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2 STUDIO MARTINI INGEGNERIA (Pty) Ltd. s mission is to provide the Client with engineering services and proper technical and economic solutions suited to meet specific requirements for the Clients. Those solutions include both large scale or network planning and specific interventions timeously identified by the Client. STUDIO MARTINI INGEGNERIA (Pty) Ltd. s main objective is to examine the status quo and compare it with its Client s needs in developing a relevant solution. Not only it examines the immediate requirements of the Client but concentrates also on their future prospect by considering the possible evolution of their backgrounds. MISSION AND ACTIVITY FIELDS The company analyses the issues set by the Client and due the physical and normative restrictions. Then it develops the possible solutions, which are proposed to the Client with full technical and economic features. An additional task is to find out any possible problems not considered by the Client, understand his requirements and offer the best feasible solution in terms of technical execution. STUDIO MARTINI INGEGNERIA (Pty) Ltd is a multi disciplinary engineering firm, serving public and private sector clients. We specialize in providing quality solutions to our clients, challenges in a cost effective manner. We approach the challenges of our work with energy, high expertise and commitment to excellence. The Studio Martini Ingegneria comprises of divisions that focus on key engineering disciplines with a core competence in Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Structural Engineering and Engineering Program management. The company works in the following fields: The STUDIO ING. MARTINI S.r.l engineering company was established in 2002 as a result of the evolution of the Studio Ing. Antonio Martini, that had been working in the civil engineering field since STUDIO ING. MARTINI S.r.l identified a need to expand for the African Market and established a Black female managed South African Company - Studio Martini Ingegneria (Pty) Ltd. Studio Martini Ingegneria (Pty) Ltd is committed to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE); and a responsible corporate citizen, supports the government quest to redress past imbalances and ensure broader participation of Black people in the economy to achieve sustainable development for all South Africans. Strong commitment to facilitating socio-economic development with a strong desire to play a pro-active role in facilitating South Africa s social and economic development. Remarkable progress has been achieved since the establishment of the locally based Studio Martini Ingegneria (Pty) Ltd which saw 50 % of its ordinary shares held by South African Partners. Studio Martini Ingegneria (Pty) Ltd has a network of offices across Europe, South Africa and represented in various African Countries. Studio Martini Ingegneria (Pty) Ltd is a customer-centric engineering firm that exists to fullfill its customers requirements. This drove us to make a strategic decision to offer both in house and remote office services. CIVIL DESIGN Transport infrastructures: roads, railways, bridges, and viaducts underpasses Environment infrastructures: sewerages (WWTW), hydraulic (Water and WTW) and territorial protection works Geotechnical and hydraulic analysis; lands quality chemical-environmental analysis Works maintenance plan TRANSPORT PLANNING AND DESIGN Urban and regional transportation plans and urban traffic management plans Transportation sector studies (Environmental Impact Study and Assessment, technical-economic feasibility study) Traffic surveys and road network s development forecasting TERRITORIAL PLANNING AND BUILDINGS DESIGN Urban planning, territorial economic development plans, infrastructure and housing plans Environmental impact study and assessment New buildings design and refurbishment projects for existing buildings including historic and architectural valuable buildings WORKS SUPERVISION AND OTHER SITE ACTIVITIES Quality control on building raw materials and construction techniques Site safety coordination Solid final testing and technical-administrative final testing TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND TENDER MANAGEMENT Technical advice Technical support for tender pre-assessment and tender procedures Tender documents drawing up and economic advice Water Demand Management and Revenue management

3 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, HUMAN RESOURCES AND TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT TECHNICAL MANAGER CEO QUALITY The organizational structure of the STUDIO MARTINI ING. is based on tasks and activities division. Processes are aimed at achieving the best working efficiency and time employment. The clear task division and the continuous interaction among the various professionals improve the production process and the result at our Client s disposal. ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGER The professional competence of the whole structure is guaranteed not only by specific professional qualifications but also by the experience gained in many years of activity in the field across the world. Every part of the study and assessment of a project supports the next and increase the professional acumen of every person and of the whole organization structure and its Human Resources. PROJECT MANAGER HARDWARE/ SOFTWARE OPERATORS PURCHASING ASSISTANT The Chairman and Technical Manager of the company: transport eng. Antonio Martini: Qualified as design and executive coordinator according to Leg. Decree no. 494/96 and update to Leg. Decree no. 81/2008 Safety Consolidation Act WORKING TEAM Registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa Member of the testing technicians regional list (member no. 1202) since 31. October 2002 for the following sections: 3 - road networks 4 - hydraulic and maritime works 5 - sewerages, waterworks and pipelines in general, water treatment plants 6 - environmental protection works and waste treatment Co-examiner and supervisor as experienced engineer from 1992 to 1996 at the University of Padua, Roads and Transport Department - Construction of roads, railways and airports course Member of CIFI - Italian Railway Engineers College Member of the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee of Treviso Province The CEO; a Black female youth; Precious Maake, who specialise in Project and Programme management; Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying; A Quantity Survey qualified with the University of Johannesburg registered with The Project management South Africa (Reg No ) and Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (Reg No ) GEOTECHNICS STRUCTURES INSTALLATIONS HYDRAULICS QUALITY SUVEYORS DESIGNERS ROADS SAFETY Organization chart STUDIO MARTINI INGEGNERIA (Pty) Ltd

4 FINANCIAL DATA AND OFFICES IN THE WORLD QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM During its activity STUDIO MARTINI ING. has carried out projects and site works supervision for many interventions. The quality policy is basic in the production process of any activities carried out by STUDIO MARTINI ING. Precise guidelines and clear working methods improve the entire production process efficiency and effectiveness. As a result the company produces high quality services and products for its Clients. STUDIO MARTINI ING. owns the quality system certification since 2004 and is ISO 9001/ISO EN ISO 9001:2008 compliant, certificate No. IT04/1225 (issued by the SGS ITALY S.p.A., recognized by SINCERT - Certification and Inspection Bodies Accreditation National System), for the following activities: TOTAL AMOUNT OF WORKS FOR WHICH WE PERFORMED TECHNICAL SERVICES, AS TECHNICAL CONSULTANT AND AS A PROFESSIONAL IN CHARGE: Design and provision of civil engineering services, site supervision, technical consultancy and coordination of site safety. In 2011 STUDIO MARTINI ING. obtained the certification pursuant to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 for Review and validation of the design of work, conducted pursuant to applicable legislation as required by art. 48 letter b of the d.p.r. 207 of 5 october OFFICES IN THE WORLD: ITALY BULGARIA QATAR SOUTH AFRICA The STUDIO MARTINI ING. is a member of Unindustria Treviso (Industrialists Union-Province of Treviso) and OICE (Union of Engineering, Architectural and technical-economic Consulting Organizations). UNINDUSTRIA TREVISO

5 TRANSPORTATION PLANNING AND DESIGN PIOVE DI SACCO. CHIOGGIA Piove di Sacco Chioggia. Railway line. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Piove di Sacco Chioggia. Railway line. Connection structures to the existing road network. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION PLANNING AND DESIGN

6 TRANSPORTATION NOALE - SCORZÈ. VENEZIA Noale e Scorzè New road stretch as bypass. The intervention includes a viaduct, one underpass on the railway, roundabouts and underpasses on the existing network, 4 bridges and environmental restoration works. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Noale e Scorzè New road stretch as bypass. Some of the main structures. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION

7 TRANSPORTATION TESSERA. VENEZIA Tessera Venezia Junction between Marco Polo airport and A4 and A27 highway. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Tessera Venezia Carriageway reorganization and environmental restoration works. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION

8 TRANSPORTATION San Vendemiano Highway A27 interchange completion network. (Antonio Martini, engineer) San Vendemiano Aerial view. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION SAN VENDEMIANO. TREVISO

9 TRANSPORTATION Mogliano Veneto Bypass to the existing network for crossing removal on the Venice-Udine railway line and new link road between provincial roads. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Mogliano Veneto Aerial view. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION MOGLIANO VENETO. TREVISO

10 TRANSPORTATION CASALE SUL SILE. TREVISO MIRA. VENEZIA Casale sul Sile Completion network to Venice link Highway. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Mira Venezia Link road network and underpass on Mestre Adria railway line. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION

11 TRANSPORTATION Gaiarine (Tv) The project is part of a series of additional works to A28 highway Sacile - Conegliano and involves the construction of an 8-km-long new road near the A28 highway s toll gate of sacile Ovest. (Antonio Martini, engineer) The intervention involves the construction of four roundabouts, a bridge, cycling and pedestrian routes. (Antonio Martini, engineer) TRANSPORTATION GAIARINE. TREVISO

12 URBAN PLANNING Martellago Venezia Industry development plan. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Hydraulic and sewer construction. (Antonio Martini, engineer) URBAN PLANNING MARTELLAGO. VENEZIA

13 SEWERAGES, HYDRAULIC AND TERRITORIAL PROTECTION WORKS TREVISO MOGLIANO VENETO. TREVISO Treviso (quartiere Fiera) Sewer construction. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Hidraulic works (Silvia Galli, engineer) Mogliano Veneto Hydraulic channel calibration works. (Antonio Martini, engineer) SEWERAGES, HYDRAULIC AND TERRITORIAL PROTECTION WORKS

14 SEWERAGES, HYDRAULIC AND TERRITORIAL PROTECTION WORKS MONSELICE. PERNUMIA. PADOVA CORNUDA. TREVISO Monselice - Pernumia Hydraulic channel calibration works. (Antonio Martini, engineer) New wastewater treatment plant (active sludge) for the western basin of the Municipality of Cornuda (Treviso, Italy) (Andrea Mori, engineer) SEWERAGES, HYDRAULIC AND TERRITORIAL PROTECTION WORKS

15 SEWERAGES, HYDRAULIC AND TERRITORIAL PROTECTION WORKS UDINE UDINE Hydroelectric plant di Noiariis in Cercivento e Sutrio (Udine) (Raffaele Picci, engineer) Hydroelectric plant di Noiariis in Cercivento e Sutrio (Udine) (Raffaele Picci, engineer) TREVISO BRESCIA Renewal of industrial water and rainwater sewers in the plant in Treviso (Andrea Mori, engineer) New works by adjusting for the implementation of safety of the Lake Idro - Brescia (Raffaele Picci, engineer) SEWERAGES, HYDRAULIC AND TERRITORIAL PROTECTION WORKS

16 BUILDINGS VENEZIA Hystorical center of Venice San Marco Project financing for the restoration and rehabilitation of cinema Rossini. (Antonio Martini, engineer) BUILDINGS

17 BUILDINGS MOGLIANO VENETO. TREVISO PORTO MARGHERA. VENEZIA Commercial and office building in Mogliano Veneto - Treviso (Radames Zaramella, architect) New health district in Preganziol - Treviso (Giorgio Pradella, architect) VENEZIA MOGLIANO VENETO. TREVISO Port Area - Venice (Radames Zaramella, architect) Redevelopment plan for an urban area in the historic city centre of Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) for residential and commercial use (Giorgio Pradella, architect) BUILDINGS

18 BUILDINGS MOGLIANO VENETO E QUARTO D ALTINO PORTO MARGHERA. VENEZIA Mogliano Veneto Treviso Urban renewal intervention. Parish center building construction. Commercial, business, and residential building construction with underground car park. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Vega 2, Area ex Agip Porto Marghera (Venice) The intervention concern mq of office and mq of commercial spaces organized around mq of green areas, pedestrian squares and public park in a Science and Technology Park. (Silvio Fassi, architect) Quarto d Altino Intervention urban renewal: residential building. Executive structural design. (Antonio Martini, engineer) Vega 3, Area ex Complessi - Porto Marghera (Venice) The intervention concern the recovery of a building of industrial archeology in a Science and Technology Park. This project provide mq of office and mq of commercial spaces. (Silvio Fassi, architect) BUILDINGS

19 BUILDINGS Private house (Radames Zaramella, architect) Private house (Giorgio Pradella, architect) BUILDINGS

20 Studio Martini Ingegneria (Pty) Ltd. Gauteng Offices Unit C, Lone Creek Waterfall Office Park Bekker Road, Midrand South Africa Limpopo Offices Unit B, Glenmos Heights 5th Avenue, Bendor, Polokwane, 0700 P.O. Box 938, Thornhill Plaza, 0882 South Africa Western Cape Offices Dorp Street Square Distillery Road, Stellenbosch South Africa e.mail: tel +27 (0) fax +27 (0) Main offices in Italy Studio Ing. Martini S.r.l. Via Toti dal Monte, Mogliano Veneto (TV) Italy e.mail: tel fax