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1 1 JEREMY FRANK, Ph.D., C.A.D.C WORK Two Bala Plaza Suite Pl-13 Bala Cynwyd, PA (215) EDUCATION DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in Clinical and Health Psychology MCP-Hahnemann University, College of Nursing and Health Professions, Philadelphia, PA Dissertation: Adult attachment and its association with substance dependence treatment outcome Degree, April 2001 MASTER OF ARTS in Clinical Psychology Hahnemann University, Allegheny University of the Health Sciences, Philadelphia, PA Degree, June 1994 BACHELOR OF ARTS in Psychology University of Rochester, Rochester, NY Degree, May 1988 LICENSE AND CERTIFICATION 2003 Present LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, Harrisburg, PA. License number PS Present CERTIFIED ADDICTIONS COUNSELOR CERTIFIED ALCOHOL AND DRUG COUNSELOR Pennsylvania Certified Addictions Counselor, Harrisburg, PA. Certification number 3872

2 2 CLINICAL EXPERIENCE 2001 to Present PRIVATE PRACTICE Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Psychotherapist and Addiction Psychologist: Provide individual and group psychotherapy to private clients presenting primarily with issues related to chemical dependency. Conduct long term abstinence and harm reductions group, mindfulness based relapse prevention treatment, cognitive behavioral and eclectic orientation including evidenced based and best practices models of treatment to 2010 TUTTLEMAN COUNSELING SERVICES, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Coordinator Campus Alcohol and Substance Awareness: Coordinate unit within counseling services which addresses the treatment, referral and educational needs of students in the university community. Supervise staff and graduate students in their clinical and administrative duties. Supervise the administration of university wide drug and alcohol research. Coordinate the administration of university disciplinary mandated alcohol and other drug educational programming for all Temple students to 2003 COUNSELING CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES IN PHILADELPHIA Assistant Director Student Health and Counseling: Provided individual and group psychotherapy to students of the university. Supervised graduate student trainees in their clinical and administrative duties. Provided consultation and training to faculty and staff. Provided psychological emergency services and crisis intervention. Implemented and supervised a diverse array of psycho-educational programs for the university community. Active member of Small College Counselor Consortium to 1997 REHAB AFTER WORK, MERCY CATHOLIC MEDICAL CENTER OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA Primary Therapist: Provided individual and group therapy, supervised training for certification as well as practicum students. Conducted level-of care assessments communicate and negotiate with insurance companies and third party payers.

3 to 1997 ADVANCED DOCTORAL PRACTICUM, UNIVERSITY COUNSELING CENTER, ALLEGHENY UNIVERSITY FOR THE HEALTH SCIENCES Director, Founder, Supervisor, Student Assistance Program: Created and directed a drug and alcohol intervention and counseling program utilizing graduate students in training as therapists to medical, graduate and undergraduate students. Supervised therapists and coordinated weekly case conference with Director of Psychological Services and consulting social worker and addictions counselor ( ). College Counselor: Delivered individual psychotherapy and outreach to students in undergraduate, graduate and medical school to 1996 PROJECT RAP, FAMILY SERVICES OF PHILADELPHIA Social Worker for Male Batterers: Conducted assessment and individual psychotherapy with violent males mandated for treatment by court to 1994 UNIVERSITY COUNSELING SERVICE, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Doctoral Practicum Position, Outpatient Counselor: Provided individual psychotherapy, assessment and referral, outreach and psycho-education to graduate and undergraduate students to 1994 ADULT IN-PATIENT UNIT, HAHNEMANN UNIVERSITY Graduate Clinical Research Assistant: Coordinated and provided assessment of adult in-patients suffering from psychiatric sequelae related to sexual abuse to 1994 REHAB AFTER WORK, MERCY CATHOLIC MEDICAL CENTER OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA Coordinator Addictions Awareness Program: Coordinated educational intervention program for employees of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, the Philadelphia Gas Works and individuals with DUIs. Worked closely with probation officers, employee assistance professionals and other administrators to coordinate treatment planning.

4 4 DOCTORAL INTERNSHIP 1997 to 1998 COUNSELING CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Gainesville, Florida Pre-Doctoral Intern: Provided individual, couples and group substance abuse therapy to multi-culturally diverse student body. Maintain clinical and administrative supervision of doctoral practicum students and evaluate training progress. Offered and completed seven semester long topical psychotherapy groups. Provided consultation to department of student affairs and various student groups. UNIVERSITY SERVICE AND COMMITTEE WORK 2003 to 2010 ALCOHOL TASK FORCE Participant: Consulted to Task Force on research methods involving the CORE, high risk drinking issues for students, social marketing, peer education, and university disciplinary procedures. Temple University, 2003 to 2010 CORE DRUG AND ALCOHOL RESEARCH Project Manager: Coordinated the survey of Temple students in their use of drugs and alcohol and related behavior every two years. Organized and presented these data to departments including University Housing and Residence Life, Counseling Center Interns and Externs and the Alcohol Task Force. Temple University, 2003 to 2008 WELCOME WAGON Director: Organized a program to provide supplies and education about being a good neighbor to students living in the Temple surrounding community. Led students and multidisciplinary team in the delivery of 100s of trashcans, cleaning supplies and goods to students living in the community. Established meaningful contact and educated students about party guidelines, recycling behavior and outreach for the counseling center and drug and alcohol treatment programs. Temple University, 2004 to 2007 CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY COMMITTEE Participant: Consulted to committee on, environmental management approaches, good neighbor policies, the Good Samaritan policy and Welcome Wagon. Temple University, 2006 to 2007 UNIVERSITY CODE OF CONDUCT Participant: Served as consultant to the University Disciplinary Committee and the Department of Student Affairs in the review and revision of Temple Universities Code of Conduct.

5 5 Temple University, 2000 to 2003 ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG COALITION Co-Chair: Galvanized support for committee, oversaw direction of charge to 2003 THE NETWORK OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES COMMITTED TO THE ELIMINATION OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE University Contact: Initiated USP s joining the Network and serve as identified university member responsible for upholding the Network s standards and complying with the Safe and Drug Free Schools Act to 2003 HARVARD COLLEGE ALCOHOL STUDY Coordinator: Supervise the distribution of student demographic information and organize the university s participation in the H. Weschler Study to 2003 THE ALLIANCE GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL AND ALLIES STUDENT GROUP INITIATION Initiated the formation of student organization in conjunction with student affairs to 2003 ADJUNCT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY IN THE INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Assist for two hours per week in the supervision of field placements for graduate students of the School of Human Service Professions. Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania 1999 to 2002 PEER COUNSELING PROGRAM Director: Train and supervise 24 peer counselors in programming activities and building relationships with first-year students, responsible for complete organization and direction of program CAREER SERVICES CENTER TASK FORCE Chair: Chaired task force to make recommendations to the university regarding career resource services to 1998 MULTICULTURAL SERVICE COMMITTEE Member: Served on committee to make recommendations regarding multicultural awareness, assessment and development of counseling center staff. Counseling Center, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 1997 to 1998 TRAUMA RESPONSE TEAM

6 6 Member: Participated in group of staff on standby in the event of major university crises and critical incidents. Counseling Center, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 1997 to 1998 CLINICAL SERVICES COMMITTEE Member: Served on committee to make recommendations regarding administrative operations of counseling center including supervisory standards, record keeping and internal review processes. Counseling Center, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 1993 to 1994 GRADUATE STUDENT SOCIETY President: Elected and served as President for graduate student body of 500 students, presided over budget of $60,000.00, directed departmental representation and all sub committee operations. Hahnemann University Graduate School, 1993 to 1994 STANDARDIZED COURSE EVALUATION COMMITTEE Chair: Created and chaired committee to make recommendations in the successful implementing of standardized course evaluations throughout the graduate school. Hahnemann University Graduate School, PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATIONS 2003 to 2010 PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD Consultant: Was recruited to serve as contributing member of think tank to provide consultation on issues pertaining to alcohol use among college students in higher education. West Cehster, Pennsylvania 2003 to 2010 DRUG-FREE SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES ACT, BIENNIAL REVIEW, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Project Director: Provided leadership in the administration of this review every two years in conjunction with numerous departments on campus. Coordinated the collection of data and compiled statistics as needed. Distributed documentation to contributors and maintain files of record as mandated by law to 2010 ON-LINE PREVENTION PROGRAMMING, ALCOHOL.EDU, ALCOHOL-WISE, E-CHUG, NATIONAL ALCOHOLISM SCREENING Project Coordinator: Coordinate the university wide offering of these programs to students whenever possible. Require prevention programming for all first year students prior to arrival at Temple.

7 to 2008 BOARD MEMBER, PHILADELPHIA SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PSCYHOLOGISTS Chair of Fundraising and Member at Large: Served two year term as board member. Chaired the Fundraising committee and raised a record breaking amount for that year. Created contract with Psychology Today s Therapy Directory for Psychologists in private practice in the Philadelphia community to 2003 KEEP ALCOHOL SAFE FOR STUDENTS INTERVENTION PROGRAM Creator, Supervisor, Consultant: Devised protocol for residence life staff to operate alcohol violation intervention program, supervise the administration of program and offer ongoing consultation and recommendation to 2003 PEERS HELPING AND TEACHING PEERS ALCOHOL CONTROL (PHAT PAC) Advisor: Staff advisor to student group responsible for promoting responsible drinking through social and educational programming to 2003 RESIDENCE ADVISOR TRAINING Presenter and Trainer: Trained resident advisers in the referral of distressed students and alcohol abuse to 2003 SOCIAL MARKING ALCOHOL CAMPAIGN CONSULTATION Consultant: Consulted over four sessions with resident director to create social marketing campaign HOW TO HELP A FRIEND WHO DRINKS TOO MUCH Organizer and Supervisor: Coordinated the presentation of John and Pat O'Neil on co-dependency and family and friendly intervention ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG (AOD) INTERVENTION PROGRAMS FOR AOD VIOLATORS Presentation Facilitator, 2001 Amethyst Conference: Presented USP s drug and alcohol violation program and lead discussion during conference breakout session. University of Pennsylvania, 2001 WORKING WITH CHRONIC MARIJUANA USERS Presenter and Discussant in Case Conference: Discussed clinical and

8 8 administrative techniques in working with clients who abuse marijuana to staff members at Drexel Counseling Center. Counseling Center, Drexel University, 2001 ACADEMIC ADVISING TIPS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS IN CRISES Developed tips for academic advisors with university-wide distribution THE SPECIAL NEEDS OF NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENTS Consultant: Developed tool for distance-based psychological supports to 2001 ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG EDUCATION FIRST YEAR WORKSHOPS Workshop Educator: Consultation and collaboration with department of athletics. Presented AOD information to seven first-year student classes to 2001 STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM TRAINING Invited Trainer: Trained medical students to operate drug and alcohol intervention program. Medical School, MCP-Hahnemann University, 1999 to 2000 THE ALLIANCE: GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL AND ALLIES STUDENT GROUP INITIATION Initiated the formation of student organization in conjunction with student affairs to 1998 CONSULTATION ON HOW TO CREATE A CAMPUS-WIDE DRUG AND ALCOHOL COMMITTEE Consultant: Consulted with Assistant Dean for Student Services, performed research and presented report with recommendations. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 1997 to 1997 STUDENTS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING: NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ALCOHOL AWARENESS WEEK Consultant and Support Staff: Consulted for presentation of Wall of Memory: A tribute to individuals killed in drunken driving accidents. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 1994 to 1997 PAVED WAY STUDY TREATMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE Project Coordinator: Directed the matching process for clients in intensive outpatient treatment and members of alcoholics anonymous and coordinated subject s participation in study. University of Pennsylvania,

9 to 1995 US HEALTHCARE QUALITY ASSURANCE Design Consultant: Consulted in construction of research methods to create report of US Healthcare member's substance abuse treatment outcome. WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS AND OUTREACH 2008 RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM, A DECADE OF PARTYING AT TEMPLE: WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED ABOUT TEMPLE STUDENTS DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE DURING THE PAST 10 YEARS Presenter: Provided research results from the CORE drug and alcohol survey to Academic and Student Affairs Professionals. Temple University 2005 to 2007 SOCIAL MARKETING POSTER CONTEST Organizer: Provided leadership in a joint effort between the Tyler School of Art Graphics Design Department and Student Affairs in a contest to create a Social Norms Campaign. Presented results to the Leadership Team of Student Affairs. Temple University 1997 to 2007 SUBSTANCE DEPENDENCE AND ABUSE Lecturer and Case Presenter: Psychopathology class annual lecture, Drexel University Clinical and Health Psychology Department, 2005 CHOOSING COLLEGES FOR STUDENTS IN RECOVERY Chapman, R., Frank J., Laitman, L. Independent Educational Consultants Association Fall Conference., 2000 to 2003 COUNSELING CENTER WEBSITE Developer, Maintenance Operator: Designed, created and maintain the Counseling Center Website, co-owner and manager of the gay lesbian, bisexual student and allies list-serve, The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia to 2003 DATE RAPE AND ALCOHOL EDUCATION FIRST-YEAR WORKSHOPS Trainer, Presenter Coordinator: Trained doctoral interns to present, copresented and coordinated the delivery of 50 Workshops to all first-year Students to 2002 THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF ADDICTION

10 10 Invited Speaker: Abnormal psychology class HEALTH ANGELS, STUDENT OUTREACH ACTIVITIES Coordinator, Supervisor: Supervised the creation and delivery of a Drug and Alcohol Jeopardy Game and Women s Health Issues Presentation WELLNESS WEEK: THREE PRESENTATIONS Presenter and Workshop Facilitator: 1) Everything You ve Always Wanted to Know About Drugs: Presentation to students on harm reduction 2) Coping with a Friend who is Stressed, Depressed or Suicidal: Presentation to students, faculty and staff on recognizing individuals in crisis, methods of intervention and ways to support recovery 3) Dream Interpretation: Presentation for students, faculty and staff with secondary mission to familiarize community with Counseling Center ADJUSTMENT DISORDERS Lecturer: Occupational Therapy Class SAFE SPACE PROJECT Co-founder and Coordinator: Created project to increase diversity and awareness about sexual orientation in the university community. Counseling Center, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia 2000 PREMATURE DEATH IN ADOLESCENTS: ADDICTION AND THE SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH Lecturer and Discussant: Sociology of Health class STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Presenter: Facilitated workshop to reach out to International students and discuss ways of coping with stress with Director for International Students WHERE DID I LEARN ABOUT CULTURE AND RACE? Presenter: To students, faculty and staff as part of Diversity Series. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 1996 STRESS MANAGEMENT Presenter, Group Facilitator: Delivered workshop on techniques to manage stress as part of a service offered through the Public Relations Department at

11 11 Hahnemann University to local area businesses. Hahnemann University, 1993 to 1994 HEALTH EDUCATION PERSONALIZED Coordinator: Delivered health workshops to medical and graduate students focussing on stress, time management and overall health and wellness. Hahnemann University, RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 2003 to 2009 CORE DRUG AND ALCOHOL RESEARCH, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Project Manager: Coordinated the biennial survey of Temple Students in their use of drugs and alcohol and related behavior. Organized and presented these data to various departments including University Housing and Residence Life, Tuttleman Counseling Center Interns and Externs and the Alcohol Task Force to 1997 REHAB AFTER WORK, MERCY CATHOLIC MEDICAL CENTER OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA Director of Research: Directed staff and managed and trained team of research assistants in several ongoing outcome studies for three rehabilitation centers to 1992 THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY, FAMILY CENTER Data Manager: Supervised group of research assistants in obtaining, managing and analyzing data for a National Institute of Drug Abuse grant entitled, "Cocaine Pregnancy and Progeny." 1990 to 1995 HAHNEMANN UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES Data Analyst: Managed and analyzed data for a National Institute of Mental Health grant entitled, "Interpersonal Problem Solving and Prevention." 1988 to 1991 WIDENER UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR GRADUATE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Associate Research Director: Directed graduate and other research assistants in data processing and the management of data for a William T. Grant Foundation grant entitled, "The Adolescent Coping Project."

12 to 1991 AFTER ADOPTION & PARENTING SERVICES FOR FAMILIES Data Analyst: Analyzed outcome data for clinical practice. ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS Reyna, V. F., Croom, K., Staiano-Coico, L., Lesser, M. L., Lewis, D., Frank, J., & Marchell, T. C. (2015). Alcohol gist measures predict alcohol consumption and high-risk drinking among first-year college students. Croom, K., Staiano-Coico, L., Lesser, M. L., Lewis, D. K., Reyna, V. F., Marchell, T. C.,...Ives, S. (2015). The glass is half-full: Evidence for efficacy of Alcohol-Wise at one university, but not the other. Journal of Health Communications. 20:6, , DOI: / Marchell, T. C., Lewis, D. D., Croom, K., Lesser, M. L., Murphy, S. H., Reyna, V. F., Frank, J. & Staiano-Coico, L. (2013). An environmental management approach to reduce drinking on a day of celebration at a U.S. college. Journal of American College Health, 61(6), doi: / Reyna, V. F., Croom, K., Staiano-Coico, L., Lesser, M. L., Lewis, D., Frank, J., & Marchell, T. C. (2013). Endorsement of a personal responsibility to adhere to the minimum drinking. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 19(3), doi: /a DeMaria, P., Sterling, R., Risler, R., Frank, J. (2009). Using Buprenorphine to Treat Opiate Dependant University Students: Opportunities, Successes, and Challenges. Journal of Addiction Medicine 2010;4(4): Frank, J. (2001). So you want to be well? In J. Moore & M. Rago (Eds.), From Surviving to thriving: A guide to the first year experience and beyond. Manuscript submitted for publication. Frank, J. (2001). Adult attachment and its association with substance dependence treatment outcome. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, MCP-Hahnemann University, Pennsylvania. Frank, J. (1998). Attacking the myth of group therapy as a second class treatment: An innovative approach to examining organizational referral practices to group verses individual psychotherapy. Manuscript submitted for publication. Carise, D., Malvestuto. C., McLellan, T., Frank, J., Forman, R. (1995). The "Paved Way" effect of linking in-treatment addicts with 12-step volunteers. NIDA Research Monograph Series.

13 13 Manuscript submitted for publication. Carise, D., Malvestuto. C., McLellan, T., Frank, J., Forman, R. (1995).. Presentation to College on Problems of Drug Dependence 1995: Proceedings of 57th annual Scientific Meeting. Frank, J. (1994). Outcomes and Analyses in Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Report of Results from Rehab After Work. Data presented at the Four Seasons Hotel, Philadelphia. Masterpasqua, F., Swift, M., Healey, K, and Frank, J.(1991, August). An Emotion Focused Intervention for Young Adolescents. Paper presented at the American Psychological Association 99th Annual Meeting, San Francisco. Swift, M., Healey, K, Masterpasqua, F., Spivack, G., Cutler, P., Lichtig, A., Frank, J, and Chapman, L. (1991). The Adolescent Coping Curriculum. Unpublished manuscript, The Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, Chester, PA. Swift, M., Masterpasqua, F., Cutler, P., Chapman, L., Frank, J., and Healey, K. (1990, August) Stress, coping and Adjustment among Young InnerCity Adolescents. Paper presented at the American Psychological Association 100th Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts. AWARDS AND GRANTS Social Marketing Drug and Alcohol Grant, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Campus-Community Coalition Grant, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Philadelphia 100, Nomination for TherapyOne.Com, Nominated for Philadelphia s top 100 privately held companies, Wharton Small Business Development Center, 2001 Student Leader Award, MCP and Hahnemann University, Graduate School Dean's Award, Hahnemann University Graduate School,1994 Student Leader Award, Hahnemann University Graduate School,

14 14 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS American Psychological Association Amethyst Group, Alcohol and Other Drug Professionals in Higher Education Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists Philadelphia Society for Psychoanaytic Psychology Pennsylvania Psychological Association