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1 FORGING TECHNOLOGY Plants and processes for enhanced quality and efficiency

2 SMS GROUP Leaders in plant construction and machine engineering The SMS group unites global players in the construction of plants and machines for the processing of steel and NF metals, operating under the roof of SMS Holding GmbH. It consists of the two business areas, SMS Siemag and SMS Meer, as well as industrial participations. SMS Holding GmbH is responsible for strategic planning and control. The sole owner of the SMS group is Siemag Weiss GmbH & Co. KG, the holding of the Weiss entrepreneurial family. FAMILY-OWNED AND WORLDWIDE PRESENT As a family-owned company, the SMS group has built on solid values and a culture of responsibility for four generations. It holds a strong market position, while its decentralised structure ensures a fast and efficient response to individual customer demands. The SMS group combines the flexibility of company units that operate as medium-sized enterprises with the broad resources of an internationally active company all to the benefit of the business partners. The decentralised corporate culture ensures that not only the individual units, but also the employees always think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. 2 BUILDING ON A STRONG BASIS A long-term view, careful financial management, the focus on values, plus an understanding of the cycles of the machine and plant construction market have guided the group s strategic planning for decades. Also high on the agenda are investments in the areas of energy and environment technology, service and modernisation of plants as well as on-the-job training and qualification of core employees. On this basis, the SMS group creates tailor-made plant solutions which enable its business partners to keep well ahead of the competition.

3 SMS MEER BUSINESS AREA The SMS Meer Business Area bundles its activities in the fields of steelmaking plants and continuous casting technology (long products), tube plants, long product rolling mills, forging technology, nonferrous metals plants, heat treatment technology and service. Starting with advisory services, followed by implementation and commissioning, and finally modernisations the employees of the business area always combine their specialist knowledge with approachability and flexibility. TOP QUALITY The innovative solutions provide our customers with measurable benefits in their challenging markets. Whether steel for automotive parts, pipelines, heavy structural profiles, wheels for high-speed trains or aluminium for façade structures: the machines and plants tailored by the SMS Meer Business Area ensure the cost-efficient and flawless production of the necessary components. INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS The SMS Meer Business Area concentrates the competence of globally successful specialist firms under one roof to create a unique, full range of supplies and services for metal processing and associated fields. In doing so, the employees focus consistently on the needs of their business partners. They find individual solutions and fulfil the plant operators expectations, both flexibly and reliably. This is verified by 17,000 successful reference projects the world over in the last 50 years alone. 3

4 FROM MASS PRODUCTION TO KEY TECHNOLOGY Benefits of press and forging competence Forge and press products make the world go round. Whether it s titanium turbine blades for jet engines, heavy-duty drive and axle components for motor vehicles, extruded sections for automotive, aircraft or railway applications or the construction industry, whether it s huge anti-friction bearings for wind turbines or precision gears for motors such demanding products have been manufactured on SMS Meer presses and forging machines for decades. PERFORMANCE UP CONSUMPTION DOWN With its press and forging range, SMS Meer provides customers with both innovative and sophisticated pro- 4 cesses. The forming capacity of the machines is constantly being extended using new, optimised technologies. At the same time, the experts for forging technology are continuously reducing the energy and material consumption. Plant owners are able to process new materials and create new products thanks to the higher forging forces, or cost-effectively increase their plant s productivity through higher stroke rates. What s more, they save themselves costly, labourintensive post-machining processes thanks to higher precision forming, such as near-net-shape. SMS Meer offers fully automated forging plants and press lines. The comprehensive process and material

5 COST BENEFIT THROUGH INDUCTION HEATING SMS Meer develops tailored solutions that satisfy even the plant owners most complex demands. In doing so, the forging experts from SMS Meer cooperate closely with other divisions for example with SMS Elotherm, the market leader for induction heating plants for forging. SMS Elotherm has developed the ForgeLine product range for forging plants. It contains the right machine for practically any product and any desired capacity. The plants have a modular design so that individual demands on the configuration can be efficiently satisfied at any time. izone is the proven technology from SMS Elotherm for both increasing plant efficiency and reducing production unit costs particularly with small throughputs. know-how from decades of experience forms the basis for the intelligent control systems for implementing modern forging technologies. CONSISTENTLY DESIGNED FOR THE TARGET MARKET Together with the machine owners, SMS Meer develops machine and plant concepts tailored exactly to meet the market demands. The employees have extensive know-how of the forming processes and metallurgical properties. The business partners define the goal, and SMS Meer delivers the right plant solution. Users can therefore be satisfied with the machines and plants from SMS Meer for many years to come. Last but not least because the SMS Meer staff provide them with comprehensive support even after commissioning a whole plant life long. SMS Meer looks for close dialogue with the plant owners in order to fully meet all individual demands. Machines and plants from SMS Meer are in operation worldwide the employees likewise. There is always someone at hand for you to consult and to support you. Comprehensive advice, reliable support during plant operation and working together on improvements are just a few examples of the broad range of services offered. 5

6 POWERFUL, PRECISE, EFFICIENT Open-die and radial forging Sophisticated parts such as shafts for ship engines and power station turbines or railway axles are produced on open-die forging presses and radial forging machines. SMS Meer offers individual, highperformance forging solutions for a large number of fields of application. To date SMS Meer has sold a total of around 1,500 open-die forging presses and radial forging machines worldwide and is one of the market leaders in this segment. OPEN-DIE FORGING: FULL CONTROL HUGE FORCES The press forces of the open-die forging presses built by SMS Meer can be well in excess of 100 MN. The pass schedules for the forging process are provided by the ForgeBase technology system with its vast material databases. The open-loop and closed-loop control circuits ensure precise coordination of the manipulator movements and press strokes. Plants from SMS Meer are designed together with the customer so that they meet demanding certification standards, such as for power engineering. RADIAL FORGING: SETTING STANDARDS IN PRECISION AND QUALITY With its hydraulic radial forging machines, SMS Meer offers a machine type characterised by high productivity and forging precision. The radial forging machines comprise a highly rigid press frame in which four hydraulic cylinders with corresponding tools are arranged in an X shape. The main advantage of radial forging machines is that the workpiece is enclosed by four forging dies and is therefore only able to yield axially, thereby avoiding any lateral spread. Radial forging machines are particularly suitable for bars, shafts, axles and thick-walled tubes. 6 MANIPULATORS: HIGH CARRYING CAPACITY FOR HEAVY WORKPIECES The rail-bound forging manipulators from SMS Meer move weight of several hundred tonnes reliably and precisely. The manipulators position the workpiece between the press tools. They are driven oil-hydraulically and are controlled electronically. A precise interaction of press and manipulator is crucial for the forging result. The movements of the press and manipulator are controlled and coordinated from the control desk using a computer-aided system. To increase productivity, two forging manipulators can be used that SMS Meer synchronises completely with the press. The hot workpiece is thus forged over its complete length. FIELDS OF APPLICATION Large individual components such as shafts for ship propulsion systems or power station turbines Heavy-duty parts for modern power plants Axles for high-speed trains Offshore pipes for extreme environmental conditions Flawless and reliable components for aerospace applications

7 HIGH LEVELS OF PRECISION, FLEXIBILITY AND QUALITY Vítkovice Hammering (Czech Republic) forges long and flat products, tubes and cranked shafts using an SMX hydraulic radial forging machine. The machine from SMS Meer ensures precise forming and a homogeneous, fine-grained microstructure. The complete forging process runs fully automatically. The SMX 800/18 MN is powerful, precise and flexible. Vítkovice Hammering exploits the full performance spectrum of the plant: the company produces, for example, special pipes of high-alloy steels or with particularly large wall thicknesses and is thus successful also in profitable niche markets. 7

8 HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR KEY INDUSTRIES Closed-die forging Whether for turbine blades for power stations and aircraft, connecting rods, stub axles or crankshafts for the car industry or for commercial vehicles: SMS Meer offers reliable closed-die forging plants for mass products and for high-tech applications. 3,100 reference plants worldwide reflect the company s experience and competence. RELYING ON TOP PERFORMANCE The machines with well-known names such as Eumuco and Hasenclever have stood for top performance worldwide for more than 50 years. The know-how and technology of these traditional brands is bundled today in SMS Meer s Closed Die Forging business area and the business partners can still benefit today from the good product quality and high machine availability. The SMS Meer portfolio includes all the main presses for closed die forging, including the necessary upline and downline facilities. With automation and transport equipment such as walking beam systems, spraying units or programmable robots, SMS Meer links the individual machines to create fully automated lines. ECCENTRIC PRESSES: FLEXIBLE AND PRODUCTIVE Thanks to their automation, the quick tool changing and the simple manual operating possibilities, eccentric presses from SMS Meer can be used for practically all forging applications. The high stroke rate makes them very productive and the ram quick adjustment system allows the forged part thickness to be corrected without interrupting production. With the EcoPress series, SMS Meer has developed a modular concept for eccentric presses and accessory equipment. Plant owners benefit from this through considerably reduced investment costs, shorter delivery times and faster commissioning. 8 SCREW PRESSES: HIGH FORMING ENERGY AND PRECISION Screw presses with electrical direct drive or continuously rotating flywheel are characterised by high forming energy and high forging precision. Models with flywheel can achieve maximum press forces of up to 355 MN. This screw press concept from SMS Meer enables extremely short pressure dwell times. WEDGE PRESSES: IMPROVED LOAD CAPABILITY The wedge presses are designed for longitudinal forged parts. Thanks to the special wedge drive, the off-centre load capability in both the forward and backward direction is increased. SMS Meer presses can apply the full nominal force to several adjacent dies. FIELDS OF APPLICATION Safety-relevant components for motor vehicles, aircraft and machines, for example: Crankshafts Connecting rods Gear wheels Tie rod ends Steering and transmission parts Turbine discs and blades

9 A STEP AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION More than on time: the world s strongest clutch-operated screw press was erected by the SMS Meer employees in cooperation with their Chinese customer, Wuxi Turbine Blade (WTB), three months ahead of schedule. The plant impresses with 35,500 t press force, a screw diameter of 1,320 mm and outstanding energy efficiency. This enables Wuxi to forge significantly more sophisticated parts than to date for its customers from the aerospace and power generation industries and to meet their growing demands. WTB and SMS Meer have been working together successfully since

10 AUTOMATION FOR IMPROVED QUALITY Whether for turbines, aircraft or machines roller bearing rings today have to satisfy enormous demands in terms of precision and load-bearing strength. The Swedish company OVAKO Tube & Ring located in the industrial town of Hofors is one of the leading manufacturers of profiled rings for the roller bearing industry and has relied on ring rolling plants from SMS Meer for many years. In April 2010, OVAKO commissioned a new RiWa 2000/80 ring rolling machine. It is the world s largest fully automated line in which industrial robots transport and position the workpieces. The largest robot types available on the market today are in operation here. We have equipped them with special grippers for their application, says Robert Düser from the Forging Technology business unit at SMS Meer. 10

11 COST-EFFECTIVE, STRONG, FAST Ring and wheel rolling Rings and wheels, large and small these are the pivot points of progress. With a very wide range of different profiles and made from different materials, they ensure that everything stays in motion, or that pipelines and tanks can withstand enormously high pressures. SMS Meer offers tailor-made solutions for demanding markets in the field of ring and wheel production. The portfolio extends from individual machines such as ring blank presses, rolling machines and ring expanders to complete plants. BENEFITING FROM EXPERIENCE SMS Meer can draw on more than 150 years of experience in ring and wheel rolling, with expertise going back to the Wagner Maschinenfabrik and to the Keller & Banning Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei. These two pioneering companies were founded in the second half of the 19th century and later acquired by SMS. Today SMS Meer s ring and wheel rolling activities stand for innovative technology, precision and consistently high quality. More than 550 ring rolling machines, over 100 complete plants and satisfied business partners all over the world underline the company s leading position. AXIAL CLOSED-DIE ROLLING: REDUCED MATERIAL COSTS Axial closed-die rolling machines from SMS Meer are used, for example, for the production of axle drive wheels. Compared with the traditional closed-die forging process on mechanical presses, manufacturers save up to 30% of the material costs with the integrated plant solutions. WHEEL ROLLING: RUNNING ON HIGH QUALITY Wheel rolling machines produce solid wheels and wheel discs for high-speed trains, locomotives, railway carriages, trams and underground trains. Thanks to their special design and SMS Meer s globally tested technology, the machines are especially precise and efficient in operation. FIELDS OF APPLICATION Ring diameters from 100 mm to over 10,000 mm Complete wheels and solid tyres for RING ROLLING: FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION PROCESSES Ring rolling machines can produce rings with rectangular cross-sections and numerous inside and outside profiles. The ring blanks required for production of the rings are first manufactured on specialised ring blank presses. Plastic deformation of the ring to the precise dimensions then takes place in the ring expander. The control system automatically records the resulting spring-back and compensates it with the expansion stroke. the rail industry 11

12 FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLEX SINTERED PARTS Powder presses SMS Meer then under the name Mannesmann Pulvermetallurgie has been active in the fields of press technology and powder metallurgy since the 1950s and is market and technology leader in this sector even today with numerous advanced technologies. Continuously improved processes offer flexible and future-proof solutions for the production of complex sintered parts in near-net-shape technology. The parts are used predominantly in the automotive industry where the demands on precision and costeffectiveness are particularly high. formly over all the punches. These can be moved up or down independently of one another. Stem elongation is thus compensated and the force is relieved. The CNC system provides all the operating data necessary for the compaction process. For quality assurance the sensors monitor the setpoints and actual values and record all the process data. THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE PRESS CONCEPTS FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF DEMANDS SMS Meer offers a variety of press concepts and hence the right plant for practically every application. The product range includes hydraulic CNC powder presses, CNC hybrid presses, (CHP Controlled Hybrid Press) and mechanical presses. Plant owners can choose from different press types and press forces from 600 kn to 25,000 kn. CNC presses are designed in compact form as fourcolumn presses for precise and high-speed operation. The heart of the CNC powder presses is the controlled punch adapter (CPA) developed and patented by SMS Meer. Up to 12 axes allow even complex sintered parts to be produced very flexibly. RELIABILITY OVER THE WHOLE PRESS CYCLE To ensure high precision and consistently good product quality, positioning is ensured under hydraulic CNC control over the whole press cycle and particularly in the compacting position. This gentle operating process guarantees above-average reliability of the presses. Controlled proportional transfer and compacting speeds distribute the applied force uni- 12 Precise, high-quality compacted parts Near-net-shape thanks to patented CPA technology No cracking thanks to hydraulic CNC axes Uniform density thanks to proportional powder transfer and compacting speeds Complex geometries with high repetition accuracy Product change in less than 20 minutes Fully automated process and quality control Energy saving thanks to new hydraulic concepts

13 NEW SOLUTIONS FOR NEW DEMANDS Powder presses produce predominantly components for the automotive industry. Not so at Global Tungsten & Powders (GTP). For this U.S. based company, SMS Meer adapted its technology to a completely new application in a very short period of time: with its HPM 1600 E5i, GTP manufactures components for fuel cells. SMS Meer has helped us to develop a new market in the field of green technology. Success in this market requires a combination of technology and efficiency and that is what we have found at SMS Meer, says Mike Cuddy, Procurement Manager, GTP. The HPM 1600 E5i impresses with its precision, speed and high process stability. The optimised hydraulics guarantee minimum energy consumption. That is what SMS Meer understands as customer orientation. 13

14 FULL-LINE PROVIDER FOR LIGHT ALLOYS AND HEAVY METALS Extrusion presses SMS Meer is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer all extrusion processes for all materials and alloys, including the associated ancillary equipment and automation systems. More than 1,400 reference plants worldwide bear witness to the company s experience and comprehensive competence. LIGHT ALLOY PRESSES: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Light metal extrusion presses from SMS Meer are used to produce profiles and tubes from aluminium and aluminium alloys for the automotive and aerospace industry as well as the construction industry. A special feature is the front loader design further developed by SMS Meer. The advanced extrusion technology has established itself worldwide. Its benefits: high productivity and availability as well as excellent profile quality. These modern light alloy extrusion presses impress with their high billet charge weights and maximised billet lengths. In addition to direct extrusion presses, SMS Meer also offers indirect extrusion presses and tube extrusion presses for special applications and aluminium alloys. batch sizes for copper products. Indirect extrusion is suitable for producing wire rods, bars and sections of brass and special brass. The heavy metal extrusion technology is used for special extrusion presses for extruding zirconium, silver or gold alloys and for the extrusion of titanium. High-alloy special steels, too, are extruded to produce sections and seamless tubes for applications in the offshore, power plant construction and chemical industries. SMS Meer extrusion presses are perfectly rounded off by intelligent control systems developed in-house with sophisticated man-machine interface, tool management, billet reports, production control computer interface and practical technology software. THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE HEAVY METAL PRESSES: FOR A BROAD RANGE OF PRODUCTS The heavy metal extrusion presses from SMS Meer are used for producing sections, bars, strip, wire rod, tubes and hollow sections from copper and copper alloys for application in the construction, automotive, valve and fittings, installation and electrical industries. Direct and indirect extrusion are also available here as process technologies. Direct extrusion is the preferred solution where there is a varied product mix and small 14 Extrusion processes for all materials and alloys Reproducible high product quality Optimised material utilisation Effective energy saving High productivity Stable process control

15 ECO-FRIENDLY EFFICIENCY AND HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY HMT Höfer Metall Technik in Hettstedt operates a HybrEx25 extrusion press with a nominal press force of 25 MN supplied by SMS Meer. HMT is the first company worldwide to change over to the new extrusion press generation and benefits in numerous ways at the same time: from up to 20 percent higher productivity, lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs. The hybrid drive concept makes it possible: many of the press movements are now performed by electric servo motors and no longer hydraulically. That saves up to 55 percent in energy consumption as well as reducing the dead cycle times. The machines and plants from SMS Meer utilise the resources very efficiently. That is sustainable, saves costs and is good for the environment that convinced us, says Ursula Couvreux, Managing Director at HMT. 15

16 RELIABLE RELIEF OF INTRINSIC STRESSES Sheet and plate stretchers Sheet and plate stretchers from SMS Meer are used to straighten and strain harden rolled and milled sheets and plates of aluminium alloys. They are used among other things in the aerospace industry and wherever material with low intrinsic stresses are called for. In order to equalise the mechanical stresses in the plate, it is stretched by a few percent and the stresses thus relieved. With large dimensions, enormous forces are required for this. Machines with up to 136 MN are already in operation. RELIABLE STRETCHING THANKS TO PATENTED CLAMPING SYSTEMS The modern plate stretchers from SMS Meer employ a patented wedge-shaped clamping system. The plate-type clamping head and the bending box are reliably fixed together. This reliably prevents damage to the plate. The sheet and plate stretchers are tailored specifically to the needs of the plant owners. They can be designed for small, medium and large stretching forces. The machines are equipped with automatic transport and measuring systems and with effective shock damping facilities. THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Plants with stretching forces from 12 MN to 136 MN in operation Safe stretching process thanks to patented wedge-shaped clamping systems Shock damping facilities for gentle force relief in the event of a plate fracture and for fast recommissioning of the plant Measuring devices for position and speed monitoring 16

17 EFFICIENCY MEETS GOOD SURFACE QUALITY Ingot scalpers and band saws The particularly rigid design of the ingot scalpers from SMS Meer allow plant owners to achieve very good surface qualities in the μm range even with hard aluminium alloys. They also profit from edge millers with minimum dressing scrap in the hot rolling shop and less contamination of the work rolls. Whether for vertical, horizontal or combined milling: SMS Meer offers the right machine to meet the different milling applications, dimensions and power rating including electrical equipment, automation and measuring and control engineering. BAND SAWS: HIGH PERFORMANCE AT LOWER COSTS SMS Meer builds heavy band saw plants for the processing of aluminium rolled billets. They operate as stand-alone units or in combination with ingot scalpers. SMS Meer equips all its band saws with saw blades from leading manufacturers. The machines are particularly flexible. They can handle different ingot dimensions, have high infeed rates and up to 90 percent lower cutting losses by comparison with conventional machines. Efficient machine tool drives save energy. The sawing machines are available as single or double saw types. THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Proven, heavy-duty construction with high precision Quality precision bearings Durable, maintenance-free machine bed guides Very efficient chip extraction Quick-change system for the cutting tool High surface quality Automatic process control Quick, automatic adjustment Automatic infeed control Automatic ingot measurement 17

18 IN SUCCESSFUL OPERATION WORLDWIDE Selected references since 2007 OPEN-DIE FORGING PRESSES 1 SPP Yulchon Energy, Korea 2 Qiqihar North Forging Steel, China 3 Metallurgical Plant Electrostal, Russia 4 Baoshan Iron & Steel, China 5 ATI Allvac, USA 6 Buderus Edelstahl, Germany 7 Saarstahl, Germany 8 Uddeholm Tooling, Sweden 9 VSMPO, Russia 10 Dongbei Special Steel Group, China 11 Korea Iron & Steel, Korea 100 / 120 MN 60 / 70 MN 16 MN 55 / 60 MN 72 / 90 MN 80 / 100 MN 100 / 120 MN 25 / 30 MN 40 MN 80 / 100 MN 80 / 100 MN RAIL-BOUND FORGING MANIPULATORS 1 Vítkovice Forge, Czech Republic 160 t / 400 mt 2 Fomas, Italy 120 t / 350 mt 3 SDF Terni, Italy 250 t / 700 mt 4 Korea Iron & Steel, Korea 100 t / 250 mt 5 China First Heavy Industries, China 250 t / 630 mt 6 Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant, China 250 t / 630 mt 7 Fomas, Italy 100 t / 250 mt HYDRAULIC RADIAL FORGING MACHINES 1 Carpenter Technology, USA SMX 1100 / 22 MN 2 Electrostal, Russia SMX 600 / 12 MN 3 Hubei Xinyegang Steel, China SMX 800 / 16 MN 4 Vítkovice Hammering, Czech Republic SMX 800 / 18 MN 5 Wuhu Xin Xing Ductile Pipes, China SMX 700 / 13 MN 6 Dongbei Special Steel Group, China SMX 800 / 16 MN 7 Universal Stainless, USA SMX 700 / 13 MN 8 Jiangsu Tiangong, China SMX 700 / 13 MN 9 S Tech, Taiwan SMX 600 / 12 MN 10 Top Eastern, China SMX 200 / 2,75 MN 11 Not named, Japan SMI 430 / 8 MN RING AND WHEEL ROLLING MACHINES AND PLANTS 1 Forgiatura Morandini, Italy RAW 2500 / / 3500 ring rolling machine 2 ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde, Germany RAW 200 / / 630 ring rolling machine 3 McInnes Rolled Rings, USA RAW 160 / / 630 ring rolling machine 4 Frisa Forjados, Mexico RiWa 8000 / 500 ring rolling plant 5 Ovako Tube & Ring, Sweden RiWa 2000 / 80 ring rolling plant 6 European Bearing Company, Russia RiWa 1600 / 32 ring rolling plant 7 Taiyuan Heavy Industry, China ERWA 5000 / / 1250 / 5000 wheel rolling plant 8 Lucchini RS, Italy ERWA 9000 / 1350 / 5000 wheel rolling plant 9 Johann Hay, Germany Awa 16 / 125 axial closed-die rolling plant 10 Euskal Forging, Spain Modernisation of the RAW 400 / 200 ring rolling machine 18 7

19 CLOSED-DIE FORGING PRESSES 1 Bharat Forge Aluminium, Germany 2 Liaoyuang Fangda, China 3 Ramkrishna Forgings, India 4 Hirschvogel, China / Germany 5 Dongfeng Nissan, China 6 Shaanxi Fast Gear, China 7 WHB, Brazil 8 Wuxi Turbine Blade, China 9 CNHTC, China 10 Berco, Italy MP 4000 S eccentric forging press ARWS 2 forging roll KP wedge press KP wedge press RWW 3 forging roll HVP 2000 hydraulic press MP 3150 eccentric forging press AMP 3500 eccentric forging press AEP 2500 eccentric forging press AKP 2500 wedge press ARWS 1 forging roll AMP 5000, 2 eccentric forging presses AMP 3500 eccentric forging press AEP 2500 eccentric forging press SPKA screw press KP wedge press MP 8000 eccentric forging press AMP 3500 eccentric forging press EXTRUSION PRESSES 1 Al Taiseer, Saudi Arabia 27 MN short-stroke press 2 SAPA Profiles, Hungary 35 MN short-stroke press 3 Whitehall Aluminium, USA Complete plant with 24 MN short-stroke press 4 Jilin Liyuan Aluminium, China 160 MN short-stroke press 5 Constellium Singen, Germany 44 MN short-stroke press 6 Shandong Nanshan, China 150 MN short-stroke press 7 Otto Fuchs, Germany 55 MN direct tube and extrusion press 8 Eduard Hueck, Germany 27 MN short-stroke press 9 Baosteel, China Complete plant 60 MN extrusion press 10 Wieland Werke, Germany 68 MN direct/indirect press POWDER PRESSES 1 Schunk Sintermetalltechnik, Germany HPM 250 LE5 2 Global Tungsten & Powders, USA HPM 1600 E5-i 3 GKN Emporium, USA HPM 500 E2 19

20 SERVICE Taking care of everything MEERcare, MEERcoach, MEERconsult The employees at SMS Meer do everything to ensure that customers are satisfied with the company s machines and plants for many years. The SMS Meer Service experts continue to look after them even after commissioning a whole plant life long. With MEERcare, MEERcoach and MEERconsult, SMS Meer offers services for machines, people and processes. MEERcare Spare Parts Service MEERcoach Training & Coaching MEERconsult Consulting & Implementation Maintenance Modernization Field Service Spare Parts Equipment Check Mechanical Components Repairs Assessment Fact Finding Audits eservice Condition Monitoring Hydraulic Systems Trouble Shooting Standardised Trainings Feasibility Studies Spare Parts Management Maintenance Service Electrical Control Systems 24/7 Support Individual Training ecoplants Assessment Warehousing Remote Service Automation Equipment elearning Strategies & Concepts Change Management Value Added Components Full Service These services cover three specific areas: With MEERcare, SMS Meer offers tailored service solutions from spare parts, through emergency calls at short notice, regular maintenance measures through to comprehensive modernisation measures. MEERcoach focuses on the people: The SMS Meer Service experts share their know-how with the customers and provide on-site support for the ongoing production. The MEERconsult specialists analyse processes in preparation for their optimisation. THE RIGHT PARTS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME The right spare parts have to be available at all times so that production doesn t come to a standstill. At the same time, capital tie-up and storage costs have to be kept low. That is why SMS Meer delivers spare and wear parts for all machines quickly and reliably. 20 A web-based, machine-specific parts catalogue makes the ordering process even easier. On request, SMS Meer also takes care of the whole spare part and stock management. The differing parts stocking concepts are always geared to the customers individual needs.

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DISCOVERY. Co-manufactured Solutions The best of both worlds. LVD s Global Perspective. Sheet Metalworking, Our Passion, Your Solution

DISCOVERY. Co-manufactured Solutions The best of both worlds. LVD s Global Perspective. Sheet Metalworking, Our Passion, Your Solution LVD s Global Perspective DISCOVERY ISSUE Number 12 Co-manufactured Solutions The best of both worlds Pullmax Series: A more comprehensive punch press range Improving the user experience Belgium s WAAK

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SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2013 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2013 CONTENTS 2 A year in the sustainability business OUR APPROACH 6 What is Outotec 8 CEO s message 10 Megatrends giving us tailwind 12 Megatrends, risks and opportunities 14 Strategy

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Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2011 31.12.2011 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 *

Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2011 31.12.2011 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 * Annual Report 211 Profile Delticom is Europe s leading online tyre retailer. Founded in 1999, the Hanover-based company has more than 1 online shops in 41 countries, among others the ReifenDirekt domains

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WWW.SIEMENS.COM/AR/COMBINED- MANAGEMENT-REPORT In our Combined Management Report, we analyze our business activities in the reporting year as well as the current state of Siemens worldwide and Siemens AG. Starting from a description of our business,

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Annual Report 2007/08. Technological and global market leader in metalforming technology

Annual Report 2007/08. Technological and global market leader in metalforming technology Annual Report 2007/08 Technological and global market leader in metalforming technology Cover: Cookers and cooktops are manufactured on the 800 t platform press Contents Letter to the shareholders... 2

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O U T O K U M P U A N N U A L R E P O R T Annual Report 2004 Contents outokumpu 2004 2 Vision and strategic direction 4 Outokumpu business operations and market position 6 Statement by CEO Rantanen 8 Interview with Juusela and Virrankoski 10

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Customer Value through Innovation

Customer Value through Innovation Customer Value through Innovation Financial report 2010 NORMA Group GmbH Group Management Report for Fiscal Year 2010 of NORMA Group GmbH, Maintal/Germany Overview 2 Business and environment 4 - Economic

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Vision 2020. DOCDATA N.V. Vision 2020 1

Vision 2020. DOCDATA N.V. Vision 2020 1 Vision 2020 DOCDATA N.V. Vision 2020 1 A record year for DOCDATA N.V. thanks to our loyal clients and employees. DOCDATA N.V. Vision 2020 2 Foreword by CEO 2013 has been a record year for our company,

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Extra design for manufacture tools

Extra design for manufacture tools ISSUE 3 2013 PowerSHAPE 2014 includes new design for manufacture tools Full details, including video demonstrations of the new functionality and the option to download an evaluation version, are on

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