International Association of Lions Clubs District 23A Cabinet Meeting Monday, July 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Manor Inn Restaurant, Plantsville, CT

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1 International Association of Lions Clubs District 23A Cabinet Meeting Monday, July 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Manor Inn Restaurant, Plantsville, CT DRAFT MEETING MINUTES This document is a DRAFT of the meeting minutes, provided for informational purposes only. The minutes are not official until voted upon and accepted at the next cabinet meeting. In the event of any conflict between the Draft and the Final accepted minutes, the final accepted minutes will prevail.

2 DRAFT International Association of Lions Clubs District 23A Cabinet Meeting Minutes July 25, 2016 A meeting of the District 23A Cabinet was held on Monday, July 25, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at Manor Inn, 1636 Meriden-Waterbury Road, Milldale, CT A total of 41 Lions were present. See Attachment #1 for details. District Governor Colette called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00 p.m. Four Point Opening The Four Point Opening was presented by Lions Shaukat Khan (Pledge of Allegiance), Allen O'Farrell (Verse of America ), Jim Bennett (Invocation) and Andy Anderson (Lions Toast). Welcoming Remarks District Governor Colette made her welcoming remarks. See Attachment #2. Approval of Minutes Cabinet Secretary Melanie presented the draft minutes of the meeting of the District 23A Cabinet held on May 31, Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was unanimously VOTED to approve the draft minutes as presented. Correspondence Cabinet Secretary Melanie stated that there was no correspondence. Lion Joan Bielizna stated that she would circulate two copies of the district directory to the attendees for review and corrections. Treasurer's Report The Treasurer's report was deferred to later in the meeting. Vice District Governor Reports First Vice District Governor Shaukat Khan presented his report on activities to date, including: attended the 99 th Annual Lions Clubs International Convention in Japan, attended the District Charges meeting, the Centennial Challenge Committee meeting. This year, 1st VDG Shaukat will be working with the membership team, the Multiple District finance team, and CLERF. He will also attend the USA-Canada Forum in September. Second Vice District Governor Allen O'Farrell welcomed the attendees and stated that he is looking forward to the adventure this year. Zone Chair Reports Harold Topper Zone 1 Helen Risom Belluschi Zone 2 Lyn Meyers, PDG Zone 3 no report no report no report Melissa Smith Zone 4 See Attachment #3 Lori-Ann Beninson Zone 5 not present, ed report, See Attachment #4 Bill Manthey Zone 6 Alan Sturtz Zone 7 no report no report 1

3 DRAFT Joe Fazzino Zone 8 Committee Reports Centennial Committee, Andy Anderson Zone 8 held a meeting one week after last cabinet meeting, which was well attended Lion Andy attended a Centennial Celebration seminar at the convention in Japan and was subsequently appointed to the committee by DG Colette. He attended the first Multiple District meeting. There has been discussion of fundraising in order to transport a float and the Ancient Mariners Fife & Drum Corps to the 100 th Annual Convention in Chicago. Billboards are planned for several locations in Connecticut. Lions Eye Health Program, Joyce Wruck On July 12, a pediatric eye screening was held at Western Connecticut State University's Horizons program, a first for that location. Services for the Blind, Anne Fortunato October 15 is International White Cane Day. She suggested that clubs invite a blind person to speak at a meeting about the importance of the white cane. In September, a training session will be held at the Yale School of Drama for incoming drama students. They will be taught how to properly audio-describe perfomances at the Yale Rep for the visually imparied. Contact Lion Anne if you would like more information about either of the above. Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, Marie-Anne Barnhart The annual motorcycle ride was held on July 16. No results to report yet. The marathon will be held in October, more information to come. Global Membership Team, Linda Maggs, PCC The GMT has identified clubs that are below 20 members and in need of help, which would consist of two experienced Lions (Zone Chairs, Guiding Lions, Cabinet Members) helping to canvass businesses to solicit new members. More information to follow. Eight of the clubs were visited last year. See attachment #4 for full report. Diabetes Awareness, Helene Dellert Lion Helene and her husband, Jerry, are pleased to be the chairs for Diabetes Awareness. They have a perosnal connection, a grandchild with Type I Diabetes. They are fairly new Lions, having become aware of Lions through their volunteer work with the Clara Barton Center. They would like to visit clubs and speak about Diabetes. District Finance, Linda Maggs, PCC Old Business Last year's final Budget/Treasurer's Report was presented and reviewed. Also presented was this year's Budget. Copies of both were distributed to meeting attendees. Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was unanimously VOTED to approve the Budget as presented. There was no old business to be brought before the meeting. New Business District Constitution & By-laws (C&BL), Colette Anderson, District Governor Changes to the the standard district C&BL were announced at the 2015 Lions Clubs International (LCI) Convention in Hawaii, to be effective July 1, The Multiple District last 2

4 DRAFT accepted the changes made at the 2014 LCI Convention in Toronto. The current District 23A C&BL and the new LCI standard district C&BL have been distributed to the voting members of the cabinet. Changes to the district C&BL must be voted on by each district at a Special Convention to be held on the same day of the State Convention. The Multiple District C&BL must be updated as well; those changes will be voted on by all three districts together. DG Colette suggested that, due to the age of our current District 23A C&BL, that it would be best to use the current LCI standard district C&BL as the starting document, adding whatever changes are appropriate to our district. A committee was formed as follows: Mark Lyon, chairperson; Shaukat Khan; Jim Bennett; Joe Fazzino; Alan Sturtz; Lyn Meyers. The committee will try to have a report ready for the October Cabinet Meeting. 100% Breakfast, Mark Lyon The 100% Breakfast for Lions year will be held on Sunday, October 2, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at Michael's at the Grove, Bethel, CT. Cost will be $20 per person. If you have not submitted your forms, please do so ASAP. Multiple District GLT/GMT Event: Building the Bench, Mark Lyon A symposium will be held on Saturday, October 29 at the East Hartford Community Center. The focus will be on succession planning and leadership development. Announcements District Governor Colette Anderson noted that the next cabinet meeting will be held on October 10, social at 6:30 pm, meeting begins promptly at 7:00 pm. Benediction The Benediction was offered by District Chaplain Jim Bennett. Adjournment There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Melanie Pendleton Cabinet Secretary, District 23A 3

5 Attachment #1 Cabinet Meeting Attendance First Name Last Name Cabinet Club Andy Anderson Sight Saver Day Colette Anderson District Governor Marianne Arrigone Speech & Hearing Marie Anne Barnhart Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Keith Beaver Connecticut Radio Information System (CRIS) Helen Risom Belluschi Zone 2 Jim Bennett District Chaplain Joan Bielizna Danbury Ted Bresky Camp Hemlocks Suzanne Camire South Meriden Anthony Cipriano Cheshire Denise Condron Cheshire Jim Condron Cheshire Helene Dellert Diabetes Awareness Jerry Dellert Diabetes Awareness Joseph Fazzino Zone 8 Sal Ferrante Bethany Anne Fortunato Services to the Blind Robert Gyle, PDG New Fairfield Candlewood Ernie Harrington Internet/Information Joan Harris Easton Joan Hunt Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Shaukat Khan 1 st Vice District Governor Ellen Kwolek South Meriden Yvonne Lorincz Seymour Mark Lyon Brookfield Linda Maggs District Finance Bill Manthey Zone 6 Robin Montgomery Brookfield Lyn Myers Zone 3 Allen O'Farrell 2nd Vice District Governor Melanie Pendleton Cabinet Secretary Robert Petronelli Easton Joe Poirier Lions Project Canine Companions for Independence Ken Post Cabinet Treasurer Ralph Riello Meriden Melissa Smith Zone 4 Linda Stephenson Milford Alan Sturtz Zone 7 Harold Topper Zone 1 Joyce Wruck Lions Eye Health Program Page 1

6 Attachment #2 Cabinet Meeting July 25, 2016 District Governor Colette Anderson Opening Remarks It was with much excitement that I joined International President Chancellor Bob Corlew and Lions from around the world to become District Governor of 23A in Japan, as we celebrate 100 years of Lions humanitarian service and prepare for our second century of service. I was joined by my husband of 36 years Andy. Centennial Service Challenge Engaging Youth Sharing the Vision Relieving the hunger Protecting the environment There are recognitions that go along with these challenges. For more info go to the Centennial Service Challenge page of the Centennial toolbox Centennial legacy projects: lasting gifts to your community. We will hear more about what is happening in Connecticut from Andy. I want to share my goals for 23A this year with you Membership My first goal is to increase membership through the establishment of two new clubs. Work is already underway in New Haven to establish a Spanish speaking club. The Guiding Lion is PDG Joan Bennett and working with us is PDG Jim Bennett and Bobby & Nora Clark. I will be working with PCC Linda Maggs who is our Membership Chair to charter a course for a second club in the near future, Leadership 2 nd Vice District Governor Allen O Farrell will be the chair of the Leadership Committee for our district and he will be recruiting a team to work with him. The plan is to develop the next Global Leadership Chairperson who will serve for 3 years but with a team of people to support this important work. Training is the key to strengthening our ability to grow leaders in 23A. Special Governors Project I would like clubs to each do something new to feed the hungry in their community, Existing projects should continue and do not count towards this goal. Clubs may also select to hold a diaper drive to assist the resources of the CT Diaper Bank or a local diaper bank in their community, Women in poverty who are depressed listed the inability to provide diapers for their babies as their #1 need. Let s see if CT Lions can help turn this around. This year we have several new Zone Chairs joining some of our veterans. Will you all stand and be recognized? These Zone Chairs, along with the two VDGs Shaukat and Allen and myself are the voting members of the cabinet [addendum: immediate past District Governor and Cabinet Secretary & Treasruer are also voting members]. As a team, we value input from all the wonderful committee chairs. My goal is to try to keep the meetings moving and limit reports to 3 minutes or less, so we can attempt to have the meeting run from 7:00 8:30 pm. With that being said let me move on with the agenda. Respectfully submitted District Governor Colette Anderson

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