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1 Affordable Quality * SECURITY DOORS * INSECT SCREENS * SHOWER DOORS * BLINDS * AWNINGS * WARDROBE SYSTEMS Regular Bream Bay Service Phone / Fax (09) Mobile Postal Address - RD 2, Waipu Website: Cyclist injured in hit and run accident A cyclist was injured in a hit and run accident in Rosythe Rd., Waipu last week. At around 1pm on Monday 4 March, the cyclist was riding southwards along Rosythe Rd., when she looked up to see a car had crossed the centre line and was coming straight towards her. She took evasive action, moving to the left, but could not get out of the way in time. She flew up against the windscreen and right over the car, landing on the road. The driver of the car did not stop to see if she was injured but drove away. The cyclist was wearing bright, highly visible clothing. She also had on a good helmet and protective gloves, which helped prevent more serious injury. While she suffered severe bruising and grazing, she has no broken bones and managed to ride her bike home. She was too stunned to remember any details about the car except that it was rather noisy, possibly with a modified exhaust. Constable John Van Pomeren, who normally works with the Police Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit, happened to be in the Waipu Police Station at the time when the cyclist called in to report the incident and took her statement. He said Police are very interested in finding the driver of the car which is likely to have sustained some damage from the collision. He said anyone who has any idea about who this was should make contact with either the Waipu of Ruakaka Police March 2013 PH: Albert St Whangarei Div. Shadelite Industry Bringing the NZ Derby Trainers Cup home to Ruakaka Business partners Donna and Dean Logan with the New Zealand Derby trainers cup which the three year old filly Habibi won for them at Ellerslie on Saturday 2 March See full story on page 8 and 9. AN INSPIRING VIEW - MUST BE SOLD!! Langs Beach - Waipu Cove 1 4 MegaPixels 2272x MegaPixels 2272x Cove Road Only a personal visit can convey just how good this privately positioned property with wide ocean views is. So close you can hear the surf. Kiwiana bach, but there is plenty of room on the 4040m² to design something much larger - if you want. Zoned Living 3. Marriage breakdown means this property must be sold. Auction 1pm, Thurs, 28th March Florence Ave, Orewa (unless sold prior) View Soon Christine Birss M B MACKYS REAL ESTATE LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

2 Bream Bay News Page March 2013 This Issue: Page 4.Letters Page 5... Cooking classes at the Bream Bay Community Trust. Page 6...Maddie Greatorex and her pony Saffy - North Island Show Hunter Champions Page 7...Hole in the middle of newly vested road. Page 8 & 9... Habibi puts Ruakaka on the racing industry map. Page 10...Bream Bay College page. Page Waipu Cove stream dredging consent for 15 years Page 12...Proposal for another beach safe zone Page 13...Algal bloom moves up the beach to Ruakaka Page 13...Switched on seniors hold regional meeting at the Bream Bay Community Trust. Page Sports Results. Page 15...What's On in Bream Bay Page 16 & 17...Trades and Services Pages 18 & 19...Classified advertising. Your local tyre shop See us for new and used tyres, puncture repairs and batteries Phone SH1 next to G.A.S. What would I know? EDITORIAL Why do I feel so annoyed at the organisation, which calls itself the Bream Bay Business and Promotions Group effectively banning me from its breakfast meetings? (See article on page 7.) In truth I prefer to spend my mornings at home. I like my start of the day routine, making sure my son eats something healthy before school, watering my garden, going for a bike ride or an early morning walk before I sit down at my computer. I go to these meetings on your behalf. If I think the speaker is likely to have something to say which you are interested in I forgo all these early morning pleasures and take along my pen and notepad and turn on my journalists antennae on the lookout for something of relevance, importance or even just amusement to Bream Bay News readers, which I would like to point out to the masters of the universe who run the Bream Bay Business and Promotions Group includes a large proportion of the residents of Bream Bay. Another point I would like to make is that I operate a successful business. I am proud of the fact that I have maintained and grown this business, Bream Bay News Ltd. through some difficult times. I believe successful, sustainable business is not about hoodwinking people and running off with the prize but about providing a useful, quality service which is beneficial to your customers and therefore one which they will come back to you for. Bream Bay News customers are predominantly other local businesses, whose operators I find tend to think in the same way as I do. A common and very obvious reason for businesses not managing to get off the ground is that there is, in fact, no need for the product they are selling. Oliver Scott, developer of one of the still not built on business parks along One Tree Point Rd, dreamer upper of the mythical Marsden super city and a favoured speaker at the Bream Bay Business and Promotions breakfasts seems to have made this fatal and, in his case, very expensive mistake. To a humble small business operator like myself, spending tens of millions of dollars on a subdivision development before thoroughly checking how much and at what price residential and commercial land is already available in the area does not seem like a very smart business move. But then not being party to these high powered Chatham House meetings where the future of Northland and Northlanders is discussed and decided on by people who need to be able to talk without the constraint of a media presence what would I know? Marilyn THE BREAM BAY NEWS is published by Bream Bay News Ltd. Address :RD 2, Waipu P/Fax (09) Mbl: Editor: Marilyn Cox, Accounts: Susan McRae Production: Geoff Spencer Advertising design: Megan Lea Printed by Horton Media Local people read THE BREAM BAY NEWS It is an effective place to advertise. *22 UNITS IN A RANGE OF SIZES *CLEAN, DRY, SAFE Ph ( 09 ) *SECURITY FENCED & CODED ENTRY GATE Secure, dry storage Short or long term rental 24hr monitored security Security fence and gate *COMPETITIVE RATES * OPEN 7AM - 7PM DAILY 2**2 modern units Household, holiday, commercial 6m x 3m, 3m x 3m, 2m x 3m options 7 Day Access ( 7am 7pm ) *CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN WAIPU BUSINESS AREA 50 COVE RD. WAIPU PH/FAX: MBL: WEB: SELF STORAGE AT RUAKAKA,99 Marsden Point Rd. Free phone 0508 BREAMB ROLY BROWN CONTRACTING Agricultural Residential Security Retaining Walls Pole Driving Sub Division Cattle Yards Rotary Slashing Phone : ROLY or MARK The next publication date of the Bream Bay News will be Thursday 28 March Deadline for all copy is Wednesday 20 March at 4pm. Grant McLean Stock Agent for Bream Bay All aspects of stock sales including: dairy beef bobby calves store cattle live export heifers sheep pigs supplying stock for slaughter Also caters for small block holders. Ph mbl Hm Fax

3 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News Page 3. Marsden A, coming down Dismantling of the Marsden A Power station has recommenced after a halt to accommodate the fish spawning season at the NIWA aquaculture plant alongside. $900,000 upgrade for Ruakaka racecourse The Whangarei Racing Club has received $500,000 funding from the horse racing s, governing body New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc, to proceed with a track expansion at the Ruakaka Race Course. The project will cost approximately $900,000 and involves widening of the racetrack inwards and the formation of a new sand training track inside the main track and service road inside both these tracks for the ambulance to drive on. Karen Houlihan, Finance and Projects manager for the Whangarei Club said NZTR views Ruakaka as one of 14 strategic race tracks in New Zealand with the best winter racing surface. The expansion will allow more winter racing at the Ruakaka course, while still providing a quality training track for the horse trainers based here. The Whangarei District Council has contributed $200,000 towards this project. Whangarei Racing Club President Dean Logan said, We copped a bit of flack over this council grant. But really the racecourse is a community facility. The largest contribution is coming from NZTR and we couldn t let the opportunity go by without taking advantage of it. He said around 15 years ago the NZTR members viewed the Whangarei Race Club as unimportant in the scale of things. We were looking at being down scaled with just one or two days racing a year. We have come from that to being the 14 th most important track in New Zealand out of a total of 52 tracks. We are aiming to improve on this and become number 10. Dean said the Ruakaka track has the best winter racing surface in New Zealand and NZTR now views it as one of its strategic racing venues. Parvovirus outbreak in Ruakaka There has been an outbreak of canine parvovirus in the Ruakaka Village. Several dogs have died and a litter of puppies, suspected of having the disease, have been handed over into the care of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Alishea Paikea Paul s 18-month-old Rottweiler, Lily died of parvovirus last week Alishea said, Lily wasn t herself on Saturday night (2 March). She was still running around but she wasn t eating. On Sunday morning she had vomited everywhere and had dysentry. Alishea took Lily to a veterinarian in Maunu who, after some tests, diagnosed parvovirus. Despite treatments to stop the dysentry and vomiting, Lily died two days later. Parvovirus is highly contagious and is contracted through direct or indirect contact with the faeces of an infected dog. It can be spread on people s shoes or by car tyres. The virus is extremely virulent and has been found to remain in soil for over a year. A vaccine, given in a series of three shots, three to four weeks apart is available to help protect puppies and young dogs, who are particularly susceptible to the disease. Alishea is organising a seminar to inform people of the dangers parvovirus poses to dogs and the steps, which need to be taken to prevent it spreading. Lily wasn t just my dog, she was my baby. But it s not just about me. I am trying to stop this happening to other people s dogs. A representative of the SPCA will be present and a veterinarian has also been invited. They will talk about other canine diseases such as mange and ringworm as well. With the help of Jackie Boyd (who owns another Rottweiler, Lily s mother) Alishea made leaflets and delivered them around the village publishing the seminar, which was due to be held on Wednesday 13 March at 6pm, at the Bream Bay Community Trust. Alishea and Jackie also plan to fundraise to help people who cannot afford to have their dogs vaccinated. Phone the BREAM BAY NEWS if you know of something interesting happening in Bream Bay. ABOVE EXPECTATIONS - AMAZING ELEVATED 4000M² SITE NOT FAR OFF WAIPU S COVE ROAD Lot 1 Cullen Road, Waipu With great north-east views out to sea, you can check out the morning sunrise s over the Island s each morning. Launch the boat within minutes of spotting the birds diving for fish or take a dip at Waipu Cove, or just lounge back while the kids swim in the safety of the patrolled surf beach. This site has a nice easy contour and is sheltered from the Westerlies, come and set up your home and lifestyle today. Very short drive to Waipu Cove or approximately 1km walk for the fitness enthusiast. Short drive to Waipu Township. For Sale $449,000 View phone for viewing times Fiona Southorn M B MACKYS REAL ESTATE LIMITED, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

4 Bream Bay News Page 4 14 March 2013 Congratulations from Zimbabwe Having read the Bream Bay News of 17th January, 2013, from Page 1 to Page 20, (adverts included), my husband and I wish to congratulate you on an informative and entertaining regional newspaper. We thought your readers may be interested to know that it has been read and enjoyed on the other side of the world - 11 hours behind you! We received your publication, and the official programme of the Waipu Grand Pageant, from close friends, both Zimbabwean born and bred, who moved to NZ eight years ago and made Waipu their home. They often tell us of the interesting events which take place in Waipu, and we have so enjoyed reading accounts of some of these - the Highlands Games, Waipu Parade, Lifesaving Carnival, and the impressive, historical Grand Pageant! Thank you for a pleasurable read - and through your paper, may we express our appreciation of the hand of friendship your citizens have extended to ex-zimbabweans. Aubrey and Edone Logan. Juliasdale, Zimbabwe LETTERS Strategy document, uses Sustainable Development at every turn to construct the Strategy for the Plan. This approach seems to stem from the Clarke government s 2003 Sustainable Development Programme of Action which embraced the UN Plan developed at the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992 and is known as Agenda 21. Tracing this further back leads you to Karl Marx. Nonetheless, the UN encourages the Sustainable Development theme through organizations such as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), IPBES (Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services), IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) etc. So this omission from the Rural Development Strategy is most welcome and I can only hope that the preferred option for the Long Term Plan is not single city and regulated collective farming but rather the Don t fix it, it ain t broke and leave it alone free market option. Peter Muncaster Waipu THE NEXT PUBLICATION DATE of the Bream Bay News will be Thursday 28 March The deadline for all copy is 4pm on Wednesday 20 March Sustainable Development ommission from Rural Development Plan welcome After reading your article on the Rural Development Strategy I read through the 2012 Update Brochure of the rural plan and was very pleased to see that Sustainable Development is absent. Sustainable Development is designed to sound like something everyone wants. Unmentioned is who decides what development is and isn t sustainable, not entrepreneurs and consumers, but politicians or the UN. The Long Term Plan, which draws on the findings of the Sustainable Futures Final 30/50 Growth LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ARE WELCOME them to: Post them to: The Bream Bay News, RD 2, Waipu 0582 or leave them at: the Bream Bay Office Services in the Ruakaka Shopping Centre or The Thistle Post Shop in Waipu 3 Rachel Rogers - Licensed Property Manager Professional. Meculous. Thorough. We would have no hesitaon in recommending Rachel as a Property Manager she is knowledgeable, exceponally pro-acve, helpful and definitely exceeded our expectaons. (Property Owner, Northland) Get Your Business Noced Ask about the goodground Trade Directory Call Rachel Today

5 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News Page 5. Cooking classes at the Community Trust Thinking concrete but don't know where to start? Sonshine Print - Waipu 2010 Think Atlas Concrete We quarry the aggregate We manufacture the concrete We site visit to advise the best options We give you the choice of mix and colours We give a choice of local placers for you to choose We manufacture concrete to your requirements We stand by our product, you stand on it Atlas Concrete Your First Call for Concrete Ph: Brynderwyn or Ruakaka WEED CONTROL From left: Kelly Wylie, Sally Brown and Violet Bazil mixing up a peach pie at the Bream Bay Community Trust Friday morning cooking class. Regular Friday morning cooking classes are being held at the Bream Bay Community Trust. The classes run from 9am to 12 noon with Violet Bazil and Sally Brown as volunteer tutors. But it s not really us teaching as much as us all sharing ideas, said Violet. Participants in an English literacy class have been coming along to practise their English as they cook. This group includes new immigrants to New Zealand who share their recipes. We had a Sri Lankan curry last week, it was really yummy said Violet. We have a lot of fun and some good conversations and afterwards we all sit down to eat what we have made. We always make enough for any visitors as well so if anyone turns up around lunch time they are invited to share with us. The women s organization Zonta donates $50 a week to buy cooking ingredients. I don t always spend that much and we have been filling the larder up with baking things, Violet said. The emphasis is on meals that don t cost a lot to prepare. Violet and Sally also encourage participants to bring along any fruit or garden vegetables they have to spare. What we don t use we give away to families we know can use a bit of help, Violet said. Sally and Violet would be grateful for donations of surplus produce from the wider community and say anyone who wants to join in with the Friday morning cooking is most welcome. CROP, GUN & PASTURE SPRAYING All Inquiries Welcome CONTACT STEVE SLACK 28 Years Experience All types of Agricultural Spraying Undertaken PHONE a/h MOBILE LARGE BUSHLAND LIFESTYLE LOTS Massey Road, Waipu MORTGAGEE AUCTION Total area ha (more or less). Two properties to be sold as one. (i) ha and (ii) ha. Located at the end of Massey Road, Waipu the properties have elevated views out over Waipu countryside, Bream Bay and outer Islands offering privacy and native bushland. Auction 12.30pm, Thurs 4 Apr 2013 Laurie Hall Lane, Whangarei View Sun 11-12pm John Nelley M Lin Norris M B MACKYS REAL ESTATE LIMITED, BAYLEYS LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

6 Bream Bay News Page 6 North Island champions Ten year - old Maddie Greatorex of Waipu and her pony Sapphire (Saffy) are the North Island Show Hunter Pony champions. They won the competition against 70 top ponies at the Open Pony Derby Championships held at Woodhill on Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 February. Maddie was up against riders aged from 9 to 17 years. Saffy, whose show name is Golden Jitterbug, is just three years old. Maddie s mother Adele found her on a visit to Kaikohe. Adele breaks in and trains horses and was visiting a woman who had asked her to work with some of her horses. What made her notice this particular pony? Adele It was the way she moved. She just glided over the surface of the ground. I said to myself, That is some pony. I have to have that pony. The woman agreed that Adele could have Saffy in exchange for breaking in her mother. Maddie demonstrates how Saffy can do a flying change : swap the lead leg (the one which touches the ground first) in the air, mid canter. Adele says, This is a very hard thing to teach a horse to do but Saffy does it naturally. Maddie has two other ponies - Rosie and Tom, whom she also rides in show hunter events. These are bigger horses and are in a different class, which means bigger jumps. Adele said, Everyone comes to watch this gutsy little girl on these big ponies. Tom also made the final at the North Island championships. Rosie, another young horse was a little too exuberant on the day. Show hunting is as much about style, balance and technique as it is about jumping. One day Maddie would like to compete in show jumping and Adele already has some young horses bred from a top show jumping stallion, which she is planning to prepare for Maddie to ride. The stallion Ripples, short for Meersbrooke Ice Ripple, is staying with them for a while. He has a high electric fence around his paddock, as he is a phenomenal jumper. We can t afford to pay $60,000 for top show jumping horses, but if we think ahead and breed and train show jumpers ourselves, we can manage it, said Adele. Maddie takes lessons from Vicky Wilson of Hukerenui. Adele The Wilsons are a big show jumping family. Vicky is a very busy woman but she is generous with her time and spends a whole afternoon a week with Maddie as she recognises her talent. This weekend Maddie and her ponies are heading to the Horse of the Year Show in Hastings. Before you can enter this competition you need to have earned 20 points at regional show hunter events. Maddie had March 2013 rrght: Maddie Greatorex and her pony Sapphire with a cover and some of the sashes they have won in the show hunter ring this season FINAL NOTICE Port Marsden Highway 2 3 Moodys Chartered Accountants Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Annual Accounts Income Tax GST Returns Audits Company Formations Budgets Ensure that your financial affairs are handled by qualified professionals. Come and talk to us. Free initial consultation. Town Centre Ruakaka Ph:

7 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News Page 7. Bream Bay News removed from invitation list The Bream Bay News has been removed from the invitation list for breakfast meetings with the Bream Bay Business and Promotions Group. The meetings organiser Bill Larsen ed the Bream Bay News last week with the following statement: Several speakers and other people in our group have felt inhibited to openly discuss matters at our breakfast meetings when a representative of the media is present. Meetings of our group, which are by invitation only, have in the past been conducted observing the Chatham House Rule. It has now been decided to introduce a media policy that meetings of our group be held in the absence of persons representing media organisations. Accordingly, I have taken you off our invitation list. If the group wishes to make a media statement or to have a speaker interviewed we may contact you. This followed a meeting two weeks prior, which had been attended by Bream Bay News reporter and business owner Marilyn Cox. Mr. Larsen had informed Ms Cox that the Chatham House Rule applied at these meetings. When she asked what this meant he said that people could only be quoted if they first agreed to this. Colin Mitten, Chairman of regional economic development agency Northland Inc. who was guest speaker, agreed that anything he said could be quoted. However Oliver Scott, the director of Marsden City Developments Ltd., said that he did not wish to be quoted as Ms Cox always put what he said out of context. The Bream Bay Business and Promotions group holds regular breakfast meetings with invited speakers at Waterline Cafe in the Marsden Cove Marina. Past speakers have included: Andrew Forsythe a scientist with NIWA and Malcolm Nicholson, CEO of the Northland Regional Council.. Hole in the middle of newly vested road A big hole had developed in the middle of one of the new roads on the Marsden City site off One Tree Point road. The roads in this subdivision have now been vested with the Whangarei District Council, so the Council is now responsible for their maintenance. WDC Roading Manager Jeff Devine said that after a developer builds a subdivision an inspection is made to make sure the WAIPU LOTT0 & POST Lotto Postshop Photocopying A hole has developed in the middle of Abraham Rd. in the still uninhabited Marsden City site. roads are to an approved standard before they are handed over to the Council. Normally a subdivision has houses or buildings on it by this stage. This one is a little abnormal as no-one has turned up to play. Unfortunately the responsibility for ungoing road maintenance is now with the Council. Mr. Devine pointed out that the Council is receiving rates for the properties in the subdivision. He said As there are no houses or businesses built there yet, we are not getting the normal wear and tear. We do get a bit of vandalism and damage, which we have to keep on top of. The damage to the Abraham Rd. is thought to be the result of a collapsed underground pipe. ing Newsagents All stationery needs Ruakaka South Sewer Extension Work is progressing well on the $9.4 million Ruakaka South Sewer Scheme Extension designed to protect the environment and improve public health in the area. The system will pump wastewater from 470 individual properties to the Ruakaka Waste Water Treatment Plant which will be upgraded to handle the increased volume of wastewater. The project is now 65% complete To date we have completed all of the new reticulation, installed 305 new tanks on private properties, and completed all of the properties in Area 6. Over one third of the community are now hooked up to the new sewage scheme. RORESS I AREA Completed RORESS I AREA RS R Over 20 properties are now connected to the new system and all properties should be connected to the new system by the end of March. RORESS I AREA 3 S R R Over 70 Tanks have now been installed in Area 2 and 3. This work should be completed by mid March. RORESS I AREA R C A The installation of tanks should begin in mid March. EERAL IORMATIO Pump Faults and Alarms In the event that the alarm goes off or you notice any irregularity with your new system please ring the Whangarei District Council directly on Whangarei District Council will ensure the correct response is directed to you. HSICAL WOR COSET ORMS About 90% of the Consent forms have now been returned to the Project Site Office. Of the remaining 10%, landowners are reminded to return signed forms to the Project Office as soon as possible. This is now very critical as Control Box installed near the new pump system the project is rapidly approaching the completion date. The construction programme is becoming tight, and as such we can not guarantee a sewerage connection to your property if the signed landowner consent form for your property is not received by March Please return your consent promptly to avoid missing out on the subsidy. Once you return your consent form the Stakeholder Manager will be in touch with you to make an appointment for property audit. The Centre, Waipu Phone Open Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri: 8.30am - 5pm Wed: 8.30am pm Sat: 8.30am - 7pm L THE REAM A EWS I

8 Bream Bay News Page 8 Habibi puts Ruakaka on the racing industry map The trophy cabinet in Donna Logan s Peter Snell Rd. home is full. She will have to buy some new shelving, something very sturdy, for her latest prize, the NZ Derby Cup a heavy crystal bowl with a wooden base. On Saturday 2 March the filly Habibi, trained by Donna and her business partner Dean Logan beat all the best three year - old racehorses in the country in the 2,400-metre New Zealand Derby at Ellerslie. In its 33 year history the race had only been won four times previously by a filly. The Derby carries a winning purse of $740,000 (the trainers get 10% and the jockey 5%), but the win means a lot more than this. Donna - It puts us right up in the elite group. Dean We have been doing this for around 27 years. This establishes us as good trainers. It makes people realise that good horses can be trained from here. We are often regarded as a bit of a back water but the facilities here are as good as anywhere Donna As I said after the win on Saturday, it s not just Dean and me as the trainers who take the credit, its all our staff, the stable hands, the track riders everyone, they all play their part. Our children have missed out on a lot of our time. We couldn t watch them play soccer and rugby. We were always away somewhere with horses. But on Saturday they were there with us to see what we have achieved. We have now gone down in history. Habibi (the name means darling one in Arabic) is owned by Heather and Peter Crofskey of Lepperton in New Plymouth. Their son Gavin and Heather s friend Pam McIntyre also have shares. At the Marsden Tavern Friday 22nd March $10 Cover charge 14 March 2013 The owners of Habibi travelled to Ruakaka from their home in New Plymouth on Sunday (10 March) and put on a party at Outboards Restaurant for the staff at the Logan Racing Stables as a way of thanking them all for the work they had done with their NZ Derby winning horse. The two children in front are: Page Aukett, aged 9, and Cody Zac Craig Knight, aged 10, who sometimes get to help their parents at the stables. Donna met Heather about 12 years ago when she came along on a tour of the Melbourne cup which Donna was leading. Following this, the Crofskeys sent her up a horse to train. However it turned out to be not very good and the Logans told the Crofskeys they were wasting their money. In return for this honesty the Crofskeys said they would send them up a good horse one day. We never heard from them for a while but then they phoned to say they had this filly they had high hopes for, said Donna. The Crofskeys still own Habibi s dam as well as a half brother and sister and the win has put up the value of all these horses. Habibi ran and won her first race at Ruakaka in October. Dean was in Australia at the time and wasn t that impressed when he heard she had won by just a nose. I thought she would do a lot better then that. But the 1,200 race was run in a very fast time of 1.09 minutes. Donna was at the track and heard the time being announced. I walked out onto the grand stand and said I have found my New Zealand Oaks filly. The Oaks is a filly only race. By winning the Derby, which is open to all three year old race horses, Habibi has done one better than this. Ruakaka beach played a big part in Habibi s preparation. Donna said with the dry summer, tracks everywhere are extremely hard Dean said the beach is always the same, it gets washed everyday by the tide and is more forgiving of joints and legs. Donna said Habibi did a lot of work on the beach going into the Derby. The vet had been in that morning to x-jjray the filly s legs. He found no problems. These horses get looked after better then some people s children, said Donna. She said she never bets on horses. It s not the gambling that interests me. It s the pride I take in winning races. It s being competitive. She was honoured some years ago to be named the Bream Bay sportsperson of the year. I thought that award went to rugby players and netballers. She was pleased that horse racing was seen as a sport. After 23 years of marriage Donna and Dean separated ten years ago. People in the racing industry often compliment them on how they have managed to retain their business partnership. Donna It doesn t always have to be love and war. Sometimes it (a break up) can lead to much better things. We are still very, very good friends. Our children are happy, our staff are happy and our clients are happy. We have both got lovely new

9 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News Page 9. Farm and Business Accounts Income Tax, GST, PAYE, FBT, Budgets, Cashflow Forecasts Company Formations Dealer MYOB Accounting Software For a professional and confidential service and a free initial consultation. Call your local Mangawhai Accountant Echo Valley Road, RD2 Kaiwaka Ph & Fax (09) A/h (09) Mobile (027) Donna Logan congratulates jockey Vinnie Cogan after the race as he heads to scale. Vinnie Cogan is known as the Derby King. This was his fifth win at the Derby and gave him the record as the most successful jockey ever in the race He could have ridden any horse he wanted but chose Habibi. Peter Crofskey Habibi owner is holding the lead rein. Photo by Race Images. partners. We were all there together at Ellerslie on Saturday. Donna has had offers of jobs in Japan and Singapore but says, Ruakaka is home. When I go to Australia I say I am from Ruakaka. The Australians, well they always have trouble with Maori names, and they say Rua what? But now they have got used to it and always announce me as Donna Logan from Ruakaka. She and Dean are both committed to supporting the Whangarei Racing Club and its Ruakaka track. Dean is president of the club. Donna Its something we take very seriously We want it (the Ruakaka Racing track) to be there for our grandchildren to be able to enjoy a day at the races in 100 years time. Its unique There is no racetrack right beside the sea like this anywhere else in New Zealand or in Australia. They are proud of what they have done for Ruakaka. Donna said, We have taken on kids who have dropped out of school and given them jobs. She says careers can be made in the racing industry. Stable hands and track riders get offered opportunities to train and work overseas. They have a very loyal staff with some having worked for them for over 20 years. Up at the Ruakaka shops that morning people called out Go Habibi and gave the thumbs up signal. Donna Its great the support we get from Ruakaka people. We have one of the top racehorses in the country here at the moment. This is something Ruakaka should be very proud of. NEW MENU EVERY MONTH All fresh local produce Open for lunch 11am - 2pm Friday - Sunday Evenings 7 days from 5pm Bistro meals also available 7 days from 5pm in the main bar ENTERTAINMENT Billy T K Junior and The Groove Shakers - Friday 22nd March. $10 cover charge Disco Fever - Sat 30th March - Neon Dance floor, Disco Balls. Prizes for best dressed, best dancers and much more. Free Courtesy Coach available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays Marsden Point Road, Ruakaka. Phone

10 Bream Bay News Page March 2013

11 14 March 2013 Waipu Cove stream consent allows for more dredging if needed The stream at the southern end of Waipu Cove has been dredged, which has allowed stagnant water trapped there to escape to sea. The work was carried out last Thursday and Friday after a heavy algal bloom in the sea nearby had dispersed. Prior to this, Whangarei District Council staff were concerned that opening the stream entrance might make the problem worse. An arborist was called in to take branches from pohutukawa trees on the eastern side of the stream. The branches had become buried in the sand and were A digger dredged the stream at the southern end of Waipu Cove last week. contributing to the blockage at the stream mouth. Sand dredged from the stream bed has been piled up along the edge of the beach and will be planted with dune vegetation to help stabilise the grass reserve behind. Andrew Carvell, the council s waste and drainage engineer, said the resource consent, which allows the council to carry out this work, has been granted for a 15 year period, enabling more dredging to be carried out should this become necessary. Mr. Carvell said the council has 49 similar resource consents for harbour or sea outlet points around the district and carries out work on all of these when necessary. Mostly we do this to prevent flooding, but sometimes it is about water quality. He said he had received calls from a number of newspaper reporters, including one from the New Zealand Herald asking about the Waipu stream. I have never known so much interest in a stream. All the reporters seem to holiday at Waipu Cove. Bream Bay News Page 11

12 Bream Bay News Page March 2013 Annual Mangawhai Wine & Food Festival 2013 Saturday 6 April at the Olive Grove Insley Street, Mangawhai p.m. $25 per ticket (Please note that our Special Licence does not permit children) Tickets available online at Bammas and Mangawhai Books and Gifts Gate sales $30 The coastal tanker Kakariki loading refined oil products on Jetty Two at the Marsden Point Oil Refinery. Photo by Peter Grant. Cabins to Rent Northland Your ideal solution to short or long term accommodation. 3 sizes available Sleepout, home office, storage worker accommodation etc Ph: 0800 CABINS Ships expected at Northport Pos Oceania ETA Wednesday 13 March at 2pm, ETD Sunday 17 March at 3am. Loading logs. No destination given. Gisborne ETA Wednesday 13 March at 6pm. ETD Friday 15 March at 8am. Loading logs and departing for Tauranga. Nord Sincere ETA Wednesday 13 March at 8pm. ETD Saturday 16 March at 9pm. Loading logs. No destination given. Nord Houston ETA Sunday 17 March at 4am. ETD Tuesday 19 March at 8am, Loading logs. No destination given. Norfolk Guardian.ETA Monday 18 March at 6am. ETD Wednesday 20 March. Loading concrete sleepers for Tasmania. CSC Zhang Hai ETA Thursday 28 March. ETD Sunday 32 March Loading triboard. No destination given. Ships expected at the Marsden Point Oil Refinery Oil tankers bringing crude (lots of them this month) Desh Mahima ETA Wednesday 13 March at 8.15am. ETD Thursday 14 March Shop 4, Marsden Cove Marina at 2pm. British Swift ETA Saturday 16 March at 6pm. ETD Monday 18 March at 6am.. Mako ETA Wednesday 20 March. ETD Thursday 21 March. C&K Sheton ETA Friday 22 March. ETD Saturday 23 March. Victor Titov ETA Sunday 24 March. ETD Monday 25 March Oil tanker bringing refined fuel for mixing Magelian Endevour ETA Tuesday 19 March at 11am. ETD Wednesday 20 March at 1am. Coastal ships loading refined fuel for delivery to NZ ports Torea ETA Tuesday 12 March at 9am. ETD Wednesday 13 March at 4pm. Awanuia (bunker barge for Ports of Auckland) ETA 6am Wednesday 12 March. ETD 3pm Wednesday 12 March. Kakariki ETA Friday 15 March at 5am. ETD Friday 15 March at 11pm. Kakariki expected return Wednesday 20 March at 6am. ETD Friday 22 March at 6am. Torea expected return Sunday 24 March at 9am. Proposal for another beach safe zone A proposal to create a second vehicle free zone on Ruakaka Beach has been proposed as part of a review of the Whangarei District Council s Vehicles on Beaches by-law. The new vehicle free zone would extend from the Ruakaka river mouth to north of the Ruakaka Village. The proposal was due to go before the Council at its 21 March meeting but has now been withheld for a later date. A vehicle free safe zone was created five years ago from south of the Ruakaka Surf Lifesaving Club to the river mouth. The by-law, which created this safe zone, is now due for review. Mike Henehan the Council s By-law Co-ordinator said, however, that before the new safe zone can be created another vehicle entrance would need to be built north of the village. The sand dunes here are under the protection of the Department of Conservation and it is up to DoC to build the access. However, as the DoC is not yet ready to carry out this work the review has been postponed. Shaughan Anderson the Visitor Assets Manager for DoC s Whangarei Area Office said delays in building the new access said, practically every aspect of the project is a little different to what was expected and therefore is taking a little more time and effort to resolve. Design of the accessway is proving more complex and challenging then was first thought and the choice of site where it should go is also not straightforward. Opposites night at the Waterline Restaurant Last Thursday (7 March) the wait staff at Waterline Café challenged the kitchen staff to an opposites evening. The kitchen crew became waitresses and the wait staff took over the kitchen. Waitress Sunny Murray said the kitchen staff always think they have got it hard and we have it pretty easy, so us girls challenged them to see if they have what it takes to be waitresses. Sunny said the restaurant was pretty busy that evening, so how did they get on in the kitchen. We all took on different stations. Me and Hope (Hope Baker co-owner with her chef husband David) took over the meat station and another couple of girls looked after the salads. What did the customers think? Some of them commented that we should be cooks full time. It was just a bit of fun really and we decided to raise funds for charity. Profits from the night were donated to Project Promise (the fundraising effort to build a new oncology unit at Whangarei Hospital). With the help of a Marsden Lions raffle run in the restaurant that evening, the opposites evening raised $1,300 for the cause. In addition money in a donations on the Waterline counter still has to be added in.

13 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News Page 13. Algal bloom moves up the beach The algal bloom, which was causing problems at Waipu Cove, seems to have moved northwards to Ruakaka. This photograph of washed up red/ brown algae was taken by Joan Pivac on Monday 4 March at the Paradise Shores beach entrance looking north. Another photograph Joan took shows the algae stretching for some distance southwards along the beach as well. The bloom at Waipu Cove had dispersed enough by the end of last week (7 and 8 March) to allow a digger to unblock the entrance to the Waipu Cove creek without fear of the smelly stuff washing upstream. Paul Reid, the Northland District Health Board s Public Health Team Leader, said he had sent one his shelffish safety testing team out to Waipu early last week but this person had not seen anything unusual in the water. Mr. Reid said over the weekend (9 and 10 March) he had visited Uretiti Beach and swam and dug (unsuccessfully) for tuatua as the water looked quite normal. He said, although there had been some anecdotal stories about children getting sick, the health board had received no confirmed reports of illness as a result of contact with the red algae. However, he repeated his standard advice If the water is discoloured don t swim in it and don t collect shellfish from it. If you can t see your feet when you enter the water, you shouldn t be there. Switched on seniors There were smart phones and tablets in abundance at the SeniorNet regional meeting held at the Bream Bay Community Trust on Tuesday 5 March. Guest speaker was Grant Sidaway, executive officer of SeniorNet in New Zealand. Once it was just a question of which version of Microsoft Office you were using. Now it s quite a breadth we have to concern Red /brown algae on Ruakaka beach Nancy Edge of Bream Bay SeniorNet with Grant Sidaway executive officer of SeniorNet NZ. ourselves with, Mr. Sidaway told his audience which included many SeniorNet tutors from all around Northland. Now people ask us How do I sync my tablet to by computer. There is a whole explosion of new technology. It is good stuff but it is challenging stuff. We have courses to keep you switched on, says the SeniorNet website. The website explains SeniorNet is a community training network that supports and motivates people aged 50+ to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives. Bream Mr. Sidaway said, We will be trying to provide you with resources and encouragement and advice on how to make use of these new things at the lowest possible cost. He said he was currently talking to people at TelstraClear about a week - long volunteer scheme this company has for its employees. Mr. Sidaway is asking if, as part of this scheme, some TelstraClear staff might like to run a training session for SeniorNet tutors. SeniorNet Bream Bay will be holding its annual general meeting on 27 March at 1pm in the Bream Bay Community Trust Building. Guest speaker will be Steve Green whose topic is Life begins at 93 with and ipad. The Bream Bay SeniorNet learning centre phone number is Mainly Music - Sharon Smith Toy Library - Julie Malone Church Hall Hireage - Honor McAulay Counselling - Anglican Care Trust Family Welfare & Foodbank: Co-ordinator - Helen Matheson Budgeting Advice - Bruce Matheson uture rael ents Coronation Street Sunday 31 st March 2013 Bonnie Raitt (Ascension wines Warkworth) 7 th April 2013 Seven Irish Tenors 6 th May 2013 Illusionists 1 st June 2013 Disney on ice 1 st June 2013 We also have shopping trips to Whangarei every third Tuesday of every month. Please phone for further information and bookings FROMAGE AT FRANKLIN introduces hands on cheese making. Come and join a small class (no more than 4) in a tranquil, rural setting and get your hands into cheese creation! Courses are monthly or dates to suit. Contact Jas or Check out Fromage at Franklin on Facebook Turning milk into cheese - its magic! Waipu Presbyterian Parish Sunday Services Ruakaka - Camellia Ave am Waipu - The Centre, Waipu - 10am Prayers - 7pm The Crossroads Trust (financial support) Ann - Peter Evans Couper or Contacts Rev Tom Waight Church Office Cally James Working within your Community - for your Community

14 Bream Bay News Page March 2013 Bream Bay College tennis team goes to Northland Doubles Competition On Wednesday 27th February Bream Bay College sent 9 students to compete in the Northland Year seven and eight Doubles Tennis Competition. This was run by Northland Tennis and held at the Thomas Kneale Courts. The team was made up of: Scott Carran, Tom Norton, Jake McClure, Cameron Wright, George Goffin, Jordan Carswell, Rakelle Elisar, Ceili Lea and Rachel Johns. SPORTS RESULTS One Tree Point Bowling Club arc urs snsred brea aer cants 1st R. Sowby, K. Bint. N. Bint. B. Cole Hikurangi 4 wins 26 ends 59 points 2nd D. Henwood, J Wheelan, J Rutledge, S Ebson Mangawhai Men & Womens 4 wins 24 ends 39 points 3rd D Stevenson, C Poweel, T Carter, T. Sloane One Tree Point 3 wins, 23 ends. 48 points adies ainsi riles- 1st Linda Wyness, Coral Todd, Wilma MacGregor runner up Yvonne Judge, Diane Stevenson, Lorraine Brown ens ainsi riles- 1st Frank Allen, Neil Todd, Neil Wyness runner up Bernie Lyford, John Christmas, Sam Bhakta Rum Tournament Tuesday 26 February 2013 Sponsored by Bream Bay Realty A/C Triples 1st Kelvin Bint, Noel Bint, Bill Cole Hikurangi 3 1/2 wins, 19 ends, 38 points 2nd Ross Riley, Harry Foote, John Sanders, Mangawhai Men 3 wins, 19 ends 29 points 3rd. Marion Pilmer, Ron Heaton, Jerry Pilmer, Mangawhai Ladies & Mens, 3 wins, 17 ends, 32 points Waipu men s Wednesday Golf ebruar 24 members played Par. Mark Draper =5, Andrew Moffit =4 Norm Joule, Gavin Thomas and Gary Crawford =3. Twos: Norm Joule and Mark Draper. Pins: Paul Gordon and Ngapo Henare. ebruar 23 players played the monthly nett and putting competition with Grant Weston having 28 putts. Des Hale 67, Stephen Thordon 68, Gary Meyer 68 and Dick Scotland with 69. Twos: Wilfred Lewin and Des Hales. Phone the BREAM BAY NEWS if you know of something interesting happening in Bream Bay. Consulting Engineers Engineering Northland since 1976 > Geotechnical Reports > Resource Consents > Project Management > Wastewater/Onsite Effluent > Foundation Design > Retaining Design > Stability/Flood/Dam Assessment P F E CIVIL / STRUCTURAL / GEOTECHNICAL / ARCHITECTURAL 2 Norfolk Street, Whangarei

15 Bream Bay News Page March 2013 What s On in Bream Bay?. O O Friday 15 March. Free registration from 7pm. Last heat before final. play by Roger Hall. Opening Friday 15 March at the Otamatea Repertory Theatre, Bickerstaffe Rd., Maungaturoto. Tickets available on line: or at Tonys Lotto Shop Maungaturoto. Sunday 17 March 10am - 2pm at the Marsden Cove Marina O O Next on Sunday 17 March, followed by Sunday 21 April in the marquee at Marsden Cove. 9am - 12 pm. the Mangawhai Domain. Sunday March 17 from 9am-1pm. Also on March 30 an Easter Twilight Market from 3pm - 7pm O Senior citizens dinner. Sunday 17 March at 6pm in the Waipu Coronation Hall. Ph Peter or Heketini , Neil or Terry or Irene to book a place at the table and (if you need one) arrange a ride to this event. O OO at the Marsden Tavern. Friday 22 March. $10 cover charge. of Waipu Hotels karaoke competition. Friday 22 March. 10 contestants compete to win $500 O O O O Saturday 23 March at 1920 SH1, Kaiwaka. Viewing from 8.30am. Auction starts 10am.. Easter Saturday 30 March 9am - 3pm in the Waipu Caledonian Park. Fundraiser for the Waipu Primary School PTA O Saturday 30 March at the Marsden Tavern. Prizes for best dancer, best dressed etc. Easter Saturday 30 March. 9am -1pm. Enquiries/bookings Ph OO Saturday 6 April at the Olive Grove Insley St., Mangawahi. 3pm -7pm. Tickes $25 available on line: at Bammas or Mangawhai Books and Gifts. Gate sales $30.. Next on April 6. 9am - 1pm in the Waipu Coronation Hall. Ladies Fishing Contest and 13 April. Based at the Marsden Cove Marina. See: O next on Sunday 14 April. 9am - 1pm in the Waipu Coronation Hall. Maungaturoto & Districts Rotary FARM MACHINERY AUCTION 23 March Auction Starts am Viewing from 8.30 am 1920 State Highway 1, Kaiwaka THE NEXT PUBLICATION DATE of the Bream Bay News will be Thursday 28 March The deadline for all copy is 4pm on Wednesday 20 March. Ample Off Road Parking Lots of Farm Machinery Items for Sale - Including Affiliated to NZ Chartered Clubs (Inc) Are you interested in becoming a member member? Tractor Mounted Water Blaster - As New Iseki WD Tractor with Rotary Hoe - Great Condition Prattley Sheep Handler - As New Hooper Tandem Disks - 3 point linkage - Good Condition John Deere 550 Round Bailer - Good Running Order Broomwade Compressor - Levelling Bar Two ride-on Lawn Mowers - Good Condition Suzuki Quad Bike and Bike Trailer Vanguard 16 hp Generator 8KVA PTO 300 litre Fertilizer Spreader OTHER ITEMS - FAR TOO MANY TO LIST! SAUSAGE SIZZLE AND COLD SOFT DRINKS AVAILABLE ish ALL PROFITS TO ROTARY SUPPORTED COMMUNITY PROJECTS Any enquiries to Dave Prankerd

16 Bream Bay News Page March 2013 TRADES & SERVICE DIRECTORY Phone/Fax: (09) COVE MARINE SERVICES LTD *all repairs & maintenance *electrical repairs *batteries & spare parts * 2 stroke/4 stroke & diesel engines *pick up & delivery for workshop work Phone Rauiri Drive, Marsden Cove Marina This Space now available! $30.00 plus GST or for regular advertisers (6 or more insertions) $27 Plus GST NORTHERN TREEPRO LTD Tree removal/prunning Land clearing Revegetation Heavy duty chipping Excavator/Log skidding Fully Insured 3rd generation experts Phone or ABSOLUTE CONCRETE Effluent Flood Wash Tanks & Valves Crane truck delivery Phone (09) KAIWAKA Bream Bay Office Services PTyping PFaxing PPhotocopying PLaminating PBusiness Cards PXmas Cards Mobile Service 547 Mountfield Rd, Waipu. When Quality Counts PCalendars PT Shirt Transfers PFridge Magnets PDesktop publishing PCertificates Shop 3, Ruakaka Town Centre, Ruakaka. Phone , Fax: E.Mail PAccounts Service PPamphlets PPhotos repaired PPhotos copied PBinding Fuel Injection Motorcycles Alternators / Starters Wiring Agricultural Machinery Commercial Over 40 years experience Mob: Ph: (09) Marine & General Engineering MILLING - LATHE WORK - DRILLING WELDING ALUMINIUM, STAINLESS & MILD STEEL STAINLESS POLISHING - ALUMINIUM BOAT REPAIRS Carl Pereira Ph: Mob: Qualified Experienced Tradesman Deliver & Erect 'State of the Art' Scaffolding Ensuring you job is erected quickly and safely *** CALL NOW FOR FREE QUOTE *** PH A/H Yard: Kepa Rd Industrial Estate, Ruakaka WINDSCREEN REPAIR OR REPLACE GLAZING SERVICES Marsden Point High Tides AM PM Fri 15 March Sat 16 March ~ ~ Sun 17 March Mon 18 March Tue 19 March Wed 20 March Thu 21 March Fri 22 March Sat 23 March Sun 24 March Mon 25 March Tue 26 March Wed 27 March Thu 28 March Fri 29 March CARTAGE FOR ALL YOUR EARTHWORKS & CARTAGE NEEDS Suppliers of: topsoil, compost, woodchip, bark, sand, pebble, rocks and firewood. Ph/Fax or Marsden Point Rd. PO Box 142, Ruakaka All tile laying & repair Waterproofing Under tile heating Complete bathroom renovation Professional consultation MONDOTILING Neil Stokes Deadline for next issue MONDOTILING Phone PARADISE QUARRY STONEMASONS Specialists in stunning stone for landscape Suppliers & installers of northland s own schist for all your stonemasonry & landscaping Requirements (09) or GEOFF (021) PUMPING EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS LARGEST STOCKISTS OF PUMPS & FILTERS Wednesday 6 March PHONE (24HRS) CALL FREE 0800 MCQUINN LOWER DENT STREET, WHANGAREI

17 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News Page 17 TRADES & SERVICE DIRECTORY Phone/Fax: (09) HANSEN HD DRAINAGE LTD Karl Hansen Registered/Certifying Drainlayer Ph (09) Fax (09) Mob Licensed Contractor for Waste & Drainage Work WHANGAREI DISTRICT COUNCIL Authorised Supplier & Installer for: Poyner Housemoving New and Used Houses For Sale For Removal Based in Maungaturoto but covering the whole of Northland This Space now available! $30.00 plus GST or for regular advertisers (6 or more insertions) $27 Plus GST Balustrades Your Local Balustrade Specialist Jason Hammond Regal Plus Joinery Ltd. Ph or A/H HE HANSEN EARTHWORKS LTD Richard Hansen Owner/Operator Ph Fax Mob Domestic / Commercial Developments Landscaping Groundwork Excavations Drainage Digger & Truck Hire McLeod ELECTRICAL 132 Mountfield Rd, Waipu Phone Mobile or Brian the Painter Decorator, Restorer, Handyman Property Maintenance No job too small, No travelling time charges Free advice Phone r LOW COST DRIVEWAYS & SURFACING NEEDS Concrete or asphalt beyond your budget We have the next best solution for a fraction of the price. Call for a quote, you ll be pleased you did! Paradise Quarry Contractors Geoff (021) or (09) M.V.B. Electrical Ltd. Repairs Installations Advice Mike van Blommestein Phone: Mobile: ROWSELLS RUBBERS TYRES New and second hand. Punctures and wheel alignmentt At Rowsells Collision Repairs 470 Marsden Pt. Rd. Ph work hours After hours phone Bert: Tiling Certified Experienced Waterproofer Indoor/Outdoor areas Domestic & Commerical All porcelain. marble, granite, glass, sandstone & ceramic tiles Resurfacing of soft/damaged concrete surfaces Highest quality craftmanship 30+ years experience Brian Cowley Waipu Tiling Ph Bream Bay Concrete Ltd. Bream Bay Concrete Ltd. Free Quotes Reliable Service Quality workmanship Concrete pads Shed floors Pathways Home floors Driveways Concrete cutting Excavation works Retaining walls Paling fences Profiles for homes & sheds Subfloors & boxing Mark Royals Ph: Mob: or Gates & Fencing Electrical Contracting & Repairs Electrical Inspector, Caravan EWOF, Coolrooms, Air con., Heat pumps. Phone: Mbl: BREAM BAY NEWS PH/FAX Post copy to : Bream Bay News, RD 2, Waipu or leave it at: The Waipu, Post Shop or Bream Bay Office Services in the RuakakaTowncentre

18 Bream Bay News Page 18. CARPET OVERLOCKING At Bank Street Appliances 17 Bank St. Phone FOR SALE TRADITIONAL BALES OF GOOD QUALITY MEADOW HAY, made this year, $ TRUCK LOAD OF LOGS. approx. 1.5 cb mt, gum wood. $100. Can deliver locally OUT DOOR FURNI- TURE. Adirondack chairs plus more. Can make to order. Phone Cliff BATTERY TIRED? Geoff Spencer Auto Electrical. Century battery Agent. Free test, best prices, can deliver. Ph or Mob FARMLANDS CARD accepted at Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: BARBECUE, 3 Burner with Side Burner. SE410 $649 Incl GST Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: TIMBER & HARD- WARE Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: PLYWOOD, Pine Builders Grade1200 x 2400, 7mm H3 $39.70, 9mm H3 $50.10,12mm H3 $ mm H3 $78.10,18mm Pallet Ply U/T $61.70 Prices Incl Gst Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: FENCE PALINGS 150X19 $1.63, $2.00 $2.40 Incl GST Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: MACROCARPA & REDWOOD Sleepers & posts Slab & dimentional timber Long Lengths available Can Deliver Firewood - Mac gum & Ti tree Ph Russell TIMBER RAILS 6 Metre150 x 50 H4 RS $3.86 l/m, 150 x 40 H3 RS $2.97 l/m 150 x 28 H4 RS $2.33 l/m Incl GST Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: COTEC HOUSE PAINT Tinting Facilties now at Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: PACIFIC HOISTS, Chain Blocks Lever Blocks, Lifting Equipment Bream Bay Merchants BuildLink Cnr Sime & Kepa Rd Ruakaka PH: Ruakaka (A Brief History) Compiled by Judy Richards Copies $20 Available from Noel Woods At Bream Bay Realty, Ruakaka Town Centre Or from Bruce Cann Ph CARPET & VINYL. Huge selection of carpets & vinyl at competitive prices. Cpt short ends from $89+ GST per LM, Vinyl 2 mtr wide from $39 per LM. Mobile service, FOUND free measure& quote. Ph Christine (09) or GARDEN COMPOST Good quality compost, small & large volumes. MPL Landscape Supplies Mangawhai Heads Rd Ph TIGER WORMS For worm farms, composting toilets etc. Ph evenings ALTER-NATIVES Nursery & Landscaping Port Rd. Whangarei Ph Open 7 days. Ormiston Rd Waipu Ph Due to the dry season we will be open at our Waipu nursery by appointment only until April AVAILABLE FOR RENT MARSDEN BAY BEACH FRONT house to rent. 3 pets. $300pw. Ph. Rachel FOR HIRE RECYCLING CAGES & Skip Bins for Hire. 3m3, 5m3, 6m3. MPL Recycling. Mangawhai Heads Rd. Ph Classified Advertising Costs $5 for up to 20 words and 20c for each additional word. Boxed, approx 4cm adverts cost $10 plus GST Phone or fax your advert through to to: Post to: Bream Bay News, RD 2 Waipu 0582 or leave it with payment at The Thistle in Waipu or at Bream Bay Office Services in the Ruakaka Town Centre. THE NEXT PUBLICATION DATE of the Bream Bay News will be Thursday 28 March The deadline for all copy is 4pm on Wednesday 20 March SERVICES OFFERED WATER TANK CLEANING No need to empty your tank Phone Mark Draper or PAINTER/WALLPAPER specialist, 35 years exp, work guaranteed, imm. start, Phone Paul, Marsden Cove Painters (027) RETIRED BUILDER AND MANUFACTURER with over 40 years experience in the building industry is offering a design drafting service for domestic housing, sleepouts and sheds. Plans formulated in cosultation with clients, with working drawings completed & submitted to council for processing. Extensive practical experience, able to identify and resolve problems. Please ring Mike Lean on or HORSE COVER AND gear repairs and industrial sewing requirments; canvas, leather, pvc, straps, small tarps, tents and zips etc. Ph Waipu Boarding Cattery Excellent care and accommodation Ph Sue CARPET LAYING, Restretching and Repairs, 20 yrs exp, reliable service. PH Dean Ireson or March 2013 BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS Ginny Hall-Cowley Dip. Class. Aroma.. Adv. Thrpt Massage Gift Vouchers Remedial Massage Pregnancy Massage Pensioner Discounts Aromatherapy Products Yoga Classes/Lessons Ph Mob: Mon - Sat Clinic Open 228 Brooks Rd, (off S.H.1) Waipu RAWLEIGH S PRODUCTS Independent dealer, phone Susan McRae LINKING HANDS Health Shuttle Phone PIANO, KEYBOARD, GUITAR UKULELE AND RECORDER From $18 per lesson Classified Advertising Local people read THE BREAM BAY NEWS It is an effective place to advertise. NZ FIRST LIGHT FLOWER ESSENCES: Consultations now available in Ruakaka. Natural remedies suitable for the whole family. Initial consult $50, treatment bottle $15. ph: Leanne Lambert TUITION KARATE FOR BEGINNERS, 5-11 years, Coronation Hall pm Wednesday, and Recreation Centre, Ruakaka 4pm Thursday. $3. Ph or just turn up. Wonderful opportunity to learn to play or even upskill on what you already can do. We also have singing lessons for those who are keen to sing along with their instrument. There are tutors in Wellsford, One Tree Point, Ruakaka, Maungaturoto and Langs Beach. For further info: Ph. Northland Manager Alexis Westlake VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Ruakaka Scouts are looking for volunteers to help run our Cub and Kea programmes. If you enjoy working with young people and want to see them learn, grow, and achieve, we need you to join our team. No special skills are required as full training and support will be provided, as well as parental help at each meeting. If you re good fun, arty, sporty or you just want to share your life skills to help our Youth grow to become the best they can be, we d love to hear from you. Scout volunteering is just plain fun: you get to be a kid again. If you would like to be part of this fun group, please contact Gavin Cyprian on

19 14 March 2013 Bream Bay News, Page 19 PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES TAKAHIWAI UNIOR RUGBY LEAGUE SEASON. Kicks off Sunday April 7th 9am onwards Under 7s through to Under 18s. Contact Ari Or Deon WAIPU STREET MARKET Easter Saturday 30 March am 1pm Enquiries/Bookings phone Susan WAIPU PUBLIC CORONATION HALL Books and goods required for BricaBrac shop Open Mon - Sat Mornings from 10.30am Local people read THE BREAM BAY NEWS It is an effective place to advertise. Bream Bay Medical Centre Ltd. New Patients Welcome! Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5pm. Saturdays: 9am - 12pm Please advise reception at time of booking if you require an extended consultation.please note that repeat prescriptions require 48 hours notice Enrolled patients are able to access after hours care by: Phoning 111 in emergencies to access ambulance. Contacting Healthline on (Mon-Thurs) Attending White Cross Accident & Emergency Centre (Weekends & Public Holidays) Bank St., Whangarei. Ph: Dr. John Chapman, Dr. Sue Hancock, Dr. Karin Hiemstra. Marsden Point Road, Ruakaka Town Centre, Ruakaka. Ph: Fax: BREAM BAY ANGLICAN EASTER SERVICES Thursday March 28th Tenebrae a beautiful Ecumenical service of preparation for Good Friday 7 pm St Paul s Ruakaka Good Friday 29th March am St. Peter s Waipu Procession of Witness starts at Saorsa at 9.30 am Easter Sunday 31st March 9.30 am St Paul s Ruakaka Easter Sunday 31st March 9.30 am St Peter s - Waipu MANGAWHAI BEACH & COUNTRY MARKET DOMAIN Sunday, March 17th 9-1pm Easter Twilght Saturday March 30th 3-6pm Bookings MARSDEN BADMINTON CLUB Re-commencing Wednesday 6 March St. Pauls Anglican Church Hall (behind the Ambulance Station) 9.30am - 12 noon Wednesdays $3 to play, morning tea provided Any enquiries contact Noot on or mobile Senior Citizens, valued members of our community, are invited to the annual dinner and enterainment provided by the Lions Club of Waipu and partners. Sunday 17 March at 6pm Coronation Hall Bar will be open Courtesy coach available Great food - Teatree Spit cooked chooks!! To ensure you get a seat, knife, fork and plate, please book and let us know if you wish to use the courtesy coach. Peter or Heketini Neil Eunson Terry or Irene MARSDEN BAY GARDEN CLUB Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 21 March 2013 at 1pm at the Ruakaka Hall Cnr. SH1 and Sandford Rd., Ruakaka Flower of the month - Hibiscus Decorative - Tropical Exuberance Theme - anything yellow. Enquiries : Marvyn Noeline SENIORNET BREAM BAY INC. AGM will be held on Wednesday 27 March 2013 at Bream Bay Community Trust Building Takutai Place, Ruakaka Commences 1 pm Guest Speaker, Steve Green LIFE BEGINS AT 93 with an ipad Learning Centre Public Welcome! Ruakaka Community Library y Open six days Takutai Place, Ruakaka New books arriving monthly Large print section Children and teenage books Extensive fiction and non fiction sections Reference collection WAIPU COMMUNITY LIBRARY HOURS Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am to 1pm. Tuesday: 10am to 4pm. The Waipu Coronation Hall and Library Phone Waipu Toy Library You can find us next to Highlander Hair Studio. We are open Fridays from 9.30am pm So come along and see our wide range of Toys, Puzzles and Dvd s. For further information you can contact: Julie / Lynette / Bronwyn / Bream Bay ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 223 Marsden Point Road, Ruakaka Miracles happen today Experience His Healing Presence. SUNDAY SERVICE & KIDZ CHURCH at 10am POWER HOUSE Monthly Friday at 7pm. MEN OF INTEGRITY Tuesday at 7pm WOMEN OF DESTINY Tuesday at 10am YOU ARE WELCOME! Pastors: Ken & Christine Hubbard Tel: BREAM BAY SUNDAY CHURCH SERVICES Presbyterian Waipu Camellia Ave, Ruakaka: 8.45am The Centre, Waipu: 10am Prayer Service: 7pm Assembly of God 223 Marsden Pt. Rd, Ruakaka, 10am. Anglican 1st and 3rd Sundays - St Paul s Ruakaka 2nd and 4th Sundays - St Peter s Waipu, 5th Sunday - St Nicholas Mission to Seafarers. Marsden Point All services start at 9.30am. Catholic Holy Family Church, Ruakaka,10.30am. Mass Lifepoint. 300 One Tree Point Rd, 10.30am. Bream Bay CRF. 15 Kepa Road, Central Ruakaka 10:15am every Sunday

20 Bream Bay News Page March 2013

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Here are the happiest and most prosperous people in the world. quotable community: city heritage 5. museum day 9. citizen spotlights 11

Here are the happiest and most prosperous people in the world. quotable community: city heritage 5. museum day 9. citizen spotlights 11 city heritage 5 museum day 9 citizen spotlights 11 cows come home 13 quotable community: Presort Std U.S. Postage P A I D Riverton, UT Permit #44 Local Postal Customer Here are the happiest and most prosperous

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Jeffrey Lalloway (Irvine Councilmember)

Jeffrey Lalloway (Irvine Councilmember) 2101 N. Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 A Weekly Adjudicated Newspaper of the Place Your Legal Notices With The Notice (See Pg. 13) NONPROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ANA, CA PERMIT NO. PI 793 A non-profit

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Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi

Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Hazırladığımız liste, 7037 kelime içermektedir. Listede yer alan kelimelerin 1468 tanesi fiil (verb), 3566 tanesi isim (noun),

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Home Buyer s and Seller s Guide. Some things you need to know to make buying and selling easier, and to help you get a great result.

Home Buyer s and Seller s Guide. Some things you need to know to make buying and selling easier, and to help you get a great result. Home Buyer s and Seller s Guide Some things you need to know to make buying and selling easier, and to help you get a great result. 3 Welcome Your home is one of the largest financial investments you have

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The Park Press. Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland. (L to R): Mason Ryan, Paul Triple H Levesque and Conor O Brian

The Park Press. Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland. (L to R): Mason Ryan, Paul Triple H Levesque and Conor O Brian The Park Press FREE May 2013 ~ Positive news that matters ~ Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland New Brain Mapping Technology The Emergency Fund A Snail Spiral In Bloom 07 11 15

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The Monarch December 2006

The Monarch December 2006 The Monarch December 2006 In this issue: London Hosts First Mentor Training Page 6 Maybe you were there? Check out our photo section Centre Insert Coping with Depression Page 26 7th Annual Dinner & Dance

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A guidebook for farm seekers and farmland owners Edition 1.1

A guidebook for farm seekers and farmland owners Edition 1.1 A guidebook for farm seekers and farmland owners Edition 1.1 FarmStart & Everdale Environmental Learning Centre Available as a free download on our websites Accessing Land for Farming In Ontario A guidebook

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Newsletter. Mesothelioma UK. Ghislaine Boyd. Ghislaine Boyd. Welcome to the Autumn edition of our newsletter

Newsletter. Mesothelioma UK. Ghislaine Boyd. Ghislaine Boyd. Welcome to the Autumn edition of our newsletter Mesothelioma UK Newsletter Autumn Issue 2014 About me! Ghislaine Boyd Business Development Manager I joined the team in July 2014 in the newly created post of Business Development Manager for Mesothelioma

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what s building Project Updates Project Updates Across the Group Fairbrother Groups Top Achievers 2014 Employee & Apprentice of the Year Awards

what s building Project Updates Project Updates Across the Group Fairbrother Groups Top Achievers 2014 Employee & Apprentice of the Year Awards NEWSLETTER OF THE FAIRBROTHER GROUP OF COMPANIES ISSUE 81 what s building DECEMBER 2014 Project Updates Project Updates Across the Group Fairbrother Groups Top Achievers 2014 Employee & Apprentice of the

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Business Result Upper-intermediate

Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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Answer key. 1 Building a career. 1.1 About business The education business. 1.2 Vocabulary Education and career. 1.3 Grammar Tense review

Answer key. 1 Building a career. 1.1 About business The education business. 1.2 Vocabulary Education and career. 1.3 Grammar Tense review Building a career. About business The education business telemarketing, personal referrals, weekends at Harvard, mail shots, travelling shows a,000 applications for the new academic year b % of applications

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(AAS), his father Willie s fire protec- continued on Page 17. A Royal commission

(AAS), his father Willie s fire protec- continued on Page 17. A Royal commission Covering the Industry s News Texas Style San Antonio Dallas/Fort Worth Austin Houston South Texas Remember the Fallen May 25 P.O. Box 791290 San Antonio, Texas 78279-1290 Change Service Requested Dallas/Fort

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representing las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and Deputy city and Municipal court Marshals

representing las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and Deputy city and Municipal court Marshals representing las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and Deputy city and Municipal court Marshals VOLuME 4 ISSuE 3 september/october 2009 See page 10 Clark County Credit Union is Nevada's only not-for-profit,

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Like toxic vapors coming

Like toxic vapors coming Tava Indian Kitchen small space, big taste WEEKEND 21 MARCH 15, 2013 VOLUME 21, NO. 7 650.964.6300 MOVIES 24 Testing and treating to cut toxic vapors HEALTH CONCERNS REMAIN FOR

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The magazine for lawyers in Merseyside and the North West

The magazine for lawyers in Merseyside and the North West Liverpool Law The magazine for lawyers in Merseyside and the North West February 2015 Joint V Report Lawyer in Lights Chris Anderson of Everton FC This month s featured charity: LawCare EDITORIAL 3 Liverpool

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TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper

TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper TheBurg Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper June 2009 Free Glamorous Women in Paradise opening June 5 for Harrisburg s First Friday event, 7-9 PM Featured artists: Joanne Landis, Renee Weiss Chase,

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VOLUME XXXIII ISSUE 11 NOVEMBER 2013 VOLUME XXXIII ISSUE 11 NOVEMBER 2013 Santa is coming back to Bloomingdale! Details inside. Citizens on Patrol Area residents take to the street for sixth annual Plaza Bella Pink Walk Plaza Bella (Bell

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The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 5 May 2010

The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 5 May 2010 The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 5 May 2010 San Diego Police Officers Association 8388 Vickers Street 858.573.1199 (Office) San Diego,

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1 How to contact us HOW TO CONTACT US 2AND OTHERS. London Regional Office Swan Housing Group Cygnet House 10 Chrisp Street London E14 6LL

1 How to contact us HOW TO CONTACT US 2AND OTHERS. London Regional Office Swan Housing Group Cygnet House 10 Chrisp Street London E14 6LL 1 Tenant handbook HOW TO CONTACT US 2AND OTHERS 1 How to contact us Group Head Office Pilgrim House High Street Billericay Essex CM12 9XY Phone: 0845 612 4700 Fax: 01277 844 734 Email:

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Culver s Restaurant Opens with Brisk Business

Culver s Restaurant Opens with Brisk Business March 2015 Culver s Restaurant Opens with Brisk Business The much anticipated Culver's Restaurant opened February 2nd to record crowds. The Florissant Culver's came close to breaking the all-time opening

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You can afford to leave: A financial guide for women and children experiencing domestic violence

You can afford to leave: A financial guide for women and children experiencing domestic violence You can afford to leave: A financial guide for women and children experiencing domestic violence There are no explanations anywhere, there are no leaflets anywhere none. You tell me where there is information

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About the Author. About the Student Loan Network. About Edvisors, Inc.

About the Author. About the Student Loan Network. About Edvisors, Inc. About the Author A visionary in financial aid with an intuitive sense for how marketing and community outreach should be done, Christopher S. Penn is the Chief Media Officer of Edvisors, Inc. and founder/

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Minnesota Police Journal

Minnesota Police Journal Minnesota Volume 88 No. 2 April 2015 Police Journal The Official Publication of The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Photo by Michael Murray St. Paul Police Federation Helps to Score a Goal

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Turn Your Organisation Into A Volunteer Magnet

Turn Your Organisation Into A Volunteer Magnet Turn Your Organisation Into A Volunteer Magnet Second edition Edited by Andy Fryar, Rob Jackson & Fraser Dyer Copyright 2007 This book has been produced as a free resource by, and for, members of the international

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April. Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services. Around the Units. Clipsal 500. Situational Awareness

April. Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services. Around the Units. Clipsal 500. Situational Awareness THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services Clipsal 500 Around the Units Situational Awareness

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to Work It was all I wanted. pg12

to Work It was all I wanted. pg12 MARCH 2012 Volume 19 Issue 1 SURVIVOR STORIES: An Alternative Residential Option pg7 Returning to Work It was all I wanted. pg12 Dianne Radunsky A Job Well Done pg 26 2 OBIA REVIEW MARCH 2012 BOARD OF

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