fom Edito Msothliom UK will b gld to ifom ds wh th tsltd vsio of Io soo Ctii is vilbl i Eglish. Applictios Op fo WCLC 2013 Advoccy Tvl Awds Th Ittiol Associtio fo th Stdy of Lg Cc (IASLC) ivits ptit dvocts to pply fo th ogiztio s Advoccy Tvl Awds. Th IASLC will off tvl wds to limitd mb of ptit dvocts to pticipt i th Wold Cofc o Lg Cc Oct , 2013 i Sydy, Astli. Awds civ f cofc gisttio, p to fo ights ccommodtios, f IASLC Mmbship d csh wd fo 1,000 AUD. Th IASLC will wd p to fiv tvl wds. All pplicts mst b ct mmbs, bt Advocts c joi th IASLC fo jst US$50. Fw th fiv my b wdd. Fll dtils gdig th pplictio pocss d ligibility slctio vilbl o th WCLC Wbsit: Th sbmissio ddli is 21 J Msothliom Rsch Gt Fdig Th Msothliom Applid Rsch Fodtio (Mso Fodtio) is cllig fo pplictios fo its 2013 od of msothliom sch gt fdig Th Msothliom Applid Rsch Fodtio offs sch gts fo two ys p to $50,000 p y. Eligibl pojcts my lt to bchwok, tsltiol o cliicl sch tht is ot pstly fdd o pdig viw d my b codctd thogh y otfo-pofit cdmic, mdicl o sch istittio. Th Fodtio will viw d moito th pojct s pogss d slts, qiig smi-l dispositio of fds pots, t moth pogss pot, psttio t th Fodtio s Symposim d fll pogss pot t th clos of th pojct. Th Fodtio sks xcptiol pojcts fo which th Fodtio s fdig is dmosttd to b sstil d ot dplictiv. Pls b dvisd tht th Fodtio dos ot py istittiol idict costs. Fdd schs will lso b titld to fcilittd ccss to th Ntiol Msothliom Vitl Bk (NMVB), www. msotiss.og. Thy will civ xpditd viw of qsts to s th NMVB, d thy will hv dict, o-cost ccss to mtils i th bk, s wll s hcd collctios fom th mi sits of mtils. Ecogd pojcts icld, bt ot limitd to, ivstigtios of: 1. Sttgis fo ly dtctio of w o pogssiv diss; 2. Dfiitio of tgtbl diffcs btw oml d tsfomd msothlim d dvlopmt of ovl sttgis fo ttmt; 3. Thptic itvtio, icldig bt ot limitd to;. Imm Rspos Tgtd Thpy b. Novl chmothptic compods c. Novl ditio o sgicl tchiqs 4. Dtmitio of cliicl/molcl dtmits fo pogosis Applictios shold b sbmittd thogh dflt.sp?gmid=94. Yo will fid th Msothliom Applid Rsch Fodtio listd with th istctios d th pplictio qid. Applictios limitd to 10 pgs (ot icldig biogphis) d d o lt th 2 Agst Fil wd dcisios will b md i Dcmb 2013 d ll pplicts will b otifid of th otcom. SKOPOS: A Phs II Stdy of ToVx i Msothliom Vlid Cc Ct i Cdiff hs ctly opd smll phs 2 til to ssss th sfty d immologicl ctivity of th vcci ToVx i combitio with fist-li Pmtxd d cisplti chmothpy i ptits with mligt pll msothliom who hv ot pviosly hd chmothpy fo thi diss. Pict Soc Th stdy is fdd by th J Hcock Msothliom Rsch Fd, th Vlid Cc Ct Stppig Stos Appl, d Oxfod BioMdic hs povidd th vcci. ToVx is thptic vcci tht stimlts th imm systm to dstoy ccos clls xpssig th 5T4 poti (o tig). Rsch cid ot by D Zszs Tbi t Vlid Cc Ct hs show tht th 5T4 tig is widly pst o msothliom cc clls. Th 5T4 tig is ot fod i y sigifict lvl o oml o-ccos clls. ToVx is bsd o tttd vccii vis gid to dliv th 5T4 tig ito th body. A tttd vis is o tht hs b ltd so tht it bcoms hmlss o lss vilt; commoly sd tttd viss icld msls, mmps d bll vccis. I od fo ToVx to b ffctiv, it ds to idc imm spos i th body gist th 5T4 tig. Th imm systm will th ttck y msothliom cc clls xpssig th 5T4 tig. Th mi im of th stdy th, is to stblish whth ToVx dos idc imm spos gist th 5T4 tig i ptits with msothliom. W will lso b lookig t oth mss of cliicl bfit icldig sfty, th popotio of ptits spodig to ttmt, d svivl. W kow fom pvios tils i oth ccs tht ToVx is sf d wll toltd d c b dmiistd i combitio with chmothpy. Sid ffcts fom ToVx mild d icld ftig, chills, fv d ijctio-sit ctios. W im to tt totl of 26 ptits with combitio of chmothpy d ToVx i th stdy. Ptits will civ 9 ToVx ijctios giv ov 24-wk piod i dditio to thi chmothpy. Rgl blood tsts will b cid ot to ms th ptits imm spos to th vcci. If th stdy shows tht ToVx is ffctiv t stimltig th imm systm to mot ti-cc imm spos, ToVx will b tstd i lg cliicl til. D Jso Lst D Jso Lst If yo wold lik to wit ticl fo o xt wsltt d ot i Agst pls cotct s o: o mil Ptit/c stois pticlly wlcom. Mov it o Los it! Jli Robiso, ow of Mov it o Los it! is o missio to mk fitss f d vilbl to vyo (v thos who do t lik xcis)! Jli d Bi Dowlig t Ntiol Divsity Awds Som of yo who ttdd th Msothliom UK Ptit d C Dy i 2011 my mmb Jli s psttio. Hvig wo th Ntiol Divsity Awd s Etp of Excllc i th Ag Ctgoy lst y, Jli hs ow sttd witig gl Q&A colm fo tiol mgzi Yos to hlp popl who wt to sty mobil bt t s how to do it. Jli sys Jst by icsig yo lvl of ctivity littl vy dy c hlp to mk diffc d most of th xciss c b do sittig dow. Mov it o Los it! hs bcom collbotig pt i Th Ct of Excllc fo Mscloskltl Agig Rsch t Uivsity of Bimighm which ims to dstd how gig slts i loss of stgth d fctio d to s this kowldg to miimis dcli thogh xcis d oth lifstyl chgs. Jli is ow wokig o sis of w DVDs to hlp popl who pf to wokot t hom, which will focs o mitiig idpdc d mobility. I glly tch xcis clsss fo popl with lif-limitig illsss d kow how difficlt it is to motivt yoslf spcilly wh yo fl ftigd ll th tim. By dptig xciss to b do fom chi d offig gdl pogssio, it s mzig how mch popl c chiv. Fo gl pdts d tips sig p to Jli s mil t 4 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

4 Bst Foot Fowd If yo livig with o ft cc d wt to mk positiv chg to yo lif, big mo ctiv cold b th sw. Bt this dos t hv to m ig mtho. Physicl ctivity vis fom dy to dy ctivitis lik wlkig d gdig, to mo stctd xcis pogmm, lik fitss clsss t th gym. Th lots of wys yo c bgi to gt mo ctiv. At Mcmill Cc Sppot w kow v smll icss i physicl ctivity c impov yo qlity of lif. Dscibd s wod dg fo popl livig with cc, modt itsity physicl ctivity is sf to do d hs lots of bfits icldig hlpig yo mg th sid ffcts of ttmt sch s ftig, stss d xity. It hs lso b show to impov mscl d bo stgth d dc dpssio. If yo liv i Egld, why ot go log to yo st Wlkig fo Hlth gop? R by Mcmill d th Rmbls, yo c tk pt i f shot wlk by to hlp yo gt ctiv d sty ctiv t pc tht woks fo yo. It s gt wy to sttch yo lgs, xplo wht s o yo doostp, d mk w fids. To fid yo st wlk visit Simil schms opt i Wls - Scotld - hlth-wlks/gt-wlkig Noth Ild - Alttivly if yo wold pf to gt ctiv t hom, Mcmill off g of f socs to hlp yo gt sttd. Yo c od yo Gt Activ Fl Good pck fll of dvic d sppot o yo copy of Gt Activ Fl Good xcis to msic DVD (vilbl fom 26 J) fom b.mcmill.og.k Fo mo ifomtio visit mcmill.og.k o cll o Mcmill Sppot Li f o (Mo-Fi 9m-8pm) Bistol d Byod Asbstos Fmily Sppot Hld Thi Al Ptit Cofc Mmbs joyd dy of ifomtiv, positiv psttios, lots of cht d lght, good food d st od Bistol Zoo fo thos tht fcid it wh w mt o 8th Mch. This is o thid l cofc d it ws ht wmig to s how mbs hv gow ov th ys d t this vt w w thilld to wlcom ov 60 popl. Nw fidships w md d oths gtd thos who hd ldy bcom fim fids. Mmbs hd gosly dotd lots of ffl pizs, so my lft with gifts d th gop isd ov 150 to cov th ig costs of th BBAFS wbsit. W lso pstd gift d cd to Pt d Toy, two of o mmbs d wishd thm vy hppiss fo thi wddig o 25th Mch. It lly is spcil gop d w wlcom mmbs fom vy wid, jst tlpho Rchl Wilso o if yo hv y qis. H som of th itstig thigs w ld dig th dy fom o gt spks:- D Nick Mskll, Cosltt Rspitoy Physici, Noth Bistol NHS Tst Cyclig fo Tils It is difficlt to digos msothliom bt tht th wold clss Pthologists i Bistol d thy hv dvlopd wys of gttig th bst tiss to s th digosis of th diss dd to b obst d coct. Pict Soc: Th is giol mtig wh vy cs of digosis is discssd. D Mskll is wokig closly with th Bistol Coo, Mi Voisi, o til so tht wh ptits hv b digosd with msothliom dig thi lif tim d hv histoy of sbstos xpos th th d fo Post Motm is dispsd with. Th mo sbstos ltd sch tils i th Bistol th i y oth ct i th UK. Ctly th 5 UK stdis ctly op. Ths icld th SWAMP, SMART, ZA til, IPC Pls d TAPPS til. Th will soo b PET sc i Bistol. This is gt stp fowd s ctly msothliom ptits i th Bistol d sodig s hv to tvl to Chlthm fo PET scs. I th Bistol chmothpy is offd to ll ptits whs i som s of th coty chmo is ot offd to thos sffig fom scomtoid msothliom. Nick told mmbs bot th Avo Msothliom Fodtio which hs isd 50,000 so f to povid qipmt d to sppot sch i th. Nick th showd s slids of his lst cyclig tip i which h hd isd moy fo th Avo Msothliom Fodtio. Th fodtio is ow lookig to is 200,000 to by w ltsod fo th dptmt. Nick hs ow st himslf w cyclig chllg which h ims to complt o 6 J If yo wold lik to sposo Nick o dot to Avo Msothliom Fd th follow this lik:- fodtio.og.k/fo-doos-dsppots/ K Gogh, Mcmill Bfits Advis K gv s ovviw of how bfits w goig to chg ft Apil. Sh told s tht Attdc Allowc will sty th sm fo thos ov psio g bt fo thos d psio g th w Psol Idpdt Pymts (PIPs) will b boght i. Th ssssmt citi fo PIPs will b stict d idividls will b qid to ttd t mdicl. Bfits vy complictd d thos sffig fom sbstos ltd diss d s wll s thi fmilis shold if t ll possibl sk spcilist dvic. Jo Bs-Mig, AASC Jo shd h xpics of sttig p sbstos sppot gop i Wls followig th sd dth of h fth to msothliom. Sh lso told s littl bit bot th w Asbstos Bill which is pogssig thogh th Wlsh Plimt. This is xcitig dvlopmt s pottilly it will m tht th NHS costs of thos sffig fom sbstos ltd disss cold b covd fom th gilty xposig pty. Sh Smith, Lg Cc Spcilist Ns, Sothmd Hospitl Sh told s bot lifstyl wokshops tht sh s fo ptits t Noth Bistol NHS Tst. Sh wold lik this to b pt of tiol iititiv to dc xity mogst ptits. Sh hs titld ths wokshops Kow Mo Do Mo dys with th philosophy tht ptits d cs shold b md with s mch ifomtio s possibl. Th ppos of ths wokshops is to:- Rdc ot-ptits symptoms which td to b isd shotly bfo cliic. Hlp dc th xity csd by ot hvig gl ppoitmts Asw qstios d to ty to gt ptits bck to omlity. Hv dvic vilbl fom spcilist ss s wll s physios d diticis. Povid oppotity fo cs to mt oth cs. Wlkig fo Hlth Th is iititiv Wlkig fo Hlth which hs b st p with Bistol City Cocil s v wh pso is ill th bfits to b hd fom xcisig. Th is oppotity to mt wkly i Fishpods fo stoll which is lso sitbl fo whlchi ss which fiishs with t d ck. Ntli Bdy, Somst Cc C Ntli is bsd t St Mgt s Hospic i Tto d is lso sppotd by Mcmill. Ntli dscibd how sh gs sppot gops fo fmilis ffctd by cc i Tto, Mihd, Wlls, Wsto Sp M d Yovil. Somst Cc C c b cotctd t St Mgt s Hospic / s-hospic.og.k Pofsso Robt Thoms, Chi of th Mcmill Expt Excis Advisoy Committ d Cosltt Ocologist t Bdfod, Addbooks Hospitls d t Cfild Uivsity Pofsso Thoms spok to s bot slf hlp d lifstyl sttgis ft cc. Pofsso Thoms dscibd tht w gticlly pogmmd s to whth o ot w dvlop cc dig o livs. W c tk positiv ctiv stps to:- - Chg o lifstyl - To dc sid ffcts - To slow th gowth - To dc o chc of lps - To impov o chcs of svivl. Som of th positiv thigs w c do :- Tk 3 hos of xcis ch wk. Es o dit cotis oily fish d fish oils. As ffctiv wys of kpig o bos hlthy d gt clcim i by icldig plss, ltils d qio. Ati-cc foods mils d vitmis d scodly polythols (pviosly kow s ti-oxidts). Most of s i th UK dficit i Vitmi D. Log tm vitmi mil spplmts ot commdd, it is oly cssy to tk vitmi to coct kow dficicy. If w w to tk y spplmts th Vitmi D d fish oil w most impott. Gt foods to t fo mximm hlth pomgt, g t xtct, ps, isis, tmic, hbs, spics, ts d boccoli. Wild blckbis (if yo bl to gt ot d pick thm) hv f mo tits th shop boght blckbis. Fo mo ifomtio bot cc, o to s th sch codctd by Pofsso Robt Thoms d th sch tm t Bdfod Hospitl yo c visit o d Pofsso Thoms book Lifstyl d Cc. Pofsso Thoms hs b ivolvd i tils of th food spplmt POMI-T d postt cc. POMI-T cotis pomgt, boccoli, tmic d g t. Mo ifomtio c b fod t Rchl Wilso Emil 6 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

5 Actio Msothliom Dy 5th Jly 2013 Msothliom UK d th Dbyshi Asbstos Sppot Tm will gi b joiig focs to host th Licst Actio Msothliom Dy, Rflctio d Clbtio of Lif to b hld t th Licst Cthdl. Ev thogh th wth ws tibl lst y with i stoms th Rflctio ws vy wll ttdd with ly 150 popl tig ot to mmb thos who o log with s d fo thos who livig with msothliom. Th cthdl will b op fom 3.00pm so pls big yo mssg oss to b plcd o th ts of flctio. Th Rflctio will stt t 3.30pm dig with Dov ls followd by fshmts. As pt of th Rflctio d Clbtio of Lif th ms of thos who hv fll victim to msothliom will b scolld o sc isid th Cthdl. If yo m o tht of lovd o ppd o th scoll lst y, th will b tomtic iclsio this y lss yo ifom s othwis. If yo m o th m of lovd o ws ot icldd bt yo wold lik m icldd o th scoll fo Actio Msothliom Dy this y th pls cotct ith Jill Lmo t Msothliom UK o Jo Godo t th Dbyshi Asbstos Sppot Tm Mssg oss will b vilbl t th cthdl o th dy. Th will b my ogisd Actio Msothliom Dy vts hld od th coty d smll idividl vts, d if yo wold lik to mil s th dtils w will pt it o th Msothliom UK wbsit d i o Actio Msothliom Dy Bllti. Pls mil dtils to o ig s o o fpho hlpli Msothliom UK Ptit/C Cofc Mt oth popl ffctd by th diss, list to tiol xpts d h bot slf hlp oppotitis. Stdy 5th Oct Mc Licst City Hotl, Gby Stt, Licst, LE1 6ES Chck o wbsit th tim fo dtils of how to gist o Fpho F to ptits d cs dotios ccptd Msothliom UK Stkhold Dy Mody 24th J 2013 Glfild Hospitl Cliicl Edctio Ct, Licst LE3 9QP Ptits/cs wtd to ttd th dy to hlp shp th ft of Msothliom UK. Plcs limitd so pls lt s kow s soo s possibl if yo itstd i ttdig o fpho Msothliom UK Ns Wls (Updt) I hv b i post sic Fby It is povig to b vy dtig, bt xcitig dvlopmt. My bif fo th xt two ys hs th compots: focsig fistly o th locl sig svic povisio h i Cdiff d th iflcig d ifomig th shp of th msothliom svics coss Soth Wls to dliv giol d tiol fmwok. Withi Wls w hv wll dvlopd twok of lg cc ss (22 i totl) ll of whom oft itodcd s th ky wok wh digosis of msothliom is giv. My ittio is to s tht ll Wlsh Lg Cc Spcilist Nss ivolvd i sig th ifomtio povidd withi thi locl is lvt, sily ccssibl d ct thogh o twok. Th socs dvlopd by Msothliom UK ky to this. Th hs lso b idtifid d fo th dvlopmt of sppot gop s ctly msothliom ptits fom th whol of Soth Wls tvl to Bistol to ccss this sppot. Th visio is tht w bl to stblish two coss th gio, o i th Soth Wst (v to b dcidd) d o i th Soth Est (Cdiff/ By). Th lch of th sppot gop i Cdiff is ctly pld fo Sptmb. It is bcomig mo vidt tht th ptit d c voic is ot hd ffctivly withot somthig of bttl d it hs b otd tht mtig with lik midd popl will stgth this d b oth fom fo shig ifomtio. Nomi Ho J 2013 Th Msothliom Bill Th Msothliom Bill hs commcd i th Hos of Lods. This Bill sks to mdy th histoic fil of isc compis to miti cods of mploys libility isc. This fil hs mt tht thos sffig fom log-ltt disss, whos mploys o log tdig, d who hv b bl to tc thi iss, hv fo dcds go compstd. Img cotsy of Asbstos Victims Expcttios fo Bill This Bill is th clmitio of two ys Colitio Govmt gotitio with iss followig Lbo s coslttio i Fby Th mi coslttio poposl ws fo Employs Libility Isc B, which, lik th Moto Isc B wold povid isc fd of lst sot to py fll compstio fo ll thos who cold ot tc thi is d who cold pov mploy gligc. Wht th Msothliom Bill Povids Th Bill povids fo dmiisttiv tiff schm which pys vg compstio bsd po g to msothliom sffs who cot tc thi is d who c pov gligc to th stdd qid by civil lw. Th vg pymt will b dcd by ppoximtly 30% d will b fdd by lvy o ctiv iss. Pymts my b md to dpdts if clim is ot md i lif. Msothliom sffs digosd ft 25 Jly 2012 will b ligibl to pply fo pymt. Toy Whitsto Asbstos victims xcldd Th Bill xclds ll sbstos victims oth th msothliom sffs, yt, icldig thm i th schm wold pst jst 20% of th totl cost. Th Bill lso xclds ll msothliom sffs who w digosd pio to th 25 Jly Wh will pymts b md? Pymts will b md ft th Bill hs pssd thogh ll its Plimty stgs, which shold b bot Apil Rctios to th Bill W hv wlcomd th Bill s fist stp. Bt w bittly disppoitd tht so my popl xcldd fom th schm. W pticlly cocd tht msothliom sffs will los 30% of thi compstio. Th so th Govmt givs fo th dctio is tht msothliom sffs mst hv ictiv to tc th is. I fct, thy hv vy ictiv to tc is bcs if thy do sccd thy will gt compstio bsd o thi idividl cicmstcs, d ot jst vg pymt. It is iss who hv vythig to gi if climts pid d th schm: thy std to sv lot of moy. Wht c b do to impov th Bill Now is th tim to sy how yo thik th Bill shold b impovd. Th Bill is witt i sch wy tht it cot b mdd to icld ll sbstos victims. Bt, th oth chgs tht c, d shold b md. Yo c cotct yo MP d w wold vy mch lik to civ yo commts so tht w c pss thm oto mmbs of th Hos of Lods. O cotct dtils o o wbsit: wwww. sbstosfom.og.k. W wold lov to h fom yo. GMAVSG d Chi of Asbstos Victims Sppot Gops Fom To R Msothliom UK fo 1 y 310,000 is qid! Toy Whitsto ctly tid fom Gt Mchst Asbstos Victims Sppot Gop. W wold lik to wish Toy ll th bst i his timt, lthogh h will b miig with GMAVSG i th ol of Tst. My thks Toy fo ll th hlp yo hv giv s ov th ys fom th Msothliom UK Tm. 8 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

6 Msothliom UK Chitbl Tst Fdisig Nws I this Iss: Fdisig Updt O Fb Fdiss Actio Msothliom Dy Pict Bod Th Est Hll d 13 s Tm d thi wodfl Mo s - witt by Rssll Jos O fzig cold Mch moig Est Hll U13s gby lg tm w gttig thmslvs dy to ply gm gist locl ivls Hll Docks. Howv p-mtch pptios w somwht sl wh both sids spotd mostchs i id of Msothliom UK Chitbl Tst. Pts d sppots o both tochlis wlcomd th fdisig d this bcm mo ppt wh th popl sid thy hd lost fids to Msothliom. Th collctio hd v mo mig ow! Th gm plyd i good spiits it ws Est Hll comig ot o top ldig 40-il bfo sios ijy csd th f to cll tim o th gm. Thkflly th yogst i qstio is ow hom covig with o lstig isss. I wold lik to thk Bidg McFld Solicitos who sposo Est Hll U13s d who hlpd m to st p th vt. Filly thks to vyo who gosly sppotd th dy by poppig moy ito th collctio. Mostchs Fo Mso I Mch 2013 This y, chps d v th gils i th Idstil Diss tm t Boys T solicitos hv b tkig pt to show thi sppot. H som wodfl picts of thi mostch gowig pogss, o lck of it!! Mostchs fo Mso dy 12 diy 12 dy s ito gowig my mostch d thigs hv bcom icsigly difficlt. Th is th costt itch o my pp lip, th stg flctio stig bck t m i th mio d th flig tht I d to xpli th tfts of hi tht potd fom my fc to vyo I mt. Bt I c dl with th physicl discomfot, wht ffcts m mo is th ss my mostch is simply idqt, spcilly wh compd to my fllow collgs. I hv bcom shmd of my mostch dspit ll tht it stds fo d dspit th kowldg tht th is l d to is wss fo th most dsvig of css. Th id of ot shvig fo moth hdly sms lik odl d yt, th costt shm d ss of idqcy bot my mo, iss this to motiol chllg. I shll psv d gi stgth fom oths. I will fight o i th hop tht tomoow I will wk with fll, bshi tsh. - Mk (k M pch fzz). Th Boys...Th d slt...pfcto... Rock d Roll Coct Di i Aid of Msothliom UK, Witt by Cl Hollowy Mti Wodhos ws digosd with msothliom i 2010 d sic th hs b ogizig vts d fdiss with his my bd of hlps to hlp is moy d wss fo Msothliom UK. This Mch Mti s wif Lyd ogisd ock d oll vig t Th Dokig Hlls i Sy. Th vig ws pstd by BBC Rdio Sy s Mk Ct d icldd 2 cos di, ffl dw by Mol Vlly s Cocillo Slmo with ov 30 pizs dotd fom locl bsisss d ogistios, ftstic pfomc fom Wst Ed st Billy Gghty d his ock d oll bd & th ws v psol tibt to Mti fom Lyd who sg Yo ll Nv Wlk Alo log with thi so s gilfid Cl d fids fom th Dokig Rock Choi. Lyd & Mti wold lik to thk th fot of hos d tchicl cw t Th Dokig Hlls, Cocillo Slmo, Mk Ct, Billy & th bd fo ll thi sppot o th ight d to ll thos who w ivolvd o cm to sppot it. Th ight ws gtly joyd by ll d chivd its gol i isig wss fo th chity. Msothliom UK Fpho Dtils of ll sposoship, dotios, fdisig d sccssfl gt pplictios postd o o wbsit Mostchs fo Mso i Mch 2013 O sppots jst gt btt d btt, yog d old lik thy jst ftstic...w hv s som wodfl mostchs ith gow o wo to sppot this spcil moth d th Mo is gowig d w hop tiowid. Chis Kighto fom th Mick Kighto Msothliom Rsch Fd d Jo Godo fom th Dbyshi Asbstos Sppot Tm fl thy wt to hlp spd th wod f d wid d hv dcidd to joi focs with Msothliom UK xt y d cog ll thi sppots to gow o w Mostch fo Mso I Mch which w thik is wodfl. Popl will sit p d tk otic th mo w big it to th pblic s tttio so if yo wt to com d joi s w sy th mo th mi. Phil Tffll - Clbity Poitlss Phil Tfll fom Egld cickt spi bowl d tm cpti o A Qstio of Spot, d 2003 wi of I m Clbity gt m ot of h o Stdy 16th Fby ppd o Clbity Poitlss d wt o to wi th comptitio with his pt Mti Offih. Phil vy kidly chos th Msothliom UK Chitbl Tst s his chos chity which is jst ftstic boost fo ll thos popl sffig with msothliom. It is wodfl to h popl tlvisio st mtio o chity d cogis this ddfl diss. Phil kidly dotd his wiigs of 1, which is jst billit. Th Po Sp Hos City ct lw fim, Po lwys o th sid of jstic bt wh thy joid by sphos lik Btm, Spidm d Spm, th bd gys do t std chc! I fct th cpd csd d his chms w ll Po mploys, isig moy fo Msothliom UK. Th sphos w tkig pt i ts ht ogisd by Rchl Cig d Lysy Robiso fom th fim s Sios Ijy dptmt, which dls with sbstos ltd css. Th popl tkig pt i s, cycl ids, tks, c ights, blls, msic gigs, sky divs, yo m w hv it...jst mzig popl!! To sppot y pso o vt, pls visit o wbsit fo dtils o yo c mk dotio o-li o giv s cll. Pls ot tht wh mkig y o-li dotios yo hv to pt i th fll gistd postl ddss fo th cd yo sig o it will fil. Th Fogt-Msothliom-Not Spig Bll took plc o th 18th My t th Dx Spots & Socil Clb i Yokshi d Athoy s Gd Smm Chity Bll will tk plc o 22d J t th Thoto Hll Hotl, Toito Sit i th Wil tickts ch. Fo mo ifomtio o to book tickts cotct A Cop t o visit h Fc Book pg, Athoy s Gd Smm Bll. Th ht ivolvd pticipts fidig cls, which took thm od bs i Mchst, to fid th bd gys d sv th dy. Rchl Cig sid I v wokd t Po fo my ys with popl who sff fom msothliom d hv s fist-hd th dvsttig ffcts it c hv, ot jst o thos sffig fom th illss, bt lso thi fmilis. Lysy Robiso ddd, It lly ws qit tochig to s jst how my mmbs of stff td p to hlp is moy fom ll dptmts withi th fim Rchl d Lysy isd fo Msothliom UK. Th Wis of th Bst Dssd Lgo Sphos Lis Klsll, Rchl Swd, Ci Nwll, Jmi Gyot d Ysi Bg. Wht A O Fb Fdiss Up To? Th lst 3 moths hv jst whizzd by d th hv b so my wodfl thigs goig o i th Msothliom UK fdisig wold d th still lots mo to look fowd to. It jst mzs m tht ths wodfl popl ogisig hg vts lik ths sm to do it with sch plomb, styl d s which is jst gt d thy lly ftstic, it is o m ft to pt vt lik this togth. So w wt to thk ll thos lovly popl who wok so hd to sppot o chity d w hop vyo ivolvd hs wodfl tim. Wll, it s th stt of th sso fo s, wlks d cyclist d w hv hd mzig mot of wodfl popl who thogh blood, swt d ts hv compltd thi mzig chllgs o thy still i th tiig pocss s thi tim to shi looms v clos. O Fb Fdiss hv lso b bsy ogisig vts coss th UK d ovlf is sippt of wht thy hv b p to! 10 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

7 It costs 310,000 to Msothliom UK y - 77,500 p qt, 25,834 p moth, 6,460 p wk, 1,292 p dy, 646 p 1/2 dy, 173 p ho Wlkig fo Vic Th wlks w Emily Fy, Toi Rippo, Gy F d Vic s widow Hth. Wh skd bot th wlk Hth sid, Vic kw tht my fids, Emily d Toi, hd ogisd this wlk d oc h hd pssd wy thy skd m to joi thm. I v v wlkd 20 mils bfo d ws t s I cold do it. Howv, w did d it ws btifl dy. O of th most movig thigs bot th joy ws tht w mt fiv popl whos livs hd lso b ffctd by this dvsttig diss. Wlkig 4 Vic took plc withi th hills of locl bty spot i Dbyshi. Th wlks pldgd to wlk 20 mils fo Msothliom UK sttig fom thi hom villg of Bssigto d fiishig t Ashbo o Stdy th 2d of Mch 2013 Th wlk ws i mmoy of wodfl m md Vic (Witk) Adzjwski who sdly pssd wy i Jy ft th y bttl gist msothliom. W hopd tht by doig this wlk it wold hlp is wss of th dgs of sbstos. Th dy cm to clos t th Mis Ams i Bssigto, wh it ws Op Mic Night d Ms Vic d th Vic-tts w skd to do t d so with tid limbs d so ft thy mily gd d fiishd thi dy to ditio of I wold wlk 500 Mils by th Poclims d sly thy wold hv wlkd 500 mils if thy cold d thy wold do it ll fo Vic...Thk yo to ll thos tht sppotd ths wodfl wlks d hlpd thm is ftstic 2, Stt Jckso I m ig fo Msothliom UK ft my fth i-lw ws digosd with cc i Jy. H hs b cpt fo ly 60 ys d wokd with sbstos dig this tim. To s th ffct of th illss o sch gt pso i sch shot spc of tim is fightig. Th moy isd will hlp fd sch d povid c, sppot d ifomtio to thos who sff fom msothliom. My fist ws th Bighto Mtho which I i Apil, th I will b ig th Nw Fost Hlf Mtho i Sptmb, th Royl Pks Hlf Mtho d Gt Soth R i Octob, d I m lso plig to th Swg Hlf Mtho i Jly wh th dt is cofimd d phps o mo i J. Stt hs isd ftstic Holly Htch Holly dcidd to tk pt i th Bighto Mtho i Apil, this is wht sh sid, I m ig i mmoy of my fth, ftstic dd d hsbd, who will fov b missd. It is my im to is ogh moy to hlp thos sffig with this cc. So tht sppot d w ttmts my bcom vilbl. Ad Aft th c Bighto Mtho Do!! Thk yo to ll who dotd, d thk yo to ll my fids d fmily who hv sppotd m thoghot th pst y dig wht hs b xtmly difficlt tim. I did this to hlp thos who sffig with msothliom d hopflly diffc hs b md. Holly isd 2, Adm & Coli Ftly s Lodo Mtho 2013 Adm took pt i th Lodo Mtho o 21st Apil, h took o this chllg i mmoy of his Gdd d this is wht h hs to sy... I hv b pomisig myslf tht I d do this fo fw ys - ow th tim hs com. This Apil, I ll b ig my fist Lodo Mtho both s psol chllg d ms to is moy fo chity which hlps popl who sff with th tibl diss tht took bsolt lgd ot of my lif, My Gdd. Tk it fom m; th wold v hd btt fishm, cpt, Wst Hm f, cd ply, fid d fmily m! Msothliom is commo diss tht css mligt cc clls to fom withi th liig of th chst, bdom, o od th ht s slt of xpos to sbstos. Msothliom UK w bl to off m Mtho spot s thy sch smll chity, howv I ws lcky ogh to b gtd plc thogh th officil bllot (1 i 10 chc I m told). This ms I c ct givig pg d 100% of fds go dictly to th chity - billit. I v b sloggig it ot ov th wit i th wt, i d sow to pt m i positio to tk o th chllg. A ct k ijy hs st m bck bt tht wo t stop m fom goig fo it o th dy. My dd Coli s bd (www.thltshift. og) ply o th mtho ot ch y d thy do mtho ll of thi ow by plyig ll thogh th dy which is ftstic wy to sppot ll th s d thy will b flyig th flg this y fo Msothliom UK. I wo t d y mo ispitio o th dy bt isig littl fo this chity will lly mk diffc to popl. Tht d th b t th d will tst jst tht littl bit swt... Adm sppotd by his dd Coli d Th Lt Shift isd ftstic 2, Emm Michl - My stoy As my of yo will kow, this will b my 3d hlf mtho d I hop to bk th 2 ho bi d chiv my bst tim yt.13.1 mils i 2 hos ms lly ppig my tiig & pc to im fo 9 mi / mils o lss thoghot. I doig so, I hop to is moy fo Msothliom UK. My hd wok will b fo my Gdd, who pssd wy thogh this sbstos ltd lg cc. Althogh flig xcptiolly lcky & thkfl to hv him i my lif, ot dy gos by wh I do t miss him d fl his tim with s ws ct shot. I will stiv to is moy fo Msothliom UK i mmoy of him, to hlp oths, d to kow tht ch dotio will giv hop fo th ft. I fl tht this pticl cs of cc chity is t s wll kow s oths d cold pticlly do with sppot. Thy hlp i sppotig thos with msothliom d it s ttmt. Emm isd Oliv Hmmod & Chls Wst s Sky Div O th 6th of Apil Oliv & Chls took pt i 12,000 ft tdm skydiv i hop of isig s mch moy s possibl fo thi two chos chitis: Msothliom UK d Sbsti s Actio Tst, two gt chitis fightig gist cc. This is wht thy sid W hd ldy pid fo th sky div o slvs, so st ssd ll dotios o wodfl sposos gv will go dictly to ths mzig chitis. Aythig yo c giv will b ppcitd d will hlp go towds limitig cc i o liftim, d, til th, will impov th livs of thos sffig with it. Oliv & Chls hv isd 1, which is jst ftstic...wll do yo gys Nicol Bily-Todd - Bth Hlf Mtho Th dy of th Bthlf (Bth Hlf Mtho) td ot to b ltivly sy o ft th 3 moths of tiig i th wid, i, sow d vy ly Sdy moigs. I compltd th c wll withi my xpcttios (ctlly joyig it!), cossig th fiish li i 2hs 12 mits. I thik my Dd & Lsly mst hv ly wlkd th ot s thy mgd to ch m o fom 3 difft plcs. I did t itd to is sposos it ws to b psol chllg, bt o Chistms dy my dd skd m to fo Msothliom UK, I vtlly gd s my dd hs tdcy to go o bit! Oly sttig my gol s I ws cocd tht ws skig too mch wh i fct w isd ov 1, icl gift id. Ov 80 popl pt th hd i th pockts to dot, som w fids fom school who kw my Dd fom ov 25ys go, Lsly, my dd s wif, kpt pdtig th Cv & Cmpig Fom with o pogss d hg mot of moy ws dotd by its mmbs, d th st ws dotd by xtmly gos fids d fmily who w wold lik to sy mssiv thk yo to vy o of yo. 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A big thk yo to ll thos who hv sppotd m thogh this joy d thk yo so mch to Col Giffiths fo pttig o mzig Moocc thmd vig i id of Msothliom UK. Fo sig h t ooms s v d pttig i icdibl mot of tim d thoght to mk th vig th sccss it ws! Richd lso isd 2, fo th Athoy Nol Chity to sppot Izzy s ttmt d o bhlf of ll of s t Msothliom UK I wold lik to sd o vy bst wishs to Izzy d hop yo covig wll fom yo bo mow tsplt. Yo hv o vy mzig Ucl Richd! 12 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

8 DSM C o s C l P lt ts s & St M k ms o - t i gt BUPA 10 k 27t h M h y Nik o l T k k i B o dm -T ipp g t h Ic T il lo t h Ad g Mo t i s i P t o M ch P ic ch i m mo of h w y o d f l d d. Nik w il l b d o l o ig t his 5 d y t k w it h h g o o d f i d B d o t h 2 2 d M y t o -Ty lo Dv id B t i t h To o k p H lf C m b idg pp o t i s M t h o l, Dv id s R o f W d y w h o h s w if s d h h s om m s o t h li is d L Ch sm R th H st igs M t ho i M ch i Mmo y of h lo v ly dd Ad w d is d dm i sh B D i g k T k o j K i l i m 3t h i 1 T z J 16t h 14 P Mot o Kid o Too k p t i th M th of th Noth i mmoy of h lovly ft h -i-lw T y Smith d compl td th c i 3 ho s 12 mi ts d 1 sc od. P hs isd K ysy Pomoy R th Li v p oo l H lf M t ho i M ch to g t fit d is moy fo ch it y d th t sh did sh is d l lc o ck i W s i Ch t i th p g t k i i t hl o o im T Bl h J 2013 h t h 8t i s t A d w P h i t - ig lf H Edi b gh 25t h M t h o o t o f h is p p s i J h l U c l M ic Richd Hol list, Nt li At ty k & J God f y - Pch t Jm p 6th J L, Kt y & Ro Bi tish 10k Lo do R 14t h Jly i mmoy of th i fi d D is Oli vi Sm l lwoo d R c fo Li f 14 th J ly gh Edi b H z l P ik th t h o 25 M lf H o y ig i m m J ly d d, o f h lo v ld M c do M ic L H ig M t Wi g i b o t t om, t b o t t o m, H t, D v H t, D D Ph s y & D v P op 3 P k s Ch J i M ll g 22 d mo y o f R o bi s o C o li S h Dvis - Rig th Midigh t H lf M t ho i spp ot of h Ucl d h is w O i b b o R BT R ig t h c i l s y T 10k M 9t h J Th Ts Pi Chllg 22d J 2013 Th BUPA Gt Mchst 10k R 26th My 2013 Amd Mill, Jif Tylo, Sh Digby Whit kig o th chllg i sppot of thi lovly Dd Dis Digby, Stph Bs i mmoy of Pt Bso, D Al Mck - sppotig th thosds of msothliom victims d thi fmils, d it is bot povidig gt wss of this tibl diss. Alic Tipto I Mmoy of No Tipto. Wdy Swidlls, took pt i mmoy of h lovly mm Mvis, Joth Bts i mmoy of his good fid Michl Stt, Ntli Attyk, Stv Hmbl, Dis Higgis & Jso Adshd i mmoy of Stv Rogs, Ntli s lovly dd. Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss

9 With gtfl thks to o sposos fo 2013 Th Msothliom UK Chitbl Tst xists to is fds to sppot th svics povidd by Msothliom UK d y sposoship, gts o dotios md to th chity sppot this. To Msothliom UK fo 1 y 310,000 is qid. Gold Sposoship 2013 Silv Pls Sposoship 2013 Silv Sposoship 2013 Boz Pls Sposoship 2013 Boz Sposoship 2013 Evt d Svic Sposoships Spcilist Nsig Post Dtils of ll sposoship, dotios, fdisig d sccssfl gt pplictios postd o o wbsit t 16 Msothliom Nwsltt - Smm Iss 2013

What parents or other loved ones have to say

What parents or other loved ones have to say i s i l i Fm io t i i S N TRA A ut h o Y s s of Tr t r for P d i u G c Rsour Estblishd i 1983, Prid & Prjudic ws th first progrm to offr cousllig d support to lsbi, gy, bisxul, trssxul d trsgdr (LGBTT)

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Expertise Networks in Online Communities: Structure and Algorithms

Expertise Networks in Online Communities: Structure and Algorithms WWW / Tck: E*-Applictions Sssion: E-Communitis Exptis Ntwoks in Onlin Communitis: Stuctu nd Aloithms Jun Zhn School of Infomtion Univsity of Michin junzh@umich.du Mk S. Ackmn Dpt. of EECS nd School of

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Cryptographic Support in a Gigabit Network

Cryptographic Support in a Gigabit Network Cyptgphi Suppt i Gigbit Ntwk Jth M Smith (jms@uisupdu) C Bd S Tw (tw@uisupdu) Dvid J Fb (fb@isupdu) Distibutd Systms Lbty, Uivsity f Psylvi 200 Suth 33d St, Phildlphi, PA 19104-6389 ABSTRACT My pplitis

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Los Acuerdos de Asociación Económica de la UE como

Los Acuerdos de Asociación Económica de la UE como Psibls cflicts étics tr ls prdigms citífic-tclógics dmits Th Chllgs f Txig th Big ISSN: 1576-0162 y l mjrdl bistr d l pblció lgus cmís mrgts 273 Ar EU s Ecmic Prtrship Agrmts Dvlpmtl? A Assssmt f th Suthr

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The Dozenal Society of America

The Dozenal Society of America The Dozenal Society of America Multiplication Tables of Various Bases by Michael Thomas De Vlieger Ever wonder what multiplication tables might look like in alternative bases? The dsa Updated 6 February

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Seulement pour revendeurs FR#6

Seulement pour revendeurs FR#6 Slm v FR#6 NOUVEAU DANS CETTE ÉDITION Dlgic QickSc I QM & QBT 2400 : Pi mbil PwSc PM & PBT 9500 : Lc c-b 2D iil Elf Hlhc : PDA b l c l é Mm X3 : Oi mbil fm ch Hywll Gi 80i : Sc iil lg ic Dlhi 60 : Sch

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B.N. Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences, Manasag angotri, University of Mysore, Mysore.

B.N. Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences, Manasag angotri, University of Mysore, Mysore. 1 COURSE CURRICULUM & REGULATIONS GOVERNING MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) DEGREE COURSE W.E.F 2011 R E GU L A TION S 1. C o ur s e Tit le T he c ou r s e s ha ll b e ca l l ed Ma st e r o f Bu

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Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature

Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature Campus Sustainability Assessment and Related Literature An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide Andrew Nixon February 2002 Campus Sustainability Assessment Review Project Telephone: (616) 387-5626

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Power Means Calculus Product Calculus, Harmonic Mean Calculus, and Quadratic Mean Calculus

Power Means Calculus Product Calculus, Harmonic Mean Calculus, and Quadratic Mean Calculus Gug Istitut Jourl, Volum 4, No 4, Novmbr 008 H. Vic Do Powr Ms Clculus Product Clculus, Hrmoic M Clculus, d Qudrtic M Clculus H. Vic Do Mrch, 008 Gug Istitut Jourl, Volum 4, No 4, Novmbr 008

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Got diabetes? Thinking about having a baby?

Got diabetes? Thinking about having a baby? Gt dibts? Thinking but hving bby? U.S. Dprtmnt f Hlth nd Humn Srvics Cntrs fr Diss Cntrl nd Prvntin Dibts nd Prgnncy Dibts is cnditin in which yur bdy cnnt us sugrs nd strchs (crbhydrts) frm fd t mk nrgy.

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Introduction. Attractive and memorable. Motivating

Introduction. Attractive and memorable. Motivating Introution Wlom to Enlish Rsult! W v fous on mkin h lsson motivtin, ttrtiv, n mmorl W v plnn th ours to omplt n suss-orint W trt lnu s prtil, tion-orint tool for ommunition W v m th ours trnsprnt n sy

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IT-Sicherheit IT SICHERHEIT IT-Schh 04 2014 IT SICHERHEIT IS NEU bwti : I h d v dul l FLA T R A T Ezum W ss 1J a h W s s o v a v s U h m u s G s c h ä f s f l d " S l u d w c k l mb c h u b a E g. D a z us l l S s c h T h m p a k,

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FOOD DESIGN: VALUE AND PROTECTION D O F O y r & IP ju m, A d h f g u c r t h r t i d v F p p i li It S c S d : N g t G I S E D D D N N A O F O LU E C T I O VA OTE ti c t R r P p d sig lu d ig V d g f f pck d m R 1 t d r LM 1 G IU, B rid

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Migration under Uncertainty: A New Approach

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Migration under Uncertainty: A New Approach Should Stay o Should Go? Migation und Unctainty: A Nw Appoach by Yasmn Khwaja * ctob 000 * patmnt of Economics, School of intal and Afican Studis, Unisity of ondon, Thonhaugh Stt, Russll Squa, ondon WC

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Two Concepts of Causation Ned Hall

Two Concepts of Causation Ned Hall Two Conpts of Custion N Hll 1 Introution Custion, unrstoo s rltion btwn vnts, oms in t lst two bsi n funmntlly iffrnt vritis. On of ths, whih I ll pnn, is simply tht: ountrftul pnn btwn wholly istint vnts.

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Modelling international reverse factoring - and the future of supply chain finance

Modelling international reverse factoring - and the future of supply chain finance Eindhovn, Fuay 212 Moding intnationa v actoing - and th utu o uppy chain inanc By Mak van La BSc. Indutia Engining and Managmnt Scinc TU/ 29 Studnt idntity num: TU/: 61366 UvT: 19415 in patia uimnt o th

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ÍNDICE DOCUMENTO (anexo impresso ou sítio da internet) A HPSM_SolutionBrief.pdf B C Service

ÍNDICE DOCUMENTO (anexo impresso ou sítio da internet) A HPSM_SolutionBrief.pdf B C Service ÍNDICE DOCUMENTO (anexo impresso ou sítio da internet) A HPSM_SolutionBrief.pdf B C Service Catalogs.pdf D Request Management overview.pdf E Incident Management

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/MARCH 20122 ISSUE 9. Some Front! Crystal s Tips. Flushed away! Pie in the Sky? ferent Memories are made of this. FraudMatters. a

/MARCH 20122 ISSUE 9. Some Front! Crystal s Tips. Flushed away! Pie in the Sky? ferent Memories are made of this. FraudMatters. a Cn't red emil, click e Prter Friendly Versi ISSUE 9 /MARCH 20122 lcome nth sue sue FrudMtters. Indeed sue mrks yer nniversry nd s ul, cts cse studies nd feture rticles which serve cfirm tht prevlence nd

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May 20, 2013. Hazardous Material Survey PBCC Project # 18670 Charles G. Hammond Elementary School 2819 W. 21 st Place Chicago, IL 60623

May 20, 2013. Hazardous Material Survey PBCC Project # 18670 Charles G. Hammond Elementary School 2819 W. 21 st Place Chicago, IL 60623 My 20, 2013 Mr. Richrd Schlyr Public Building Coission of Chicgo Richrd J. Dly Cntr, Roo 200 50 Wst Wshington Strt Chicgo, Illinois 60602 R: Hzrdous Mtril Survy PBCC Projct # 18670 Chrls G. Hond Elntry

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Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal

Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal Vom prozessorientierten Wissensmanagement zum intelligenten Engineering-Portal Praxisbericht aus der Entwicklung von Hochauftriebsystemen für Verkehrsflugzeuge KnowTech Stuttgart, 24.-25.10.2012 Thomas

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Published by: Authors: Acknowledgments: ISBN: 978-88-8249-068-3. INRCA Ancona 2012

Published by: Authors: Acknowledgments: ISBN: 978-88-8249-068-3. INRCA Ancona 2012 I mf r mw r k f rr r m I l y I N R C AI s u N z l d R p s C u r p ra z V EI I I s u d R v r C u r C r r S f ( I R C C S ) I l, A, V S. M r g h r, 5 P l S f T l g D p r m p s u z u à s s s z l C r S u d

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Chapter 4. Adaptive Filter Theory and Applications

Chapter 4. Adaptive Filter Theory and Applications Chaptr 4 Adaptiv Filtr hory ad Applicatios frcs: B.Widro ad M..Hoff, Adaptiv sitchig circuits, Proc. Of WSCON Cov. c., part 4, pp.96-4, 96 B.Widro ad S.D.Stars, Adaptiv Sigal Procssig, Prtic-Hall, 985

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OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING KOTTER. Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS

OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING KOTTER. Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS KOTTER OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING Changiog Hnd Succeeding Under lilly Condition:; KOTTER Holger Ralngeber Om Iceberg Is Melting \VItat People

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{Merik.Meriste, Tonis.Kelder, Jyri.Helekivi}

{Merik.Meriste, Tonis.Kelder, Jyri.Helekivi} Domain- S p c if ic L ang u ag A g nt s Mrik Mrist 1, T õ n is K l d r 1, J ü ri H l kiv i 1, L o Mo tu s 2 1 Univrsity of Tartu, Estonia {Mrik.Mrist, Tonis.Kldr, Jyri.Hlkivi}@ut. 2 Tal l inn Tc h nic

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K Country Names and Two-Letter Codes K

K Country Names and Two-Letter Codes K PCT Applicant s Guide International Phase Annex K Page 1 K K Annex K includes a list of short names and two-letter codes accepted for use in indicating States, other entities and intergovernmental organizations

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