WYRN CU46 LMIRL NIFOC KPC. ZERG To gang up on someone. What do these text message codes mean? What's your real name?

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1 WYRN What's your real name? KPC Keeping parents clueless LMIRL Let's meet in real life ZERG To gang up on someone What do these text message codes mean? NIFOC CU46 See you for sex Naked in front of computer 08/02/ /02/

2 Online Safety Steve Clarke, Computing Curriculum Consultant and Online Safety 08/02/ /02/

3 Modern childhood 'ends at the age of 12' 08/02/ /02/

4 There is a toxic combination of marketing, media and peer pressure". "There needs to be a radical rethink in society to revalue childhood and protect it as a precious time - not time to put pressure on children to grow up far too fast Siobhan Freegard Netmums founder 08/02/ /02/

5 There is now a pornification" of youth which has huge ramifications in their development Diane Abbott, MP 08/02/ /02/

6 08/02/ /02/

7 "There's this fake world that they've all created - taking 100 selfies just to get the one good one." "What's new is that you have to post to everyone - in the past people wouldn't know what party you'd been to but now it's all posted and public - your social life. It's real misery for teenagers. Nick Harrup Young Minds 08/02/ /02/

8 As much as young people must be accountable for their actions, we as adults must be accountable for the world we are creating for them We have to be aware of the context in which young people are navigating the world in order to inform our responses towards them Jashmin Patel, Lia Latchford, Ikamara Larasi, Carlene Firmin MBE MSUnderstood.org 08/02/ /02/

9 About this session Raise awareness of online risks Identify resources to support you Offer practical ideas and tools to help you to stay in control 08/02/ /02/

10 08/02/ /02/

11 The dark side of the web The internet was used as a gateway by offenders to commit more than 3,000 sex crimes against children last year The offences included sexual assaults, grooming victims before meeting them, inciting children to take part in a sex act and over 100 rapes during 2015/16. Most victims were 13 year olds (535), but there were 272 victims under /02/ /02/

12 * Ofcom UK Children s Media Literacy Report, April /02/ /02/

13 08/02/ /02/

14 KNOWLEDGE Many children pick up technology quickly WISDOM Understanding how to behave in a virtual world 08/02/ /02/

15 Internet of everything 08/02/ /02/

16 ONLINE BULLYING 08/02/ /02/

17 Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 Over the past 5 years The NSPCC's Childline service said it counselled more than 4,500 children in the past year compared to about 2,400 in Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

18 Who do children tell (based on those that have contacted Childline)? some young people did not feel that their parents understood the impact that the bullying was having on them. Some were told to just ignore the bullies. Others were made to feel like they were creating a drama out of nothing or that they themselves must be to blame. Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

19 I am being bullied by a girl at school. She has taken photos of me and posted them on Snapchat calling me fat and ugly and how I will never have a boyfriend. I have been having suicidal thoughts as this girl is really popular and she has turned my whole year against me. (Girl, aged 14) Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

20 Every day I wake up scared to go to school, scared about the comments people will make and scared about walking home. Then I get in and log onto my social networking site and there are horrible messages everywhere. It s like there s no escaping the bullies. I m struggling to cope with how upset I feel so sometimes I cut myself just to have a release but it s not enough. I can t go on like this. (Girl, aged 13) Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

21 Is it worse than traditional bullying? can be 24/7, invading home and personal space can reach very large audiences rapidly can be anonymous 08/02/ /02/

22 Poor school performance Social exclusion Isolation Melancholy Low self-confidence Low self-esteem Depression Self harming Warning signs 08/02/ /02/

23 In 2015/16, we delivered over 100 counselling sessions with young people seeking advice on how they could stop their own bullying behaviour. Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

24 The cyberbully I am the bully at school and I want some advice on how to stop. I got into a crowd a few years ago because I was new and they were the bullies so I felt if I became friends with them it would stop me from getting bullied for being the new boy. I am worried that if I stop bullying, my friends will turn on me I don t want to hurt people s feelings anymore. I can t talk to anyone at school as I have such a bad reputation but I really want advice on how to stop. (Boy, aged 16) Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

25 The biggest news story of the summer was 08/02/ /02/

26 Instagram moves to stop the trolls The new feature will let anyone create a list of words that you consider offensive or inappropriate, whether it s racial slurs or harsh criticism as the ones aimed towards Gabby Douglas. Then afterwards, comments that feature those words will be hidden from your posts. us_technology 08/02/ /02/

27 08/02/ /02/

28 SEXTING 08/02/ /02/

29 GTA V Grand Theft Auto 5 Who is Notch? Inventor of Minecraft What is a MMORPG? Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game DKDC Don t know, don t care AFAIK As far as I know CTN Can t talk now G2G Got to go PIR Parent in room ASL Age/sex/location LMIRL Let s meet in real life 08/02/ noslang.com 08/02/

30 Sexting/Nudes/Naked selfies Images or videos generated by children under the age of 18, or of children under the age of 18 that are of a sexual nature or are indecent Source: Sexting in schools: advice and support around self-generated images - What to do and how to handle it, Sharon Girling 08/02/ /02/

31 Sexting has become "normal" among teenagers. (NCA) 08/02/ /02/

32 I saw your willy! 08/02/ /02/

33 SnapChat SnapHack 08/02/ /02/

34 Young people talked to us about being pressured into sharing sexual images (sexting), viewing adult pornographic images, and carrying out sexual acts on and offline. We also hear from young girls who believe that all their peers are engaging in sexual activities and they are worried that they will not be popular if they are not doing the same. Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

35 A few months ago I started talking to someone on the internet. One thing led to another and I ended up sending him some nude photos of myself. Now they are blackmailing me and saying that if I don t send more he will put the photos online so that my mum and everyone in my school can see. I m so ashamed at what I have done and I have been cutting myself to cope. (Girl, aged 13) Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

36 Nude Selfies videos for parents What-parents-and-carers-need-to-know/ 08/02/ /02/

37 08/02/ /02/

38 #listentoyourselfie 08/02/ /02/

39 Matt thought he knew 08/02/ /02/

40 Online Streaming 08/02/ /02/

41 08/02/ /02/

42 Risks associated with online streaming Live broadcasts of bullying Live broadcasts in school or in school uniform Inappropriate material (sexual, extremist) Contact Location sharing 08/02/ /02/

43 ONLINE GAMING 08/02/ /02/

44 Gaming Games are the most commonly-mentioned online activity carried out at least weekly More than half of parents of 3-11s have rules restricting the games played to those with an appropriate age rating (56% 62% and 56% respectively), but this is less common among parents of 12-15s (34%). Source: Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report Oct /02/ /02/

45 Content, contact and commercialism Graphic violence Language Online communication Reinforcing stereotypes Addiction Behavioural changes 08/02/ /02/

46 Children and young people talked about being ganged up on, excluded and verbally abused while on gaming sites. Bullying often occurred when the young person s gaming skills were not as good as the other gamers or when they had done something wrong within the game, such as being unable to complete a task or objective. Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

47 Young people repeatedly told counsellors that they did not want to tell their parents, mainly because they were worried that their parents would ban them from playing online. They did not want to stop playing, just to avoid the bullying. Source: Childline Bullying Report 2015/16 08/02/ /02/

48 08/02/ /02/

49 08/02/ /02/

50 08/02/ /02/

51 Excessive Internet Use 30% of year olds report one or more experiences linked to excessive internet use fairly or very often (e.g. neglecting friends, schoolwork or sleep to go online) (EU Kids online survey) 08/02/ /02/

52 RESOURCES 08/02/ /02/

53 08/02/ /02/

54 New Cyberbullying resources from Internet Matters 08/02/2017 ying/ 55 08/02/

55 08/02/ /02/

56 08/02/ /02/

57 08/02/ /02/

58 What to report 08/02/ /02/

59 08/02/ /02/

60 Stay involved How you can help Keep talking and stay interested in what they re doing. Don t be afraid to bring up challenging issues. Stay safe on the move Use safe settings on all mobile devices Keep their information private Set privacy settings on social networking sites Be responsible Talk to your teenager about being responsible when they re online. Children often feel they can say things online that they wouldn t say face-to-face. 08/02/ /02/

61 Adjust controls Discuss with them adjusting your parental controls to match your teenager s level of maturity. Talk about online reputation Get them to think about creating a positive digital footprint. Don t give in Remind them how important it is not to give in to peer pressure to send inappropriate comments or images. 08/02/ /02/