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2 Strategic Priorities Raise STATURE to build widespread support for theatre education Broaden our reach by increasing DIVERSITY and access Increase INVOLVEMENT and leadership of current members Deliver evolving services & knowledge that leverage TECHNOLOGY

3 A snapshot of the Educational Theatre Association, home of the International Thespian Society Founded in 1929 More than 2 million students have earned induction into the Thespian Society including famous alumni like Tom Hanks, Val Kilmer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Current Membership Teachers/Troupe directors 4,469 Individual professional 785 Thespians 103,739 Junior Thespians 11,158 Total 120,151 (+7,832 vs YA) Approx 20% of US high schools have a Thespian troupe National office headquartered in Cincinnati has staff of 35 people State chapters in 47 of the 50 states and China Operating Budget $7 million on a national level In addition to $8 million combined budgets of state chapters

4 Membership growth 10 Years of Troupe Growth Student Thespian Inductees per school year 4,900 4,700 4,500 4,300 4,100 3,900 3,852 3,918 3,934 4,039 4,108 4,152 4,243 4,326 4,307 4,469 4,693 55,000 50,000 45,000 40,000 36,969 38,567 37,862 38,639 41,574 45,416 45,189 47,463 51,966 53,334 3,700 35,000 34,386 3, ,

5 EdTA s Core Values Mission First 1. People Matter Every individual has the opportunity to make a difference. Take care of yourself and your colleagues. Cultivate each person's skills, strengths, and talents. Be respectful, considerate, and honest with each other. 2. Strive for Excellence Define success. Be open to and embrace positive change. Look outside the walls of EdTA. Learn and document new ways to do things better. Take risks turn both successes and failures into lessons learned. 3. Work Together The best ideas, performance, and results come through collaboration. Focus on the objective and challenge ideas, not people. Be kind, assertive and supportive, even when there is disagreement. Work through conflicts, do not avoid them. Support the final decision. 4. Be the person you want to work with Celebrate individuality and honor diversity. Engage fully. Bring joy and optimism to your work.

6 Opportunities for Students Earning induction in the International Thespian Society International Thespian Festival (June 25-30) Subscription to Dramatics magazine Adjudication and opportunities to perform on festival main stage Over $200,000 in scholarships awarded annually National writing competitions: Playworks, MusicalWorks (deadline Jan 15), Democracyworks (deadline Feb 1) Student leadership opportunities -- national, state, and troupe Participating in Advocacy events at national and state level

7 Benefits for Teachers Online Theatre Education Community: over 8000 members in peer-to-peer discussion forum EdTA National Conference and grants for professional development (Denver: September 13-15, 2018) Dramatics magazine and Teaching Theatre journal Access to resources in Educational Policy - National Core Theatre Standards, Opportunity to Learn Standards, Model Cornerstone Assessments, Teacher Evaluation Workbook Awards and recognition Advocacy Advocacy toolbox with research and customizable presentations National Arts Advocacy Day & advocacy training Advocacy Leadership Network in 17 states

8 Support for state chapters Leadership Summit national training for state chapter boards Sharing of best practices festivals, teacher events, community service, software, student leadership training, honoring troupes Training on budgeting, risk management, recruiting & retention, etc Insurance program Rubrics for Individual Events aligned with core theatre standards 501c3 status and filing of tax return Scholarship matching funds and administration Trademarks and Intellectual Property Membership database and reports Technology support Guidebook event app Budgeting tool Background checks

9 Advancing the field of School Theatre Leadership organization in creating the 2014 National Core Arts Standards Partnerships with Americans for the Arts, National Association for Music Education, National Dance Education Organization, National Art Educators Association Theatre In Our Schools month in collaboration with AATE: Grassroots campaign to raise awareness of the importance of school theatre National sponsor of Arts Advocacy Day ( ), First Theatre Education Advocacy Day in Washington DC: July 2017 Thought leader on teacher and student assessment in school theatre Presenting organization at the Kennedy Center, Americans for the Arts, and U.S. Department of Education

10 A model to build sustainable school theatre programs

11 Building sustainable musical theatre programs in underserved middle schools Only 28% of high poverty middle and secondary schools offer theatre Program builds successful musical theatre programs in middle schools starting from scratch Everything is designed to build sustainability = teach a man to fish

12 JumpStart Theatre video Click here: JumpStart Theatre 2017 video

13 EdTA Member Study % of members are satisfied or very satisfied with EdTA Satisfaction with EdTA 46% 46% 39% 32% 18% 11% 1% 1% 3% 3% 1 -NOT AT ALL SATISFIED VERY SATISFIED

14 EdTA Member Study (2016) Quantitative survey conducted by outside research company Eureka Facts Findings: 85% are satisfied with EdTA and have very positive attitudes towards the association Top Priorities: o 91% say understanding the needs of the theatre educators of today o 86% say taking a lead in introducing positive changes in theatre education Top 3 reasons to join EdTA: o The ability to induct students into the International Thespian Society (4.66) o Opportunity for students to participate in a state or international festivals (4.06) o Subscriptions to Dramatics magazine and Teaching Theatre journal (3.98) Top 3 challenges theatre educators face: o Lack of funding for the arts (4.01) o Inadequate recognition of the curricular value of theatre education (3.98) o Facility restrictions/inadequate facilities (3.61)

15 #1 Challenge that theatre educators face: Lack of Funding Only 28% of public schools in high poverty areas offer theatre Vision is Theatre for Every School Become a national go-to source for funding of school theatre including direct grants to schools Strengthen connection to theatre industry, business leaders, and Thespian Alumni

16 Educational Theatre Foundation Board of Trustees includes: Hunter Bell, Tony-nominated Freddie Gershon, Chairman Viola Davis Thomas Schumacher Preston Whiteway Charlotte St. Martin [title of show] Music Theatre International Producer and Actress Disney Theatricals Eugene O Neill Theater Center The Broadway League Jack Lane, STAGES St. Louis Robert Greenblatt, Chairman NBC Matt Conover, Vice President, Disneyland

17 R.I.S.E. America deadline Feb 6! NBC partners with the Educational Theatre Foundation to provide $10,000 grants to 50 high schools across the country Examples of the uses of funding include: Production Fund a production, purchase critical theatrical equipment and/or supplies (lighting, sound equipment, costumes), and/or underwrite your first full play or your first musical. Student experience Open students' eyes and inspire them with exposure to new experiences: a field trip to a professional theatre production, attendance at a state theatre conference or national theatre festival with interactions from industry professionals and students from other regions. Teacher development Provide professional mentoring and resources to empower the educator to expand the theatre program. For example, fund a master class with teacher visits; training sessions with professional technical directors, writers, choreographers, and set designers; travel costs for a teacher to attend professional development conferences.