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1 Value of Affiliate Data Whitepaper 2014

2 Contents Introduction...2 Overview of the UK Affiliate Channel...5 How Advertisers Currently Use Data...7 User Profiling...8 Point of Sale...10 Affiliate Data and The Marketing Mix...10 Affiliate Data Futures...11 Omni Channel...12 Customer Journey and Attribution...14

3 Introduction The buzz and interest around Big Data is clearly driven by the unprecedented quantities of data collected from continuous contact that consumers have with brands, retailers and service providers. For marketers looking to target ever more relevant and accurate messages the challenge is how to analyse and apply these data points to optimise engagement, spend and ROI. The affiliate channel provides a source of valuable marketing data that delivers both customer behaviour insights and live sales data that is simply unavailable from any other source. Used strategically, affiliate data helps to understand everything from consumer profiles and their behaviours to timing, geographies and preferences for optimising ROI and user experiences. The performance marketing channel is a complex network of multiple online strands feeding into the overarching marketing strategies of all advertisers. This white paper highlights the value of the data captured within this diverse channel and how it can benefit all channels within the marketing mix. Throughout, we take a top level look at the importance of affiliate data and drill down further into its true and incremental value to advertisers and publishers. Similarly we investigate the value of data collected across the many user journey touch points to expose its practical use outside the typical affiliate channel. Scope of this White Paper This document has been produced by members of the IAB s Affiliate Marketing Council and is the first whitepaper to explore the wider value of affiliate data. Information, case studies and interviews with various experts have been gathered from a collection of industry sources (including IAB surveys and key networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers). It is an introduction to the subject and designed to alert marketers to the value of affiliate data, examines the types of data collected by various parties across the channel to give insights into; Understanding touch points and user journeys Attribution and incrementality Brand awareness Practical uses of affiliate data Clicks to bricks and the emerging omni-channel marketing approach Summary What becomes increasingly clear when focusing on affiliate data is that its true value sits at an aggregate level. This is where marketers can really profit from joining their data sources together. While affiliate data provides valuable insights unavailable from other sources the affiliate channel is after all a hybrid of advertising and ecommerce activities. Its true value will only be unlocked when it is used to bridge data sources across advertising and ecommerce activities to provide a holistic view of consumer patterns and behaviour right through the funnel from awareness to purchase. Armed with correctly positioned affiliate channel data, the potential for advertisers and marketers is a valuable key to set high level digital strategies that produce competitive advantage and ROI. 1

4 Data is an integral part of the affiliate industry and I can only see its value increasing. With publishers starting to realise the power of their data, there is greater opportunity for advertisers like Argos, who are keen to harness these consumer insights across marketing campaigns. While it is, of course, important for the data to be used responsibly, integrating data into campaigns can result in greatly improved campaign efficiencies. What s more, access to customer insight enables advertisers to be much more flexible in how campaigns are designed to meet specific objectives (for example, in individual categories), such as increasing average order value or conversion rate. Advertisers now have the means to create a seamless customer experience with tailored messages which can be communicated throughout the customer journey. Data and insight provide a level of personalisation which helps brands build one-to-one relationships with customers, at a scale which was not previously possible. The importance and availability of usable affiliate data will continue to grow, as both advertisers and publishers become more sophisticated in their approach of how to use the information. Attribution modelling is becoming a reality rather than an ideal, giving advertisers the ability to join up the customer purchase journey across their online marketing channels. It s this insight which is changing the performance marketing landscape and helping marketers to integrate all marketing channels to provide a holistic customer view. Ed Lovelock Performance Marketing Manager, Argos 2

5 Overview of the UK Affi liate Channel The UK Affi liate Industry, the principal Online Performance Marketing model as defi ned in the PwC IAB UK Online Performance Marketing Study (OPM*) is a pure digital marketing and advertising channel. It was born in the internet age during which time it has developed in its sophistication and complexity to provide advertisers with an extraordinary range of campaign options and publishers with multiple revenue stream opportunities that don t rely on paid media placement. The Affi liate Model The channel is really a business model. Put simply it uses advertising and links within publisher content to connect customers with brands, services and products, and the publisher is paid a percentage of the value of the resulting sale. The dominant payment model is CPA (cost per acquisition or action) and as well as fuelling conventional content sites with alternative revenue streams, the affi liate model has spawned innovative new publishing models such as cashback, comparison and vouchercode sites as consumers increasingly control their own research and shopping journeys. Consumers click on an ad or link on a publisher s site. Affiliate technology tracks visits to rewards publishers when a transaction is clickandlink BUY PAY RECEIVE post Affiliate tracking technology collects data across multiple visits. Typically, an affiliate tracking code can last 30 days Tracking designed to deliver publishers with revenue aggregates significant consumer journey data points Publisher website Adds a cookie to browser... Business data % Advertiser website... Advertiser exchanges purchase data with publisher Typically an affiliate network or affiliate tracking platform provides advertisers and publishers with the technology to manage this level of tracking. It s also possible to include pre- and post-transaction data to produce more comprehensive consumer insights. Despite the volume of data tracked through the affi liate channel, the full extent of the data tracked by affi liates, networks and agencies is rarely realised outside of the channel itself, as it overlaps to a much bigger online landscape that is also seeing substantial growth. Currently there is often a major disconnect in terms of the data collected and its use of data across the industry. If data could be effectively shared across all of these sources, the uses and value to each party could signifi cantly enrich the marketing process. The question is, who actually tracks what and how can this be effectively shared and distributed whilst maintaining customer anonymity? * PwC / IAB Value the Online Performance Marketing Industry, 3

6 Size of the UK Affiliate Industry According to the 2013 PwC IAB Value of the Online Performance Marketing Industry (OPM) released in January 2014, ( the sector now accounts for 1 billion marketing spend in the UK, linked to a sales value worth 14 billion or an ROI of 1:14. Of this, 13 billion is attributable to the affiliate channels. Further, the channel is shown to drive some 10% of UK retail ecommerce. All major UK retailers now invest in the affiliate marketing channel and PwC estimate that 4,000 advertisers use the affiliate model to distribute their messaging and offers across 12,000 publishing sites. A particularly interesting measure included in the report is the level of consumer engagement that the channel generates: 4 billion clicks equating to a 5% conversion rate. This extraordinarily high response level (120 clicks per second) underlines the value of the vast data delivered by the affiliate performance channel. PwC also measured a year on year growth rate in 2013 of 15%, far outpacing the growth of the economy and pegging identically with the growth of the digital advertising media spend which PwC also measures for the IAB in the AdSpend Report ( Overall online performance marketing accounts for around 16% of the UK s total digital ad-spend. Publisher Types The very nature of the last click wins model has enabled the rise of key brands in areas such as comparison, voucher codes, loyalty and cashback sites, However, a well implemented affiliate program increasingly includes content sites such as blogs, niche interest sites and mainstream publishers. As more native-style content advertising takes root in the digital advertising environment, the affiliate model will increasingly be used to attribute publisher revenues. Planning Review and refine Cashback site Blog Voucher code site Content site Social Media Shopping site Comparison site Engagement Retargeting Each variation of publisher and payment type enables promotions to focus on different aspects of the consumer journey. This enables marketers to cover multiple touch points enforcing brand messages and delivering a degree of awareness not possible with single models. As with the rest of the digital media mix, integration and collaboration are key to successful campaign management and affiliate data is the critical glue connecting advertising communication strategies with realtime ecommerce activity. Content sites, blogs and even well placed retargeting ads by themselves are rarely the driving factor in a consumer s purchasing decision. However combined they play an essential role in the user journey and assist with conversion in many ways. While the underlying performance element still applies, affiliates have innovated and developed the ways to promote brands by introducing additional commission models into the mix. For example, awarding content sites on a first-click basis for traffic driven from their sites or lower level commissions for sales when a voucher code is used (to allow for margin challenges through double costing). 4 4

7 Affi liate Data Types Advertisers have over-arching strategies for their businesses, publishers have varied business models to drive their bottom line and networks and agencies working within the Performance Marketing channel are positioned as choreographers working in the best interests of both parties. Over time, lines have been blurred on the CPA / last click wins model and today in the UK over 4,000 active publishers deliver sales to a spread of around 12,000 active advertisers from a range of remuneration models (CPA, CPC, CPM, post click & post view). For all marketing channels, the key to a successful marketing campaign is capturing the attention of the target-audience and therefore achieving incremental sales through the channel. Affi liate networks, agencies, publishers and advertisers are able to track considerable quantities and types of data. Taking the data areas that are routinely collected as part of the affi liate business model, it s clear there are comprehensive opportunities to develop analytics structures that can deliver critical consumer and operational insights that underpin the omni-channel retail environment. This graphic demonstrates just some of the data areas that can be captured and reported. With so many players in the industry collecting different data sets, the marketer s challenge is being able to coordinate and correlate all sources to establish a truly useful reporting structure. Understanding the role that each stakeholder plays is key. Products in Basket Click History Location Data Types Browser ISP Device Merchants / Advertisers The affi liate channel s primary objective is to generate revenue for advertisers and in return be remunerated with a suitable level of commission. Typically it is assumed that advertisers have an all seeing view of all online marketing activity, but the reality is often very different. Agencies Agencies play various roles but typically guide and advise advertisers how to grow their revenues. As a rule, agencies act as the intermediary between advertisers, publishers and networks. The level of integration and cooperation that an agency has with its clients will usually defi ne the channel s visibility and so the relevant data that is collected. Affi liates / Publishers Affi liates cover a diverse section of online advertising, ranging from specialist bloggers looking to monetise their content to innovative technology providers striving to deliver an ROI for each and every possible key word. These are often called super-affi liates, brands that are engaged in typical day-to-day consumer behaviour and purchasing norms such as vouchercode and cashback websites and services. 5

8 As marketers shift towards an omni-channel approach the diversity of affiliates continues to grow. Affiliate brands (think Quidco,,, Trip Advisor etc) expand the multi-channel opportunities available to develop revenues that work on a performance model. In many cases the top 20% of publishers have the ability to track substantial levels of data from user touch points that can be used to help optimise pages through to conversion data. Networks & tracking providers Affiliate networks and tracking providers are the major data collection point in the industry. Their interfaces provide just a snapshot of the large volumes of data that they actually collect. Recently there has been a shift in the way many view affiliate networks and tracking solution providers. While service levels vary, looking under the hood of network technologies demonstrates the plethora of data available to advertisers. It goes way beyond logging ppc terms or identifying which publisher has earned a commission. Each network has its own USP for advertisers, but what s clear is that an advertiser s direct relationship with a network and willingness to share its own data is usually the key to creating an analytics approach that delivers back unique and powerful consumer insights and actionable data sets. Individually affiliate data provides only part of a user s journey and purchasing patterns. This diagram is an overview of that bigger picture and shows how the full range of data can be used to contribute to overall campaign planning and execution from brand awareness right through to actual transaction. Journey Medium Cost Deduplication Budget distribution Devices Impression influence In app Connection Type User agent ISP Value contribution Channel Click weighting Price Comparison PPC Display Social Meta-search SEO Cashback Content CPM Mobile CPC CPL Voucher CPA CPD Tweets Shares Referrals CPI Subscriptions Likes OS Phone Browser App install Tablet PC Usage Product range Optimisation Traffic volume Weather Offer redemption Lifetime value Seasonality Price Affiliate Data Performance City Post code County IP GPS Distribution area Country Competitor In-store Proximity Location Preferences Profiling Purchase History Engagement CTR Recommendations Conv. rate Demographics Purchase intent Conv. time Browsing Downloads Installs Leads Clicks Impressions Sales Behaviour Metrics 6

9 How Advertisers Currently Use Data Tracking data and using data are two very different things. The customer journey is not simple and ensuring that brand engagement is created along all touch points including post purchase (how valuable was the final customer) is key to any marketing campaign. Awareness to post-purchase data cycle Communications, Instruments & Solutions TV PPC SEA Print CpX Social AM SEO Content OOH Content AM TV TV AM SEA Print SMM SEO DR Print Social Awareness Response Involvement & Interaction Transaction Looking more closely we can examine the different types of data that are useful for each stage of the customer journey in more detail. Pre-sale A key stage in the customer journey is initial brand awareness - first impressions count and are proven to lead to conversion. The affiliate channel uses data in a number of ways to maximise the effiency of brand awareness. The main way is through the abilities of various tracking solutions to analyse the customer journey from first click to final conversion. In addition various partners can target users according to the demographics. More examples are detailed below. It s this stage in the journey where affiliate data delivers back high value to other marketing channels by providing sales data to add to the fully integrated marketing programmes. 7

10 User Profiling Geo Targeting Delivery infrastructure, physical store locations or propensity to purchase based on geographic demographic; the ability to pin-point a customer s location at home and at work are core drivers for the majority of advertisers. This could be using data to target a specific location. For instance, take a retailer which has a low physical presence in a large city centre. Online is key to acquiring a new, affluent customer base. Or for an advertiser with a limited delivery infrastructure it may be more cost effective to deliver customers direct to a store in a particular location. Affiliate data is ideal to use to isolate both objectives. Personalisation Customer profiling is a key attribute to successful campaign management. What sets affiliate data apart from other forms of online advertising data is that the final conversion factor is based on actual and not modelled sales data. This is unique to affiliate acquired data and contextualises the range of other behavioural analytics in a completely fresh framework whether producing single customer views or aggregating years worth of consumer data. This is data collected by publishers and advertisers and can drive highly accurate targeting eg insurance products for women or display advertising re-targeting at customers who have viewed, but not purchased a specific product. This form of accurate targeting is more likely to result in a conversion, thus improving an advertiser s ROI. ISP If specific IP ranges are known to apply to specific broadband suppliers, for example, it s possible to build targeted marketing campaigns to just certain broadband users. This is ideal for the Telecoms and media markets. Prospecting & Pre-Targeting As customers connect with brands, the ability to capture their information and engage with them is key. For example when a new product is due to be launched, there s often a stage where targeted customers are given the opportunity to place a pre-order. This early adopter approach typical in the telecoms, media and publishing industries gives marketers advantages in what are often highly competitive market places. 8

11 Point of Sale A common misconception is that a marketer s job is complete at the point of sale. However, understanding each customer is where affiliate data really becomes useful and the affiliate industry is uniquely placed to provide POS data as part of the marketing cycle. What was the value of the sale to the advertiser? What made the customer convert? How can we get the customer to convert again in the future? New vs. Existing & Lifetime Customer Value For some advertisers, existing brand-loyal customers are seen as less-valuable acquisitions to the brand. For example, in food retailing the affiliate reward method used is predominantly based on a genuine new registrations because the margins associated on on-going spend are too tight to afford on-going commission payments for repeat spenders. The value is seen in customer lifetime values (LTVs) and reward is based on encouraging them to switch retailer or shift from offline to online. For other advertiser types, the on-going value is more important. For example fashion retailers seek to maintain customer loyalty to protect their market share and margins are higher to cover an on-going reward structure. Understanding the advertiser s overall objectives is key to ensuring the correct data is utilised to its fullest and the majority of affiliate tracking solutions can now pin-point a new customer acquisition vs. a returning customer. Product Specific Basket Offers What a customer buys and how they have interacted in similar circumstances can maximise an advertiser s ROI per customer by, for example, relating aggregate product sales data with individual behavioural data. A well-known example of this is Amazon s people who bought this also bought this functionality. It encourages cross-or up-selling. The ability to read and act on customer reviews gives the advertiser s brand more trust and therefore encourages repeat spending in the future. Lost Basket Basket abandonment is one of the biggest challenges in the online retail industry. A staggering 72% of customers abandoned their order at the basket stage in November 2013 (Source: SaleCycle Live Clients). Added to which, as many as 95% of engaged customers through the affiliate channel don t convert, according to PwC in the 2013 Value of the Online Performance Marketing Industry Report which measured 4 billion performance-based marketing clicks. The use of re-targeting and re-marketing from the point-of-sale has become more prominent over the past few years.. campaigns through affiliate channels, can drive significant results with average increases in online sales amounting to as much as 4.3% Increase reported through SaleCycle as an average. With display re-targeting, data is used to serve users with different type of ads with varied calls to action and marketing messages. The key to the success of these types of campaign is allowing publishers to share data to target consumers in real time. The key to the success of these types of campaign is allowing publishers to share data to target consumers in real time. 9

12 Post Sale Understanding Data Path The ability to understand the data path your customer took to purchase is complex. The wide variety of options is available across the channel. The key is being able to apply equal as well as quantifi able analysis techniques to be able to interpret the data in unique ways to make a specifi c advertiser s campaign more competitive and profi table. This requires advertisers and agencies to draw on the expertise of all channels through networks, tracking platforms and publishers if they re to understand optimisation for future campaigns. This means in many cases establishing new communications channels between suppliers and in-house. Product Level Data Most affi liate networks can supply advertisers with product level data for their campaigns. This not only allows advertisers to reward publishers with specifi c commissions for different items in the basket, but also gives advertisers useful sales data insights. For some marketers this kind of evidence can unlock additional funding through internal budgets or supplier funding, and so open up more integrated campaign development. Affi liate Data & The Marketing Mix The key learning is that performance marketing is not a standalone channel (in fact online marketing should not be viewed as a standalone channel). Rather the performance channel with its plethora of data points plays a valuable role in both campaign planning and sales optimisation. In most respects the affi liate industry brings advertisers and consumers closer together as well as providing publishers with rich and alternative revenue streams and delivers advertisers with a source of real-time, actual browsing and purchasing behaviours. Morrisons utilises customer data capturing technology to highlight new vs. returning customers, including geo-targeting abilities to ensure cost effi ciencies and a targeted roll-out of their marketing campaign in-line with their delivery structures. Without this data, Morrisons would not be able to operate a cost effective programme and the overall customer experience would be damaged. As a respected retailer in the industry, customer experience is key for us and as such the ability to replicate the positive in-store customer experiences in our online offering is a key performance indicator for the business without this knowledge of the data, the performance marketing channel could not be utilised. Hannah Parker, Acquisition and Retention Manager, Morrison s Online Groceries, Affi liate Programme 10

13 Affi liate Data Futures Affi liate data is constantly evolving as more of it is integrated across the value chain. A brief review of some ways that publishers and advertisers are developing their strategies to make the most effi cient use of affi liate data exposes signifi cant opportunities for now and in the future. These are specifi c examples of innovative ways in which affi liate data is being used collaboratively to drive advertisers marketing plans forward and improve customer / brand interaction. Most of these innovations are not yet standard but demonstrate the importance of integrated thinking, planning and execution when maximising online performance spend. Consumer insights In-depth and often unique consumer insights. Publishers have a unique insight to your customers much like shop owners have across physical footfall. Many publishers have been collecting data from their campaigns with advertisers for over 15 years and have amassed a signifi cant amount of insight into consumer behaviour over that time. Top-tier publishers provide additional insight into an advertiser s through purchase activity across multiple brands. Publishers such as cashback, voucher code, comparison or closed-user-group models such as loyalty and club models possess unique consumer data, spending habits, income, brand preference, demographic and more. These publishers are expert in compiling this data into actionable insights. For instance, Quidco segments its database of 4 million members by demographic, purchase behaviour and channel engagement to enable the right message to be displayed at the right time. This segmentation across channels (online, mobile and in-store), has already demonstrated that members targeted this way spend and transact on average 3x more than a single channel message. This detailed consumer data means, for instance, that Quidco s s and on site campaigns allow advertisers to more effectively target competitor and sector customers. Knowing which advertisers an individual consumer prefers means it s now possible to alert consumers when a cashback rate increases or when similar merchants launch their offers. With Qip (Quidco Information Portal) we are able to provide a controlled environment for user targeting. We recognise the value in a blanket approach, but we very much see the importance and engagement value to advertisers, Quidco and our users that personalisation can drive. In Qip we have a way of driving those incremental marginal wins to support a brands blanket campaigns. Through Targeted Marketing, brand s get that holistic user view they can t get from their own data; who else do they shop with, do they spend more with the category, how frequent are they shopping? We ve had great success across acquisition and retention with some very strong ROIs so advertisers can use Quidco s infl uence to stretch that extra value from users in a controlled way (using control groups) that statistically shows the incremental value that was driven James Cartlidge, Head of Client Performance Quidco 11

14 Omni Channel The affi liate channel also supports the high street and this is a signifi cant growth area which some retailers are adopting faster than others. Far from the high street closing in favour of online, the real change is in consumer shopping behaviours shifting to a combination of online and offl ine with now online actually driving signifi cant footfall into the high street. This is a dynamic change and there s much yet to be learned. And at the heart of this on / offl ine intersection, is the affi liate industry and the data being collected, providing new analysis for advertisers. As mobile device usage increases (over-taking fi xed and laptop PCs as early as at the end of 2014), the in-store experience opens exciting new possibilities for consumer engagement. Tradedoubler research from 2013 shows that 44% of consumers use mobile devices while shopping. 45% 49% 52% 44% Commuting At work In a cafe or bar Shopping Source: Tradedoubler, 2013 This poses an interesting challenge for advertisers, but allows them to engage with customers through promotional messaging at a point of research or purchase even for FMCG products previously diffi cult to market through affi liate channels. This produces interesting scope to infl uence purchase decisions right at the point of sale. Tradedoubler s research found that of consumers using their mobile while out shopping: 22% Buy Online Instead 20% Change their mind about buying at all 19% Buy the product from the store that they are in 8% Buy on their mobile there and then With this kind of insight it s also possible to see how exciting competitive strategies can be developed by those brands which recognise the value of mobile optimisation and the value of this kind of deep insight data. 20% of mobile using consumers will leave a retailer s store and purchase from somewhere else as a result of using their smartphone while out shopping. That is a powerful metric. The solution is, again, joined-up integrated thinking by advertisers and their publisher base. 12

15 The Body Shop is focused on customer-centricity and providing a seamless customer proposition. At the forefront is our affi liate program. We have made great strides in being able to offer our customers every opportunity to interact with The Body Shop in whichever way they choose: web, store, mobile or app. The close working relationship we ve forged with our publishers allows us to innovate in all these spaces to build for a Omni future. Liam Downes, Ecommerce Marketing Manager The Body Shop Above the line Marketing Engagement The opportunities for above-the-line-advertising and affi liate data are at their nascent beginning in The drive for online video, on-demand TV, programmatic ad buying, offl ine redemption, new technologies such as card-linking and even outdoor are growing. And affi liate data can help drive these types of initiative or reward publishers for producing new and exciting ways for audiences to interact with advertising and content. The key is in collaboration across the marketing, advertising and ecommerce mix. We already know that TV advertising drives mobile purchasing as TradeDoubler s research shows. Beyond the single screen - How TV advertising drives mobile purchases While watching television: 69% 57% Find out more information 71% 59% Buy something Source: Tradedoubler, 2013 Multi-screen behaviours are common and growing, especially within the active demographic. These are users who see mobile as ordinary and are able to multi-screen with ease. An integrated TV and mobile strategy drives purchases from a captive audience and it s the affi liate model that has the capability to connect the channels in real time. 13

16 Customer Journeys & Attribution Attribution remains an industry challenge. Not all consumers touch all the possible engagement points and no single customer will ever behave exactly how advertisers would like them to behave. Affi liate Window s 2013 whitepaper goes into detail about the very real challenges of attribution. But the key take out is that you need to understand the full customer journey both pre and post-click: The measurement and subsequent value placed on any one click is arbitrary and does not necessarily reflect value. There are a number of metrics that can be considered to ascertain the value provided for each online touch point. By looking beyond simply the path to conversion to what happens post conversion, advertisers are able to tweak their commission structures to reward the publishers that are driving valuable customers Source: Affi liate Window, 2013 Therefore average customer journeys and how these work are vital to optimising attribution across the multichannel / omni-channel environment. Sectors and even specifi c brands will have their own attribution patters: advertisers own data sets contain attribution clues. These are more accurate when combined with publisher data sets. Collaboration and integration are key. Networks and tracking platforms can do much to develop these insights and optimise effi ciency. Fully understanding the role that each publisher plays in generating or assisting with bookings is key within the travel sector. By combining affi liate data with other channels and sources, Virgin Atlantic Airways continually monitors the contribution that each publisher and promotion delivers to our customer s user journey and the value that they add to creating bookings online. This provides us with detailed customer centric data that goes way beyond the last click model. With this we can accurately evaluate the value of each marketing channel and develop channel agnostic marketing strategies aligned with how customers interact with the VAA brand. James Shanahan, Head of Digital Strategy Development Virgin Atlantic Airways 14

17 Accreditations and Contributors Version 1.0 September 2014 David Ayre - Tradedoubler Jules Bazley - United Digital Group Edited by Clare O Brien, Senior Programmes Manager, IAB UK and chair of the Affiliate Marketing Council Designed and produced by Chloe Burrell, Marketing manager, IAB UK Thank you as well for valuable contributions from: Affiliate Window, Argos, Bodyshop, Morrisons, Quidco and Virgin Atlantic and all members of the 2014 IAB Affiliate Marketing Council. For further information please contact Clare O Brien, Internet Advertising Bureau 14 Macklin Street London WC2B 5NF

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The omnichannel opportunity Unlocking the power of the connected consumer

The omnichannel opportunity Unlocking the power of the connected consumer The omnichannel opportunity Unlocking the power of the connected consumer A report for ebay February 2014 Contents Foreword 1 Executive Summary 2 1. The connected consumer 7 2. The omnichannel retail revolution

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Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015

Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015 Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015 Detailed insight into how Machine-to-Machine communications and the Internet of Things are driving business transformation around the world Vodafone Power to

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Customer Relationship.. Management..

Customer Relationship.. Management.. White paper Customer Relationship.. Management.. Improving customer interactions with this powerful technology Executive Summary As we move further into an era when the manipulation and assessment of data

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Predictive Analytics. The Right Tool for Tough Times. February 2010 David White

Predictive Analytics. The Right Tool for Tough Times. February 2010 David White Predictive Analytics The Right Tool for Tough Times February 2010 David White Page 2 Executive Summary Enterprises are under pressure to predict the future behavior of customers and potential customers,

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Transforming Payments from a Transaction Business to an Information Business

Transforming Payments from a Transaction Business to an Information Business Transforming Payments from a Transaction Business to an Information Business A White Paper on Consumer Payments Innovation by Microsoft and FreedomPay Foreword by Consult Hyperion September 2013 Contents

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Digital. Shopper. Relevancy. Research Report 2014. Understanding and anticipating the changing perspectives of Digital Customers

Digital. Shopper. Relevancy. Research Report 2014. Understanding and anticipating the changing perspectives of Digital Customers Digital Shopper Relevancy Research Report 2014 OPEN @ Understanding and anticipating the changing perspectives of Digital Customers Introduction» Understanding Shopper Psychology» Digital Shopping Evolution

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