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1 INSIDE THIS ISSUE 1. Introduction 2. Market sizing and growth 3. Mergers & Acquisitions 4. Public Financings 5. Valuation Trends 6. Private Financing 7. Sector Spotlighy - Companies SECTOR REPORT Business Intelligence Introduction April 2014 Business Intelligence has become the top ranked IT priority among enterprise business leaders over the last few years 1. With a number of newer, high growth technologies currently transforming the Enterprise IT landscape virtualization, cloud services and software defined networks to name a few this fact might seem surprising. But consider for a moment that the impact of most of these newer IT technologies is characterized by increased operational efficiency and cost avoidance. Business intelligence on the other hand has the power to drive both revenue growth and profit margin improvement, and at the same time make the enterprise more competitive, nimble and customer oriented. This, coupled with a wide range of newer, lighter, easier to use BI products, is now making business intelligence a need-to-have, on par with foundational systems such as ERP and CRM. While traditional BI systems were engineered as large, centralized systems designed to amass data over time and provide rear-view-mirror reports on past events, the last few years have seen significant innovation in cloud and SaaS based delivery and also in real time analytics, enabling the enterprise to extract intelligence and use that intelligence to make decisions, on a near-instantaneous basis. With the benefit of predictive modeling, some BI applications can now even foretell future trends. Big strides have also been made in Big Data, the handling of very large volumes of structured and unstructured data, which pose their own set of challenges. With the benefit of hindsight, it is now clear that the wave of consolidation in the Business Intelligence market several years ago, including acquisitions of three of the largest pureplay, traditional BI vendors, Hyperion Solutions (Oracle), Business Objects (SAP) and Cognos (IBM), not only ended a cycle, but also cleared the path for the emergence of a new generation of business intelligence companies. At a high level, this new generation is differentiated in several ways: Procurement Implementation Hosting and interface Traditional BI Enterprises/IT department Perpetual license + maintenanace Centralized Customized, integrated Client server Web interface Next Generation C-Suite/ business unit Term license or subscription Centralized or decentralized Out of the box, configurable Cloud/SaaS Mobile Social/Collaborative Hardware Proprietary, single vendor Commodity, interoperable Contact: James Turino, Partner Data Handing Data Types Source: Capital IQ Data warehouse Post-processing Structured Homogenous Siloed Real time In memory Structured and unstructured Heterogenous Hadrien Kulik, Associate Redwood Capital 950 Third Avenue Suite 2001 New York NY As witnessed in several technology sectors, much of the innovation is being created by younger companies, a trend which we believe will continue to drive, if not accelerate, consolidation in coming years. This report looks at the evolution of the business intelligence software sector over the last few years, including advances in new product development, delivery, and usage. The report also looks at recent M&A and capital formation activity in the sector, together with transaction volume and valuation metrics. Lastly, in the Sector Spotlight we highlight a number of companies that we believe are emerging as new market leaders in next generation of Business Intelligence. 1 Page I 1

2 Market sizing and growth Business Intelligence The global business intelligence market is projected to reach $20.81 billion in 2018, up from $13.98 billion in 2013, representing a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.28% 2. Among all regions, North America is the largest, capturing 49% of the global BI market. According to IDC, in 2012 SAP was the leader in the global business intelligence software market, with a 19.7% share, followed by IBM (14.0%) and SAS (10.3%). Among the major players in the software industry, IBM has been a major acquirer, having spent more than $16 billion for deals in the Big Data and data analytics space since With the data analytics and business intelligence solutions providing diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive applications, we expect a growing number of enterprises to focus on such offerings. Moreover, apart from the top six major players which accounted for approximately two-thirds of the Business Intelligence market in 2012, the market also comprises a large number of companies which offer point solutions. Hence, we expect consolidation to continue going forward as the big players seek larger scale and fill technology gaps in their current offerings. The BI market is segmented into Traditional, Mobile, Cloud and Social Business Intelligence, based on product architecture and user interface. Growth of Traditional BI is projected to slow to low single-digit rates in the next few years, while, newer BI technologies, although currently a small part of the overall market, are projected to grow at rates of between 20% and 30% over the next five years. Among the fastest growing segments, Cloud based BI is estimated to grow nearly four-fold, from $0.75 billion in 2013 to $2.94 billion by 2018, for a CAGR of 31%. Chart 1: Global intelligence market size, by technologies, ($ Billion) Sources: Gartner, Redwood Capital Traditional BI Cloud BI Mobile BI Social BI Chart 2: Global business intelligence market, by technologies, (Y-O-Y %) 35% 30% 25% 20% Source: Gartner, Redwood Capital Cloud BI Mobile BI Social BI 2 MarketsandMarkets, 2013 Page I 2

3 Self-Service, Cloud and SaaS Traditional Business Intelligence is typically sold as a standalone system, or sometimes embedded into enterprise software such as ERP and CRM systems. The systems tend to be large scale, centralized platforms managed within the realm of the IT department. Because they generally involve some level of customization and systems integration, turnkey systems often carry multimillion dollar price tags and as a result address a market comprised mostly of large enterprise and government customers able to justify the upfront acquisition, ongoing maintenance and related staffing costs. Common complaints about traditional BI systems include the difficulty of making changes and creating or customizing new reports, all of which require IT and sometimes third party systems integrator involvement, with long lead times and high costs. With more and more enterprises now avoiding the use of third party resources to develop applications because of the long lead times and high costs, readily-deployable solutions, subscription based self-service products are now experiencing very high growth. As one would expect, they have opened up the market to small and medium sized enterprise for which traditional BI systems have been typically too costly, but they have also found favor with a number of large enterprise customers. Many of these products enable users to manage their own data sets, either on premises or in the cloud, as well as create and customize their own reports with straightforward drag and drop features. In addition to being easier to deploy, configure and use, subscription licensing has made many of these products easier to procure as well, with subscription based, pay-as-you-go models avoiding much of the scrutiny associated with budgeted capital projects. Self-service BI is now enabling business leaders to manage their own BI applications, freeing them from the hurdles, costs and lead times associated with IT-managed platforms. As a result, the landscape for BI has now become more decentralized with multiple vendors often resident within the single enterprise. A number of successful companies were founded on the premise of exploiting the market for selfservice, cloud and SaaS based BI solutions, among them Birst, GoodData and Logi Analytics. In addition, companies such as Pentaho have introduced true multi-tenant cloud products]. Industry analysts generally agree that Cloud/ SaaS revenues are still quite small as little as 3% of total sector revenue by some accounts 3 - but are also driving the sector s highest growth rates. As the growth potential in this segment becomes clearer, traditional and on-premise vendors have started to offer their own lighter, cloud or SaaS based solutions such that today, virtually all except the most data intensive BI applications can be delivered in a remotely hosted manner and procured on a subscription basis. Dashboard Evolution Among the recent technological advances in the Business Intelligence sector, there is a growing focus on reporting and dashboard functions. Dashboards were rated the top priority for expansion and innovation in a 2012 industry survey 4. With more and more data available for analysis, and increasing recognition that BI must be aligned with business goals in order to be successful, the challenges are knowing which metrics are the most important, and how to make reporting features and user interfaces as intuitive as possible. We know of one company able to supply literally thousands of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of their analytics platform. But without careful consideration for understanding which KPIs are the most important to their business users, the vendor runs the risk of customers being overwhelmed and deployments failing to provide the intended results. In addition, as data analysts well know, the best insights often come not from a single, static analysis, but from iterative, what-if-scenario analyses. Giving end users the flexibility to create their own KPIs on the fly, including mash-ups of diverse metrics, and giving them the tools to create their own visualizations, have been at the forefront for many BI product roadmaps. These solutions range from interactive reporting to business query to visual data discovery, and even to such familiar tools as spreadsheets. Large companies like SAP and Oracle have been applying R&D and Corporate Development resources to the dashboarding area, and a number of smaller vendors are leading the charge with innovative solutions. The latter include QlikTech, which supports rapid deployment and intuitive, associative analysis, JackBe with strong operational dashboarding features, and Metric Insight, which focuses on KPI optimization and reporting. 3 Forrester, BI Scorecard 2012 Page I 3

4 Mobile Part of the promise of real time business intelligence is the ability to push the power of analytics and decisioning to the front lines of the enterprise, no matter where the end user may be located. Fortunately, improvements over the past decade in mobile computing power, user interface and connectivity now enable more and more sophisticated BI applications to exist on a host of readily available smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Benefits of mobile BI are twofold: northbound, gathering and uploading data from diverse locations, and southbound, pushing downloaded analytics and decisioning power to remote users in the field. Mobile applications deliver the power of BI to the front lines of the enterprise by bringing mobile workers into the flow and enabling them to make faster, better informed decisions and be more responsive. While a few companies such as Roambi have been founded to focus exclusively on the mobile BI segment, more and more mainstream vendors are adding mobile extensions of their core products, enabling them to deliver a full suite offering over an increasingly wide range of end user devices. Although Mobile BI may be a separately identified market segment today, we believe lines will start to blur as mobile becomes increasingly a feature of full-suite offerings. That said, there are challenges in delivering Mobile BI to the enterprise user, including: Multiple devices The large and growing array of mobile devices now commercially available, and the ever growing expectation that mobile and field workers will be able to use their own device for enterprise applications, gives rise to both integration and security issues. Fortunately, technologies such as HTML 5 are making it easier to deliver web content to a wide range of devices, and a number of software solutions aimed at the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market are making it increasingly feasible to extend enterprise applications to consumer mobile devices without sacrificing interface functionality or network security. Real time connectivity Even though an analytics engine might be able to deliver real time intelligence, mobile network constraints, including coverage and bandwidth limitations, may affect the end user s ability to access and act on that intelligence in real time. In addition, limited processing power available on most mobile devices means that most of not all processing and analytics still needs to be performed centrally. This makes connectivity an even greater issue in the successful deployment of Mobile BI. For this reason, more and more mobile BI applications have the ability to go from online to offline and back without interruption, loss of data or user functionality. Security As more and more enterprise applications are being pushed out to mobile devices, mobile hacking is on the rise, and the increasing ubiquity of enterprise application-enabled mobile devices is not going unnoticed by hackers. The number of new mobile malware families were up sharply in 2012, the majority of them targeting Android devices (Chart 6). Malicious Android apps alone are anticipated to top the 1 million mark this year, and Infonetics expects that nearly all enterprises will experience significant mobile device security incidents by the end of next year. Chart 3: New android malware ( 000) 1, Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Since 2012, the number of mobile malware programs has skyrocketed, with around 95% targeting Android devices. Source: McAfee Labs Page I 4

5 Social BI We observe the term Social Business Intelligence commonly being used to describe two different things: Extracting intelligence from unstructured data sources such as Facebook pages, survey responses, blogs, posts, tweets and the like. For the purpose of this report, this activity is covered in Unstructured Data below. Analytics activities that rely on knowledge base sharing, multiple human inputs and/or collaboration among a group of users. We use the term Social Business Intelligence in this second context. In contrast to other, more siloed forms of business intelligence, the social element introduces an added dimension by enabling groups of analysts to share information, either through social platforms, shared knowledge bases, collaborative applications or wikis. These groups may be entirely within the enterprise (i.e. different departments or branch offices), or may be comprised of peer groups more broadly dispersed across an entire industry. Is Social BI a separate category of business intelligence or ultimately a feature embedded into broader offerings? While there are a handful of companies founded as pureplay social BI vendors, many of the large BI providers such as SAP, Oracle and TIBCO have introduced social elements such as instant messaging and shared knowledge bases in the last few years. The lines are being further blurred by a substantial number of collaboration software vendors that have embedded business intelligence features. As a result, it is likely that other vendors will follow and that Social BI will become more of a feature than a standalone product in the long term. Its significance, however, should not be underestimated. While Traditional BI developed siloed models to draw intelligence from (mostly structured) data, Social BI adds a critical dimension by enabling extracted intelligence to be further refined, harnessed and exploited among collaborative groups through shared knowledge across siloes. Unstructured Data Historically, BI was built on discrete, structured data: a purchase, a phone call, financial transaction, demographic datum, survey response, cookie. The wealth of intelligence resident in unstructured data has given rise to a vibrant group of vendors with advanced technologies for analyzing unstructured media such as text, speech, photos and video. For the user interested in mining written feedback from a web site or call center commentary, for example, there are now solutions that use semantic and/or IVR technology to provide augmented intelligence well beyond what traditional BI platforms can deliver. Social content in particular, rich in unstructured data, is of growing interest to marketers seeking to capture more subjective yet critical insights. Complexities in unstructured data mining include capturing, integrating and interpreting data from multiple sources, especially with much of the data coming through diverse channels, including both textual (keyed and handwritten) and non-textual media such as video, audio, photos and speech. In addition, capturing the nuances of unstructured data pose a whole set of challenges unto themselves. Not only understanding what is said, but how it is said, may be critical to the correct interpretation of a survey response, for example. Companies such as Clarabridge and Temis have developed sophisticated software products that enable marketers to gather, analyze and visually report on many kinds of customer feedback. Big Data For the purposes of this report, we consider Big Data to comprise enterprise solutions that provide analytics of very large (not uncommonly petabyte scale or more) sets of diverse, structured and unstructured data, in real time. While the term may be somewhat overused in today s market, Big Data is a Holy Grail of sorts because at last it gives the data intensive enterprise a comprehensive and instantaneous view, after assimilating a diverse array of inputs. As a result, Big Data is a significant growth area, and most of the large enterprise software providers and systems integration firms now have dedicated businesses aimed at exploiting this opportunity. SAP s Hana and Oracle s Exalytics appliances, launched in 2010 and 2011, respectively, are two of the better known in-memory platforms aimed at the real time, Big Data analytics market, and a number of smaller vendors are emerging, especially around some of the key open source technologies developed to address challenges in Big Data processing, storage and analytics. Understandably, many of the addressable use cases for Big Data are in industries which produce both very large amounts of data as well as data from multiple, heterogeneous sources. These include financial services, health care, retail and telecom, to name a few. Page I 5

6 One extreme example of Big Data is PRISM, in which an estimated 1.4bn records are collected for analysis each day, however companies such as Google, Facebook and large mobile communications providers are having to grapple with larger, and rapidly increasing, volumes of data on a daily basis. Big Data presents significant challenges, especially in applications requiring real time analysis. As the chart below shows, continued Moore s Law-driven decline in the price of memory and newer in-memory products are now serving to make the real time analysis of very large volumes of data more feasible economically while opening up substantial new business opportunities in the sector. Chart 4: Newer technologies enabling more Big Data to be processed in real time Recency Post-processing Real Time Small Source: Redwood Capital Large Volume Big Data Very Large This is due in large part to the increased use of NoSQL databases (Not only SQL), in-memory data storage, and distributed file and cache systems. These technologies are transforming the BI landscape from traditional, row based data warehouse architectures to systems which can ingest any type of structured or unstructured data and provide instantaneous analytics in real time. The need for real-time analytics in Big Data has driven the use and development of in-memory storage and processing. An in-memory database (IMDB) is a database that uses a system s main memory for data storage, rather than a traditional disk-based mechanism. In-memory storage has been around for a long time, but was traditionally used in smaller scale, specialized applications. This is due to inherent limitations of server based in-memory storage which restricted the quantities of data that could be analyzed in real time, and as a consequence, larger volumes of data were typically relegated to warehouse based, non-real-time analytic engines. Newer products are now providing increasingly large scale in-memory storage and processing platforms, serving to make inmemory more of a standard in the analytics industry. Because of the large and ever-increasing scale of data captured for Big Data analysis, database systems have had to evolve to be able to handle very high transaction volumes and support flexible dynamic data structures. NoSQL databases are well suited for this task because they are intended to simply capture all data without categorizing and parsing the data into a fixed schema. As a result they maintain a low predictable latency well suited to real time applications. They mainly rely on highly optimized key-value stores rather than tabular relations used in traditional relational databases. They can execute simple queries very quickly and are extremely scalable. These NoSQL databases come in a variety of data models (key-value pair, document oriented, columnar, graph): more than 120 open source key-value databases have been listed as of today, but some recent notable ones include MongoDB, Couchbase, Basho Technologies (Riak), Apache CouchDB and Neo Technology (Neo4j). However, due to the lack of support for complex query patterns and the changing nature of the data in NoSQL databases, analysis has become a new challenge, and companies now often require specific data warehouse software, or seek to combine NoSQL databases with more traditional SQL solutions to mine and extract value out of massive streams of unstructured data. New relational database management systems (dubbed NewSQLs ) have started to emerge in an effort to provide the same scalability and performance as NoSQL while supporting relational data models and using SQL as their primary interface. Page I 6

7 The other downsides of most NoSQL databases today is their lack of mature management and monitoring tools, as well as shortcomings in their support of the full range of properties that are usually desirable for good transaction processing engines. Both these issues are in the process of being overcome by both the open source NoSQL communities and a handful of vendors that are attempting to commercialize the various NoSQL databases, such as Couchbase, DataStax, Sqrrl Data, MongoDB or Aerospike. NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or CouchDB can now be configured to run mostly in-memory. Rapid increases in data volumes have given rise to innovative ways of handling real time Big Data. These include distributed file systems, in which data is stored over a gridded network of servers that can expand as needed to accept larger volumes without creating bottlenecks (for example, Amazon S3, IBM s GPFS and Hadoop s HDFS). These systems have strong advantages in that they can scale as the data volume grows, reducing the need for large upfront investment in warehouse infrastructure, and in addition they generally use off the shelf hardware, which helps to contain capital expenditures when they do need to scale. The distributed model also tends to improve the reliability of the system as it scales, with the failure of any single server having less of an impact on the grid as a whole. The combination of distributed architectures and in-memory processing has paved the way to the rise of in-memory data-grids (IMDGs) or in-memory distributed caches. These grids have been in use for some time by large internet companies to improve performance of web and mobile applications, but are now being used more and more to manage data for analytics purposes. Inmemory processing results in greater data integrity and analytical accuracy, as data is less exposed to manipulation and movement while still in memory. In some cases the transaction processing and analytics applications can reside on the same server grid. Other applications are able to manage the volume and recency of data retained for real time analysis with older data relegated to a warehouse. Several database management systems now combine this distributed architecture with NoSQL logic in an integrated way, making it easier for enterprises to implement business intelligence applications based on big data. Examples include Basho, DataStax, FoundationDB, NuoDB, Sqrrl, as well as HBase (based on Hadoop, modeled after Google s BigTable), Facebook s Cassandra, LinkedIn s Voldermort and Amazon s DynamoDB. Open source framework Hadoop, developed by the open source Apache Software Foundation, is rapidly emerging as a standard in processing data-sets for Big Data. Hadoop is an open source framework for the distributed processing and storage of very large sets of structured and unstructured data across clusters of computers, tightly integrated with HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). It solves the problem of how to handle extreme volumes of disparate data in a scalable, cost-effective manner. The distributed architecture enables it to efficiently scale up from single servers to thousands of machines using standard off the shelf hardware, and also provides a high level of reliability. Originally, Hadoop was an open source implementation of MapReduce, a programming model created at Google in response to the problem of managing web search indexes and processing large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster. But as the Hadoop project has matured, further components have been developed and added to enhance its usability and functionality. Just as people refer to Linux as more than just the Linux kernel, the name Hadoop is now being used to represent the entire ecosystem around the core MapReduce and HDFS functionalities, including programmability tools like Pig and Hive, data access tools like HBase, Sqoop and Flume, coordination and workflow tools like Zookeeper and Oozie, and management and deployment tools like Ambari and Whirr. All these Hadoop-related modules are gathered by Apache under the BigTop project umbrella, and as with Linux, they are often packaged directly into Hadoop distributions (essentially, pre-configured software bundles). Hadoop adoption has spawned a number of independent companies developing their own Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR Technologies, as well as companies providing innovative applications for specific uses with Hadoop, such as Datameer, Karmashpere and RainStor. In addition, all the leading enterprise software vendors have incorporated Hadoop into their big data solutions, demonstrating that open source is becoming a larger presence in the Big Data marketplace: IBM with InfoSphere BigInsights, EMC with Greenplum (later incorporated into GoPivotal), Oracle with their Big Data Appliance, SAP with the HANA Platform and Microsoft with Windows Azure HDInsight (including some integration in Office 365). Some of the vendors who made their name in big data before Hadoop matured now also offer Hadoop connectors to their existing analytical database systems, including Vertica (HP) and Aster Data. Page I 7

8 Even though commercial vendors and the open source community are actively working on lowering the barriers to entry to Big Data, one of the major impediments to mainstream adoption remains the scarcity of skilled human resources around these new, more complex technologies. In addition to processing data, people with solid grounding in statistics, mathematics, data visualization and business-related issues are needed to efficiently transform the data into truly valuable business intelligence. McKinsey & Company estimates that, by 2018, the US could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions 5. Predictive Analytics If knowledge extraction through data-driven business intelligence is now becoming a must-have, what are the implications for applications that can predict future trends? Predictive analytics is not new, however advances in data science and statistical modeling much of it from the academic world - continue to expand its applicability and addressable market. While predictive analytics has been applied traditionally to risk management and marketing applications, a small but growing number of companies is expanding the universe of use cases to such diverse areas as financial instrument performance, life sciences research and human resource management. Predictive Analytics is still a small part of today s market, but one in which we expect to see significant growth, highly correlated to Big Data. Enterprise Performance Management With literally hundreds if not thousands of use cases in Business Intelligence, and more and more analytics functionality embedded in a diverse array of enterprise software products, it s difficult to draw boundaries around the sector. Next generation analytics in particular is permeating more and more enterprise software, whether as an add-on, upgrade, new release feature or module. One area of BI that is more easily demarcated is Enterprise Performance Management. Sometimes called Business Performance Management or Corporate Performance Management, these solutions are designed to measure and report operational KPIs within the enterprise. Many combine data integration, analytics and predictive modeling to both assess historical performance and provide tools for future planning purposes. A cross section of companies reveals a number of approaches. Adaptive Planning, Host Analytics and Tagetik, for example, focus on KPI consolidation for the purposes of financial analysis, predictive planning and budgeting. MooD International extends into service performance, IT security and risk management for enterprise, government and even military arenas. RiverLogic helps companies optimize costs of sales, including supply chain, capital expenditures and network design. Board International provides a toolkit for companies to quickly and inexpensively create their own applications without the need for programming. In each case EPM vendors not only provide data driven intelligence, but also provide the means to use intelligence constructively to manage operations and financial performance on an ongoing basis. In this regard, EPM is differentiated in both extracting intelligence on historical data and the ability to apply that intelligence to enterprise operations. We believe the combination of data science and practical applications lends EPM strong prospects commercially and therefore consider it an important sector to watch. 5 Page I 8

9 Mergers & Acquisitions M&A Activity As noted previously, the year 2007 witnessed major consolidation in the traditional Business Intelligence sector, starting with Oracle acquiring the fourth-largest BI vendor, Hyperion Solutions in April 2007 for $3.3 billion. In October 2007, SAP announced the acquisition of Business Objects, the leader in business intelligence software, for EUR4.8 billion (approx. $6.8 billion), marking a clear shift in SAP s strategy of refraining from inorganic growth. IBM in turn modified its own strategy of abstaining from acquiring applications software companies to avoid partner disruptions, launching a $5 billion bid in November 2007 for the third-largest BI vendor, Cognos. Notably, Cognos had beefed up its business intelligence portfolio to include financial performance analytics capabilities by acquiring Applix just prior to the deal with IBM. There has yet to be a year since 2007 exceeding that year s aggregate dollar volume, with most of the sector M&A in the last few years focused on more innovative, Next Generation targets. As a result, only three transactions have been valued in excess of $1 bn in the last five years (SPSS to IBM in 2009, Netezza to IBM in 2010 and Endeca to Oracle in 2011). Transaction volume has increased steadily, however, from 16 in 2009 to 49 in 2013, and the presence of many smaller players developing innovative solutions continues to offer ample scope for further consolidation (see table below). This is reflected in the fact that aggregate dollar volume for disclosed deals declined to $565 million in 2013, the lowest figure over the past five years. Year Deal Volume Total Disclosed Value Mean Deal Value Median Deal Value Mean Revenue Multiple Mean EBITDA Multiple x n.a x 83.1x , x 57.5x , x 40.4x , x 11.2x Source: Capital IQ Figures in $ million Geographically, North America and Europe have dominated M&A deal activity in the business intelligence space, with these two regions together accounting for close to 90% of the deal volume and close to 100% of the deal value, consistently, over the years. These trends are a testimony to the concentration of major players in the data analytics and business intelligence space in these regions, in our view. In 2013, North America accounted for 35 deals compared to 31 in Dollar volume in North America grew by 9.0% to $483 million in 2013 from$443 million in Meanwhile, in Europe deal volume declined to 11 in 2013 from 12 in 2012, while disclosed transaction values declined 76.8% y/y to $80 million. 1. Chart 5: Deal Volumes 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% North America Europe Asia-Pac Africa/Middle East LatinAm & Caribbean Source: Capital IQ Chart 6: Transaction Values 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% North America Europe Asia-Pac Africa/Middle East LatinAm & Caribbean Source: Capital IQ M&A Valuation Trends Notably, deal activity has rebounded over the past five years, with deal volumes steadily increasing each year from 2009 levels. Median dollar values, however have remained in the sub- $30 million range over the past few years, mirroring the high level of activity and strategic interest in smaller, more innovative technologies. We note that cloud-based M&A targets have generally commanded higher multiples as more and more customers have gravitated towards cloud offerings due to their cost-effectiveness and efficient delivery method, providing substantial revenue visibility and therefore, increased valuations to the cloud players. Page I 9

10 Over the past two years, mean LTM revenue valuations have been relatively stable at around 2.8x. In 2013, the mean revenue multiple for disclosed deals was 2.9x, with deals ranging from 1.2x-6.3x (the latter Datawatch s acquisition of Panopticon Software). In 2012, the mean revenue multiple for disclosed deals was 2.7x, with deals ranging from 0.5x to 7.1x (the latter KEYW s acquisition of Sensage). The mean dollar value for 2013 and 2012 was $35 million and $53 million, respectively, in both cases far lower than mean values of over $200 million for the prior three years. This is attributable to the higher level of activity among smaller, more innovative companies, as well as fewer large transactions as the bigger end of the market consolidates. Activity in 2014 year to date Trends for deal activity thus far in 2014 have started out strong. In January 2014, Dassault Systèmes, a developer of 3D design software, announced an agreement to acquire Accelrys, a provider of scientific lifecycle management software, for approximately $750 million. The deal enabled Dassault Systèmes to gain access to Accelrys tools for automating scientific discovery and target the addressable $4 billion scientific lifecycle management market. The transaction is valued at 3.9x revenue and 58.2x EBITDA. Activity in 2013 and 2012 In 2013 the 49 M&A transactions in Business Intelligence was two more than the level achieved in However, the total dollar value of $565 million declined for the third year in a row. In the largest deal of the year, Apple acquired Topsy Labs in December 2013, reportedly for $200 million, although deal multiples were undisclosed. Topsy Labs is a social media analytics firm, which offers tools to analyze content on Twitter such as how often a term is tweeted, detect an influential person on a particular topic and measure the exposure of an event or campaign. Topsy then monetizes the analysis by selling it to its customers. According to industry analysts, Apple will utilize Topsy Labs to comprehend trends on social media and make recommendations to its customers for finding apps, movies and music to be bought, thereby offering incremental revenue potential. Apple could also apply Topsy s search technology for indexing vast amounts of unstructured data on Twitter to its Siri voice search. In the second-largest deal of the year, acquired EdgeSpring in June 2013, a provider of business intelligence analytics solutions for $133.7 million in cash and stock. Just a month prior to the deal, EdgeSpring had raised $11 million in a round of financing from Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Interestingly, the EdgeSpring deal came immediately after s announcement to acquire ExactTarget, an marketing vendor. In our view, s push into digital marketing will be well complemented by the addition of EdgeSpring s analytics tools. Another major deal during the year was the acquisition of Kapow, a provider of data integration and analytics software by business process applications provider Kofax for $47.5 million in cash in July The acquisition enables Kofax to improve its ability to integrate its applications with third party software for content import and export and data validation. Notably, the Kapow transaction followed Kofax s acquisition of business intelligence and analytics software provider Altosoft in March These deals reflect Kofax s push into business intelligence and the expansion of its product portfolio for analyzing multichannel data. Kofax acquired Altosoft for $13.5 million in cash at a somewhat high valuation (4.0x LTM revenue multiple vs. median multiple of 2.5x for the full year). The valuation for Kapow was in line with the median revenue multiple for the year. Also in 2013, Software AG announced the acquisition of JackBe, a US-based provider of real-time visual analytics and intelligence software. The deal enabled Software AG to offer mashup and real-time analytics solutions, allowing users to collate data from various sources including Excel spreadsheets, data warehouses and news feeds and visualize it within real-time dashboards. The integration of JackBe s technology with Software AG s solutions enabled enterprises to generate an integrated, real-time view of business operations such as inventories, orders etc. through a dashboard visualization layer. Two of the 2013 acquisitions by Yahoo! laid emphasis on image search and recognition techniques. In August 2013 and October 2013, internet giant Yahoo! acquired image-recognition companies IQ Engines and LookFlow, respectively, in a bid to integrate the technologies into its photo and video hosting and sharing service, Flickr. Page I 10

11 At the time of the deal, IQ Engines possessed two image-recognition application programming interfaces (APIs) and was also working on a mobile photo album application to organize images on a smartphone into categories based on automatically generated tags. Yahoo! also acquired LookFlow to improve photo discovery on Flickr as LookFlow uses machine learning to enable people to search and explore images. The largest deal of 2012 was the acquisition of Torex Retail Holdings, a provider of information technology solutions for retail and convenience stores by MICROS Systems, for $272.4 million. The deal enabled MICROS to expand outside its market in North America into Europe. Further, Torex s presence in retail expanded MICROS product portfolio to include retail, restaurant and hotel solutions under one umbrella. The second largest deal of the year was the unsolicited offer by Actian, a provider of data management solutions for Pervasive Software, a provider of data management and integration software at $8.50/ share in August Actian raised the offer price twice before the deal was finally accepted and completed in April 2013 at $9.20/share at a total value of $162.9 million. In contrast to 2012, 2011 witnessed more than twice the dollar volume ($1.8 billion) on fewer deals (31), however a single transaction the acquisition of Endeca by Oracle for $1.1 billion accounted for 60% of the year s total disclosed dollar volume. Among the other 30 transactions, mean size for disclosed deals was $91 million, very much in line with 2010 (excluding the IBM-Netezza deal for $1.7 billion). Page I 11

12 Public Financings Business Intelligence Rocket Fuel IPO The IPO market in the US has seen a revival, driven by the easy monetary policy and a gradual recovery in the country s economy. In August 2013, Rocket Fuel, a provider of artificial intelligence advertising solutions for digital marketers filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The IPO offering comprised 4 million shares and the company s initial offer price range was $24-$27 per share. Rocket Fuel subsequently increased the offer price range to $27- $29 per share, eventually pricing the IPO at the higher end at $29, and raised $116 million from the IPO. The underwriters to the issue also had a 30-day option to purchase up to 0.6 million additional shares at the IPO price from some existing shareholders to cover over-allotments. Rocket Fuel s IPO was priced at 5.9x Rocket Fuel s LTM (June-ended 2013) revenues, which was at a premium compared to Eloqua s $92 million IPO at approximately 4.4x LTM revenues in August Rocket Fuel offers solutions to automate the process of purchasing ad slots and enable its clients to decrease their marketing efforts. The company aimed to utilize the proceeds of the IPO for working capital requirements, general corporate purposes, investing in its core technology and also to repay debt. Investors bid up the share price of Rocket Fuel to $56.1 at the end of its first trading day on 20 September, 2013, resulting in a 93% gain on the IPO price. We believe the overall jump in the share price post the IPO is a reflection of positive investor and analyst sentiment in the potentially highgrowth and niche programmatic ad buying solutions for real-time bidding. Moreover, the company s stellar revenue growth at a CAGR of 154% had also increased investor optimism. Despite the strong Q3 top-line growth and a better-than-expected top-line outlook, concerns over ongoing losses and restriction of the use of cookies by users had pulled back the share price, only to rebound on positive analyst sentiment. Tableau Software IPO One example of investor interest in the dashboard area was the successful May 2013 IPO of Tableau Software, a provider of interactive data visualization software. The company raised $254 million through the issuance of 8.2 million shares after raising the range twice, from $23-$26 initially, to an ultimate price of $31 per share. The stock gained 63.7% on the first day of trading and has nearly tripled from its issue price. A major reason for the strong stock performance has been Tableau s strong operating performance and positive analyst sentiment and expectations of market share gains in data visualization, progress in overseas markets and access to larger deals. Debt Offerings Public debt offers dried up in 2013 with five offers in the year compared to 11 in The total offer value also fell significantly in 2013 to $2.2 billion, following a $ 7.8 billion raised in In June 2013, Audatex North America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings) raised $850 million through the issue of 6% senior notes due Audatex provides automotive claims, underwriting and information solutions to the insurance carriers, repair shops and government agencies. Audatex planned to use the issue proceeds to repay its existing debt of $850 million senior notes with a coupon of 6.75% and due Page I 12

13 Global M&A Deals in Business Intelligence (2009 to 2014 YTD March) Announced Date Target/Issuer Buyers/Investors Trans. Value Revenue [LTM] EBITDA Revenue [LTM] Multiple EBITDA Major Business Focus [Target/Issuer] Multiple 03/26/14 Fieldglass SAP Intelligent solutions for finding and managing human capital 03/25/ Imaging Visualization solutions for command and control domain 03/19/14 Knotice IgnitionOne Data management platform to unite customer data, analytics and message delivery 03/18/14 KitLocate Yandex Develops and provides location aware applications 03/18/14 Matrix-Data Market Metrics Online business intelligence solutions to the financial services industry 03/10/14 Biond Consulting PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Canada, Investment Arm Implementing business intelligence solutions 03/05/14 APE Software Components Axis Corporate Business intelligence software solutions 03/05/14 L-3 Data Tactics L-3 Communications Holdings Big data analytics and cloud computing solution services 02/24/14 Cloudant International Business Machines Data hosting and analytics solutions based on opensource BigCouch and CouchDB for businesses 01/30/14 Accelrys Dassault Systemes x 58.2x Scientific business intelligence software and solutions 01/20/14 Coactiva Aspiren Callcredit Information Group Big data analytics and business intelligence cloudbased software solutions in the UK 12/18/13 ilookabout The Byng Group Visual and data intelligence business solutions 12/18/13 Link Analytics KPMG Big data analytics solutions 12/17/13 Matrix-Data Market Metrics Business intelligence software solutions primarily to the financial services industry in the UK 12/11/13 Empresa de Business Analytics Enterprise Software Solutions Brasil SAP business analytics solutions 12/02/13 Topsy Labs Apple Social-media analytics company for real-time search and analytics to businesses 11/21/13 HCD Software The Reynolds and Reynolds Co Data mining and business intelligence solutions for the automobile dealership industry 11/14/13 NationalField NGP VAN Social business performance company focused on connecting people with data 10/16/13 Kalido Silverback Enterprise Group Business-driven data governance software 10/01/13 Sand Technology N. Harris Computer x NM Software products and services to enable users to retrieve usable business information from various amounts of data 09/25/13 Openbridge Maltem Consulting Group Open source, digital, mobility, and business intelligence solutions 09/10/13 KXEN SAP Predictive analytics solutions for business users 08/29/13 Hstreaming Adello Group Real time data analytics and processing solutions\ 08/22/13 JackBe Software Real-time business intelligence solutions 08/07/13 H&D Ventures Starcount Data mining for analytics and audience engagement services 08/07/13 Infochimps Computer Sciences Cloud services for streaming data and real-time analytics 08/06/13 Asset Control Systems Marlin Equity Partners Data management software solutions to banks, broker-dealers, hedge-funds and investment managers 07/31/13 Kapow Software Kofax x - Big data integration platform for managing critical data from disparate sources 07/18/13 Ztelic Yahoo! Beijing Global R&D Center Big data analysis on Chinese social networking platforms 07/17/13 Akiban Technologies FoundationDB Designs and develops operational database systems 07/17/13 ITR Software Software Paradigms Infotech Merchandising software solutions to the retail industry 07/16/13 Myrrix Cloudera Open-source clustering and recommender system to provide access to large-scale big learning from data 07/09/13 Mirror42 ServiceNow Performance management solutions for various organizations 06/27/13 Noetix Silverback Enterprise Group Business intelligence software and services for enterprise applications 06/27/13 Raytheon Visual Analytics Raytheon Data analytics and solutions for investigating money laundering and other financial crimes 06/21/13 Elastic Intelligence Intuit Business intelligence components to users for accessing and integrating data from SaaS applications 06/17/13 Panopticon Software Datawatch x - Visual data monitoring and analysis software tools for monitoring and analysis of real-time data 06/07/13 EdgeSpring Visual analytics and business intelligence solutions 06/05/13 Great Bay Software Alpine Investors; Alpine Investors IV; GrowthFire 0.0 Deployment, administration and management of /30/13 Seeneco Diasoft Cloud service reporting and business intelligence software for businesses 05/13/13 Millbrook Guidewire Software Business intelligence, data warehousing, and software-as-a-service solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry 05/07/13 Opera Solutions Wipro Big data predictive and prescriptive analytics to businesses and governments globally 05/02/13 GemStone/S GemTalk Systems Distributed data store in-memory and on-disk for delivering data to applications in multiple formats 04/25/13 ParAccel Actian Analytic database solutions and services 04/02/13 ChangeTrack Research Accenture Analytics-based tools and services to track and measure enterprise-wide transformational change programs Page I 13

14 Announced Date Target/Issuer Buyers/Investors Trans. Value Revenue [LTM] EBITDA Revenue [LTM] Multiple EBITDA Major Business Focus [Target/Issuer] Multiple 04/01/13 International Business Machines Corporation, ShowCase Business Intelligence Software Portfolio Help/Systems /19/13 Netbreeze Microsoft Dynamics /14/13 Kontexto Spectral Capital /11/13 Hego ChyronHego /01/13 altosoft Kofax x - 02/28/13 G4 Analytics Nielsen Holdings /18/13 Bayspire Inc., Webcrossing Product Line Elliptics /14/13 Motivity Solutions Cassiopae Enterprise-wide data access, analysis and reporting abilities Business intelligence solutions for large and midsized companies in Switzerland Software and services to acquire, analyze, and visualize streaming real time data Graphics and data visualization solutions for sports and broadcasting industries Dashboard development, real-time event monitoring and business process optimization integration services Business intelligence and planning applications to companies in the analytics, consumer goods, and retail industries Software suite including a built-in objected-oriented NoSQL database for complex data structures Business intelligence software solutions to mortgage and financial services industries 02/08/13 Near Infinity Altamira Technologies Cloud-based, big data entity analytic solutions 02/06/13 Four J's Development Tools, Inc., ANTs Data Server ANTs Software /05/13 Altius Consulting Cloudpoint /05/13 QPR CIS QPR Software /31/13 Quantivo Aggregate Knowledge Relational database that combines the speed of an in-memory database with the persistence of a diskbased database Supports business intelligence, enterprise performance management, data platform and independent software vendor solutions Solutions and consultation services in performance management, process modeling and analysis, and risk management and compliance in the Russian Federation and CIS countries On-demand big-data analytics solutions and patternbased strategies to various businesses within a cloud infrastructure 01/28/13 Angoss Software Peterson Partners x - Predictive analytics software and solutions 01/23/13 Neuralitic Guavus Mobile data intelligence solutions 12/21/12 AdGooroo Kantar Media North America Digital marketing intelligence solutions 12/19/12 StoredIQ International Business Machines Information governance solutions to automate information management process 12/06/12 CLIMPACT Metnext Climate business intelligence solutions 12/05/12 NettPositive Business Analytics EFX Holdings Analytics and business intelligence solutions for enterprises to measure, monitor, and manage their businesses 11/29/12 More IT Resources Greenplum Virtual resource partitioning software solution 11/26/12 Hub Marketing Solutions\ Precision Dialogue /07/12 Tierdata Informatica /29/12 Recombinant by Deloitte Deloitte Consulting Dialogue-based customer management strategies, marketing data management and business intelligence solutions Enterprise performance and data management software solutions Data warehousing and clinical intelligence products and solutions to healthcare providers and academic medical centers 10/23/12 Aegis Analytical Accelrys Enterprise manufacturing intelligence solutions 10/22/12 Quiterian Actuate x - Business analytics solutions for data insight 10/01/12 Flecto BV and Solving Efeso Performance behavior software to make behavior objective and measurable 09/24/12 Butterfly Software International Business Machines Data analysis and migration applications to discover, analyze, and migrate data centre infrastructures 09/13/12 RivalEdge ALM Media Properties /13/12 Sensage The KEYW Holding x 202.2x 09/11/12 Data Scout Solutions Group Informatica Online service to monitor, filter, and aggregate information about news, events, and publications for law firms Security information and event management (SIEM), and data warehousing software solutions Solutions to cleanse, standardize and enrich customer information, integrate critical enterprise data and manage and view account hierarchies 09/09/12 mydials Adaptive Insights Personalized business intelligence solutions 09/05/12 OneDomain WideOrbit /04/12 Prelytis Access UK /20/12 Hurley & Frank Industries /13/12 Pervasive Software Actian x 25.6x Media planning, research, and business intelligence software solutions to television stations, radio stations, cable networks, and agencies Business intelligence solutions to help companies improve decision-making cycles, enterprise performance, and information chain Social media analytics software to extract business intelligence from online conversation Software to manage, integrate, and analyze data in the cloud or on-premises throughout the data lifecycle 08/02/12 Petris Technology Landmark Graphics Data management and integration solutions for oil and gas companies internationally 07/11/12 SwiftKnowledge SNL Financial Web-based business intelligence software solutions 07/10/12 BI-SAM Technologies Aquiline Capital Partners /10/12 GeoIQ Environmental Systems Research Institute Data management, performance, attribution, risk, GIPS, and reporting solutions for the asset management industry Real-time location analysis software solutions for managing and analyzing data Page I 14

15 Announced Date Target/Issuer Buyers/Investors Trans. Value Revenue [LTM] EBITDA Revenue [LTM] Multiple EBITDA Major Business Focus [Target/Issuer] Multiple 07/10/12 Geosemble Technologies TerraGo Technologies Solutions to visualize data geographically 06/29/12 Verix The Procter & Gamble Company Software-as-a-Service business intelligence solutions to streamline commercial operations 06/25/12 Innofactor Innofactor x Business intelligence and data warehousing solutions 21.4x based on Microsoft technology 06/11/12 CubeLogic OpenLink International Risk management solutions to energy and investment banking sectors 06/05/12 Collective Intellect Oracle Web-based, automated, real-time text mining and analytics software for social CRM 06/01/12 Coalition Development CRISIL x - Research analytics and business intelligence solutions for the financial services sector 04/30/12 Purisma SAP x - Solutions-driven master data management platform and commercial data integration software solutions for enterprises 04/26/12 Torex Retail Holdings MICROS Systems Software solutions including business intelligence and data warehousing 04/23/12 Teradata Corp, Certain Assets Centrica Teradata data warehouse appliance platform 04/19/12 Ravel W2O Group Enterprise-grade analytics solutions and software for discovering insights from big data 04/12/12 Snoobi Fonecta /03/12 LogLogic TIBCO Software Web analytics solutions focusing on business intelligence, visitor tracking, Internet marketing and advertising, and campaign management Data management solutions to monitor compliance stance, and identify gaps and errors to tighten internal controls 03/30/12 NexR KT Cloudware Cloud computing and Hadoop data processing platforms 03/29/12 CU Data Miner Akcelerant Advisors Business intelligence reporting and business process improvement solutions for credit unions 03/07/12 Syntergy Inc., SharePoint Solutions Metalogix Software Web-based business intelligence software solutions 03/05/12 Fetch Technologies Connotate Technologies Data management solutions for various industries and companies 03/02/12 Kontexto Sargas Capital Software and services to acquire, analyze, and visualize streaming real time data 02/17/12 Jumppost Groupon Social media platform which allows users to map the physical world around them through pictures and text 02/07/12 LeapFrogRx Model N Cloud-based business intelligence applications for pharma and biotech 02/05/12 alqemyiq ISIS Capital Management Enterprise demand data management software solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and sales agents 01/23/12 Effiscience BearingPoint SaaS business analytics solution to identify opportunities and hedge risks along the value chain 01/17/12 BigDataLabs Project X Labs Location intelligence tools 01/17/12 CIC TNS Media Research Social business intelligence solutions for businesses in China 12/30/11 Beyond Insight Impact Solutions Consulting Analytic software applications and various enterprise information management capabilities 12/02/11 Potomac Fusion, A Sotera Defense Solutions Sotera Defense Solutions /01/11 Corticon Technologies Progress Software /20/11 Keyrus (Israel) /19/11 Aurix Avaya /18/11 Endeca Technologies Oracle 1, /12/11 RiverGlass Allen Systems Group /07/11 Alchemex Sage South Africa /02/11 Zettapoint EMC Advanced intelligence, data fusion, and visualization technologies Business rules management solutions for companies to automate decision making processes Solutions for tracking and analyzing the BI processes and identification of bottle necks and weaknesses in the process Phonetic speech search and analytics technology solutions Unstructured data management, web commerce and business intelligence solutions Electronic discovery (ediscovery), information collection, data management, and analysis solutions Develops Excel-based business intelligence solutions for small to medium enterprises Storage management, business intelligence performance optimization and database consolidation solutions 09/28/11 Synaptris GBS Enterprises Reporting and analysis solutions Market response modeling solutions to measure the 08/09/11 Marketing Analytics Nielsen Holdings impact of marketing on sales 07/28/11 InQuira Oracle Software platform including knowledge base management, natural language search and analytics and reporting applications 07/26/11 e2e Analytix Bodhtree Solutions Analytical and business intelligence solutions 06/01/11 Skywire Software Thomson Elite /23/11 Firmware Technologies Visi Inc /09/11 Deloitte Managed Analytics Deloitte Consulting /09/11 Tap11 AVOS Systems /04/11 Analyzd Klarna Enterprise software and services including business intelligence system to manage vast amounts of information Collaboration and communications platform to distribute large sets of data for visualization Managed analytic solutions for user-specific reports, scorecards and dashboards Real-time business intelligence platform for companies to monitor, engage, and measure the impact of their social media campaigns Fraud prevention, risk management and business intelligence software Page I 15

16 Announced Date Target/Issuer Buyers/Investors Trans. Value Revenue [LTM] EBITDA Revenue [LTM] Multiple Wal-Mart Stores /15/11 TARGIT /08/11 Datanomic Oracle /05/11 Overtone KANA Software /22/11 SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting SAP /21/11 Qlik Technologies x 57.5x 03/08/11 First Coverage YouDevise /03/11 Aster Data Systems Teradata /14/11 Vertica Systems Hewlett-Packard /03/11 PredictiveMetrics SunGard Data Systems EBITDA Major Business Focus [Target/Issuer] Multiple Big Data platforms to process data covering products and users Business intelligence tools to monitor and optimize performance indicators Enterprise data management and compliance screening software solutions Brand monitoring and engagement to various enterprises Ordering and forecasting software for the trade, logistics, and industrial sectors in Europe and North America User-driven business intelligence to create and share insights and analysis Web-based financial information management solutions Data management and advanced analytics solutions for enabling data storage and analysis of data sets Real-time analytics platforms for communications, financial services, Web 2.0 & gaming and healthcare industries Statistical-based predictive scoring metrics and analytical decision solutions for the B2C and B2B markets 01/23/11 Automsoft International Data management software solutions 01/10/11 InfoSTEP Saama Technologies /05/11 Obvient Strategies Ventyx /22/10 Aprimo Teradata x 0.0x 12/08/10 NexR KT Corp /16/10 CognoVision Solutions Intel /07/10 Actian Garnett & Helfrich Capital Solutions and products in the areas of business intelligence, data integration, technology and on demand Packaged business intelligence solutions for the distributed asset industry Cloud-based integrated marketing management software solutions Cloud computing and Hadoop data processing platforms Real-time audience-measurement and retailintelligence solutions Data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated actions across client s business operations 10/18/10 Data Foundations Software Enterprise software for organizations to manage data assets 10/04/10 Evolve24 Maritz Research Business intelligence software and consulting services 09/22/10 Acsellerate Solutions ecommerce Industries On-demand sales and business intelligence solutions 09/20/10 Netezza International Business Machines 1, x 80.8x Data warehouse and analytics software solutions 08/05/10 Kickfire Teradata Database appliances to enable MySQL data warehousing, business intelligence, workloads analysis and ad hoc queries 07/06/10 Greenplum EMC Database software for business intelligence and data warehousing applications 06/17/10 BeliefNetworks Benefitfocus Semantic intelligence and analytics software to web publishers and advertising companies 06/15/10 Coremetrics International Business Machines Digital marketing optimization solutions 06/08/10 Exalead Dassault Systemes x - Software for enterprise and web search markets 05/10/10 SIRA Deltek Performance intelligence software for project-based government contractors 05/06/10 GemStone/S SpringSource Distributed data store in-memory and on-disk for delivering data to applications in multiple formats 04/09/10 QL2 Software Hale Global On-demand data access platform for data management solutions 03/26/10 Computer Corporation of America Rocket Software Database management systems for enterprises 03/25/10 Gilon Business Insight Ness Technologies x - Enterprise information management solutions and consulting services for large and medium sized corporations in Israel 03/25/10 Netrics TIBCO Software Intelligent database record matching software in the field of automated spelling and grammar correction 03/16/10 Control.IT Unternehmensberatung Taliance Data warehousing applications to the real estate industry 03/11/10 XTAQ eg solutions x - Business performance measurement solutions for organizations in the UK 03/09/10 Softwareiq Fujitsu Web based user interface for business intelligence in the area of budget analysis and reports 03/01/10 Predictive Analytics Interthinx Scenario-based forecasting, stress testing, and predictive analytics solutions for retail lenders 02/03/10 Initiate Systems International Business Machines Master data management software solutions for organizations 01/28/10 Siperian Informatica x NM - 01/11/10 AgileRay Cunet Lead performance optimization software and services for higher education and mortgage lending clients 01/08/10 Foresight TIBCO Software Healthcare business intelligence solutions 01/04/10 Discovery Logic Thomson Reuters Systems, data and analytics for real-time portfolio management, decision support and information visualization 01/04/10 Silver Creek Systems Oracle Automated data mastering solutions Enterprise output management solutions for 12/08/09 Xenos Group Actuate x 12.5x organizations Page I 16

17 Announced Date Target/Issuer Buyers/Investors Trans. Value Revenue [LTM] EBITDA Revenue [LTM] Multiple EBITDA Major Business Focus [Target/Issuer] Multiple 12/01/09 Sypherlink Saama Technologies Products and solutions based upon heuristicsmatching technology for automating data discovery and mapping processes 11/03/09 Datanomic DN Capital Enterprise data management and compliance screening software solutions 10/09/09 Jaros Technologies Noetix Packaged business intelligence and performance solutions 09/29/09 HyperRoll Oracle Data warehouse performance acceleration software 08/24/09 Datasynapse TIBCO Software x Application service management software for data NM centers 07/28/09 SPSS International Business Machines 1, x 10.0x Predictive analytics software and solutions for data collection, statistics, modeling, and text analytics and deployment solutions\ 07/08/09 Quadrum Consulting 1Spatial x - Business intelligence software tools for financial, manufacturing, service, and retail sectors 06/25/09 InforSense ID Business Solutions Enterprise business intelligence and reporting software solutions 06/02/09 TradeTrans nubridges On-demand business intelligence, analysis, event monitoring, and reporting services 05/05/09 Exeros International Business Machines Data relationship discovery and management company 04/15/09 InSite Analytics Tango Management Consulting Retail market optimization and sales forecasting models solutions 03/02/09 KPI On Line Bitam Business intelligence solution for analytical models for organizational functions 02/12/09 Applimation Informatica Enterprise data management solutions for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel applications 02/10/09 SwiftKnowledge Web-based business intelligence software solutions 01/07/09 Monitor Analytics Clearway Technologies Partners Business intelligence software products for Microsoft Office SharePoint Source: Capital IQ Figures in $ million except multiples Page I 17

18 Valuation Trends Business Intelligence Price Performance Chart 7: Relative performance of Business Intelligence index (%), 01/01/ /01/ Jan-09 Apr-09 Jul-09 Oct-09 Jan-10 Apr-10 Jul-10 Oct-10 Source: Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Redwood Capital Jan-11 Apr-11 Trend-1 Jul-11 Oct-11 Jan-12 Apr-12 Jul-12 Oct-12 S&P 500 Index S&P 500 IT Index BI Index Jan-13 Apr-13 Jul-13 Trend-2 For the purpose of analyzing the returns of companies in the business intelligence sector, we have created an index, comprised of companies which are either pure-play business intelligence or heavily focused on data management, analytics and business intelligence. We have then compared the performance of this index with the S&P 500 Information technology (IT) Index and the S&P 500 Index. As evident from the chart, the BI Index1 has outpaced both the S&P 500 and S&P 500 IT Indices by a considerable margin over the last 5 years. The outperformance began in 2009 on the back of valuehunting for IT stocks after being beaten down heavily in the second half of During this period, the BI Index generated a return of approximately 320% versus about 110% for the broader market and about 160% for the IT index, which includes all major IT stocks as its constituents. The years 2009 and 2010 were best in terms of return for the BI index, when it notched up gains of more than 100% and 50%, respectively. This can primarily be attributed to the strong performance of three companies: MicroStrategy, Teradata and Informatica. In 2009, the stock prices of both MicroStrategy and Teradata more than doubled, with Informatica, up 89%, not too far behind. Consecutive aboveestimates earnings by all three companies drove the gains. In 2010, the continued strength at Teradata (up more than 30%) and Informatica (up 70%) more than compensated for the weakness at MicroStrategy (-9%). A slew of rating downgrades followed by earnings miss in the third quarter of 2010 hurt MicroStrategy, while continued strong earnings and talks of takeover of growth companies by diversified players were the key catalysts of positive performance at the other two stocks. The trend continued in 2011 as well, but only until the beginning of the second half (H2) of the year. As highlighted in the chart (Trend 1), in H2 2011, all the indices witnessed a steep plunge in their values. At this time, unprecedented events such as US debt rating being downgraded and concerns of euro-zone debt crisis spiraling out of hands were weighing on investor sentiment. In H2 2011, the IT Index was slightly negative, while S&P 500 Index was down 5%. In comparison, the BI Index, being more volatile than the two indices, shed 24% of its value, much higher than its broader counterparts. In the following two years ( ) the BI Index continued to mirror the direction of the other two indices, but was relatively more volatile and underperformed, with a return of 26% as compared to returns of 43% by the IT Index and 47% by the S&P 500 Index. Weak performance of major business intelligence stocks such as MicroStrategy (-14%) and Informatica (-18%) in 2012 weighed on the performance of the BI Index. MicroStrategy was pressured by management instability and weak earnings, while Informatica was hurt by slowdown concerns in the BI market was a better year for the BI Index, especially the period between April-September (Trend 2), when the Index posted gains of 16% compared to approximately 7% each by the other two indices. This phenomenon was mainly driven by the IPO s of Splunk and Tableau Software, which attracted investor s attention towards business intelligence stocks. However, a pull-down in the last quarter of 2013 led by names such as Teradata, Qlik Technologies and Tibco Software offset this performance, leading to the BI Index delivering lower returns than the other two indices for the full year. Oct-13 Jan-14 Apr-14 Page I 18

19 A report of weaker-than-expected earnings by Qlik Technologies and bleak guidance by the other two companies raised concerns over the industry growth. Since then, the BI Index continues to trail the broader indices to date, and has been flat in 2014 compared to returns of 3% and 2% earned by the IT Index and the broader market, respectively. Public Companies Analysis Multiples Snapshot* Name Price Mkt.Cap Price/Sales Price/Earnings EV/EBITDA Long term EPS growth (%) Revenue Growth (Figures in $million except share price) LTM 2014 LTM 2014 LTM Actuate Corporation x 2x 41x 21x 15x 8x 12% -11% 2% Teradata Corporation ,847 3x 3x 21x 17x 12x 9x 12% 6% 5% TIBCO Software Inc ,369 3x 3x 39x 18x 16x 10x 14% 8% 9% MicroStrategy Inc ,319 2x 2x 16x 48x 24x 15x 25% 8% 7% Informatica Corporation ,293 5x 4x 50x 24x 22x 13x 14% 12% 11% Qlik Technologies, Inc ,427 5x 4x n.a 108x 189x 52x 27% 18% 17% Datawatch Corporation x 7x n.a n.a n.a n.a 29% 29% 26% PROS Holdings, Inc x 5x 273x 99x 94x 40x 25% 32% 20% Splunk, Inc ,385 28x 21x n.a n.a n.a 903x 26% 38% 34% Tableau Software, Inc ,958 21x 15x 701x n.a 447x n.a 49% 50% 35% Rocket Fuel Inc ,437 6x 3x n.a n.a n.a 281x 0% 81% 61% Average 8x 6x 163x 48x 102x 148x 21% 25% 21% Median 5x 4x 41x 24x 23x 15x 25% 18% 17% Sources: Capital IQ, Redwood Capital * Data as on 04/02/2014 We note that many of the BI Index stocks are growth companies with either net losses or low earnings. Splunk and Tableau Software both have robust top-line and long-term earnings growth potential and hence, are valued at a substantial premium to their peers on a Price-to-Sales basis. Although market expectations of revenue and earnings growth propel stock valuations, we note that neither factor is seen by the market in isolation. For example, Rocket Fuel with substantially high revenue growth prospects has relatively subdued long-term earnings growth prospects due to its growth investments, leading to relatively lower valuations on a Price-to-Sales basis. On the other hand, MicroStrategy with modest top-line growth prospects trades below the peer median despite its robust earnings growth potential. Even well-established players such as TIBCO Software trade well below the median multiple, on modest revenue and earnings growth. Moreover, among peers, we believe cloud-based players such as Informatica command relatively higher valuations, despite their growth prospects being below the peer median. 1 The BI Index is a market-capitalization weighted index and its constituents include MicroStrategy, Tableau Software, Splunk, Rocket Fuel, Teradata Corporation, Informatica Corporation, PROS Holdings, Datawatch Corporation, Qlik Technologies, TIBCO Software and Actuate Corporation. The data has been sourced from Capital IQ. Page I 19

20 Private Financing Private Financings Overview (2009 to 2013) Year # of Trans Total Capital Raised Average Trans Size Median Trans Size , Total 524 3, Sources: Capital IQ The business intelligence industry has raised a total of $3.8 billion since 2009 from 524 private placement deals. During this time, the sector has been gaining increasing attention from investors, reflected in deal activity (both in terms of volume and dollar value) which has increased every year since Mean and median deal sizes have also increased over this period, with average transactions more than doubling from $4.3 million in 2009 to $10.6 million in Clustrix and isign Media were the most active companies during this period, raising $54.5 million and $11.5 million, respectively. International expansion was seen as a major theme and was quoted as the purpose in many of the biggest deals during the period. The data for 2014 year to date shows that investor interest in the industry has not abated and we could see total capital raised during the current year easily surpass the previous year s highs. In the first three months, there have been 45 deals and a total of $1.3 billion has been raised, compared to 34 deals and a total of $236 million for the first three months of While the median deal value has risen slightly to $4.55 million, the average deal value has gone up significantly to reach $35.06 million. In the biggest deal of the year by far, Cloudera raised $740 million from Intel Capital was the busiest of the past five years for private placement transactions in the sector. Deal volume was up by 15% over 2012, to 145 and total capital raised grew by 61% to $1.4 billion, crossing $1 billion for the first time. Average deal value crossed $10 million ($10.61 million) and median deal value crossed $4 million ($4.02 million), also a first for both in the last five years saw the return of bigger deals as there were three transactions with values greater than $100 million. MongoDB raised $150 million in a deal that reportedly valued it at $1.2 billion. The company planned to use the funds to further develop its core product and its new managed services offerings. In 2012 transaction volume increased 29% from 2011, to 126. This was despite the total funds raised during the year increasing only 14%. Deal sizes contracted during the year and the largest transaction was of $65 million by Cloudera. This was Cloudera s sixth round of capital raising in four years. Another large financing in 2012 was Rocket Fuel s $50 million round from existing and new investors. While deal volume stayed fairly similar in 2011 compared to 2010, total deal value increased by a big margin (+61%) to $765 million. Capital raised from a single transaction crossed $100 million for the first time in three years. OSISoft sold a minority stake to VC investors for a consideration of $135 million, with the proceeds earmarked for international expansion. Deal activity increased significantly in 2010 with deal volume increasing 50% and total funds raised almost doubling. Perth based Firmware Technologies raised $37 million in September to facilitate listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and fuel further growth through both organic and inorganic routes. Additionally, 1010data received a $35 million equity investment from Norwest Venture Partners, also to be used to drive further growth was the least active period for the industry during the last five years, with as few as 62 deals consummated and $251 million raised. Additionally, the deals announced during the year were smaller in size and the largest deal of the year was of AudienceScience (a global digital marketing technology company) raising $20 million from its existing investors. AudienceScience planned to use the funds for growth, research & development and international expansion. Page I 20

21 Intel s investment in Cloudera In March 2014, Cloudera raised a total of $900 million from multiple investors. Out of this, it raised 160 million from T. Rowe Price Group, MSD Capital and Google Ventures. The remaining funds ($740 million) were provided by Intel Capital for an 18% stake in the company, valuing Cloudera at $4.1 billion. The deal is interesting for a number of reasons. After its investment in Cloudera, Intel planned to stop development of its own customized version of Hadoop, proving its confidence in Hadoop and Cloudera s solution. Also, the deal came on the back of Hortonworks announcing a $100 million investment, valuing it at over $1 billion and the two deals show the valley s interest and optimism for Big Data analysis market. Page I 21

22 Global Private Placement Deals in Business Intelligence (2009 to 2014 YTD March) Date Target/Issuer Amount Round of Financing Buyers/Investors Major Business Focus [Target/Issuer] 03/27/14 Cloudera Intel Capital Enterprise analytic data management 03/19/14 Platfora Battery Ventures; Cisco Systems, (NasdaqGS:CSCO); Allegis Capital; Sutter Hill Ventures; In-Q-Tel,; Tenaya Capital; Andreessen Horowitz; Citi Ventures, Data management software 03/18/14 Cloudera T. Rowe Price Group, (NasdaqGS:TROW); MSD - Capital, L.P.; Google Ventures Enterprise analytic data management 03/07/14 Rifiniti Hub Angels Investment Group; Nauta Capital Real-time business intelligence 03/05/14 Oilfield Intel - Seed - Data management software 03/05/14 iwebgate Network security management 03/05/14 Opentracker Rockstart Accelerator Website statistics measurement 03/05/14 Social Honey Rockstart Accelerator Web solution to source ratings and reviews 02/28/14 Lotame Solutions Battery Ventures; Emergence Capital Partners; TrueBridge Capital Partners; R.J. Finlay & Co.; Sozo Ventures Data management software 02/28/14 Radius Networks Mobile proximity technologies 02/28/14 Nebulab Technologies Geekdom, LC, Investment Arm Cloud based data visualisation software 02/27/14 TipBit Ignition Partners Personal business intelligence tools 02/26/14 DataRPM InterWest Partners; CIT GAP Funds Business intelligence and analytics 02/26/14 Argos Risk Online business-to-business credit risk management tools 02/25/14 LLC CityAds Media Klever Internet Investments Limited Data management software 02/24/14 Transzap - - Accel-KKR Internet-based financial workflow solutions 02/24/14 ProspX Business intelligence solution 02/18/14 Akita - The National Digital Research Centre Limited, - Investment Arm Real-time big data sales tools for sales processes 02/18/14 Crayon Data SPRING SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd; Jungle Ventures Business and technology platform that democratizes the use of big data 02/13/14 Klipfolio BDC Venture Capital; CommonAngels; Acadia Woods Partners, ; BOLDstart Ventures; Mistral Venture Partners Cloud-based Web and mobile dashboard solutions 02/11/14 Platfora - - Citi Ventures, Data management software 02/10/14 InfiniDB McDonnell Ventures Analytic data platforms 02/07/14 NuoDB /05/14 Domo Hummer Winblad Venture Partners; Morgenthaler; Longworth Venture Partners; Dassault Systemes SA (ENXTPA:DSY) Greylock Partners; Institutional Venture Partners; T. Rowe Price Group, (NasdaqGS:TROW);, Inc (NYSE:CRM); Fidelity Investments; TPG Growth; GGV Capital; Morgan Stanley Investment Management ; Viking Global Investors L.P.; Mercato Partners; Dragoneer Investment Group, Executive management platform as a SaaS solution Enterprise analytics services 02/03/14 Secure Earth Technologies Embedded systems and software solutions 02/03/14 DataFox Intelligence 1.5 Seed Cavalry Management Group; Google Ventures Retail intelligence 01/31/14 Deposco SaaS for supply chain 01/30/14 WhereScape Pioneer Capital Partners Data warehousing software solutions 01/29/14 wiseio Voyager Capital Big data analytics solutions 01/29/14 BlueConic Sigma Prime Ventures SaaS-based online customer engagement platform 01/28/14 Altiscale - Accel Partners; Sequoia Capital; General - Catalyst Partners; AME Cloud Ventures Cloud services for Hadoop dial tone operations 01/28/14 Zikk Software - - Wadi Ventures Network monitoring software solutions 01/28/14 Naehas Data management software 01/27/14 Autogrid Systems /22/14 MemSQL /22/14 Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems Foundation Capital; Voyager Capital; E.ON SE, Investment Arm Accel Partners; First Round Capital; Khosla Ventures; Data Collective Highland Capital Partners; Investec Ventures Ireland Ltd Software systems for energy sector for forecasting and demand management Real-time analytics platform Integrated environmental software and solutions 01/21/14 4C Insights Jump Capital Data analytics and social intelligence platform 01/17/14 Row Sham Bow Analytics service for application developers 01/17/14 Aprefis Wayra Investigación y Desarrollo, S.L.U. Pricing optimization platform 01/15/14 Confer Technologies Matrix Partners; North Bridge Venture Partners Network security management 01/14/14 GraphCast CrossLink Capital,; Giza Venture Capital; Correlation Ventures; Kapor Capital; 500 Startups; Quest Venture Partners Data visualization and infographics 01/10/14 eyeq - - DreamIt Ventures Retail intelligence 01/08/14 Vistapointe - 2 BVI Investment Fund Cloud-based business intelligence solutions 01/07/14 Wunderdata - Seed West Tech Ventures SaaS BI solutions 01/03/14 Review Trackers gener8tor SaaS review monitoring and management tool Source: Capital IQ Page I 22

23 Sector Spotlight - Companies Big Data 1010data 750 Third Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA Sandy Steier- Co-founder and CEO Big data discovery and data sharing solutions Apixio S Grant St #210, San Mateo, CA 94402, USA Shawn Dastmalchi- CEO Cloud-based solutions for clinical data integration and big data analytics Chiliad Cooperative Way, Suite 600, Herndon, VA 20171, USA Christine Maxwell- CEO Iterative discovery, virtual consolidation and contextual extraction of data across various sources Cloudera Page Mill Road, Bldg 2, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA Tom Reilly- CEO Unified platform built on Apache Hadoop to store, process and analyze business-critical Big Data DataStax Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA (San Francisco Bay Area) Billy Bosworth- CEO Integration of a big data platform with analytics for search across multiple data sources Exasol Neumeyerstraße 48, Nuremberg, Germany Aaron Auld- CEO Data mining, warehousing and analytics for Big Data and Value Data, and business intelligence solutions exelate 7 West 22nd Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10010, USA Mark Zagorski- CEO Creation of online, offline, and custom data sets through direct data collection for digital marketing decisions Great Bay Software 100 Main Street, Suite 250, Dover, NH 03820, USA Tim Butler- CEO Endpoint profiling and management, identity monitoring and rogue device detection on enterprise networks Guavus Gateway Drive, Suite 250, San Mateo, CA 94404, USA Manish Goel- CEO Operational intelligence through real-time decision-making applications across business processes Page I 23

24 Hortonworks W. Bayshore Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA Rob Bearden- CEO Fully open-source Apache Hadoop data platform to run Hadoop-based applications on existing IT infrastructure HPCC Systems Alderman Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA Mark Kelsey - CEO (LexisNexis) Open-source platform alternative to Hadoop, designed to provide solutions for big data issues for enterprises Infochimps W. 6th Street, Ste 120, Austin, TX 78703, USA Jim Kaskade - CEO Cloud-based big data platform-as-a-service offering across multiple analytical environments Kognitio 260 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016, USA Steve Millard- CEO Solutions for big data analysis on an intuitive, parallel platform, and in-memory analytics for data scientists Lokad 10 rue Philippe de Champagne, Paris, France Joannès Vermorel- Founder Big data solutions such as inventory optimization for retail, ecommerce and wholesale, and consulting services MapR Technologies Zanker Road, Suite 109, San Jose, CA 95134, USA John Schroeder- Co-founder and CEO Hadoop-based development and deployment of big data analysis solutions, and easy cluster management Metamarkets nd St, Suite #230, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA Mike Driscoll- Founder & CEO Real-time big data analytics platform for digital advertising companies Metric Insights th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA Marius Moscovici- CEO Metadata aggregation and context-based data analytics built upon in-house KPI Warehouse technology NGDATA Sint-Salvatorstraat 18/303, 9000 Gent, Belgium Luc Burgelman- CEO Integrated solution to combine Big Data management platform with consumer intelligence solutions Page I 24

25 RainStor 321 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA John Bantleman- CEO Enterprise data management solutions scalable across on-premise, in the cloud and Hadoop platforms (native) ScaleMP Lemoine Ave. Suite 401, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, USA Shai Fultheim- Founder & CEO Virtualization for in-memory high-end computing ScaleOut Software NE 8th Street Suite 1775, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA Dr. William L. Bain- Founder & CEO In-memory distributed data grid solutions WebAction 575 Middlefield Road, Suite 100, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA Ali Kutay- Chairman and CEO Real-time Big Data server for processing data-in-motion Page I 25

26 Unstructured data mining CallMiner New Brittany Boulevard, Suite 200, Fort Myers, FL 33907, USA Terry Leahy- CEO Real-time speech analytics solutions Clarabridge Commerce Park Dr. Suite 500, Reston, VA 20191, USA Sid Banerjee- Co-founder & CEO Customer experience management solution including analytics of customer feedback across multiple channels ClickFox S. Colorado Blvd Tower 1, Suite 2300, Denver, CO 80222, USA Marco G. Pacelli- CEO Advanced analytics and diagnostics solutions for customer experience journeys across channels Datameer Pioneer Court, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA Stefan Groschupf - CEO Hadoop-based Big Data analytics application encapsa 822 A1A N., Suite 310, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA Nan Kreamer - CEO Platform to facilitate the storage, exchange and integration of structured and unstructured data Karmasphere Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 130, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA Gail Ennis- CEO Hadoop-based Big Data analytics solutions to offer customer insights Kooaba Förrlibuckstrass 178, Zürich, ZH 8005, Switzerland Till Quack- Co-Founder Image recognition software on mobile devices Mattersight 200 S. Wacker Dr. Suite 820, Chicago, IL 60606, USA Kelly Conway- CEO Analytics solutions to optimally route customers to the best available employee and predict outcomes Nexidia Piedmont Road NE Building Two, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA John Willcutts- CEO Audio and video content search solutions Page I 26

27 Platfora S El Camino Real, 6th Floor, San Mateo, CA 94402, USA Ben Werther- Founder & CEO Hadoop-based Big Data analytics software TEMIS TOUR MATTEI rue de Bercy 75012, Paris, France Eric Bregand- CEO Solutions to identify and extract targeted data for semantic content enhancement Page I 27

28 Databases Aerospike E Charleston Road, Suite 201 Mountain View, CA 94043, USA Joe Gottlieb- CEO Flash-optimized real-time in-memory NoSQL database Basho Technologies 700 Massachusetts Ave, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Chester Davenport- Executive Chairman Developer of distributed database software, Riak Couchbase West El Camino Real Suite 101, Mountain View, CA 94040, USA Bob Wiederhold- President and CEO Document-oriented NoSQL database technology FoundationDB 8245 Boone Blvd. Suite 340, Vienna, VA 22182, USA David Rosenthal- Co-Founder & CEO NoSQL distributed database with support for ACID transactions GridGain East Hillsdale Blvd Suite 220, Foster City, CA 94404, USA Abe Kleinfeld- CEO In-memory computing platform for real-time Big Data processing Hadapt 614 Massachusetts Ave., 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Justin Borgman- Co-founder & CEO Big Data Analytics with a unified HADOOP and SQL platform Hypertable Old Bayshore Highway, Suite 138 Burlingame CA 94010, USA Doug Judd- Founder & CEO Open-source NoSQL database storage and analysis solutions based on Google s proprietary BigTable MongoDB 229 W 43rd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10036, USA Max Schireson- CEO Open-source data management solutions through a NoSQL database Neo Technology 111 East 5th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401, USA Emil Eifrem- CEO Data management and analysis in the form of graph databases Page I 28

29 NuoDB 215 First Street, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA Barry Morris- Co-founder & CEO Geographically distributed cloud-based DBMS Sqrrl 130 Prospect St., Second Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Mark Terenzoni- CEO NoSQL database built on Apache Accumulo and Hadoop with ability to support analytics, search and graphs Starcounter Nybrokajen Stockholm, Sweden Kristoffer Lundegren- CEO In-memory NewSQL database management that can handle huge data volumes reliably and with consistency Page I 29

30 Predictive Analytics Angoss 111 George Street, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2N4, Canada Martin Galligan- CEO Predictive analytics and business intelligence software for data-driven decision making Applied Predictive Technologies com Cloud-based predictive analytics for strategic decision making 901 North Stuart Street, Suite 1000 Arlington, VA 22203, USA Anthony Bruce- CEO C Bovet Road #520 San Mateo, CA 94402, USA Michael Howard- CEO Cloud applications for Big Data analysis and data visualization to optimize revenues Opera Solutions 10 Exchange Place, 11th Floor Jersey City, New Jersey 07302, USA Arnab Gupta- CEO Predictive business intelligence and Big Data analytics Revolution Analytics W. El Camino Real, Suite 222 Mountain View, CA 94040, USA Dave Rich- CEO Predictive analytics and data visualization tools to analyze and interpret large sets of data Salford Systems Via Excelencia, Suite 208, San Diego, CA 92126, USA N/A Data mining and predictive analytics for making strategic decisions StatSoft East 14th Street, Tulsa, OK 74104, USA Dr. Paul Lewicki- CEO Analytics and data visualization software to increase productivity, streamline operations and regulatory compliance Page I 30

31 Social BI Lyzasoft th Street, Suite 2800 Denver, CO 80293, USA Scott Davis- Co-founder & CEO Data analytics for the field of social business intelligence and decision making Panorama 164 Eglinton Avenue East Suite #100, Toronto, ON M4P 1G4, Canada Eynav Azarya- CEO Advanced analytics to get relevant and insightful data for business decision making Simply Measured Elliott Ave, Suite 310, Seattle, WA 98121, USA Adam Schoenfeld- Co-founder & CEO Social media monitoring and analytics, competitive analysis and data reporting Yellowfin Level 46, 360 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Glen Rabie- Co-founder & CEO Business intelligence platform to monitor and analyze business parameters Page I 31

32 Web, Cloud, SaaS, mobile and self service BI Actian 500 Arguello Street, Suite 200 Redwood City, CA 94063, USA Steve Shine- CEO Platform for data discovery for predictive and contextual analytics Actuate 951 Mariners Island Boulevard San Mateo, CA 94404, USA Peter I. Cittadini- CEO Personalized analytics and insights Acunu 99 Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HR, UK Chris Gomersall- CEO Self-service business intelligence on real time, streaming data Arcplan Drummers Lane, Glenhardie Three, Suite 106 Wayne, PA 19087, USA Roland Hoelscher- CEO Business intelligence, analysis & planning applications Attensity East Bayshore Road Suite 195 Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA Howard Lau- Chairman & CEO Social web analytics Bilander Group 302 Mt. Bradford Way West Chester, PA USA Bob Scott- Co-founder Data analysis & reporting to support financial strength BIME 1 place Francis Ponge Montpellier, France Rachel Delacour- Co-founder & CEO Business intelligence to connect and analyze data Birst 153 Kearny St., San Francisco, CA, 94108, USA Brad Peters- Co-Founder & CEO Cloud based business intelligence solutions Bitam Plaza America Drive, Suite 2000 PMB 3A, Reston, VA E.E.U.U., USA David Abdo- CEO Business intelligence and enterprise performance management software solutions Page I 32

33 CaptainDash 86 rue de la fontaine au roi, Paris 75011, France Bruno Walther- Founder Big data analysis for marketers Celebrus Technologies Venture West New Greenham Park, Newbury, RG19 6HN, UK Simon Burton- CEO Solutions to capture, contextualize and deliver real-time data on individual behaviors across channels Connotate 120 Albany Street, Tower II, 4th Floor New Brunswick, NJ Keith Cooper- CEO Web data extraction and monitoring solutions CrownPeak W. Jefferson Blvd. Unit G Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA Jim Howard- CEO SaaS-based management and optimization solutions provider to manage web content Datawatch 271 Mill Road, Quorum Office Park Chelmsford, MA USA Michael A. Morrison- CEO Visual data discovery solution to gain insights from structured and unstructured data Domo 772 East Utah Valley Drive, American Fork, UT 84003, USA Josh James- Founder & CEO Data integration & analytics on real time basis Dundas Ferrand Drive Toronto, ON M3C 3G8, Canada Troy Marchand- Co-founder & CEO Data visualization and dashboard solutions Data integration & analysis solutions Foresight Intelligence com 7077 East Marilyn Road, Building 6 Suite 150 Scottsdale, AZ 85254, USA Dale Hanna- CEO GoodData 111 Sutter Street, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104, USA Roman Stanek- Founder & CEO Cloud-based business intelligence solution for self-service discovery Page I 33

34 Information Builders com Business intelligence, enterprise integration and data integrity solutions Two Penn Plaza, New York, NY , USA Gerald D. Cohen- CEO idashboards 900 Tower Drive, 4th Floor, Troy, Michigan 48098, USA Shadan Malik- CEO Data visualization software through dynamic dashboards to display key metrics to help decision-making Jaspersoft 350 Rhode Island St, Ste 250, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA Brian Gentile- Chairman & CEO Embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform to display timely, actionable data Jedox Bismarckallee 7a, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany Kristian Raue- Founder & CEO Excel add-in to perform business intelligence and performance management tasks within MS Excel Jinfonet Software Key West Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850, USA Bing Yao- CEO Java based data reporting solution that delivers highly customizable business intelligence Klipfolio Suite 200, 176 Gloucester St., Ottawa ON K2P 0A6, Canada Allan Wille- President, Co-founder & CEO Data visualization solutions through dashboards to aid decision-making across the organization Leftronic 459 Fulton St #204, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA Rajiv Ghanta- Co-founder & CEO Aggregates key metrics in real-time and provides easy data visualization on a dashboard Logi Analytics Westpark Drive, Suite A200 McLean, VA 22102, USA Brett Jackson- President & CEO Development platform to create entire web-based BI applications quickly and easily MeLLmo 120 S. Sierra Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA Santiago Becerra- Chairman & CEO Provides apps so employees can access company information on mobile devices and take decisions on-thego Page I 34

35 OnDemand Analysis com Cloud-based solution for viewing and analyzing data within excel 2240 N. Interstate Avenue Portland, Oregon 97227, USA Brad Coulon- Founder Pentaho Corp Citadel International, Suite Hazeltine National Dr. Orlando, FL 32822, USA Quentin Gallivan- Chairman & CEO Provides data integration, business analytics and big data solutions PivotLink Corp One Post Street Suite #825, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA Bruce Armstrong- CEO Cloud based business intelligence platform with SaaS focusing on merchandising and marketing analytics PrecisionPoint Software Abbey House, Grenville Place, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1BP, UK Michael Evans- Founder & CEO Excel-based BI solution for the ERP mid-market with web publication and distribution capability Pyramid Analytics 151 Kingfordsweg Amsterdam, 1043 GR, Netherlands Omri Kohl- Co-founder & CEO A comprehensive web-based BI dashboard with data mining, analytics and reporting capabilities QlikTech International 150 N. Radnor Chester Road Suite E120, Radnor, PA 19087, USA Lars Björk- CEO Intelligence and Analytics Platform that empowers users by driving innovative decision-making Saama Technologies 900 E Hamilton Avenue, Suite 200 Campbell, CA 95008, USA Suresh Katta- Founder & CEO Data integration and analytics solution to drive informed decision making Salient Corporation 203 Colonial Drive, Horseheads, New York 14845, USA Guy Amisano- Founder Scalable, in-memory data mining and analytics systems to measure value added with simple visualization tools SeeMoreData Suite 8005, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, VIC 3108, Australia Ferenc Mantfeld- Founder & CEO Tools for consolidated BI & reporting on interactive dashboards with graphical interfaces Page I 35

36 SiSense 36-A Hanamal St., Tel Aviv 63506, Israel Amit Bendov- CEO Self-service business intelligence solutions by connecting multiple data sources Targit Aalborgvej 94, 9800 Hjørring Denmark Morten Sandlykke- Founder & CEO Business intelligence platform offering data discovery and self-service analytics tools Think Big Analytics 520 San Antonio Road, Suite 210 Mountain View, CA 94040, USA Ron Bodkin- Founder & CEO Big Data strategy and consulting services for implementing solutions based on open-source platforms Page I 36

37 Enterprise Performance Management Adaptive Insights W. Bayshore Road, Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA John Herr- CEO Cloud-based business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions BOARD International Via Balestra 18, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland Giovanni Grossi- CEO Integrated offering for corporate performance management and business intelligence HCG Software SW Jefferson Street Suite 300 Portland, OR 97201, USA Scott Stanton- Founder & CEO Enterprise performance management and analytics solutions Host Analytics 101 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Suite 101 Redwood City, CA 94065, USA Dave Kellogg- CEO Cloud-based enterprise financial applications for planning, reporting and analytics InPhase 2-4 Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 7QE, UK Robert Hobbs- Founder & CEO Business intelligence and performance management platform Mood International 5 Innovation Close, York Science Park, York YO10 5ZF, UK George Davies- CEO Advanced software applications for enterprise management improvement Prognoz 54, Stakhanovskaya St., Perm, Russia Dmitriy Andrianov- Founder & CEO Advanced analytics and visual discovery solutions River Logic N. Central Expressway Suite 1625,Dallas, TX 75206, USA Kevin Howe- Chairman & CEO Prescriptive modeling and analytics platform Systar 171 bureaux de la Colline Saint-Cloud Cedex, France Guy Kuster- Chairman & CEO Business activity monitoring and risk management solutions Page I 37

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What will we make of this moment? 2013 IBM Annual Report

What will we make of this moment? 2013 IBM Annual Report What will we make of this moment? 2013 IBM Annual Report Dear IBM Investor: What will we make of this moment as businesses, as individuals, as societies? What will we make with a planet generating unprecedented

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At the Big Data Crossroads: turning towards a smarter travel experience. Thomas H. Davenport. Visiting Professor at Harvard Business School

At the Big Data Crossroads: turning towards a smarter travel experience. Thomas H. Davenport. Visiting Professor at Harvard Business School At the Big Data Crossroads: turning towards a smarter travel experience Thomas H. Davenport Visiting Professor at Harvard Business School Amadeus IT Group is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint.

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FEDERAL CLOUD COMPUTING STRATEGY. Vivek Kundra U.S. Chief Information Officer

FEDERAL CLOUD COMPUTING STRATEGY. Vivek Kundra U.S. Chief Information Officer FEDERAL CLOUD COMPUTING STRATEGY Vivek Kundra U.S. Chief Information Officer FEBRUARY 8, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 1 I. Unleashing the Power of Cloud 5 1. Defining cloud computing 5 2.

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An Oracle White Paper June 2013. Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise

An Oracle White Paper June 2013. Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise An Oracle White Paper June 2013 Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise Executive Summary... 2 Introduction... 3 Defining Big Data... 3 The Importance of Big Data... 4 Building a Big Data Platform... 5 Infrastructure

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Best practice in the cloud: an introduction. Using ITIL to seize the opportunities of the cloud and rise to its challenges Michael Nieves. AXELOS.

Best practice in the cloud: an introduction. Using ITIL to seize the opportunities of the cloud and rise to its challenges Michael Nieves. AXELOS. Best practice in the cloud: an introduction Using ITIL to seize the opportunities of the cloud and rise to its challenges Michael Nieves White Paper April 2014 Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 The

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How well is the life insurance industry keeping pace with rapidly changing technology?

How well is the life insurance industry keeping pace with rapidly changing technology? How well is the life insurance industry keeping pace with rapidly changing technology? London, Foreword KPMG International has prepared an executive summary of the four papers provided by the following

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Deciding with data How data-driven innovation is fuelling Australia s economic growth

Deciding with data How data-driven innovation is fuelling Australia s economic growth September 2014 Deciding with data How data-driven innovation is fuelling Australia s economic growth Contents 01 Executive summary 19 Value to be unlocked from data 02

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paper white ascent Data Analytics as a Service: unleashing the power of Cloud and Big Data Thought leadership from Atos

paper white ascent Data Analytics as a Service: unleashing the power of Cloud and Big Data Thought leadership from Atos ascent Thought leadership from Atos white paper Data Analytics as a Service: unleashing the power of Cloud and Big Data Your business technologists. Powering progress Big Data and Cloud, two of the trends

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Digital identities and the open business

Digital identities and the open business Identity and access management as a driver for business growth February 2013 Identity and access management (IAM) systems are today used by the majority of European enterprises. Many of these are still

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From Push to Pull- Emerging Models for Mobilizing Resources

From Push to Pull- Emerging Models for Mobilizing Resources From Push to Pull- Emerging Models for Mobilizing Resources John Hagel & John Seely Brown Working Paper, October 2005 This working paper represents the beginning of a major new wave of research that will

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BUILDING E-COMMERCE APPLICATIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE CHAPTER 19 Part 7: Application Development BUILDING E-COMMERCE APPLICATIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE Content Helping Customers Navigate the Web Site and Increase Sales at Campmor 19.1 Major E-Commerce Applications

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The future of technology and payments Are we living in a land of plenty?

The future of technology and payments Are we living in a land of plenty? The future of technology and payments Are we living in a land of plenty? Contents Join the conversation 3 Payments and technology 4 The land of plenty 6 The power in your hands 11 The web of interconnections

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OPEN DATA FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH OPEN DATA FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH June 25, 2014 Transport & ICT Global Practice 1 Table of Contents Acknowledgments:... 3 Summary... 4 Introduction... 4 The Size of the Potential Prize... 5 Unique Characteristics

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The Industrial Internet@Work. Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans

The Industrial Internet@Work. Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans The Industrial Internet@Work Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans Table of Contents Executive Summary The Industrial Internet Towards No Unplanned Downtime 3 Introduction A New Information and Collaboration

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Data driven What students need to succeed in a rapidly changing business world. February 2015

Data driven What students need to succeed in a rapidly changing business world. February 2015 Data driven What students need to succeed in a rapidly changing business world February 2015 Contents Abstract 1 The changing business world 2 A world in flux 2 CEOs are bracing for change 3 How data

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THE TRUTH ABOUT TRIPLESTORES The Top 8 Things You Need to Know When Considering a Triplestore

THE TRUTH ABOUT TRIPLESTORES The Top 8 Things You Need to Know When Considering a Triplestore TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 3 The Importance of Triplestores... 4 Why Triplestores... 5 The Top 8 Things You Should Know When Considering a Triplestore... 9 Inferencing... 9 Integration with Text

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Technology that matters Harnessing the technology wave in banking

Technology that matters Harnessing the technology wave in banking Technology that matters Harnessing the technology wave in banking Using new technology to reshape your bank for the future Up to two thirds of the profitability uplift required to be a high performer of

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Insurance 2020: The digital prize Taking customer connection to a new level

Insurance 2020: The digital prize Taking customer connection to a new level Non-life insurers are being left behind by the rapid changes in customer expectations. How can digital innovation help them to engage more closely with customers and what untapped commercial opportunities

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Achieving Intel Transformation through IT Innovation

Achieving Intel Transformation through IT Innovation IT@Intel Achieving Intel Transformation through IT Innovation 2014 2015 Intel IT Business Review Annual Edition The Transformative Power of Innovation Kim Stevenson Intel Chief Information Officer Contents

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The Connected World. Digital Sweden. How consumers are setting the pace and creating opportunities for businesses

The Connected World. Digital Sweden. How consumers are setting the pace and creating opportunities for businesses The Connected World Digital Sweden How consumers are setting the pace and creating opportunities for businesses The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world s

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Plug Into The Cloud. with Oracle Database 12c ORACLE WHITE PAPER DECEMBER 2014

Plug Into The Cloud. with Oracle Database 12c ORACLE WHITE PAPER DECEMBER 2014 Plug Into The Cloud with Oracle Database 12c ORACLE WHITE PAPER DECEMBER 2014 Disclaimer The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only,

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Operational Intelligence: What It Is and Why You Need It Now

Operational Intelligence: What It Is and Why You Need It Now April 2013 Operational Intelligence: What It Is and Why You Need It Now Sponsored by Splunk Contents Introduction 1 What Is Operational Intelligence? 1 Trends Driving the Need for Operational Intelligence

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High Performers in IT: Defined by Digital. Insights from Accenture s fourth High Performance IT research. consulting technology outsourcing

High Performers in IT: Defined by Digital. Insights from Accenture s fourth High Performance IT research. consulting technology outsourcing High Performers in IT: Defined by Digital Insights from Accenture s fourth High Performance IT research consulting technology outsourcing CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 INSIGHTS 01 It really is all about the

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The Forrester Wave : Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q2 2015

The Forrester Wave : Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q2 2015 For: Application Development & Delivery Professionals The Forrester Wave : Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q2 2015 by Mike Gualtieri and Rowan Curran, April 1, 2015 Updated: April 1, 2015 Key

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