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1 E R With t upport a l of th may b poibl C Over 170 Student from Imperial attended the Student' Union lobby of Parliament yeterday afternoon. The lobby wa upported by the Rector and the College' Governing body and mot department cancelled lecture, tutorial and laboratory eion to enable tudent to take part in the action. One MP commended all the tudent preent a 'well- behaved' and aying that he felt the afternoon had been 'carefully organied.' Before the lobby Mr Peter Brooke, Chairman of the Conervative Party and MP for Wetminter North, addreed the College on the iue of tudent loan expreing the Government' viewpoint. He argued that the loan ytem wa jutified, claiming that it reduced the preure on parental contribution and would increae the number of tudent entering higher education a a reult. He rejected the view of everal tudent who tated that chool-leaver would be deterred from entering higher education a a direct conequence of the loan ytem. Chairman of the meeting, Neil McCluky noted that a urvey carried out at Edinburgh Univerity concluded that 40% of choolleaver would be dicouraged from entering univeritie or polytechnic under a loan cheme. Mr Brooke felt thi urvey wa biaed by tudent' wihe to affect the future of the loan cheme. 'Faced with the ame quetion once the loan cheme i in action,' he claimed, 'they would probably vote differently.' The Government' reference to the Swedih ytem of loan in it White Paper wa raied by a number of tudent. One tudent aid that in a urvey carried out by Gothenburg Univerity, 65% of the i lowet ocio-economic group, who I had the relevant qualification, were Mr Brooke inited that no condemnation of the ytem would be fair until it had been tried. It wa uggeted to Mr Brooke that an increae of 1% in the upper tax bracket would 'more than provide for the 108M needed to retore grant to the 1979 level, in real term.' Mr Brooke replied that a large number of people in the higher tax bracket are not graduate Butcher, Baker, Candletick Maker deterred from going to univerity and a uch would object to paying becaue of the Swedih loan for further education. ytem. IC Union Preident, Nigel Baker Mr Brooke refued to accept aid afterward, 'I thought that the prediction about the effect a loan ytem would have and aid 'the meeting wa a ucce becaue it allowed the tudent a chance to tet will be in how many people will quetion the Government firthand. take up the loan when they are I do not think that we available.' One tudent commented 'It i ridiculou to allow our education ytem to uffer in the ame way a the Swedih one before we take any action to remedy the ituation.' changed hi mind, but at leat we had a go.' The repone from MP at the Parliamentary lobby were mixed. Graham Riddick, Conervative MP for the Colne Valley, claimed that the implementation of tudent loan would make tudent more reponible about entering higher education becaue they would 'have to think about the money firt.' He refued to accept one tudent' claim that loan would dicriminate againt tudent from low-income familie. He argued that the incentive of good job after leaving univerity would 'more than compenate' for the expene of the coure. Different view were voiced by another Conervative MP, Mr Tony Speller, who implied that the concept of tudent being een to be paying for further education wa a good vote-winner among the working clae. A number of other Conervative MP were ympathetic to the view of tudent and expreed an interet in modifying the loancheme propoal a it tand. Mr Stephen Day, Conervative MP for Cleedale, aid he would attempt to increae the hardhip fund and Mr Richard Page, another Conervative MP wa particularly ympathetic about the pecific problem that would be encountered at Imperial and other London college. Mr Page whoe on i on a production engineering coure at continued on back page ISSUE JAN 1989

2 n f r Dear Bill, I am writing to you in repone to the article in lat week' FELIX, entitled 'View from a Bridge', which 'pae judgement' on the Union Preident, Nigel Baker. I am not a 'Bakerite', I am onlv writing to point out a few factual inaccuracie in the article, and do not want to be invoked in a bickering match between Union big-wig. In hi article Mr Harbour-Bridge ay that 'Mr Baker inform hi Council of hi action rather than aking their opinion in advance'. Thi i not true. At the Council meeting of 21 November 1988, which I attended, approximately one-anda-half hour were devoted to the Preident' report. Thi wa becaue Mr Baker had aked for Council' view on everal matter. Thee included rent level, intercollegiate hall, the value of ub-warden, tudent loan, timetabling, to name but a few. The reaon for the debate on each of thee iue wa o the Preident could preent the Union' view, and not hi peronal view, at forthcoming committee, meeting and dicuion. I eem to remember that lat year Mr Harbour- Bridge preented a paper to the College Governing Body propoing a reorganiation of the College timetabling ytem. Thi paper wa not preented to Council at the time o the propoal put forward wa the peronal one of Mr Harbour-Bridge. What right doe the Union Preident have to preent peronal paper to Governing Dody without firt conulting the. tudent thoe people who elected him and who. ultimately will be affected? I believe that mot tudent would rather ee. the Union Office run a an 'efficient package'. Surely the more efficient and organied the Union Office i, the more efficient and effective the. whole Student Union will be, which i beneficial. to everyone. We hould be grateful that the. Preident i not continually at loggerhead with, hi Deputy. The abbatical hould work a a. team, with the Preident, according to the Job. Decription intigated by Mr Harbour-Bridge lat, year, 'reponible for the overall effective, organiation of the Union'. Once the office cloe at 5.30pm the Preident, and indeed the other abbatical, are till, acceible, each one of them having a telephone, in their room. It i not part of the Preident'. Job Decription to pend every evening in the Union Bar. Through the running lat term of Alcohol Awarene Week and the Welfare Survey and thi term' Aid and Sexuality Week, Mr Baker, ha demontrated that he actually care about the. tudent who elected him. Wa it hi fault that 75% of IC tudent couldn't be bothered to fill, in and return the Welfare Survey? Alo on the ubject of Welfare, the Union doe have a Student Welfare Officer and the Welfare Committee did meet lat term. A Welfare Advior, a member of the permanent Union taff, ha been appointed and hould be auming reponibilitie any time now. It take time to appoint the right taff, particularly to the pot of omething like Welfare Advior. Indeed in Mr Harbour-Bridge' reorganiation of the Union lat year he aid that the Union wa 'maively undertaffed', o when taff are appointed the right choice i eential. Mr Baker doe care about accommodation and i currently involved in aeing the value of ubwarden. The rent level currently being charged for College hall were agreed during Mr Harbour- Bridge' year a Preident, o why didn't he do anything about it? And on the ubject of the merger with St Mary', why wan't a merger agreed lat year? I believe that the article written by Mr Harbour- Bridge i a cae of 'our grape' a a reult of probably a few thing. Firtly Mr Baker' attempt at a vote of no confidence in Mr Harbour-Bridge at a Council meeting lat term, and econdly Mr Baker i more popular and i doing a better job than Mr Harbour-Bridge ever wa or ever did. Okay, Mr Baker' 'public image' i not a great a Mr Harbour-Bridge' wa, but Mr Harbour- Bridge got hi 'public image' through hi 'relationhip' with the FELIX Editor. Oh, by the way, what did Mr Harbour-Bridge actually do for Joe Student during hi year a Preident? Your, name not withholding, Chri Greenwood (Elec Eng 2). c Dear Bill, I would like to reply to the anonymou letter in lat week' iue. Hopefully we can put thi iue to bed once and for all. 1. The money in quetion i not for my benefit, it i for Indoc which doen't receive an SCC grant. 2. We were pecifically told before the Fair that Indoc would be given a cut of the profit. We were complaining becaue thi wa in quetion. 3. In four day we raied 500 for Rag and 8,000 for the Union and 2,000 for Indoc. Very arrogant I mut ay. 4. Why won't you let your name be printed? Frightened that omebody ele will bitch anonymouly at you? S / McCall. y Dear Bill, I have jut een an envelope addreed to my colleague Ian Morri, ICU Hon Sec, which ha. been poted with a firt cla frank on it. Nothing extraordinary about that, except when you conider that it ha been poted from College itelf, intead of being ent in the internal mail. A omeone who i reponible for Union finance, Nineteen pence wated by College may eem a trivial amount to quibble over, but I wonder if thi i jut the tip of the iceberg? Your incerely, Charle Brereton ICU Deputy Preident t Dear Editor, I am writing concerning the propoed expanion plan for Imperial College Radio, which 1 note have not been dicued with me. On Friday evening, January 13, I received notice from Sydney Harbour-Bridge that comment and amendment to hi uggetion hould be received before Wedneday January 18. I take thi to mean that the latet date for ubmiion i Tueday. The notification of thi leave me two College day in which to prepare ubmiion. I upect it i unlikely to have ecaped Mr Harbour-Bridge' notice that thi leave very little opportunity for the member of IC Radio to formulate a reply to propoal that are univerally held by them to be very damaging. Given that the earliet poible time that I could call a general meeting of the tation i Thurday January 19, I mut ak that the deadline be extended. Failure to do thi will reult in the member of Imperial College Radio being allowed no ay in the future of the Club to which they belong. In uch circumtane, many of them are unlikely to wih to continue providing a ervice to their fellow. A a conequence of thi, and in the light of the uncontitutional dicuion of Imperial College Radio at the lat meeting of the Publication' Board, I mut inform you that failure to extend the deadline will leave me with no alternative other than to table a motion of no confidence in the Chairman of the Board. Your incerely, Nigel Whitfield, Station Manager. y X Dear Bill, Firt of all may I congratulate you on printing the opinion article by Sydney Harbour-Bridge. Even though the article i obviouly critical about my bia toward Ent (1 wa Ent Secretary lat year!), the criticim i contructive and ha prompted me to act on a number of idea that I had helved for the time being. I therefore apologie for not having inveted enough time in certain area. With repect to your Editorial, however, I feel that uch negative and fruitle criticim will only erve to alienate people rather than encourage them to correct any mitake they may have made. I know that a certain amount of 'them and u' inherently exit between FELIX and the Union Office but if we all try to hed our own elf-advancement and conider how bet to project the Union, progre will be made and the tudent populu will ee that we're not o immature a to wreck the Union from within when external influence are having a pretty good g - Your incerely, Ian Morri, ICU Hon Sec. Page 2 FELIX January

3 l A Farewell to democracy On Monday, the Union Council will conider a propoal to abolih the Union General Meeting. The propoal ha been put forward by the St Mary' merger working party. It ha to be one of the mot aburd and dangerou propoal that thi Union ha ever conidered, all the moreo becaue, on the urface, the move appear to quite innocuou. The problem which ha been hindering merger between IC Union and St Mary' medical chool i the quetion of the Union General Meeting. The difficulty i that the time table at St Mary' Medical School doe not allow their tudent time to attend Union General Meeting at Imperial. The working party' olution to thi problem i to abolih UGM' altogether leaving Council a the only deciion making body. Such a move would mark the end of democracy within the Union. The Union General Meeting i the only forum in which ordinary tudent poe to challenge or quetion the action of their elected Union Officer. It i the only forum which tudent have for raiing motion on ubject they believe and it i the only forum they have for dicuing iue which are important to them. Without UGM' thi Union would be governed by a clique of elf eeking individual whoe interet lie more in making a name for themelve than in the long term good of the Union. Elected officer would not be accountable to the tudent who elected them and the Union would be one tage further removed from the tudent it repreent, a if it in't far enough removed already. In many way the abolihion of UGM' mark the culmination of the attitude which ha been prevelent throughout the Union thi year; a move away from conultation and toward deciion making behind the cloed door of the Union Office. Take the recently appointed Welfare Advier for example. Nigel Baker deerve a pat on the back for peruading the College to pay for a full time Welfare Advier. But he wa wrong not to bring the matter to the attention of Council or the UGM, particularly when it i poible that cut in Club and Sociecie budget may be needed to provide the Welfare advier with the 7000 reource budget he need to carry out her job. (The Union forgot to pa the relevent UFC minute through the lat Council.) No doubt omeone will raie the matter at Monday' Council, but now that the advier ha been appointed it i rather too late to dicu the merit or otherwie of having a full time advier. The proponent of abolihing the Union General Meeting argue that tudent will till be able to raie motion at Council and point out that they will be able to ak for peaking right. They argue that uch a ytem i good enough for The Univerity of London Union in their General Union Council (GUC) and o it hould be good enough for IC. There are two point to bear in mind. Firtly, to be conidered by the propoed new council, a motion would have to have 150 econder, a oppoed to our current UGM ytem where only one econder i required. It i fairly obviou that thi will make it very difficult for tudent raie motion at all. Emergency motion, which need to be draughted and ubmitted in a hurry will, of coure, have no chance whatoever. The econd point i that the GUC conit of delegate repreenting contituent College which have there own UGM ytem ie the poition of GUC i inherently different from that of Imperial and St Mary'. Alternative? I am not pretending that there will be an eay olution to the UGM problem. It may mean negotiating with the authoritie at the Medical School to ak them to rechedule lecture and holding UGM' on alternate ite, for example. What I do know i that thi Union hould be triving to become more democratic not le o. Even if retaining UGM' doe damage democracy by making it difficult for St Mary' tudent to attend it i preferable to do thi than to detroy democracy completely by abolohing UGM'. Cheee & Wine Tonight at 7pm in the FELIX Office. Everyone i welcome. There will be a mall financial contribution required. Thank to Dave, Sez, Rob, Doug, Romin, Andy, Jaon, Wouter, Summit, Liz, Paul, Adam, Saya, Syd, Penny, Roy, Hal, Nik, Wendy, Walter, Roe, Dean, Ent, SF Soc and Third World Firt for collating lat week, anyone I have forgotten and all thi week collator. Staff Meeting today 12:30. ANNOUNCEMENTS Japanee Society: Pleae contact K Yokota, Mech Eng PG (ext 6265), or K Kameko, Phyic UG2, for detail. Greater London Club. Trip to Ronnie Scott today (Friday). Cot 5 to ee Art Blakely and the Jazz Meenger. Meet 8pm at Union Snack Bar. GLC trip on Monday (23rd Jan) to ee Wogan. Meet 8pm Union Snack Bar. 30 place. GLC trip to Jongleur on Friday 27th Jan. 4, include tranport there and back. Only 30 place. Girl tenni team practice tart again thi Sunday from Ham to lpm at IC court. Expect to ee all the old member there and any newcomer welcome too. FOR SALE Openreel Vi" '4-track' ound on ound recorder. Normal, X2, X4 caette pd. 60 including lead. Ba guitar, 2 pickup. 35. Contact C Wong (Phyic 2). Vauxhall Cavalier 1300 Saloon, B Reg Contact Adrian Hick via Dramoc 3531 or Elec Eng UG pigeonhole. ACCOMMODATION Firt week of MarcVi hared accommodation available in Baywater. Contact A Tamdjidi, Aero 3 or phone people in Hamlet Garden. Available from 22/3/ per week (rent rebate available). Contact Chritine Tuckett (Life Sci 2) via Biology pigeonhole. PERSONAL Wot no Zev Greenjacket Bab Don't forget our ecret meeting on Wedneday 2.15pm outide the bookhop. I haven't een Pam ince the Dirty Dico...honet. Small lonely pine tree eek companion for lating friendhip Beit Quad. What' green and mell of cucumber? How long i your cucumber? Lot: Small, furry, black hat, prefer dark corner, liable to bite. Reward. Return to FELIX Editor. Beware the RCSU dream ticket. inot if you don't take your boot off you don't, luv D. We're not having that a Preident. Monday 23rd i approaching fat. Can you tand the upene? Wanted dead/alive peron to hare room, either ex, would conider inflatable. Box 725. Surrogate father available, x cheap rate. Contact Bill T want to have your babie' Goodwin. Wanted: Legal advice concerning forthcoming lawuit. Apply Norman Rat (Deceaed). Saucy Suan reveal all. The hottet ex line in IC on Chemitry 1 claim another victim! The Penthoue Club. The EEC wine lake, the EEC butter mountain, now the RCS mutard lake and the RCS onion mountain. Mon Dieu! C'et beaucoup de onion! Why aye yer bugger! D 'yer won ter, buy um onion? Will Steph 'Ballcruher' Snell be taking part in the wretling in the Great Hall on the 26th? Tim the Toyboy Dave the Face Paul the Eunuch! Phallixword: Flamey. Your bodie in overdrive, but you mind' in revere. Extai or Joanie, which i wore? Beware of 12 bar; He' the cure. The Lat Main Block. Phallixword: Twelve Bar Extai Baffled Flamey with a move Ray hadn't een in the back By God. The New Breed: The Lat Main Block. Want to win a bottle of wine? Or even join the blind tating team? Then come along to the UDH on Tueday at 6pm. If you've heard of Muffin the Mule, here come Robin the Mule. Ak Helen for detail... Did Rick Atley model himelf on Steve, come along to Computing 2nd year and ee for yourelf. Q. How do you get 24 people in a 17 eater van? A. Do it on a Thurday. Deperate computing econd year eek intelligent third year for a lating copy of Pacal Compiler. See Zmaccw41. January FELIX Page 3

4 n R So you are in your final year now, eh? What are you going to do afterward? Don't know? Good, you are jut the peron who'll make a good accountant. But I'm afraid that if you tarted your academic life by being acked from your firt kindergarten, then pleae continue filling in thoe SAF' for engineering firm. In le tactful circle, you'll be known a a kindergarten drop-out. Ye, ir, thi career i for the hiflier. That mean quite a lot of you, judging from the number of engineering tudent going into accountancy. 'So why hould I be an accountant?', a clever dick amongt you ak. 'I don't want anything to do with thoe, Uerggh, yuppie!', ay another. Very true. "They are boring'. True. True. 'Counting book, machine, money or whatever it may be that other people have, i not my idea of a career'. Hmm, you might have a point there. 'What?! Three more year of tudy. No thank, I've had enough of three year here'. Alright, Alright (will the clever dick amongt you hut up o that I can get on with my article here?). So there might be a few, how hall I put it, etback in thi. But there i one thing that will totally eclipe that viz. Loadamoney!! Yep, folk, there' gold in them thar' filofaxe. And for thoe do-gooder out there who might be inclined to quetion the ethic and related rubbih of thi kind, then I'd like to quote an authority on moral ethic, that great bation of capitalim, the idol of yuppie (whoe name ha currently tepped on a banana kin in my brain) 'greed i good'. That hould put to ret any moral maeltrom that ha ever prouted in your mind. (Ah ye! It wa Gordon Gekko.) So how do you go about joining thi noble profeion? Thi article will tell you all you need to-know and more. Firt of all, you've got to decide which firm to apply to. That, of coure, would be the firm with the bigget alary and benefit. Let u ay that it fall to the chartered accountancy firm Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown & Brown. One thing one mut know i that accountancy firm only take thoe bozo who are paionately intereted in joining them o if you do not fall into that pecial category of bozo, who know their Ernt & Whinney' from their Peat Marwick', then apply to the lot and be paionately intereted in joining any firm who bother to call you for an interview. The initial part of the application form regarding your peronal hitory hould be eay enough. In paing,' I'd jut like to point out that it pay to be economical with the truth. I'm not aking anyone to lie (hock, gap, horror!), I'm jut initiating you into a few fact of life. If you find yourelf unable to finih thi portion, with enough pice to pale Madra Vindaloo in comparion, then I'm afraid you are, a the aying goe, up the paghetti junction without a teering wheel. You might a well crah out now. And then come the hard part, filling in thoe tupid quetion, along the line of 'Why do you want to be an accountant', 'What i your career plan?' etc. Don't depair, the majority of tudent hit againt a blank brain at thi point. The correct procedure, or o I'm advied by a friend, i to find out who i the literary buff in your year from the departmental grapevine. Then you have to pile him with enough free beer/mar bar ('Inveting in the future') to become matey. When you feel you have reached the tage where you and him are a couple of real good pal, like what'-hi-name and who-wa-it in the Bible, then you have to delicately introduce him to your little problem. Ten minute later, your problem' olved. Eleven minute later, you dump him. Next, to enure a good recommendation, you have to get in the good book of your tutor. Be generou with the butter. It' jut too bad if you've pent a coniderable portion of your time here, avoiding them in the lift and corridor. Put the good old tone on the heart and get on with it. Write a covering letter in the betet of your writing and Englih, remembering to remove any dripping noegoo and beer or curry tain from the paper and the application form, and pot it to the relevant geezer at Brown, Brown^ Brown, Brown & Brown. The poet Wordworth ha recorded how hi cardiovacular ytem wa apt to leap up when he beheld a rainbow in the ky and thi could be how your ytem behaved when you beheld the letter from the abovementioned gang about two week later. If you've followed my advice you will find within a note regitering you to call on them at the relevant time and date. The interview i your important chance to trike 'em dead with your charima and knowledge. It i important here to dre well. Intelligent a you are, you can ee that a bimbo call him Bimbo I who want to impre another bimbo Bimbo II tart at a eriou diadvantage if he i wearing a crumpled hirt and a jean with a tylih tear on the knee. You need to put the PR mile on the face, even if the amount of cologne the honourable interviewer are wearing, give rie to emotion poibly comparable to Jack the Ripper. You have to convince the interview panel that you are the peron they've been looking for all thee year. Don't heitate to tell them how hard you had to work to get your 3A'. Show them your entrepreneurial pirit by giving detail of the ecurity ervice that you introduced, for a fixed um (or in ten eay intalment), for lowerformer at your chool againt the bully (the fact that the bully wa yourelf i completely and abolutely irrelevant). And what about the time when you muggled a few book from Foyle and old them to friend when you and your bank manager were having a little miundetanding. Every bit help. And again if you have followed my advice then in a week' time again, you will receive a letter from Brown or Brown or Brown or Brown or it may even be Browninforming you of their deciion and wihing you good luck in your job hunting 'Bahibazzok, nincumpoop, tenapin, troglodyte, dipomaniac, filibuter' you quote the great Captain Haddock expreing your feeling. '* **!? **!' you quote yourelf, expreing your feeling a little more in depth. Well don't be too hard on yourelf. Remember all great (and very rich) men were initially either ridiculed or rejected by their ocietie. So continue applying, you are bound to hit it lucky at one time or another. R It i probably true to ay that we have all adjuted to living in a technological world in which cience ha gone dometic, buine ha gone computer, and peronal attention in bank ha gone to the four wind. It i alo true to ay that Walter ha adjuted le willingly than mot; even he, however, i now ued to bar code, keypad, and inerting hi card with the black tripe facing down and to the right. Notwithtanding thi, the latet electronic attempt on hi anity ha come dangerouly cloe to ucce. The device in quetion i the Pion Peronal Organier 2. Walter would like to point out that he peronally doe not own one of thee horror, but omeone of hi cloe acquaintance doe, and i rapidly making himelf unbearable; the air around him i punctuated with an endle erie of beep and whitle. Look! If you pre thi button it turn itelf into a helicopter. Whilt on the ubject of technology, thoe ladie and gentleman of Imperial College Radio have hit the headline for the econd time in only ix year with their taunch reitance to the idea of radio commercial. Thi i one of thoe occaion where Walter really doen't undertand the working of the collective mind of Imperial College Union. It eem obviou that a precondition of accepting advertiing i that omeone i litening to it that will be in a poition to pend money a a reult of it. Student? Imperial College Radio? Think what you are aying. Mind you, when omeone doe liten - or read - the power of the pre become obviou, a in the cae of the Caterpillar Cafe, o named after a tory appeared in FELIX highlighting the preence of a certain animal in the chilli. To think that Nigel Baker didn't believe u. Of coure, we all know you houldn't believe everything you read in the pre. Certain peron of mall credence have even extended thi to the aying of our College Secretary and local diplomat, John Smith. Walter would ugget that it might be time to tart litening, for the following reaon: John Smith will oon be leaving u, and it i tempting to peculate that the good gentleman may have a few thing to ay before he goe. Skeleton from the college cloet, perhap? Well, we live in hope. Page 4 FELIX January

5 w New lock were introduced in the Union Building over the Chritma. holiday in an attempt to increae ecurity and reduce the large number of theft taking place. Union Deputy Preident Cha Brereton who wa reponible for the cheme told FELIX that he upected that many of the piece of tolen equipment in the Union had been lot to uncrupulou taff and tudent member who have copie of the old 'Arthur' R37 mater key. He added 'It i quite poible that ex-taff are coming back and uing key to obtain equipment from within the Union Building'. He claimed that there were 'mae' of the key going round and he blamed thi on the fact that the lock have not been changed ince 'before he wa born'. The new ASSA 6000 key have proved ucceful o far according to Mr Brereton who added 'however, the door of the Union are o bad that if omeone wanted to enter the building it would be eaier to knock the door down rather than touch the lock.' The new key to the external door have been iued only to the abbatical officer and the Union Manager, David Peacock. Chairmen of club and ocietie, and other club member deemed to require a key by the Union Preident will be given key to their toreroom. Entry to the main Union Building between the hour of pm and 6 am will be via the Beit ecurity taff ubject to clearance by Mr Brereton and Sherfield ecurity. n 8 Imperial College Union ha appointed a new Welfare Advier, Yve Poner. The cot of the new appointment will be met by the College and the Union are hoping to peruade the College to contribute a 7000 annual welfare budget. If thi move i unucceful the money will be raied by cutting back expenditure on club and ocietie, according to Union Preident Nigel Baker. M Poner will be able to advie tudent on houing benefit and landlord/ tenant relation, a well a legal, conumer and immigration problem. She will alo provide aitance with letter writing, phone call and filling in form. She will be available for conultation from 1pm onward from Tueday to Friday in the Welfare Office in the Union Building, formerly the Jazz and Rock Club. Form, leaflet and reference book will alo be available from the Welfare Office. M Poner ha ten year experience in welfare and benefit work including even and a half year working for the DHSS, a year a leader of the Haringey private ector houing benefit team and eighteen month a a Welfare Officer for Ilington Council. r Student may loe ome of their protection againt eviction and may have to pay higher rent a a reult of the firt tage of the 1988 Houing Act which came into effect lat Sunday. Two new form of tenancy agreement have been produced: long term 'aured tenancie', and 'aured horthold tenancie' which are for fixed period, ome a hort a ix month. Both increae the landlord' power by allowing the landlord to et rent at 'market level' and, unlike current contract, to apply to the court for eviction if the term are broken or if the tenant i more than three month in arrear. Landlord are alo permitted to charge 'key money' for taking up or renewing a contract. Mot tudent' landlord are expected to opt for ix month aured horthold tenancie. Thee will give the tenant only ix month guaranteed reidence, after which the landlord ha the right to evict. Any contract entered into before lat Sunday will till be covered by the old act. The new regulation are only likely to come into effect when contract are renewed or new contract entered into. The tenancie will be adminitered by Rent Aement Committee which have replaced the more powerful Fair Rent Office. The committee have no power over new contract but they can attempt to block exceive rent rie. Bruce Kent, the former Chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Diarmament will be peaking at College on Thurday 26th January. Mr Kent, a former Roman Catholic priet, will be addreing Imperial College Methodit Society in Mech Eng 220 at 1pm. ' o m\ N O S M O K I W G,! The Union Snack Bar (now officially renamed the Caterpillar Cafe) ha been deignated a non-moking area. ' Originally a UGM deciion from lat year, the moking ban wa alo decided upon at a Union Catering Committee Meeting. The meeting I alo noted a 21% drop in lunchtime I ale compared to the '87-'88 eaon. January FELIX Page 5

6 l ELLERTRAVELLERTRAVELLERTRAVELLERTRAVELLERTRAVELLERTRAVELLERTRAVELLERTRAV k Imagine tanding alone on Wet 34th Street in downtown Manhatten, ruckack on back, overwhelmed by the humidity and pace of the Big Apple, armed only with $250 and a work via. The propect of urviving for three month in thi rat race look bleak and terrifying. Yet thi i how I and 3,999 other Britih tudent began what i probably the bet experience of our lifetime. A I ailed on the ferry toward Martha' Vineyard Iland, I really began to feel the excitement in what I wa doing. There on the horizon lay the ilhouette of the Vineyard, where a new job, a new home and a whole new circle of friend wa waiting. Three month earlier I had ecured a job in a andwich/ice cream hop. When I walked in there for the firt time, I wa urpried to find the hop full of Britih tudent alo working there and after five minute I felt completely at home. It i impoible to decribe the 10V2 week I pent on the Iland in a few paragraph. Student from the whole of New England had gone there to work for the ummer, and the atmophere wa incredible. There were endle partie, midnight wimming trip in the local lagoon; jeep ride around the iland; lying on the golden beache Grand Canyon jut became a daily duty. It eemed a though I wa making new friend every day. American tudent are ocial animal and quickly make you feel a though you have known them for year. Half way through my tay, I changed job, not becaue I didn't like the other one, but I wanted to have a different atmophere. My econd job wa in an amuement arcade, and I wa the only Brit working there. It meant I really had a tate of working in America. The end of the American ummer i marked by Labor Day. The ummer work had dried up and it wa time for me to et out upon the econd half of my ummer. I had one month before I had to return to England, o I bought a thirty day Greyhound bu pa, and et out to ee America. It i quite impoible to appreciate the ize of America when you live - in England. Bu trip of fifteen hour, which didn't eem to take you any ditance when you looked at the map, became the norm. But each journey wa different and never boring. The larget proportion of the Greyhound' clientele eemed to be Britih tudent, ingle parent familie and wierdo (the latter being the bigget category). I travelled 5,000 mile all together. The highlight of the month wa Statue of Liberty definitely the Grand Canyon. The heer proportion are beyond imagination (one mile deep, four mile wide at it narrowet point and 217 mile long). The cenery i breathtaking, no camera could ever capture the beauty of the painted rock et againt a clear blue ky. Another place which tand out in my mind, almot a a complete contrat, i La Vega. The ight of row and row of middle aged American hypnotically pumping quarter into the lot machine i both amuing and ad. The blinding neon and glitzy caino at nighttime are replaced by tacky building with overweight ign during the day. During my lat week I went up to Canada, and got a mall tate of thi huge country. The citie of Toronto and Montreal are o vatly different from their US counterpart, that they could be 1000 mile apart rather than two hour drive. They are clean, friendly and afe, and I left with the feeling that I'd like to pend a lot more time exploring the ret of Canada in the future. I would definitely recommend everybody to go to America at leat once in their live. But the experience i greatly intenified by taying out there for three month working and i ideal for tudent. If you would like more information write to BUNAC, 232 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London. TextiChri Shaw Picture: Jackie Godfrey Page 6 FELIX January

7 R Charter 88 i a call for the introduction of a written contitution for Britain that would guarantee civil libertie in the form of a Bill of Right. It' ignatorie believe that freedom could be curtailed in thi country, write Robin Davion. I Britain free from threat to liberty? Generation of Briton have grown up expecting to live in one of the world' mot free countrie, but if aked what their civil libertie were they could give no reply. Thi i becaue we have no written contitution, explaining exactly what are our right. Britain' Parliament i known a the 'Mother of Democracy', our reputation for an impartial and fair judiciary econd to none, and our liberty i the envy of the world. Thi i a prevalent attitude but i dangerouly complacent according to the ignatorie of the Charter 88. The Charter, call for civil libertie to be guaranteed by a Bill of Right on a model that i imilar to the one which exit in America. In the United State all legilation i teted for uncontitutionality by the Supreme Court, the equivalent body in Britrain would be the Houe of Lord. hifted Britain i unique in having 300 year of Parliamentary democracy Charter 88 wa launched in conjunction with the New Stateman and Society and the Electoral Reform Society. It i endored by 250 celebritie; thee are motly journalit, author, writer, artit and politican who could be decribed a liberal-left wing intellectual and are concerned that the period the preent Government ha been in power ha left civil libertie undefended. The advantage of a written contitution are that the 'entrenched' claue can only be changed by long and protracted ammendment. Any Government in power would find it hard to change the document becaue it would have to be paed by an independent body. Their idea i that, like in other countrie, the written contitution would have an 'aura of magic' which would make it acroanct. The motive of thi group appear honourable, they eem to wih to preerve freedom, enhance democracy and are very liberal and European in nature. The diadvantage of a contitutional change of thi nature i that change to it can long and protracted. In America, for example, equal opportunitie leglilation ha not been introduced, becaue all 50 tate have to agree to it. Britain, though not a federal tate, could pa uch law in one Parliamentary term. How ha Britain' unwritten contition come into being? We are unique in Britain in having had 300 year of parliamentary democracy in which the network of law that preerve our liberty have been formulated. It i from the 'Gloriou Revolution ' of 1688 that the principle of a democratic monarchy have been etalihed, but the ignatorie of the charter claim that power of the monarchy wa only from the hand of an abolute monarch to a parliamentary oligarthy. They aert that Britain ha a long hitory of freedom document, for example the Magna Carta, igned by King John and the people' charter of Critic, have claimed that by apeing the name of the Charter 77 movement in Czecholovakia, a freedom and civil right Covenant the written contitution would have an 'aura of magic' the ignatorie do no jutice to their cae. Condition here are o much better than in the Eatern Block o a not bare comparion. The Independent newpaper in an editorial propoed that the European Convention on Human Right could be incorporated into the legilature. Thi would be a The Charter make the following call; A Bill of Right guaranteeing the following freedom; Right of Aembly Freedom of Aociation Freedom from Dicrimination Freedom from detention without trial Guarantee of trial by jury Guarantee of privacy Freedom of expreion The Charter alo call for the etablihment of; Open Governmment and freedom of infomation Election by proportional repreentation A non-hereditory Houe of Lord Executive Power under Parliament Legal remedie for abue of power Reform and guarantee the independence of judiciary Incorporate univeral Citizenhip in to the Contitution hortcut to achieving the ame objective. The European Convention wa drawn up after the Second World War in a manner uch a to be acceptable to the 21 member of the Council of Europe. It ha everal 'let-out' claue that would make it more acceptable to government, for example, interference with the exercie of a right can be anctioned, 'in the interet of national ecurity, public afety or the economic well being of the country '. The Charter alo expree the need for electoral reform to a ytem of proportional repreentation and in doing o ha only recieved warm upport from the Labour Party. Roy Hatterley, Labour deputy leader, writing in the Guardian claim that Charter 88 diminihe the importance of poitive apect of freedom. He claim, focuing attention on lo of freedom, that tate interference of civil right i not enough, for example, the right to a baic 'living' wage. He cite T H Green who defined freedom a 'a poitive power or capacity of doing or enjoying omething worth doing or enjoying'. Green wa dicuing the Irih Land Act lat century that prevented landlord and tenant freely igning agreement in which they were uually ruthlely exploited. However the charter ha generally received cro-party upport. The New Stateman and Society document 88 cae where they believe individual freedom have been lot in the lat 100 year. The Britain ha a long hitory of freedom document mot recent of which i the lo of the 'right to ilence' in Northern Ireland' trial, but other jut from 1988 include the ban of interview of paramilitary upporter on radio and televiion. The upporter of Charter 88 do not believe that their demand will be met immediately they conider that change of thi magnitude would take over 25 year to complete, however the dicuion of Human Right i their immediate objective. Perhap it hould be remembered that few people ever mi their liberty until it i taken away from them. January FELIX Page 7

8 The wodge of paper you are now holding in a pair of weaty hand reache you via the undying (hmmm...alm enthuiam of the FELIX taff. A merry band of men (and women), we are led by our illutriou leader, Goodwin, FELIX Editor extraordinaire, in a paciou open-plan office in the corner of Beit Quad. I H Thi i where it all tart... Reearch i the central activity of the new-team. The team i headed by a man who alway ha hi head in the cloud, Dave Smedley, (a great cloud of fag moke follow Dave round wherever he goe) backed up by Sez Wilkinon, Rob Davion, and anyone ele cloe enough to be aked to write a new tory. Much to the annoyance of variou people in College and the Union, thee brave oul trek all over the campu to interview notable and generally be noey about thing that aren't their buine. Having dug up enough candal to make a reaonable tory, the reporter it at a word-proceor and write their variou piece, uually continuing late into Thurday evening in order to enure that the new i 'New' and not 'Old'. G Thi tep, completely unneceary mot of the time (oh aye, tell u another), mean peruadinjyigrneone to read through the typeet, carefully highlighting^pj g error, pelling mitake, etc. The text i returned to flm typeetter operator who diligently weed out all the mitaia. In fact, thi proce uually take two or three cycle to remove all the error, and even then, the odd one manage to lip thrugh. No one' perfect... The naty camera i I % G by Steve Meyfroidt Hand-written or word-proceed text need to be preented in a final, printed form; the typeetter, a kind of high-powered computer/laer-printer i ued for thi. During the week, the typeetter i operated by Roe Atkin, whoe delicate finger tickle the keyboard all day long; but when he flit off at 5.30 the ret of u are left to grapple with the beat ourelve, which uually reult in mile of wated typeet paper. It' quite facinating to ee the thing et an entire two-page article onto a ingle line. Facinating. But completely uele. The typeetter terminal act in a imilar way to a normal wordproceor, albeit rather crude in many repect. The clever bit live in another box to which the terminal i attached; it take a text file, complete with embedded control code to determine font (typeface), point ize (text ize i meaured in point), and other clever thing, and 'print' it onto photographic film. The film i developed in a proceor which dunk the film into variou chemical bath and then drie it ready for ue. E The proce camera i an eential piece of machinery to the production of FELIX. And it know it. That' why it enjoy breaking down or re-programming itelf at the mot critical period of activity... During the final tage of Union Handbook production lat ummer the thing took it upon itelf to collape before my dibelieving eye. The firt time I'd ued it by myelf. With 30 or o job to get done. And it decide to blow itelf up. D ve Smedley (the Handbook editor at the time) wa mildly peeved; not only did he go up the wall, he clung to the ceiling and tayed there until the repair-man had been two. day later. Anyway, when it decide to work, the proce camera will reduce or enlarge artwork, and alo produce the 'dot-creened' photograph you ee reproduced in FELIX. (Photograph need to be converted into dot before printing; look cloely at a 'photo on thi page and you'll notice the dot.) A it name ugget, the camera ue photographic method, although the paper ued i developed automatically in a proceor to give a finihed 'photo' in about a minute. (The 'photo' i uually called a 'bromide'.) The camera i alo ued later on in the production proce to make the printing plate ued by the pre- - ee below.

9 P Each page of FELIX i laid out and tuck down on 'pate-up' heet. Thee heet are pre-printed with a 'grid' that define the poition/width/depth of the column of text, and, in theory, they enure that all text i traight. Length of typeet with accompanying bromide are tuck down on the heet with 'Cow Gum,' which fill the office with olvent vapour. Could it be thi olvent that caue people to get 'hooked' on producing FELIX? A. pot of glue G G By mentioning the pre (or 'litho', ince it ue lithographic procee to tranfer the image to paper), I am immediately riking thi week' FELIX. The litho i very enitive, and if 1 lag it off too much, it will take one look at the tack of nice clean paper waiting to be fed into it, grab a much of it a it can, hred it into confetti, then ditribute the confetti about it internal. At thi point, Dean would try to retrain the beat, while tying hi hoe-lace together to create a make-hift nooe. The litho' temperamental nature i the reaon that Dean liten to Radio 4; the oothing ound of Joe Grundy in The Archer, and the ueful advice given on Woman' Hour eem to calm the litho omewhat. However, by the time our new-team ha pated up the front page on Thurday night, Dean ha uually gone home, leaving Bill to peruade the litho to print the lat ide. Bill han't quite got the right technique, and often upet the poor litho by playing 'tatele' muic uch a Bob Dylan' Dear Landlord while operating it. By thi time of night the machine i really knackered, and to taunt it with Dear Landlord i jut too much. Bye bye ay litho. Oh **** ay Bill... The completed pate-up heet are pirited away by Dean Vaughan, our ever-o-ligh ' azy printer, to the camera room. Relieving hi grubby j : of their coating of ink while he ue the camera, Deaf Jbe the pate-up heet to produce a pecial negative that a a plate when fed into the plate-maker. Plate are not made of finet bone china. They are flexible aluminium heet, carrying an image of the page to be printed" on their urface. Bill not G moking iou'll notice that the page of FELIX are folded. Thi job i uppoed to be done by a marvelou piece of technology called, not urpriingly, the folding machine. With a combination of" pulley, lever, and rubbe&wlpl (I kid you not!), thi marvel of modern cience manage to fold the printed page in half. Sometime. Thi i another temperamental machine, and it often pit out the main crew holding it together jut o that it can have a ret. We do try and keep it all in one working piece; the amount of ellotape ued to do thi i enormou... G After being folded, the page are put inide each other to make whole FELIXe. Thi i called collation. I don't really want to publicie thi too much, but on Thurday night, we have a collation party. Open to everyone. Completely free. Lot of fun. The reaon I don't want to publicie thi weekly event? Becaue I don't want everyone to ruh down, gatecrah it, and drink all the free booze. N Alone figure trundle acro the campu. He puhe a hopping trolley before him and look immenely tired. Stopping, he toop down over hi trolley, pick up a heavy pile of paper and hamble over to a table. The pile i dropped and the. myteriou figure droop back jo hi trolley... Who i the figure,. and what i he doing? Well, it' Bill on a Friday morning. The trolley contain thouand of copie of FELIX which are depoited at trategic place for. thouand of tudent to pick up on their way to firt lecture. Perhap in future you will realie the effort that goe into producing FELIX every week. You might even want to come down and help! If o, drop in one day; you might even enjoy it... Someone trange

10 Andv Clarke Sez Wikinon Y DAVE S D ave, being New Editor, i an excellent ource of goip. He' alway ready to throw really wicked (crucial, man!) piece of arcatic wit into converation. He' alo alway prepared to reminice about the good old day when he wa Broadheet Editor and had to collate all night becaue no one could be bothered to help... I know how he feel. BILL G N i FELIX editor: obviou by the haggard, worried expreion he uually carrie around with him while trying to hold the office in ome kind of order. Sometime he hide thi expreion under hi 'lovely' hat, and get pied to forget that FELIX exit. If you need to find Bill, look for * + omeone wearing a hat and wearing at the Union, Council, UFC, Pub Board... DEAN VAUGHAN WENDY KITE Wendy joined the FELIX at the tart of the year and ha rien to the exalted height of Feature Editor. Jut to make a change, he jutifie thi poition by being good at it; her ) nice mile, ene of humour and kill at making coffee are entirely incedental. R,B D-./N by Steve Meyfroidt STEVE M T Steve' function in FELIX i not clearly defined, which mean that he get hi noe into everything. He produce arty layout, in depth article and rude feature about! ++ other FELIX taff member. Cheer, Steve, the cheque' in the pot. (I didn't write thi - Steve) ANDY BANNISTER!" z WARREN #$%&' official title i 'Buine Manager'. She hale Bill all day long, which i alright becaue he enjoy it. Liz i the one who end out invoice and trie (deperately) to make the book balance and end meet (that' enough cliche!). Anyone know where we can find an odd 5,000 for a new folding machine? THE)*"+* D'(G KING Doug like hi camera, he doe. I'm ure hi converation make ene, but all thi talk about f45 and automatic hutter peed differentiation by a zoom len heatink elector make no ene to me. The taff would love to have a eriou talk with the peron who put the pychedelic patche on hi jean. R01E ATKINS Dean i the econd permanent taff member in FELIX. A right-on rebel, he'll talk politic all day if you let him. He alo ing. Loudly. And often..apart from hi official title, Rob alo act a New Feature Editor. Starting on FELIX thi year, Rob ha eaily lipped into firt place in the fahion take with an undiputable good tate in cravat. Andy' nameake give upport to people going uptair. Andy give upport to anyone in the office. He write occaional piece and give invaluable help when bit of the extremely dodgy FELIX equipment fall apart. He i alo witty, attractive and modet, and he didn't write thi bit, honet. Roe, a permanent taff member, i human, a point you might be doubting after looking at the 'photo. Page 10 FELIX January

11 n P H O E N I X Charle Brereton A Deputy Preident, Cha ha taken reponibility for Academic Affair, Overea Student Welfare, financial etimate and overeeing the work of the Finance Officer and Union Manager in area of Bar, Snack Bar, Union Building and other trading outlet. Regarding Academic Affair, Cha wa upremely qualified having been the Academic Affair Officer and involved in thi area for three year previouly; even o he appear to have been almot totally ineffectual. It wa hoped that by plitting the abbatical job and reducing the amount of work to be done by all of them it would allow the ab to ucceed in a few area rather than dabble in a number. Academic Affair wa an area which deperately needed attention and in which Cha could hine. At the end of lat year a abbatical paed Cha the idea that tudent could be made 55 better off by huffling term date and uggeted that Cha looked into it. A few month later and Cha ha achieved nothing; luckily Nigel took over the idea and reult are now being een. The College ha laid down limit for time-tabled hour of undergraduate coure and although a number of timetable which break thee limit have been ubmitted to Cha nothing ha been done. One of the mot important area in Academic Affair concern thoe tudent who fail and why. Much dicuion ha taken place on College committee about thi matter, but no one ha any fact to go by. In lat year' annual report Cha wa paed reponibility for running a non-graduate quetionnaire, yet while Nigel ha managed to urvey every College tudent for Welfare, Cha ha not been able to track down the few who failed and I wonder if he would know what to ak them if he did. In the area of Overea Student Cha wa paed reponibility for the Third World Firt tudent cholarhip. A large amount of thi cholarhip had already been ecured, but ome crucial matter needed work. Six month have elaped and Cha would appear to have done nothing. We are now reaching the tage where we may loe the ground previouly gained and the programme intigation date will definitely be put back, if it tart 'Cha Brereton: almot totally ineffectual?' at all. Whilt the rent in hall of reidence were being dicued at an important UGM lat term, it wa propoed and eventually paed that Overea Student fee hould ubidie Hall rent. Thi i quite obviouly dicrimination againt Overea Student, yet Cha Brereton' voice wa not heard on the matter. The vote wa won by only one vote: Cha voted in favour of the motion. Cha' work in the Union Building ha been outtandingly bad and I hall ave much of it for other article, but it i exemplified by the cae of the Central Staircae toilet. The toilet were large, underued and men only, o an expenive alteration programme, to plit them into men' and ladie' wa tarted. College puhed the work through at the mot difficult time of the year o that the ladie' would be available for Freher' Week. Having organied thi with help from the Union Manager, Cha failed to notice a lack of towel, paper dipener or oap on either the plan or the finihed item: thee toilet were almot unuable at the beginning of term and, depite many complaint, until approximately two week ago. In overviewing the work of the Union Manager the DP mut make ure that the hort term interet of the tudent are balanced properly againt financial gain o that tudent will benefit in the long term. I woud ugget that up until now Cha ha failed in thi apect for both the tudent and the Union, but that' another tory. Finally, according to hi job decription, Cha i reponible for ecurity; there ha been a new ecurity lodge built in the foyer of the Union Building to houe a guard promied by the College. That lodge ha been unfilled for three month now and lat week STOIC wa broken into at a cot of everal thouand pound. On the other hand Cha wa the only abbatical that worked over the Chritma vacation, he took office earlier than the other ab and ha dedicated hi year to the Union. Cha i an extremely amicable and friendly peron when he i not on hi high hore about being DP and I believe he till could do the job well. In hi firt month or o in office he worked alongide of me and I found him an excellent Deputy Preident. Cha doe need guidance (often away from game machine) and advice; hi fellow ab do not have the grounding in the neceary area to help him out at the moment. Nigel Baker doe not have an undertanding of balancing the interet of the tudent, even if he did run a bar, and Ian Morri ha never run a bar. A a team they could manage to fill in all their inadequacie. It might mean working after 5.30pm, even when there are not meeting, or on weekend, but it definitely mean working together, encouraging each other and not aying 'that' hi job, he' to blame'.. Sorry boy but it had to be aid. IPhoenix i the literary magazine of Imperial College. It wa founded in 1886 by H.G.Well under the title The Normal School Science Journal and now tumble into it 102nd year with me a newly appointed editor. After an experiment lat year with a maller iue publihed every term, it now return to it original format of a lim, gloy book publihed once a year, which I hope will appear during the ummer term. A for content, it' really down to you; poem, proe, photograph, drawing, eriou or not o, I am willing to accept anything of what I conider a literary nature. One hope thi will be art in the broadet ene of the word. You have up until Eater to do omething which you can end in (anonymouly or under a peudonym if you wih) via the pigeonhole in the FELDC Office or to me via Chem/Biochem 3 or Lintead Hall. If you want to dicu omething with me or perhap are more intereted in the production ide of the magazine I would be only too happy to talk to you, remember you have nothing to loe. R<?y OF IMPERIAL COLLEGE ARE YOU COLOUR BLIND? If you are, or think you may be, pleae contact Tony Marland or Julie Savage on int or through the Biophyic Department (Phyic). We deperately need you to help in a imple, painle experiment. FREE cup of coffee to all who join in January FELIX Page 11

12 n T 4567A d S If you are bored or confued by the rhetoric being blated about on tudent loan do not fear, thi article i deigned to inform the majority of tudent a to what i actually happening in the campaign againt loan. Firtly, a few quetion have to be anwered, the mot important being will a campaign againt loan actually achieve anything? That i, once the DES and the Government have et their mind on the idea i there anything anyone can do to top them. Pat cae how there i: the bet example being the propoed change in gun Law after the Micheal Ryan affair. All political partie and 80% of the electorate were behind the legilation. But then the Gun Lobby tepped in in what ha become" one of the mot notoriou bit of lobbying out: the Government then dropped the bill. The White paper on tudent loan hardly ha the ame upport to tart with. aid that potgraduate grant will not be frozen but potgrad will not be entitled to any benefit which ort of kick part-time coure in the goolie. Naturally I don't have to point out that rent around South Kenington are not on average. From the paper that Ian Morri preented to governing body lat month (which wa baed on the Reearch Service Ltd "Undergraduate Income and Expenditure Survey", which i what the white paper i baed on) the average London tudent would be 1,510 wore off(on top of what they would owe the Government) at the end of their coure, ie with total debt of more than 3,000 over and above the normal figure now. If you went to an intitute outide London thi would be nearer 1,600 (90/91 level). Even if you think loan are the bet thing ince liced bread, actually reading the white paper how it i a eriouly flawed Secondly, hould we actually try document (irrepective of it to block the white paper? Ignoring ideological bai) and hould not be the ideological argument a to preented to parliament, thi i why whether or not the Government we hould campaign againt it. ought to be committed to fully funding tudent in higher What i being done: education or whether alternative What the Union i doing: A ha ource of funding hould be found for tudent, the figure behind the white paper are baed on average. already been mentioned our Hon Sec ha ubmitted a paper to Governing Body about the London The average tudent being male, white, an undergraduate at a factor, in principal thi ratified when they have will be checked provincial univerity, whoe parent that he i not a creative accountant. have combined earning of A working party from Governing omewhere in the region of body will then be et up to decide and who get 214 a year over and IC policy on the London factor above what he hould do from hi parent. He alo pend a week rent (86/87 price) and pend the holiday at home. The average tudent would not be too adverely among other thing. Otherwie the Union i doing what it ha been mandated to: department are being polled on the propoed half day hutdown on the 19th. So far all affected by the propoal in the year polled have aid ye to it white paper except that they'll walk out of higher education owing the government around 1,600. Of coure if you're not the average tudent (ie you're in London, a (Geologyl, Life Sci 1, Mech Eng 3 & 4, Elec Eng 3 & 4, Chem Eng 4, Math 1, Chem 1, Phyic 3, DOC 2 a of 2pm Tueday). All department will have been polled woman, a potgraduate, on a parttime by Wedneday. Alo on the coure or you receive no Thurday of the 19th the RT. Hon. parental upport) the chance are you would be much wore off under the propoed ytem. It ha been Peter Brooke, MP for Wetminter South and Chairman of the Conervative Party will come and.. give a hort talk followed by quetion on hi view on loan. Thi will be at 1pm and Union card will be needed for entrance. A petition i being ent round and hould be with your Dep Rep (if you haven't een it pleae hale them). Thi will be handed into Parliament on the afternoon of the hutdown, o pleae ign it. Alo if you are concerned about the current propoal (if yoii are a firt year you hould be) write a letter to your own MP or the DES and thi can be handed in at the ame time (meet Parliament Square 3pm). On the external front, ULU are organiing a march on the 1t February (the lat day of ubmiion on the white paper) which our exec are going on. The march i from Finbury Circu in the City (Moorgate tube) to Shorditch Park (the centre of the univere, but the only route the police would allow the march to go without invoking the public order bill). And if you're really keen we need teward on the day, ee me if you're intereted. The NUS are nationally organiing a march on the 25th of February from Victoria to Kennington Park where there will be a 'fetival' like at the end of the anti apartheid march (I reckon we ought to upply a beer tent). Cooperation with the NUS i running into problem (from their end, ULU have alo had ome problem with the NUS exec about the 1t of February), o no more detail are known. The NUS i alo trying to organie a national hutdown on the 16th of February and are liaing with the AUT, NUPE etc about it. Our participation in thi will probably be decided at the UGM on the 31t. Finally ULU are trying to come up with poible alternative propoal to increae acce to higher education, which the white paper doe not do. Of coure if you get the current maximum parental contribution of 4,900 thi probably doen't concern you. Hal Calamvoki GUC delegate, ULU FCC. On Monday Griff Rhy Jone made hi debut with the Royal Opera at Covent Garden Ye, you did read it right...eriouly! In ditinguihed operatic company the irrepreible Mr Jone delighted a firt night audience by hi recreation of the comic role of Froch, the jailer, in a production of Johann Strau' popular opera, 'Die Fledermau'. The role of Froch (a peaking only part, I hould add!) i traditionally taken by a comedian. In England Clive Dunn, Arthur Englih and even Frankie Howerd have played the (uually drunken) gaoler. However, in thi new, Englih verion, by writer John Mortimer (of Rumpole fame), Froch tand on an iland of digruntled and holier-than-thou obriety in a ea of champagne and high jink. Thi treatment worked well depite obviou firt night nerve and thoe of u in the cheapet eat enjoyed the joke about our 'retricted view' of the tage and the uncrupulou Covent Garden 'Champagne puher' charging 4 a gla and 25 a bottle. Purit concern that the Viennee flavour would be lot in an all Englih interpretation were outweighed by ome good oneliner in the new tranlation and hilariou ue of the controverial ubtitle when two impoter were peaking cod French. Of coure, when inging in a language that the audience undertand, extra effort in enunciation i neceary o the audience doe undertand! Generally the diction wa good a wa the comic riming. Bet all round wa the wonderful Thoma Allen (newly CBE). However, there wa no weak link in the oloit line up. Notably, Claire Powell (Prince Orlofky) managed a difficult part well. The American, Carol Vane, a Roalinde wa definitely a cae of 'She who mut be obeyed'. Lillian Waton' Adele wa a impih a he had been on the Colieum tage, though not alway in tune, but Deni O'Neil wa an entertaining and convincing Italian (Welh!) tenor both theatrically and vocally. In concluion, the 'bat' revenge' wa an unqualified ucce and I look forward to eeing it later in the run when it ha ettled down. By now you hould be convinced, o I advie you to get down to the box office in Floral Street. Remaining performance: Sat 21t, Tue 24th. Page 12 FELIX January

13 Tune in to IC Radio every Monday morning from 8am to 9.15am for the frehet tart to the week. Filled with many of the regular feature from lat year including the infamou 9.05 claic, thi will prove a taty andwich in the lunchbox of life. Thi i a warning for all you people out there. Watch out! Alo thi i a reminder to liten to IC Radio every Thurday at 1pm for the 'Fat Trouer Show'. A uual it will be mattered with a prinkling of Mike' Handy Tip, media muddle, and competition galore where mug can win a igned limited edition poter and even an album with an occaional 'Garry Green' popping up here and there, you can be aured of a really good read of your favourite textbook. Remember no FT, no comment. PS. An FT tip: If you are having problem with your flatmate barging into your room when you're buy, try playing Wet Wet Wet. Guaranteed to end every drip running. The Audio Society ha two main function, to promote good hi-fi and to run a buying club giving dicount on record, tape, CD', etc. The firt objective i achieved through demontration by manufacturer and by lending the Society' own equipment to member. Mot of the demontration will be of Britih hifi ince it' uually much better than the majority of Japanee hardware that flood the market. There' little to ay about the buying club except that we get record and pre-recorded tape for 5 or 6, CD' for about 9 and good dicount on blank tape, video, acceorie, etc. Order can be made on Tueday and Thurday in the Union SCR (firt floor of Union) at 12.30pm, and collected on the following Thurday. The firt demontration for thi term will be given by Linn on Tueday January 24. They will be howing off ome of their equipment, probably the Sondek LP12 and Axi turntable and their amplifier and loudpeaker. The demo will be held in the Holland Club function room at 7.30pm. To get to the room you mut go through the Holland Club and out the exit at the back. Anyone intereted in the Society i welcome to come along to any of the meeting on Tueday and Thurday in the Union SCR or come to the demontration next week. THE SPORE PAGE fight and eventually came ixth. 899:;<=L t IC 4 Southampton 3 IC tormed into the lat 16 of the UAU with a cintillating diplay of 'total football' that left highly rated Southampton hell-hocked. Back at full-trength for the firt time in ix week and determined to improve on the dimal form of recent week, IC tarted trongly and were two up within fifteen minute after pectacular trike from Pip Peel and Byron Wood. Southampton then began to wake up and pulled one back but fell two behind again on the half hour when Paul Olden drilled home a header from a corner. Southampton preed forward once more and enured an exciting econd half when they prung the IC offide trap to core on the troke of half-time. The pace of the game quickened omewhat after the interval and there were chance at both end but the core remained the ame until twenty minute from the end when a Southampton free kick, albeit deflected, found it way pat a rather tatic Si Holden. With the core now level IC head dipped temporarily, but captain Nigel Collier rallied hi men, firt hitting the bar with a delicate lob and then beating four men and dummying the keeper to reotre the lead. With ten minute till remaining. Southampton threw everything forward but were thwarted by olid defending and a vital ave from Si Holden in the lat minute to atone for hi earlier error. Irrelevant picture Thi wa undoubtedly the bet performance of the eaon and keep IC firt on coure for their bet eaon ever. t Thi term' indoor net commence on Thurday January 19th at 7-8pm, and continue every Thurday of thi term. It i now important for all eriou cricketer to attend thee net, a very full fixture lit i already planned, coupled with thi, an indoor tournament i alo confirmed for thi term. There i room for about twenty people to attend each week. To give ome idea of how many to expect it would be very helpful if people could ign up ont he Cricket noticeboard (between the Union Bar and the Union Snack Bar). for all net eion meet in the Mech Eng Foyer at 5.45pm, or indicate on the noticeboard if you intend to go direct. n We arrived in Aberwytwyth after an eventful journey down the M4 and over the mountain and headed out for a chippie and pub in true fahion. The epee on Friday held everal urprie a couple of tar turn failed to hine, however, Ian Droper and Simon Evan got through to the quarter final and Caroline Bott to the ladie final, he put up a good The foil on Saturday aw 4 men and 3 ladie in action. All the men made it through to the third round jwith Gully Burn on top form and Caroline to the ladie quarter final. Selina Ward got to the ladie emi, while Liz Clark went on and came 5th in the final. Finally the abre. Adam Sadler won a bout but both he and Ian Draper were knocked out in the firt round. Dave Matthew went on to the quarter final. In the ladie both Caroline Bott and Selina Ward were knocked out in the emi. Liz Clark won the gold very convincingly in the final. Special congratulation go to Simon for daring to preide the ladie abre. Thank to Dave and Ian for getting u there omehow! CDE<CH g t The Squah Club will be holding a knockout competition with American coring (all can compete on an equal bai). Sponorhip for thi ha not yet been finalied, but may be forthcoming from Goudie International, the team' ponor. The competition will be held throughout term, with ome Wedneday afternoon court time put aide pecifically for it. Any member that are intereted hould ign the heet on the Sport Centre noticeboard with both name and memberhip number. To change the ubject, Stuart Farrar, the Goudie repreentative and coach i offering coaching to member. Standard can vary from intermediate to team tandard. It take the form of practicing routine in group of four per court, and i reaonably fitne baed (a oppoed to receiving intenive technique tuition). Cot will be about 20 with place trictly limited, given on a firt-come firterved bai. Thoe intereted hould ign the lit on the Sport Centre noticeboard (name and number) and turn up at 5.45pm, Friday 20/27 January with kit and a cheque book. D CLUB'S EDITOR Ak in FELIX for detail January FELIX Page 13

14 n A guide to event in and around IC. FRIDAY Conoc Meeting 12.30pm ME569. Friday Jamaa Prayer 1.00pm Southide Gym. Chritian Union Meeting 5.30pm 308 Huxley. Time for prayer, worhip and dicuion. Poetry Reading 6.30pm Univerity of London School of Oriental and African Studie Room G57. GLC Club Outing 8.00pm Meet in Union Snack Bar for trip to Ronnie Scott. Unlimited place. Fencing Club 12.30pm Union Gym. Meeting alo at 6 o'clock. SATURDAY Karate 10.00am Southide Gym. Beginner welcome. Build your fitne and confidence. IC Kung Fu 4.30pm Southide Gym. Beginner alway welcome. Southide Bar Birthday Party 8.00pm Everyone welcome to celebrate eight year of drinking in Southide. SUNDAY Sunday Service 10.00am Sherheld Building. Roman, Catholic Chaplain to preach at Wet London Chaplaincy Communion. Sunday Ma ' am, Wet London Catholic Chaplaincy, More Houe, 53 Cromwell Road. Alo at 6pm (followed by bar upper). All welcome. Wargame l.c'.'pm Senior Common Room. All Welcome. CHEESE mm PARTY Hi EM OFFICE IWpm TODAY (Friday) mall financial contribution EVERYONE WELCOME Kung Fu 4.30pm Union Gym. Beginner welcome. RCSU Night in the Bar 7.00pm Union Bar. MONDAY Rock Soc Meeting 12.30pm Southide Upper Lounge. Anyone; intereted in any form of rock muic come along. Artoc Meeting 12.30pm Union SCR. Sign up for how. Memberhip 2. Yacht Club Meeting 12.30pm Uptair in Southide. W.I.S.T. Meeting 12.30pm Green Committee Room. All welcome. ICCAG Meeting 12.45pm Rag Office. All welcome. Recitation of Holy Qur'an 1.30pm 9 Prince' Garden (Baement). Baketball Club 5.30pm Volleyball Court (behind Chemitry Building). All welcome. Improver Ballroom 6.00pm JCR. 80p. Beginner Rock V Roll 6.45pm UDH. 80p. "Advanced Ballroom 7.00pm JCR. 80p. Karate 7.00pm Southide Gym. Beginner welcome. Build your fitne and confidence. GLC Club Outing 8.00pm Meet Union Snack Bar. 30 place for trip to ee 'Wogan'. FREE. Latin American Dance Cla 8.00pm UDH. Cha, Samba, Rumba, etc. 80p TUESDAY CU Prayer 8.15am 308 Huxley. For thoe who think prayer i more important than leep. Free. Boardailing Club 12.30pm Southide Lounge. I Audiooc Meeting 12.30pm Union SCR. Cheap record and tape etc. Roman Catholic Ma 12.40pm Mech Eng 702. Ma followed by lunch. 50p. Ski Club Meeting 12.45pm Southide Lounge. Intereted in learning to ki? Already hooked? Want to try racing? Come and find out more. 3rd World Firt 1.00pm 4th Floor, Env Tech, 38 Prince' Garden. Beatle Hour 1.00pm For all the bet Beatle and Beatlerelated material on Cd with Spener Lane. Qur'an Tradition of Prophet 1.30pm 9 Prince' Garden. Amnety Meeting 5.30pm Brown Committee Room (top floor Union Building). Meditative Prayer 5.45pm Chaplain' Office, 10 Prince' Garden. Come and join u for ome peace and quiet. See Wet London Chaplaincy. Wine Tating 6.00pm Union Dining Hall. Blind tating competition. Beginner Ballroom 6.00pm JCR. 80p. All welcome. Judo 6.30pm Union Gym. All grade. No more complete beginner. Karate 7.00pm Southide Gym. Beginner welcome. Build your fitne and confidence. Intermediate Ballroom 7.00pm JCR. 80p. Caving Club Meeting 7.00pm Southide Upper Lounge. Everyone intereted hould come along. Audiooc Demontration..7.30pm Holland Club Function Room. Demontration by Linn Product Ltd. Improver Ballroom 8.00pm JCR. 80p. Mountaineering Club Meeting 9.00pm Southide Upper Lounge. Beginner alway welcome. WEDNESDAY Caving Club Meeting 1.00pm Hamoc Meeting 1.15pm Third Floor of Union Building. Amateur Radio Society regular weekly meeting. Intermediate Rock 'n' Roll Cla 2.15pm UDH. 80p. Jazz Dance Cla 3.15pm UDH. 80p. Karate 3.30pm Southide Gym. Beginner welcome. Build your fitne and confidence. Open Circle Study 4.30pm 9 Prince' Garden. See Ilamic Soc. Kung Fu 7.30pm Union Gym. Grandmater CK Chang' cla. Baic Chritianity 6.30pm Senior Common Room, 7th Floor. A meeting held by Univerity Chritian Outreach examining the life and claim of Jeu. THURSDAY Fencing Club 12.30pm Union Gym. Meeting alo at 6 o'clock ICYHA Meeting 12.30pm Southide Upper Lounge. Everyone welcome. Audiooc Meeting 12.30pm Union SCR. Cheap record, tape etc. Ski Club 12.45pm Southide Lounge. Debating Society 1.00pm Room 341 Math (Huxley). Arabic Leon 1.30pm 9 Prince' Garden. See Ilamic Soc. Prayer Meeting 5.30pm Chaplain' Office, 10 Prince' Garden. All Chritian in College are welcome to come and pray for the work of Chritian in College. Judo 6.30pm Union Gym. No more beginner. Soup Run 9.15pm Meet Week' Hall Baement (back by 11pm). S X Collation' lot of fun If you're not a current bun Lot of bit of paper That tate like chocolate wafer Bill will give you wine If we finih up on time. f m -a very famou poet. Page 14 FELIX January

15 n Student Loan. By the time thi come out I will have met with Pete Mee, the College' Regitrar, to go over the figure preented in my paper on the effect of tudent loan on thoe tudying in London. Subequent to thi, a Governing Body working party i being et up to ae how bet to defend tudent in London againt thi and a multitude of other 'in'. Carnival. May 1 apologie to anyone who couldn't get in on Friday evening. Unfortunately we had old out to the fire capacity limit by 9.45pm and had to allow ticket holder only to enter. Thi gave rie to a number of problem, namely people trying to break into the building from the back and trying to force the front gate open. Due to thee action, a number of complaint have been lodged which may jeopardie future bar extenion and/or prevent u from holding Carnival again. Thank to everybody that helped, particularly Cha Brereton and Jon Denham for manning the gate and to the Wing Chun ecurity for what mut have been a trying night. Indutrial Relation Committee. The IRC are meeting (for the firt time) on Wedneday January 25 to decide it aim etc. Wretling. Ticket priced 2.50 and 4 (ringide) are available from my office. Pleae upport thi event a all profit will be going to charity a well a being a dead good laugh. Don't forget the Superbowl on Sunday in the Lounge at 9.30pm and the Scotland, Wale Rugby International tomorrow in the Snack Bar at 2pm. n DP' bit for Felix 1) Key ytem: A you may know, we have had a new key ytem intalled in the Union Building. Club and Societie who a yet haven't conatcted me a regard getting key for their member hould do o a oon a poible. A 25 refundable depoit i payable for EACH KEY iued. 2) Bar Price: A a reult of the recent pay award, which were up to f2%, it ha been neceary to increae beer price by about 3p per pint. Union Bar price are till ubtantially cheaper than the local pub. 3) Lecturer Quetionnaire: Thi will be run again thi term a lat year. Your Departmental Rep will arrange pecific date and time for you to fill in the form. Unlike lat year, which wa jut a pilot run to tet the mechanic of running a Collegewide lecturer quetionnaire, and the reult of which were only iued to taff member, thi year reult will be publihed in full. 4) Security in the Union Building: A a reult of recent theft from club toreroom and locker, I will be intigating random check of Union card and Club memberhip card (where appplicable). Pleae enure that you have your card on you at all time. Your co-operation i appreciated. Charle Brereton, Deputy Preident S A new year, a new term and a new cae of literia for that coq au vin you thought would keep from lat term. So far there ha been a lot happening RCS-wie. The mot important new change i the ad departure of Profeor John Albery a Dean of the Royal College of Science. Prof Albery i off to pature new in Oxford, he ha been a popular Dean bringing new light to both the RCSU handbook and in compering the Smoking Concert lat year. He ha been replaced by Profeor Jim Barber of Pure and Applied Biology, we are all looking forward to meeting and working with Prof Barber and wih him a much ucce a Prof Albery a Dean. If you were at the Carnival on Friday you will have noticed RCS cooking burger again, it proved to be a ucceful night with the rain holding off until four econd after the lat burger had been old! However, we are till looking into elling 351b of onion and about fifteen jar of Dijon mutard, anyone intereted? Lat week hould have een the RCS Rag Tour (Northern), unfortunately due to lack of driver lat weekend it ha had to be potponed until the firt weekend in February. That i what ha happened but what have we got in tore for the ret of thi term? On February 10th we will be holding the Annual RCS Dinner, there will be a celebrity guet peaker and ticket will be going on ale oon, priced jut under 20. Alo on ale thi term will be ticket fro the highlight of the year, the Silwood Ball on May 5th, the price of thee will be 55. Finally, near the end of thi term will be the RCS trip abroad, thi year we are going to Amterdam, it' an amazing city o do ave up your pennie and be ure to go on thi one. So, until next time, thi i Dave the VP igning off. H o n The C&G Caino at the Carnival lat Friday wa a great ucce over 23,000 gambling chip were given away or 'bought' the table were crowded all night and at one point we even had to limit entry a the Caino wa o popular. The following people won prize: Grant Barta (AIFS)-Walkman with radio (core 2123) Craig Ridderkhof (Phyic 1) Walkman (core 2100) John Sear (ME1) Champagne (core 1205) J Derry (CE2) Jim Beam Whiky (core 1205) Margaret Murphy (AIFS)- 10 record token (core 1135) The prize can be collected from Wendy (ICU). Bring ome ID. Finally, thank to everyone who helped out. Chri Home, C&GU Ent. PS. We're getting ome quare chip next time o there wan't any point in keeping the old one! ICRFC IN LAST 16 OF THE UAU 1t XV v, NEWCASTLE 2nd XV v CARDIFF C&G 1t XV v EXETER AT HARLINGTON (NEAR FREE Y TRANSPORT HEATHROW) MEET BEIT QUAD 12.30, BUS LEAVES 1.00 MR & FOOD AVAILABLE IN CLUE HOUSE COME AW CHEER US TO VICWRY, WE'RE PLAYING FOR YOU January FELIX Page 15

16 I C U L o b b y continued U Imperial, noted that Mr Baker' plan were particularly unfair in that they did not differentiate between univeritie inide and outide London. Mr Robert Rhode-Jame, Conervative MP for Cambridge, wholeheartedly upported the lobby. He claimed to be one of the few Tory back-bencher who are fighting the loan ytem and aid that with tudent upport in the form of letter and lobbie a reveral of the cheme may be poible. Lynne Golding, Labour MP for Newcatle-Under-Lyme, claimed that although the Labour Party ympathied with tudent there i 'nothing they can do.' She aid, 'Mr Thatcher will puh it through anyway,' and decribed the cheme a 'depreing'. A number of other Labour MP expreed their upport for the tudent action and aid they would attempt to block the paper. ICU Hon Sec Ian Morri, whoe report 'Student Loan: The London Factor' initiated much interet in the loan iue by Imperial tudent, wa very pleaed with the event and aid it would 'do a lot more good than the NUS march lat November.' Stewart Jackon announced hi reignation from hi poition a Preident of the Univerity of London Union (ULU) at an Emergency General Union Council (GUC) on Wedneday. Hi reignation wa followed by a vote of no confidence in Mr Jackon in a move deigned to clarify the poition of ULU with the Univerity of London. Mr Jackon wa accued by member of GUC of having no repect for hi executive, the Conituent College and GUC. In a hort defenive peech, Mr Jackon admitted to claim that he had made 'political capital' from hi poition a Preident. He claimed that ULU wa 'a politically bankrupt organiation.' Reponding to accuation that he had failed to upport ULU' campaign againt Student Loan he aid that the Union hould be 'realitic' in it approach. 'I haven't old anyone out on Student Loan,' he added later. A one of four Conervative Student Union Preident in the country, Mr Jackon told the meeting, 'You're bound to be frutrated by 10 year of Tory Government.' He claimed that, a a left-wing dominated group, Student Union will be wiped out by the Government. 'They'll ay you've got no political credibility,' he aid. ULU' executive i reported to have been furiou at Mr Jackon' Jackon out, Jone in interview in lat Friday' Time Higher Education Supplement (THES). Without informing other member of the ULU executive, Mr Jackon told THES of hi intention to reign, aying that 'being a Conervative in tudent politic i like being a fox at a beagle hunt.' Mr Jackon retain hi memberhip a tudent repreentative on everal London Univerity Committee including Court and Senate ince he i regitered with them in name, rather than under hi pot. l A motion calling for the abolition of Union GeneBd Meeting (UGM') ha been put forward to Monday' Union Council for dicuion. The motion ha been tabled by the working party looking into the problem of merger between Imperial College Union and St Mary' Hopital Medical School Union and i deigned to overcome the difficultie tudent from St Mary' would have attending UGM' at the Imperial ite. The motion tate that Council, a oppoed to UGM' hould become the upreme deciion making body of the Union. Under the propoal, non-council member will be allowed to ubmit motion to Council provided that they have 150 econder. Election for Union cot will be carried out by 'election meeting' held at Imperial and St Mary'. Non member of Council will be permitted to oberve Council meeting and to requet peaking right. Deputy Preident Cha Brereton told FELIX that the working party had conidered a number of alternative to abolihing UGM' including holding eparate CCU UGM' and alternating the ite of UGM' between IC and St Mary' but had rejected them a impractical. 'If we had UGM' only at IC we would be accued of being undemocratic' he aid. Mr Brereton went on to ay that the requirement for motion to have 150 econder would give propoal 'more credibility.' He added that the problem of Union Officer not being accountable to ordinary tudent could be 'eaily alleviated by enuring that officer' report are pinned up on a notice board.' The motion alo call for the St Mary' reidence, Wilon Houe, to be prioritied a accommodation for medical tudent with the ret of IC' accommodation being prioritied for non medical tudent and call for repreentation for St Mary' and the other CCU' on ULU' General Union Council (GUC). If the motion i approved by Council it will be forwarded to the next Union General Meeting for dicuion. BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY IMPERIAL COLLEGE Firt Aid Coure A tandard Firt Aid Coure under the Health and Safety at Work Act will be held on Monday 23rd January If you are intereted, come along to the Holland Club at 6pm Hope to ee you then. Roger Serpell, Group Leader FELIX i publihed by the Editor for and on behalf of Imperial College Union Publication BoardSandi printed by the Imperial College Union Print Unit, Prince Conort Road, London, SW7 2BB (Tel ext 3515). Editor: Bill Goodwin. Buine Manager:Liz Warren. Advertiing Manager: Nick Jone. Copyright FELIX 1988 ISSN

17 W E E K Ent Carnival 1 \l4 15 \ \21 22 feux Freedom 'Skating on Thin IcV 41: Ent Dico / / Bar Quiz Wretling Tournament ) Freedom 'Cheee Tating at FELIX' I Rugby International Superbowl Ent Dico 9 10 Rugby International Bar Quiz Silwood Valentine Party 17 \18 19 Ent Dico 23 4 Hyde Park Relay/Rag Party Bar Quiz BHJ p 6 7 Bar Quiz Ent Dico Rugby International Ent Dico Rugby Internationa! t End of Term 'Stuff the Poll Tax Party' Bill' Birthday 1


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PROJECT 81 ONE STEP UP. Consumer Director Housing and Care for Disabled People. The experience of three people PROJECT 81 -ONE STEP ON

PROJECT 81 ONE STEP UP. Consumer Director Housing and Care for Disabled People. The experience of three people PROJECT 81 -ONE STEP ON PROJECT 81 ONE STEP UP Consumer Director Housing and Care for Disabled People. The experience of three people Published by: HCIL Papers, 39 Queens Road, Petersfield, Hants. GU32 388 (c) One Step On PROJECT

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You can afford to leave: A financial guide for women and children experiencing domestic violence

You can afford to leave: A financial guide for women and children experiencing domestic violence You can afford to leave: A financial guide for women and children experiencing domestic violence There are no explanations anywhere, there are no leaflets anywhere none. You tell me where there is information

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The good councillor s guide

The good councillor s guide The National Training Strategy for Town & Parish Councils The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for town and parish councillors Second Edition foreword I AM THRILLED to introduce this second

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Business Result Upper-intermediate

Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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Technology and Courage

Technology and Courage Technology and Courage Ivan Sutherland Perspectives 96-1 In an Essay Series Published by SunLabs April 1996 Copyright 1996 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Perspectives, a new and parallel series to the Sun Microsystems

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How to set up a Workers Co-op

How to set up a Workers Co-op How to set up a Workers Co-op Third edition - June 2012 www.radicalroutes.org.uk How to set up a Workers Co-op First edition written by Catalyst Collective Ltd. 1994 Updated by Radical Routes Ltd. 2003

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Designing for the Web

Designing for the Web Five Simple Steps A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton Mark Boulton Design Ltd Studio Two, The Coach House Stanwell Road

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From Idea... To Bill... To Law

From Idea... To Bill... To Law From Idea... To Bill... To Law The Legislative Process in Arizona by State Senator Randall Gnant 1 Fourth Edition 2000 by Randall Gnant Phoenix, Arizona Portions of this book may be reproduced or otherwise

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The good councillor s guide

The good councillor s guide 4th edition The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for local councillors The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for local councillors Contents Page Introduction 8 Part One Where are you

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Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа

Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко CONTENTS UNIT 1. ABOUT MYSELF............................. 4 UNIT 2. HOUSES AND HOMES........................ 33 UNIT 3. EDUCATION................................

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Connect. If I Knew Then... In This Issue... THIS MONTH S THEME: August/September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue III

Connect. If I Knew Then... In This Issue... THIS MONTH S THEME: August/September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue III August/September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue III Connect THIS MONTH S THEME: If I Knew Then... In This Issue... No money for commissary? Ask HF! (page 5) Free Minds Profile: Outreach Coordinator Sherman on his

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Asset Pricing: A Tale of Two Days

Asset Pricing: A Tale of Two Days Aet Pricing: A Tale of Two Day Pavel Savor y Mungo Wilon z Thi verion: June 2013 Abtract We how that aet price behave very di erently on day when important macroeconomic new i cheduled for announcement

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a guide for students and parents

a guide for students and parents If only I'd known making the most of higher education a guide for students and parents 1000 1000 days to shape your life Where am I now? 1 HIGHER EDUCATION IS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Whether going to university

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Researching our Experience

Researching our Experience Researching our Experience A collection of writings by teachers from: Chitulika School Kabale Basic School Mpika Basic School Musakanya Basic School Nyanji Middle Basic School Mpika, Zambia Published by

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Review of the 30 YeaR Rule

Review of the 30 YeaR Rule Review of the 30 YeaR Rule January 2009 CONTENTS Chairman s Foreword iii 1. Time to Look Again 1 2. The Rule and the Act 3 3. International Comparisons 9 4. Domestic Developments 13 5. The Evidence 20

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Employing people: a handbook for small firms. handbook

Employing people: a handbook for small firms. handbook Employing people: a handbook for small firms handbook We inform, advise, train and work with you Every year Acas helps employers and employees from thousands of workplaces. That means we keep right up-to-date

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OUT FOR GOOD: taking responsibility for resettlement. Kimmett Edgar Andreas Aresti Neil Cornish

OUT FOR GOOD: taking responsibility for resettlement. Kimmett Edgar Andreas Aresti Neil Cornish OUT FOR GOOD: taking responsibility for resettlement Kimmett Edgar Andreas Aresti Neil Cornish The Prison Reform Trust aims to create a just, humane and effective penal system. We do this by inquiring

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CATCHING THEM YOUNG. How involved Are Young Sierra Leoneans in the Art of Writing? Good Bye Teachers Good Bye Friends

CATCHING THEM YOUNG. How involved Are Young Sierra Leoneans in the Art of Writing? Good Bye Teachers Good Bye Friends Vol 1 A Publication of Sierra Leone PEN No.1 CATCHING THEM YOUNG How involved Are Young Sierra Leoneans in the Art of Writing? Good Bye Teachers Good Bye Friends Honorary PEN President Talabi A. Lucan

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SNAKES IN SUITS. When Psychopaths Go to Work. Paul Babiak, Ph.D., and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

SNAKES IN SUITS. When Psychopaths Go to Work. Paul Babiak, Ph.D., and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. SNAKES IN SUITS When Psychopaths Go to Work Paul Babiak, Ph.D., and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. In memory of Cheryl, and Paul CONTENTS Preface v Act I, Scene I - Grand Entrance 1 1. Nice Suit. Would a Snake

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THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. Stephen R. Covey THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE Stephen R. Covey Stephen Covey has written a remarkable book about the human condition, so elegantly written, so understanding of our embedded concerns, so useful

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Morning Has Been All Night Coming

Morning Has Been All Night Coming Morning Has Been All Night Coming Books by the same author Remembering and Other Poems When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat Journey in the Fields of Forever The Power Pause 3-Minutes, 3-Steps to Success

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How to choose your key stage 4 options

How to choose your key stage 4 options Which way now? 2010-2011 PARENTS &CARERS SUPPLEMENT INCLUDED How to choose your key stage 4 options Help Your choices SupportYour future Advice Name Contents Getting started Who can help you?... 2-3 Your

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The Good Practice Guide

The Good Practice Guide The Good Practice Guide for support workers and personal assistants working with disabled people with communication impairments Written by disabled people using Scope services in Essex, and in partnership

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