Ms. Hutchens- Teacher- 1 st - *Favorite color-purple *Favorite things- Sprite, M&Ms, trail mix *Classroom needs- dry erase markers

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1 Mrs. Killebrew- Teacher- Kindergarten *Favorite color- cranberry or green *Favorite things- Pease s caramel/cheese mix popcorn, books, baking/recipe books, chocolate (no nuts), going to the movies, raspberries, unsweetened tea, gardening *Classroom needs- 3m clear packing tape, 3m blue painter s tape (1 in.), any size sticky notes, small white lunch bags, thin black Expo dry erase markers, bottles of glue Mrs. Simpson- Teacher Assistant- Kindergarten *Favorite things- caramel, milk chocolate caramels, Peach Snapple, iced tea, strawberries, pansies, carnations, cookies, chips & guacamole, cooking, flower gardening *Classroom needs- paper towels, band aids, small post its, bottles of glue Mrs. Zaffiri- Teacher- Kindergarten *Favorite color- mint green & black *Favorite things- diet cherry Dr. Pepper, strawberries, caramel, chocolate, pretzels, Peonies, Green Bay Packers *Classroom needs- post it/sticky notes, dry erase markers, glue sticks, Clorox wipes, crayons Mrs. Smith - Teacher Assistant- Kindergarten *Favorite color- purple and blue *Favorite things- reading, popcorn, chocolate, apple and grape juices, sprite, grapes *Classroom needs- glue sticks, crayons, dry erase markers

2 Mrs. Helton- Teacher- Kindergarten *Favorite color- pink *Favorite things- diet Dr. Pepper, peanut M&Ms, sour patch kids, St. Louis Cardinals, Hydrangeas, strawberries & grapes, Chex mix, cheeze its, skinny mochas & skinny caramel macchiato (iced, hot, or frozen) *Classroom needs- thin black dry erase markers, paper towels, blue painters tape, band-aids, crayons Mrs. Hollis- Teacher Assistant- Kindergarten *Favorite things- Starbucks iced latte, strawberries, books *Classroom needs- dry erase markers Mrs. Deatherage- Teacher- 1 st - *Favorite things- Starbucks white chocolate mocha, Cherry Pepsi, Twizzlers, Flipz, St. Louis Cardinals, tulips, watermelon, gummy bears, Target *Classroom needs- gallon baggies, blue painters tape Mrs. Daughtery (Mrs. D)- 1:1 Attendant- 1 st - *Favorite things- gardening, horses, pretzels, licorice, oranges Ms. Hutchens- Teacher- 1 st - *Favorite color-purple *Favorite things- Sprite, M&Ms, trail mix *Classroom needs- dry erase markers Mrs. Barham- Teacher- 1 st - *Favorite color- turquoise, pink *Favorite things- Diet Pepsi, Reese s Peanut Butter Cups, Chicago Cubs, cheese popcorn, Starbucks, HyVee *Classroom needs- gallon baggies, screen cleaner

3 Mrs. Bennett- Teacher- 2 nd - *Favorite color- lime green *Favorite things- Chocolate Chip Mocha Frappuccino, Gold peak unsweetened tea, Diet Coke, dark chocolate, daisies *Classroom needs- Clorox wipes, wet ones Mrs. Rogers- Teacher- 2 nd - *Favorite color- yellow *Favorite things- Carmel Latte, dark chocolate, flowers, granola bars, bananas, gardening, sweet tea *Classroom needs- erasers, Kleenex Mrs. Sekardi- Teacher- 2 nd - *Favorite color- purple, pink, yellow *Favorite things- sweet tea, chocolate, fruit, Cardinals, houseplants, juice, flavored water, popcorn *Classroom needs- Kleenex, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer Mrs. Gruen- Teacher- 3 rd - *Favorite color- purple *Favorite things- mochas, unsweetened ice tea, dark chocolate, tulips, chocolate covered strawberries, unsalted seeds & nuts *Classroom needs- pencils, erasers, crayons Mrs. Mahan- Teacher- 3 rd - *Favorite color- black or grey *Favorite things- Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, white cheddar popcorn, Gerbera Daisies, diet peach tea, fresh peaches, tulips, cashews *Classroom needs- Kleenex, pencils

4 Miss Jefferson- Teacher- 3 rd - *Favorite color- purple *Favorite things- flavored iced tea, flavored lemonade, water, sour cream & onion chips, Reese s, white cheddar popcorn, cupcakes *Classroom needs- crayons, sticky notes, yellow highlighters, pencils Miss Miller- Teacher- 4 th Language Arts *Favorite color- black, royal blue, turquoise, teal *Favorite things- Starbucks, Grab-a-Java, water, sprees, sweet tarts, Lilies, sunflowers, roses, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, pretzels & hummus, pecans, almonds, popcorn, Fritos, cuties, watermelon, raspberries, mango, Smart Pop salt & pepper, Cheeze-Its Duos sharp cheddar & parmesean *Classroom needs- Kleenex, pencils, sticky notes, colored pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters, looseleaf paper Mrs. Russell- 1:1 Attendant- 4 th - *Favorite things- LaCroix water, Abita or Virgil s root beer, salted caramel, sunflowers, zinnias, Star Wars, popcorn, gardening, cooking, Jimmy John s *Classroom needs- mechanical pencils, Sharpies Mr. Wilson- Teacher- 4 th & 5 th - Social Studies & Science, black, purple *Favorite things- Sprite, potato chips, gum, cheesecake *Classroom needs- dry erase markers, pencils, pencil sharpener Mrs. Cox- Teacher- 4 th & 5 th - Math *Favorite color- purple *Favorite things- unsweetened ice tea, dark chocolate *Classroom needs- Kleenex, pencils Ms. House- Teacher- 5 th - Language Arts *Favorite color- all *Favorite things- Diet Coke, sparkling ICE- mango, Chex Mix, cheez its, trail mix, dark chocolate *Classroom needs- computer screen cleaner, cans of air for computer cleaning

5 Ms. Holt- Teacher- K-2 Cross Cat- *Favorite color- yellow *Favorite things- flowers, diet Pepsi *Classroom needs- Clorox/Lysol wipes Ms. Holt s Classroom Assistants and 1:1 aids- Mrs. Anderson- *Favorite color- pink, glitter *Favorite things- diet Pepsi, spearmint gum, cuties, 3 Musketeers, water Ms. Sonneborn *Favorite color- red *Favorite things- the beach, old movies, oldies music Ms. Ramsey- *Favorite color- white, red *Favorite things- The Cavs (LeBron James), water, Twix, popcorn, strawberries Mrs. Hasquin- Teacher- 3-5 Cross Cat-, pink, gray *Favorite things- blackberry ice water, tulips, Starbucks caramel macchiato, Grab A Java raspberry latte, m&m s, tulips, apples *Classroom needs- Kleenex, sticky notes, wipes, hand sanitizer Mrs. Hasquin s Classroom Assistants and 1:1 aids- Mrs. Coleman- *Favorite things- Lemon Balm, peach & mango flavored Arizona Tea

6 Ms. Farnsworth - Teacher- 3-5 Special Ed-, purple *Favorite things- diet Pepsi, blueberries, tulips, books, coffee, travel *Classroom needs- Kleenex, wipes Ms. Farnsworth s Classroom Assistants and 1:1 aids- Miss Sara - *Favorite things- popcorn, trail mix, chips & salsa, Reese s peanut butter cups, Lily of the Valley Gerber daisies, diet Pepsi Miss Mahogany- *Favorite color- red *Favorite things- brownies, slushies, cake & ice cream, minute maid, fruit punch, body lotion, lip gloss Miss Michelle- *Favorite things- coffee, chocolate, cheese crackers, iced tea (no sugar) Miss Melissa *Favorite things- reading, laughing, music, poetry, seafood, getting nails done, shopping, becoming a new mother