C100 EXPRESS. Digital Realty Adds Properties in NJ and UK. Partner Organisation is Globeron, Singapore.

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1 C100 EXPRESS Data Centre Leadership to Gather at Regional Forum in Asia Meeting in Singapore to address increasing concern about power and cooling and the need to introduce green technologies. BroadGroup, a consultancy in data centres, today announced the second regional level Data Centre Asia 2008 (DCA08) Conference which will take place in Singapore November 2008 at the Pan-Pacific Hotel. The company claims that it has found that the development of green data centres is lagging in some Asian markets, but expects this to change in the next twelve months as the environmental impact of data centres becomes clearer, and users are hit by a combination of regulatory, customer and investor pressure. It states that power and cooling present the most significant challenges as user transaction demand is accelerating and MNCs continue to engage in Asian markets. In addition, global pressures to reduce carbon emissions, curtail energy requirements, introduce green technologies and comply with a raft of legislative and regulatory requirements, brings new focus to emerging auditable data centre green standards. The company says that DCA08 is the recognised regional event for data centres and is part of a regional programme established by it in Europe and Latin America. The company has a leading data centre practice which conducts research and consulting projects, publishes market reports and the monthly newsletter, Data Centre News. Global technology leader IBM ASEAN is Global Platinum Sponsor, and the event is supported by the Economic Development Board and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, and is endorsed by BICSI South East Asia, part of the globally-recognized telecoms association. The Partner Organisation is Globeron, Singapore. "As the annual Asian networking hub for data centres, DCA08 will be the largest regional gathering of leadership in the sector. Although taking place at a time of growth, there is increasing concern about power and cooling which has reached critical levels, and the need to introduce green technologies," commented Philip Low, managing director of BroadGroup. "The sheer range of challenges and critical factors impacting future expansion presents the regional forum with much to consider and discuss. Bringing together Asian providers and users will facilitate a compelling opportunity for everyone in this growing sector." Digital Realty Adds Properties in NJ and UK Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (DLR) announced today that it has acquired a data center property in the United Kingdom and completed the purchase of a facility in Franklin Township, New Jersey. Digital Realty said it has bought the Reynolds House Datacenter in Manchester, a technology hub in England. The 38,600 square foot facility was built as a data center in 2001 and has 23,000 square feet of raised floor, with expansion space available for an additional 7,000 square feet of raised floor. The facility is fully leased to three tenants with long term agreements. Digital also said it has completed the purchase of 650 Randolph Road, a property in Franklin Township, NJ that was developed as a data center "shell." The 127,800 square foot building can support 70,000 square feet of raised floor technical space. Digital Realty said it would make additional improvements to bring the facility up to its Powered Base Building specification, and then market the facility to financial service companies, system integrators and other Fortune 1000 firms. Digital Realty signed an agreement last December to buy 650 Randolph Road for $10.9 million. The deal reflects Digital Realty's interest in the New Jersey data center

2 market, where it also recently bought 365 South Randolphville Road in Piscataway, which borders Franklin Township. "The addition of 650 Randolph Road in Franklin Township, New Jersey provides us with additional redevelopment inventory in a market that continues to experience strong demand for our Turn-Key Datacenter and Powered Base Building solutions," said Digital Realty CEO Michael Foust. "It is ideally located for companies seeking large blocks of high quality datacenter space in the Metro New York market. "The addition of Reynolds House Datacenter in Manchester to our European portfolio of income producing properties expands our footprint in an important market for us at an attractive cap rate," Foust added. Equinix Expands Peering in Zurich Equinix, Inc. (EQIX) is expanding its Equinix Exchange service to its Zurich data center, creating a peering environment with more than 60 members. The Zurich facility is among the 14 European data centers Equinix acquired last year with its $55 million purchase of IXEurope. Peering allows two providers exchanging large volumes of traffic to save money by connecting directly, rather than routing traffic through their paid Internet connections. Peering is often free as long as the amount of traffic exchanged is not out of balance, providing substantial cost savings for bandwidth for high-traffic sites and networks. Public peering exchanges allow participants to peer with other providers connected to the exchange. "The growth of video and other low-latency applications is placing increasing demands on network infrastructure and requires that data be exchanged between networks as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Eric Schwartz, president of Equinix Europe. "Equinix Exchange provides a platform for ISPs, content companies and enterprises to implement a high-performance, highly versatile, yet low cost IP interconnection infrastructure within a secure, network-neutral environment." Equinix says online video is "in the early stages of significant growth." Chief Business Officer Margie Backaus said earlier this year that traffic in the company's Equinix Exchange public peering is up 90 percent year-over-year, with the bulk of that growth due to video. Yahoo's Future and Data Center Demand There's been lots of analysis about the future of Yahoo (YHOO) now that the company has spurned Microsoft (MSFT) and begun using ads from Google (GOOG) to monetize some of its inventory. Most of the punditry has focused on the battle between those three companies, handicapping winners and losers. Some of it has been interesting reading. But here at Data Center Knowledge we are all about the data centers. For us, the bottom line is that the collapse of negotiations between Yahoo and Microsoft will result in a net gain in demand for data centers. Here are the factors supporting our belief: No Data Center Consolidation: It's difficult to say whether the inevitable consolidation of Microsoft and Yahoo's data centers would have led to the shuttering of any facilities. But the companies have many of their data centers in the same places, including Silicon Valley, northern Virginia and Quincy, Washington. Then there are the platform issues: Microsoft has standardized on its own operating systems and servers, while Yahoo has optimized its operations on open source software, especially FreeBSD, PHP and Hadoop. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said all the right things about a merged Microhoo "being a PHP shop for the foreseeable future." But it's reasonable to expect that Microsoft's platform would eventually have become the standard. Yahoo Keeps Building: If Yahoo is to go it alone, it will need to continue to scale its Internet infrastructure. As Google and Microsoft continue to invest heavily in data centers, Yahoo must remain competitive. That's why Yahoo

3 has been accelerating its data center buildout in recent weeks, leasing space in Santa Clara from Digital Realty Trust (DLR) and speeding deployment of its footprint in Ashburn, Va. with Dupont Fabros (DFT). Is Yahoo done with its data center buildout? We don't think so. Numerous state and local economic development agencies report recent site visits from representatives of "the big three" scouting potential data center locations. It's not just Google and Microsoft that are looking for new sites. Microsoft Keeps Building: This was going to happen anyway, but there was always the possibility that Microsoft could have used capacity in Yahoo's data centers to absorb short-term growth requirements, postponing additional expansion. Microsoft's current expansion is focused on next-generation facilities, so they're likely to continue investing in new construction. No More Uncertainty for Dupont Fabros: Leases with Microsoft and Yahoo account for nearly 70 percent of the revenue for Dupont Fabros, one of the major data center REITs. We don't think there was ever a great deal of risk to Dupont Fabros or its investors from a Microsoft-Yahoo deal. During the merger talks, Hossein Fateh, President and CEO of DuPont Fabros, told analysts that that "discussions with Microsoft and Yahoo have not yielded any concerns about the current leases or potential expansion." Still, it's better to have your two largest customers in expansion mode than merging with one another. IBM Launches Modular Data Center Containers IBM is jumping into the "data center in a box" game with both feet, rolling out a suite of modular and containerbased systems designed to help companies to rapidly expand and extend their data center capacity. The announcement of the new line of data centers is part of Project Big Green, IBM's commitment to invest $1 billion a year in technologies to improve the energy efficiency of its in-house and customer facilities. IBM's new products standardize data center design for several modular "form factors," including a 5,000-squarefoot module for enterprise customers, data center container products in both 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers, and a 200-square-foot module that allows users to quickly create a high-density zone within a low-density data center. These modular data centers are designed to make it cheaper and quicker for customers to expand their data center space, saving money through energy efficient equipment and a "repeatable" design. "It's very clear that data center design and build has to change dramatically," said Steve Sams of IBM Global Technology. "We have to change the model that's been used over the last 20 years to really design in scalability." "At IBM we have built more data centers for our clients than anyone else in the world," said Brian Canney, IBM Global Services Executive for Site and Facilities Services. "IBM has designed and customized more than 30 million square feet of data center space, and we're starting to modularize this approach." Here's an overview of the three new modular data center products announced today by IBM: Enterprise Modular Data Center (EMDC): This enterprise class data center comes "shrink-wrapped" and standardized to 5,000 square feet modules, which can be combined to create as much as 20,000 square feet of new data center space. IBM says the standardized approach lets clients bring new data centers online three to six months sooner than a custom designed version. The modular approach allows customers to phase in their expansion as their capital and computing needs dictate. Each EMDC can support power densities ranging from 100 watts to 300 watts per square foot, and includes power and mechanical infrastructure. The Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) (see photo here) is IBM's container product, with complete physical infrastructure including UPS, cooling systems, batteries, fire suppression and remote monitoring. The PMDC can be shipped and dropped into any environment, and supports an open architecture and equipment from multiple vendors. Canney says the PMDCs can be deployed anywhere in the world in 12 to 14 weeks. "We're finding clients are requiring data centers in remote areas," he said.

4 "We're also finding clients that want to expand data centers that are landlocked. We can also stack units to save on floor space." Canney said the IBM data center containers are designed to Tier III reliability. One unit has been installed at a customer site in Denmark, said Canney, who said IBM also has a demo unit in Barcelona that uses two 20-foot containers - one filled with IT equipment, another with the power infrastructure. IBM's Modular High Density Zone (MHDZ) is a 200- square-foot modular system combining power and cooling with high-density servers to enable existing data centers to deploy new technology without disrupting current operations. The MHDZ can be deployed in two to three months, providing up to 35 percent cost savings compared to building the same capability in a new data center. "This is a cooling focused solution that can quickly convert part of an existing data center into a high density solution zone," said Canney. The MHDZ is designed to operate within an open floor plan, but can also be isolated from the lower-density environment to improve efficiency. These designs join the Modular Scalable Data Center, an existing product designed to provide a quick modular installation of 500 to 2,500 square feet of data center space. IBM also announced that IBM Global Financing is offering a customized financial package to fund customer projects to install energy efficient IT services and infrastructure. IBM says it financing can preserve client cash flow for the entire scope of a client s green data center project: including hardware, software, services and maintenance with a single, comprehensive package. In the year since IBM launched its Big Green initiative, IBM has worked with more than 2,000 clients on hardware, software and services technologies to reduce their data center energy consumption and cut energy costs. "Response from businesses, governments and educational institutions to the first phase of IBM s Project Big Green has been overwhelming said Mike Daniels, senior vicepresident and group executive, IBM Global Technology Services. "In just one year, we've designed and built thousands of energy efficient data centers for our clients around the world. In the second phase of Big Green, we're unveiling some of our most advanced green technologies and services. IBM energy efficiency teams are ready to go anywhere in the world to help clients address their data center energy bills of today and design the data center they need to compete tomorrow in this global economy." Digital Beijing: The Olympic Data Center Digital Beijing, the data center for the 2008 Olympics, is one of the most interesting pieces of data center architecture you're ever likely to see. The enormous building spans 1.05 million square feet (98,000 square meters) and has been designed to resemble a huge integrated circuit board when viewed from the side, and a bar code when viewed from either end. The design was the result of an international competition won by Chinese architects Studio Pei-zhu. Plans call for the building to be lit in a spectacular fashion during the Games in August (see the image above, an artist's rendition from Studio Pei-zhu), and seems likely to become a familiar image during TV coverage of the Games, which begin on August 8.

5 The building is 11 stories high, towering 187 feet above Olympic Park. Here's an actual picture of the building's exterior: Digital Beijing will provide communication, information security and IT services during the Olympic Games, and then be used by the Beijing municipal government's data storage and emergency-response command. The facility has a rainwater collection system and uses LED lighting that can reduce energy use for lighting by 60 percent. Here's more on the concept for the facility's design, from the architect: The concept for Digital Beijing was developed through reconsideration and reflection on the role of contemporary architecture in the information era. Resembling that omnipresent symbol, the bar code, the building emerges from a serene water surface. The façade itself is detailed to resemble an integrated circuit board. The abstracted mass of the building, reflecting the simple repetition of 0 and 1 in its alternation between void and solid, recreates on a monumental scale the microscopic underpinnings of life in the digital age to form a potent symbol of the Digital Olympics and the Digital Era. In the future, it is expected that the building will be constantly under renovation as it evolves to keep pace with technology. While the Digital Beijing data center is pretty high-tech, the Chinese Olympic Committee has struggled with its web technology. Last November organizers scrapped online ticket sales after a crush of eager buyers crashed the ticketing system. Bill Gates: We'll Have 'Many Millions' of Servers In his keynote at TechEd 2008, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates spoke about Microsoft's data center growth, predicting that the company will soon have "many millions of servers" to power its online services. Gates described Microsoft's "mega data centers" as providing an advantage in the current cloud-building arms race, saying that "Microsoft and only a few others" will be able to build these facilities. The shift of services to the cloud "is getting us to think about data centers on a scale we never have before," said Gates. "Today in our data centers we have literally hundreds of thousands of servers. In the future, we'll have many millions of those servers." Gates comments about Microsoft's data center operations were part of a much longer keynote presentation to more than 5,000 developers at Microsoft s TechEd North America 2008 Developers conference in Orlando, Florida. The Microsoft chairman said the larger scale of the company's new data centers provides the opportunity for innovation. "When you think about design, you can be very radical and come up with some huge improvements as you design for this kind of scale," Gates said. Telehouse Europe Expands Docklands Facility Telehouse Europe, home to the largest internet communications hub in Europe and the longest established provider of reliable and secure data centre facilities in the UK, is adding an extra 1,200 m² of high specification data centre space to meet growing customer demand. With immediate availability, customers will benefit from: 2kw per footprint, with dual redundant power feeds (A+B from separate UPS systems), n+1 redundancy, hot and cold aisle cooling configuration, and unlimited 24 / 7 first line technical support - all as standard. This latest

6 expansion comes ahead of an earlier announcement by Telehouse to invest an initial 80 million in developing its London Docklands data centre facilities. The move comes in spite of claims from certain industry sources that there is an effective block on data centre expansion and power supply in London. Commenting on the extra data centre space, Mr Tokuji Mitsui, managing director of Telehouse Europe, says: For a while we have been nearing full capacity at our Docklands site. This additional space will allow us the flexibility to satisfy customer demand today, whilst the Telehouse South development - set for completion in will enhance this going forward. He goes on to add: According to a recent edition of The Economist, data centres are now essential to nearly every industry and have become as vital to the functioning of society as power stations are. The importance being placed by businesses on outsourcing their critical data centre and facilities management needs is clearly being reflected by demand from both new and existing customers. We will continue to invest in, and deliver, the highest levels of resilience, redundancy, security and connectivity all of which put us in a position to both meet and exceed these needs now and in the future." In 2006, Telehouse achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (Information Security) and ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management) accreditations across all its sites in the UK and France. It is currently working towards becoming the first data centre facilities to attain ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) accreditation. Telehouse facilities in London Docklands have become the biggest internet communications hub in Europe, with over 700 customers including telecoms carriers, internet service providers, media companies and corporate customers. Telehouse is also home to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world's largest Internet Exchange Points. Tricom India buys Pacific Data Centers for USD 2.25 mn Tricom India, a company specializing in non-voice business process outsourcing (BPO), announced the acquisition of Pacific Data Centres (PDC), through its subsidiary Tricom Document Management in USA. Tricom has acquired 100% equity of PDC at USD 2.25 million. The new acquisition will enhance the capabilities of Tricom to address the needs of clients whose data cannot be sent offshare, the company said in a release. Interxion to Provide Data Centre Services for Bechtel Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier-neutral data centres, today announced that it has been selected by Bechtel, one of the world's premier engineering, construction, and project management companies, to provide colocation services in the City of London. Bechtel selected Interxion following a review of its own legacy data centre in London which is unsuitable for housing high power density deployments. In addition, the current site was unable to meet the connectivity requirements necessary to maximise availability of the latest generation of web-based applications. Working with Interxion will improve quality of service and connectivity resilience at the same time as reducing our costs, said Richard Wood, Global Infrastructure Operations Manager, Bechtel. The options were to build, upgrade or colocate, and we are confident we made the right decision in working with Interxion. At a stroke, this new arrangement will reduce capital expenditure, improve the resilience of our network and infrastructure, and bring our shared data closer to the core of the internet, thus reducing latency and building additional redundancy.

7 Successful businesses like Bechtel stand to gain the most in price and performance by basing their applications in an Interxion centre, said Anthony Foy, Group Managing Director, Interxion. The recent customer information technology refresh that has taken place across Europe has left many data centres unable to meet power and cooling requirements. We can provide the future-proof infrastructure and connectivity choices which are essential to enabling the latest applications. IFL Expands Manchester Datacenter Increases data center space by expanding to 5,000 square feet. Internet Facilitators Limited, a business class data centre provider, today announced that it has expanded its Manchester data centre network with an additional 5,000 sq ft of premium colocation space. The company says that its expansion on the ground floor of Reynolds House, where the company already occupies over 17,000 sq ft, will be its second in the last twelve months. It avers that with further large scale expansion news expected in the next few months, this will ensure ever increasing demand will continue to be met by IFL with quality supply through its continued investment in new data centres. In order to bring the new expansion space into service, the comapny articulates that it will build a second on-site energy centre with a new 1MVA power supply, diesel generators and n+1 UPS system. Also, state of the art air conditioning will be deployed to ensure the lowest possible Energy Efficiency Ratio - a measure of how much additional electricity is used beyond that needed for servers. An additional 150 racks will be made available with an expected average power usage of 4.5KW per rack up to a maximum of 8KW per rack, adds the company. The company further explains that its data centres offer connectivity solutions from a wide range of Tier 1 network providers including BT, Cogent, NTL, NWIX and THUS all of whom have multiple resilient routes into the building. Also, their data centre network is connected to other data centres in the region through dedicated fibre networks such as MCIX & NWIX. London based carriers also provide low cost backhaul to data centres located in the nation's capital, claims the company. It says that the increasing number of carriers and IP Transit providers continues to drive the cost of connectivity downwards and ensure IFL customers are located on the backbone of the region's internet. Matthew Edgley, IFL Sales Manager comments, "Much of our continued success can be attributed to the growth of our existing partners and customer base. Recognition of this drives our commitment to provide a continuous supply of high quality rack space to facilitate their future growth." "We are attracting record numbers of new customers as an increasing number of organisations realise the advantages of outsourcing their data centre whilst retaining their inhouse technical staff and expertise. The company is in outstanding health with sales records being broken every quarter since The very strength of the sales pipeline proves demand for quality colocation space and absolutely necessitates our continued multi-million pound investment in expansion," added Edgley. Microsoft Data Center Head Michael Manos to provide keynote address at Power and Cooling Event in UK BroadGroup has announced that Microsoft s General Manager of Data Centre Services, Michael Manos, will provide a keynote address at the 3rd Power and Cooling World Forum, which takes place in London 2-3 October

8 The World Forum will be characterised by the presence of experts in the field of power, cooling, Green and innovative technologies from around the world. The content rich programme will focus on issues such as reducing the cost of power; blade and storage technology impact; power failure; design requirements for high density environments; monitoring technologies; water and liquid cooling technologies; chip level cooling, and nanotechnology as well as assessing alternative sources of energy. Expertise is being drawn globally to contribute to the discussion of the wide range of topics that inform the power and cooling debate. Power dominates the agenda for all data centres, and what measures are available now to reduce both consumption and carbon emissions as well as increase cooling capacity will be central to the challenge. Mr Manos role at Microsoft includes significant responsibilities for the design, build and operation of many E-Commerce development platforms and content delivery systems including the online presence of MSN, Hotmail, Messenger, MS Search, Disney, ABC, and ESPN. We are delighted that such an important figure in the data centre industry will be addressing the international audience at the 3rd Power & Cooling event. As data centres continue to edge into the realm of regulation and public interest, we hope to see more large international organisations standing up and addressing the vital issue of power consumption commented Nicola Hayes, vice president at BroadGroup. BroadGroup s consulting experience suggests that as the Green agenda impacts corporate social responsibility, enterprise RFPs will place increasing emphasis on compliance with legislative stipulations, and forum participation at this event will contribute to, and influence, policy making, to achieve a common goal of reduced carbon emissions, successful power strategies as well as hosting the premier showcase for emerging cooling technologies. Sponsors include Upsite Technology, Invest in Iceland, Migration Solutions and Daxtons. The event is being held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel and Convention Centre in London. TeleCity Turns to Sound to Make Data Centers More Efficient TeleCityGroup plans to use sound to measure humidity and air temperature and speed in order to boost energy efficiency in its data centers. The company will deploy EnoTemp to analyze air streams and heat release at its data centers in Amsterdam. Van Schaik Innovation Handling introduced the acoustic technology 18 months ago to the horticulture industry. "We are always looking for innovative new technologies to maximize the energy efficiency of TelecityGroup data centers," Jeroen Schlosser, TelecityGroup operations director, said in a statement. "In our particular sector, however, until now precise measuring equipment has not been available." The data is analyzed in a 3D format. Creator Innovation Handling claims the spatial acoustic measurements tell the "real" story, while the more commonly used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations only give an "indication" of the scenario. CFD is common on data center design circles, said Michael Petrino, vice president of PTS Data Center Solutions, which has offices in New Jersey and California. "During the past two years, it has hit mainstream acceptance. It is now a major criteria for most clients looking to build out a data center" when choosing a consultant, Petrino said. Innovation Handling's technology can measure air speeds of.001 m/s and can also be used in laboratories, breweries and greenhouses.

9 Facebook Building Out Own Datacenters? eweek is reporting a rumour that Facebook are about to begin the move away from leased colocation to building out their own datacenters. What we do already know is that late last year Facebook leased out 10,000sq feet of datacenter space at a new facility built by DuPont Fabros Technology in Ashburn, Viginia, alongside both Yahoo! and MySpace. The lease coincided with a $240M investment from Microsoft which was announced at around the same time as the datacenter lease was organized. More recently, they raised a further $100M in March of this year specifically for infrastructure spend. With Facebook now at beyond 10,000 live web servers, they are certainly able to reap greater benefits and cost efficiencies through building out their own hosting centers and infrastructure. With over half-a-billion dollars in funding, it certainly seems that Facebook are well into building out their own datacenters and infrastructure, with what is likely commodity hardware components for servers and a custom application stack. Facebook have also owned their own very large IP address space for a long time now and have managed it themselves. Facebook use well-known technology stack, with Linux, PHP and MySQL. They claim to run one of the largest MySQL instances on the planet, and have contributed a number of patches to various open source projects. Vendors looking to line up Facebook may face a bit of a challenge, as like Google, they seem to keep a lot in house and build on open source (there were event rumors recently that Google were now even building their own switches). Digital real estate player is powering up Interview: Chris Crosby senior VP of DLR Backed by a Californian pension fund, Digital Realty Trust has being buying 13 million sq ft of data centres around the world, including two centres in Dublin. Eight years ago, many data centres in Dublin collapsed with the technology downturn. Why are these centres hot property right now? Back then dynamics were different. It was mostly fantasy money at that point, not based on business principle but hype. You actually combine the two biggest hype industries in the world when you combine property with technology. Thanks to the onset of content services like YouTube and the fact that the average attachment is a few megabytes, there is a demand for data centres that outstrips supply. Digital Realty Trust seems like a sort of landlord for dotcom s like Amazon and Facebook. How did you get into this business? We were a private equity firm backed by a Californian pension fund that specialised in making contrarian investments. After the dotcom collapse we were picking these centres up for 10 cents on the dollar. A typical data centre that cost $100m to build, after the downturn, could be bought for $5m or $10m. We saw our opportunities early and bought data centres across the US and Europe, including WorldPort and 360 Networks buildings in Dublin. You list Dublin in your top 10 speculative markets. How much business do you expect to do here? Companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Microsoft and ebay have operations here in Dublin and Ireland is good for follow the sun operations. The country has a big

10 positive in terms of an English-speaking labour force, taxation and communications for these type of companies. The biggest detractor for Ireland is access and the cost of power. The electricity situation in Ireland is a disappointment. For Amazon.com in Dublin, we d be more of a landlord providing the facilities whereas for Eircom we d provide a hybrid turnkey and managed offering. We ve done a buildto-suit for HSBC in London working to specific requirements. The world is in the middle of a credit crunch. Can the data centre industry withstand another downturn? The amount of data in the world is doubling every few days and businesses will need data centres. Our projection for our European business, which will be run from Ireland, is to boost it from its present 10pc of sales to 25pc of sales revenue in the next two years. Would you say the data centre business is not for the nervous? There are lots of data centres out there that are just empty buildings. There are very few people that can do this even on a speculative basis. It s one thing to spend 150 a foot to build a building, it s another to spend 1,500 per foot. If you re only doing that once it s a risky investment. But we have managed to build out over 200mW of IT power over the past 24 months again and again and we have it to a T. We have over 13 million sq ft of managed data centres worldwide. CBRE Q1 MARKET FOCUS London This has been the slowest quarter for take-up in London since the emergence of the corporate market in London has been significantly affected by the current financial climate due to the large number of financial services companies in the London market. Although Quarter 1 take-up has been low, we are aware of a number of large deals that will come to fruition in 2008 and while we will not see the same levels of take-up as last year (2007 was a record-breaking year), we do expect levels to exceed those of 2005 and Of the 1,190 sq m of take-up this quarter 730 sq m (61%) was in the CNH market and 460 sq m (39%) was in the threat market. Take-up this quarter was apportioned across the sectors as follows: 730 sq m (61%) was in retail transactions and 460 sq m (39%) was in the technology sector. There was no corporate take-up in the London market in Quarter 1. Frankfurt The Frankfurt market continued the impressive performanceseen in the second half of last year with the highest take-upof all Tier 1 data centre markets this quarter. Take-up for Quarter 1 was 11,180 sq m which represents 60% of total take-up across the Tier 1 markets. Take-up this quarter was the third highest recorded outside of the London market. All of this quarter s take-up was apportioned in the CNH market of which, 5,890 sq m (53%) was to corporates, 5,060 sq m (45%) to technology and 230 sq m (2%) was in retail transactions.total availability in Quarter 1 stood at 41,010 sq m of which 22,520 sq m (55%) was fully-fitted space, 9,280 sq m (23%) was shell & core space and 9,210 sq m (22%) was central services space. Frankfurt remains slightly oversupplied, however, we expect the continued increase

11 in take-up being witnessed in the market to consume the legacy levels of fullyfitted stock. Amsterdam Take-up for Quarter 1 was 460 sq m. This was all apportioned to the CNH market and made up entirely of retail transactions.overall availability stood at 10,280 sq m which represents a slight drop on the last quarter of 450 sq m (4%). Availability was made up as follows: 7,930 sq m (77%) was fully-fitted space and 2,350 sq m (23%) was central services space. The overall vacancy rate in Amsterdam now stands at 19.56%; as seen first in London and then in Paris, when the tier 1 vacancy rate drops below 20% we expect to see stock being built out. We are aware of three new data centres due to open by the summer. Paris Total take-up this quarter in the Paris market was 5,120 sq m which was entirely in the CNH market. Of the 5,120 sq m of take-up this quarter, 2,380 sq m (47%) was from the technology sector, 1,560 sq m (30%) was to system integrators, 700 sq m (14%) was to corporates and 480 sq m (9%) was in retail transactions was a quiet year for the Paris market due to the restrictive supply issues outlined in the previous bulletin. These restrictions have now eased and consequently we are seeing take-up increase. Overall Paris availability stood at 24,940 sq m, a drop on last quarter of 340 sq m (1%). Availability was made up as follows: 18,770 sq m (75%) was shell & core space, 5,950 sq m (24%) was fully-fitted space and 220 sq m (1%) was central services space. more than the whole of 2005 and Madrid is the smallest of the Tier 1 European Data Centre markets. Total carrier neutral stock stood at 34,280 sq m at the end of Quarter 1. This is because although Madrid is the administrative capital of Spain, the commercial and corporate communities are more disparate, with both Madrid and Barcelona as key bases. As such, Madrid has a relatively small corporate occupier rate compared to other tier 1 cities. Take-up in the Madrid market peaked in 2004 at 2,570 sq m. The following year saw a dip in demand with 760 sq m of take-up. Since then there has been a gradual rise in the amount of take-up per annum. This inconsistency in the take-up profile is illustrative of the relative immaturity of the Madrid marketplace. Transactions in the Madrid market tend to be small (200 to 400 sq m) and as such the market has not been underpinned by the types of large wholesale transactions we have seen elsewhere. That said, in 2007 we began to witness indications of demand from the Spanish capital s corporate community increasing, and as such we are more optimistic about Madrid s medium term performance. Madrid Madrid has had its most successful first quarter since we began recording quarterly take-up in Take-up this quarter was 670 sq m which was entirely made up of retail transactions. Take-up over the last two quarters has been

12 Events Diary 2008 The 9th IT Regatta/The Silicon Cup th September 2008, Cowes UK 3 rd Power and Cooling for Data Centres rd October 2008, London Data Centres Asia th November 2008, Singapore

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NCC Guidelines. Volume 3 Number 1. Unified Communications & Collaboration

NCC Guidelines. Volume 3 Number 1. Unified Communications & Collaboration NCC Guidelines Volume 3 Number 1 Unified Communications & Collaboration National Computing Centre About the authors Lead author Doron Youngerwood is the marketing manager for converged communications at

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An introduction and guide to buying Cloud Services

An introduction and guide to buying Cloud Services An introduction and guide to buying Cloud Services DEFINITION Cloud Computing definition Cloud Computing is a term that relates to the IT infrastructure and environment required to develop/ host/run IT

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The National Cloud Computing Strategy. May 2013. dbcde.gov.au/cloud nbn.gov.au

The National Cloud Computing Strategy. May 2013. dbcde.gov.au/cloud nbn.gov.au The National Cloud Computing Strategy May 2013 dbcde.gov.au/cloud nbn.gov.au Commonwealth of Australia 2013 The material in this paper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia license,

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UNIT4 Connecting People in a changing world

UNIT4 Connecting People in a changing world Annual Report 2011 UNIT4 Connecting People in a changing world This year s theme for our Annual Report 2011 sees us focusing on connecting people. We asked our UNIT4 colleagues to send in photographs of

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Cloud. Access. Data. Government. Innovation. Exploring the Cloud. Information. Digital economy. Storage. Efficiency. Cost savings. On-demand.

Cloud. Access. Data. Government. Innovation. Exploring the Cloud. Information. Digital economy. Storage. Efficiency. Cost savings. On-demand. GOVERNMENT Exploring the Cloud A Global Study of Governments Adoption of Cloud kpmg.com Citizens Cloud Information Network Collaboration Transformation Web-based On-demand Risk mitigation Innovation Storage

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A nnual Report 2009 UNIT4 Em br Annual Report 2009 acing Change

A nnual Report 2009 UNIT4 Em br Annual Report 2009 acing Change Annual Report 2009 Contents About UNIT4 Creating value Message from the CEO Company profile Product portfolio overview Key figures 2009 Our identity, vision, mission and strategic approach UNIT4 and our

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HOW INNOVATION WORKS SAP ANNUAL REPORT 2006 HOW INNOVATION WORKS SAP ANNUAL REPORT 2006 FINANCIAL SUMMARY Empowering Customers Through Business Innovation With world-class software, value-added services, and unparalleled expertise addressing the

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Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet April2014

Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet April2014 Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet April2014 greenpeace.org For more information contact: enquiries@greenpeace.org Lead Author: Gary Cook, Greenpeace Co-Authors: Tom Dowdall,

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Dealing with the future of dealing desks. How outsourced dealing has now become a credible option for investment managers

Dealing with the future of dealing desks. How outsourced dealing has now become a credible option for investment managers Dealing with the future of dealing desks How outsourced dealing has now become a credible option for investment managers Managing editors Richard Phillipson, Principal and Director of Institutional Consulting,

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TLB Annual Report 2010

TLB Annual Report 2010 TLB Annual Report 2010 1,181,600 European households The renewable energy projects we finance generated electricity for 1,181,600 European households, avoiding 1,624,373 tonnes of CO 2 emissions. TlB

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451 Alliance Spring 2015 Global Digital Infrastructure Trends Articles:

451 Alliance Spring 2015 Global Digital Infrastructure Trends Articles: 451 Alliance Spring 2015 Global Digital Infrastructure Trends Articles: I. Cloud Platform Choice: A Crucial Strategic Decision II. A Small Watch But a Big Game Changer? III. Software-Defined Storage: A

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ENABLING FUTURE KONTRON GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2013 THE PULSE OF INNOVATION ENABLING FUTURE KONTRON GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2013 THE PULSE OF INNOVATION Kontron in figures Table 001 New Group structure Previous Group structure 2013 2012 2013 2012 Profitability Revenues million 445.3

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Enterprise CIODecisions Guiding technology decision makers in the enterprise

Enterprise CIODecisions Guiding technology decision makers in the enterprise S E P T E M B E R 2 010 VO LU M E 4 Enterprise CIODecisions Guiding technology decision makers in the enterprise INSIDE Conference Rooms as Data Centers? One on One: Data Center Design Lesson To Own or

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MSc Facility & Environment Management The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies MSc Report

MSc Facility & Environment Management The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies MSc Report MSc Facility & Environment Management The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies MSc Report Matt Woodhouse 15 September 2010 1 If outsourcing sells, is anyone buying? Table of Contents Abstract... page 4

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Business Cloud in Brazil: Research Report 2014

Business Cloud in Brazil: Research Report 2014 Cloud the way we see it Business Cloud in Brazil: Research Report 2014 At the tipping point of accelerated adoption Contents Introduction 3 Executive Summary 4 Key Findings 6 Conclusion 20 About the Study

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Perspectives on Britain s fastest-growing technology companies Innovation for growth. www.fast50.co.uk #ukfast50

Perspectives on Britain s fastest-growing technology companies Innovation for growth. www.fast50.co.uk #ukfast50 Perspectives on Britain s fastest-growing technology companies Innovation for growth www.fast50.co.uk #ukfast50 Contents Introduction 1 Deloitte 2013 UK Technology Fast 50 winners 2 The UK Fast 50 grow

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Annual Report 2010. Taking control of growth

Annual Report 2010. Taking control of growth Annual Report 2010 Taking control of growth We re taking control of growth at Experian by focusing our efforts on our best opportunities. Firstly, we re doing more to expand our global reach into key vertical

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Volume Five. *Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes.

Volume Five. *Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes. Volume Five This item can be provided in Braille, large print or audio by calling 0800 400 100* (via TextDirect if appropriate). If outside the UK call +44 (0)1624 684 444* or order online via our website

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YourBusiness. A report on growing micro businesses

YourBusiness. A report on growing micro businesses Growing YourBusiness A report on growing micro businesses Lord Young, May 2013 The Second Part of the Report on Small Firms Copyright notice Crown copyright 2013 You may re-use this information (not including

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Corporate Real Estate : Investment and EU Cities

Corporate Real Estate : Investment and EU Cities Corporate Real Estate : Investment and EU Cities Foreword RICS members in Europe are highly qualified professionals working internationally to support businesses, governments and society as a whole. Covering

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SSE plc Annual Report 2014. Providing the energy people need

SSE plc Annual Report 2014. Providing the energy people need SSE plc Annual Report Providing the energy people need We are SSE. Our purpose is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. Section 1 Strategic Report Section 2 Directors Report

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EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE... Annual Review 2012-13 EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE... Annual Review 2012-13 Contents 1 We are Norland 2 Operational highlights 3 Financial highlights 4 Our mission & strategy 5 Our business 6 Chairman s report 8

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Technology drivers 15. Why Cisco? 15. The network 16. Call control 18. Softswitch infrastructure 19. Contact management 20. Other IPC applications 24

Technology drivers 15. Why Cisco? 15. The network 16. Call control 18. Softswitch infrastructure 19. Contact management 20. Other IPC applications 24 Cisco Powered Network IP Communications and IP Contact Centre Sales Toolkit A guide to selling managed IP Communications services to enterprises and small and medium businesses for Cisco Powered Network

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RoodMicrotec N.V. Annual Report 2013

RoodMicrotec N.V. Annual Report 2013 RoodMicrotec N.V. Annual Report 2013 RoodMicrotec N.V. Rembrandt, Dokter van Deenweg 58 NL-8025 BC Zwolle PO Box 1042 NL-8001 BA Zwolle Telephone: +31 (0)38 4215216 investor-relations@roodmicrotec.com

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annual report 2010 working on a dream

annual report 2010 working on a dream annual report 2010 working on a dream contents profile 2 our services 2 our global presence 2 our mission 2 our culture 2 our strategic approach 2 our core values 3 our field steering model for staffing

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