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2 Program Gude Foreword 3 Commees 5 General Informaon 9 Plan of he Venue 10 ETS Monday Program 12 ETS Tuesday Program 13 Program a a Glance 22 ETS Wednesday Program 24 ETS Thursday Program 29 ETS Frnge Workshops 35 Frnge Meengs 37 Socal Acves 38 Map of he Cy 39 Noes 42 2

3 Foreword On behalf of he Seerng, Organzng and Program Commees, we would lke o welcome you o he European Tes Symposum 2013 (ETS 13), he larges even n Europe enrely devoed o presenng and dscussng scenfc rends, emergng resuls, ho opcs, and praccal applcaons n he area of elecronc-based crcu and sysem esng. ETS 13 s he 18h edon of hs symposum and s held n Avgnon, France. Avgnon s locaed n he hear of Provence and s renowned as an elegan and nernaonal ours resor. I has an exceponal archecural and arsc herage, and was "European Cy of Culure" n Avgnon s famous for s "Cé des Papes" (Popes Palace), he Pope resdence durng he 14h cenury, whch s he bgges gohc palace n all of Europe and a UNESCO world herage se snce ETS 13 connues he well-esablshed forma for ETS, sarng on Monday, May 27h wh uorals, followng wh a hree-day echncal program, ogeher wh an aracve socal even, and endng on Frday, May 31s wh workshops. For he ffh me, he Tes Sprng School (TSS) s also organzed back-oback wh ETS. The symposum s echncal program consss of wo plenary keynoe addresses, scenfc paper presenaons organzed n hree parallel racks, hree embedded uorals, wo panels, fve specal sessons, hree vendor presenaon sessons, hree poser sessons, and a PhD suden work-n-progress paper sesson. Togeher wh several es-relaed frnge evens, we have he "European Tes Week", ncludng he workshop on Manufacurable and Dependable Mulcore Archecures a Nanoscale (MEDIAN), he workshop on Desgn and Tes Mehodologes for Emergng Technologes (DETMET), and he workshop on Trusworhy Manufacurng and Ulzaon of Secure Devces (TRUDEVICE). ETS 13 receved a large number of conrbuons from all over he world, submed o he scenfc rack, workshop rack (ncludng emergng deas and case sudes), vendor sessons, and specal sessons. All submssons underwen a rgorous revew process. For he scenfc and workshop racks, each paper has been revewed on average by 6 revewers. A he full-day TPC meeng, held on February 8h, 2013 n Lnköpng, Sweden, all submed papers were dscussed and 3

4 Foreword evaluaed. Based on he revews and he dscussons, 26 scenfc rack papers, 3 embedded uoral papers, and 13 posers were seleced for ncluson n he ETS 13 Formal Proceedngs. Ths year for he fourh me, an elecronc verson of he formal proceedngs has been ncluded n a flash memory ha wll be dsrbued o conference aendees. In addon, 6 conrbuons for he workshop rack, 6 EU projec nformaon papers, 3 PhD suden work-n-progress papers, 6 nved ndusral papers, and 9 vendor sesson presenaons were seleced; mos of hese have her correspondng papers n he Informal Dges of Papers also ncluded n he flash memory. Noe ha auhors of he bes paper presened a ETS 13 wll receve an award ha wll be gven durng nex year s edon of ETS. ETS 13 s he achevemen of he conrbuons by many voluneers, who gve generously her me o conrbue o he success of he symposum. We would lke o hank all of hem for her effors. We are confden ha you wll fnd ETS 13 a producve and excng experence, and would lke o welcome you o Avgnon. P. Grard ETS 2013 General Char S. Hellebrand ETS 2013 General Vce-Char Z. Peng ETS 2013 Program Char M. Sonza Reorda ETS 2013 Program Vce-Char 4

5 Commees Organzng Commee General Char P. Grard, LIRMM (FR) Vce General Char S. Hellebrand, Paderborn U. (DE) Program Char Z. Peng, Lnköpng U. (SE) Vce Program Char M. Sonza Reorda, Pol. d Torno (IT) Local Organzaon Char A. Vrazel, LIRMM (FR) Panel Char M. Volane, Pol. d Torno (IT) Embedded Tuoral Char L. Anghel, TIMA (FR) Suden Acvy Char J. Rak, Tallnn UT (EE) Indusral Lason Char S. Hamdou, TU Delf (NL) Publcaon Char G. D Naale, LIRMM (FR) Frnge Workshops Char I. Polan, Passau U. (DE) Award Char M. Renovell, LIRMM (FR) Inernaonal Lasons Souh Amerca E. Coa, UFRGS (BR) Asa X. L, CAS (CN) Souh Pacfc A. Osseran, ECU (AU) Norh Amerca A. Sngh, Auburn U. (US) MENA O. Snanoglu, NYU (UAE) Local Organzaon Web A. Boso, LIRMM (FR) Regsraon E. Grèvere, LIRMM (FR) S. Bernard, LIRMM (FR) Bookle F. Souler, LIRMM (FR) Publcy V. Fèche, LIRMM (FR) L. Dlllo, LIRMM (FR) Audo/Vdeo A. Todr, LIRMM (FR) Tes Sprng School M. Come, LIRMM (FR) V. Kerzerho, LIRMM (FR) 5

6 Commees Topc Chars B. Becker, Freburg U. (DE) L. Carro, UFRGS (BR) K. Chakrabary, Duke U. (US) H. Kerkhoff, Twene U. (NL) E. Larsson, Lund U. (SE) C. Mera, Bologna U. (IT) S. Mr, TIMA (FR) F. Rechenbach, ABB (NO) J. Rvor, Advanes (DE) J. Tyszer, Poznan Tech.U. (PL) B. Vermeulen, NXP Semconducors (NL) Program Commee Magdy Abadr, US Rob Aken, US Zad Al-Ars, NL Florence Azas, FR Mohamed Azmane, NL Luz Balado, ES Paolo Bernard, IT Alex Bysrov, UK Albero Boso, FR Gunnar Carlsson, SE Abhj Chaerjee, US Wu-Tung Cheng, US Al Crouch, US Jerzy Dabrowsk, SE Danela De Venuo, IT Sefano D Carlo, IT Görschwn Fey, DE Mare-Lse Floes, FR Franco Fumm, IT Eml Gzdarsk, US Dmrs Gzopoulos, GR Sandeep K. Goel, US Elena Gramaova, SK Kazum Haayama, JP Mokhar Hrech, US Mchko Inoue, JP Tomoo Inoue, JP Andre Ivanov, CA Ger Jervan, EE Roh Kapur, US Zdenek Koasek, CZ Andrzej Krasnewsk, PL Rene Krenz-Baah, DE Bram Kruseman, NL Sandp Kundu, US Saqb Khursheed, UK Regs Leveugle, FR 6

7 Commees Huawe L, CN Marcelo Lubaszewsk, BR Yorgos Makrs, US Peer Maxwell, US Lvu Mclea, RO Subhassh Mra, US Zanalabedn Navab, IR Franc Novak, SI Hermann Obermer, DE Alex Oralloglu, US Rubn Parekhj, IN András Paarcza, HU Frank Poehl, DE Janusz Rajsk, US Bruno Rouzeyre, FR Anono Rubo, ES Kewal Saluja, US Pablo Sanchez, ES Juergen Schloeffel, DE Jaume Segura, ES Mehd B.Tahoor, DE Mohammad Tehranpoor, US Nur Touba, US Ramund Ubar, EE Henrch T. Verhaus, DE Arnaud Vrazel, FR Xaoqng Wen, JP Cheng-Wen Wu, TW Qang Xu, HK Danella Zhao, US Zeljko Zlc, CA Seerng Commee Char H.-J. Wunderlch, DE L. Anghel, FR D. Appello, IT B. Becker, DE J. Fgueras, ES P. Grard, FR P. Harrod, UK S. Hellebrand, DE L. Hueras, ES H. Manhaeve, BE E. J. Marnssen, BE Z. Peng, SE P. Prneo, IT M. Renovell, FR M. Sonza Reorda, IT Y. Zoran, US 7

8 AD Bll ETS 2013_Layou 1 16/04/ :49 Page 1 40 Bllon Processors Shpped and Counng... ARM desgns he echnology ha les a he hear of advanced dgal producs, from wreless, neworkng and consumer eneranmen soluons o magng, auomove, secury and sorage devces. The Archecure for he Dgal World ARM Ld. AD

9 General Informaon Organzers LIRMM (Unversy Monpeller 2 / CNRS), France and Lnköpng Unversy, Sweden. Daes / Symposum Venue May 27-31, 2013 Cenre des Congrès du Palas des Papes Place Palas des Papes Avgnon France Phone +33 (0) Fax +33 (0) Web hp:// Regsraon / Informaon Hours Monday, May 27 13:00-19:00 Tuesday, May 28 07:30-12:30 14:00-18:00 Wednesday, May 29 08:00-12:30 14:00-15:00 Thursday, May 30 08:00-12:30 14:00-18:00 Board Welcome Recepon and Coffee breaks wll be gven n room Paneere. Lunches wll be served n "Espace Jeanne Lauren". Pracal Informaon Money Currency Euro e Rae 1 e s abou 1.30 US Dollar All major cred cards are acceped n sores, hoels, resaurans and ours shops. Publc Transporaon The conference venue s locaed n he old cy cener of Avgnon. The mos convenen way o ravel nsde he old cy s by walkng. Neverheless, a publc ransporaon map can be found a hp:// 9

10 Yann De Farens N Plan of he Venue Salle des gardes 150 pax m² Pee cusne 12 pax - 26 m² Sudum 19 pax - 20 m² Cubculare 50 pax - 72 m² Herses Champeaux 35 pax - 45m² Chambre du Trésorer 150 pax m² Chambre aux 4 fenêres 30 pax - 50 m² Herses Nore-Dame 25 pax - 42 m² Immarculée au regsre des Opéraeurs de Voyages e Séjours, sous le n IM Cloîre Benoî XII 300 pax m² Galere du Cloîre 100 pax m² Salle du Conclave 536 pax m² Grand Tnel 400 pax m² Salle de la Paneere 250 pax m² Grande Audence 700 pax m² Celler Beno XII 259 pax m² Accès Cloîre 10

11 TESSENT COMPREHENSIVE SILICON TEST AND YIELD ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS MENTOR GRAPHICS IS A PROUD SUPPORTER OF THE 2013 EUROPEAN TEST SYMPOSIUM THE TESSENT PRODUCT SUITE ncludes echnology for es and repar of memory, logc, mxed sgnal, and 3D ICs ncludng DFT nseron and auomac es paern generaon, even for cell-nernal fauls, wh hgh compresson. Tessen slcon learnng soluons nclude dagnoss, yeld analyss, debug, and characerzaon. To learn more abou he comprehensve slcon es and yeld learnng soluons, vs us a

12 Monday, May 27, :00-18:30 Tuoral 1 (Chambre du Trésorer) Effecve Pos-Slcon Valdaon Subhassh Mra (Sanford Unversy, US) 14:00-18:30 Tuoral 2 (Paneere) Desgn, Tes and Debug of Prned Crcu Assembles Bll Eklow, Brce Achkr (Csco Sysems, US) 19:00-20:30 Welcome Recepon (Paneere) WhenF e l df a l ur e snoanop on WhenCos Re duc on, T e s andda aqual ya r ekey WhenRe l ab l y sofconc er n WhenQual yof E ng ne e r ngmea nsval ue Rea l Awa r dsa wa hos ewhoc hoos ew s e l y R dge ope ur ope, w h sunma c hedqs a r T es c ur r enmea s ur emen ns r umen ss er v ngy el d mpr ov emena nd es c os r educ on, a ndr dge op Gr oup sel ec r on cpr ognos cs ol u onsf ea ur ng hepr ochek pr oc es sr el a b l yc ha r a c er z a on s y s em, a r e hea ns wer. L ea r nmor ea bououri nnov a ons nt es, Mea s ur emena nde l ec r on c Pr ognos c sa h p: / / www. r dge op. euorwww. r dge opgr oup. c om a ndd s c ov er her ewa r dsofours ol u ons. 12

13 Tuesday, May 28, :30-10:30 Plenary Sesson (Celler Beno x) 8:30-9:00 Openng Welcome Address Parck Grard (LIRMM, FR) ETS 13 General Char Program Inroducon Zebo Peng (Lnköpng Unversy, SE) ETS 13 Program Char Symposum Informaon Arnaud Vrazel (LIRMM, FR) ETS 13 Organzaon Char ETS 12 Bes Paper Award Bernd Becker (Unversy of Freburg, DE) ETS 12 Vce- Program Char 9:00-9:45 Keynoe 1 Magcal Thnkng Appled o Tes Engneerng Realy (and vce versa) Jeff Rearck (AMD, USA) The hgh-echnology ndusry n general, and s nfrasrucure aspecs (such as esng) n parcular, have recenly garnered skepcsm wh respec o he ably o connue o nnovae. Ths alk wll analyze he sources of such crcsm, along wh possble andoes, especally he role of magcal hnkng (as popularzed n he recen bography of Seve Jobs). The dsncon beween fanasy and vson wll be explaned, wh examples drawn from several aspecs of praccal es engneerng, boh pas and fuure. The audence wll be challenged (and hopefully nspred) o ackle he problems faced by our ndusry wh an approach whch s a he same me boh vsonary and pragmac. 13

14 Tuesday, May 28, :45-10:30 Keynoe 2 Oulook for Many-Core Sysems: Cloudy wh a Chance of Vrualzaon Nkl Du (Unversy of Calforna Irvne, US) The emergence of many-core plaforms ncreases he need for hgh memory bandwdh, whch n urn creaes he need for vas amouns of on-chp memory space. Desgners mus carefully provson he on-chp memory resources o mee applcaon needs. Effcen memory managemen s exremely crcal snce has a grea mpac on he sysem s power consumpon and hroughpu. Whle memory herarches have radonally been based on SRAM-based on- chp caches, he demands of predcably, low power/energy, as well as he emergence of non- volale memores (NVMs) and mxed-crcaly sysems, have led o ncreasng use of sofware- conrolled on-chp memores. The alk presens sraeges for effcenly managng sofwareconrolled memores n he many-core doman, whle addressng he dsparae challenges faced by desgners n deployng such memory subsysems (e.g., sharng memory resources, handlng varably, and deployng heerogeneous memory famles). The overall approach revss and exends he classcal noon of clouds and memory vrualzaon o handle scalable on-chp memory organzaons for reduced power consumpon, secury, relably and yeld managemen. 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break (Paneere) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 2A (Celler Beno XII) Tesng of Core-based SOCs and 3D Sacked ICs 14 Moderaors: Janusz Rajsk (Menor Graphcs, US), Sandeep K. Goel (TSMC, US) 2A.1 Robus Opmzaon of Tes-Archecure Desgns for Core-Based SoCs Sergej Deusch, Krshnendu

15 Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Chakrabary (Duke Unversy, US) 2A.2 Compung Deecon Probably of Delay Defecs n Sgnal Lne TSVs Carolna Mezler, Ada Todr-Sanal, Albero Boso, Lug Dlllo, Parck Grard, Arnaud Vrazel (LIRMM, FR), Pascal Vve, Marc Bellevlle (CEA-LETI, FR) 2A.3 Auomaed DfT Inseron and Tes Generaon for 3D-SICs wh Embedded Cores and Mulple Towers Chrsos Papameles, Bron Keller, Vvek Chckermane (Cadence Desgn Sysems, NL), Erk Jan Marnssen (IMEC, BE), Sad Hamdou (Delf Unversy of Technology, NL) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 2B (Chambre du Tresorer) Sofware-Based Tes and Sysem Dependably Moderaors: Dmrs Gzopoulos (Unversy of Ahens, GR), Mchael Ncolads (TIMA, FR) 2B.1 Effcen Faul Smulaon Through Dynamc Bnary Translaon for Dependably Analyss of Embedded Sofware Grazano Pravadell, Franco Fumm (Unversy of Verona, IT), Guseppe D Guglelmo (Columba Unversy n he Cy of New York, US), Davde Ferrareo (Unversy of Verona, IT) 2B.2 Expermenal Evaluaon of Thread Dsrbuon Effecs on Mulple Oupu Errors n GPUs Paolo Rech, Carolne Aguar (UFRGS, BR), Chrsopher Fros (STFC, UK), Lug Carro (UFRGS, BR) 2B.3 A Sofware-Based Self Tes of CUDA Ferm GPUs Danele Rolfo, Sefano D Carlo, Gulo Gambardella, Marco Indaco, Ippazo Marella, Paolo Prneo, Pascal Troa (Polecnco d Torno, IT) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 2C (Paneere) Specal Indusral Sesson: Desgnng and Manufacurng Zero-Defec-per- Mllon ICs n Forhcomng Technologes Moderaors: Bernard Couros (CMP, FR), Haralampos Sragopoulos (TIMA, FR) 15

16 Tuesday, May 28, C.1 Dagnosc for Yeld and Relably Learnng: Indusral Experences Davde Appello (STMcroelecroncs, IT) 2C.2 Process Technology, Tes and Zero Defecs Bram Kruseman (NXP, NL) 2C.3 Zero Defec - More han Faul Coverage and Faul Models Hermann Obermer (Infneon, DE) 12:30-14:15 Lunch (Espace Jeanne Lauren) 14:15-15:45 Sesson 3A (Celler Beno XII) Scan-Based Tes and Dagnoss Moderaors: John P. Hayes (Unversy of Mchgan, US), Bruno Rouzeyre (LIRMM, FR) 3A.1 Scan Paern Reargeng and Mergng wh Reduced Access Tme Rafal Baranowsk, Mchael Koche, Hans-Joachm Wunderlch (Unversy of Sugar, DE) 3A.2 Ulzng Crcu Srucure for Scan Chan Dagnoss Lo We-Hen, Hseh Ang-Chh, Lan Chen-Mng, Ln Mn-Hsen, Hwang Tngng (Naonal Tsng Hua Unversy, TW) 3A.3 A Layou-Aware X-Fllng Approach for Dynamc Power Supply Nose Reducon n A-Speed Scan Tesng Saman Kamehr, Farshad Frouz, Mehd Tahoor (Karlsruhe Insue of Technology, DE) 14:15-15:45 Sesson 3B (Chambre du Tresorer) Workshop-Type Papers: Low-Power Scan, JTAG and Defec Smulaon Moderaors: Joan Fgueras (UPC, ES), Xaoqng Wen (Kyushu Insue of Technology, JP) 3B.1 Peak Scan Capure Power Reducon Usng a Novel On-Chp Clock Sequencer Swapnl Bahl, Shray Khullar (STMcroelecroncs, IN) 3B.2 A New Execuon Model for Ineracve JTAG Applcaons Mchele Porolan, Bradford Van Treuren, Suresh Goyal (Alcael-Lucen, US) 16

17 Tuesday, May 28, B.3 A New Analog Defec Smulaor Usng Old Technques Sephen Suner (Menor Graphcs, DE), Krzyszof Jurga, Barosz Kaczmarek (Poznan Unversy, PL) 14:15-15:45 Sesson 3C (Paneere) Vendor Presenaon Sesson: Tes and Relably Improvemens Moderaors: Sule Ozev (Arzona Sae Unversy, US), Wu-Tung Cheng (Menor Graphcs, US) 3C.1 T2000 IPS Effecve Tes Soluon for Inegraed Power Devces Peer Weser (Advanes Europe GmbH, DE) 3C.2 Embedded Tes and Repar for Advanced Geomery Desgns Yervan Zoran (Synopsys, US) 3C.3 Rdgeop Innovaons for Improved Tesng, Beer Relably, and Foundry Process Qualfcaon Hans Manhaeve (Rdgeop Europe, BE) 15:45-16:45 Coffee Break (Paneere) 15:45-16:45 Poser Sesson P1 (Paneere) Faul Tolerance, Dagnoss, and Relably P1.1 Faul Mgaon Sraeges for CUDA GPUs Danele Rolfo, Sefano D Carlo, Gulo Gambardella, Marco Indaco, Ippazo Marella, Paolo Prneo, Pascal Troa (Polecnco d Torno, IT) P1.2 Varably-Aware and Faul-Toleran Self- Adapve Applcaons for Many-Core Chps Faben Chax, Glles Bzo, Mchael Ncolads, Zerganoh Nacer-Eddne (TIMA, FR) P1.3 A Mnmum MSE Sensor Fuson Algorhm wh Tolerance o Mulple Fauls Omd Sarbshe, Aena Roshan Fekr, Majd Jandarman, Benjamn Nahll, Kaarzyna Radecka (McGll Unversy, CA) P1.4 Bas Temperaure Insably Analyss n SRAM Decoder Seyab Khan, Sad Hamdou (Delf Unversy of Technology, NL), Hall Kukner, Praveen Raghavan, Francky 17

18 Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Cahoor (IMEC, BE) P1.5 Generaon of Compac Mul-Cycle Dagnosc Tes Se Irh Pomeranz (Purdue Unversy, US) P1.6 Aggresve Scan Chan Maskng for Improved Dagnoss of Mulple Scan Chan Falures Subhadp Kundu, Sananu Chaopadhyay, Indranl Sen Gupa (Indan Insue of Technology Kharagpur, IN), Roh Kapur (Synopsys, US) P1.7 PnPon: An Algorhm for Enhancng Dagnosc Resoluon Usng Capure-Cycle Power Informaon Seeal Polur (Indan Insue of Technology Madras, IN), Saya Trnadh (Indan Insue of Technology Hyderabad, IN), Roopashree Baskaran (Naonal Insue of Technology Trchy, IN), Kamako Veezhnahan, Nn Chandrachoodan (Indan Insue of Technology Madras, IN) lfe.augmened s our conrbuon o people s lves ST s a world leader n provdng he semconducor soluons ha make a posve conrbuon o people s lves, boh oday and n he fuure. 18 For more nformaon, vs

19 Tuesday, May 28, :45-18:15 Sesson 4A (Celler Beno XII) Analog and RF Tes 1 Moderaors: Abhj Chaerjee (Georga Tech, US), Emmanuel Smeu (TIMA, FR) 4A.1 Adapve Qualy Bnnng for Analog Crcus Ender Ylmaz, Sule Ozev (Arzona Sae Unversy, US), Kenneh Buler (Texas Insrumens, US) 4A.2 On Combnng Alernae Tes wh Spaal Correlaon Modelng n Analog/RF ICs Ke Huang (Unversy of Texas a Dallas, US), Nahan Kupp (Yale Unversy, US), John Carull (Texas Insrumens, US), Yorgos Makrs (Unversy of Texas a Dallas, US) 4A.3 M-S Tes Based on Specfcaon Valdaon Usng Ocrees n he Measure Space Alvaro Gomez-Pau, Luz Balado, Joan Fgueras (UPC, ES) 16:45-18:15 Sesson 4B (Chambre du Tresorer) Panel: Wha s he Elecroncs Indusry Dong o Wn he Bale Agans he Expeced Scary Falure Raes n Fuure Technology Nodes? Organzer and Moderaor: Sad Hamdou (Delf Unversy of Technology, NL) Panelss: Davde Appello (STMcroelecroncs, IT), Arnaud Grasse (Thales, FR), Xnl Gu (Huawe, US), Bram Kruseman (NXP, NL), Rccardo Maran (YogTech, IT), Hermann Obermer (Infneon, DE), Srkanh Venkaaraman (Inel, US) 16:45-18:15 Sesson 4C (Paneere) EU Projec Informaon 1 Moderaors: Dan Alexandrescu (RoC Technologes, FR), Mohamed Azmane (NXP Semconducors, NL) 4C.1 FP7 DIAMOND: Desgn Error Dagnoss and Correcon Success Srores Jaan Rak, Maksm Jenhhn (Techncal Unversy of Talln, EE), Rober Könghofer, Georg Hofferek (Graz Unversy of Technology, AT), Alexander Fnder, 19

20 Tuesday, May 28, 2013 Görschwn Fey (Unversy of Bremen, DE) 4C.2 AUTOMICS: A Novel Approach for Subsrae Modelng for Auomove Applcaons Ramy Iskander (LIP6, FR) 4C.3 TRUDEVICE: A COST Acon on "Trusworhy Manufacurng and Ulzaon of Secure Devces" Gorgo D Naale (LIRMM, FR) 18:30-19:30 Wne Tasng Pary (Paneere) Inegraedes & Produc Engneerng (ITPE) Tes Engneerng (Tes Hardware & Sofware Developmen) Elecrcal characerzaon Qualfcaon (qualfcaon plan, relably, ESD ) Falure Analyss (from de o sysem) Servces Back-End Producs & Processes ndusralsaon Profably opmsaon (Tes me, yeld ) Prooypes & preseres esng (lne n Europe) Producon & Qualy Managemen (Non-conform los, changes ) «Turnkey soluons» (from wafer ou o delvery of Goods) Suppor Slcon Slcon Valley Valley Caen Grenoble Caen Grenoble Mgdal Ha'Emek Mgdal Ha'Emek Preso Engneerng (Normandy Hub) 2, rue de la grafe Caen France TEL : +33 (0) Preso Engneerng (Grenoble Hub) 60, rue des Berges Grenoble France TEL : +33 (0) Preso Engneerng (Slcon Valley Hub) 3907 Norh Frs S. San Jose CA USA TEL : +1 (408) Preso Engneerng (Israel Hub) 5 HaTa'asya Sree - Mgdal Ha'Emek Israel TEL : R&D projecs (parnershps ) Auds Manufacurng lnes & processes ESD complance Supplers assessmen Tranngs Falure mechansms & Analyss echnques Relably sandards and echnques Success Analyss Accelerae Produc Release ISO17025 ISO9001 v

21 THE NEW ERA OF ACCESS Tme o combne your es sysem wh modern echnologes

22 Program a a Glance Rooms Celler Beno x Chambre du Trésorer Paneere Espace Jeanne Lauren Oher Monday, May 27 2A Tes Corebased SOCs & 3D Tuesday, May 28 Openng Keynoe 1 Keynoe 2 Coffee Break 2B Sof Tes & Dependably Lunch 2C Zero- Defec Techno Wednesday, May 29 5A Analog & RF Tes 2 5B Secury, Safey & Yeld 5C EDA Vendors Posers & Coffee Break 6A Compuaonal Tes 6B Panel: Curren Tesng 6C EU Projec Info 2 Lunch Thursday, May 30 8A Memory Relably 8B PhD Suden WP 8C Adv. Tes Soluons Posers & Coffee Break 9A Low- Power BIST 9B Inerdoman Safey 9C Process Charac. Lunch 8:30 10:00 11:00 12:30 22

23 Program a a Glance Tuoral 1 Pos-slcon valdaon Tuoral 2 Prned Crcu Assembles Welcome Recepon 3A Scan- Based Tes 3B Scan, JTAG & Defec 3C Vendor Presenaon Posers & Coffee Break 4A Analog & RF Tes 1 4B Panel 4C EU Projec Info Wne Tasng Pary 7A Tes & Secury Dcho 7B Semconducor Falure 7C Approxmae Compung Socal Even Vs of he Popes s Palace Baux de Provence Gala Dnner 10 Error & Threa Deec Closng Ceremony ETS Frndge Workshops MEDIAN DETMET TRUDEVICE 14:00 15:30 16:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:30 23

24 Wednesday, May 29, :30-10:00 Sesson 5A (Celler Beno XII) Analog and RF Tes 2 Moderaors: Jacob Abraham (Unversy of Texas a Ausn, US), Herber Echnger (Infneon, AU) 5A.1 Analycal Modelng for EVM n OFDM Transmers Includng he Effecs of IIP3, I/Q Imbalance, Nose, AM/AM and AM/PM Dsoron Afsaneh Nassery, Sule Ozev (Arzona Sae Unversy, US), Musapha Slaman (IBM, US) 5A.2 Effcen Selecon of Sgnaures for Analog/RF Alernae Tes Manuel Barragan, Gldas Leger (IMSE-CNM, ES) 5A.3 Effcen Sysem-Level Tesng and Adapve Tunng of MIMO-OFDM Wreless Transmers Shyam Kumar Devarakond, Debashs Banerjee, Arra Banerjee (Georga Insue of Technology, US), Shreyas Sen (Inel, US), Abhj Chaerjee (Georga Insue of Technology, US) 24

25 Wednesday, May 29, :30-10:00 Sesson 5B (Chambre du Tresorer) Workshop-Type Papers: Secury, Safey and Yeld Analyss Moderaors: Paolo Prneo (Polecnco d Torno, IT), Regs Leveugle (TIMA, FR) 5B.1 #SAT for Vulnerably Analyss of Secury Componens Lnus Feen, Mahas Sauer, Tobas Schuber, Alexander Czuro (Unversy of Freburg, DE), Vcor Tomashevch (Unversy of Passau, DE), Eberhard Boehl (Rober Bosch GmbH, DE), Ila Polan (Unversy of Passau, DE), Bernd Becker (Unversy of Freburg, DE) 5B.2 Verfcaon Tool Developmen n Accordance wh ISO Danel Carlsson, Urban Ingelsson, Vacheslav Izosmov (Semcon, SE) 5B.3 Indusral Pracce for Dagnoss Drven Yeld Analyss (DDYA) Wu Yang, Yu Huang (Menor Graphcs, US) 8:30-10:00 Sesson 5C (Paneere) Specal Indusral Sesson: Updaes and Advanced Pracces from EDA Vendors Moderaors: Olver Brngmann (Eberhard-Karls- Unversy of Tuebngen, DE), Mara K. Mchael (Unversy of Cyprus, CY) 5C.1 Cell-Aware Producon Tes Resuls from a 350nm Auomove Desgn Fredrch Hapke (Menor Graphcs, DE), Marek Husava (On Semconducor, CZ) 5C.2 EDA Powerng he Fuure n IC Tes Roh Kapur (Synopsys, US) 5C.3 Smarscan - Reduced Pn Coun Compresson wh Low Power Advanages- Ideal for Mxed Sgnal Desgns Chrsos Papameles, Krshna Chakravadhanula, Vvek Chchkermane, Don Pearl, Subhassh Mukherjee, Rober Asher, Rajesh Khurana, Yogyaa Thareja, Basslos Peraks (Cadence, US) 10:00-11:00 Coffee Break (Paneere) 25

26 Wednesday, May 29, :00-11:00 Poser Sesson P2 (Paneere) Analog/RF and 3D IC Tes, Faul Smulaon and Tes Generaon P2.1 Effcen Mnmzaon of Tes Frequences for Lnear Analog Crcus Mohand Benobache (Unversy of Bejaa, DZ), Ahcene Bounceur, Renhard Euler (Lab-STICC, FR), Yann Keffer (LCIS, FR), Salvador Mr (TIMA, FR) P2.2 Implemenng Model Redundancy n Predcve Alernae Tes o Improve Tes Confdence Hahem Ayar, Florence Azaïs, Serge Bernard, Marane Come, Vncen Kerzerho, Olver Pon, Mchel Renovell (LIRMM, FR) P2.3 RF BIST and Tes Sraegy for he Receve Par of an RF Transcever n CMOS Technology Chrsophe Kelma, Sebasen Darfeulle, Andreas Neuburger, Andreas Lobng (NXP, FR) P2.4 Hybrd 3D Pre-bondng Tes Framework Desgn Unn Chandran (Inel, US), Danella Zhao (Unversy of Lousana a Lafayee, US), Rahsh Jayabharah (Inel, US) P2.5 BIST Archecure o Deec Defecs n TSVs Durng Pre-Bond Tesng Danel Arum, Rosa Rodrguez-Monanes, Joan Fgueras (UPC, ES) P2.6 Tes Generaon for Crcus wh Embedded Memores Usng SMT Sarvesh Prabhu, Mchael Hsao (Vrgna Tech, US), Loganahan Lngappan, Vjay Gangaram (Inel, US) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 6A (Celler Beno XII) Compuaonal Approaches o Tes Moderaors: Ad Sngh (Auburn Unversy, US), Jerzy Tyszer (Poznan Unversy of Technology, PL) 6A.1 Informaon-Theorec Syndrome and Roo- Cause Analyss for Gudng Board-Level Faul Dagnoss Fangmng Ye (Duke Unversy, US), Zhaobo Zhang (Huawe Technologes, US), Krshnendu Chakrabary (Duke Unversy, US), Xnl Gu (Huawe Technologes, US) 6A.2 A Muual Characerzaon Based SAR ADC Self- Tesng Technque Hao-Jen Ln (Naonal Tawan Unversy, TW), Xuan-Lun Huang (ITRI, TW), Jun-Lang Huang (Naonal Tawan Unversy, TW) 26

27 Wednesday, May 29, A.3 Exracng Devce-Parameer Varaons Usng a Sngle Sensvy-Confgurable Rng Oscllaor Yuma Hguch, Ken-ch Shnka, Masanor Hashmoo (Osaka Unversy, JP), Rahul Rao, San Nassf (IBM, US) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 6B (Chambre du Tresorer) Panel: Curren Tesng: Dead or Alve? Organzer: Hans Manhaeve (Rdgeop Europe, BE) Moderaor: Pee Harrod (ARM, UK) Panels: Hans Manhaeve (Rdgeop Europe, BE), Ad Sngh (Auburn Unversy, US), Ila Polan (Unversy of Passau, DE), Hermann Obermer (Infneon, DE), Davde Appello (STMcroelecroncs, IT) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 6C (Paneere) EU Projec Informaon 2 Moderaors: Mchel Renovell (LIRMM, FR), Lvu Mclea (Techncal Unversy of Cluj-Napoca, RO) 6C.1 RELY - Desgn for Relably of SoCs Domenk Helms, Reef Elers, Frank Oppenhemer (OFFIS nsue for nformaon echnology, DE), Wolfgang Nebel (Unversy of Oldenburg, DE) 6C.2 Towards on-demand Sysem Relably: Sofware Implemened Faul Tolerance and Tesng Ioanns Sourds (Chalmers Unversy of Technology, SE), Rshad A. Shafk (Brsol Unversy of Technology, UK), Chrsos Sryds (Neurasmus B.V., NL), Donsos Pnevmakaos, Dmrs Theodoropoulos (Foundaon for Research and Technology, GR), Dhraj K. Pradhan (Brsol Unversy of Technology, UK), Gerard K. Rauwerda (Recore Sysems B.V., NL) 6C.3 MASTER_3D: Manufacurng Soluons Targeng Compeve European Producon n 3D Brge Descous (STMcroelecroncs, FR) 12:30-14:00 Lunch (Espace Jeanne Lauren) 27

28 Wednesday, May 29, :00-15:00 Sesson 7A (Celler Beno XII) Embedded Tuoral Moderaor: Danella Zhao (Unversy of Lousana a Lafayee, US) 7A.1 Reconclng he IC Tes and Secury Dchoomy Ozgur SnanogluI (New York Unversy of Abu Dhab, UAE), Ramesh Karr (Polyechnc Insue of New York Unversy, US), Yorgos Makrs (Unversy of Texas, Dallas, US) 14:00-15:00 Sesson 7B (Chambre du Tresorer) Embedded Tuoral Moderaor: Sudhakar M. Reddy (Unversy of Iowa, US) 7B.1 Semconducor Falure Modes and Mgaon for Crcal Sysems Hans Manhaeve, Esko Mkkola (Rdgeop Europe, BE) 14:00-15:00 Sesson 7C (Paneere) Embedded Tuoral Moderaor: Ila Polan (Unversy of Passau, DE) 7C.1 Approxmae Compung: An Emergng Paradgm for Energy-Effcen Desgn Je Han (Unversy of Albera, CA), Mchael Orshansky (Unversy of Texas, Ausn, US) 15:30-23:30 Socal Even & Dnner 28

29 Thursday, May 30, :30-10:00 Sesson 8A (Celler Beno XII) Memory Relably and Repar Moderaors: Syblle Hellebrand (Paderborn Unversy, DE), Nabl Badereddne (Inel Moble Communcaons, FR) 8A.1 Error Correcon Schemes wh Erasure Informaon for Fas Memores Valenn Gherman, Samuel Evan (CEA-LIST, FR) 8A.2 Reducng Power Dsspaon n Memory Repar for Hgh Defec Denses Panagoa Papavramdou, Mchael Ncolads (TIMA, FR) 8A.3 Analyzng Ressve-Open Defecs n SRAM Core-Cell under he Effec of Process Varably Elena Ioana Vaajelu, Albero Boso, Lug Dlllo, Parck Grard, Ada Todr-Sanal, Arnaud Vrazel (LIRMM, FR), Nabl Badereddne (Inel Moble Communcaons, FR) 29

30 Thursday, May 30, :30-10:00 Sesson 8B (Chambre du Tresorer) PhD Suden Work-n-Progress Papers Moderaors: Alex Bysrov (Newcasle Unversy, UK), Paolo Bernard (Polecnco d Torno, IT) 8B.1 Towards a New Approach for Handlng Hard Fauls n Regser Fles by Means of a Sofware- Based Regser Re-Allocaon Sebasan Mueller, Maro Schoelzel, Henrch Verhaus (BTU Cobus, DE) 8B.2 A New Mehod for Conrol Flow Error Deecon Usng he Debug Inerface Du Boyang, Maeo Sonza Reorda, Luca Serpone (Polecnco d Torno, IT) 8B.3 Modular Tes Framework: From Componen Tes o Producon Tes Krsan Trenkel, Ulrch Henkel (Chemnz Unversy of Technology Commmen, DE), Jörg Tremmel, Floran Speller (Sys Inellgene Syseme GmbH, DE) 8:30-10:00 Sesson 8C (Paneere) Vendor Presenaon Sesson: Advanced Tes Soluon Moderaors: Mehd Tahoor (Karlsruhe Insue of Technology, DE), Paul-Henr Pugles Con (NXP, FR) 8C.1 Cos-Effecve Paral Scan Auomaon a RTL Julen Pouge, Chouk Akouf (DeFacTo Technologes, FR) 8C.2 ATE Soluons o 3D-IC Tes Challenges Sco Chesnu, Bob Smh, Cros Floren, Nambur Lakshmkanh (Advanes, US) 8C.3 Creang Srucural Paerns for A-speed Tesng Teresa McLaurn (ARM, US) 10:00-11:00 Coffee Break (Paneere) 10:00-11:00 Poser Sesson P3 (Paneere) Workshop-ype/Work-n-Progress/EUprojec Informaon P3.1 Desgn and Performance Characerscs for 10 Gbps Burs-Mode Clock/Daa Recovery Davd Keezer, 30

31 Thursday, May 30, 2013 Carl Gray (Georga Insue of Technology, US) P3.2 Vsualzaon and Debug of Topologcal Quanum Compuers Alexandru Paler (Unversy of Passau, DE), Smon Dev, Kae Nemoo (Naonal Insue of Informacs Tokyo, JP), Ila Polan (Unversy of Passau, DE) P3.3 RTN Varaon Toleran Screenng Tes Usng Acceleraed Margn Shfs for Nano-Scaled SRAM Woraw Somha, Hroyuk Yamauch (Fukuoka Insue of Technology, JP) P3.4 Faul Managemen Insrumenaon Nework based on IEEE P1687 IJTAG Konsann Shbn, Arur Juman, Serge Devadze (Tallnn Unversy of Technology, EE) P3.5 Analog Measuremens based on Dgal Tes Equpmen for Low-Cos Tesng of Analog/RF Crcus Francos Lefevre (NXP, FR), Sephane Davg-Grgno, Florence Azas, Lauren Laorre (LIRMM, FR) P3.6 Wreless Tesng and Tes Daa Compresson for Complex Sysems: Demonsraor Mare-Lse Floes, Olver Pon, Davd Andreu, Serge Bernard (LIRMM, FR), Phlppe Cauve (Ophmala SAS, FR), Paul-Henr Pugles Con (NXP Semconducors, FR) 11:00-12:30 Sesson 9A (Celler Beno XII) Low-Power BIST and Tmng Issue Moderaors: Peer Maxwell (Apna Imagng, US), Ozgur Snanoglu (New York Unversy n Abu Dhab, UAE) 9A.1 New Tes Compresson Scheme Based on Low Power BIST Jerzy Tyszer, Mchal Flpek (Poznan Unversy of Technology, PL), Grzegorz Mrugalsk, Nlanjan Mukherjee, Janusz Rajsk (Menor Graphcs, US) 9A.2 Novel Approach o Reduce Power Droop Durng Scan-Based Logc BIST Marn Eugeno Omana, Flppo Fuzz, Danele Ross, Cecla Mera (Unversy of Bologna, IT), Chandra Trumur, Rajesh Galvanche (Inel, US) 9A.3 Opmzaon for Tmng-Speculaed Crcus by Redundancy Addon and Removal Yux Lu, Rong Ye, Feng Yuan, Qang Xu (The Chnese Unversy of Hong Kong, HK) 31

Pocket3D Designing a 3D Scanner by means of a PDA 3D DIGITIZATION

Pocket3D Designing a 3D Scanner by means of a PDA 3D DIGITIZATION Pocke3D Desgnng a 3D Scanner by means of a PDA 3D DIGITIZATION Subjec: 3D Dgzaon Insrucor: Dr. Davd Fof Suden: AULINAS Josep GARCIA Frederc GIANCARDO Luca Posgraduae n: VIBOT MSc Table of conens 1. Inroducon...

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Combining Mean Reversion and Momentum Trading Strategies in. Foreign Exchange Markets

Combining Mean Reversion and Momentum Trading Strategies in. Foreign Exchange Markets Combnng Mean Reverson and Momenum Tradng Sraeges n Foregn Exchange Markes Alna F. Serban * Deparmen of Economcs, Wes Vrgna Unversy Morganown WV, 26506 November 2009 Absrac The leraure on equy markes documens

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A Decision-Theoretic Generalization of On-Line Learning and an Application to Boosting*

A Decision-Theoretic Generalization of On-Line Learning and an Application to Boosting* journal of compuer and sysem scences 55, 119139 (1997) arcle no. SS971504 A Decson-heorec Generalzaon of On-Lne Learnng and an Applcaon o Boosng* Yoav Freund and Rober E. Schapre - A6 Labs, 180 Park Avenue,

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A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems 1

A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems 1 R. E. KALMAN Research Insue for Advanced Sudy, Balmore, Md. A New Approach o Lnear Flerng and Predcon Problems The classcal flerng and predcon problem s re-examned usng he Bode- Shannon represenaon of

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Swiss National Bank Working Papers

Swiss National Bank Working Papers 01-10 Swss Naonal Bank Workng Papers Global and counry-specfc busness cycle rsk n me-varyng excess reurns on asse markes Thomas Nschka The vews expressed n hs paper are hose of he auhor(s and do no necessarly

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JUST WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VARIANCE SWAPS MAY 5 JU WHA YOU NEED O KNOW AOU VARIANCE WAP ebasen ossu Eva rasser Regs Guchard EQUIY DERIVAIVE Inal publcaon February 5 Equy Dervaves Invesor Markeng JPMorgan London Quanave Research & Developmen IN

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Methodology of the CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite Index (PUT SM ) (with supplemental information regarding the CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite T-W Index (PWT SM ))

Methodology of the CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite Index (PUT SM ) (with supplemental information regarding the CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite T-W Index (PWT SM )) ehodology of he CBOE S&P 500 PuWre Index (PUT S ) (wh supplemenal nformaon regardng he CBOE S&P 500 PuWre T-W Index (PWT S )) The CBOE S&P 500 PuWre Index (cker symbol PUT ) racks he value of a passve

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P2P/ Grid-based Overlay Architecture to Support VoIP Services in Large Scale IP Networks

P2P/ Grid-based Overlay Architecture to Support VoIP Services in Large Scale IP Networks PP/ Grd-based Overlay Archtecture to Support VoIP Servces n Large Scale IP Networks We Yu *, Srram Chellappan # and Dong Xuan # * Dept. of Computer Scence, Texas A&M Unversty, U.S.A. {weyu}

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A Working Solution to the Question of Nominal GDP Targeting

A Working Solution to the Question of Nominal GDP Targeting A Working Soluion o he Quesion of Nominal GDP Targeing Michael T. Belongia Oho Smih Professor of Economics Universiy of Mississippi Box 1848 Universiy, MS 38677 and Peer N. Ireland Deparmen

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-DR 03021 - Anne CAZAVAN-JENY* Thomas JEANJEAN** Juillet 2003

-DR 03021 - Anne CAZAVAN-JENY* Thomas JEANJEAN** Juillet 2003 CENTRE DE RECHERCHE RESEARCH CENTER -DR 03021 - Value Relevance of R&D Reporing : A Signaling Inerpreaion Anne CAZAVAN-JENY* & Thomas JEANJEAN** Juille 2003 * CAZAVAN-JENY A. ESSEC, Avenue B. Hirsch, BP

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Improved Techniques for Grid Mapping with Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters

Improved Techniques for Grid Mapping with Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters 1 Improved Techniques for Grid Mapping wih Rao-Blackwellized Paricle Filers Giorgio Grisei Cyrill Sachniss Wolfram Burgard Universiy of Freiburg, Dep. of Compuer Science, Georges-Köhler-Allee 79, D-79110

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DOCUMENT RESUME CG 005 118 ED 037 766

DOCUMENT RESUME CG 005 118 ED 037 766 DOCUMENT RESUME ED 37 766 AUTHOR TTLE NSTTUTON SPONS AGENCY PUB DATE NOTE EDRS PRCE DESCRPTORS CG 5 8 Lang, James M. Drug Educaton--Use and Abuse. A Resource Bulletn. Contra Costa County Dept. of Educaton,

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DigitalBeing: an Ambient Intelligent Dance Space

DigitalBeing: an Ambient Intelligent Dance Space 2006 IEEE Inernaional Conference on Fuzzy Sysems Sheraon Vancouver Wall Cenre Hoel, Vancouver, BC, Canada July 16-21, 2006 DigialBeing: an Ambien Inelligen Dance Space Magy Seif El-Nasr, Thanos Vasilakos

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An agent architecture for network support of distributed simulation systems

An agent architecture for network support of distributed simulation systems An agent archtecture for network support of dstrbuted smulaton systems Robert Smon, Mark Pullen and Woan Sun Chang Department of Computer Scence George Mason Unversty Farfax, VA, 22032 U.S.A. smon, mpullen,

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THE IMPACT OF WEATHER ON TRANSIT RIDERSHIP IN CHICAGO THE IMPACT OF WEATHER ON TRANSIT RIDERSHIP IN CHICAGO Zhan Guo, Massachuses Insiue of Technology, Room 9-524, 77 Massachuses Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02139, Nigel H.M. Wilson (Corresponding

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MIT News Service. Cambridge Since 1881 1 1 Massachusetts

MIT News Service. Cambridge Since 1881 1 1 Massachusetts d Contnuous ' t MT News Servce Cambrdge Snce 1881 1 1 Massachusetts Volume 97, Number 9 Tuesday, March 8, 1977 Ralph Baksh's latest branchld. Wzards, an anmated look nto the fardstant future, held great

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Part-time Work, Wages and Productivity: Evidence from Matched Panel Data

Part-time Work, Wages and Productivity: Evidence from Matched Panel Data Par-ime Work, Wages and Produciviy: Evidence from Mached Panel Daa Alessandra Caaldi (Universià di Roma "La Sapienza" and SBS-EM) Sephan Kampelmann (Universié de Lille, CLERSE, SBS-EM) François Rycx (Universié

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Distance Education Survey Results

Distance Education Survey Results Disance Educaion Survey Resuls Trends in elearning: Tracking he Impac of elearning a Communiy Colleges March 2010 In Focus: The Year in Review 2009 The pas year has been evenful elearning programs framed

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Today s managers are very interested in predicting the future purchasing patterns of their customers, which

Today s managers are very interested in predicting the future purchasing patterns of their customers, which Vol. 24, No. 2, Spring 25, pp. 275 284 issn 732-2399 eissn 1526-548X 5 242 275 informs doi 1.1287/mksc.14.98 25 INFORMS Couning Your Cusomers he Easy Way: An Alernaive o he Pareo/NBD Model Peer S. Fader

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2009 / 2 Review of Business and Economics. Federico Etro 1

2009 / 2 Review of Business and Economics. Federico Etro 1 The Economic Impac of Cloud Compuing on Business Creaion, Employmen and Oupu in Europe An applicaion of he Endogenous Marke Srucures Approach o a GPT innovaion Federico Ero ABSTRACT Cloud compuing is a

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How Would an Appreciation of the RMB and Other East Asian Currencies Affect China s Exports?

How Would an Appreciation of the RMB and Other East Asian Currencies Affect China s Exports? How Would an Appreciaion of he RMB and Oher Eas Asian Currencies Affec China s Expors? Willem Thorbecke* George Mason Universiy and RIETI Gordon Smih** George Mason Universiy January 2008 Forhcoming in

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NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY J.L. KELLOGG GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY J.L. KELLOGG GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Tim Thompson Finance D30 Teaching Noe: Projec Cash Flow Analysis Inroducion We have discussed applying he discouned cash flow framework

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A Modification of the HP Filter. Aiming at Reducing the End-Point Bias

A Modification of the HP Filter. Aiming at Reducing the End-Point Bias Edenösssche Fnanzveralun, Bundesasse 3, CH-33 Bern Admnsraon fédérale des fnances, Bundesasse 3, CH-33 Berne Ammnsrazone federale delle fnanze, Bundesasse 3, CH-33 Berna Sss Federal Fnance Admnsraon, Bundesasse

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Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax?

Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax? Does Briain or he Unied Saes Have he Righ Gasoline Tax? Ian W.H. Parry and Kenneh A. Small March 2002 (rev. Sep. 2004) Discussion Paper 02 12 rev. Resources for he uure 1616 P Sree, NW Washingon, D.C.

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High-Pressure, High-Temperature Technologies

High-Pressure, High-Temperature Technologies High-Pressure, High-Temperaure Technologies E&P aciviy increasingly involves operaions in high-pressure, high-emperaure downhole condiions. This environmen inroduces difficul echnical concerns hroughou

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EDUCATION POLICIES AND STRATEGIES EDUCATION POLICIES AND STRATEGIES Naional Educaion Secor Developmen Plan: A resul-based planning handbook 13 Educaion Policies and Sraegies 13 Educaion Policies and Sraegies 13 Naional Educaion Secor Developmen

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