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2 September 29th 2007: the idea of the city and principles of sustainability R. Rogers, R. Piano, M. Vincenzi, A. Burden, O. Bohigas

3 The new municipal masterplan: the principles of the sustainable development 1. Genoa: future as a sustainable city 2. The green line and the blue line 3. Recreate a relationship with the green area 4. Recreate the city s relationship with the sea 5. Build on built-up areas 6. Favor public transport over private transport 7. Large projects and small projects 8. Urban quality 9. Social integration 10. Competitions, instrument for developing planning schedules and public projects

4 Municipal masterplan s objectives ( ) TOPIC A Social - economic development and infrastructural development TOPIC B Spacial organization of the city and urban quality TOPIC C Protection of the territory and environmental quality

5 TOPIC A Social-economic development and infrastructural development Enpowerment of infrastructural relationships (North-South, East-West) Promotion of an innovative (diversified and sustainable) productive system Genoa as a tourist city Increasing the european competitiveness of the Genoa s harbour

6 TOPIC B Spacial organization of the city and urban quality Increasing of house policies and of social services Transformation of Genoa in a metropolitan, multipolar and integrated city Strengthening of intermodal transport of the public transport Promotion of the compact city and valorization of public spaces and of the rural territory Functional re-balance of the city through the valorisation of the local peculiarities Axes of the city: architectural, landscape and environmental valorisation Strengthening of the relationships with the sea

7 TOPIC C Protection of the territory and environmental quality Development of sustainable urban areas Requalification of the public spaces and the green spaces Increase of the productive and agricultural areas inside the city

8 Sustainable city and sustainable networks Historical center environment green infrastructures social SYSTEMATIC ORGANIZATION OF HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL GOODS Transport network and refurbishing of historical center COVENANT OF MAYORS -20% CO2 +20% energy saving +20% RES LINK BLUE LINE AND GREEN LINE meters of streets with trees ADDING URBAN SUBWAY AND RAILWAY STATIONS Stations as potential poles for transforming existing buildings and areas DEMOGRAPHIC AND SOCIAL MIX Give new lustre to the Municipality s houses and buildings, integrating funcitons and support measures

9 Sustainable city: green energy -20% CO2 +20% energy saving +20% RES

10 European Commission Covenant of Mayors SEAP Strategic Energy Action Plan - 23,7%

11 Our path Enterprises and Research Municipality Communication

12 Environment Quality of life Mobility Port Genova Smart City Industrial development Tourism Job creation High tech Research 12

13 Genova Smart City Association Assedil - Ance Genova Assistal sezione ligure Compagnia di San Paolo ABB S.p.A. Aster Confindustria Genova Abirk Italia Autorità Portuale Genova Consorzio SIIT PMI ABC s.r.l. Banca Carige Abo data Banco di San Giorgio Fincantieri D'Appollonia Aitek Bee Solutions Frei s.a.s Dem Altra Iveco Biotec Sistemi Gambino Costruzioni E-geos - Telespazio AMI CCIAA Genova Carsharing Elkrom AMIU Ceisis Genova Rent Elsag Datamat AMT Genova Cemedile S.r.l. Grafiche G7 Enel S.p.A. Ansaldo Energia Cetena Gruppo IB Ericsson Ansaldo STS CLBS Columbus Gruppo Sigla Europam HG Horizons Group Facoltà di Ingegneria Ansaldo T&D Hylasoft Fiera di Genova Impara S.r.l. Sirce s.p.a. Restauri S.r.l. I2 Smartware Rina IBM Softeco Sismat San Giorgio del Porto T. Mariotti Saponificio Gianasso Tecnoconsul Ilva Selex Galileo Tecnoedile Istituto italiano Saldatura Selex Sistemi Integrati Tecnoprocess Automation Istituto SPIN - CNR Serfer Teknit Isosistemi Siemens S.p.A. Telecom Italia ITS Infinifty Sige Ubi Banco di San Giorgio Lameter Sigeco Unicredit Leonardo Sistemi Integrati SIIT Woodforyou Maneco Siit - Distretto Tecnologico Medservice Siit PMI Normac Piccola Industria Confindustria Reer Regione Liguria

14 A concrete project - CATMED Cat MED Project (Change Mediterranean Metropolis Around Time) Members: Genoa, Athens, Salonicco, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Comunité des Villages d Aix, Turin, Rome General goals: - prevent natural risks connected to climate changes - limit impact on environment stemming from urbanization - limit green-house emissions Brown fields: Bioarchitecure using mediterranean traditional materials Using green for internal and external microclimate regulation Reusing rain water for buildings internal purposes (washing machines, WCs, etc.. ) Public areas draining and photocataliptic floors Energy: Social: The project will help reduce CO2 emmissions wih the following priorities: 1- being lean: using less energy 2- being clean: give energy more efficiently 3- being green : using RES Social mix: sustainability isguaranteed bydifferent economic, cultural and age groups Functional mix: urban destinations in a sustainable quarter must be mixed and supported by clean mobility

15 MUNICIPALITY OF GENOA Thank you for your Smart attention!